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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Still Thinks You’re Dumb

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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Still Thinks You’re Dumb


In November, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told a crowd not made up of Tea Partiers that he didn’t want a government shutdown — and they laughed.

On ABC’s This Week, the senator made the same point and even Jon Karl — a journalist who was nurtured by the conservative movement — didn’t buy it.

“You have had a couple of months to think about this whole government shutdown strategy,” Karl said. “Now that it’s over in hindsight, are you prepared to say that it was a mistake, it wasn’t the right tactic?”

“I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown,” Cruz said.

“No, I mean, but come on,” Karl said.

Cruz’s argument rests on the fact that demanding the president defund his signature legislative accomplishment less than a year after that president was re-elected by a margin of millions of votes was a reasonable demand. And the president should have rewarded Republicans for shutting down the government over that demand. Even the Republican leadership in the House didn’t buy that argument, as Speaker John Boehner pointed out before the shutdown and after it — yet he still went along with the strategy.

In the same interview with Karl, Cruz insisted he doesn’t play politics.

Meanwhile he’s made several trips to states crucial to winning the 2016 GOP presidential nomination and is now attempting to renounce his Canadian citizenship.

The senator may find that it will actually be easier to qualify to run for president than to remove his Canadian birthright from his record.

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  1. FT66 December 29, 2013

    I have to laugh as well. Can Cruz tell the whole world what was his aim talking hours and hours non-stop on Senate floor OR is he going to deny he never stood there? and talk about green eggs and ham?

    1. midway54 December 30, 2013

      The redneck, yahoo crowd in the majority of voters in the Loon Star State are his kind of constituency. This is not to mention the the State’s right wing crazies in their House caucus, who inevitably show their mediocre intellects when they as committee members ask questions of the witnesses and often blather crackpot inanities and insults while questioning some of those witnesses.

      1. FT66 December 30, 2013

        You are quite right. Those you call “right wing crazies in their House caucus” , some joined him and had a secret meeting at one of Mexican Restaurant (unfortunately, I do not have the name of that restaurant at the moment). What was that meeting for if not shuttingdown the government of which this idiot denies he didn’t.

  2. charleo1 December 29, 2013

    This from a Washington Post article, dated July 30, 2013, by Rachel Weiner.
    Headlined : Ted Cruz: “A government shutdown wouldn’t be so bad.”
    “Republicans shouldn’t be so afraid of a government shutdown” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) argued Tuesday morning. Cruz is asking Republicans to refuse to vote for any budget deal that includes funding for the Affordable Care Act. Without a continuing resolution, the government will shut down on Sept. 30. Cruz needs 41 Republicans in the Senate to commit to a filibuster, or 218 Republicans in the House to hold to his demand. Some in the GOP have argued that the move is a recipe for disaster that could leave the party blamed for a shutdown. But Cruz suggests that the fallout is overstated. The 1995 shutdown, he said, resulted in serious fiscal reform and lost Republicans only a few seats in the House. “The sort of cocktail chatter wisdom that, ‘Oh, the shutdown was a disaster for Republicans,’ is not borne out by the data,” Cruz said. Asked about polls finding that a majority opposed defunding the law, Cruz invoked “largely useless,” slanted polls put out by advocacy groups that blame a government shutdown on Republicans. In his view, it’s President Obama who is threatening to shut down the government by refusing to take out funding for Obamacare. But what really matters, Cruz said, is that defunding is the right thing to do. “If there is ever a time to defeat Obamacare, it is now,” he said. “Moreover we have what I believe is the best opportunity we have, and the last opportunity we have.”

