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Clinton, Sanders Fight On In Indiana

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Clinton, Sanders Fight On In Indiana

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On the eve of Indiana’s primary, Hillary Clinton is looking to add the state to her list of electoral victories over Bernie Sanders. But even if Sanders were to somehow win the state, Clinton will likely still capture the party’s nomination.

Indiana is crucial for both camps. Going into Indiana, Clinton has 1,645 delegates to Sanders’s 1,318. With 83 delegates up for grabs, even if Sanders were to win the Indiana, the margins by which he would do so would not change the dynamics of the race by much.

And even then, he would have to pull an upset victory. FiveThirtyEight has the Vermont senator’s chances of winning Indiana at just 9 percent — not entirely out of the question, but highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, the two have been eager to pick up endorsements in the state. Clinton counts congressman André Carson, the second Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, Senator Joe Donnelly, and former governor Evan Bayh among her supporters.

Sanders’s most notable endorsement comes from United Steelworkers Local 1199, which represents 1,400 members due to be laid off by Carrier Corporation.

“The decision by United Technologies to ship 2,100 jobs from Indiana to Mexico is the latest example of how NAFTA and other trade policies have been a disaster for American workers,” said Sanders shortly after the closure notice, recorded on a worker’s phone, went viral. “In my view, we have got to fundamentally rewrite our failed trade policies so that American jobs are no longer our number one export.”

He also has earned the support of Indianapolis city councillors Zach Adamson and Jared Evans.

But Sanders seems to have seen the writing on the wall. In Indiana, he was reported to have scaled down his ad operation, taking $200,000 out of an initial $1.2 million ad buy, according to Politico. He and advisor/wife Jane Sanders — despite arguing that superdelegates should switch to their side — have openly discussed how they would advocate for progressive reforms to the Democratic Party’s agenda after the primary process is over.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, hasn’t spent any money on ads in Indiana, or any of the other remaining primary states, for that matter, an indication that she is getting ready for a general election battle against Donald Trump, barring a literal miracle for God’s anointed candidate.

“We’ve got a real assault going on, on the rights we have in our country, and in fact you’ve got it going on right here in Indiana,” Clinton said at a rally Sunday, referencing the incredibly restrictive abortion law signed recently by Governor Mike Pence. “I will work against the divisiveness, the mean spiritedness, the hateful rhetoric that we are hearing from Donald Trump and others.”



  1. FireBaron May 3, 2016

    Given the rules Debbie Wasserman-Schultz came up with, if Sanders wins 90% of the vote, Hillary will get 80 of the delegates and Sanders will get the other 3.

    1. johninPCFL May 3, 2016

      ??? Same rules as last time – win the plurality of votes in a Congressional district and get all of the delegates from that district. Win the state plurality (and more than half) and win the statewide delegates.
      Bernie does well when he can meet one-on-one with the delegates and personally convince them (like at caucases.) He does less-well convincing an electorate (that he meets a few of) that he can deliver on his promises.

      1. Martin Kilgariff May 3, 2016

        A bit simplistic in your analysis of Caucus vs Primary. It’s more likely that Sanders wins Caucus’s because he enthuses his supporters – and caucus’s are won by motivated supporters. By the same measure a primary involves highly motivated down to slightly motivated voters – it’s a different slice of the electorate.

        1. johninPCFL May 3, 2016

          Not really. The caucus pavilions hold a few hundred at most, and the candidates spend hours meeting-and-greeting the delegates (or those who elect the delegates.) A strong personal appeal without the time to ask follow-on questions (how do you pay for that?) is Bernie’s strong suit.
          But you do raise the spectre of differing electorates. Caucuses are indeed populated by highly motivated people (Ron Paul’s folks were famous for swamping the caucus site to get their votes counted), primaries attract those who just want to vote. After 2008 and Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”, open primaries attract those from the opposite party who just want to raise havoc.

          1. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            Like in the red state of Indiana tonight.

