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Darrell Issa’s 5 Biggest Lies About The IRS ‘Scandal’

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Darrell Issa’s 5 Biggest Lies About The IRS ‘Scandal’


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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) announced even before he became chairman of the House Oversight Committee that the Obama administration was the “most corrupt administration in history.” He has since spent two years trying to connect the White House to all manner of wrongdoing, and has failed miserably.

He thought he had his big chance in April when the IRS’ Inspector General released a report about the “targeting” of right-wing groups applying for 501(c)4 status. To Issa, the scandal wasn’t that these blatantly political groups were applying for non-political “social welfare” status, but that they’d been given extra scrutiny because they opposed President Obama.

But the biggest lie about the scandal was there for anyone paying attention to see: 300 groups were targeted and about 100 of them were “Tea Party,” “Patriot” or “9/12” groups. Hmm, we all should have said. What about the other 200?

Here are Darrell Issa’s 5 biggest lies about the manufactured IRS “scandal.”

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite


  1. Independent1 June 26, 2013

    Chairmen of congressional oversight committees have to be held to a higher standard than it’s obvious that Darrell Issa has been held. In my mind, he should have been
    censured for his outlandish statements that he has made to purposely mislead the American people. He has made a mockery of the congressional oversight process and has gotten away with it only because the Speaker of the House is such a corrupt legislator himself.

    1. charleo1 June 26, 2013

      The big problem with the GOP’s lying, misstating the facts, and twisting
      to an unrecognizable proportion, the policies of the opposition. Is they
      pay little, or no price for their dishonesty. And Issa will seem to continue
      to pretend to dig. He will continue to insinuate. Share with the press what,
      “his gut,” is telling him. And then, like Benghazi, the IRS story, Fast, and Furious, we can be sure, after he’s milked the supposed scandal until not another drop is possible. There will never be a final report. What’s the
      point, if it’s a dry hole?! No one is embarrassed, President Obama is not
      implicated. And their base knowing the entire time, it’s all dog, and pony.
      That’s why they cannot be shamed. It’s like an inside joke! But, it may not
      be very funny. The smaller they become, the more they are willing to go
      to the extreme. And of course, the more extreme they become…the smaller
      they are going to get. Oh, I almost forgot. Great comment, as per usual.
      I agree 100%!

      1. Independent1 June 27, 2013

        Thanks for the comments Charle. It is disappointing that GOP legislators can seem to act so crazy and outright corrupt at times and yet the idiocy some of them bring out doesn’t seem to phase the GOP voters. it’s a little hard to understand if they really don’t pay attention or if they’ve become so accustomed to the lies, distortions and idiot comments from the representatives that it all just goes right over the head. Or maybe it’s the brainwashing from Faux News that dulls their brains. Whatever it is, it’s really frustrating to me that these guys get away with such nonsense for which, as you point out, they seem to pay a very little price.

      2. plc97477 June 27, 2013

        They do pay a big price for their dishonesty. More and more people all the time are leaving the party and people are embarrassed to call themselves repugs.

        1. charleo1 June 27, 2013

          I hope you’re right! It this case, I would be very happy
          to be wrong.

          1. Isabel Herron July 1, 2013

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    2. MVH1 June 26, 2013

      Issa in fact has a very checkered past, bringing into question his suitability for this job anyway. So far, all his investigations into all these “scandals” for the last two years has amounted to squat. And now with this, any examination of the other “investigations” shows there’s just no there there. He may hate Obama but so far this president is not at the root of any faux scandals Issa hoped would bear fruit. Nothing he says further will have any credibility. It’s going to be hard to gin up any interest from all the media to report on whatever his newest corrupt scandal with produce. It may turn out that the only scandal is putting Issa in this job.

      1. Independent1 June 27, 2013

        Thanks for pointing out more on Issa’s escapades. I really appreciate what Rep. Cummings has done to bring out how Issa has tried to manipulate the testimonies. I’m a little disappointed though that some of the other more prominent Democrats in Congress haven’t chimed in to criticize what Issa has been doing. We need all the press coverage we can get to embarrass this guy and make more of the American people aware of the games the GOP is playing .

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          The New Yorker did a very interesting investigative journalist piece on Issa in 2011. You can still pull it up on Google. It’s worth reading. You have to wonder what Boehner’s reasoning was assigning Issa to an oversight committee. His past shenanigans seem to have been his training ground for half-truths and manipulations to keep him out of trouble so he knows what teasing phrases to use to cast a story he’s telling this way or that. It is interesting Democrats don’t make more of this part of the story, though Cummings has done a masterful and accurate, no-fanfare outing of Issa’s antics. It seems to be the Dems are just not as loud, repeating the same whatever over and over loud enough that everybody starts believing it whether it’s true or not. They treat people more like grown-ups.

          1. idamag June 27, 2013

            That is why I am angry with the Democrats. They should be making sure the public knows about the tp mafia.

          2. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

            Smart People Already See What’s Going On And The Dumb Are Brain Dead And Vote For Them Every Election!!! The IRS Was Doing Their Job They Did The NAACP The Same Way!! And What’s So Funny Is The Person In Charge Of That Section Was A Member Of The GOP!!! LOL

          3. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            Absolutely true, every word. Unfortunately what we’re seeing is there are an awful lot of dumb and brain dead folks out there. The GOPpers still rack up way too many votes. Demographics are going to get them in the long run but some of us are getting old and want it to hurry up so we can see it.

