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Conservative Justices Attack The Voting Rights Act

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Conservative Justices Attack The Voting Rights Act


As a statue paying tribute to civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks was unveiled in Washington, D.C., the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Shelby County v. Holder, which will decide the Constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that bears Ms. Parks’ name.

Section 5 of the VRA requires election officials in selected states and regions, mostly in the South, to pre-clear any changes to voting laws. This provision has been called the “cornerstone of civil rights law” in America.

“Is it the government’s submission that citizens in the South are more racist than citizens in the North?” asked Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli said no.

Roberts noted that Massachusetts had the lowest turnout rate of black voters while Mississippi had the highest. He and all of the conservative justices on the court expressed skepticism of the continued relevance of a law that was originally intended to be an emergency accommodation.

The Voting Rights Act was renewed for 25 years by a Republican Congress and signed by George W. Bush in 2006. But right-wing organizations and donors have waged a two-decade campaign to destroy Section 5.

The law was deemed Constitutional in 1999, before Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito joined the Court. Justice Clarence Thomas has previously called Section 5 unconstitutional and Justice Antonin Scalia’s antipathy to the law was clear to all in attendance.

Scalia called Section 5 a “perpetuation of racial entitlement” and suggested that Congress could never be convinced to let the law lapse. “They’re going to lose votes if they vote against the Voting Rights Act. Even the name is wonderful.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor twice asked Scalia, “Do you think Section 5 was voted for because it was a racial entitlement?” He did not answer either time.

Experts believe that Justice Anthony Kennedy will be the deciding vote on the case. He appeared extremely troubled by the idea of pre-clearance, saying it put some states under the “trusteeship of the United States government.”

“Times change,” Kennedy said at one point.

“Kennedy asked hard questions — that’s his job,” Myrna Perez, a senior counsel with the Brennan Center, told the Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent. “But the questions didn’t signal the law’s demise.”

Verrilli pointed out that jurisdictions can “bail out” of the pre-clearance requirement once they’ve demonstrated a 10-year discrimination-free record — nearly 250 of the 12,000 state, county and local governments covered by the law have bailed out.

Justice Elena Kagan noted that the covered jurisdictions hold 25 percent of the U.S. population, but account for 56 percent of voting-rights lawsuits.

Sotomayor asked Bert Rein, the lawyer representing Shelby County, Alabama, “Why would we vote in favor of your county, whose enforcement record is the epitome of the reasons that cause this law to be passed in the first place?”

In his brief, Rein argued that conditions that made the law necessary no longer exist.

The Nation‘s Ari Berman, who was at the hearing, noted that the rash of legislative attempts to restrict voting rights since 2010, which he’s called the “GOP’s War on Voting,” never came up during the arguments.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci


  1. Daniel Jones February 27, 2013

    The foxes are trying to take over guardianship of the hen-house.. yet again.

    1. MARK February 27, 2013

      Those aren’t fox,they’re damn stinking weasels.

      1. Sand_Cat February 28, 2013

        Come on, calling them weasels is an insult to weasels.

        1. MARK March 1, 2013

          Well I would call them shit but those guys wouldn’t even be good fertilizer.Perhaps they can serve as bad examples.

        2. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

          Yes, weasels have some integrity.

          Today’s Republicans don’t even know what that is!

  2. NMoshe February 27, 2013

    So basically Roberts is arguing that since the Voting Rights Act is working in preventing discrimination against African Americans in the South, it is no longer necessary to have the law. Disgusting.

    1. Allan Richardson February 27, 2013

      Laws against bank robbery have kept the robbery rate down, so we can repeal the laws against bank robbery, right?

      1. NMoshe February 27, 2013

        According to the Chief Justice, yes.

      2. RobertCHastings February 27, 2013

        Great analogy.

      3. MARK February 27, 2013

        I laughed at that as a gut reaction.It would be funny if it were not so damn ridiculous.Good one Allan!

      4. nobsartist February 28, 2013

        Actually, because of the “supreme joke”, the banks are now allowed to rob you

        And steal your house.




    2. nobsartist February 28, 2013

      Another awol coke head action that i do not remember dems getting upset with.

      I dont remember the dems getting upset about any of bush’s recess appointments including roberts.

      Dems = Enablers.

      Time to get rid of BOTH parties.

      1. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

        Corporatist Democrats might as well be Republicans! On economic matters, there’s little difference between them. They’re also in bed with the robber barons.

        What we need is a strong and vocal SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY to help us achieve the miracle of enlightened and progressive government they’ve got in countries like Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden: solid, middle-class societies where the Public Good, the General Welfare of ALL, is the prime concern, the overriding imperative, of the Body Politic.

        The nucleus of such a party can be found in the progressive left wing of today’s Democratic Party.

        At the moment, they are our best hope for a JUST SOCIETY, nobsartist!

        1. nobsartist March 2, 2013

          And Obama is a corporatist democrat, that is why he gets along with boner and the owl man so well.

          Lets look at President Obama’s accomplishments to date-

          1. mandated that we all buy into the republiCONs “for profit health care” cabal
          2. NO jobs creation
          3. No bank regulations
          4. No control over the mortgage industry
          5. No control over wall street
          6. No control over gas prices
          7.No new taxes on corporations that still dont pay any
          8. Still in Afghanistan
          9. Still wiretapping Americans
          10. Still harassing Americans at the border yet letting in THOUSANDS of illegals every day

          Not only is he “half assed” but in my opinion, failing.

          But the best president the republiCONs could ask for.

          1. billbear1961 March 2, 2013

            As a social democrat, frequently furious with Mr. Obama during his first term, and frequently denounced online as a “communist” for admiring DENMARK, for God’s sake, I find myself in the awkward position of defending the President!

            Here goes! *takes deep breath*

            He’s no dream president, but for an American—in our incredibly corrupt system—he’s a big step in the right direction.

            He did prevent economic implosion. Obamacare is, some say, and I hope, single-payer “by stealth.” He has pushed through the first major tax increases—and on the wealthy—in two decades. He wants tax loopholes closed.

            He’s finally moving, in a big way, for marriage equality. He’s working against DOMA, and got the votes to end DADT.

            He is reining in the War Machine.

            He ended GOP-approved torture of enemy prisoners.

            He has more backbone than he had for the first four years, and seems far more determined to stand up to the GOP (instead of always trying to placate them).

            His single biggest mistake—so far—has been to listen to Geithner and let the banksters off the hook.

            The most frightening development is the law—he says HE will never use—to enable the government to hold citizens indefinitely without trial if they are suspected of “terrorism.”

            Then, there are the drones.

            We must push HARD for the following:

            Increase taxes on the rich, and close all loopholes.

            End corporate welfare.

            Rein in military spending: muzzle the Imperial War Machine. Put it on a VERY short leash!

            Get serious about regulating Wall Street! Prosecute the banksters!

