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Comparing Trump’s Not-So-Super VP Candidates

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Comparing Trump’s Not-So-Super VP Candidates


Donald Trump is in the middle of a tough search for a vice president — any vice president. No one seems to want the job, and Trump is scrambling to show the world a ticket that makes him look like anything other than a crazy reality star who’s been wandering onto the wrong cable channels.

He’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel, so we at The National Memo decided to put together a little tip sheet to make his choice easier.

Newt Gingrich

Renamed by Trump: “Spanky”
# of Wives: 3. Can you believe it?
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: 85%
Relationship to White House: Has been waiting outside since the 1990s
Biggest Strength: That no-longer-relevant vibe that Trump supporters seem to love!
Biggest Weakness: He would be the “smart one.”

Chris Christie

Renamed by Trump: “The Quiet One”
# of Wives: 1, but he’d leave her in a second for Bruce Springsteen.
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: 28%
Relationship to White House: Kissed it goodbye forever after Bridgegate.
Biggest Strength: Loyalty and dead-in-the-eyes look of a very large dog.
Biggest Weakness: Ate all the M&Ms.

Mike Pence

Renamed by Trump: “Gary Indiana”
# of Wives: 1, unlike those dang homosexuals.
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: That’s between Pence and the Lord.
Relationship to White House: Recites Pledge of Allegiance in its direction whenever he has impure thoughts.
Biggest Strength: Fridge is full of cake confiscated from same-sex weddings.
Biggest Weakness: As a devout Christian, may not work well with the Devil.

Gen. Michael Flynn

Renamed by Trump: “Army Man”
# of Wives: Just his duty. Oh, and also Lori.
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: Classified
Relationship to White House: Already spent years there failing to solve the Middle East.
Biggest Strength: Has the wartime expertise to set up a military dictatorship
Biggest Weakness: Pro-choice. For real.

Ben Carson

Renamed by Trump: “Dr. Naptime”
# of Wives: 2 conjoined twins he keeps separating and sewing back together.
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: 3%
Relationship to White House: Believes it’s filled with grain.
Biggest Strength: Every Great American Hero needs a nerdy sidekick.
Biggest Weakness: Working with Trump might spoil their friendship.

Sarah Palin

Renamed by Trump: “The Midnight Rambler”
# of Wives: Does Alaska count?
Likelihood of Hair Plugs: All-natural pageant queen
Relationship to White House: Buried John McCain’s career on her way there.
Biggest Strength: Can defuse any political debate with a string of nonsensical folkisms.
Biggest Weakness: Even Trump’s afraid of her.


Photo: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks in a press conference at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey, March 3, 2016.  REUTERS/Dominick Reuter



  1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 11, 2016

    any vice president. No one seems to want the job, and Trump is scrambling to show the world a ticket that makes him look like anything other than a crazy reality star who’s been wandering onto the wrong cable channels//// id have to bet on him picking the air head Sarah Palin. and it will be the start of them starting the next cable channel show maybe called ONE DUMPTED IN THE PALIN . it would start when thy lose it all and yooo hooeee Palin becoming the DUMPSTERS next wife just for the first season . 2nd season will be DONNY DUMP using all his lawyers to save him money in the devoice . but air head will keep talking (yes even worse then DONNY DUMP if you can believe that ) and the DUMPSTER just telling her ill give you what you want just shut up and get out take the cable show . take my kids PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE take every thing just give me on thing a naked pic of you hand cuffed on my plain so I can put it next to the one of my wife . and take her too

    1. tbs July 11, 2016

      You are sick!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 12, 2016

        well thank you I was but im feeling better now . and watch out for English teachers on here thy seem to gang up on me a lot thy will tell you its not you are thy will say its you’re

  2. Otto T. Goat July 11, 2016

    General Flynn would be solid choice.

    1. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

      Solid blockhead.

  3. A. D. Reed July 11, 2016

    Trump is so full of S**t, who would want to be number 2 to a number 2?

  4. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

    The only bar to today’s “devout Christian” working “with” the devil is the latter’s non-existence. If the devil does exist, they don’t work “with” him: he owns most of them.

  5. Siegfried Heydrich July 11, 2016

    But in a pinch, there’s always Ted Nugent.

    1. The lucky one July 12, 2016

      Wouldn’t work because he’s louder than Trump and every bit as much a narcissist.

  6. 2ThinkN_Do2 July 11, 2016

    It appears there is no-one worthy to back-up tRump, guess that eliminates the Republican presidency; wow, an uncontested Presidential election . . . . on the other hand, it gives Gary Johnson a real chance . . . .

  7. tbs July 11, 2016

    Boring article and poorly written!
    Anyone can do better than this!


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