          4. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            It’s frustrating. Dems don’t play that way but if ever there was a rich opportunity to squash a bug, this is it. Nobody would have to be nasty even. Republicans have no qualms about all getting on TV, grabbing a mic and slamming Obama in particular and the Democrats generally. And unfortunately The New Yorker is not one of those magazines you’re likely to catch your average Joe reading. That includes me. I didn’t know about the article until very recently. Pointing out Issa’s complete lack of qualifications to serve as the henchman on the oversight committee should be another slam on Boehner’s competence for assigning him and render anything with Issa’s imprint worthless. It may be, though, that the media will simply grow bored with Issa and if he did find anything worthwhile to alert, nobody will listen nor believe it.

          5. David L. Allison June 29, 2013

            Maybe it is our job to send a letter or two to our local or regional newspapers and USAToday and NYT and LAT to remind them of the New Yorker story and Issa’s record.

        2. David L. Allison June 29, 2013

          Too many of our D friends have little backbone or the kind of testicular integrity that we find in Senator Warren and Representative Grayson.

        3. MVH1 July 7, 2013

          I ran across this article and thought you might be interested. http://www.vice.com/read/snopes-redux

          1. Independent1 July 7, 2013

            Thanks! Quite an article! It really doesn’t give one a good feeling knowing that we have lowlifes such as Issa in government positions where they can actually be involved in passing laws that govern the way decent people live; and especially seeing that they can chair committees that try to find flaws in how other people have acted, when it’s clear that they have no clue about how to act responsibly themeselves.

        4. CPAinNewYork July 10, 2013

          Maybe the silent Democrats have so much to hide that they’re afraid to “make a stink.”

      2. JSquercia June 27, 2013

        Sadly I have no great hope that the Media will NOT totally cooperate in reporting Issa’s ‘investigation” .Why haven’t they noted that groups with the name Progressive were also “targetted”

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          Actually I found sources as soon as the whole thing blew into the open. You definitely can’t go to MSM for anything that has real info. The are some great, well researched articles available. The Atlantic is one, Fiscal Times, Fiscal Policy, the Economist, really a lot of places where there are real journalists instead of the drive by quick cheap shot ones. Did you for instance know Idea was aware of the IRS accusation in July of last year?

          1. David L. Allison June 29, 2013

            Don’t forget London’s The Guardian and online with Al Jazera

      3. CPAinNewYork July 10, 2013

        “Checkered past” is a gross understatement. According to Google postings, he and his brother were accused of car thefts as far back as their teens.

        1. MVH1 July 10, 2013

          You’re right but there are two great articles detailing just how bad this guy is. One is from Vice.com and the other was written in 2011 by The New Yorker. You can pull these up easily and I recommend them since we share disgust with this bad man.

    3. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

      They Are The Scandals And The Boogie Men!! The GOP/Tea Party Has To Look No Farther Than Their Mirrors!! The Are The Bad Guys!! 🙁 When Lying , Stealing, Cheating And Gerrymandering Is The Only Way The Can Win, That Makes Them The Bad Guys!! Duh

      1. idamag June 27, 2013

        They are the bad guys.

    4. midway54 June 27, 2013

      Censured by whom? He is doing what his fatcat donors want and his clueless disciples are ecstatic about his aggressiveness irrespective of its merit.

      1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

        But when his misadventures start slinging mud on them, they may not be so happy about it. I understand he’s been cautioned repeatedly to tone it down. Then he will for a day or so quickly followed by public comments that are even worse.

        1. midway54 June 27, 2013

          Interesting info about his being cautioned, but complies only temporarily. It is difficult for me to watch the hearings and endure his arrogant behavior,.


          1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            I have the same reaction. I want to reach through the TV screen and slap his ugly face way too often. :))) Issa is absolutely a thug.

        2. Independent1 June 27, 2013

          Which is exactly why Boehner should have removed him from the chairmanship long ago – but being a totally incompetent Speaker he has absolutely no clue about what he’s doing (Boehner).

          1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            Boehner’s grasp of economics should also terrify anyone hearing it.

          2. E. Henry Schoenberger June 27, 2013

            He is not as bad as Ryan, both should be condemned to listening to a continuous loop of their own lies, and they might be dumb enough to think they are smelling flowers.

          3. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            No, he’s not because Ryan presents himself as an economics expert. He’s an Ayn Rand disciple and that’s what he looks for to give credibility to his fake economics credentials.

          4. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

            Ayn Rand Another Lying Self Center Bitch Who Cheated On Her Husband And Lived On Social Security With Her Hateful Chain Smoking Ass!! Yeah She’s Was A Great Role Model!! LOL NOT

          5. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            Wonder how he likes it to be reminded she was an atheist to the core.

          6. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

            Boehner isn’t even like by his own party.

      2. Independent1 June 27, 2013

        That’s exactly the problem – the fatcat donors have too much sway on what legislators do these days – with the majority of them more concerned about acting like slaves to their fatcat donors than doing what legislators should actually be doing – working for the betterment of the country and their constituents while following the appropriate legislative decourum.

  2. Catskinner June 27, 2013

    Issa was almost right. The Obama Administration is at least the most corrupt administration since Lyndon Johnson.

    1. TheSkalawag929 June 27, 2013

      And your proof is…?