            Overturn “Citizens United”—with a constitutional amendment if necessary—and introduce strict campaign finance reform.

            Aggressively protect the right to vote.

            Get healthcare costs under control by introducing single-payer universal coverage.

            Introduce a VAT—and use the proceeds to fund social programs and subsidize postsecondary education. (Without access to excellent healthcare and a first-rate education, there’s no fair playing field, and our “democracy” is a SHAM.)

          2. nobsartist March 2, 2013

            I agree with you in fact may just move to Denmark. This ountry sucks and is loaded with assholes.

            I appreciate your attempt at defending the President but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….

            Obama is just a continuation of bush. He is a plant put in by the same cabal that put the proceeding moron in.

          3. Michael Kollmorgen March 2, 2013

            I wouldn’t blame you for moving totally out of the US. The smart ones have been for some time now.

            In fact, I strongly advocate for anyone who is seeking a better life for themselves and/or their family to get out as fast as they can, while they can.

            The World is still a big place. I know someones brother who got disgusted with the US and relocated to Jamaica. I talk to him occasionally. Wouldn’t move back for anything.

  3. pattreid February 27, 2013

    If they have to ask the question, they clearly are not paying attention.

  4. Jim Myers February 27, 2013

    LET’S SEE!!

    Gerrymandering. Voter Restrictions. Voter Fraud. Lies and Innuendo. Reduced Early Voting. Long Voter Lines.

    Nah. No need to keep this on the books.

    It looks like everyone is playing together nicely.

    1. lana ward February 27, 2013

      People voting 2 and more times, the dead voting, animals voting, illegals voting, Omuslims Chicago thug buddies rigging voting machines

      1. Jim Myers February 27, 2013

        Replying to lana ward

        No matter how much sleaze is brought out in the light, there will always be the GOP faithful who sling mud at the Democrats.

        Don’t think I am being one sided on this issue. If the Democrats hire a Nathan Sproul clone, I will be one of the first on the bandwagon screaming “FOUL!!!!”


        After his sleazy minions in at least eleven States were caught destroying and altering Democratic registrations, as well as refusing to allow some Democrats to register, theREPUBLICAN “LEADERSHIP” were forced to fire him.

        So, do and say as you will. The days of HONORABLE REPUBLICANS on the National scene are GONE.

        Now, the mantra is WIN AT ANY COST!!!

        But make sure the kids go to church. After all, we must make sure they grow up to be good Christians.

        1. lana ward February 27, 2013

          Our Military, those who should vote before ANYONE!!!! Didn’t vote because of Omuslim. He hates the Military, denied them their vote because he knew most of them would have voted for Romney. Plus people voted more than once, dead people voted, animals voted, illegals voted and Obama’s Chicago thug gang rigged voting machines

          1. Independent1 February 27, 2013

            What insane asylum let you lose for the night? You’re crazier than a bedbug!!!!

      2. Allan Richardson February 27, 2013

        Do you have any documented evidence of multiple voting, dead, animals or illegals voting? There IS a great deal of documented evidence about the voter suppression actions cited by Jim Myers.

        1. lana ward February 27, 2013

          MSM won’t tell the truth, they never have they never will. If you would watch Fox News, you will learn something!!!! Anything you want to know about, watch Fox!!!

          1. Independent1 February 27, 2013

            Yeah! Faux News is what they put on in every nut house in the country because it fits right in with mindless people. Hannity proved that in spades today when Dem Rep Ellison exposed Hannity for what he is “the worst journalist I have ever seen!” And nothing more than a “shill’ for the GOP. Truer words were never spoken!! Hannity is a disgrace to humanity!!!

          2. lana ward February 27, 2013

            Ellison is a big mouth rude boob. He wouldn’t let Hannity talk, dems don’t want truth being heard. Someone should have slapped a piece of duct tape over that communist muslims flap!!!!

          3. lana ward February 27, 2013

            Ellisons little show he put on may do him in. He belongs to the Nation of Islam, his religious name is muhammad. He will now be investigated

          4. lana ward February 27, 2013

            Hannity loves America, that’s more than can be said of you, you communist dirt licker!!

          5. Sand_Cat February 28, 2013

            Yeah ,and you never answer when asked for facts and sources.

          6. lana ward February 28, 2013

            Why bother, you “people” here won’t go to my sources to see if I’m telling the truth or not anyway

      3. RobertCHastings February 27, 2013

        Once again, you open your stupid mouth without any idea of what will come out. In the past year, during the past Presidential election cycle, how many cases of actual voter fraud by the classes of people you named were discovered and prosecuted? Not a single one. How many cases of actual fraud by conservatives which actually denied certain minorities the vote were found? If you have been keeping up with the news, even Fox News, you know the answer is not zero.

        1. lana ward February 27, 2013

          WOW! You are a no information voter

          1. neeceoooo February 28, 2013

            As apposed to say, you. Ha

        2. lana ward February 27, 2013

          Once again you listen to the MSM and miss out on what’s going on. But I’m stupid because I watch Fox and know more than you do !! You’re hillarious

          1. RobertCHastings February 28, 2013

            You can’t even spell “hilarious” right, can you? Do you have a spell-check function? And yes, you probably are right about being stupid because you watch Fox, although I don’t know if the problem is inherent or just from association.

          2. lana ward February 28, 2013

            I know what’s going on, you don’t so go bite yourself. Don’t bother me untli you learn something!! In other words FUCK OFF!!

          3. RobertCHastings February 28, 2013

            My, my, it sounds like I must have struck a sore spot. Didn’t even get your GED, did you? Amazingly enough, someone taught you how to spell the bad words, though. You must be so proud of yourself. Hope you findout who your parents were someday.

          4. old_blu February 28, 2013

            Finally we agree on something lana you are “stupid”.

          5. lana ward February 28, 2013

            Hi old_blu. arguing with your friends is getting old. Has your news source reported that a 28 year old muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim, from New Jersey murdered two people because they were Christians?? He beheaded them and cut off their hands and buried their parts in someones yard???

          6. old_blu February 28, 2013

            Hey lana, yeah I read it somewhere, and then he stole their car, but I don’t know what that has to do with our president.

          7. lana ward February 28, 2013

            WOW!!!!!! You believe me!!!!!!!!! Have you heard DHS has ordered shooting targets depicting average American citizens to eliminate “hesitation” to kill in upcoming planned war on anti-Omuslim population???? I’ve written my Congressman to see if it is true

          8. Sand_Cat February 28, 2013

            Trying out another one, eh? Nothing can hide the fact that you are a malicious, ignorant idiot, at lest in your posts here.

          9. lana ward February 28, 2013

            Go bite yourself, that should keep you busy for awhile, you dirt licking bitch!!!

          10. hilandar1000 March 1, 2013

            Good Lana, you just keep right on writing those letters to your congressman, and Santa Claus, and the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy — and don’t forget the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.

          11. lana ward March 1, 2013

            The MSM has made you stupid.

