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To Make America Great Again, Deal With Income Inequality



  1. kathleen.scott January 2, 2017

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  2. Aprillhumphrey January 3, 2017

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  3. FireBaron January 3, 2017

    Wait! You mean that “Trickle-Down Economics” (that was denounced by its original proposer as unworkable outside of a laboratory environment) really doesn’t work? That the Uber-Rich do not tend to create jobs when their tax burdens are reduced? Oh, the horrors! And to think, even though it has been proven a failure again and again since 1981, some in the GOP believe it will work.
    Please remember the one of the definitions of insanity – To keep repeating the same thing but expecting different results. One would think after 35+ years SOMEONE on the GOP would get the message! But, then again, many of their members are still in denial that the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments have been ratified, too!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

      I have to be honest. Of the wealthy men I worked for, most of them found cute little accounting ways to reduce their taxes to nearly nothing and then used those “charitable” trusts to hold down their tax rates.

      The right wing is nothing more than a bunch of mental defectives who on their best day cannot substantiate a single word they post.

      1. InGen12 January 3, 2017

        Like Drumpf has been doing all these years!!!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

          I live in the NY/NJ Metro Region. For at least 3 decades, Trump was in the media every day. In Fact, it surprises me how even now, some of what he says and does in front of Trump Tower is not seen or heard by those who live outside of this region. For example, last week he stood outside Trump Tower with 6 of his private security men and stated quite clearly that he fully intends to see to it that only his broadcasting stations would be allowed to carry his news reports. I guess we were all supposed to figure out that he will black out any media not wearing the Trump brand.

          1. idamag January 3, 2017

            Sounds like someone else whose slogan was, he was going to make Germany great again. Remember that wingnuts.

          2. dpaano January 3, 2017

            That’s what scares me to death…..he’s so much like Hitler and his henchmen that it’s downright frightening! I fear for this country like I’ve never feared in my life. I can probably guarantee you that we’ll be in a major war within the next 2 years! With Trump and his billionaire pundits in charge, we’ll be lucky to survive that long!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 4, 2017

            Gotta tell you. Last night I listened to Senator Charles Schumer, now the Democratic Senate Leader. Sen. Schumer is like the famous ballerina Pavlova in an Iron Suit who will dance on the heads of the Republicans if they think there won’t be any resistance.

            All of us are now in Resistance Mode. And we’ve found the best in Sen. Schumer. He has this unusual ability to listen carefully first and then grab his iron hammer and start pounding away.

            He stated last night that even if Trump and the Republicans repeal the ACA, they have nothing they can put in place for at least 5 years. That, according to Schumer, would mean 22 million people who now have healthcare insurance would be in limbo. The cost alone of that to Republicans in terms of lost tax revenues would, within two years, bankrupt the Treasury.

            The Republicans talks big like the right wingers always do. But, it is a facade that is easily battered once you call their bluff. So, they want to get rid of the EPA? Fine. Theirs are the most polluted states, they’ll end up dead in that 5 year of DO NOTHING Republican BS.

            As for Trump, As Sen. Schumer stated (and most know Schumer knows Trump better than the Republicans ever could since they are both New Yorkers) that Sessions and that Exxon appointee Trump wants are not likely to pass Senate approval. So you bet the GOP is in for a rough ride. IN reality, the Republicans have lost two Senators and several in the House. Ryan may be No. 3 to resign in disgrace if it is found that he knew all about the hacking and did nothing. That’s why it is so important to keep up the pressure on that.

        2. idamag January 3, 2017

          The right wingnuts think trump is a good businessman because he pays no taxes and finds ways to deadbeat those he owes money to. However, he is mooching off the taxpayers who do pay for what he uses.

  4. Todd Nelson January 3, 2017

    Yet the income gap widened more under president Obama than at any other time in our history. Obama is really good a telling other people what they should be doing, but had 8 years to do what needed to be done, and didn’t do any of it. His presidency has been the most anti-business ever. His supporter keep telling us how wonderful it was that 15 million jobs were created in his 8 years. That may well be true, but the population grew by 16.3 million in that same time. That makes a net loss of 1.3 million jobs, which means more downward pressure on wages. This is why the income gap grew by so much in the last 8 years. Also, most of the new jobs were in the lower paying service sector “would you like fries with that?” jobs because Obama’s anti business agenda drove many high paying jobs to other countries.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

      No liar. It did not. It widened under Reagan, your Republican president. Don’t bother to lie again about that. I was a tech recruiter when Reagan was president. I can tell you there were massive layoffs in some of the biggest corporations in the US. I know that liar boy because our company did a lot of the relocations and job searches.

      You can continue to blame Obama. But let me ask you one thing. What jobs do you think you will get in coal mining in the US? What jobs do you think you’ll get in Big Oil?

      In his 8 years, President Obama created 15 million jobs. So liar…you want to admit you will post any lie you can just so you puff out that bloated ego? Here is the Money.cnn link if you want proof. http://money.cnn.com/2016/10/07/news/economy/obama-15-million-jobs/

      I can prove what I post. You? All you have is your tiresome, insufferable BS.

      1. Todd Nelson January 3, 2017

        If you are so ignorant that you cannot read the data from the past 8 years that shows the income gap widening by more than at any time in the history of the US, then it is pointless to even try to converse with you. Those massive layoffs were from Jimmy Carter. The early years of the Reagan administration were cleaning up from Carter, and then Reagan gave the country over 4% growth for the last 5 years of his presidency, while Obama never even approached 3% growth over any one of the 8 years he was in office.
        I don’t know what jobs you will get in coal mining, but I do know that I was getting paid 6 figures per year to run an oil field supply vessel. And there are very good paying jobs in the fabricating business that make the oil rigs, and in the fluids supply, to say nothing of what the men and women make actually working on the rigs. And, of course we can’t forget the steelmaking jobs where they actually make the steel to be fabricated into building the oil rigs Those jobs all pay well over $30/hour, much better than the minimum wage jobs you would have Americans working at Walmart or McDonalds so everyone would be needing some government assistance.
        If you had read my entire comment you would have seen that Obama’s vaunted 15 million jobs was not even enough to keep up with the population growth of 16.3 million. So Obama actually lost 1.3 million jobs that should have been created just to keep even with the population.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

          Awwww what’s the matter little boy? I choose not to read “data” you make up in your moron brain? Okay. Now. I’m calling your bluff mental case. I want to see WHERE YOUR DATA comes from and it better be from unbiased sources.

          I gave you the link. Hey nutbagger, you can keep repeating yourself until you go cyanotic for all I care. I get my information from unbiased sources. There are more those than that “data” you get from Fuks News or your evil Mad Patriots BS threads.

          It is high time to start calling your bluff to shut you up. Those 659,000 jobs Bush ’41 created kept up with the massive population growth? Here asshat…From the US Census Bureau from 2000 to 2004…the population growth was 23.7 million. Once again, I’ve made a jerk of you. How in the hell do you think you can possibly bash Obama’s record of job growth when you know goddamn well that the 650,000 jobs lost during the Bush administration didn’t begin to compensate for the loss of jobs during the Bush administration.

          Tell me something mental case. Did your Mommy drop you on your head or was that your daycare bonding that screwed up your brain? Bush ended his 2nd term in 2008 with a Financial Meltdown in September of that year. President Obama has had NO meltdown, took out bin Laden and hundreds of other terrorists all while you sit there pretending that Trump is not the scumball you are.

          1. idamag January 3, 2017

            Sources are very important. There are internet sites that will bolster anyone’s beliefs in anything.

          2. Jim Samaras January 3, 2017

            I have no dog in THIS fight but you are one hateful f…ng tw^t! LOL, what a miserable life a shemale like you must lead

          3. jmprint January 4, 2017

            I beg do differ, you are a dog, a Trump tail wagging, a$$ licking dog.

      2. idamag January 3, 2017

        After the bush administration and the Republican behavior in the last 8, I have come to believe that all Republicans are liars.

    2. Zengo January 3, 2017

      oh wait, wasn’t congress controlled by Republicans throughout most of his terms?

      1. Todd Nelson January 3, 2017

        The first 2 years of Obama’s regime, he had a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and an 80 vote majority in the house. The democrats lost the house in 2010 because of their Obamacare votes. From 2010 to 2014 he still had a majority in the senate, which went away because Obamacare was such a disaster. So, no, congress was not controlled by republicans during most of his regime.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

          The first two years of the Bush Administration, he missed 6 Clinton Memos about 9/11. Nothing more you post can EVER make Obama look as bad. Do yourself a favor and stop posting your lying BS. Nothing you post has any proof.

          Congress has been controlled by Republicans from their back room. Who the hell do you scumballs think you are fooling?

          1. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            They are fooling the only thing that matters to them…themselves.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

            I so agree. The real problem though is this. They screw up and like irresponsible brats look to dump the blame they own on anyone but themselves. That means confrontation. There is not other means but to confront them with what they do and that there are consquences for their actions. Anything less is enabling them to continue to be societal freaks of nature.

          3. JCluvsTrump January 3, 2017

            Just like Hillary losing. It’s Comeys fault. No wait, it’s WikiLeaks fault. No wait, it’s the Russians fault. You Demoncraps hypocrisy makes me want to throw up. You people are so pathetic.

          4. dpaano January 3, 2017

            Not quite as pathetic as you!