      1. midway54 June 27, 2013

        It’s found in the dusty cave between his ears.

      2. idamag June 27, 2013

        He doesn’t need proof. He has proven to be a liar on other boards.

        1. TheSkalawag929 June 27, 2013

          You must be a resident of the dusty cave that midway54 mentioned above.

          1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            Did you mean to post this to idamag? Seems you’re on the same side.

          2. TheSkalawag929 June 27, 2013

            My apologies to idamag. I misunderstood his post.

          3. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            We all do it from time to time. You can “edit” and remove when you want to.

          4. idamag June 30, 2013

            With Issa? Absolutely not!

          5. MVH1 June 30, 2013

            You’re not misunderstanding now, are you? You have to read the chain to understand I was defending your post to TheSkalawag who thought you meant something else. Or I don’t understand your post. I know you’re not on Issa’s side at all.

          6. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

            Hey idamag Is With Us!! igamag Is Saying That Catskinner Is A Liar!! And He Or She Is There’s No Doubt About It!!!

          7. TheSkalawag929 June 27, 2013

            Got it Fern Woodfork.

          8. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

            Alright My Friend!!! 🙂

          9. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

            and she does got that right catshit is one of the biggest liar there is in here he like lana

      3. JSquercia June 27, 2013

        PROOf , We don’t NEED no STINKING Proof . We are Republicans and we make our OWN reality

        1. TheSkalawag929 June 27, 2013

          THAT is obvious.

        2. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

          LOL So True!!!

    2. BillP June 27, 2013

      I guess you are right, the Nixon administration was the epitomy of transparency, decency and honesty. Then again I haven’t taken my meds yet today.

      1. Catskinner June 27, 2013

        Yes, at the time we thought Nixon was terrible, but after Robert McNamara and David Brinkley published their memoirs, we discovered that Johnson was much worse than Nixon.

        1. BillP June 27, 2013

          Who is the we that discovered this about Johnson. What did he do that was worse than a secret war in Cambodia, Watergate and have his VP resign because of threatened legal actions.

          1. Catskinner June 27, 2013

            The “We” is everybody who was paying attention.

            Johnson knew the Gulf of Tonkin Incident didn’t really happen, yet he used it as a pretext to escalate the Vietnam war and 58,000 American servicemen died because of it.

          2. MVH1 June 27, 2013

            You must have been paying attention to something else.

          3. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

            catshit did not study histroy

          4. Independent1 June 28, 2013

            What BS – I’ve searched at least 10 websites that stand by the record that an attack DID OCCUR on August 2nd; the attack that didn’t occur was an attack on August 4th that was later deemed not really an attack. But how do you discount the following:

            On July 31, 1964, the destroyer USS Maddox commenced a Desoto patrol off North Vietnam. Under the operational control of Captain John J. Herrick, it steamed through the Gulf of Tonkin collecting intelligence. This mission coincided with several 34A attacks, including an August 1 raid on Hon Me and Hon Ngu Islands. Unable to catch the fast South Vietnamese PTFs, the government in Hanoi elected to strike instead at USS Maddox. On the afternoon of August 2, three Soviet-built P-4 motor torpedo boats were dispatched to attack the destroyer.

            Cruising twenty-eight miles offshore in international waters, Maddox was approached by the North Vietnamese. Alerted to the threat, Herrick requested air support from the carrier USS Ticonderoga. This was granted, and four F-8 Crusaders were vectored towards Maddox’s position. In addition, the destroyer USS Turner Joy began moving to support Maddox. Not reported at the time, Herrick instructed his gun crews to fire three warning shots if the North Vietnamese came within 10,000 yards of the ship. These warning shots were fired and the P-4s launched a torpedo attack.

            Returning fire, Maddox scored hits on the P-4s while being struck by a single 14.5-millimeter machine gun bullet. After fifteen minutes of maneuvering, the F-8s arrived and strafed the North Vietnamese boats, damaging two and leaving the third dead in the water. The threat removed, Maddox retired from the area to rejoin friendly forces. Surprised by the North Vietnamese response, Johnson decided that the United States could not back away from the challenge and directed his commanders in the Pacific to continue with the Desoto missions.

            More than 10 historical military websites stand by the above account. Claiming the attack didn’t happen is delusional.

          5. idamag June 30, 2013

            And Japan did not really attack Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

    3. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      Based on what? Please please give us some examples of his corruption and please please make them something other than your obvious racism and ignorance.

  3. Eleanore Whitaker June 27, 2013

    The GOP continues to try to prove a negative. What can’t be proven in a court of law or jury of our peers beyond reasonable doubt is libel. A politician who believes, along with his party, that the only way to ratchet up the steps to dictatorship is to destroy the opposition, destroys his country with it and eventually himself.

    I doubt a single one of our Founding Fathers would have EVER stooped as low as the GOP has to gain power over the whole country. But, let’s face facts. They plant their seeds deep and what’s bred in the bone, will not out.

  4. hjs3 June 27, 2013

    GOP embarrassed? Not hardly as Issa serves a purpose in his charade type antics.
    Now the State of California might look at differently next time around..

    1. midway54 June 27, 2013

      I hope so, but won’t depend on it. Just look at the ongoing Rohrbacher lunacy thanks to the voters of his district.

      1. hjs3 June 27, 2013

        Grassroots “Dump” campaign….