          12. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

            This has nothing to do with Obama.

            The guy “probably” did the right thing regardless. Granted, it was a perverted sort of way of doing it……………

            Did I SAY THAT! Yep, I sure did.

          13. lana ward March 1, 2013

            I pray the same fate awaits Omuslim!! Did I say that! Yep, I sure did!!

          14. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

            At least I don’t pray for that to happen to anyone.

            MY, what a good christian you are.

          15. lana ward March 1, 2013

            I pray Omuslim meets his maker SOON, and it’s not Allah!

          16. neeceoooo February 28, 2013

            You said, not us. Well, maybe we did say you were stupid at some point.

      4. Vernon Sukumu February 27, 2013

        You are a lying piece of crap, there have and always will be voters registeration fraud, by both Demo’s and Dixie-can because they hire the same out of work homeless people. I know I ran voter reg. drive since the sixties. That animal you talk about, did it vote and was IT’S name LANA WARD

        1. darkagesbegin February 27, 2013

          I heard Lana is the Koch brother’s secretary. I think it was on Fool’s, er, Fox news.

          1. MARK February 27, 2013

            Didn’t you mean to say that Anal is the Koch bros. suckatary?

          2. plc97477 February 28, 2013

            you’d think with their money they could have afforded someone who could spell

          3. BDC_57 February 28, 2013

            And some one with brains.

        2. lana ward February 27, 2013

          You’re an uninformed piece of crap. You must listen to the MSM too!!! They tell you only what they want to to hear., Stupid

      5. Michael Kollmorgen February 27, 2013

        IF there ain’t enough sleeze around, you come in and create more just by your presence.

        Animals Voting? Emmmm, you’re a laughing Hyena.

        Go munch on a dead carcass somewhere else.

        1. lana ward February 27, 2013

          It’s true so go fu** yourself

          1. Michael Kollmorgen February 28, 2013

            Gee, a good christian huh? Finally showing your true calling I see.

            I don’t F myself. But, you sure do everytime you open your filthy mouth in here. Your keyboard must be covered with crap these days.

            Oh, me soooo sorry I speak the truth about you…………

          2. lana ward February 28, 2013

            Arab loving communist- go fu** yourself!!!

          3. Michael Kollmorgen February 28, 2013

            If anyone around here is going to do themselves, it’s going to be you doing it to yourself.

            Contrats, you’ve succeeded where 99% of men can’t.

            Once again, what a nice christian you actually are…………

      6. hilandar1000 February 28, 2013

        state your sources for ridiculous allegations or keep your fantasies to yourself.

        1. lana ward February 28, 2013

          Look for them yourself!! Hint, communist MSM won’t tell you

          1. hilandar1000 February 28, 2013

            I have, and it’s quite clear you have not!

          2. lana ward February 28, 2013

            I told you , the communist news won’t tell you about the voter fraud. You need to check elsewhere

          3. hilandar1000 February 28, 2013

            Here’s the latest on your Fox News Source. — they were sued for their blatant lies — by some of their own employees. They tried to settle out of court to silence their opposition. They were found guilty of altering the truth, but won the case because their practice of not telling the truth was listed as a “policy” of the FCC but was not a law.

          4. lana ward February 28, 2013

            You can’t be believed, you’re a liar just like the MSM

          5. hilandar1000 February 28, 2013

            Then why don’t you look it up for yourself. I don’t know what your mental state is, Lana, but doesn’t it seem a little paranoid — even to you — to think that everyone is lying to you — except for Fox News? —- especially when you could look it up for yourself and see that what I have said is a matter of court record?

          6. lana ward February 28, 2013

            Omuslim beheaded a boy in his class in Indonesia. They were both 9. Muslims are to shed anothers blood before the age of 10 to prove their allegiance to Allah

          7. hilandar1000 February 28, 2013

            Well that certainly tells us the state of your mental condition very clearly. Please get help —-quickly!

          8. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

            It probably is already.

            Only it isn’t taking enough.

          9. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

            Fox likes to classify themselves as a legit news source in the title of the channel.

            They are actually classified as an Entertainment Channel. Therefore because of our freedom of speech rights, they can get away with nearly anything they want, short of proposing revolution.

    2. 101strac February 27, 2013

      The repub party is without question, guilty of all that you have stated, and more. I think that what’s important for all Democrats, Independents, and even working class republicans, (those on the lower end of the salary scale who surely by now must realize they are not included in the grandiose plans of the uber rich of their party) is to maintain the present level of anger against that party for any elections, now, and into the distant future. They have proven beyond any doubt, to be completely untrustworthy, to hold any position of governance in our country. From the republican Governers, who, through gerrymandering , sought to steal the election by the manipulation of Electoral votes, up to Congress itself, which is apparently ready and willing to let this country completely implode. I will never put a check mark beside a republican name again, ever.

  5. tobyspeeks February 27, 2013

    Mississippi only last week ratified the 13th amendment. Mississippi just only last week banned slavery. So you tell us, John Roberts, is the south, or portions of it more racist than the North?

  6. RNPRN February 27, 2013

    I live in Wisconsin, I think the voting rights act should apply to all states with the things the republicans have done in the recent past. Not only in the south, but also in the north with republican govenors.

    1. plc97477 February 27, 2013

      I agree that will take the problem away easily

      1. old_blu February 28, 2013

        I think we need one person one vote.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

          DUH! That’s what I thought this was how our “democracy” works.

  7. leadvillexp February 27, 2013

    I live in New York State, am white, and have traveled all over the South. You find racists all over the US. I do think there is more in the North, from what I have seen. I think the Voting Rights Act should apply to all states. The South has come much farther than the North has.

    1. GrannyKits February 27, 2013

      The South has just learned to hide their racism better. They’ve gotten to a point that they can’t see it in thgemselves or their friends or family, but their actions speak volumes.

      1. leadvillexp February 28, 2013

        You may be right but I don’t think so. It seems to pop out as soon as you disagree with someone. I guess I am what they call a RINO as I voted for President Obama twice. I live in upstate New York a so called blue state and many friends and neighbors get mad about it. I hear “you voted for that N word?” way too often. In the south they may disagree with me but it is much more civil.

        1. GrannyKits February 28, 2013

          You say RINO but I’ve seen “DINOs” here in the South for a very long time. Perhaps that’s why so many of these states have actually turned RED. Especially the older generations have been taken in. They may be very well behaved and demand that of their offspring, but speak to them on their own turf and you see they have drank the TP Kool-aid, birtherism and all, and then tell you “well Bless you heart”.

    2. MARK February 27, 2013

      New York shows as a blue state but as I’m sure you know there are some very red locales like Jefferson and St,Lawrence counties. If it were not for the natural beauty of these two counties plus some colleges,it would be very unpleasant.

      1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

        Racism and deep red is all across this country.

