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Construction Resumes On Dakota Pipeline Despite Tribe’s Challenge

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Construction Resumes On Dakota Pipeline Despite Tribe’s Challenge

Dakota Access Pipeline

CANNON BALL, N.D./HOUSTON (Reuters) – The company building an oil pipeline that has fueled sustained public protests said on Thursday it has started drilling under a North Dakota lake despite a last-ditch legal challenge from a Native American tribe leading the opposition.

Energy Transfer Partners LP is building the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to move crude from the Northern Plains to the Midwest and then on to the Gulf of Mexico, now saying it could be operational by early May.

The project had been put on hold under the administration of former Democratic President Barack Obama, but new President Donald Trump, a Republican, helped put it back on track.

The federal government this week cleared way for the project to resume, leading the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to file a court challenge on Thursday seeking a temporary restraining order to halt construction and drilling for the pipeline.

The court set oral arguments on the legal challenge for Monday.

Legal experts say the tribe faces long odds in convincing any court to halt construction,

Energy Transfer Partners needs only to cross beneath Lake Oahe, part of the Missouri River system, to connect a final 1,100-foot (335 meter) gap in the 1,170-mile (1,885 km) pipeline, which will move oil from the Bakken shale formation to a terminus in Patoka, Illinois.

From there the oil would flow to another pipeline connecting south-central Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico and that region’s numerous oil refineries.

Native American tribes and climate activists have vowed to fight the pipeline, fearing it will desecrate sacred sites and endanger a source of the country’s largest drinking water reservoir.

“This administration (Trump’s) has expressed utter and complete disregard for not only our treaty and water rights, but the environment as a whole,” the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said on Thursday in a statement on its website.

Supporters say the pipeline will be safer than transporting oil by rail or road, and industry leaders have praised the project for creating high-paying jobs

With work on the final tranche now under way, Energy Transfer Partners expects the Dakota Access Pipeline to begin operations in approximately 83 days, according to a company spokeswoman.

“We have started to drill to go beneath Lake Oahe and expect to be completed in 60 days with another 23 days to fill the line to Patoka,” spokeswoman Vicki Granado said in an email.

She declined to specify when drilling began except that it was after the company received federal permission on Wednesday.

Public opposition drew thousands of people to the North Dakota plains last year including high-profile political and celebrity supporters. Large protest camps popped up near the site, leading to several violent clashes and some 700 arrests.

A few hardy protesters have remained camped out near the lake, braving sub-freezing temperatures.

Among them is Frank Archambault, 45, who has lived in the camp since August when he left his home on the Standing Rock reservation.

“It angers me. It angers me because people are pushing other people around, breaking laws,” Archambault said. “They’re trying to kill us off by contaminating the water. We’ve had enough.”

Ptery Light, 55, of Portland, Oregon, who has lived in the main camp since Oct. 31, said he was not giving up hope.

“I just pray that there’s no oil spill,” Light said. “This is purely about greed.”

For now, their hopes are pinned on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe winning a legal victory.

To obtain the temporary restraining order, the tribe must convince the judge there will be immediate harm suffered and prove it has a strong overall case should its lawsuit to halt the project result in a full trial.

The U.S. district judge in the case, James Boasberg, previously rejected the tribe’s request to block the project, ruling in September that the Army Corps of Engineers likely complied with the law in permitting the pipeline to go forward.

(Additional reporting by Daniel Wallis in New York)

IMAGE: Police vehicles idle on the outskirts of the opposition camp against the Dakota Access oil pipeline near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. REUTERS/Terray Sylvester



  1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

    Victorious Colombia shall not stop short of complete genocide. How disgusting.

    Little known fact: the US is the worst nation in modern times (last 400 years) for breaking treaties made with other nations. The track record of the US government is “pants on fire liars.” The only reason anyone enters into agreements with the US is because of threat of “regime change” which still usually doesn’t stop the US from ignoring past treaties.

    1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

      Little known fact: Native American Nations are legitimate, sovereign nations (albeit locked in to “dependency” treaties and agreements) and any action taken by a foreign government that goes against their wishes and may impact any of their sovereign land, is AN ACT OF WAR.

      1. Dominick Vila February 10, 2017

        …only until the big guys see an opportunity to profit. When that happens, Native American sovereignty is nothing more than a tiny bump on the road. If in doubt, take a look at Trump’s EO authorizing the construction of the Keystone pipeline through Native American sacred sites.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

    When Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma presented her state of the state address, she did the usual whine about how more oil drilling is needed because in the “last 8 years oil production in the US has caused “OK” to lose state revenues.