          5. JCluvsTrump January 3, 2017

            Shove it, granny.

          6. dpaano January 3, 2017

            I’m not a granny, jackass!!!

          7. JCluvsTrump January 3, 2017

            But you ARE a rectal cavity.

          8. jmprint January 4, 2017

            How often do you look up rectal cavities that you know what they look like. Maybe you should start watching Rachel layoff Rush and get some smarts in that dead brain of yours. Trump lover.

          9. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            What?? Watch Rachel have meltdowns and fits on TV? Will she go on air with her comfort puppy? I might watch that.

          10. JCluvsTrump January 5, 2017

            Lots of times. I’m a Proctologist.

          11. dpaano January 4, 2017

            Wow, typical conservative uninformed Trump voter…..can’t come up with anything even remotely intelligent, so reverts to calling people names just because they don’t agree with him/her! Why don’t you try reading newspapers and understanding the problems that are going to occur under this president…..why wait until he screws the middle class (and you) with all his backtracking of his so-called “promises.” HIs tax plan alone is going to give MORE money to the 1% and less money to the middle class, but I expect you didn’t read OR understand that at all. Go on being clueless, but if you respond, at least put some intelligence behind it! If you can’t do that, then go find another website to whine on!

          12. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            What newspapers would you suggest? The New York Times? The Huffington Post? He is already helping the middle class and is not even sworn in yet. I think you’re wrong but we will see.

          13. dpaano January 4, 2017

            No, I don’t suggest any specific newspaper. I read many newspapers and articles. I like to keep an open mind and try to keep up with both sides of the fence. As for helping the middle class….what has he actually done to help you? If you’re talking about keeping jobs in the U.S., he actually didn’t really do much of that with Carrier and only saved 800 jobs. Carrier is STILL going to get rid of 1300+ jobs. Also, for Sprint, he had nothing to do with that as the plans for Sprint’s returning their call centers to the U.S. was actually in process months ago. Same goes for Ford….they had decided a long time ago not to build their factory in Mexico to build their Ford Focus SUV because the sales of that particular car did not make it feasible to continue to manufacture this car. They put the money for this venture back into building a “design center” in the U.S., which will not actually put too many people to work unless they are college-educated design engineers. They did, however, say that they were looking forward to all the tax advantages that Trump has suggested to help their business, but that had nothing to do with helping the middle class.
            So, I’d be VERY interested in hearing what he has done to help the middle class to date. He has done minimal to help anyone but himself and his billionaire cronies, and if you think they are going to be sympathizing with the poor and middle class, you are going to quickly learn that this will NOT happen. These people have NO concept of how a poor or middle class citizen survives on a daily basis because they have a totally different mindset! They’ve never had to deal with not having money to feed their families or having to worry about a family member getting a serious illness and having to pay for their care, or for not being able to pay for a roof over their heads or when their next paycheck will come. Think about it…..be logical for a change….do you HONESTLY think they have your best interests at heart? Seriously?

          14. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            On the contrary, I am more optimistic for the country than I have been in a decade. I like the idea of business running things. They know how to make it work. I don’t expect the country to turn a profit but for Christ’s sake, at least break even! You cannot continue to operate in the red. It won’t work.

          15. jmprint January 3, 2017

            So did Comey not bring out a letter 5 days before the election, so why is it that the republican hacked emails weren’t released, so why is it that even the Russians admit they had a hand in it, the only one not listening is YOU, talk about pathetic you rule.

          16. JCluvsTrump January 3, 2017

            Yes he did. What GOP hacked emails? The RNC chairman didn’t give the Russians his password. John Pedesta did. What an idiot. You watch to much Rachel Madcow. Jeff Sessions will revisit this.

          17. dpaano January 4, 2017

            You don’t need passwords in order to hack into a computer system! John Podesta did NOT give the Russians his password! Not sure what false news story you read that said that, but it was wrong. As for Rachel Maddow….some of what she says is true, but I don’t just listen to her….I listen to many reporters and read many newspapers, etc.
            Jeff Sessions will also NOT be your savior….he will bring this country to war as he’s a warmonger much like Trump, who admitted that he was the most militaristic person ever elected! Sessions is going to have a very difficult time getting through the vetting from the nominating committee….he may not make it, so don’t hold your breath!

          18. dpaano January 4, 2017

            You don’t need passwords in order to hack into a computer system! John Podesta did NOT give the Russians his password! Not sure what false news story you read that said that, but it was wrong. As for Rachel Maddow….some of what she says is true, but I don’t just listen to her….I listen to many reporters and read many newspapers, etc. Jeff Sessions will NOT be your savior….he will bring this country to war as he’s a warmonger much like Trump, who admitted that he was the most militaristic person ever elected! Sessions is going to have a very difficult time getting through the vetting from the nominating committee….he may not make it, so don’t hold your breath!

          19. JCluvsTrump January 4, 2017

            The hacked emails prove Podesta did give out his password. Democrats have admitted it so stop with the false news already. Sessions will survive the vetting process. He has many friends in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle.

        2. charleo1 January 3, 2017

          And did the thinly controlled Senate pass everything Obama asked them to? No. Did President Obama have the chance to enact a complete economic policy? Or is the truth he, and that Dem, controlled Congress were too busy cleaning up Bush’s, and the Republican Congress’ mess, after they had controlled both Houses thru 6 years of the Clinton Presidency, and an additional, 6 years under de facto President Cheney. Where we were led into the most costly military blunder in our history. And then suffered the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. But Obama had a narrow filibuster proof Senate for two years. And was supposed to fix immigration, remedy wealth inequity, cure cancer, make the rotten racist Koch Brother’s T-Party happy, and balance the budget in the middle of a near economic collapse. You know you guys are blubbering idiots that are going to wind up really bringing this Country down. And you may have already with Trump.

          1. idamag January 3, 2017

            And the Republican bush cabinet was tried, in absentia, in two countries of war crimes and found guilty. That means the republicans are convicted war criminals.

        3. idamag January 3, 2017

          I know facts are alien to right wingnuts, but he did not have a filibuster proof congress. Go back and read the minutes.

          1. itsfun January 3, 2017

            Nuclear option.

          2. Nativegrammy January 3, 2017

            These far right nuts forget what used to be called “blue dog Democrats” who were really Republican lite conservatives mostly from the South trying to hold on to their seats especially while voting against the “Black” President and his policies even if the people in their poor states needed desperately! It really is a waste of time trying to break through the hard heads of these idiots like itsfun, Todd Nelson, so many trolls, they believe what makes them feel good and attacks what they hate regardless of truth, facts, figures, you name it!!! Everyone is “lying” except the little voices in their head.

        4. jmprint January 3, 2017

          And since 2010 it’s been all about replacing, but here they have the chance to replace and what do they have to offer you. caca.

          1. dpaano January 4, 2017

            I read an article in today’s paper that stated that over 30 states with GOP governors are panicking if the Congress does away with monies going to them for Medicare. They will lose billions in revenue, jobs, etc., and they are NOT happy about it. So, not ALL GOP politicians are excited about doing away with major portions of the ACA. Money and jobs will be significantly lost in these states and the repeal would throw insurance companies into a major catastrophe! But, apparently, most of the Trumpsters on this site don’t read the newspaper or don’t understand that you can’t repeal something until you have something to replace it that will NOT allow jobs or states or people to suffer!

          2. jmprint January 4, 2017

            I have a nephew visiting and he is a trumpanzee, of course he only works part time and doesn’t put effort into life, can’t afford a phone, but owns an AK. And he repeats the same hogwash word by word. Rush has a hold on weak minds. They don’t want to hear the facts, and don’t have facts to back up their statements. I am hoping they repeal, since they claim it’s unconstitutional and replace with something that is going to be more outrageous then ACA, so that maybe they can come back and see that Obama did the best with what he had, if congress had only tried to work with President Obama, they could have tried to fix. I don’t mean to bring hardships on people, but maybe if it blows up in their face, we can tackle single payer system.

          3. dpaano January 4, 2017

            Give up trying to talk sense to a Trumpanzee (as you call them), it’s like trying to talk to a deaf and blind person! I perceive that within 2 years, the Trumpsters will realize that they were conned big time! Hopefully, it won’t be too late to keep this country safe.
            My biggest fear is Trump’s tweeter account and his tirade against North Korea….they have a nuclear bomb that can hit the west coast very quickly…..good-bye California! This is the scariest thing for me at this point.
            BTW, I just got a book call “Trump Unveiled, Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire,” and it’s very enlightening about how Trump thinks and acts. If the book is true, he’ll have the Congress in such a chaos with his mind changes on a daily basis….they won’t know WHAT they’re doing! He changes his mind with the wind and doesn’t even remember what he said from day to day! He is such a narcissist that unless he’s being complimented, he doesn’t pay any attention. But, heaven forbid, if someone says something that disagrees with him, he goes off the deep end without thinking! This is the biggest problem for our country. So far, he’s angered China, North Korea, and now is on the verge of starting a war in Israel. We all need to be scared! Unfortunately, the Trumpsters just don’t seem to see that, but they will when the cow manure hits the rotating blade!!!

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

        Next Rottie Tottie will post that the Republicans didn’t for 8 years carry on a tirade and battle of obstruction. Now it is OUR turn to push back and start beating up on the right wingers.