        Just get a little ways out of a City proper and away from the Burbs, most of these rural neanderthals are racist as they ever were. god and guns is what rules their lives, not common sense.

        Besides, most of em still “love” their sheep. Daddy Billy Bob banging Mary “Bimbo” Jane, his daughter, isn’t out of the question either.

        I’d love to hear what the trees around these places have to say:)

    3. whodatbob February 27, 2013

      To be fair Prior approval of changes to in voting legistration should apply equally to all states. The difference on racist attatudes in the north and south is people in the north are not as open about it as in the south. As a neighbor told me as he prepared to move his family back to Mississippi at least in the south you know who the enemy is here you do not know who the enemy is.

      1. leadvillexp February 28, 2013

        It took like 40 tries to get back to you. I agree with you 100%. Hope all posts aren’t this hard.

  8. ococoob February 27, 2013

    In the era of voter “suppression” no matter what state, leave sections 4 & 5 alone. If not, then apply the ENTIRE sections 4&5 to ALL 50 states!

    1. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

      Exactly–don’t end them!

      Expand them!!

  9. MARK February 27, 2013

    No secret that slavery existed in the south or that some of the most horrific racial atrocities took place there.However,the south has never had a monopoly on racism and our last election proves that certain members of the gop intend to see that it stays that way. Scalia is a scum sucking fascist who gave a thumbs up to that crap called Citizens United. Scalia is a prime example of why Supreme Court judges should never be above the law and why there should always be a tar kettle and a big bag of feathers at all times outside the Supreme Court building for easy dipping of p’sos like him.

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2013

      Scalia is also one clear example of why Supreme Court judges should have term limits – some of them are so bad they in no way deserve being judges for life. And no president should be able to inflict on the country for a lifetime the damages that some judges inflict on it.

      1. FredAppell February 28, 2013

        I completely agree with your statement but you must remember that the rules apply to both sides so be careful how you express your opinions,
        otherwise you risk sounding like a hypocrite. One of my biggest concerns with the system has always been that no matter how many elected officials
        come and go, there is one constant that seems to hold us back from progress.
        Whether it is our system of checks and balances or the Supreme Court is up
        for debate. All I know is, in my lifetime, nothing has really changed all that much except for technology. Attitudes and feelings are changing at a much slower rate and I believe much of that is do to our institutions.

        1. Michael Kollmorgen February 28, 2013

          Technology is now changing at an exponentiation rate with each passing year.

          With each passing year, mankind is becoming more like a Neanderthal compared to us currently, as compared to our ability to adapt to technology.

          This is also creating a great divide between those who have and who have not.

          Automation is one example. With each advance in automation, the owners of these companies rake in more and more profit, while at same time, companies lay off people in more numbers primarily because as technology improves, less “man” power is needed to perform the same functions.

          When the day comes with a machine can buy what another machine makes and totally repair itself, mankind with become extinct.

          We’re not that far from that point. Most of our “institutions” know this is coming too.

          1. FredAppell February 28, 2013

            How dare you address me you Arab loving communist! Why do you get suckered into Lana’s bullshit anyway unless you just like to rattle her cage. That’s not fair though Mike. Lana
            obviously is a special needs person so picking on her is akin to
            beating up on a small child. It’s so easy, there’s no sport to it. By the way, your comment kind of scares the hell out of me a

            I see it exactly the same way you describe it. We obsess over convenience way too much and it may bring about our downfall. It is already too late to reverse course because of
            the popularity and anticipation of the next best thing.

          2. Michael Kollmorgen February 28, 2013

            I love rattling that bitches? chain…………

            Besides, it makes itself such as easy target, I just can’t resist it:)

            But, I have to admit, the “game” is getting a little boring.


            That is the pace of technology. Remember when a computer hard drive was only 5 Meg and weighed a Ton?

            There was a theory a few years ago that computers were going to reach their limit in size, scope of activity and accumulated storage capacity.

            No longer, they are now experimenting with Quantum Computing. This will be unlimited capacity within a very small space. Once perfected the size of a dot on this page will contain more computing power that is currently running in the world.

            There are 3 laws of Robotics, or Automation. They are:

            A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

            A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

            A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.

            If these laws are strickly enforced, the human race still has a chance. That means, if computers don’t become self-aware.

            If they do, they just may decide to exterminate our behinds completely.


            By the way, you’d love playing Guitar using a Glass Audio Amplifier:) Just saying………….

            Talk to ya later.

          3. FredAppell February 28, 2013

            Mike, I lost it when you said” it makes itself such an easy target”. The moment I read that line, I immediately got an image of Golum from Lord of the Rings.” Why does it hates us precious”?

  10. kanawah February 27, 2013

    The act should not be repealed or rolled back, it should be made universal, to all parts of the US.

    Look at Pennsylvania, and Oho. Both are using voter ID laws to disenfranchise minority voters. Several other states are seriously looking at ID laws. If the voting rights act is crippled, problems will become rampant.

    1. Independent1 February 27, 2013

      Apparently, it’s not enough that immoral GOP reps in Red States flagerantly flout honesty by gerrymander laws as well as voting districts to give them anunfair advantage – now conservative judges of the Supreme Court have to get into the act by possibly issuing more blatantly partisan decisions akin to Citizens United. I guess when you’re guided by Satan, there’s just no end to the immoral acts that one will perpetrate on America.

    2. Inthenameofliberty March 3, 2013

      I can’t understand why it is necessary to have ID to get a welfare check but not necessary to present ID to vote. Just saying.

  11. nothin'left February 27, 2013

    If you have to ask this question means the answer is a resounding YES! Everone knows it but are content to ignore the obvious, nothing has changed in the South (being from there) from the way people’s ideas to the expectations white America has put on their heirs. Ralleys’ and Marches has helped to make this country bend to the changing times but nothing will make the mindset these people hav when it come to Black Americans, the least of the whites are still better off (in stature) than the most prosperous of blacks. Why are we still fighting these same battles over and over, because of what these Presidents put in these positions of power over these issues. It will never change! The North is not much better!!!

    1. Dmullins84 February 27, 2013

      In the South as a Black you must be an excellent football or basketball player or either willing to work for peanuts to get along. In other words, without these talents as a Black you are up shit creek without a paddle.

