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Judge Rules ‘Bridgegate’ Complaint Against Christie Can Proceed

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Judge Rules ‘Bridgegate’ Complaint Against Christie Can Proceed

Chris Christie hits historic low approval rating in new poll

PRINCETON, N.J. (Reuters) – A citizen’s complaint against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie related to the “Bridgegate” lane-closure scandal can move forward, a judge ruled on Thursday, referring the case to state prosecutors to consider possible criminal charges.

Roy McGeady, the presiding judge for Bergen County municipal courts, found probable cause for the criminal complaint filed last month by Bill Brennan, an activist and retired firefighter, a court official confirmed.

The complaint of official misconduct accused Christie of knowing about a plot to close down lanes at the George Washington Bridge as an act of political payback. The governor has repeatedly denied any prior knowledge of the closures, which created massive traffic jams in northern New Jersey.

The ruling ratchets up the political pressure on Christie, who became a major supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump after dropping his own White House bid and now heads his White House transition team.

The controversy surrounding the scandal, which has resulted in criminal charges against two of Christie’s associates, helped scuttle his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and has eroded the governor’s approval ratings in New Jersey.

The misconduct case now moves to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, which will decide whether enough evidence exists to support a criminal charge. “The office has no comment at this time,” spokeswoman Maureen Parenta said in an email.

Brennan filed the complaint in municipal court in Fort Lee, New Jersey, where Christie allies were accused of deliberately causing a massive traffic jam in September 2013 by closing access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in order to punish the town’s mayor. The bridge is a major link to New York City.

The two Christie associates – his former deputy chief of staff, Bridget Kelly, and former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey executive Bill Baroni – have been on trial in federal court in Newark, New Jersey, for their alleged roles in the scandal.

Brennan’s complaint was based on testimony from David Wildstein, another Port Authority executive who pleaded guilty in the case and has been cooperating with prosecutors, that Christie was aware of the lane closures at the time.

A Christie spokesman, Brian Murray, said the governor would appeal the ruling immediately.

“This is a dishonorable complaint filed by a known serial complainant and political activist with a history of abusing the judicial system,” Murray said. “The simple fact is the governor had no knowledge of the lane realignments either before they happened or while they were happening. This matter has already been thoroughly investigated by three separate independent investigations.”

Brennan has filed numerous complaints, as well as lawsuits, against various officials in New Jersey over the years.

Federal prosecutors have accused Kelly, Baroni and Wildstein of orchestrating the lane closures to send a message to Fort Lee Mayor Michael Sokolich after the Democrat refused to endorse Christie’s 2013 gubernatorial re-election campaign.

At the time, Christie was already eyeing a White House run, and his advisers believed a show of bipartisan support would help enhance his national standing.

Christie, 54, was among the 17 Republicans who originally vied for the Republican presidential nomination, but he dropped out of the race in February after failing to gain traction in the early voting. He became one of eventual nominee Trump’s staunchest supporters.

As head of the New York businessman’s transition team, he would work to smooth the handover from Democratic President Barack Obama to Trump should Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election.

U.S. prosecutors are nearing the end of their case against Kelly and Baroni after four weeks of testimony. Lawyers for the two defendants have argued that virtually the entire Christie administration was aware of the scheme and have portrayed Kelly and Baroni as scapegoats.

Both were expected to take the witness stand in their defense.

(Reporting by Joseph Ax; Editing by Frank McGurty and Jonathan Oatis)

IMAGE: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 19, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young



  1. A_Real_Einstein October 13, 2016

    Lock him up!

    1. Jerryb October 13, 2016

      BEACH the WHALE….!!

  2. rednekokie October 13, 2016

    Of course he knew. Nothing happens in New jersey that fatso doesn’t know about and approve. (And I don’t mean to demean large people)

    1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

      It’s okay if you did! LOL
      Chris Grizzly punished that mayor because he wouldn’t have his cheese steak sandwich places give the gov. freebies.

  3. 1standlastword October 13, 2016

    Trump’s campaign staff is starting to look like the James Gang!

