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Conservative Groups Search For Fraud In Mississippi Runoff

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Conservative Groups Search For Fraud In Mississippi Runoff


Some conservatives have a problem with the fact that Democrats were the reason that Mississippi senator Thad Cochran beat Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in the Mississippi Republican primary runoff — so they’re doing everything they can to call the results fraudulent.

True the Vote, a group that works to hunt down any evidence of voter fraud — even though it’s very rare — has filed suit with the state of Mississippi so the group can gain access to election records. True the Vote clearly leans Republican, and its directors also run King Street Patriots, a Tea Party group. True the Vote has also worked to stop the recall of Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and supported the Florida voter purge. Its record of uncovering actual fraud is weak, at best.

The group claims that it already has evidence of voters who illegally voted in both the Democratic primary and the Republican runoff. Mississippi has an open primary system, but voters cannot vote in both elections.

“True the Vote has been inundated with reports from voters across Mississippi who are outraged to see the integrity of this election being undermined so that politicos can get back to business as usual. Enough is enough,” True the Vote president Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement.

“This isn’t about personality, party, or politics. Senators come and go.” she continued. “What must withstand the test of time is the integrity of the process by which we elect our representatives and establish our government. No candidate or party should ever be allowed to twist election laws or subvert voters’ rights in the interest of political ambition.”

True the Vote cites the “unusual voter patterns” in the runoff as one of the reasons why there must have been voter fraud, as they don’t think Mississippi Democrats should have anything to do with electing Republican candidates.

Chris McDaniel is also doing what he can to emphasize that he would have won the election if Democrats weren’t involved. In an email to supporters, he wrote, “On June 24th, we won the Republican primary election. As you might have heard, we’re not quite done. We are in the process of trying to ensure a fair and accurate election took place on Tuesday.”

The McDaniel campaign is currently searching through election books in a futile attempt to find enough irregular votes to invalidate Cochran’s win. So far, they claim that they’ve found more than 3,300 suspicious votes after examining less than half of Mississippi’s counties.

The Cochran campaign dismissed these numbers. “Their numbers are wildly exaggerated,” Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell told the Sun Herald. “For instance, in one county where they say they found 200 illegal votes, only 37 Democrats voted on June 3.”

But the McDaniel campaign’s strategy isn’t just to prove that there was voter fraud — it’s to create enough of a frenzy to force yet another runoff election.

“We don’t have to prove that we have 7,000 [invalid] votes … all there needs to be is enough doubt about the election, and we’re confident about that,” Noel Fritsch, McDaniel’s press aide, said to Fox News.

So conservative groups are trying their best to create that atmosphere of “doubt.” The Mississippi Tea Party says that it found at least 800 illegal votes in heavily Democratic Hinds County (where McDaniel’s campaign says it’s found 1,500 such votes).

Tea Party group FreedomWorks is calling on the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the Cochran campaign after RedState.com released an interview with a reverend who says that Cochran’s campaign paid him to give black voters $15 to vote for Cochran. However, the reverend was paid to do the interview, and the Cochran campaign called his allegations “baseless and false.”

Meanwhile, the far right’s vendetta against Cochran and Mississippi Democrats will likely serve to continue to alienate minority voters.

AFP Photo/Justin Sullivan

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  1. FT66 July 2, 2014

    This man McDaniel must get over it. In any competition, there must be a winner and a loser. Everyone who is civilised knows this. You can’t get two winners neither two losers at the same time. This kind of stubbornness is exactly what he could have shown in Senate if at all he could have won. Thanks to people in MS, you averted this catastrophe.

    1. kenndeb July 3, 2014

      So it’s OK for canidates to buy votes? Good to know that laws are only suggestions to dems.

      1. Grannysmovin July 3, 2014

        Where is the proof? I am a law abiding Democrat, even if I don’t think the law is just. Just for the record – republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians, men, woman, all races and religions break laws. The statement made by one of your heroes “We don’t have to prove that we have 7,000 [invalid] votes … all there needs to be is enough doubt about the election, and we’re confident about that,” So make accusations and without proof disqualify a person vote. You people really are cheaters and sore losers, grow up.

