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Former CIA Director To White House Officials: Defy Any Trump Order To Fire Mueller

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Former CIA Director To White House Officials: Defy Any Trump Order To Fire Mueller


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, in a vocal and unapologetic rebuke to Trump, said White House officials should refuse orders to fire special counsel Robert Mueller if ordered to do so by President Donald Trump.

During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at the Aspen Security Forum, Brennan said:

“I think it’s the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry that out. I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue. That Republicans, Democrats are going to see that the future of this government is at stake and something needs to be done for the good of the future.”

Rumors have been floating around about Trump’s  considerations to fire Mueller and derail his investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collaboration with Russia during the presidential election. On July 21, The Washington Post reported that some of Trump’s lawyers are attempting to build a case against Mueller by highlighting his conflicts of interest. And in addition to floating the idea of firing Mueller, Trump has also reportedly asked about the power to pardon aides and family members.

Both Brennan and James Clapper, former director of national intelligence who also attended the Aspen Security Forum, had worked with Mueller when he was head of the FBI. Brennan and Clapper praised Mueller, calling him a “straight shooter.” Brennan said he hopes politicians and lawmakers stand up to Trump if he fires Mueller.

“I really hope that members of Congress and elected representatives are going to stand up and say, ‘Enough is enough,’ and stop making apologies and excuses for things that are happening that I think flout our system of government.”

Watch the video below via CNN:

Celisa Calacal is a junior writing fellow for AlterNet. She is a senior journalism major and legal studies minor at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. Previously she worked at ThinkProgress and served as an editor for Ithaca College’s student newspaper. Follow her at @celisa_mia.



  1. TZToronto July 25, 2017

    Sadly, I don’t see anyone in the White House or on the Republican side of the House who has sufficient integrity to oppose Donald Trump. What is maddening is not so much that Trump is doing the unthinkable. In most cases, Trump’s attempts to violate the written and unwritten rules in Washington are the result if Trump’s astonishing ignorance of just about everything. Trump’s followers and his Congressional enablers are just fine with ignorance, even when it threatens the foundations of American society.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 26, 2017

      That’s because anyone in the White House is terrified of Trump using his corrupt lawyers whose licenses the ABA should yank, will out them. Trump has always had one weapon: smearing reputations. We all saw how he crafted the “Lock her UP!” Hillary smear campaign. That was pure Putinesque strategy with a dash of Trump’s idol, the McCarthy Era attack dog, Roy Cohn.

      But, the real problem for the Republicans in the House is that they are led by men just like Trump: Ryan, Nunes, et al. These guys may have been trained by Charles and David Koch for Koch agendas, but in the end they are now so visibily proving their Trump mindset. How close to Trump’s mindset are the Koch Boys? From the looks of it? Pretty damn close.

      1. plc97477 July 26, 2017

        The funny part is that they have gotten so close to the kochs agenda that even the kochs are distancing themselves.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 26, 2017

          You know? That is soooo true. What I remember about working with CEOs is their limitless jealousy of each other. Yet, they are all part of the same brotherhood of distortion, perceptions of grandeur and egotism.

          I often used to wonder if their massive egos were always part of their mentalities or if they had somehow decided to wear it like those dress for success ties.

          I was mildly shocked when the Chicago Times published a statement by Charles Koch that “Trump is a monster.” He’s a monster THEY created. With Ryan as Monster in Waiting the minute Trump goes down.

          The entire premise of oligarchy is to hold power with a tight fisted grip. In order to do that, it takes huge amounts of infusions of money. While we all assume the Koch boys are flush with billions, we have history to prove how flimsy that kind of wealth can be.

          US billionaires have had a good run since Reagan. But, mature minds know nothing lasts forever. It didn’t help that our middle and lower incomes bailed them out of a mess in 2008. There just isn’t that kind of money left to pull that little rabbit out of their hat a second time.

          1. idamag July 26, 2017

            I never thought I would agree with Charles Koch, but he is right on with that observation.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 26, 2017

            I agree. I think Koch didn’t finish his thought. “Trump is a monster…(we created). lol

        2. dpaano July 31, 2017

          Personally, I don’t think the Kochs even like Trump…..I’m sure they would prefer someone else sitting in the Oval Office (like Pence) in lieu of this idiot!

          1. plc97477 August 1, 2017

            Just an idea, but I really think the repugs are buyable. A couple billion under the table and the repugs will take care of that for the kochs.

      2. FireBaron July 26, 2017

        Actually, Eleanor, the ABA is technically a club that establishes what passes for ethics among attorneys. Yeah, I know that ethics and attorney are mutually exclusive terms, but it’s like Lawyer jokes. They don’t think they’re funny and no one else thinks they are jokes.
        To disbar an attorney, it takes the various State and Federal Bars. They need to be appealed to for the cause for disbarment (usually misconduct or commission of a crime in the course of their jobs). It’s harder to disbar an attorney than it is to find a cab in Harlem at 2AM (something I have been personally unsuccessful at).