  5. jmprint June 27, 2013

    Can we PLEASE stop wasting money on all these bullshit investigations.

    1. idamag June 27, 2013

      You know, a lot of people are starting to say that. The tp might go too far. It is obvious there isn’t a lot of brain power in them.

    2. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      But but but …..what job will Issa have then? Hahahaha

      1. plc97477 June 27, 2013

        He will be busy “investigating” the next president. Who will also be a democrat because the repugs are becoming a joke as a party.

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          I’m actually very hopeful he’ll decide he doesn’t like it in Congress, either, since he now is the one taking some hits publicly. I read recently that he is upset because he doesn’t think he gets the respect he deserves from his fellow Congressmen. I bet off the record, most of them loathe him. Or maybe someone decent will run against him, maybe a nice gay person who’s getting married soon.

          1. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

            he don’t deserve any respect

          2. MVH1 June 28, 2013

            That’s for sure.

    3. johninPCFL June 27, 2013

      They get paid whether they’re working or not. Sleeping in the cloakroom, chairing an “investigation”, or writing legislation, it all pays the same.
      Look at it this way: would you rather he be writing something up that has a chance at becoming law?

      1. plc97477 June 27, 2013

        True at least his “investigations” are keeping him from doing worse damage.

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          Without a committee to head, he’s pretty much limited to voting and maybe proposing a bill that may pass but won’t become law because it will have to go to the Senate as well and they won’t approve the one that says Darrell issa can steal whatever he wants without being charged for theft and/or thrown in jail.

    4. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

      The repugs like wasting the the tax payers money.
      look at the the last president.

  6. howa4x June 27, 2013

    Let’s pin the scandal on the democrats is the game of the republicans. We can try Benghazi or whatever we can manufacture. Now that is has fallen apart we can see where Issa will go. Immigration is coming to the house so let’s see what kind of scandal he can come up with. Republicans are not concerned with other issues, like the job killing sequester, or infrastructure funding. They yell that climate change is junk science but don’t offer any other explanation. We need to draw don’t the military is a sensible way but Issa isn’t concerned with any of that. There must be a scandal out there, I’m just missing it right Darrel?

    1. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

      They Throwing Everything At The Wall And Hoping Something Will Stick !! So Far 0!!! LOL That’s Cause They Are The Scandal!!!!

    2. BDC_57 June 28, 2013

      They don’t care about ther job they only care about ther agenda.

  7. ChristoD June 27, 2013

    Whatever happened to suing people for defamation of character ? For that matter whatever happened to dignity in politics ? What gives this partisan halfwit, Issa, the right to call people ‘paid liars’ or any other derogatory name that is blatantly not true ? When, Issa is proven wrong, which he is often, why isn’t he a candidate for being sued for defaming whomever he has accused of wrongdoing and then his declaration proven wrong ? WTF is going on here ?

    1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      Those guys always operate under a cloak of immunity for whatever they say. It’s shameful. There was a time when these kinds of investigations were done seriously and with dignity and the offender was still treated as a human being even though he was found wrong or guilty. These people have the manners of jackals. And they can say anything they want, no matter how big the lie, without ever worrying about punishment. It’s not right.

    2. plc97477 June 27, 2013

      Defamation on character suits are very hard to prove.

  8. ChristoD June 27, 2013

    For Issa to call this administration the most corrupt ever is not only disingenuous but completely without merit. To my knowledge they have not been proven corrupt on ANYTHING that they have been accused of. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. This then makes this administration the LEAST corrupt that I can remember. So why in hell is the LEADER of the House Oversight Committee allowed to be making these statements ? Why isn’t Boehner censuring him or at least telling the halfwit that he should not be making outrageous partisan comments ?

    1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      Have you checked out Issa’s life prior to being elected to Congress? If anyone knows about lying, corruption, cheating, stealing, dishonesty on every level, Issa is the expert as he’s engaged in all those activities. It’s a matter of public record. Boehner assigned the fox to guard the henhouse when he chose Issa. It’s a laughable choice. Makes Boehner look like a bigger cretin than you might think already.

      1. plc97477 June 27, 2013

        Nope. Just reminds me that I was right in my opinion of bonehead.

      2. DurdyDawg July 5, 2013

        Here’s just part of the top of the iceberg.

        1. MVH1 July 5, 2013

          Yep and there is definitely more. And the concealed weapons thing without a permit, that happened twice. He has no business pointing a finger at anyone else. And to call Obama’s administration the most corrupt in history is laughable. Except it’s really not funny.

          1. DurdyDawg July 7, 2013

            I just read that article and immediately had to go wash my mouth out with soap I was so mortified.. How this bug fu_ _ er ever got elected is beyond me.. I guess graft does pay. Thanks for the continuing facts about this pathetic wretch who continually fools the public into believing he’s a real person..

          2. MVH1 July 7, 2013

            This photo is fantastic!! At least you’ve made me laugh which I never do when Issa is the topic. He is the bogey man through and through.