  12. Mac Mc Millian February 27, 2013

    For me this personal, as I am a product of the South and have had first hand witness to racism in the South. In fact, I live a part of my life in the very County that is bringing this law before the supreme court. I started school in Shelby County Alabama, and some of my family was born there. There is still rampant racism in Alabama, and other Southern states like Mississippi, Arkansas that I know this to be true. All one has to do at this time, just look at the one’s who are voted into office politically in those referenced states. All are none people of Color other than Whites to represent the states from Washington. It’s has been rigged that way so that politically the one’s holding office can continue to stay in office by voting area’s set up as such. No one has to tell me what it’s like in Alabama, since, I go home every two years and I witness the truth of what is happening there. Look what just happened in Mississippi last week, the state just ratified slavery. Now, make up your own mind about racism in the south………………………Mac

  13. Hillbilly February 27, 2013

    There is racism in all parts of this Country. It is done where it can be seen in the South but all other parts of this country have racism problems also, they just hide theirs better than the South does and it not under the microscope like the South is. I wonder how many towns in the North still on have on their books a law that says if you are black 0r the n word be out of this town before sunset and don’t set foot back in town until after sunset if you do you go to jail for — amount of time. There were laws like that that were enforced in the late 50’s and early 60’s in a lot of towns in the North. I visited such a town in the 50’s and 60’s because I had relatives living there and was surprised by that law, I was growing up in the segerated South and had never heard of such law until I visited Ohio. There was bad racism in the North then and still is today. The civil rights law in question should cover every state right now because there is racism in every state.

    1. Dmullins84 February 27, 2013

      Being raised in Kentucky, and now 83 years old I seen it often when growing up in small towns like Hazard, Harlan, Jackson, and all around the state. When I entered the Air Force in 1950 I hardly knew how to act around Blacks for some time. They still have the problem, believe me it hasn’t gone away.

    2. plc97477 February 27, 2013

      we need a federal office overseeing voting

    3. Michael Kollmorgen February 27, 2013

      There are many antiquated laws that are still on the books in all 50 states.

      It’s not the laws, but who knows about them. These types of laws are useful when someone in a position of authority might need one. And, it’s usually used against someone they don’t like.

      I’ve always said, for instance. Say your walking through some small town and you have a habit of spitting on a sidewalk at 12 noon. A local cop don’t like you and knows that there is a antiquated law on the books that says its illegal to split on a sidewalk at 12 noon. He sees you do it and arrests you. You can’t pay the fine, so you stay in jail.

      It generally goes down hill from that point on.

      Did anyone here catch PBS last night? A program called Slavery in another name, I think. The same thing I just talked about basically happened across the South from the Civil War, up until the 1940s. Only prisoners were rented to companies to do as they wished with the prisoners. 30% death rate.

      1. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

        I saw the program–slave labour, in effect.

        We’ve got quite a shameful history!

        And the American right wants to take us right back to those times!

        It’s up to us to STOP THEM before it’s too late.

  14. goldwaterforever February 27, 2013

    hell yea I am racist. I from Shelby Co. We do not the help of Washington to run our county. We will make our districts how we like, without any help from you yankees. Go get em Scalia and our boy Thomas.

    1. jmprint February 27, 2013

      Try getting an education first, and take your boy Thomas with you.

    2. robert February 28, 2013

      I object to that allegation, and more than that, I resents the allegator!

    3. old_blu February 28, 2013

      You’re racist and not very smart either. (i suspect all racist people are the same) Try putting a sentence together we can understand. “I from Shelby Co. We do not the help” ……. Really?

    4. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

      Your slant on politics is exactly why the type of person you are is becoming irrelevant in “modern day” America.

      Go put your Hood on and barbecue one of your own!

  15. JacquesLaPean February 27, 2013

    What is it that people say about human history? If one chooses to ignore the lessons of the past, one will more likely repeat them again. I guess the conservative SCJ’s are beyond our human frailties. Oh, I forgot, Scalia’s a barn yard dog. That explains his frailty in all things human, I guess.

    Signed: Father Time, who takes joy admonishing fools that think they know better. I’d extend the same voting rights act provisions to all 50 states. A state border’s boundaries doesn’t contain the excesses of power by a few for any reason that they may try to curb the rights and privileges of the powerless. Voting is a free right of all citizens everywhere in this nation. State level legislative attempts to abrogate that right through various and sundry “legalized” hardships, are clear attacks at any time and anywhere in this nation on the founding principle of equal representation for each man and woman of this country and their right to vote.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

      This is one of the biggest problems this country has – it never learns from its own mistakes, let alone others.

      History does repeat itself.

  16. Allan Richardson February 27, 2013

    I would like to see some consideration of a “free market” incentive to maximize, rather than minimize, voting by qualified voters. Specifically, I would support a constitutional amendment to reduce a state’s representation in Congress by the percentage of legal voters that are not being allowed to vote. I realize that the details of the math and statistics needed would be difficult, but that is open to discussion. Basically, a state’s dominant party leaders would have to choose between restricting the voters they don’t like, thus losing Congressional seats and electoral votes, or keeping full representation by conducting registration and elections fairly, thus allowing their “enemies” to vote.

    I got the idea from the debates over representation in the Constitutional Convention. At a time when slavery was legal and slaves could not vote, the Southern states which had MORE slaves (and lower white populations) wanted to count them as population even though they were not actually part of the electorate. The Northern states with fewer slaves but more population wanted to count only VOTERS in each state. The infamous “three fifths” compromise gave the South 60 percent of what they wanted; the REAL solution would have been, and eventually became, voting rights for persons of all races (none of them being slaves, of course).

    But, for racist reasons in the South and, more recently, for just plain partisan reasons in some states in other regions, the authorities in some states wanted to deny the vote DE FACTO to the former slaves, who had been guaranteed it DE JURE (by use of poll taxes, rigged literacy tests, grandfather laws, full year residency, requiring re-registration for each election), or for that matter, anyone likely to vote for the “wrong” party. This is what has brought us to where we are now.

    Of course, as long as Republicans have control of the House, the Voting Rights Act or any reasonable substitute has no chance of passing if the current act is struck down. And as long as Republican state officials can gerrymander the districts and successfully suppress voting by qualified voters with dirty tricks, it may be a long time before enough ethical conservative voters decide to vote for what is right rather than what is right wing, in order to break the gerrymandering lock on Congress and the state houses.

    By the way, in the last election, 60 percent of the VOTES in Congressional elections went to Democratic candidates, but gerrymandering kept the seats in GOP hands.

  17. Lynda February 27, 2013

    A total of 56% of voting right cases take place in states with 25% of the population. Sounds like we’ve not come as far as some of the Supreme’s seem to believe. Recent attempts to limit the vote prove her point. However, nothing coming from this court is a surprise.

  18. RobertCHastings February 27, 2013

    The suggestion by some Southerners in this case that the “clearance’ clause should either be dropped, or expanded to include ALL jurisdictions may be the solution. Since the majority of the voter fraud and discrimination instances in this previous election cycle originated in places other than the South, it is an excellent idea to expand it to all states and counties, so that ANY changes to voter provisions would first have to go through the Justice Department, so that state legislatures that have been taken over by conservatives cannot just willy-nilly change voting laws and regulations.

  19. Gary Graves February 27, 2013

    If you can’t win honest you cheat, does that sound like a republican?

  20. Gary Graves February 27, 2013

    What do bank robberys have to do with voting rights?

    1. robert February 28, 2013

      they rob polls because that’s where the votes are.