  2. bobnstuff May 3, 2016

    Bernie has given a good fight but he was a long shot from the beginning. He has given the country a lot to think about but the end is near and it’s time for the party to unite. I hope that some of Bernie has rubbed off on Hillary.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2016

      Please explain how a man who in one breath claimed to have done so much for this country took nearly 44 years to do it? Sanders isn’t Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer or even for that matter President Obama. Bernie Sanders was nothing more than a manufacturer of false hopes and an opportunist who saw the Presidential paycheck as his pot of gold. The truth is the ONLY people he inspired were Repubicans who would stoop to their lowest just to be rid of Hillary and those who live in Republican states and are so far down on their luck, they can’t move their duffs to rise from the morass they voted to endure under the GOP plantation ideology.

      1. Martin Kilgariff May 3, 2016

        “The truth is the ONLY people he inspired were Repubicans ” …. LOL LOL LOL

      2. laurele May 3, 2016

        Talk about DENIAL. Wow!

        1. Independent1 May 3, 2016

          You’re the one who is delusional – Bernie is unelectable:

          From slate:

          Bernie Sanders’ Radical Past

          In 1980, Sanders served as an elector for the Socialist Workers Party, which was founded on the principles of Leon Trotsky. According to the New York Times, that party called for abolishing the military budget. It also called for “solidarity” with the revolutionary regimes in Iran, Nicaragua, Grenada, and Cuba; this was in the middle of the Iranian hostage crisis.


          In the 1970s, Sanders chaired the left-libertarian Liberty Union Party and competed in two Senate campaigns and two gubernatorial campaigns under its banner. “Liberty Union calls for a reduction of the U.S. military,” said the party’s statement of principles. That’s a wholly reasonable position, but it continued, “A return to the system of local citizen militias and Coast Guard would provide our nation with ample protection and also protect us from the imperialist impulses of our leaders.” That sounds a lot like getting rid of America’s standing Army.

          If Sanders ever truly supported disbanding the Army and defunding the Defense Department, he abandoned these positions when he got into national politics. Nevertheless, Republicans will be able to run ads saying that Sanders was part of a communist political party that called for eliminating the military budget, and fact-checkers will not be able to contradict them.


  3. yabbed May 3, 2016

    Sanders needs to go home and have a nap. He’s old and tired and we’re sick of being yelled at. He should have had a policy instead of just platitudes. He sounds like Donald Trump on the stump.

    1. laurele May 3, 2016

      Ageism is just another form of bigotry. FYI, Bernie is only a few years older than Hillary and Trump. If you want the young candidate, you should be going for Cruz.

      1. yabbed May 3, 2016

        I’m a liberal Democrat. I only vote for liberal Democrats, hence, I am voting for Hillary Clinton.

        1. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

          Me too!


    2. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

      Thank goodness! I was wondering if I was the only one who thinks what you just said. He is unlikely to make it thru the first term, he would be going on 80 then. He should just retire and enjoy his family.


  4. FT66 May 3, 2016

    I knew the game will be over in New York for both Dems and republicans. You want to beat anyone hardly just do it on their home turf. I had a feeling Sanders had a sense of this when he was demanding a debate in a forceful way (before NY contest) and when he flew to Vatican to be in the news. Unfortunately, nothing helped him. He can’t come now as a very new Dem and order the Party to act to his likings contrary to what the Party has been doing for years. Thats not going to happen.

    1. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

      Enjoy your plutocrat and your democrat party. This is the end. We will see you in 4 years with a real progressive party. See ya. Hope you can beat Trump without us. He leads in the polls now.

      1. FT66 May 3, 2016

        We are not going to give in because of threats. Republicans have their short-falls. We have ours as well. Things will cancel themselves out in the end.

        1. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

          Ok win with us or lose without us. Your call.