    Do tell? Does Fallin want to now what the cost to other states for pollution control and remediation is? Can we send OK a bill for that?

    1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

      She must be one of those “fracking earthquake deniers.” When someone showed her the seismology report for the last 10 years, she closed her eyes and sang “la la la la!”

      1. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

        Actually, she did mention that Oklahoma was experiencing several minor earthquakes similar to the ones Chesapeake Energy caused in Guy Arkansas, Fayette OH and along the PA/NJ Delaware River border. NJ, as I am sure you know has had only two minor earthquakes in over 50 years. However, once the fracking began in PA, they got a double whammy…West NJ people complaining about the constant daily minor earthquakes that could be felt 200 miles away, dishes falling off tables and houses shaking. So. Yes. You are right. Fracking can split open underground earthquake fault lines the US Geologists have warned cannot always be seen at a distance of 200 miles away from the fracking sites.

        1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

          Ban fracking , county by county. Several here in CA have done this. Then get the states to ban fracking.

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

    the DUMPSTER’S pipe line is being pushed because the POS has investments in it that’s all and its his B/S line like this too >>DONNY DUMP is a rude ignorant piece of crap he has Japan’s leader there he dosent even have the head set on to understand what he was saying . and rushing the interview hurrying it up (he didn’t want to even be there ) such a short attention span the DUMPSTER has the N word has no color or race its ones personality and DONNY DUMP is one ignorant N word with in him self . he set back rants his BULL like the ignorant clown he is . as for the reporters there what’s wrong with them ? thy should asked the DUMPSTER what he means by wanting the Japanese people to pay for any American troops that are in Japan . the CLOWN CAR DRIVER was the one that did all the bull of others doing the TALK, TALK ,TALK and no action . het the ones that BULL’S ,BULL’S , BULL with nothing coming out no action . he is wasting so much time on losing things in office and when the EGO CLOWN loses he cant handle that . its the only thing his short attention span cant let go . you lose you move on . but no he want to bury himself deeper . and lose more . then the clown says to all I will do this I will do that believe me . YA RIGHT the same way you told all the investors and people you screwed out of $$ MILLIONS of dollars to BELIEVE YOU THAT YOU WAS GOING TO MAKE THEM MONEY ? RIGHT BEFORE EACH OF THE 5 BANKRUPT’S YOU BURYED THEM IN

    1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

      You do understand that Donny is acting this way on purpose. He is the distraction while the ugly stuff happens behind the curtains.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

        yes im well aware of the DUMPSTERS B/S the funny thing is that clowns so easy to read and I do believe his inflated EGO and his greedy bastard ways will catch up with him . I also believe that Russia’s PUTTHEAD has something big over the clowns head . and his taxes would tell that story and many more . he is going now to a point first he dosent know what the hells he is doing .(for his attention span is too short ) and not knowing what the hell he is doing the only thing that leads the morons way is his greed and ego . its all in his pea brain that the president of the US is the most powerful person on earth . so him thinking that feels he can do no wrong and anything that go’s wrong will be fixed or just pass over because he is the POTUS . him thinking he is so smart (and thinking he is smarter then anyone else ) is what’s going to hang him by his little hands and stones the coward . truly feel when he dose hangs himself (and he will ) it will make Nixon look like a boy scout . ok reading the clown like a bad book . he is bringing the Japanese leader down his FL. place for how ever long . do you really think the greedy bastard isn’t going to be trying to talk some kind of deals with him ? I believe he has deals with the Exxon clown . and its all set up with many off shore accounts he is going to try to fill . and he thinks he is going to get away with it . if not the LAW that hangs the DUMPSTER it will be one of his own brain dead followers that will drop the hammer on his pea brain head and end the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . only reruns will be known . and the brain dead dummy will do the hammer trick on the DUMPSTER just because he lied to them (ALL OF THEM ) are the braid dead clowns dangerous ? yes very ! what the hell thy are brain dead . and anyone that gets BULL CRAPED over like DONNY DUMP has and now dose and latter will keep doing it only a matter of time before the brain dead see just the fools thy were made out of by the CLOWN CAR DRIVER so it the law or the brain dead either way it all will catch up with the POS . heck I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the brain dead get the DUMPSTER by dropping the hammers on his kids heads to get to the POS but little do thy know DONNY DUMP could care less about anything but him self his ego and the greedy bastard evil that is his DNA

        1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

          The trick is to stop paying attention to the brain dead ones…look to the ones that seem smart. That is where the evil will be found.