  21. charleo1 February 27, 2013

    Well, I think this all goes back to the very beginning. A lot of those guys didn’t want a big powerful
    central government, lording it over the States. Which again, a lot of these landowning gentry
    thought they ought to be able to set most of their rules in their State. And most left, after setting
    up the whole central government thing, thinking, if we down in South Carolina, for example
    don’t like the way those Virginia boys are. Always wanting to ramrod everything, like King George!
    We can cancel our membership. It’s a free Country By God! And honestly, I don’t see where a lot
    of them Southern boys, have changed a lick.

  22. jcurtis595 February 27, 2013

    Congress, in a rare instance of non partisan unity, after months of hearings, decided that the voting rights provision of “prior permission” before changing voting laws in certain jurisdictions was needed another 25 years. This should be evidence enough to sustain its constitutionality. Justice Scalia’s comments made me ashamed to be a lawyer. How can we respect such a justice. I lost all my respect for him a long time ago. He has done more than anyone to destroy the high regard for the Court formerly held by most citizens. Its time we went back to appointing to the Court legal scholars instead of political hacks. The Constitution is a majestic and powerful institution, a scrap of paper that has peacefully governed our nation for two centuries. The guardians of that scrap of paper should have a devotion to it, and to objectivity unequaled in or out of government.

    I cry for how low the court has gone.

    JAY CURTIS (author of THE CODE).

    1. robert February 28, 2013

      They are not unbiased arbiters, but Republican/Tea Bag satelites.

    2. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

      Never let a person, government or document have Priority over yourself, when yourself is just an Option to them.

  23. Len Carrier February 27, 2013

    Let’s face it. The infamous five–Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Kennedy, and Roberts–want to declare the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional because they are prejudiced against minorities. These guys are all right-wing Catholics, but just as the present Nazi Pope is being forced to resign because of scandals in the Church, these fascist lawyers are trying to turn back the clock to a time when slavery was the law of the land.

    Being brought up as Catholic, I renounced the faith because of the Nazi Pope, Pius XII, and also because of the narrow-minded attitude of people like these gown-wearing, pious frauds. If there is some Providence that rules our world of chance, is it too much to ask that it act to bring these charlatans down?

    1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

      I wonder if any of these Justices are 33rd Degree Masons too?

      You’d be surprised just how many Presidents are 33rd Degree Masons.

  24. jimmiethec February 27, 2013

    On the surface, what has been written about and stridently broadcast would support the contention that the South is more racist. Having read a lot of “alternative” history, and having lived approximately equal halves of my life in both the segregated South and in the most segregated city in America, Milwaukee, WI, I’m convinced that the only difference is that the racism of the south has been (and still is) more blatant. Having said that, it seems that several northern states have recently attempted to close the gap by enacting laws that make it harder to vote for people of color, people who are disabled and people who are elderly. This country has never approached “true democracy” and the founders, all white men of property, including slaves, never intended it to be. It has always been and remains an oligarchy with the palliative ritual of “voting” extended to pacify the non-elite.

    1. plc97477 February 28, 2013

      We just need to make the VRA include the entire U.S.

  25. mothermay1 February 28, 2013

    Yes. The majority of the South will always be prejudice it’s bred in them. They pass their bigotry down to their children and some of their children will pass it on to theirs. Also, check their party affiliations.

  26. mothermay1 February 28, 2013

    Keep Section 5.

  27. mothermay1 February 28, 2013

    Keep Section 5.

  28. robert February 28, 2013

    Asking whether the south is more racist is like asking whether a bear shits in the woods and wipes his ass with a squirrel. It’s a no brainer. Just the idea that these states and districts are suing to exempt themselves from preclearance is an admission that they are racist and are seeking to suppress constitutionally given rights to vote. To get exemption from preclearance, all they need to do is to conform to the rules guiding exemption instead of trying to find a why around it, just like any criminal avoids obeying the law. It is why the voting rights act was created in the first place, to enforce the 15th Amendment. Constitutional law trumps all law in America. The real issue behind this is that Republican/Tea Bags are essentially testing the fence for weakness in order to gerrymander districts across the country to get control of the electoral college for 2016. It’s part of their Acme Bag O’ Tricks. Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, and John Roberts should know this being learned justices. Or are they really justus’s of the Republican/Tea Bag pah-tay?

  29. Thomas February 28, 2013

    Why just in the South ? Are you now discrimaniting against the South ? Eric Hayes thinks for reason known to only himself and God that the South is more racist ! I had a black forman on a job and he and I were friends when my job was over and I still think of him fondly even 50 years ago !
    Watch southern sports Eric ! The University of Alabamas football team is about % 90 negro !
    Hello !

  30. Thomas February 28, 2013

    Alfred Sonnenstrhal sounds like a compleat fool when he calls the COP racest because they do not support everything the President wants because Obama is black ! So buddy ! People in the U.S. should forget democracy and just follow Obama because he is a negro ! Go to hell you bastard !

    1. Inthenameofliberty March 3, 2013

      Thank you. What I’ve been trying to say for months. The Democrats on this site seem to TRULY believe that the only reason I can dislike the president is the color of his skin. and they call ME racist?

  31. nobsartist February 28, 2013

    Since the “supremne court” works so well, we need to dissolve it like the Voting Rights Act.

  32. billbear1961 February 28, 2013

    ‘The Nation‘s Ari Berman, who was at the hearing, noted that the rash of legislative attempts to restrict voting rights since 2010, which he’s called the “GOP’s War on Voting,” never came up during the arguments.’


    With “Citizens United” giving Big Money the rights of the individual citizen and an all-out assault on the Voting Rights Act, the fascist DOGS on the Supreme Court—of SHAME—are helping the American Right and Wall Street STRANGLE THE LIFE out of what’s left of true democracy in the USA.

    The 2012 election has done little to diminish the DEADLY PERIL threatening a disgraceful and terrifying end to freedom and justice in this unhappy land.

    True PATRIOTS and friends, the struggle to save the republic from the psychotic disciples of Mammon, from the ravages of unlimited GREED and renewed BIGOTRY, has but begun!

    And, sadly, victory is anything but certain!!

    1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

      The end result of this disaster is going to be Revolution – sooner of later.

      1. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

        Their behaviour is so brazen it truly astonishes me!

        They seem to think 60+ percent of the country will just let them drag us back 100 years in time.

        Morally bankrupt, these evil degenerates have NO AUTHORITY to do any such thing.

        If we stand up to them, I think they’ll back down: thugs and bullies are cowards at heart.

        Their desire to stop us from voting may easily have the opposite effect!

        What makes the average person more determined to vote than some filthy slob telling us we can’t?

        We may have to march into the streets again as our parents did in the 60s.

        If that’s what it takes, so be it!

        1. Michael Kollmorgen March 1, 2013

          I agree completely.

          However, it might take more than just marching.

          If what is happening today happened in this country back in our great grandparents day, there’d be wholesale rioting and massive demonstration in the streets. And, there were!