          1. FT66 May 3, 2016

            I don’t like the language Sanders is using. He can’t go to the podium and announce loudly the process is rigged, while at the same asking those he is accusing (Super Delegates) to consider him. Where has he been all these years? Is it because he is running now, he suddenly found out the process is rigged?

          2. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Yep. Keep putting up those establishment Republican lite candidates and I am sure things will get even worse. After all that strategy really worked well for you in 2014. The dem party now makes up only 28% of the electorate down from 35% in 2008. Since 2008 the Dems have lost 900 state legislative seats, 30 state legislators are fully Republican and 23 have supermajorities and GOP governors. The GOP has the largest majority in the House in modern history and won 9 seats and took the Senate back easily in the last election. Then comes along Bernie Sanders , a new deal democrat bringing in enthusiasm attracting left leaning voters back to the democrats with huge appeal to independent voters white working class republicans. And you reject them. You will pay a huge price in November for this stupidity.

          3. FT66 May 3, 2016

            I have much doubts you are a Dem.

          4. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Then you would be wrong. I have been a registered dem all of my life and have never voted for a Republican. After my state primary I will be re registering as an independent. This is not my party anymore. I am a progressive and will work tirelessly to end this rigged economy and corrupt political system. See ya, would not want to be ya.

          5. Paul Bass May 3, 2016

            Yes, let’s descend to the level of a 3 year old.

            “it’s my football, I’m going home with it!” That’s surely going to defeat the GOP.

          6. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            No pain no gain. I am willing to go 4 years with the GOP to end Establishment politics. Then we can elect a new deal progressive and be done with the status quo and put an end to a corrupt political system that favors an economy where all the wealth and income going to the top. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight and sacrifice for what you believe in. Bernie has shown us the light and the movement is here to stay and coming to a town near you. We hope you will join us someday if not for you then for your children. Our arms are wide open.

          7. King of America May 3, 2016

            Yes, you’re willing to go 40 years with a conservative SCOTUS because you’re having a tantrum. Guess the progressive agenda wasn’t actually that important to you after all…

          8. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Not tantrum just a plan. With a fully progressive govt we will amend the Constitution and get the Justices we want down the road.

          9. Paul Bass May 3, 2016

            And if you believe that, I have a bridge I want to sell you…

          10. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            L O L !


          11. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Keep laughing at us. I am sure that will help you on November. Two straight polls out now showing Trump leading Clinton on the general. Still laughing?

          12. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            You are not reading the right polls. Besides, Trump has been indicted for fraud and will be going to trial soon. Did you know that?

          13. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Not sure which are the right polls?

            I look at Real Clear politics polls which seem to be the most discerning and scientific. Who knows?

            I do not pay attention to Trump. But I do know that the GOP will vote for anyone if they can win the WH. They have no principles. They would elect Lucifer himself if necessary.

          14. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Yes, they would, and they are doing just that now. The frump just took Indiana, no surprise after he bullied his way into the race in the first place. Pretty sad when the bunch they had running are the “Cream of the Crop”. Too bad they embraced the Tbaggers and allowed them to take over the GOP. The Frump would be ghastly and we desperately need a Dem to win the election in Nov. Actually, we need Dems all down the ballots so we can weed out the Tbaggers and get the country back on track. VOTE FOR DEMS FROM LOCAL TO THE TOP !!!!


          15. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            I only vote for progressives not just blindly vote for anyone who has d next to their name. Too many establishment dems like Hillary on the take. Some races I do not vote at all.

          16. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            You’re so delusional you belong in an asylum. Is Bellview aware your missing?

          17. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            I think it will be you that will need to be committed when Trump mops the floor with Hillary in November. If you want a democrat in the WH in 2017 you better go with Bernie. The polls don’t lie and if anything the polls underestimate Bernie’s support like we saw again tonight in IN.

          18. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            And your delusion goes on. Indiana is another red state – almost 1/2 of Bernie’s wins are in red states cause the GOP is having Republicans vote for Bernie because they know they can destroy his character. He gets good polling because the GOP hasn’t aired TV ads yet on his radical past.