          3. MVH1 July 7, 2013

            Here is the other article I ran across in the last couple of days. http://www.vice.com/read/snopes-redux

        2. MVH1 July 5, 2013

          Hey, funny but after I responded to you, I was off reading and look what I found. Love this article and Issa hasn’t sued the author so….http://www.vice.com/read/snopes-redux

    2. Independent1 June 27, 2013

      Exactly!! Several Republicans have called him out but not Boehner – the one who should have taken him off the chairmanship when it became clear that he was not qualified to chair the committee. But then Boehner is an even more wothless legislator in many aspects. I have a real hard time with the fact that this totally incompetent nitwit (Boehner) is next in line to the presidency if something were to happen to Obama and Biden. That realization just boggles my mind – but then again, I guess it only goes to show just how totally worthless the GOP has become (Mitt Romney would have even been worse had he been elected).

      1. jarheadgene June 27, 2013

        “TRUER” words are seldom spoken. !!! Nice post.

      2. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

        Bonehead Is A Drunken Puppet He Will Only Do So Only If His Handlers The Koch Brothers Tell Him To!! 🙁

        1. highpckts June 27, 2013

          Well it still could be worse! Cantor wants Boehner’s job really bad! My God, if that happens, hold on to your hat!

          1. Fern Woodfork June 27, 2013

            I Love The In House Fighting They Remind Me Of The Hatfields And The McCoys!! Hopefully They Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other !!! LOL That’s A Good Way To Kill Two Birds With One Stone!! And Who Ever Left We Can Vote Their Asses Out Of Offices!!!

          2. idamag June 30, 2013

            Watching Cantor on Cspan, he thinks he is already speaker of the House. I think Boehner hears the click of the hammer behind his head just as he starts to speak. The one holding the gun just might be Cantor.

    3. Sand_Cat June 28, 2013

      It isn’t “disingenuous.” It’s a LIE! Issa is a LIAR (among other things). “Disingenuous” has some weak-kneed meaning like “not frank” and sounds impersonal enough to be something that happened to Issa when he wasn’t looking.
      Don’t be disingenuous. Tell the truth: Darrell Issa LIED. He is a habitual and flagrant LIAR. He has no integrity whatsoever; there is no truth in him.

      1. ChristoD June 28, 2013

        Well OK then, the man is a flippin’ LIAR. I’m OK with that.

  9. nana4gj June 27, 2013

    Issa scandalizes himself. Any “normal” person, ie, mentally healthy, self-respecting, of any character and/or integrity and competence, would be embarrassed for himself and his behaviors, his failures time and time again, and begin to keep a lower profile or clean up his act. He doesn’t mind making a complete fool of himself on the national stage.

    That must be because of his own criminal or devious nature. He assigns to others what has driven him throughout his entire life, I suppose. He concocts and accuses others of devious plots because that is how he got into and out of trouble all of his life.

    The Administration is criticized for not jumping through hoops to defend, explain, justify, clarify the many, many allegations and fabricated scandals. This Administration has genuine business at hand and it has been my personal experience that when you know the facts and know the allegations being made against you, a good defense is not always the best defense, rather, you let it all hang out until the accuser hangs him/herself.

    We may as well admit that this Republican Party is the most devious and criminal of all, even using the highest court in the land to selectively abuse our Constitutional Rights; gerry-mand districts in the States; and to do whatever it takes to secure elections, other than be able to stand on a record of public service of justice and equality and just plain good sense.

    When they are making important policy based on ignorance of the subject matter, on personal religious, moral beliefs, on prejudicial opinions, they just blatantly lie. Their last presidential campaign was one lie after another. This is how they have defined themselves.

    The people will eventually be fed up and no matter what they do, the people will not abide it, even in Texas. We will assemble, protest, and roar our disapproval and our rejection of them and find our own ways to obstruct and no matter what they do to our voting rights, we will use whatever charges we can in the courts of law to stop them and we will not have to concoct or manufacture those charges.

    1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      Issa has a lot of practice scandalizing himself. Alleged car thief, caught lying several times, caught with serious weapons he didn’t have a permit to carry. He’s about as unsavory a character as can be and his crimes and misdemeanors are far more egregious than any he’s tried hard, without success, to pin on anybody else. This is two years now of his brand of investigations.

      1. Jon Savage June 27, 2013

        u forget arson didnt u?

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          I did. And that was a big deal but they could never prove it.

    2. plc97477 June 27, 2013

      Love your post. The people of Texas have reason to be proud of Wendy Davis. That is the way we fight back. I wonder if there is a fan club for Wendy I can join?

  10. idamag June 27, 2013

    Darrel Issa is not smart enough to be in Washington. Add he has done is go around with a magnifying glass looking for something to blow up into a scandal.

    1. JDavidS June 27, 2013

      You are, without doubt, correct. Issa hasn’t got the credibility of a mumbling street drunk.

  11. James M. Vandeventer June 27, 2013

    Darrell Issa is the FACE OF THE NEW REPUBLICAN PARTY! I am from CA and anyone who really knows Issa knows he is clouded with controversy. He can be likened to a car salesman! The Republican Party is so desperate that they have resorted to lying all the time to try and make the Dems and President Obama look bad. Plus, don’t forget really the only base they have left are the ignorant who think Obama is a Muslim, and that the Government is REALLY “comin to get your guns!”

    1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      Hey, he can also be likened to a car thief.

      1. James M. Vandeventer June 27, 2013

        Well I am not sure if he has evolved to a car salesman or devolved from a car thief??