          This country’s population has forgotten what it took years ago to be able to have the lifestyle and standard of living we have now, or we did have.

          Oh, how easily the american public looses its memory of the past.

          We are doomed………………..

          1. billbear1961 March 1, 2013

            Above all, don’t lose hope, Michael!

            That’s EXACTLY what the bastards want!

            That’s why they obstruct, obstruct, obstruct! (It surprises me the President remains sane under their endless barrage of CRAP. At least, now, the man is FIGHTING BACK, more than we’ve ever seen in the past!! And we’ve GOT to give him our constant and LOUD SUPPORT–doesn’t hurt to send him a few dollars from time to time, either, when we can!)

            They want us to despair and give up!

            FUCK THEM!!

            This is OUR country—not the possession of a wealthy, corrupt “elite,” their flunkies and a grisly horde of disgusting bigots and moronic FOOLS!!

            We have what’s decent and right on our side!

            Long live Liberty!

            Long live JUSTICE!!

          2. Michael Kollmorgen March 2, 2013

            The President has the power of his office to to hold a Press Conference on all major TV Networks at any time and as many times as he wishes.

            It don’t take us sending him money to do it. It is instantaneous communication at it’s finest.

            We gave Obama the mandate to promote a progressive liberal agenda. This is what we elected him to promote.

            He and us can’t allow the Republicans to hold this nation hostage.

            I’d like to see him have more balls and do what he is supposed to do, call a spade a spade, forcefully even to the point of getting totally upset on national TV!

            This, he really hasn’t done effectively. He’s close to it, but he ain’t there yet. And, I don’t know what it’s going to take to get him to that point.

            He reminds me a lot of Carter, a President who had good intentions, but failed as a “real communicator”.

            We need someone like a Trueman. He didn’t give a crap and said exactly what was on his mind. This is what Obama needs to do.

  33. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2013

    Roberts is a white male Princetonian. If you know anything about white male Princetonians, they believe everyone else is beneath them. Their pretentiousness and lust for excess and ostentatious glory is why this elitist Roberts believes relaxing laws that would prevent more southern racism isn’t necessary.

    Don’t be surprised that the Princetonian Supreme Court Chief Justice would pander to the state of Alabama and Mississippi, two of THE most violent, racist states in the US. After all, Princetonians of big money can’t possibly allow any lesser race to enter their world of wealth and privilege. Accent on the word privilege.

  34. Eleanore Whitaker February 28, 2013

    It’s Alabama and Mississippi elected officials want this legislation repealed. Shortly before the 1965 ruling, an Alabama voting district was largely comprised of minority voters. A black candidate ran against the white candidate and “somehow” even though the number of blacks in the district outnumbered the whites by more than 30%, the white candidate won. When a re-election was held after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, the black candidate won. Judge for yourself why Alabama and Mississippi are desperate to overturn the VRA of 1965. White male power in these racist states never ends and a return to the Rise of the South and Plantation slave labor is what they are really after.

  35. leadvillexp February 28, 2013

    I find red or blue doesn’t matter. I am what they call a RINO and have voted for President Obama twice. I don’t agree with everything he is doing but I had to over look the things I didn’t like. There is no such thing as a perfect person so you try for the best. I am not from those two counties. I am further north but do get upset when I hear neighbors or people at a bar call our President the N word and I hear it up here way to much.

  36. docb February 28, 2013

    It is not about registration but about the Constitutional Law of the right to vote and how it is being suppressed. The little bomb thrower Nonie was exposed as a tyrant and a racist…
    Justices Sotomayor and Kagan took him down..It is about time!

  37. Gary Graves February 28, 2013

    The Supreme Court is supposed to do the right thing for the voters, now it is politicized by the extreme right has a pusillanimous reaction.

  38. snickers413 February 28, 2013

    Ever since Obama won his first election the hate groups have trippled! Racism is alive and very prominent in America. Most of the time they don’t even try to hide it anymore. All the gerrymandering and laws they’ve tried to push to make it harder for minorities to vote should be evidence enough for the Justices, but I believe a majority of them are just as biased and racist as the rest of the country! I don’t trust them one bit to do the right thing and worry what will happen to the next election should this change.

  39. roberte February 28, 2013

    Even more telling than Scalia and Robert’s views were those expressed by Thomas — nothing, which pretty much sums up his knowledge and comprehension of law. Scalia, BTW could only be described as disgusting.

  40. ObozoMustGo February 28, 2013

    The VRA is clearly a racist law and should be struck down entirely. Any law that favors people because of skin color IS, by definition, racist. You leftist freaks are mostly all racists as evidenced by your obsession with skin color instead of character. You may not like that, but it’s true. I’m just calling you out for what you are.

    Have a nice day!

    “As long as it is admitted that the law may be diverted from its true purpose–that it may violate property instead of protecting it–then everyone will want to participate in making the law, either to protect himself against plunder or to use it for plunder.” ― Frédéric Bastiat, The Law

    1. robert February 28, 2013

      Bozo, you’ve made an oxymornic statement— as usual. But, let me ask you: how can a measure that prevents racism and discrimination be racist? Do you understand Reconstructive history and why the 15th Amendment was framed? Many Americans died because of white supremacy’s efforts to prevent and/or suppress the vote of Africans in America in the 19th Century, and the second half of the 20th Century. Just as recently as October 2012, in the 21st Century, there has been efforts at voter suppression, limiting and/or taking away a person’s constitutional right to exercise their democracy, to vote. Skin color does play an essential role in this, but it was also aimed at poor white trash. They too were persecuted, terrorized, and murdered to prevent them from voting. The VRA is only the enforcement of the 15th Amendment. If the impacted areas want to defeat the VRA, why not just comply with the law and have done with it. That would be more rational and less expensive that trying to evade the law. Wouldn’t you think? . . . Oh, I forgot. You don’t think. . . My bad.

      1. ObozoMustGo March 1, 2013

        rob, the VRA is all about the accomodation of skin color. While one could make an argument for it 50 years ago, it no longer is needed. There is NOT racism behind every tree. It’s just not so. I know you race hustlers love to claim there is, but there’s not. No one cares that Obozo is half white, half black. We only care what a socialist he is. And having people show their ID at the voting booth is NOT voter supression, you moron, any more than having them show their ID to get on a plane is transportation supression. You leftist freaks are a bunch of gullible idiots. The only reason the DemonRATS don’t want voters to show ID is so they can open up elections to fraud. That’s all. Your statement that people “were persecuted, terrorized, and murdered to prevent them from voting” last October is the biggest pile of horsesheet I’ve heard in a long time. You have made that story up from the thin air that exists inside your head. The VRA is nothing more than an excuse for gerrymandering districts for the purpose of having a certain skin colored person win elections. I’m just saying what is truth and needs to be said.

        Have a nice day!