      3. idamag January 3, 2017

        And a congress who met and mcconnell made the statement: “The Republicans number one goal is to make Obama a one-term president. He has managed to accomplish quite a bit with the fascist congress he has. Remember their number one goal is not to create jobs, reduce unemployment or bridge the income inequality gap.

        1. Zengo January 3, 2017

          those pesky little details

    3. jmprint January 3, 2017

      And it was the republicans that wouldn’t pass the bill, in fact unless a bill had anything to to with abortion it didn’t get passed or brought up for a vote.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

    Although the right wing would love to reinvent history, we all know that Republicans are deadly when it comes to job creation and income equality. Starting with Warren Harding, every Republican President except Eisenhower, ended their presidency with a 2nd term recession. Only GHWB didn’t. His recession was in his one and only term.

    Income inequality is really part of the south and midwest’s ideas of getting even with the Yankees. That never works but don’t tell them that. They would rather believe their states have NO jobs and NO income equality because we bad butt Yankees are the cause. Not their relic industries like coal mining, oil drilling and their latest pollution contribution, fracking. So what do the Yankees do? We get through cold winters heating our homes with solar energy. We create manufacturing jobs in solar and wind power parts and equipment. We create jobs for design engineers, project engineers, electricians, plumbers, roofers and anyone willing to take the time to study for the solar test and earn an “American” salary. Not the Walmartian salaries the Corn Pones and Mutton Chops earn that has to be supplemented by Welfare.

    You just cannot tell people in the south and midwest they are so far behind the times. Their response is that people up north are snobs. No. We are smart. We are gainfully employed and we create jobs. These slackers want the kinds of jobs that existed in the 30s….one job for a lifetime. Course now, they also hate unions that protect their wages and make sure employers don’t rip them off.

    1. idamag January 3, 2017


  6. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

    In reality, of the last 6 presidents, the two who had the worst record of job creation were both Republicans and both were Bush ’41 and Bush ’43. According to the DOL, Bush ’41 in only one term created only 659,250 jobs. His son, 160,125 jobs. Bush ’43 hold the 17 year record for job losses. In a single month of Bush ’43’s term, over 250,000 jobs were LOST.

    So when right wingers try to make it appear Obama was not successful as a job creator, you go to the DOL.gov website and get the facts. Todd Nelson is a liar and a pathetic Obama basher. He is really a closet bigot who like all KKK bred sons of the Confederacy simply cannot accept that skin color has nothing to do with brain power.

    1. idamag January 3, 2017

      Facts: in 2009, unemployment was at 9%. It is now at 4 %.

  7. itsfun January 3, 2017

    I listen to Obama telling us how he has fixed the economy and how wonderful things are, then I read he says the next President must fix the economy. I read Obama telling the next President he must fix income inequality. He has had 8 years to fix income inequality, what happened?? Does the writer of this article believe that raising the minimum wage will move people to the middle class? The only way the minimum wage earners will be in the middle class is to pay everyone minimum wage. Some jobs pay more than others, its that simple. If one wants to be a widget maker go to a community college for a year or two and learn how to be a widget maker. . Not every good paying career needs a 4 or 5 year college degree. Individuals do need to make a effort to get better paying careers. Obama talks about unemployment and getting jobs for everyone that wants one. If you listen to Obama, then that is accomplished. He doesn’t talk about the poor souls that have given up on finding a job because of his terrible economy. He just ignores those people and say they don’t want to work. Sound like Obama wants the next President to fix his failures.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

      You never listen to Obama. But, you do listen to scumball Pretender President don’t you? Like you love that Nude Playboy Wife of his? Right? Like you think he will control us? You bossy old geezers need to get a life. I’m guessing your wife wants nothing to do with a bossy big mouth like you trained by your cloying overindulgent mommy to give you your way.

      So when Trump finishes humping his daughter, when do you think the people in NY City will stop paying for The first whore’s Trump Tower protection?

      1. idamag January 3, 2017

        She wasn’t good enough for Playboy. Those pictures of the first lady elect, naked with her legs spread are from Hustler.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

          One thing to Trump’s credit, NO one has EVER brought this country down to the sleazy levels Trump has. Now, he and his righties figure they’ll flip the switch and it all disappears.

          They have no idea just how precarious their positions are.

          1. idamag January 3, 2017

            The party of the religious right has lowered their standards to fit their ideology. Funny, they used to call themselves the party of family values. The values I taught my family were much higher than theirs. I never considered hate, lying, and lack of empathy family values.

        2. jmprint January 3, 2017

          That’s why I call her Lady Tramp.

    2. charleo1 January 3, 2017

      Wrong! He didn’t claim to have fixed the economy. I always love it when people who have never listened, ever, to what he said as President, only repeating what Fox or Alex Jones said he said. Have criticized this President, who actually did bring the economy back from the brink of collapse. Seen the uninsured rate fall to its lowest levels in history. Brought thousands of troops home from a war that never have should been fought in the first place. And offered the Country a way back from becoming a totally corporate controlled Oligarchy. And was rejected. Now, when we wonder why gov. doesn’t seem to work anymore. Why so many think we’re not a great Country anymore. This is a prime example. It’s not truth, but the politics, and the propaganda of the destruction of truth.

      1. itsfun January 3, 2017

        Come on Charlie: How many times has he told us how the economy is great now and its because of him and his policies. The uninsured rate did not just fall to its lowest levels. It was mandated by the Democrats. The lied about the cost of the insurance, keeping your doctor, you current policy. It makes a couple in their 60’s buy maternity care. How many couple in their 60’s have babies. The rates and deductibles are out of control and you choose to brag about that. Obama called ISIS the JV team and has allowed them to grow all over the world. Obama drew red lines, backed down and made the US lose face and become a joke to the world. Obama is a complete failure as President.

        1. charleo1 January 3, 2017

          He said, the economy was improving, was adding jobs, and that that growth was sustaining itself. And it has! Adding that it’s not where we’d like to see it. He said wages were not keeping up, noted that outsourcing, and automation will be ongoing problems hampering full employment. And offered that higher education, and more job training were our best answers going forward.
          He also proposed fixing our badly deteriorated infrastructure, roads, bridges, airports. and harbors, and improving our cyber networks would be a great investment to keep America the place where the World preferred to do business.And the Republicans ignorant Americans had seen fit to put in charge of House, while gerrymandering the Country into a one Party system, rejected these very good economic proposals, as “sugar high solutions,” So come election time they could do just as you have, and demagogue the crap out of the economic issue. Call him, and his administration, and middle out economic philosophy a failure, as you have. And of course relied again on the utter stupidity of the American public to go around and repeat stupid things like, “He never talks about the guy who just don’t want to work, or had given up…” Like what’s he supposed to say about that guy? Maybe that guy retired? Or quote people not at all effected by Obamacare bitching because they didn’t get to keep their doctor. As if it was the first time their insurance co. caused them to have to change doctors. It’s dishonest as hell! As he fought tooth and nail with rabid Right Wingers to keep them now controlling the House, from intentionally tanking the bond market, and throwing the Country’s economy into a deeper depression than we started off in. And, planning on blaming that on him too! You guys are really too too much with your fairy tales, and pat answers to explain your rat hole positions that are constantly hurting the Country with your willful ignorance about what is going on here.

        2. marriea January 3, 2017

          Hi itsfun,
          Happy New Year.
          You seem to want to blame President Obama for all the woes you mentioned.
          And as I have mentioned in previous post, you seemingly think that Donald Trump will fix those problems and I seriously wonder why you feel so.
          I see you are still harping on that maternity leave payment.
          My insurance has also gone up.
          Do I like it, no, but I thank goodness when I go to the doctor, I end up not paying anything.
          I don’t know what state you are living in, but it seems that some state just don’t help the matter any because the state legislators and governors set the laws for the standards for health care..
          The President of the U S can only mostly suggest, but each state set their own sovereign laws for their jurisdiction. So if you have to pay more, then look no farther that your state government.
          As far as that the higher ‘Oligarchy’, I have to wonder why you apparently voted for one of the biggerst of those you claim to hate.
          You can’t get any higher ‘oligarchy’ than Trump.
          I have a feeling that many voted for him because he is a reported rich guy with a TV personality to boot with a potty mouth.
          But people seemed to forget about his business practices and his character.
          But this is the guy that the Electorial College has declared the winner.
          So be it.
          I pray that I am wrong about him and you are so right, but his history as a person indicates otherwise.
          The Democrats was in charge for exactly two years but the Congress has been controlled by the GOP, especially the House for all of 6 years, but during those 6 years, what exactly have you gotten out of the deal.
          The fact that people have rewarded them with total control is both a blessing and a curse.
          A blessing because now they can’t blame the DEMs for the things they will take away from the public and a curse because folks will be hurt in more ways than they think.
          I do believe that we will become engaged in another battle because of ours and Trump insistance that Israel is right about their views about the Palestiine and that will give Israel a reason and cause to forever change the Middle East. This is a battle that has been going on for about 68 years or better.
          Under Trump it will come to a head.
          That curse will cause so much turmoil that I can only hope that indeed we don’t get involved in the war of the worlds.
          Ah, but China, to whom has over a trillion of our bonds in their hands, goodness, I hope they don’t ask for their money back pronto.
          Oh yes, Trump has proposed filing bankrupt and what do you think that would do to our economy?
          There is a reason that Trump is so chummie with Putin.
          Both want to be the most powerful persons in the world and if they don’t get their way, they will destroy it.
          I’d give Putin the edge.
          However, I hope you will be paying careful attention for the next four years and see who really has your best interest al heart.
          I get that you have had a big problem with Obama as president.
          In your heart of hearts it is up to you to look yourself in the mirror to ponder why. It is your right to do so, but at least be honest with your reasoning.
          I don’t like Trump because he has shown what and who he cares about and his character as a person and he doesn’t care not one whit about the people of this country. Except for those he can use and exploit.
          But that’s just me and my opinion
          Lets just hope that the GOP doesn’t destroy ‘Obamacare’ before their voyage into the unknow happens.
          And I also hope that most of the U S is not destroyed by that voyage.
          I just wonder if Karma is not at work by giving us what many has been wanting for years.
          As the old saying goes, ‘be careful what you wish for, you might get it’

          1. 788eddie January 3, 2017

            Thank you for your thoughts, marriea. They are well written and ask some sincere questions.