          19. King of America May 3, 2016

            No, just a tantrum. Also, not actually how the government works.

            I hope that helps!

          20. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Last I checked with enough support the constitution can be amended. Do you know what an amendment is?

          21. King of America May 3, 2016

            Sorry you don’t understand things! Not my problem, though!

          22. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Yes, I think that was the beginning of the end for him, along with the lies he tells about Hillary. It shows no honesty.


          23. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            What lies?

          24. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            He claims that Hillary voted for the war. That vote wasn’t For the War, it was to give the President the power to act. He had many steps he should have taken before going to war, so NO ONE voted FOR the war. He claims she voted for ALL the Trade Deals. She wasn’t in office for the first one (have to be in the Senate to vote); so she DID NOT VOTE FOR IT, She was in office for the 2nd one and voted NO on it. The 3rd one has not even come up for vote yet. So she DID NOT vote for any of them. He uses those lines every time he opens his mouth and they are blatant lies and unless he is now senile, he knows they are not true. That is just 2 of them, there are more.

            Now let’s talk about his votes. He voted 5 times against the Brady Bill (do you know what that is). He votes with the NRA, by voting against gun restrictions for safety. He voted against a lot of things, too many to list, over the 44 years he was in office. Several he should have voted for. He rails about the congress (which he was a part of) . He was in office for 44 years, why didn’t he bring up Bills to change any of what he now yells about? He never brought up a Bill and had it become law. He only amended other people’s Bills; that is why he was called “The Amendment King”. Well, like I said, he had 44 years to make things better and didn’t.

            By the way, I have been watching the Senate for the past 20 years, so I know what is going on.


          25. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.

          26. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            That’s right. Hang in there supporting someone who is a given loser and is unelectable because of his radical past which the GOP hasn’t even started exploiting yet. If they had, Bernie would likely have won zero delegates. Just keep on denying that – LOSER!!

          27. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            They scrutenize the daylights out of Hillary. But, have you noticed that Bernie has NEVER been vetted. I think he should have already been vetted. If I’m going to vote for someone, I want to know all the skeletons in HIS closet. I know of some.


          28. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            What’s to vet? And why does it matter? He is not going to be the nominee. The question is Hillary and her supporters stupid enough to alienate his millions of followers and destroy her chance to win in November. It looks like they are that stupid

          29. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Geez, Einstein, she has Millions of her own supporters. Don’t fool yourself over that.


          30. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Maybe that will be enough. Good luck.

          31. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            I just posted you something on a different thread you should really read. Here’s the last paragraph ( It’s all about Sanders taking money donated by Wall Street firms and Big Banks):

            It wasn’t a crime for Bernie Sanders then, and it’s not a crime for Hillary Clinton now. But the double standard here is astounding. Yes, Citizens United has opened up a new Pandora’s Box. We all hate it, including both candidates, and both have worked to overturn it. For Sanders and his campaign to relentlessly attack Clinton, for something he himself has done, is called hypocrisy. And it would behoove him to walk it back.


          32. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            And Hillary has gone out of her way in her latest primary victory speeches to praise Bernie from bringing up valid issues that she’s promised to support and she’s even offered to sit down with Bernie and work out a strategy for the upcoming election fight against Trump – all far more than Bernie deserves, after he’s waged one of the dirtiest campaigns against an in-party opponent, Hillary, in recent memory and I can remember following campaigns back to Truman very clearly.

          33. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Yes, she is the only one of the entire bunch who is Presidential. She is really a nice person, with a great sense of humor, and manners and honorable and gracious. She is not the trash you hear from the Frump and Sanders.