        “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” – Booker T. Washington

        1. robert March 1, 2013

          Bozo, it’s not about ID. Come on, you know better than that. It’s about suppression, fraud, and trickery. It’s not just in the South, it’s in Ohio and Pennsylvania. VRA should be extended nation wide to stop even the thought of suppression from happening, because if there is one thing about a pig, they are pigs to their deaths. A pig, like a clown, can’t help themselves, and that is why VRA is needed. The acrimony of white supremacy caused that, not the law. Anytime fairness has to be forced there is a problem, a problem of evil and hatred. It’s not about African, half-African, white, or any of the sorry other little colors you pigs and clowns like to describe people in, it’s about fairness and justice for All. I know you don’t get it. It’s hard for you to wrap your little brains around it. Fairness and inclusion? WTF! But as long as you have people like pigs, clowns, Republican, Tea Bags who refuse to comply with the law, who are trying to prevent people from exercising their democracy, who are actually trying to engineer the elections of 2016 in 2013 by gerrymandering districts to get control of the electoral college, we will have VRA. That law suit will not prevail, no matter that Roberts, Scvalia are former suppressors of voting right, no matter that Clarence Thomas is a monumental joke and sell out to his own people— it will not prevail because it is UN-AMERICAN! Read the Declaration of INdependence instead of the freaks you enjoy quoting at the end of your posts.

          1. ObozoMustGo March 1, 2013

            rob, didn’t take long for your true colors to show up. You are a racist pig. You gave yourself up when you call Justice Thomas a “sell out to his own people”. When does the Uncle Tom reference come up? That must be next. As if the man is NOT allowed to think on his own because of the color of his skin. According to you, all blacks MUST think alike and stick to the socialist party ideology, lest they be an Uncle Tom in your racist judgement.

            What you are saying is that THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN MUST INFLUENCE YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS AND HOW YOU THINK. Dude, there aint nothing more racist than that!

            You’re just another leftist freak racist pig.

            You’re also a stone cold moron if you refer to some of the greatest thinkers of our time as “freaks.” WOW!!! You are stupid, dude. Where do you think our founders got the ideas that are in the DOI? Hmmmmmm…. Maybe some of those same people I quote influenced their thinking. No maybe to it, you dope. Charles de Montesquieu, John Locke, Adam Smith, and many others influenced our founders thinking. But then again, with a racist pig and bigot like you, thinking is evidently not one of your strong suits.

            Have a nice day!

            “Liberty, in the most general acceptation of the word, is nothing else than the power of executing the will, and accomplishing your desires; now the nature of every being endowed with will, is such that this faculty of willing causes his happiness or unhappiness; he is happy when his desires are accomplished, and unhappy when they are not; and happiness or misery are proportioned in him according to the degree of his gratification or disappointment. It follows that his liberty and happiness are the same thing. He would always be completely happy if he had always the power of executing his will, and the degree of his happiness is always proportionate to the degree of his power.” — Antoine Louis Claude Destutt, Count of Tracy (1754 – 1836), in his book “A Commentary and Review of Montesquieu’s “Spirit of Laws,” translated by Thomas Jefferson in an edition first printed in Philadelphia in 1811.

          2. robert March 1, 2013

            Think for yourself, Bozo. I’m just saying. I’m not going to engage you in a sorry Republican/Tea Bag childish and sophmoric tit-for-tat. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’ve been seeing your posts for a long time and I already know you are a pedantic little pussy. I made the misjudgement once of thinking you had grown up, but a clown is always a clown and will always be a clown. It’s the nature of the beast. You can’t help yourself. As a human being, I do have empathy for you because you are in mental and spiritual pain, and agonize that you were ever born. Only you can end it. Nobody else can help you.

          3. Inthenameofliberty March 3, 2013

            Well, Robert, there was some interesting reporting in local papers along the east coast last fall. Goes something like this:

            Obama in 2008 got a remarkable 85% of the vote in Philadelphia, but in this election received 99%! Is that possible? With Philadelphia’s record unemployment, record homicide rate, and an Obama-induced economy that has literally bankrupted the city, could Obama have won 99% of the vote?
            From another sourse: I can’t believe President Obama’s luck. First, he received over 99% of the vote in districts where GOP inspectors were illegally removed. Next, he won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland. Well, he’s gotten another lucky break!
            Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

            There were multiple documented cases of Mr Obama receiving more votes than REGISTERED VOTERS. Tell me exactly, how does that happen?

            I am sure that Democrats weren’t the only ones guilty of this. But man, the main stream media only reported on problems with voting machines that involved questions with Republican fraud. The local papers were the ones that reported on Democratic voter fraud and Republican voter fraud.

            Life sure is interesting in the socialist United States of America, where we are no longer a nation of free elections. After all, other candidates for the Presidency were escorted off the premises by police during the presidential debates.

            Oops – did I say Presidential debates? I MEANT to say the ‘scripted debate’. You know, the ones that the League of Women Voters dumped on because they said there was too much scandal and untruth. Where all the questions are given to the candidates ahead of time and they are not permitted to go off script. EVER. Or they get in trouble.

            How in the world do people in this country still think we actually have ‘free elections’? We most certainly DO NOT.

  41. robert February 28, 2013

    I second that emotion, Eleanor.

  42. robert February 28, 2013

    old_blue, LMFAO, man!

  43. robert February 28, 2013

    Not only that, Michael Kollmorgen. You should look into the book THE CONSTITUTION AND THE NEW JIM CROW. A very profound book about just what you mentioned in your post.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen February 28, 2013

      Hah:) That Title is very familiar. It was one of the books I was thinking of getting off Amazon.

      I still might get it. I think it’s in my wish list…………

  44. FredAppell February 28, 2013

    Thank you for stating something that doesn’t get any attention. I have tried to bring it up on this forum but nobody ever seems to reply. It is one of the best and most
    pieces of evidence when debating whether or not the Constitution is a living document or not. Conservatives claim it is not unless it is in direct conflict with their

  45. stoptheinsanity March 1, 2013

    If the Supreme Court repeals Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, it will be a major setback for civil rights. There is still so much racism that exists primarily in the South. Repeal of Section 5 would give these states permission to institute more laws that will further alienate and discriminate against minorites and Democrats and their voting rights. This was so evident in last year’s presidential election. Republican-controlled states passed so many laws that disenfranchised minorites and Democrats. For the Supreme Court to allow these states to go unchecked, in their treatment of non-Republican voters, would be a major travesty. Racism and discrimination in this country has not been eliminated despite some changes that have occurred. The election of Obama as president does not erase the entrenched racism that is very much alive and well in this country. Republican hateful and vindictive treatment of President Obama alone should be additional proof that this country still has a long way to go in terms of racial equality. The Conservatives on the Supreme Court will not vote based on facts and the reality that racism is more rampant today than it was before the passage of civil rights legislation. They sit in their ivory towers, embrace their own ignorance and biases, and always vote along politically ideological lines.


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