    1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

      OR the top leaders of SPECTRE, with Putin standing in as Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

  4. Beethoven October 13, 2016

    Christie’s appeal of this ruling will almost certainly fail. The fact that the person filing the complaint is a political activist who has filed many complaints and lawsuits is completely irrelevant. The judge’s ruling basically means that there is at least some credible evidence that Christie may have violated a criminal law. The testimony given in the case that is now going on is enough to meet that standard. The judge has referred the case to the Bergen County Prosecutor, who must decide whether there is enough evidence to give him at least a reasonable chance of a conviction if he charges Christie. He will probably be looking at all the testimony given in the case now in court, and will also consider the jury’s decision in that case.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      and the funny thing is he wanted to run the country . heck he couldn’t even run the few people in his office never mind the country . and its great that the witnesses are going to tell the truth to save them self’s

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      He will probably be looking at all the testimony given in the case now in court, and will also consider the jury’s decision in that case. <<< this is good like DONNY DUMP when he was asked he said no he never did those thing he said he did . as Christie also said he never knew anything . the lying beached whale POS

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    hang Christie the same way he was so proud when he hung the ones when he was DA he would set back and say thy are lying and im going to hang them . so turn it around on the BEACHED WHALE and say the same thing he is lying . hey Chris go fall asleep on the NJ shore you might get saved and GREEN PEACE will roll you back into the water . hang the LYING POS. use steel cables if needed

  6. Jerryb October 13, 2016

    i love it! A few weeks back Gov. Gristle was defending Donald J. Slumped’s business scandals on tape, and now he’s almost done himself!
    Trumped-up and Kristykreme will be in JAIL long before Hillary ever gets there! And since Obama has a nice Pres. Pardon all signed and ready to give to her, that ENDS all these GOP BS investigations! LOL@GOP-T

    1. tbs October 16, 2016

      It isn’t over till the fat lady sings!
      And the Wikileaks will take care of the Clinton plus…..

      1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

        Oh, it’s over, tbs. IT’S REALLY OVER!
        The Slumped Campaign is in FREE FALL and he’s not getting any crossover voters from the blacks, Latinos, YOUNG WOMEN, environmentalists, collegians, SANE whites, etc.
        He’s got nothing but baskets of deplorables, Klansmen and women, dopes, dupes, stupes, TEAtards, rednecks, Nazis, a few CEOs, madmen, cruds, and duds. ALL FACTS.
        And the Wikileaks “bombshells” haven’t made a dent in HRC’s numbers. Get a clue, and tell the fat lady to do the same…

      2. Jerryb October 16, 2016

        But Wikileaks HASN’T made a difference (THERE WAS NOTHING THERE) and the Donald’s numbers and supporters are taking off and away from him.
        Keep UP with the real news sometimes, lady.
        LOL Suck it UP!

  7. Jerryb October 13, 2016

    The Party of NO tried to make Pres Obama a one-term president. THAT FAILED.
    Now, let’s see some other GOPre-adolescents who FAILed along the way.
    – Glenn Beck
    – John McCain
    – Sarah Palin
    – Eric Cantor
    – John Boehner
    – Mitt Romney
    – Paul Ryan
    – The TEA Party
    – Michelle Bachmann
    – Allen West
    – Todd Akin
    – Jim DeMint
    – Dr. Ben Carson
    – Carly Fiorina
    – Jeb Bush
    – Bobby Jindal
    Obama and Hillary and Bill are STILL STANDING PROUD and these LOSERS are all national jokes. ALL FACTS. In less than a month, HRC wins 35-42 states.

    1. OverthecliffRepublicans October 13, 2016

      You left out Lying Ted.

      1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

        You’re right. Thanks.
        I forgot ABOUT ‘1-in-38’ John Kasich, also.

        1. tbs October 16, 2016

          Oh no, smarties, Kasich is a Democrat and supported by George Soros, which shows me you people do not do any research except read and spread fb gossip!
          Humph, what a disgusting group of children you are! Talk about naive, uneducated and lazy!

          1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

            You’re disgusting, “smarty”. LOL John Waysick RAN for the GOPee nomination and FAILed to win a single primary outside of the one in OH.
            I don’t go on FB. Nice try.
            He’s owned by the Koch abusers. Everyone but YOU knows that! Talk about naive, uneducated, and lazy!

      2. Dan S October 14, 2016

        Ooh good one I forgot about that loudmouth

        1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

          Lying Ted will be back in ’20 to challenge an INCUMBENT Pres. HRC and he’ll FAIL again.
          It’ll be interesting to see if Donald Slumped and Chris Flintstone stay out OF JAIL LONG ENOUGH to make another run at the WH. LOL@GOP-T

    2. Dan S October 14, 2016

      So many names but we should include Ann Coulter, Alex Jones & of course Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure there are many other right wing voices to add to that list. In all fairness Mitt Romney is heads & shoulders above Trump & rebuked him from the beginning so I’d give him a pass

      1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

        Good additions, Dan. I ALMOST gave Mitt Robbedme a pass also, since he LOST with DIGNITY as did John Rogaine, but since they’re both pretty much DEAD WEIGHT with most alt-right wingers, I put them on anyway! LOL
        Since the three you mentioned are still taken seriously by some TEAplorables, I left them off. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a REVISED LIST soon and they’ll be on it!