        1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

          No car salesman him. He sells car alarm systems. I think they are those really obnoxious ones that have a voice that’s really loud telling you to get away from the vehicle. Hahahaha, if not, it should be that, you know, something as obnoxious as he is. A couple of days ago some newsperson or other announced Darrell Issa made $60 million last year. It’s interesting that several politicians in office have had their serious challenges with the law before running for office, like the governor of Florida, for instance.

  12. Canistercook June 27, 2013

    Just wish that all politicians would face us with truths and people would not choose ‘sides’. My side is ‘right’ no matter what they do! But guess I am a dreamer!

  13. vcbruno2 June 27, 2013

    So the NSA being able to listen to every phone call or read any email from any person in the USA anywhere is Ok with you guys??? Not me. I think the guy who exposed this is a hero (and an idiot) that went around this the wrong way. Oh buy the way they are all corrupt. Not just Republicants but also Dummycrats.

    1. MVH1 June 27, 2013

      What? This topic is about Issa. You’re way off topic today.

    2. Independent1 June 27, 2013

      Tell me, with 2.4 billion phone calls/day, why would NSA want to listen to your call when they’re trying to find a needle in a haystack (maybe a few hundred calls at best amoung 2.4 billion)?? Can you explain that to me?? Where do you and millions of other nitwits think that NSA would get the time to listen to their MEANINGLESS PHONE CALLS??? Even if NSA had 10,000 operators monitoring calls (which I seriously doubt), that would mean each operator would have to select calls to monitor from among 240,000 calls/day. Now using just a little common sense, I ask you again, WHY WOULD NSA CHOOSE YOUR CALL?? The answer is; THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL THAT THEY WOULD BE LISTENING TO YOUR OR ANY OTHER AMERICAN’S CALLS UNLESS!!! Unless they had a damn good reason to do so – they could just not be wasting the time.
      NSA CAN ONLY BE MONITORING calls that are super-suspect for monitoring – like people who call overseas to a country where NSA knows terrorists are working; or people who have dialed a number that CIA/FBI intelligence say is suspect; or for some other VERY SPECFICI reason. For goodness sake, when are Americans going to start using some COMMON SENSE??????????

      1. WhutHeSaid June 27, 2013

        Note that the person who you imply is a ‘nitwit’ said that the NSA was “able to listen to every call or read any email from any person in the USA anywhere”. There was never a claim that the NSA ALWAYS listened to EVERY call — just that they are able to listen to all of a person’s calls if they want.

        You are the nitwit. While you drop your pants and grab your ankles for the nearest government employee, there are certainly quite a few who are already thinking about how they can use this access to their advantage — guaranteed. It has happened before and it will happen again. How did you get to be so ignorant of this fact?

        1. Independent1 June 28, 2013

          Of course operators have had the ability to break in on anyone’s calls!! They’ve had that ability since the 1st phone system was established. My wife was an operator for a few months more than 50 years ago and reminds me that she had that ability then. So it’s not the ability, IT’S THE INTENT. Are you suggesting that it’s the NSA’s intent to spy on just everyone?? If you feel that way, maybe you better move to a country where the phone operators don’t have the ability to plug into just anyone’s call – but good luck in finding a place that that will happen because I doubt there is any. And if Snowden’s reveletion was news to you, then you’ve been operating in the dark for decades.

          If NSA is doing what you and millions of others are suggesting, just listening in willy nilly to anyone’s calls, why hasn’t there been something in the news long ago about so and so suing the phone company about evesdropping or using information that could only been gathered over the phone to defraud them of something or whatever. Do you have any information about any such case?? I’ve never heard of one and operators could have listened into anyone’s call, any place, any time since the beginning of the last century or even before. Sorry but I take Clapper for his word that the NSA IS NOT INTENTIONALLY listening into any private calls that it does not feel are part of its mission – doing everything it can to thwart terrorists in their mission to kill Americans or destroy parts of our country. What this country DOESN’T NEED are more paranoids such as yourself!!!!!!!

          1. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013

            It’s abject stupidity and rampant arrogance like yours that makes the Democratic Party wake up one day to find that another George Bush is President.

            There are plenty of serious people out here who know your crap for the steaming pile that it is. Who ever said that the NSA or anyone else had to INTENTIONALLY (as an agency policy) monitor anyone’s calls in order for personal information to be abused? FOR ALL MORONS LIKE YOU: The NSA, and other government agencies are full of PEOPLE. Whether the agency is intentionally spying or not, people will do what they think they can get away with eventually – guaranteed and proven time after time after time.

            Let me give you this little ‘stupid test’: Why would the NSA want information on the phone calls of Americans if they aren’t planning to snoop with it? What other possible purpose would they want such information? DUH!!

            It’s idiots like you that give rise to little events like 9-11 in the first place, so stop trying to justify government invasion of privacy via ‘terrorist threats’. If dunderheads like you objected to what the government was doing when it was arming Osama Bin Laden and his fighters years ago, well — we wouldn’t have CIA-trained enemies later when we decided to stumble on to the next idiotic foreign policy.

            When serious people hear IDIOTIC rants like yours over perfectly valid concerns, it conjures up comparisons to slack-jawed Tea Bigot spouting Obama conspiracy theories. If you think you can debate the issue then I dare you to try doing so — you’ll look like a complete moron by the time the debate is over because history and common sense are both on my side. So far all you’ve done is act like a rabid zealot over the issue, and you compare very favorably with the average blubbering Tea Bigot for your ‘head-up-your-own-ass’ posture. Congratulations.