  3. drewbai December 29, 2013

    Despite all the efforts of Senator Ted
    Government funding has now gone ahead.
    The loss he is spinning
    as Tea Party winning
    A logical error inside of his head

    from http://www.imallwrite.com

  4. charleo1 December 29, 2013

    Reading the headline,”Cruz Still Thinks You’re Dumb. Compared to him, Cruz thinks
    everyone is dumb, so highly does he hold his intellect. Ever watch that MSNBC show on the weekends, where they go into the prisons, and interview various criminals we have locked up around the Country? Some of these criminals are scary smart. If they’d have spent half as much effort on building a legal business, as they did on their drug business, they’d be a millionaire! Yet there they sit. Their lives dribbling out, and wasted. Day after day, year in year out. As I said, it’s fascinating, these guys, and gals too, if you met them on the street, except for the tats on their foreheads, and faces, one would never guess these people were capable of doing some of the things it was that put them in there in the first place. Now they are not all smart. Some are truly criminally insane. But there is one thing I have noticed, is a commonality that most all of them share. And I see it very plainly in Ted Cruz. Seriously, there is a criminal type, and I see it in Cruz. Most criminals are mostly normal, except the way they look at the world, and the people in it, as it relates to them. Ask any criminal you know, if anything bad they’ve ever done was their fault. It’s amazing how many times they’ll tell you it was everybody’s fault but their own. “Well, if she had of let go of her purse, and not started screaming, I wouldn’t have had to shoot her! “I think it was absolutely a mistake for Harry Reid, and President Obama to force a government shutdown” I’m looking forward to seeing Ted one of these weekends on MSNBC.

    1. Alicia Serrano December 30, 2013

      I agree. Cruz is arrogant and self serving. He centers himself around the media attention that will bring him his own moment in the spotlight. He’s motivated by promoting himself. I do think that he’s guilty of delusions of grandeur. How He could possibly entertain the idea that he could ever rise to become President is a mystery. Therefore, he may be book smart, but some of his electrical wring upstairs is off. He spews diarrhea of the mouth; I mean his green eggs and ham rant puts him in the category of Palin and Bachman. I seriously doubt he’s that “intelligent” he just memorizes information but can’t use information to think for himself. He’s a joke to those of us who think for ourselves and a hero to hateful gun loving, anti immigrant toothless redneck America

  5. docb December 30, 2013

    What an utter fool this guy is…He actually thinks people are as dumb as his father and his base! paunchy balding cuban canadian liar and self deluded to an extreme! To be laughed at and pitied!

    1. Robert Haugh December 30, 2013

      docb, agree with all you said except the “pitied” part. I have no sympathy at all for this deranged S.O.B.

    2. Sand_Cat December 30, 2013

      He got a standing ovation in Texas after the shutdown.
      Clearly, lots of people are dumb enough to support this ass.

      1. plc97477 December 31, 2013

        Enough to fill a small room perhaps but not that many in reality.

  6. Mark Forsyth December 30, 2013

    Cruz is just another piece of right wing crap who is constitutionally incapable of rigorous honesty.He is the kind of guy who would shoot and kill someone and then say”I didn’t kill him,the bullet did.”

    1. Alicia Serrano December 30, 2013

      You hit the nail on the head with that one!

      1. charleo1 December 30, 2013

        I agree! Mark tends to do that quite often!

  7. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG December 30, 2013

    It would appear Cruz has forgotten his party’s catch phrase “Take Personal Responsibility”

  8. Zoey Kay December 30, 2013

    “I think it was absolutely a mistake for President Obama and Harry Reid to force a government shutdown,” Cruz said.

    And then 2 lines later, we get ‘…And the president should have rewarded Republicans for shutting down the government over that demand.’

    He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. I’m not dumb, but the folks who voted for him and keep sending him money definitely are – and he knows it.

  9. pmatriscino@rochester.rr.com December 30, 2013


    1. Alicia Serrano December 30, 2013

      Jethro, billy bob, jimmy dean, and Bubba

      1. jmprint December 30, 2013

        You forgot Perry.

      2. idamag December 30, 2013


  10. Alicia Serrano December 30, 2013

    Lefty it sure is difficult to have a discussion with these fascist bible thumping people in this part of the country. They believe that we should just let Jesus take the wheel. However, they’re very hateful and intolerant. Why I was accused of a felony just because I believe in science and evolution. Oh the horror!!! Facts are terrible terrible evil things down here in TexASS.