        1. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

          Absolutely agree! Tbags hate losing, let’s make them lose more and give them a good reason to hate.


        2. idamag July 4, 2014

          He thinks because he does it, everyone does it. All generalities are lies and he is one of the biggest liars who happens to come on these boards.

        3. BillP July 4, 2014

          Granny ken will never offer any concrete proof, if he says so it must be true. A study done in North Carolina for the 2102 election came up with 35,750 people who voted in NC that a matching voter that had the same name and date of birth who voted in another state. Could be possible fraud, however when they added the last 4 numbers of the Social Security the matches deceased by more than 97% to 765. This still isn’t a unique match to prove any fraud, the only way would be to match on all 9 SS numbers. Trying to explain this to another troll got nowhere, trolls don’t like facts or numbers.

      2. charleo1 July 3, 2014

        Ah, I think the vote buying mostly occurs after the candidate is elected. And you care about this, why? Cochran was a good little Republican, right down the line. He voted for the tax breaks the wealthy elite asked for. He opposed fixing healthcare, that had became unaffordable for millions of working poor, and Middle Class Americans. He strongly believes money is free speech, corporations are people. And he would vote to end SS, and Medicare, as we know them, in a heartbeat, rather than go against Grover Norquist, and his gang of no tax corporations. I fail to see how another White Supremacist, T-Bagger from MS. is going to help anything, or hurt anything, much worse than what is going on in Congress now. Unless you can name a great idea McDaniel had, that Cochran, or the other T-Baggers can’t impose by coercion, or economic threat, not already on the docket as we speak. And besides, a Party shilling for the rich, while playing the victim card, and whining about vote buying, is just ridiculous.

        1. oldtack July 3, 2014


      3. flyinjs July 3, 2014

        Sounds to me that some Dems picked the less evil to them.

        1. oldtack July 3, 2014

          You are right. Cochran/McDaniel -lesser of two evils but – what else would one expect of Mississippi?

      4. oldtack July 5, 2014

        Votes have been bought ever since the first voter election and it is not reserved as a ploy of Democrats. It encompasses all spectrums. Back in the ante bellum times some politicians or political groups bought into the newspaper business and used local newspapers to promote their political agenda and aspirations. Check pre-civil war and the campaign of that Great Republican Leader Abraham Lincoln. This was very prevalent. Then ,it was mostly local. Now, it permeates the entire Country through Mass Media – CNN, MSNBC, Fox, as examples. Right wing or Left wing depending on the slant of the owners. They employ gifted speakers and writers to promote their ideologies, ie, Maddow, Limbaugh, ORielly, Hannity, Sawyer and so forth- very gifted people. They compensate these talking heads with millions of dollars in salary. They attract a base of like minded listeners. The more listeners means a wider audience that attracts businesses to buy advertising for more exposure and the Moguls reap Billions. It’s all a part of the game of advertisement. I don’t know where you reside but here these “Local” newspapers are owned by Morris communications out of Georgia and we are no where close to Georgia. In the Metroplex the papers are owned by Thompson Reuters. I do not say that voters have been bought by cash payment but they indeed have been “bought” by the Media moguls. And – I do think Abe Lincoln was a good man, a good Lawyer and a pretty good President considering the circumstances in tis time.

      5. Sand_Cat July 5, 2014

        It obviously is: Republicans sell theirs all the time in Congress and the Senate.

    2. Allan Richardson July 5, 2014

      In this case, both of them are losers already, but whoever wins, the people of Mississippi are the losers.