          34. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            Here’s a little article you might enjoy reading:

            Turns out Clinton gave Sanders $10k to help him win his senate seat (Goldman Sachs chipped in too)


          35. Blueberry Hill May 4, 2016

            Thank you for this information too. I wish all this info would have gotten out sooner. I guess that is what happens because he was never vetted or scrutenized like Hillary and the others. Somehow, he was treated like a big hero just for telling us how bad the country is (much like Trump), and of course, the lies he told about Hillary too. He has also getting the names and addresses of all the delegates and sent his minions out to try to steal Hillary’s delegate promises. He seems to have been quite successful at that stunt.


          36. Independent1 May 4, 2016

            I think the GOP (the right-wing media) has been holding off on attacking Bernie because they know he’s got so much radicalism in his past that they could use later in the election process, that if they can get him to win the nomination (destroy Hillary’s credibility), they stand a much better chance of getting a Republican elected.

          37. Blueberry Hill May 4, 2016

            That’s what I’m afraid. Something stinks in the process. We need to get the word out, so their little stunt won’t work.


          38. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            Oh! I see!! The fact that she greatly praised Bernie recently in one of her primary wins (I believe for NY or PA) for all the issues he’s brought out that she has worked into her campaign which is far more than Bernie deserves – isn’t enough for you? And the fact that just in the past couple days she made a proposal that she and Bernie sit down to work out a strategy for the upcoming election campaign against Trump – isn’t enough for you either?? Wow!! You just are as clueless about election campaigning as it gets and don’t realize when you’ve been given far more than you ever deserved!!!

          39. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Talk is cheap. Which of Bernie’s proposals has she implemented into her platform? She said that she has won, she has more delegates, more votes than Bernie and does not think she needs concede anything to Bernie or his supporters. She won. However if she would be willing to tell her Superpacs to stop supporting her and use that money to help her win back the congress and list out certain special interest groups that she will no longer take contributions from that are detrimental to progressive causes then not only would I vote for her I would contribute the maximum allowable to her campaign and knock on doors make phone call etc…
            I am all about policy not personality or style.

          40. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            A communist leaning very radical past.

          41. Independent1 May 3, 2016

            Here’s an article from slate that you may have seen with some issues that, in my mind, make Bernie unelectable in a national election:

            Bernie Sanders’ Radical Past


          42. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Thank you so much for this information. I knew there was a lot to be vetting Sanders for and wondered why he hasn’t been vetted yet. Obviously he didn’t want people to see this info.


          43. King of America May 3, 2016

            “DO WHAT WE SAY OR ELSE”. Very progressive.

          44. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Do what you want. It is your vote.

          45. King of America May 3, 2016

            And yet here you are, issuing threats and demanding that the voting be overturned. Weird!

          46. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            What threats? What votes do I want overturned? Hillary is your problem not mine.

          47. King of America May 3, 2016

            You misunderstand; I think your tantrum is hilarious. You don’t understand how primary delegates are awarded (let’s face it, that’s the least of the things you don’t understand), so you’re going to do your best to devalue your vote next primary. It’s glorious! “If you don’t listen to me now I’ll make sure I get less of a say next time! TAKE THAT!!!”

      2. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2016

        Wah wah wah wah wah wah …..And Einstein drains the last drop of his “sour grapes”

        Sanders, the MANist, thought he would just chutzpah his way to a win. His chutzpah was STINKpah and now he is in the SINKpah.

        There was never going to be a SAnders presidency. Get over it sore loser.

        1. laurele May 3, 2016

          Get over the fact that Bernie supporters will NOT vote for Hillary, who has shamelessly hid behind the woman issue to cover her corruption and indebtedness to the one percent. The Democratic Party establishment is toast, meaning Bernie has already won in the long term.

          1. bjbstarr11 May 3, 2016

            Then you need to vote for Trump. I am already over it.

          2. King of America May 3, 2016

            It’s great that you people aren’t even pretending to be progressive any more; unfortunately for you and your imaginary entitlements, the bulk of Sanders supporters will in fact vote for Clinton.