          1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

            That is why I don’t go to the circus. I feel sorry for the animals being used (the brain dead ones).

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

            its the brain dead that (not as much smart ) are being played by the sneaky greedy POS when the clown needs them again he will get them going to being pissed off with the B/S he feeds them . and DONNY DUMP talks about all the forgotten people men , women , children he’s just not telling them who is forgetting them . ITS HIM DONNY DUMP that will forget them after he gets what he wants out of them . and yes I do believe the DUMPSTER would throw any and all his kids under the bus to save his worthless butt worthless to him but a lot of people have that POS owing them more then likely $ billions

          3. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

            Watch carefully…it will be the donster that gets thrown under the bus. Pence is intended to be the actual president.

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

            that’s highly likely I can see the DUMPSTER’s greed and ego getting himself thrown under the bus by himself

          5. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

            I think that is the intention; that it looks like he did it to himself.

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 10, 2017

            the DUMPSTER dosent want to be the President just wanted the title for his ego . heck he didn’t even think he was going to win . (I still think COMA COMEYFBI ) was tied into all the B/S some how some way it all stinks . if we are lucky we will see all the B/S story before we die and it wont come out 100 years from now . but back on the DUMPSTER he just seek an EGO trip and once he got in its time for the DUMPSTER FULL OF B/S to do what he dose best FRAUD, CON & SCAM the most he can with out getting caught ( again I read the clown is too greedy an ego he cant break away from if his life depended on it ) and something simple and stupid will hang himself . he has no clue how to run a business with out going bankrupt never mind a country . there’s no money in being president . the POS makes more screwing people then being in the white house . yes I do believe he will hang himself . heck if he go’s to another country and thy kill him the USA will send that country a thank you card

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 11, 2017

            see the news last night saying that Russia and the email B/S seems to be deeper its just me saying how easy DONNY DUMP is to read . like a STOP sign or more like a DEAD END now watch next how FBI COMA COMEY will fall right into to place on all this B/S and yes he is in this thing up to his neck or more like over his head . the news was saying with all this Russian B/S the DUMPSTER should be thrown out of the house ( more or less just what you was saying )

      2. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

        Really? I see the same Donny Boy Mommy Mary Ann spoiled when he was expelled from 2 military schools for refusing to obey the school’s authorities and …tah dah fighting.

        1. DrMindbender February 10, 2017

          And now the men behind the curtain are encouraging him to make a spectacle, just like everyone is expecting him to do. How do you nullify satirical comedians? flood them with material that prevents them from digging out things we should really be paying attention to.

          Walk past the drumpster, thru hell’s kitchen, to the parlor. That is where you will find the tricks.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker February 10, 2017

            Putin is behind Trump. Plain and simple. Here is why. This week there were two 4 star generals and 2 5 star generals impaneled on CSpan. They were asked if they believed Putin was selling arms to Afghan terrorists. All of them said yes. They also said that the bigger danger is that Putin is shipping arms to Assad’s Syrian regime. That’s why Trump doesn’t want those refugees here. He is supporting Putin who supports Assad.

            Assad has already killed over 200,000 of his own people. If Putin takes control of the Ukraine all of those countries Russia controlled when it was the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic (USSR), he will have succeeded in elevating to his dream of being a No. 1 World Super Power again and the threat then is greatest to Europe. Not my words…the words of these military expert.s

  4. itsfun February 10, 2017

    Did anyone see the piles of trash, human waste, garbage these protectors of the land left for taxpayers to pay to clean up?

    1. I Am Helpy February 11, 2017

      Haha yeah that totally makes it OK. Why, it’s like almost you’re a dimwitted goose-stepping lickspittle who will come up with any excuse for your masters!

    2. DrMindbender February 13, 2017

      That happens any time people gather. I’d like to see the “cost to taxpayers” but I doubt that there will be one.

      Funny that you did no research to support your claim, it makes your smear and lies very easy to see thru.


      There are $6m dollars left from donations, to use for cleanup. The reservation leaders are taking on the job themselves, and are doing what they said, protecting the water.

      So, quite the opposite is the reality, the tribal leaders deserve praise for the responsibility of their actions.

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