  2. charleo1 July 2, 2014

    What has become very evident, is one of the core elements of the Radical Right, has been their refusal to recognize the Democratic Party’s legitimacy as a political organization. Period, full stop. If one happens to be a Democrat, or a moderate Conservative, or Independent. Not only do they not respect your opinion. They in fact, categorically deny your Right to have any opinion they haven’t already pre-approved.Outrageous? You bet! It is a galling affront to all Americans, who believe in our democratic institutions. We should not be mistaking the T-Party’s agenda for anything but that which their inactions, once elected to gov. demonstrate. Namely, that they will refuse to both, participate in a gov. as a minority. Nor, will they allow any gov. in which they do not hold exclusive, and absolute power, to function. This is, at it’s most foundational level, a form of political extortion of the first order. And Americans should not tolerate it from either Party. Nor should the vast majority be forced to bear the disfunction, incompetence, or suffer the injustices, and bear the economic, and social costs, for the totalitarian dreams held a small group of extremist riding herd over a weak, and wounded Republican Party majority in the lower House of Congress. The Country deserves much better. And if you love this Country as I do, and many do, we must not abide by it.

    1. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

      If there are any illegitimate ones in government, it is the Tbags. They have not yet done anything but legislate women’s bodies. That is not what the government is for and this gang of lunatics do not know the first thing about how to govern. They are just a bunch of nitwits trying to insert themselves into our lives and dictate what we can and cannot do. They push to arm people who have no business having weapons. What kind of political party is that? An illegitimate bunch of gasbags.


      1. Leftout July 3, 2014

        The best contraceptive appears to be to join NOW. I can not imagine what chance any of them would have in ever getting pregnant , aside from parthenogenesis., just sayin

        1. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

          Since most of NOW members are mothers, I think you don’t know what you are talking about, just sayin

          1. Leftout July 6, 2014

            Parthenogenesis , obviously. They found their thrill. I am ugly myself, so I know it can minimize fornication.

        2. Sand_Cat July 5, 2014

          More like just lyin’.

          1. Leftout July 6, 2014

            Based on personal friendships and observations.

      2. charleo1 July 3, 2014

        I agree. The T-Party is not legit, primarily because they are not what they profess to be. Conservatives/Republicans.
        What they are is amalgamation of fringe, malcontents. They
        are the riffraff insurgents, at the gates of our democracy. Seditionists, masquerading, and lionizing the common man.
        While worshipping the wealthy with an They welcome racists, and despise by default, the vast majority of the good people in this extraordinary Country. That is, whether those good people recognize it, or not. They are the anti-gov. zealot, whining, and carping about taxes, and public debt, as they purposely attempt to scuttle the very thing, the economy, that is the only means by which to lower both. They rail constantly about the scourge of Socialism, as they ride along contentedly on their Medicare,
        and Social Security. Or collect their paychecks for doing nothing in Congress, while bashing the unemployed for being lazy, and lacking a work ethic.

        1. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

          Absolutely agree with you too. They are not a legitimate party, just a bunch of renegade lunatics trying to take us over; not just the government, but us too and force us to live the way the want to legislate us to live. These are the most mortal enemies we have faced in this country, as they come from within our country. We have a chance to stop them and get them out of our government in November, and we must get all Dems out to VOTE THESE LUNATICS OUT! They have their own agenda and it is to destroy the government and anyone who is not as maniacal as they are, or wealthy. They are the tools and puppets of the likes of the Kochroaches and Roves. The Kochroaches have been working in the shadows taking over businesses and corporations and now they are after the government itself. If we don’t fight back hard enough, we could end up with a King Koch; isn’t that thought enough to make us want to puke?


        2. idamag July 4, 2014

          And a bunch of thugs destroyed an European Democracy during the 20s.

      3. idamag July 4, 2014

        Yammering about less government while using the government to promote their own value system. They want less government in phone tapping and more government in womens’ wombs.

        1. Blueberry Hill July 4, 2014

          Yes, and they want government when they have a disaster, like this hurricane and tornadoes, floods, etc.


          1. idamag July 4, 2014

            Or the banks who got in trouble and had to have taxpayer money to bail them out while they continued to give their incompetent, dishonest CEOs 6 million dollar bonuses. Or the billionaires that buy up large plots of farm land and let it lay fallow so they can collect land bank money. Or the oil companies, that pay no taxes, but receive government subsidies. These are the people who demand more tax breaks while calling the 47 percent, takers.