            I would like to read itsfun’s well thought-out response (not just one of his rants).

          2. itsfun January 3, 2017

            Lets start with my example of maternity forced coverage. Since both women and men must purchase the coverage, how can both ever use it? I have not yet met a man needing maternity care. Seeing as how the woman is required to purchase the same coverage, why do both have to purchase it? I am only using maternity coverage as a example. The co-ops are going out of business because people can’t afford the cost of the Obamacare tax. 1000 counties have only one option because there is no money to be made by private industry. Many voted for President elect Trump because of his opponent. The problems between Palestine and Israel have been ongoing for years. Obama just stabbed Israel in the back and somehow you are finding a way to blame President-elect for any future problems they may have.
            China has more to lose than the United States and won’t be demanding any money anytime soon. Do you know that President-elect Trump and Putin have never met in person? I read a lot here how Trump and Putin are buddy buddy, with no proof of that. They do seem to have respect for each other, which is a good thing. Putin has gotten away with everything he wants with Obama, I think he realizes he won’t with President Trump. Remember Obama telling Putin how he would be able to help him more after his re-election in 2012? Maybe we should look into what deals Obama made with Putin. I believe Trump does care about people and our country. Already he has more jobs coming back to America. Today alone Ford announced they will now be making their electric and self driving cars in Michigan and not in Mexico as previously announced. The future of healthcare is a huge issue. I can’t believe the new Congress and Administration will repeal any part of the ACA without having a replacement plan in force. They have been saying repeal and replace, not just repeal. We have to hope the replacement is better. I also think the huge electoral college landslide victory is also a mandate to replace Obamacare and get rid of senseless regulations.

          3. Independent1 January 3, 2017

            Has it ever occurred to you that Women don’t get prostate problems which inflict virtually every man at some point over the age of 60. Health related problems which can cost far in excess of anything a woman may experience with her maternity care.

            Women who are buying health insurance are paying a premium to cover the significant medical costs associated with men having prostate cancer, and even the many ailments that men encounter with their prostate which don’t end up turning into cancer. Everything balances itself out.

            It’s only those who are so self centered and narcissistic that they can’t see beyond the nose on their face – such as you.

          4. dpaano January 4, 2017

            Apparently, itsfun also doesn’t understand that most of the insureds that are paying for medical costs for women are married. So, even if men don’t see the advantage of ACA paying for women’s maternity costs, they ARE married and have wives that need this kind of care. If their wives get pregnant, they will need maternity care. No matter who pays for the insurance (the husband or the wife), they’re going to be glad that they have it. Also, I agree, we also have to pay for men’s healthcare costs; i.e., Viagra, ED problems, prostate cancer, etc. We even pay for insurance to cover obesity and the modalities that occur because of this; i.e., diabetes, heart problems, etc. That’s even for those of us who are not obese or do not have these problems. Health insurance pays for everyone’s problems whether we, personally, have those problems. And, who can tell whether or not men or women will need medical care in the future for these problems? No one knows what their health problems are going to be in the future. We all need health insurance, and the more of us who have it ends up saving money for ALL of us in the long run!

          5. marriea January 4, 2017

            We have a fundamental difference in how we see things.
            I’m not going to slam your view, because I cannot understand your viewpoint.
            I can only guess as to why you have that viewpoint, but I’m going to hope you are a better person than I imagine.
            That said, with regards to health care, it is better for many than nothing at all.
            I have seen the dispair, up close and personal, of folks who didn’t have or couldn’t even began the application process previously for the healthcare offered, before Obamacare came into play.
            For them, even though it might have been costly still, they had an option.
            I put that in the drowning or trying to stay alike by grabbing that floating log option.
            I thank the gods that be that I didn’t fall into that catagory,
            Health care is going to always be expensive for some, but yet I’m bewildered that the same folks who say that healthcare is ‘too expensive for me to bother with it’, will pay tons for car insurance.
            Just think of the logic in that.
            The health of my car is more important than my own body.
            I agree that what has been going on between Palestine and Israel has been going on for years.
            But in the past several years since ‘Be-be’ has been prime minister, it has gotten worst because of what?, that’s right say it, Greed.
            Of course the Palestinians are going to fight back and because of their lack of weapontry, they fight back the only way they can.
            I don’t like it, it’s ugly, I cry whenever I read about the tactics they use, but didn’t the Japanese and Vietnamese people use the same tactics. It’s almost like they are saying, ‘since you’re going to kill me anyways, I might as die on my own terms and take a few of you with me’.
            Like I said, those are terrible options, but rather than become the American Indians of this country…..
            Obama didn’t stab ‘Be-be’ in the back. He told him to his face what he thought of Israel’s actions toward the Palestinians and sought to work something out.
            Be-be decided to take the stance of the GOP Mr. Obama has gotten in this country.
            It’s my way or the highway.
            Obama respectfully disagreed.
            China has always been a different horse to me.
            I’d be damned worried about a country that owned a big stock of shares in my govt bonds.
            And since Trump is a bankrupt sort of guy,…with nothing to lose, even if the American people sinks into a hole because of it., other than winning, Trump doesn’t care. He has said as much.
            So you say Trump has never met Putin.
            Maybe yes, maybe no.
            Trump can’t even decide that himself.
            But I guess you like the idea that he can flip-flop on this so much that you don’t hold his feet to the fire.
            Would you feel the same way if Obama did the same thing?
            Why is it that Obama has to be held to a different, much higher standard than say, Trump?
            Don’t tell me, just admit it to yourself.
            OK, you say you believe that Trump cares about the people of this country.
            Trump has said with his own mouth that he only cares about winning. His followers are therefore just happy vessels for his victory.
            Many have put words into Trump’s mouth that he didn’t actually say, at least to me.
            He did do a lot of insinuation, but actually saying things, not so much. That’s how con artist works.
            They only go to the brink, then let the ‘marks’ fill in the blanks.
            Like a used car saleman, telling you this is a great machine, look at the pretty color and it has no dents and a great interior, no tears, and a person buys it, gladly putting the money in the saleman’s hand.
            aka, the Art of the Deal.
            Once you drive off the lot, get a half a block down, the puppy breaks down, because the motor died and it cost as much as the car brought to fix it.
            Maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong about Trump.
            Maybe you are right that he does care about this country and the people.
            Maybe his spots are just a facade and he’s really a panther.
            It doesn’t fit his long standing M.O at least not to me, but I’d gladly eat crow if I’m wrong.
            And yes, I heard about his vow to taraff companies that take jobs over seas.
            Make me wonder why Presidents and Congress haven’t used that tactic long before, but I still applaud the measure. Wonder what Congress will have to say about it however.
            But it Trump can pull it off, I say go for it.
            Now, back to that health insurance.
            Wouldn’t it be a hoot and hollar, if Congress passed a bill exactly as Obamacare, but called it the new and improved healthcare act without giving Obama the credit for it.
            That’s what this is really all about.
            Trying to make the Obama years irrelevent.
            If that turns out to be the case, history is going to have a field day with how so many white guys felt the need to go out of their way to make themselves feel so insecure about their status.
            In that way, they will indeed be building Obama up.
            But the good thing is, tapes will forever be available.
            Unlike ‘written history’ of the past, the truth will always be present.
            Just like those dreded e-mails, they will forever be part of the present in the future.
            Fun chatting with you.
            Have a good day

          6. dpaano January 4, 2017

            What itsfun and the rest of these trolls don’t seem to realize is that China pretty much OWNS most of the United States, and if they decide to get pissed and call in their loans, this country will go bankrupt very quickly! As for pissing of North Korea….they have already stated they have bombs aimed at the West Coast of the United States, which will take out California, which is the 6th largest economic entity in the world. Where would the rest of this country be without California?
            As for healthcare, I have seen my healthcare costs go up yearly, and I have an employer plan. It goes up at least 2-4% yearly, but I don’t mind it because at least I have healthcare and can go to a doctor (instead of an ER) whenever I have a problem. It doesn’t cost my state money to pay for my care because I don’t have health insurance. Apparently, most of the Trumpsters don’t realize that before ACA, every time an individual went to the ER, it was the taxpayer in that state that ended up paying for their care. Because hospitals weren’t paid for these visits for often “minor” problems, the cost of those visits were added to the cost of those of us who DID have healthcare. You wonder why hospital visits, etc. cost so much….it’s because most of the bill is to cover uninsured patients. The money has to come from somewhere, and it came from those of us who did have insurance. Additionally, the Trumpsters are not aware that the ACA was a GOP project, but they did nothing about it when GWB was in power. Now, because Obama took it to the streets and got it approved, they are having a fit because they didn’t get the accolades for it. Too bad….you snooze, you lose!
            Trump made MANY promises to his followers, some of which he’s already backed down on. He even admitted at a recent rally that most of what he said was BS and that he only said it to get their votes. But, they still can’t see the light! He has taken credit for keeping jobs in the U.S. that really had nothing to do with him; i.e., Carrier, Sprint, etc. As for Ford, it was a decision that they made a couple of months ago NOT to build their factory in Mexico because the Ford Focus SUV that they planned on building there was not selling well. So, they decided NOT to build in Mexico and to build a “design center” in the United States in lieu of a factory in Mexico. This was NOT totally because of Trump, but they did say they would be expecting tax write-offs, less regulations, etc. Unfortunately, without some of those “regulations,” we’ll most likely be driving vehicles that are not totally safe, but apparently, the Trumpsters don’t seem to have problems with that. Regulations are put into place for the safety of the citizens of this country……most of them are important even tho’ they end up costing the industry more money. Too bad…..I would prefer paying a little more for an item if I knew it was safe to use around myself and my family.
            Just my thoughts….