          3. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            I hope you are correct. I guess time will tell. I’m willing to vote for whichever one is the candidate.


          4. yabbed May 3, 2016

            Goes to show that Sanders isn’t a Democrat and neither are his supporters.

          5. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            Exactly what I think. They won’t vote for a real Dem. That tells us all we need to know about Sanders.


          6. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

            Wishful thinking.

          7. Blueberry Hill May 3, 2016

            That kind of talk is exactly what turns us against Bernie. Plus the fact that we are Democrats and he is not. He only became one to run on our ticket. Rather sleazy move, I think. The Dems are strong, like it or not. Get over it. I cannot believe that he really believes that going to the convention will have the Dems delegates, they will go to the REAL Dems.


        2. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

          Actually we never thought that Bernie would be the nominee but we loved his message and his ability to get his/our message out. It is understandable that those your age would not be open to change. After all your best years are behind you and all that really matters is that to you is that SS checks keep coming and Medicare premiums and benefits are unaffected. I get it. However my children and myself have a lot more time in this world and we also need a social safety net like you have. We also need clean air to breath, affordable colleges to send our kids to, an economy that works for all of us, a political system that just does not benefit the wealthy only, access to affordable health care before we turn 65 etc……

          Eventually when enough people stand up for these things then our movement will become a revolution. We are just getting started Maybe then you will join us as we will welcome you even though you are man hating anti Semite. Our arms are wide open even for you Eleanore.

      3. King of America May 3, 2016

        Yes, all the progress liberals have made over the last few decades are far, far less important than you getting your way. The people voted, and you lost. Deal with it.

        1. A_Real_Einstein May 3, 2016

          I am dealing with it. I will with millions of others will carefully select true progressives to vote for in November and Hillary and Trump will not get our votes. We will let you guys decide who the President will be in this cycle. Not our problem anymore. Obviously with her tone and actions she does not want to concede anything to us so she must think she can win without us. Maybe she is right. We will see. Good luck. No hard feelings.

          1. King of America May 3, 2016

            “millions”. Sure thing. That is definitely true.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2016

    Look, it is very difficult for rational American voters to vote for a “movement.” Why? Because movements go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Were the balance in voting for a candidate because he believes in some 1960s style movement? Over the years, there have been many “movements” like Occupy Wall Street. Where is it now?

    The point is that once a candidate panders to his voting base using the premise of “movement” he shows that he has less direction and initiative and mostly is using the dynamics of takeover style actions by an impassioned group of followers.

    Opus Dei is a movement and so were the Knights Templar. The right wing is a movement we’d all like to see put on a plane heading for North Korea. Lest we forget, the KKK and Nazis were also a movement that turned into violent regimes.

    I am not naive enough to fall for the Sanderista movement.

    1. laurele May 3, 2016

      Occupy is alive and well today and organizing for the 99 percent in every state. It is a movement of people of all ages and demographics who reject trickle down economics and are fighting for the type of New Deal economic policies that gave us decades of prosperity and a strong middle class. We’re not going anywhere! The people united will never be defeated! The handwriting is on the wall for the one percent.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2016

        wrong…I live in NJ…as near to Wall Street as it gets. There is no Occupy Wall Street alive and well or “organizing” in NJ. While I have no problem with movements. I do have a problem with Sanderista Movement. The problem is that it has NO hope or prayer of EVER lasting once he concedes the election.

        I’m obviously older than you and can tell you much more than you ever realize about the New Deal policies. For one thing, they won’t work in today’s international economy. Hillary is correct about that.

        Back in the 1930s, the US had far fewer international trade partners than at present. Your ideals of prosperity for all doesn’t work for one reason..you have men who returned from several wars since the 1960s who cannot be part of the strong middle class because they are like many of our vulnerable, sick and frail elderly, they require special assistance.