          2. Blueberry Hill July 4, 2014

            The whole truth is that the 1% has it all twisted around. WE ARE THE MAKERS! They are the takers. They take it all. Make all their money off the backs of the rest of us. They never made a damn thing. They destroy. They buy up businesses like Romney did, fire all the workers and send the businesses to China. He had people do it all for him, he never MADE a damn thing, they just TAKE AND TAKE AND TAKE! They have one hell of a nerve to think they made anything. They didn’t. WE MADE IT ALL, from the streets and bridges to the skyscrapers and everything in between.


          3. idamag July 5, 2014

            The truth is like this: Picture construction workers. They are the makers. Picture the Koch Brothers. They are the takers.

          4. Allan Richardson July 5, 2014

            That may be why the Village People do not have a band member in a three piece suit; they represent the REAL American people.

          5. idamag July 14, 2014

            The Village people preached love, compassion, and peace – much like Christ, don’t you think?

    2. Elliot J. Stamler July 3, 2014

      You are absolutely and totally correct, charleo. As Icommented yesterday, all this is wholly explainable to anyone who knows history. The Tea Party (and most of the Republican Party that in fact they dominate) is FASCIST..not conservative. They do what you’ve outlined because they are vehemently opposed to political democracy which they’d abolish if in power. They are seriously contemplating fomenting armed rebellion which is why they’re arming themselves to th teeth with military weapons. The Tea Party’s operational bible is Mein Kampf and they are following most of the same political tactics as the Geman nazis before their seizure of power. THE NAZIS WERE THE GERMAN TEA PARTY.

      1. charleo1 July 3, 2014

        Yep! It sounds so strident to say such a thing, doesn’t it? The T-Party is the embodiment of Fascism that has reemerged here, in America? In fact over the years, the comparisons to Nazis, Hitler, etc. became so ubiquitous on both sides of the political spectrum, bloggers came to invoke what is known as, “Godwin’s Law.” That holds the longer a discussion continues, the greater the chance someone will bring up Hitler. And so, by Godwin’s Law, that poster is automatically disqualified. However, the longer I watch the T-Party the comparisons sort of start making themselves. Just taking a few examples. The overt Nationalism, and militarism. The extreme feigned, and over the top, patriotism. Juxtaposed with the inherent disregard, and dismissal of legislation to help returning Veterans, as too costly, or unnecessary. The episode of Sgt. Bergdahl, and the T-Party’s politicization of his release from captivity. The scapegoating, racism, and demonization of minorities as the causation of the Country’s economic problems. And the efforts to return to a cold war mentality, reestablishing Communism as the global threat to American democracy. Instead of the Corporatism that is bankrupting economies by the score, here, and around the World. The rejection of the concept of a World Community. Conspiracy theories abound about the secret agenda of the UN, and the embrace of unilateralism, and, an as a yet to be defined, “American Exceptionalism, abroad. While advancing a strict, religiously based, social authoritarianism at home. So with me, it becomes very much a proposition of don’t tell me who you are. Show me what you do, what you believe, and I’ll tell you who you are, Godwin’s Law be damned.

        1. oldtack July 3, 2014

          Good Post. I only brought up Hitler and the Rise because of the similarities between the National Socialist Party and the Tea Party. Too much similarity to be accidental.

          1. charleo1 July 3, 2014

            Yes, absolutely, my friend. I agree with you, 110%!

          2. oldtack July 4, 2014

            Thanks Charleo1

          3. idamag July 4, 2014

            People think I overreact when I point out the similarities in the t-party and the nazi party.

          4. oldtack July 4, 2014

            If you have time to “play” on your computer go into search and pull up Joseph Goebbels, copy the picture of him and his bio then pull up Darrell Issa and his picture and bio. Resemblance? Almost makes one embrace to idea of reincarnation (I did say almost).