          2. Independent1 June 28, 2013

            Why would NSA want information on phone calls of Americans if they weren’t planning to snoop with it? Your question only points out a little more how paranoid you are and how clueless. Unless you’ve been living in a cave the past week or so, you must be aware that Aaron Hernandez has been arrested on suspicion of murdering Odin Lloyd. But maybe you’re not aware of how the police came up with the notion that Hernandez killed Lloyd. Well, IT WAS THROUGH PHONE RECORDS. By checking Lloyd’s phone records they discovered a text message Lloyd had sent his sister at 3 something in the morning – the message included the word NFL; which the police suspect was an attempt by Lloyd to let his sister know if that if something happened to him it was by someone associated with the NFL. Since Lloyd’s body was found within a mile of Hernandez home, they checked Hernandez PHONE RECORDS and found that tracking towers for his cell phone put Hernandez very close to the spot where they had found Lloyds body and that he was there just minutes after Lloyd had sent the text to his sister.. IT WAS ALL DONE THROUGH PHONE RECORDS!!!!

            Which is exactly what the NSA uses phone records for – to gain further information on LEADS THEY GET from either their phone monitoring of suspicious calls, or directly from the CIA/FBI. THE NSA DOES NOT USE PHONE RECORDS FOR SNOOPING!!!

            You can call me all the names you want but you still have
            absolutely NO PROOF that the NSA has used their monitoring or the collection of phone records for any other purpose than trying to protect the country from terrorists or anyone else trying to kill Americans or create distruction in America.

          3. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013

            Your arguments get more stupid with every post.

            Do you think that the police asked the major telecommunications companies for the telephone records of every single American in order to solve this crime? Why don’t you tell us what you think followed by the reason(s) why or why not.

      2. Sand_Cat June 28, 2013

        Just because they might not be interested in my calls doesn’t give them the right to monitor anyone else’s without probable cause, and giving them a pass to do so opens the door to dictatorship (actually, we’re halfway through the door anyway, to be fair). Doesn’t anyone worry about principle, or is it OK so long as they don’t listen to MY calls?

        1. Independent1 June 28, 2013

          So I gather then that you equate trying to keep terrorists from killing more Americans/destroying more of our country as “without probable cause”. Guess I don’t see it that way. If you think what NSA is doing as “without probably cause”, why is it you accept having a cop car sitting on the side of the road monitoring your speed? How is that any different? The cop is violating your privacy by checking the speed you’re driving at – and he’s not even doing it to just selected drivers that have proven to be suspicious of speeding – he’s doing it to everyone. And how about the cop that drives in a police cruiser that cruises around a city spying on people as they go about their own business to see if someone is breaking the law – he/she’s watching your every movement (violating your privacy) – how’s that any different than an NSA operator who – because of some purposeful reason monitors your call to make sure you’re not trying to kill people or destroy property?? I have a really hard time believing that a NSA operator would waste his or her time listening to nothing but the worthless pratter of just any arbitrary phone call of the 2.4 billion that are made each day – it actually boggles my mind that people believe that’s really happening – given the enormous challenge that NSA has to find a needle in a haystack.

          1. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013

            Your argument is so idiotic that I’m surprised you remember to breathe. We have safeguards built into the law that protect the privacy of the ordinary citizen from unreasonable search and seizure. Is this news to you? Even so, there are countless violations that take place every single day. The good news is that people who actually use that grey matter between their ears (unlike you) made sure that we had recourse when these things happen.

            I suppose that you believe it’s perfectly acceptable for the TSA to store body scans of every citizen who passes through an airport, and perhaps to trade them or post them online, yes? Warning: This is a trick question designed to use your own arguments to prove what a mindless dolt you are over this issue.

            Answer the question if you dare.

        2. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013

          I care about principle, and I believe that the right to privacy without unwarranted search and seizure is one of our most important rights. The irony here is that only people who have never known government oppression exactly BECAUSE of the wisdom of the Bill Of Rights authors could ever be so cavalier about offering up the privacy rights of other people.

          The worst part here is that a few people with whom I normally agree are showing outright scorn and contempt for those who disagree with them without really considering the issue. This is exactly the type of behavior that they accuse the Tea Party zealots of engaging in, and they apparently don’t recognize their own arrogance.

    3. Justin Napolitano June 27, 2013

      Your a moron. It is not possible for the government to read every E-mail, listen to every call and read every text. Besides no one is interested in how many times you called your ex-girlfriend and how many times she told you to get lost and stop calling. No one is interest in how you called your mother and cried about your ex-girlfriend. and no one cares about what you think about anything.

      1. plc97477 June 27, 2013

        Great post. Thank you.

      2. WhutHeSaid June 27, 2013

        That isn’t what they said. They said they were able to listen to all of the phone calls of anyone they want and/or read all of the email — and this is true. It was even true years ago. With the use of today’s technology it is positively possible to scan every call or email, even if it’s not a human doing it. I’m not saying the sky is falling, but this is an area where safeguards are necessary. Anyone who doesn’t know that knows nothing about history.

        1. Independent1 June 28, 2013

          And the paranoid just keeps spouting and spouting.

          1. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013

            You sound just like one of those slacked-jawed assholes that posts over at WND like a drunken parrot with both brain cells out to lunch.