          7. itsfun January 4, 2017

            You are misunderstanding me on healthcare. I believe in healthcare for all. I don’t believe ever person needs the exact same coverage as the Obamacare tax people do. A 20 year old does not need the same coverage as a 70 year old. Men and women do not need the exact same coverages. I also believe that we the people should be able to give the very best healthcare to folks with pre-existing conditions. I don’t have a problem using tax money to help those folks. I just don’t believe it is right to force a private company to insure someone after the fact. I equate that with say I can purchase auto insurance after a accident and make the company pay for it.
            People should be able to go across state lines to get insurance. The more competition the lower the rates will be. I know some people that are paying more than twice as much as they paid before Obamacare. I have said and continue say Obamacare needs to be fixed. I don’t care if it is repealed and replaced, or fixed or named. I do suspect some Republicans hate the name Obamacare more than they do the actual program.
            The people in Palestine believe the Jewish people don’t even have a right to exist. Doesn’t that sound like Hitler?

            I use to say Obama was the American dream come true. He came from nowhere to be President of the U.S. I lost my respect for him when he lied to us to get healthcare passed. Americans are not stupid and don’t need a leader lying to them to get his pet projects passed. After what he did to Israel I have come to believe he is actually a evil person.
            We will never agree on the right and left and that’s okay. Isn’t that what our country is about. We don’t have to agree on everything to talk. Also it is refreshing and a pleasure to chat with someone without being called a idiot or moron or something else. Have a good day.

        3. jmprint January 3, 2017

          Great get rid of it why don’t you, because it’s the best that has happened and you idiots don’t have a back up plan, just a lot of hot air.

          1. itsfun January 3, 2017

            It is the worst that has happened. Repeal and replace, not just repeal idiot.

          2. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            Do you really think the 100,000 or so Americans who are alive today only because of the improvements that ACA has force on America’s health delivery system would agree that it’s the worst thing that has happened?

            Or the 15,000 or so people who have jobs today in Arizona just because Jan Brewer pushed the Arizona legislature to expand Medicaid? Of the added couple billion dollars in tax revenues Arizona has enjoyed because of that expansion? Or all the businesses in Arizona that have reaped the benefit of those recently insured people spending another 1-2 billion on the Arizona economy? Or even the hospitals in Arizona that have seen their profits increase from around 4% to over 6%.

            Do you really think all those people would agree with you?

            Or even all the HHS Hospitals that have seen billions in added profits across the nation?

            Or all the safety-net hospitals in America which are still open in the states that have embraced ACA??

            My guess is that all the hospitals in red states that have gone belly up because idiot Republicans refused to expand Medicaid are cursing the idiot Republican legislators and not the creation of ACA!!!

          3. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Where’s the plan? And why wait 2-4 years to implement something that has been in the works since 2010.

          4. itsfun January 4, 2017

            There were plans offered, but the Democrat controlled Senate never allowed them out of committee. Do a simple search and you just may find them.

        4. jmprint January 3, 2017

          President Obama is not a failure at all. He did a tremendously great job with what he had to work with, so eat $hit and die you creep.

          1. itsfun January 3, 2017

            I wouldn’t want to take your dinner from you.

          2. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Only good humans are welcomed anyway.

        5. Independent1 January 3, 2017

          Had Obama not insisted on applying a stimulus and bailing out the auto industry back in 2009, most economists believe America would have fallen into a depression given the dire straights America was in; even Ben Bernanke felt that the world was closer to a total economic collapse in 2008/9 than it was even back in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

          So your comments about the economy today are really nonsensical, because without at least the following things Obama did early on in his presidency – we may be discussing today where the nearest breadline is in a world that’s still trying to pull itself out of total devastation. (It took 15 years for America to remotely recover from the 1929 stock market crash.)

          All the GOP presidents in office since Teddy Roosevelt combined haven’t accomplished the following that Obama has which have truly been beneficial to everyone in our nation:

          1. His Recovery Act supported millions of jobs and helped to stave off a second Great Depression.

          2. The green energy portion of his stimulus bill drew significant supporting investments from the private sector resulting in the largest developments of alternative energies in America’s history; prompting Michael Grunwald to write an article about its advancements calling it a ‘Ginormous Clean Energy Bill.’

          3. The clean energy portion has created hundreds of thousands of jobs across the nation and have been a driver for the establishment and dramatic developments of companies like Tesla.

          4. His stimulus and investment in the auto industry spurred America’s economic recovery early on in 2009 prompting oil companies to reinvest in exploration setting up the shale oil industry expansion in places like North Dakota even at a time when oil had hit a low price point that would have made exploration unprofitable; not only creating thousands of jobs, but also being one of the main reasons America is now the largest oil/gas energy producer on the planet for the first time in modern history.

          5. He pushed for and won middle class tax cuts that benefited every American worker, and saved the typical family $3,600 in taxes over the last four years.

          6. President Obama rescued the auto industry, and now GM and Chrysler are healthier than they’ve ever been; making profits the industry hadn’t seen since President Clinton was in office.

          7. The American auto industry has added nearly a quarter of a million jobs since June 2009—and they most likely wouldn’t exist in America today without President Obama’s leadership.

          8. He doubled funding for Pell Grants, helping to make college more affordable for nearly 10 million families.

          (And there are almost 40 more that could be listed.)

      2. Independent1 January 3, 2017

        When are you right-wingers ever own up to the disaster that GOP-governance is creating in every state that it governs – all 25 states with the worst economies and the most people broke and on the verge of bankruptcy are GOP-governed states per a WalleltHub survey.

        So where do you economic ignoramuses get off criticizing anyone on the economy or anything else?

        100 Years of history has shown time and time again that everything the GOP proposes ends up being negative for the economy!!

        Not only are the stock market’s returns since 1930 actually negative during the combined 42 years of GOP misgovernance; because Republicans’ have a propensity for creating one recession and depression after another with their misguided conservative ideology!!

        Just using job statistics from the past 30 plus years proves clearly that Republicans actually no nothing about governing in a way that creates jobs for Americans!!

        Reagan and the 2 Bushes governed in such a misguided way that a paltry 24 million jobs were created in their failed 20 years in office – while virtually twice that many 47 million were created under Carter, Clinton and Obama.

        So I’d suggest that the GOP should look at doing one heck of a lot better job at running our country before they start criticizing any other political party!

        1. charleo1 January 3, 2017

          Well Indy, I’m not a Right Winger yet…I’m holding out until they get a little closer to Hitlerism’s racial scapegoating, extreme Nationalism, executing the political Left as traitorous Commie Bolsheviks, who are leading an otherwise great Nation into a Godless abyss, from which only one man can save it. I guess that would be this coming Jan 20.
          Until then, I’m still a staunch Democrat.

          1. Independent1 January 3, 2017

            I know well that you’re not a right-winger. I meant the above post for itsfun but clicked on the wrong ‘reply’. Sorry.

          2. charleo1 January 3, 2017

            You’re okay in my book my friend, no matter where you click before you begin.

      3. idamag January 3, 2017

        itsfun is just a low-information, poorly educated nut jog. Why respond to that creature. He doesn’t realize that it is today’s workers that are paying his Social Security and when their jobs go by the wayside so does his monthly check.

      4. 788eddie January 3, 2017

        People like itsfun, PatrickHenry and others of their ilk won’t be able to not “listen” when their economic reality turns sour as a result of Double-Down Donnie’s polities.

        Wouldn’t you just love to be the proverbial “fly on the wall” to hear their simpering anguish, when they realize they’ve been had?

        1. jmprint January 3, 2017

          They don’t listen to Trumpf either, if they did they would be scared.

    3. Independent1 January 3, 2017

      When are you right-wingers ever going to own up to the disaster that
      GOP-governance is creating in every state that it governs – all 25
      states with the worst economies and the most people living in poverty,
      broke and on the verge of bankruptcy are GOP-governed states per a
      WalleltHub survey.

      So where do you economic ignoramuses get off criticizing anyone on the economy or anything else?

      Years of history has shown time and time again that everything the GOP
      proposes ends up doing turns into a negative for the economy!! (14 of
      17 recessions and all 3 depressions since 1900 occurred while a
      Republican was president.)