          5. idamag July 4, 2014

            Omigosh, the resemblance in uncanny. Of course, the rhetoric is the same, too.

          6. oldtack July 4, 2014


          7. Allan Richardson July 5, 2014

            If there is reincarnation, how are souls assigned to their next life? If random, then the odds are far better for getting a “good seat” so to speak if, by the time you die, the world has a bigger middle class rather than a small elite and a supermajority of poor and starving; in other words, a kinder and gentler form of economy and politics. If not random, then God would certainly not put anyone who opposed such an improvement in the elite next time, She/He would put them among the poorest, according to their karma. So the top 1% of the top 1%, if they continue this behavior, are liable to spend their next 100 lifetimes as women in a poor village of Bangladesh.

          8. oldtack July 5, 2014

            Your speculation on reincarnation is interesting but I used the term loosely due to the resemblance of Goebbels and Issa and the similarities of some of their philosophies. History does have an uncanny way of repeating itself. I think history is a good example of the successes and the failures of man and should be observed and heeded. But – mankind throughout time has chosen to ignore history and blindly make the same mistakes over and again,
            I like your thoughts on reincarnation but – better rethink that last” woman in Bangladesh” part – some of these extreme Women’s Rights advocates will crucify you. Note – I did say the extreme ones.
            Have a good day.

        2. Allan Richardson July 5, 2014

          FDR saved us from BOTH kinds of Fascism; the American business kind in the thirties and the foreign kind in the forties. The former seems to have staged a comeback starting in, say, 1980 (serves us right for confusing an actor’s more popular movies with reality).

          1. charleo1 July 5, 2014

            I agree. I think that’s indisputably true. And, even hindsight is not saving us at the moment. As Right Wing propagandists have enough of the political opposition whipped into a wild frenzy over the Black President. Many aren’t even looking at the big picture anymore. For the Right Wing, it’s all about Obama. Did you realize the roots of racism were as deeply ingrained in this Country as they have proven themselves to be? I sure didn’t. I thought we as a Country were much better than what went on there in CA. What were they squawking about? These people are clearly fleeing deplorable conditions. These children, and Mothers with small children are simply walking up, and sitting down, because they literally have no place else to turn.They were in the custody of immigration. So what was the point, really? Oh, this was Fascism alright! Complete with the flag waving, and senseless chanting, USA, USA! I am rarely so ashamed to have have the World look in on what is becoming of us, as a Country. Now I wonder, weren’t we at one time, so much better than this? I certainly thought so.

      2. oldtack July 3, 2014

        In 1919 after the defeat of Germany a young wounded and decorated ex-soldier, Adolf Hitler, was employed by the German Government to infiltrate the German Workers Party, an organization that the Government felt was a potential threat. Hitler infiltrated -and he was impressed with this group. He then resigned from his government job and joined the German Workers Party that eventually evolved into the National socialist Party. Their first endeavors to overthrow the Government were met with defeat and late 1923 and early 1924 found many of their leaders including Adolf Hitler in Landau Prison where Adolf wrote his infamous book “Mien Kampf. “. Their aim from their inception was to overthrow the existing German government and through fiery speeches and dogma they recruited those, both poor and wealthy to join the new National socialist (NAZI) Party and declare unity by vowing to walk lock-step with every edict put forth by the new Party. They managed to win some elections and were known in Government for their vigorous protests to anything the government tried to accomplish. They grew in number and by 1927 they had forced Germany into a financial collapse. They had effectually shut down the German Government. For the next five years Germany was in shambles with inflation so rampant that workers were paid more than once a day just to keep afloat. Then the Party rose to power with Adolf Hitler becoming the Leader. Then and only then did the people discover that what they pledged to in their zeal would become their downfall. At this time the pledge of walking lock-step with the dictates of the Party became a reality. Those that dared speak against the Party were arrested and were sent to concentration Camps or to Labor camps. After the death of millions of civilian and Military and devastation of the Nation this cancer called The National Socialist Party was destroyed – only to be resurrected in the United States in this decade under the name Tea Party, open defiance, lock step mentality with an aim to overthrow the United States government.
        Wake up America -the Fire has been lit and no one is even attempting to extinguish the flames.