    1. idamag December 30, 2013

      And you know, if Jesus appeared so he could take the wheel, he would be quite unpopular with those people. He was way too liberal.

  11. drewbai December 30, 2013

    More fun with Ted…

    Senator Cruz
    Appeared on Fox News
    Smiling the shutdown away
    Declaring his pride
    For the Tea Party side
    “Compromise means we get our way”

  12. jmprint December 30, 2013

    “In the same interview with Karl, Cruz insisted he doesn’t play politics.” Green Eggs and Ham anyone!

  13. emfea123 December 30, 2013

    Is only one way to remove stupidity from senate and congress. Vote Democrat. Is that simple.

  14. jmprint December 30, 2013

    Remember he solution to get insurance: Fine a better paying job. quote unquote!

  15. sparky086 December 30, 2013

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    200t SUV by working online at home. look at here now J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  16. Lovefacts December 30, 2013

    Cruz has proven he really does think the American people are stupid, not just foolish. Guess in his zeal to run for president, he’s forgotten about the recordings, hours of them, showing him declaring the necessity of shutting down the government because of “Obama Care.” Won’t they, combined with this attempt to deny his involvement, make wonderful ads in a general election. Sure hope the Dems don’t forget to include the recordings of him saying it was a failure because he grew his mailing and donor list and donations to his PAC were up.

  17. Annemb December 30, 2013

    Ted Cruz is narcissistic, who believes the sun rises and sets on him. That should be sufficient reason to not give him ANY credence about everything he says.

  18. Marsha Matthews December 30, 2013

    Poor Treasonous Teddy … thinks the rest of the country is made up of one-toothed knuckle-draggers with short term memories! Treasonous! Expand your horizons and travel outside of theTeabagger enclaves and you’ll see that it IS you and your massively self-inflated ego at fault for the unnecessary government shut down! Really! It is!!

  19. jointerjohn December 30, 2013

    Senator Cruz has become the republican party’s version of Tommy Flanegan, the pathological liar character created by Jon Lovitz for Saturday Night Live some years ago.

    “I didn’t want to shut the government down, it was, it….was….um….President Obama

    and the democrats, yeah, that’s the ticket. And I don’t play politics, I just….just….uh….I test people, yeah, that’s it, I test them to uh….to..See if they are paying attention, yeah, that’s what I do.”

    I predict that this walking womb wart will flame himself out before we ever get to the Iowa Caucuses. We need to be much more wary of assholes like Chris Christie who wears a sheepskin over his wolf hide most of the time. Far more dangerous than the transparent Mr. Cruz.

  20. howa4x December 30, 2013

    Cruz suffers from magical thinking, which is not uncommon for republicans these days. Even though Cruz was seen as the driving force behind the shutdown, now he thinks it wasn’t really his fault. Maybe magical thinking doesn’t describe it accurately. I think it is more delusional thinking

  21. daniel bostdorf December 30, 2013

    “Cruz Speak”…Orwellian wanna be…

    “Yeah–yeah—and I know Morgan Fairchilld…yeah yeah …that’s the ticket..”

  22. Bryan Blake December 31, 2013

    As my junior US Clown a.k.a Senator he is nothing more than a little wind-up toy that frequently has to scurry further into the dark so the key can be turned. That sound you hear when asked a substantive question is merely the ticktock, unwinding of tiny little gears and the flood of disconnect through talking points he constantly tries to pass off as thought and speech. I hear that he is now taking moves to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Is he afraid of Liberal Birthers or being COMPARED to the accomplished President Obama?

    1. plc97477 December 31, 2013

      No comparison.

      1. Bryan Blake December 31, 2013

        The Republican Bible contains a verse: “Blessed be the ignorant for they shall be elected and often reelected.” 1st Reagan 1:27.

  23. pmatriscino@rochester.rr.com December 31, 2013

    Tell That Jackass to come here and tell me , in person….that I’m dumb !….

  24. ORAXX December 31, 2013

    Ted Cruz, like all the other tea party darlings know, beyond doubt, the choir they preach to will never fact check them on anything, and all they ever need do is tell the mob what it wants to hear.


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