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Boehner, House Delegation To Meet Netanyahu In Israel

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Boehner, House Delegation To Meet Netanyahu In Israel

Speaker John Boehner and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel greet one another before His Excellency addresses a joint meeting of Congress.

By David Eldridge, CQ-Roll Call (TNS)

WASHINGTON — Speaker John A. Boehner will lead a House delegation to Israel later this month to meet with newly re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith confirmed Friday morning that Boehner, who invited Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of Congress on March 3, would make the trip: “The Speaker will visit Israel during the next district work period. He looks forward to visiting the country, discussing our shared priorities for peace and security in the region, and further strengthening the bond between the United States and Israel.”

Israeli news sites reported Boehner will arrive March 31 with a group of Republican lawmakers. Sources on Capitol Hill told CQ Roll Call the visit was planned not only before the Israeli election, but long before the prime minister’s speech to Congress.

Boehner has been to Israel a number of times, most recently in 2008.

Photo: Speaker John Boehner and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel greet one another before the prime minister addresses a joint meeting of Congress. (Speaker John Boehner/Flickr)



  1. docb March 21, 2015

    Disgusting….tax payer $$$ paying for this fiasco…

    It is not ALL Israel but the vile male they ,around 23%, elected…Not even 50%…


    Let us not paint with too broad a brush…


    The bully bibi has ruined the economy and slaughtered thousands.


    Wake up America

  2. Deskjet March 21, 2015

    The Constitution does not give Boehner the right to set foreign policy.

  3. Irishgrammy March 21, 2015

    Boehner and the Republicans playing pure wedge politics with Netanyahau their buddy in extreme right wing politics and a fellow lover of war with any Islamic state anywhere, is beyond sickening……….Sooner or later there will be a left leaning party back in power, when things are so bad in Israel and that quarter of the population that put Netanyahau back in power wise up and stop letting fear mongering by Bibi run their lives and cloud their common sense…. Then what. Will what these shortsighted, extreme ideological idiots in the GOPTP think then. They seem more intent on sucking the hind end of Israel’s “temporary” Prime Minister, Bibi whose mere existence is predicated on the support of the United States…….Europe has had enough of Bibi and am sure will be showing their displeasure in the future with war mongering Bibi and his lying ways thumbing his nose at the rest of the world that has worked for decades trying to help solve the Palestinian issue that affects so much of what is going on in the Middle East……….

  4. Wedge Shot March 21, 2015

    I think Bonner will probably do some serious sucking while he is there.
    I mean who sucks better than Bonner? Bonner sucks up to anyone that weakens the Executive Branch and the Presidency. Do a good job sucking Bonner and you might get to invite Netanyahu to come to the Us again so you can do more sucking.

  5. oldtack March 21, 2015

    First – I think what Boehner and the Republican Party are doing is reprehensible. But, I also think we are remiss in the image of Netanyahu.He is not some foreign President of a small Country. He was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. His family came to america in 1956 and settled in a small township near Philadelphia where Benjamin began elementary School. The family went back to Israel in 1958 but returned ot Pennsylvania in 1963 and stayed until 1968 when Benjamin graduated from the township High School. He returned to Israel and fought with the Israeli Army where his brother was killed in action. Benjamin was wounded twice in different battles. He then returned to the States in 1972 and pursued his Education at M I T in Boston where he received a degree in Architectural Engineering then received a degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.. He is not an American but he is well grounded in American Philosophies and Conservative Politics. Don’t under estimate Bibi – he is a seasoned veteran of Politics learned in America.

    Bibi has a right to live in apprehension. In 1946 when plans were being hammered out for a part of Palestine for the displaced Jews and offer was placed on the table for the creation of two states, one for Israel and one for Palestine. This offer was totally rejected by the Arabs. Their position was then as it is now – they want noj
    Jews anywhere in the Middle East.
    Israel daily has rockets being fired from Hamas and now ISIS is creeping ever closer. It is a tense time for the continued existence of the Nation.

    The US has been a supporter of Israel since its inception in 1948 and the US has funneled Billions of dollars into Israel to help build up their armaments.

    So – it is inexcusable for Bibi to come here and undermine the Executive Branch of our Government.

    How this plays out is yet to be seen but I think Boehner and his followers should be held accountable and charged with Treason. But – don’t hold your breath.

  6. Frank KIng March 22, 2015

    If the republicans showed as much interest in the problems they created at home and abroad that we live with today instead of their considerable interest in Israeli internal politics then maybe they would have some credibility on what they say and do. The President has undertaken a serious venture in reducing nuclear proliferation in Iran. He is not alone in this matter–six other nations are involved. .If the right wing wants credibility with the negotiations then Boehner and his cronies should visit the other nations involved to determine why they are participants in these deliberations they find so offensive to their sensibilities. They should all declare their confidence in the President as his supporters in this matter and tell the Boehner and his delegation to stop the political claptrap to embarrass the President since they have a vested interest in the negotiations. America has four levels of government which now Includes Israel.

  7. Insinnergy March 22, 2015

    So… is Boehner trying to become the Alt. President?
    Inviting foreign dignitaries to dis the sitting president, then taking a delegation to Israel to congratulate Bibi on his win, after all the inciteful rhetoric against the USA’s general UN direction and policies…?
    Seems like he’s trying to wear the big boy pants.

    1. Grannysmovin March 23, 2015

      Since the right loves conspiracy theories so much, here is one for them. Boehner and Netanyahu are plotting the assasination of the President.


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