            I dare you to explain how one single thing that I’ve said about this issue can be classified as paranoia. You can start by reviewing the definition of the word. When you find that you are utterly unable to do so, you can apologize to all of the readers of The National Memo for inflicting your stupid on them.

            I have plenty of proof to back up what I say. You, on the other hand, have failed to explain how YOU know what the NSA — or any other agency — is doing or might do with the telephony information of millions of Americans. Explain how you came by the knowledge about what every single NSA employee or contractor is doing or might do in the future with such information. You made the claim that you knew, so BACK UP YOUR CLAIM with some proof.

      3. Independent1 June 28, 2013

        Justin, I couldn’t agree more. It boggles my mind to realize that there are actually people who believe that the NSA has time to be listening into their private phone calls. Which unless the government has turned the NSA into a countryclub where each operator is free to as they please, is a virtualy impossibility with 2.4 billion plus phone calls a day. And with respect to monitoring emails – people need to consider that each day about 294 billion emails are sent – that’s approximately 2.8 billion sent per second. Anyone reading this that really thinks with 2.8 billion emails sent per second that there’s even the slightest chance the NSA would be reviewing your emails, explain how they would do that and why. And for those of you who are concerned about the NSA storing this data, explain to me how they would search through 294billion emails per day unless they were searching for something very specfic based on a lead that our intelligence came up with (such as the time, date and location of a specific crime.

        1. WhutHeSaid June 28, 2013


          I’ll explain how they can do it. If they can search for a terrorist threat (as you’ve already claimed is the purpose), then they can search for things that are not terrorist threats. If you don’t have safeguards or legal recourse then it just boils down to whatever each one of the many thousands of people with access to this information WANT to search for.

          Make up your mind: Can they or can’t they search for things they want to find? If your claim is they can’t, then there is no need for the data. If your claim is that they can then you have defeated your own argument. Without safeguards and/or legal recourse it’s just a matter of what they want to do.

    4. plc97477 June 27, 2013

      The NSA does not list to phone calls they just make note of which ones are going to known terrorist cells. How many are going to countries that don’t like us etc. Get with the program.

      1. WhutHeSaid June 27, 2013

        So why don’t you tell everyone about your inside knowledge about exactly what the NSA does? Perhaps armed with your ‘insider’ insight they will then be able to ‘get with the program’.

        Please feel free to explain how you came to know the actions of every employee and contractor working for the NSA.

  14. vcbruno2 June 27, 2013

    Willian root is a idiot too. I dont want my Gov employees buying porn or personal items on my dime. Thats like saying, “If i have more kids the gov will pay for it”. You guys want that crap happening? That is whats wrong with this system of me mentality and no concern for who is paying the bills.

  15. docb June 27, 2013
  16. hotflashweave June 27, 2013

    Where is the investigation into the “cover-up” Mr. Issa engaged in, by selectively withholding evidence that would exonerate the administration and the campaign team from wrongdoing? What happens in a court of law, when the prosecution does the same thing?

  17. Justin Napolitano June 27, 2013

    The more Issa talks the more he puts his foot in his mouth. Keep talking Issa and you will talk yourself right out of a job.

  18. Denise Evans June 27, 2013

    For the love of all that is holy, where is the button to view on a single page?

  19. Sand_Cat June 27, 2013

    Darrell Issa’s biggest lie was when he took his oath of office.

  20. David L. Allison June 29, 2013

    If we only work together and work hard at it, Issa could be Progressives new best friend. Let’s all send copies or hot links of the New Yorker article on Issa to our local and regional newspapers and then send them letters and send letters referencing the article and Issa’s failures to find a real scandal to those newspapers and to the NYT, LAT and WaPo and maybe USAToday. Tell them all that it is crazy that they are not paying any attention to the guy who is a consistent winner or runner-up in the “weekly crazy” nominations.

  21. Helen123 June 29, 2013

    So wait… taking the fifth means they are guilty? Does Zimmerman refusing to testify mean he is guilty, too?

  22. DurdyDawg July 5, 2013

    This airhead has already had his fifteen minutes.. Somebody please, boo this idiot out of town. Why do the citizens of this country keep voting in lunatics?

  23. Splinter Cell March 28, 2014

    IF its a lie, why is Lois Lerner refusing to give up her emails and why is the new IRS boss refusing to cooperate? Yes, stinks right? The few emails Issa received shows Lois Lerner was communicating with the White House, the rest of the emails were redacted – transparency? the real liars are in the media and NATIONAL MEMO!

    1. littlebear2 June 9, 2014

      Of course she was communicating with the White House, it is her job to inform the White House.
      No charges have been filed, and her communications with the White House are confidential and do not indicate wrong doing. Just because one radical scandal monger demands things, it doesn’t mean he will get it.
      He has no evidence of wrongdoing that would justify his having the right to her email. Issa is over, his own party is washing their hands of him. He is a low life incapable of acting in a professional manner.

      1. Splinter Cell June 10, 2014

        Interesting argument. The letters that led to this “Special Committee” came out after a lawsuit by Judicial watch. That letter was given to the House Oversight months prior which Issa is the Chairman but was heavily redacted, they didn’t even know what’s in there. When Judicial watch obtained the emails, they show direct communications between IRS and the various Democrat senators; IRS and some unknown figures in the White House. So for you to say there’s no evidence is rather stupid since most of the emails are being with held held from Congress.

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