      3. TZToronto July 26, 2017

        If Mueller can hang on to his job, I predict that the investigation will turn over rocks that we don’t yet know exist. I think that there are things related to the Russia probe that even Trump himself is not aware of. Trump, of course, will issue pardons for some of the malefactors and withhold pardons from those he considers disloyal. So Don Jr., Jared, and Ivanka are sure to be pardoned. Others, especially the ones Trump doesn’t yet know about, won’t be since they never pledged their loyalty to Trump. Trump, implicated in criminal activity, will attempt to pardon himself, but the Supreme Court will rule against him. Even so, the Republican House will decide not to impeach him until 2019 when the next Presidential and Congressional campaigns begin in earnest. Republican Congress-creatures will need to be able to say that they brought down the tyrant (the same one they supported and protected until he became a liability). And they’ll have President Pence, that devout Christian and health care destroyer, to lead them to the promised land of religious dictatorship and unlimited money.

        1. rvn_sgt6768 July 27, 2017

          If drumpt gets impeached before any of his family, cronies get indicted then he will be unable to pardon anyone. Once out of office they can all get their days in court and the charges against the lot of them will be many. For drumpt personally do not underestimate the ability of the Russian Mob (Putin’s oligarchs) to administer justice in their fashion on him. They will turn against him faster than he has on anyone not named drumpt. I think that is his real fear not the finding out of his money laundering for years for his Russian mobsters but their revenge on him for being stupid and running for office which left him open to investigation.

        2. dpaano July 31, 2017

          Yep….out of the boiling pot and into the fire! Pence is just as dangerous as his boss!

    2. dpaano July 31, 2017

      I understand that he sent Zinke to intimidate the Alaskan senator because she wouldn’t vote to repeal the ACA…..isn’t this a violation of something? He even called her in person and basically threatened her with reprisals against the state of Alaska…..seriously, doesn’t anyone in the Congress see the problems with this?

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 25, 2017

    And I.C.E would be doing the agency and Christianity a big favor by refusing to cater to the heartless whims of Trump, Bannon, and others when it comes to the question of “Sanctuary Cities”. The GOP in particular might want to consider for a change to show that they have an ounce of morality left in their pathetic frames, and stop kowtowing to Trump. Show some backbone and stop being the cowards you seem to delight in being.

    With each passing day, it should be obvious even to the most pretend pious church-goer that Trump is moving further and further away from the Message of Jesus.

    Doesn’t any Trump supporter have concern about this worrisome trend in Trump’s behavior vis-a-vis Christianity? Or are such supporters and Trump only capable of lip-service and care nothing of morality and being noble-minded??

  3. Meg July 26, 2017

    Why would anyone listen to Brennan, a converted muslim?

    1. The lucky one July 26, 2017

      A better question is why would anyone listen to baseless claims like yours. You know, baseless as in no evidence whatsoever to support it.

      “Different versions of the “Brennan is a Muslim” claim have a single thing in common: ex-FBI agent John Guandolo. Guandolo resigned from his position with the Bureau in December 2008 after he was caught engaging in a sexual relationship with a key confidential source in the midst of a corruption investigation of a Louisiana politician.”

      “Guandolo remains the sole source we’ve found for this claim about John Brennan’s being a Muslim, with no versions of it tracing back to any source other than him.”

      “Guandolo’s claim is not only unfounded but problematic. Even if Guandolo’s demonstrated inclination to make claims without factual basis were not considered, his statements constitute a conflict of interest due to his post-FBI career: Guandolo markets the idea of an imminent, pervasive threat to security in the United States has resulted from a conspiracy by Muslims to infiltrate the government at its highest levels and is paid for his “expertise” through his being hired to provide lectures and training classes on the subject.”


      Go away troll.

      1. Meg July 26, 2017

        If you believe what snopes says, you will believe anything.

        1. The lucky one July 27, 2017

          Not quite. For instance I don’t believe the, as fire baron points out, easily refutable BS posted by fools and liars such as you.

    2. FireBaron July 26, 2017

      Why should anyone listen you you – a troll. Folks like you just love running around with unsubstantiated, easily refutable rumors and claim them to be facts from on high. Once you have something intelligent to contribute, come back. Until then stay at Breitbart and Drudge where rumors like yours are the headlines of tomorrow.

  4. idamag July 26, 2017

    Requiem for Democracy. It lived nearly 300 years, in this country. And the jerkwaters that allowed and helped it happen, may they burn in hell. And, as in past dictator takeovers, there are those who looked the other way while democracy was being slain. Will trump be allowed to fire Mueller? He can do anything he wants now that we no longer have a democracy.

    1. 788eddie July 26, 2017

      I am living in fear that you may by correct, ida.

    2. Just A Citizen July 28, 2017

      His ability to fire Mueller has nothing to do with us having a democracy.

  5. Just A Citizen July 28, 2017

    I thought “liberals” hung out on this web site. Guess not. Because I see all these comments cheering on the idea of a Govt. employee calling for sedition from other Govt. employees.

    Now just imagine the shoe on the other foot. How would that fee then?

    Fools feed the partisan fire storm not realizing the sow they are stoking the fire of their own destruction.

    Now ask your self another question. If these clowns are now showing their stripes, that is calling for ignoring orders from POTUS, what do you think they were capable of doing while in office???? Do you think this personality trait simply goes away when they are in the big chair?


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