      Not only are the stock market’s returns
      since 1930 actually negative during the combined 42 years of GOP
      misgovernance; because Republicans’ have a propensity for creating one
      recession and depression after another with their misguided conservative

      Just using job statistics from the past 30 plus years
      proves clearly that Republicans actually no nothing about governing in a
      way that creates jobs for Americans!!

      Reagan and the 2 Bushes
      governed in such a misguided way that a paltry 24 million jobs were
      created in their failed 20 years in office – while virtually twice that
      many – 47 million jobs – were created under Carter, Clinton and Obama.So
      I’d suggest that the GOP should look at doing one heck of a lot better
      job at running our country before they start criticizing any other

      1. dpaano January 3, 2017

        We can thank the trickle-down theory of economics for the problems that are seen in most GOP-led states today; i.e., Kansas, Louisiana, etc. They were both experiments that clearly showed that this theory does NOT work! The more money we give to the 1%, the less money is trickled down to the worker bees! Most millionaires, etc., are greedy individuals who can’t seem to understand that they are going to end up with nothing because there won’t be anyone buying their products, etc. Eventually, companies will close down because people don’t have the money to spend….so, where will these jackasses end up? I’d like to suggest a couple of places, but I won’t!

        1. Nativegrammy January 3, 2017

          Well, dpaano, I don’t have any problem suggesting a couple of places they will end up, HELL being right at the top of that list. Agree completely, Kansas and Louisiana are perfect examples of extreme conservative policies that DID NOT WORK and have left these states in dire straights, and yet this clueless Gov. Brownback actually had the temerity to tell Trump how he has governed in Kansas and Trump should apply that to the Federal government……something is really, really off about this guy!!! And what about 8 years of Bushs’ extreme tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, with out of control hits to the deficit, nothing trickled down anywhere I could see, all while fighting a war ……just plain STUPID. I cannot abide this new version of Republican Conservative ideology in any way shape or form. When I read the “to do list” of the Republicans 115th Congress, it makes me physically sick. Such draconian, mindless cuts and laying utter destruction for so many in this country with no thought what-so-ever to the lives of real people who are already struggling and the damage about to be unleashed on them…..and that’s just the beginning.

          1. dpaano January 3, 2017

            I so agree….and Trump’s tax plan will be just another of the same thing….trickle down economics….apparently, these braindead idiots have NO concept of the problems that this is causing with their GOP-led states. As for Brownback, he should be strung up from the highest tree by the citizens of his state! Same goes for Jindal and Louisiana! But, all these uninformed citizens hear is about how it was the fault of President Obama!

          2. Independent1 January 3, 2017

            Unfortunately, many Americans have to learn things the hard way – that Republican governance is an utter disaster. Sadly the millions who voted for a previous Republican businessman like Trump back in the late 1920’s (Hoover) learned their mistake the hard way being forced to live through a stock market collapse and world wide depression that took America and the world more than 10 years to recover from. We can only hope Trump won’t be a repeat of Hoover – but who knows.

        2. mike January 3, 2017

          Still thinking stupidly.

          1. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            As spoken by the most mentally deficient ignoramus on the NM!!!

            And by the way, if anyone on the NM fits the following article – it’s you:

            Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.


      2. mike January 3, 2017

        Voters in Three very blue states decided this so-called rosy economy Obama kept touting wasn’t working for them and voted against the Obama/Hillary future.
        Those three states put Trump over the top as did swing states Ohio, NC, FL.
        People wanted real change.
        Now SCOTUS will stay conservative for generations plus 100 lower court new judges, most if not all regs and EO’s gone.
        What you TDS’s don’t understand he is not a conservative and will drain the swamp his way. Perfect example today when he told to republicans to knock it off on “ethic vote.”

        1. Independent1 January 3, 2017

          Like I told itsfun the other day, it was not people voting for Trump that put Trump over the top in some of the blue states, it was Russian hacking of the voting computers. The actual count deviations between the CNN exit polls and the computer results were way out of normal bounds in 13 states which is why so many people were aghast at Ttrump’s win – the only explanation being that something/someone tampered with the computer voting counts.

          And don’t count your chickens before they hatch on getting all those conservative justices approved that you’re hanging your hat on – who’s saying Trump is going to stack the courts with conservatives?? And that they’ll be conservatives that even the GOP would accept???

          1. mike January 3, 2017

            Are you f*uking nuts? No state election systems were hacked or tampered with. CNN like you are a joke. All knowledgeable sources even the WH has acknowledged the fact, NO ELECTION HACKING. Period! If there was even a scintilla of evidence every leader of your party would be involved especially the DOJ to save obama’s legacy.
            You are certifiable crazy.
            No it’s a done deal. Reid blew the process up in 2013.

          2. Independent1 January 3, 2017

            Can We Count on the Election Results? Exit Poll Discrepancies and Voter Suppression Are Serious Issues

            All along the way, there have been dismal failures in our supposed democratic process. That continues today, as election integrity activists point out that the national media’s election day exit polls found that Hillary Clinton was ahead in four key states — North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida — but lost the computerized vote count. That’s not the first time a “red shift” occurred between live exit poll results posted on CNN and the later vote count results.

            That suggests the exit polls were either deeply flawed, or the vote count was compromised or stolen.

            According to the exit polls conducted by Edison Research, Clinton won four key battleground states (NC, PA, WI, and FL) in the 2016 presidential election that she went on to lose in the computerized vote counts. With these states Clinton wins the Electoral College with a count of 302 versus 205 for Trump. Clinton also won the national exit poll by 3.2% and holds a narrow lead in the national vote count still in progress.

            “Exit polls were conducted in 28 states. In 23 states the discrepancies between the exit polls and the vote count favored Trump. In 13 of these states the discrepancies favoring Trump exceeded the margin of error of the state.”


          3. mike January 3, 2017

            Such bulls*it.
            Quit wasting my time. The whole democratic machine if there was even an ounce of credible evident would have been in court a month ago.
            There was no hacking of election systems in any states. Tampering in Detroit, yes! By democrats with more votes for Hillary than voters.
            Go stick your head back up where the sun doesn’t shine.
            You are effin nuts.

          4. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            You seriously don’t think for a moment I post anything for your benefit do you?? I wouldn’t waste my time since I know you’re nothing but just one more mental incompetent conservative!! I post stuff in hopes that no one will believe one word of the pathological lies and fabrications of reality that are the basis of all your posts!!! You don’t have enough brains to get in out of the rain!! And you clearly don’t know it!!!

          5. mike January 4, 2017

            Your meltdown continues.
            Where’s the beef? Show the evidence that the 13 states, or all 50, had their election systems hacked. Produce the evidence!
            Where’s the evidence? You are effin crazy.
            Thanks for starting my morining off with a wonderful laugh.
            How many days until the 45th Pesident is sworn in? You know Donald Trump.

          6. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            Go stuff it you know where lowlife!!!!!!!

          7. mike January 4, 2017

            Now you have made my day with this post. Chuckling at your angry, pathetic post as I type.

          8. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Where’s the beef?… 45th President. The fraud, the rapist, the pussie grabber, the racist.

          9. mike January 4, 2017

            And yet for the next 1460+ Donald Trump will be leading the country and controlling the agenda.
            Live with it. You just don’t get it. Millions were more interested in this country truly getting economic relief not more of the same. Your lying old hag ignored her base and 3 very blue states said they would rather ignore his personal flaws and give him a chance to get this economy really getting better. You seem to have forgotten they forgave Clinton for abusing and raping women. Why is it OK for Clinton but not for Trump?

          10. jmprint January 4, 2017

            You think, he already broke the Logan Act, he is already operating unconstitutionally. Do we have a choice of not living with it, millions more 2.8 to be exact didn’t want to live with it, but our good old electoral system allowed the minority to win. She didn’t ignore the base, she had a plan for all, and it didn’t include the rich getting richer, nor did it include rights being taken away, what it did include was working for the people and not just the elite. Trump will create jobs in the oil field, with increased fracking, but the trade off is not going to be worth it for the rest of the US citizens. What gives you the right to accuse Hillary of something that you have no proof of except Stone and Jones U-tube videos. It’s like me calling you a pedophile and accusing you of murdering and raping children and hiding them under your bed. How many porn child videos do you keep in your closet?

          11. mike January 4, 2017

            Logan Act violations, Really? Now what countries/country is he NEGOTIATING a dispute as a private citizens.
            If she did have a plan the base in the 3 blues states sure didn’t believe her.
            I accused her of lying to the American people about her private server and classified emails. She didn’t lie?

          12. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            You really are gullible aren’t you?? Anyone who believes one word of those right-wing photoshopped and fabricated YouTube videos is an absolute moron!! Wow!! How can anyone be as outright gullible and ignorant as you are?

          13. mike January 4, 2017

            You are beyond help. In fact, you’re nuts. Anger has consumed your ability of any rational thought.

          14. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            As jmprint points out below, you and your ilk are supporting and promoting for America’s president one of the worst human beings that has ever set foot on this planet – a human being who is every form of deviant that anyone can imagine. Which clearly reflects on the kind of person that you are – a deviant also.