    3. tbs October 16, 2016

      All were railroaded by the corrupt media, Soros, and paid trolls lie you! You need to get out of your mothers basement and get a real job to know what is really important in life, to save this country from desecration, into a NWO,NAU, TPP and third world socialistic government life, with really bad health care, if that is what you can call it.

      1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

        NO, a lot of them were “railroaded” by clueless GOPeanut Gallery supporters like you who didn’t VOTE for them, but voted for Donald Slumped instead. LOL FACT ONE.
        And some of the others were just INCOMPETENTS and CREEPS who lost out to the Obama campaigns. And still others were blowhards and celebrities who made too much money off of low-information voters like you with their lying TV shows, books, radio appearances, etc.
        ALL FACTS. And the FACT that Glenn Beck is OFF the air has MORE to do with his dwindling viewership among trite wingers than Soros or liberals, who laughed at his magic blackboard and his LITANY OF LIES.
        MORE FACTS, lady.

  8. OverthecliffRepublicans October 13, 2016

    Christie’s spokesman, Brian Murray, was describing Judicial Watch instead of Bill Brennan. Christie used taxpayer money for Randy Mastro’s law firm whitewash of what happened. Christie should be indicted and Mastro should be disbarred.

  9. Jon October 13, 2016

    The law and order candidate better get busy kicking the criminals off of his campaign staff. The only problem is that he won’t have enough staff left to help him after he throws them in jail. Remember, in his world there is no need for a trial. He alone will jail people.

  10. Bren Frowick October 13, 2016

    Maybe Christie can share a cell with Trump…

    1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

      Yeah, and El Chapo will ask to be on the same cell block so he and Trumped-up can have “fun”…

  11. froggyboy46 October 14, 2016

    Octopus Trump says that he would share a cell with Bridget Ann Kelly. Can you imagine being confined with him. You know…his hairdo looks a lot like a well groomed Pomeranian and how could he walk it in a small cell and still have room to pull The Big Grope on his cellmate

    1. Dan S October 14, 2016

      He needs to share a cell with Bill Cosby. The new Odd Couple ????

      1. Jerryb October 14, 2016

        I LIKE IT….!!
        Bill will tell him how DISGUSTING his behavior has been over the decades, and Jerry Sandusky will yak with them by Skype and say, “Yeah, Bill’s right, dude! You’re SICK!”

      2. tbs October 16, 2016

        Again, another paid troll, with a deformed mind, that needs to be checked, making a mistake as it shoud be WILLY Rapist Clinton with Madoff.
        Of course Hilly needs a les, to share a cell with, to make her feel comfortable!

        1. Dan S October 16, 2016

          I get paid ? Don’t tell my wife or she’ll make me take it on full time ????

    2. tbs October 16, 2016

      You should be so rich and smart! Get a life, paid Hillary troll

      1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

        We libs HAVE JOBS AND LIVES, tbs.
        You backwoods, cuzzin-marrying TEAgenerates need to try being smarter and getting rich. My wife and I own TWO HOMES on both coasts, and we didn’t inherit either. We worked hard for them, and we’re in the upper 2%.
        You’re probably living in a ghost town in OK, and getting paid by Fascists United to lie online.

  12. Jerryb October 14, 2016

    Bernie Madoff has been told by prison guards to clean up his cell and make room for his new roommate, Donald Slumped.

    1. tbs October 16, 2016

      You have the wrong person tied up with Madoff! Surley It is a slip, of your mental/IQ capacity, that you meant it to be Willy Clinton to share the cell with Madoff.
      Hilly will be with some bat witch like herself, if she lives that long!

      1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

        Sorry, the Clinton’s have been investigated up and down the street for DECADES and neither one of them is close to an indictment or arrest. You need to move out of the bat-sh*t crazy wing of the asylum and maybe if you stop showing your delusions off to your doctors and nurses, they’ll loosen the straitjacket on you at night.
        BTW, Pres. Obama will GIVE A PRES. PARDON to Sec. Clinton after she becomes Pres.-ELECT Clinton and that will END FOREVER all your Benghazi/email/Wikileaks investigations. LOL
        You’ll have to stop obsessing about them all day and seek part-time employment somewhere instead. Good luck at Wendy’s with the mop and bucket!

  13. sherrie.mcdavid October 14, 2016

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  14. tbs October 16, 2016

    Media just give up your false pretense…let go that Trump has won and also why are you blocking with malware any polling results that has Trump ahead?
    Boy what crooks and babies you all are to not face the reality.
    It just shows me you want to make people think she has won and they won’t vote forTrump! Wel lthe joke is on you because WE women ARE voting forTrump!
    Suck it up!

    1. Jerryb October 16, 2016

      They shouldn’t have let you become an outpatient. You still need round-the-clock care and an increased dosage on your meds.
      Obamacare can help….

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