        You are preaching to a choir who has already been there and done that back in the 1960s. The people today are the most divided they’ve ever been and it is because of people just like you who see things through rose colored glasses. To you the glass is always half full even when some are dying of thirst from empty glasses.

        As for the 1%, all you have to do is have a little patience. The generation of middle aged Twerps are the ones who empowered the 1% the most. All that ladder climbing in your jobs and those power titles to try and be “successful” got all of you what? Poverty, division and lack of ability to stop empowering the 1%. There is NO man or Woman I fear in this country because I know they put their pants on like we all do…one leg at a time.

        If you read Studs Terkel’s book, “Hard Times,” you will see why your very own affluenza is why you are all scavenging today for the Utopian dream. Men always believe they have ALL the answers. Yet, it is always the women who do all the cleaning up after the messes they leave the country in. THAT IS WHY I AM VOTING FOR HILLARY and I am NOT voting for Sanders. I want realism, not fantasies.

        1. yabbed May 3, 2016

          And I’m a NYCer and even closer to Wall Street. And I agree with you.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 4, 2016

            You’re New Yorker. It is the one city that has all of the other U.S. cities eating their shorts. The point is that New Yorkers and the rest of us in the metro area are not the dullards in the states who are near Great Depression level yet again due to their own stupidity for falling for Republican BS.

            As a New Yorker, you know that the least economically stable area of your state just happens to be Republican. Thanks to Peter King and his do nothing big mouth.

            Sanders is going to win in Indiana only for one reason…as a Corn Pone state is it one of the MOST ultraconservative. Hillary knew she wouldn’t win in IN but it is of no consequence. There are still several other states, mine (NJ) included that have yet to vote.

            Sanders is a liar and he knows it. The record of his taxes would show this. If he has a retirement plan through the government, it is managed by Wall Street. If his wife has a severance package from Burlington college, it includes a Wall Street managed retirement fund.

            All I see of Sanders is a man who is a rabble rouser who lacks any verfiable effectiveness. He apeals to the down in the mouth slackers.

          2. marianne ribes May 5, 2016

            Now it’s come to light you are just an internet troll, who changes her life story depending on the site, one minute a teacher for 3 decades then 2 hmm go do something useful with your life.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 5, 2016

            And you? A perimenopausal who isn’t handling your hot flashes so well?

            You can find my two published books in any bookstore bitch poo. You can also check out my blog November’s Child on blogspot.com if you aren’t seethign with envy that it.

            While you were still shitting in your Pampers I owned a business at age 22. I was a certified dance educator for 33 years, taught at Rutgers part-time for 12 years all without a college degree asshat. By the time I was your age, I was already married and divorced and had a job with a woman who was a SBA ombudswoman and very politically connected. You are a nothing…got that tootsie? Nothing.

            By the time I was 50, I was an accounting manager and tech writer…try to keep up you little phony. Now..I retired in 2013 and in 2008, I decided to become a SEO copywriter. I have a SEO certification, a resume writing certification and I am so far above your menial little ass you can’t EVER hope to fit into that pathetic bitchy girl life all that I have.

            The names of the books if you want to Google them are “Barrow House” and “The House at the End of Langdon Road.” They are under my nome de plume, Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker…go to it bitch

          4. marianne ribes May 6, 2016

            When people reply by insulting and using disgusting language it shows a lack of education, as this is the only way you can express yourself. Actually I have professional qualifications which entitle me to letters after my name. I live in a decent city near London. If you are a writer then try expressing yourself in a more coherent intelligent way. Just for the record I do not lay in bed all day and certainly would not want to live in USA, where, unless you live in a City it borders on our slums.

  6. laurele May 3, 2016

    There is no “writing on the wall,” and it is way too premature to say “Hillary will likely capture the party’s nomination.” Please stop with the self-fulfilling prophecies already!

    1. King of America May 3, 2016

      Right, any day now Sanders will leap from low-40s popularity to the high 80s he needs to get enough pledged delegates to win.

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