      3. idamag July 14, 2014

        I was a child when WWII cam to pass. I could not understand how an entire country could follow a madman and let him do the things he did. I have made a lifelong study of the nazis and of Germany during those years. They had a democracy to be emulated. Hitler played on their fears and their prejudices. They didn’t have a large population of Hispanics nor Black People. They did have a large population of Jewish People. I do see the similarities in the methodology of the tea party and the hate groups it has attracted. The tactics are the same.

  3. Dominick Vila July 3, 2014

    It is becoming obvious, even to the most casual observer, that the rights and values that are the centerpiece of our Constitution, are of little interest to the far right, who only remembers them when they can use them as a tool to pursue their goals.
    Voting across party lines in primary elections is legal in Mississippi. The fact that some Democrats supported Cochran, and voted for him, is their constitutional right, and consistent with Mississippi law. If the GOP-TP does not like it, perhaps they should change the law in that state and propose a Constitutional amendment denying voting rights to some segments of our population. It worked beautifully a couple of centuries ago…no wonder they want to take America back! The part that they skillfully avoid to elaborate on is what do they want to take us back to?

  4. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

    This disgusting freak deserves to lose the election. He had his people try to sneak into a nursing home and film Thad Cochran’s ill wife. His people also had themselves locked into the Courthouse where the ballots were. They would not have been there to do good. They obviously wanted to steal away some ballots to claim the count was wrong. For that reason alone they should not be able to get their hands on any voting records or ballots and I hope they are being well guarded as they paw thru the ballots. They are not to be trusted. Just listen to what McDaniels says in his speeches, he is definitely not what we need in OUR government. Pack it in you sore loser, you are a disgusting POS.


  5. howa4x July 3, 2014

    They are waiting for Jess himself to come here and anoint the tea party as his representative of earth. But wait it is really a disguise and it is Satan himself who proudly proclaims that the tea party is so full of hatred, Is racist, has such a profound misunderstanding of Christianity is so mean spirited that they are a perfect group to become his disciples on earth, and establish the kingdom of the damned.

    1. Blueberry Hill July 3, 2014

      They are certainly on their way to the kingdom of the damned. Look at all their hate rants, racist rants, etc., nothing Christian about them. They are Satan’s disciples for sure. No truth has escaped their mouths yet, and truth means nothing to them. They are the scourge of our country and we need to get them out of our governments, from local, state, to federal governments. The only way to be sure to do that is VOTE BLUE, and be sure it isn’t one of these heathens disguising himself as a Dem. They are trying to do that too. Know who you are voting for and what they stand for. VOTE and get other Dems out to VOTE!


  6. adp3d July 3, 2014

    Hilarious, it was McDaniels soldiers that were found locked in with ballots following the primary…

  7. Doug July 3, 2014

    Is’s a shame, the states that most need help from the Government, have the citizens that are most easily duped.

    1. Sand_Cat July 5, 2014

      That’s why they need help.
      Mark Twain said it’s a whole lot easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

  8. idamag July 4, 2014

    I got an “F” because the teacher doesn’t like me or how about, “I greased the right palms and beat up the right people – couldn’t have lost.” If Democrats think there is no chance of a Democrat winning an election, they will vote for the best Republican for the job.

    1. charleo1 July 4, 2014

      I Would think at any rate, the Blacks down in Dixie can recognize a
      racist when they see one. Listen to him talk, and see who his friends are. The T-Party is hopping mad because Cochran reached out to the
      folks, McDaniel’s supporters hate, to defeat him. Never a clearer example of democracy at work, and the T-Party can’t stand it!

  9. Daniel Jones July 4, 2014

    There probably were all those illegal votes–made by Republicans.

  10. Allan Richardson July 5, 2014

    “True the Vote” should be called “Fix the Vote” … for Republicans to win (or in this case, for the most extreme Republican to win).


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