          15. mike January 4, 2017

            Don’t change the subject.
            Where’s the Beef? Substantiate your claim that the voting computers were hacked.
            You said, “Like I told its fun the other day, it was not people voting for Trump that put Trump over the top in some of the blue states, it was Russian hacking of the voting computers.”
            “deviant” Really! You really are nuts. Typical of you lefties just a bunch of poor losers.

          16. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            And with respect to those fabricated graphs you posted me supposedly showing Reagan outperformed Carter – those were all just what I said – fabrications. An effort by someone to adjust what really happened 30 years ago to supposedly show inflationary adjustments – and in the process using factors during Reagan’s time to make things look rosy for him when they weren’t.

            And if you even did some math, you’d realize that Reagan was a big loser even in the jobs creation category.

            16+ million jobs were created during Reagan’s 8 years – that’s 2 million/year; while 10+ million jobs were created during Carter’s 4 years – that’s 2.5 million/yr – that’s 500,000 more jobs/year created by Carter than by Reagan. (And Clinton beat Reagan’s jobs creation by about one million/yr creating essentially 3 million jobs/yr.)

            And here’s a chart that shows the actual GDP growth using the actual GDP numbers and it shows clearly that Carter did a better job than Reagan even with GDP growth.

            U.S. Gross
            Domestic Product on 12/31


            Ford…..- 1976…1878
            Carter….- 1977….2086….11.1%
            ………… 1978….2357….13.0%
            ………… 1979….2632….11.7%
            ………… 1980….2863….10.9%..11.675%

            Reagan- 1981…. 3211…..11.2%
            .……….. 1982…. 3345….. 10.4%
            …..…….. 1983…. 3638….. 10.9%
            .……….. 1984…. 4041….. 11.0%
            .……….. 1985…. 4347….. 10.8%
            .……….. 1986…..4590…..10.6%
            .……….. 1987…..4870…..10.6%
            .……….. 1988…..5253…..10.8%…10.788%

            Note that the GDP increase under Reagan never exceeded 11% and only happened twice. While under Carter the GDP increase was over 11% three times and actually hit 13% – something Reagan never accomplished!!!

          17. mike January 4, 2017

            Keep trying! No cigar for you.
            Keep the Fake News coming and making you loook less credible each time.
            I find it interesting how your whole life is living in the past. Your charts mean nothing. No one is paying any attention to your blather.

          18. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            Go stuff your head in toilet somewhere because that’s where all the crap coming out of your mouth belongs!!!!

          19. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            And it it’s me living in the past, why are all the nitwit conservative politicians still trying to pretend that Reagan was some kind of miracle worker when he was America’s worst president ever.

            His nonsensical idiotic policies are why America is in the terrible condition it has become and that includes the enormous income inequality today that is the major driver of all of America’s major problems!!!

            Note in the graph below that income inequality starts to skyrocket during Reagan’s time in office starting with the early 1980’s!!

            And why are there still GOP politicians trying to name even the Atlantic Ocean after Reagan?? Darrell Issa?? If I’m the only one living in the past!!!!!!!!!

            Ronald Reagan was a pariah to America!!!!!


          20. mike January 4, 2017

            Keep it coming it means nothing. Quit wasting your time. If this is true, why didn’t Hillary start every rally and TV appearance with it. You just don’t get it, workers didn’t feel the burn or the so-called rosy picture Obama tried to portray.
            The American people who voted for Trump were looking forward not backwards. Even now trumps favorable is up to 51%.
            Donald Trump is the next president.

          21. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            Prove that 51% favorable from a non right-wing polling organization!!

            From Politico:

            While Trump has received a boost in public opinion after his victory, he still badly lags past presidents-elect when it comes to personal favorability. Currently, his average favorable rating stands at 43 percent, according to HuffPost Pollster, while a 49-percent plurality views him unfavorably. More respondents viewed Trump unfavorably than favorably in the most recent batch of public polls from NBC News/Wall Street Journal, Suffolk University/USA Today, Fox News,CBS News and POLITICO/Morning Consult, all conducted in early- or mid-December.

            Compare that with President Barack Obama, who entered 2009 with a 68-percent favorable rating – and only a 21-percent unfavorable rating.


          22. mike January 4, 2017

            Go to Reuters or Rasmussen.
            Don’t for get Trump will the next President in 16 days.

          23. jmprint January 4, 2017

            But we are paying attention to your “I don’t believe in facts attitude” “LA LA LA LA LA” You are definitely a trumpanzee, every household has one.

          24. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

            Millions of Americans are already waiting for hours outside of
            polling places to vote for the next president of the United States. All of that might not matter though, as some security pros say the entire election can be rigged all too easily.

            In one example, it wouldn’t take much more than ten dollars’ worth of parts from any RadioShack store to steal and manipulate votes. It’s called a man-in-the-middle attack and the computer program that logs the results on electronic voting machines isn’t even compromised.

            “It’s a classic attack on security devices,” Roger Johnston tells Popular Science. “You plant a microprocessor or some other electronic device into the voting machine, and that lets you control the voting and turn cheating on and off. We’re basically interfering with transmitting the voter’s intent.”


            And the hacking can’t be traced with no record of the actual votes cast.

          25. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Obama’s legacy won’t be tarnished, his accomplishments are already noted and when you feel the affects of any overturned laws in place by Obama you will see the only ones being tarnished are the republican congress.

          26. mike January 4, 2017

            Tarnished it will be. Historians will show he lied to the American people on Obamacare to get it passed and then experience everything he said was a lie.
            He was a failure only many levels.

          27. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Nope you are WRONG. Are you still stuck on “you can keep your doctor” when if the republicans that didn’t allow the expansion in their states cause some functions of ACA to work properly. He has never lied, post one link where he lied, that is not a conservative fake news. You can’t, you won’t, you are a parrot and only parrot fake $hit.

          28. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            We don’t know if any machines were hacked and we never will. Even if evidence existed the Dems will not break the pact of the duopoly and reveal that our elections are a sham. They need to maintain that illusion to keep the rubes docile. We have one party with two heads. Trump will strut and blather but either he will play the game the GOP lays out for him or they will find a way to remove him.

          29. mike January 5, 2017

            Baloney, trump is not beholding to anyone. Look what he did to stupid attempt to change ethic committe. Trump told republicans to knock off and they did.

          30. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            Thanks again for the chuckles. ” trump is not beholding to anyone” that is a good one, still laughing.

          31. mike January 5, 2017

            Oh brilliant one, name the lobbyist that paid for his campaign. How about the CEO’s or the billionaires that paid for access.
            Go read Fortune’s 100 CEO article where not one CEO of top 100 companies donated to Trump.
            He is not obligated to anyone which if Hillary had been elected would have been.

          32. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            All the free media attention he received meant he didn’t need as much as Clinton. There are also the contributions that weren’t counted as such to his campaign. “Donald Trump’s presidential campaign improperly coordinated with supportive super PACs during the election.”

            Actually we don’t know how obligated Trump is since he refuses to reveal any of his financials, as ALL other presidents have done. He is in debt to foreign entities which is more frightening than Clinton’s obligations which as far as we know didn’t involve her actually owing money. But the point here is not that Trump is dirty and Clinton is clean. It seems pretty clear that Putin has a grip on him but again Trump’s secretiveness makes it unclear why.

            And as to the childish need you have to always include a personal insult along with whatever point you’re trying to make with me and it seems everyone else. I’ll just respond the one time and then ignore. Go f**k yourself.

          33. mike January 5, 2017

            You left of “alleged”
            So all the big donors, bundlers don’t expect something back. Right?
            How do you who or what Trump owes. You’re speculating. Now when did Obama release his Harvard or Columbia?
            Tell me my genius friend. Trump is rebuilding the Military and Strategic Arsenal wants to be Energy Independent. But yet he is beholding, a puppet of Putin in the eyes of the left. Explain how that is good for Putin? What we do know over the last 5 years under obama/ clinton Russia has gotten stronger on the world scene. Obama has been good for Putin but you think it is Trump. More stupid thinking from the left.

          34. The lucky one January 6, 2017

            “How do you know who or what Trump owes.” That’s exactly the point. We don’t know because he has not revealed info that should be open to inspection for someone assuming the office of president. Indications are that he is heavily in debt to foreign entities including some in Russia. I get that you have no grasp of ethics but in public office the appearance of impropriety is as bad as actual transgressions. he could easily remove the appearance of being “owned” by foreign entities if indeed it isn’t true but he won’t, most likely because he can’t.

            “Now when did Obama release his Harvard or Columbia transcripts.” What does that have to do with Trump’s financials?

            “Trump is rebuilding the Military and Strategic Arsenal and wants U.S.to be Energy Independent.” Apparently i’m not the only one who forgot “allegedly”.

          35. mike January 6, 2017

            No! He will rebuild the Military, Strategic Arsenal and look to make us Energy Independent. How is this good for Putin?
            It’s call Transparency. Why is it you demand total transparency from trump but not from Obama?

          36. The lucky one January 6, 2017

            “No! He will rebuild the Military, Strategic Arsenal and look to make us Energy Independent.” So he says but with his record of shameless lying and groundless braggadocio I won’t hold my breath.

            I don’t demand “total” transparency from Trump, for instance I don’t need to know anything about his adulterous relationships or his machinations to avoid the draft, but all financial ties should be open to review. Obama should have shared his academic records but that’s no where close to being as important as a president’s financial info.

          37. mike January 6, 2017

            Trump campaigned on rebuilding military and energy independence so it will be done no matter what you think. Since he won he has added SA.
            We will to agree to disagree on obama’s transcripts and trumps taxes.

          38. The lucky one January 6, 2017

            Thanks. I always get a chuckle out of political cartoons. The physique looks more like Trump though.

            Here’s one for you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1e8d31e3107c3d8cff242a6089af1ebef2e85d3db3973616cd3ce21e8896406a.jpg

          39. mike January 6, 2017

            The difference is mine shows one of many real life events by Obama and his weak and failed policies in the world theater.

          40. The lucky one January 6, 2017

            And mine just points out that Trump is all hot air, all hat and no cattle as they say in Texas. You must be running out because the last one with yahoo is pointless. Apparently the caricature of Obama is what is meant to get the laugh.

          41. mike January 6, 2017

            Here’s another. Typical of his foreign policy.


          42. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            I’ll keep it simple for you. With Trump it’s not who he owes favors to for help with his campaign. It’s who he owed favors to coming into the campaign and how he plans to profit personally from his insiders position promotion of his business interests.

          43. dpaano January 4, 2017

            And, Mike, let’s not forget that Hillary actually won the POPULAR vote by over 3M votes. Trump is a “minority” president!

        2. Independent1 January 3, 2017

          And by the way – on another thread, I haven’t gotten back to you yet about Reagan vs Carter – but I will – and it’s Carter that comes out the winner if you use graphs and numbers that haven’t been fudged by people trying to make Reagan look good (if you use the raw numbers!!)

          1. mike January 3, 2017

            Don’t waste your time.
            If you don’t have it by now it doesn’t exists but in your mind.

        3. The lucky one January 5, 2017

          “What you TDS’s don’t understand he is not a conservative and will drain the swamp his way.” Agreed he is not a conservative but based on his actions thus far it’s laughable to think he will “drain the swamp”. Also laughable to view Trump as being concerned about ethical behavior. Well okay maybe in others but certainly not his own many ethical lapses.

          1. mike January 5, 2017

            You too have your panties in a wad over trump.
            You underestimated Trump in the election and got your clocks cleaned so why should I expect you to know what you’re talking about now.

          2. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            And why would I expect someone as poorly informed and biased as you to be able to determine whether someone knows what they’re talking about.

          3. mike January 5, 2017

            You are cracking me up with your nonsensical post.

          4. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            Glad I can reciprocate for all the chuckles you give me.

    4. jmprint January 3, 2017


      1. itsfun January 3, 2017

        Golly gee now you are yelling at me and calling names. Name calling is just a sign of a weak mind trying to express itself. Another response from you that makes no sense because you are so wrong wrong wrong.

        1. jmprint January 4, 2017

          That’s the kind of response that idiotic statements warrant. You seem to be so clueless and ignorant about what the republicans in congress do and do NOT, but yet you hone in on President Obama like your a jealous freak. Can you repeat after me
          O B S T R U C T I O N.

          1. itsfun January 4, 2017

            Obstruction is what the Democrats are already promising. They want to hold approving the new administration for as long as possible. That is obstruction. Check out the time frame the Republicans approved Obama’s cabinet picks.

          2. jmprint January 4, 2017

            Oh good now that you understand that obstruction was the only republican function, you can understand when you nominate warmongers, racist and unpatriotic people, you are going to have problems with getting them approved. Check out how long Scalia has been gone and look at the obstruction in all the judge vacancies that congress has caused in the last 6 years.

          3. itsfun January 4, 2017

            Apparently you don’t know much history. If you would have bothered to check you would see that when the tables were turned, Joe Biden said no outgoing President should be picking a Supreme Court Justice. President-elect Trump is not a warmonger, racist or unpatriotic. The losers on the left are just making things up.

          4. Independent1 January 4, 2017

            It would seem there are many who would take issue with your nonsensical claims that “Trump is not a warmonger, racist or unpatriotic” (here are just 3 samples):

            Warmonger Trump Eager to Use Nuclear Weapons and Impatient with Warnings Not To; Those Who See Him As Peace Candidate Are Exposed as Fools

            Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist

            Donald Trump’s unpatriotic campaign

          5. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            “Joe Biden said no outgoing President should be picking a Supreme Court Justice.” Provide the source or admit it is just BS.

            It remains to be seen if he is a warmonger but he is clearly unpatriotic and if not racist doesn’t mind having racists advising him.

          6. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            “Obstruction is what the Democrats are already promising.” You were expecting Dems to be more virtuous than Repubs? If so why didn’t you vote for them?

            Yes but Obama pretty much just maintained the status quo. Trump has brought in racists and corporate pillagers as well as a number of blatant incompetents like Rick Perry and lunatics like Mike Flynn.

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 5, 2017

          who knows best and most of a weak mind then you itsfun you coward punk oh ya the child added part you need BLAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAA I seen another post of yours clown you trying to pass off your middle name of IDIOT to some one else you keep the name IT belongs with you the only true place it knows BLAAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAA BLAAAAAAA << added child phrase for you coward punk

      2. dpaano January 3, 2017

        He was asleep as were most rightwing conservatives, either that, or they were scrambling to find someone to blame for their wonderful GWB!

    5. Independent1 January 3, 2017

      And as you gloat over Trump’s win, don’t forget to remember that it was little less than 90 years ago, that mindless Americans elected another supposedly great businessman named Hoover (a Republican of course); and then suffered badly for more than a decade because of the major mistake. And it didn’t take Hoover long to blow it either – his nonsensical governing ideas so unnerved investors in America that the stock market crashed about 10 months after Hoover taking office; the crash was so devastating investors were jumping out windows of highrises. And Trump is every bit as clueless about governing as Hoover was; so I hope you and your right-wing ilk are ready for what could be a repeat of 1929!!!!!

    6. The lucky one January 5, 2017

      “Sound like Obama wants the next President to fix his failures.” Isn’t that what every president is charged with? Look at everything that was dumped on him by Bush.

      ” his terrible economy” The economy is probably the area of concern where the president has the least ability to “fix” anything, apart from short term crutches. That’s something people will maybe finally realize when “Biz Whiz” Trump comes in and the economy makes no improvement.That will certainly be true for the middle class who will see losses rather than gains under Trump.

      1. itsfun January 5, 2017

        I think you are probably right. The economy is still bad, Obama is the first President that never had a year of at least a 3% growth. I just hope Trump can help the economy. With the two choices we had for President, I have to believe Trump was the best for the economy.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

    Ever notice how Itsy and Tottie the Rottie Rightie seem to always be in synch with each other? You have to wonder if they are really Trump the King of the Humps in disguise. Oooooh how they love kissing Trump butt. Oooooh how they love having a NUDIE Porn Industry reject for a First Slut.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker January 3, 2017

    Hey Tottie Rottie…From the US Census Bureau you insistent little maniac: https://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-01.pdf

  10. idamag January 3, 2017

    For a long time, there are those who worked hard to devalue the worker. In my state, a mother said, to me, of her married son: “He’s making good money, now, he gets $8.00 an hour.” That might sound like good money, but stack that up against rent, utilities, medical, clothing, and food. Her son is working in a warehouse in a right-to-work-for-less state. Mitt Romney’s solution was for their parents to loan them the money to get a higher education. Have you ever wondered at a world where everyone is a Phd and no one maintains the businesses, the infrastructure, the environment, or hauls trash? If everyone is a lawyer, who is going to pay the lawyers? The latest estimation is that in five years 20% of the jobs will be done by robots. Coal is not going to make a comeback, so there is another group that needs retraining to keep up with the times. I started out as a secretary. I could see, with the coming of computers, 70 words a minute typing and 60 wpm shorthand was becoming obsolete. Just as the railroads put the mule trains and cattle drovers out of business, it is coming. Prepare for it. I furthered my education in technical writing and computers.

    1. dpaano January 3, 2017

      We actually need MORE vocational schools and fewer big colleges! Our young need to be trained in items other than being lawyers, doctors, etc. because we need blue collar workers as much as white collar workers! But, they did away with vocational courses in both community colleges AND in high school many years ago, which is what has caused us to have a gross shortage of blue collar workers in blue collar jobs!

      1. idamag January 5, 2017

        I agree. There are those that have to feel they are better because they are suits. Congress has proven they can be gone a month and the only thing that happens is they can’t screw up on our dollar. If my sanitation department went on vacation for a month, you can bet I would feel that. To show you how important the housekeeping departments are in hospitals: American doctors were treating children who were burned in the warfare. The children got infection and died anyway because in Korean hospitals, at that time, if you wanted a clean room the patient had to pay for someone to clean his room. In our hospitals, housekeeping sfaff members are well trained professional hospital cleaners.They know what chemical kills which bacteria and viruses. We should never look down on someone because their work might not seem to have status. Romney suggested those people, who weren’t getting recognition and pay according to their worth, should borrow money from their parents and get a college degree. It the entire populace was doctors and lawyers, we might honor service workers. Even though I got an education, I never looked down on anyone else who might be contributing more to society than I was.

    2. jmprint January 3, 2017

      I have been in business 35 years and have seen technology and big name stores swallow mom and pop shops by the thousands, and they have had to regroup and do other jobs. If congress had done their job and raised the minimum wage on a yearly basis even at .25¢ per year which would have been easy for companies to handle, life wouldn’t be so hard for some that can’t even afford to make ends meet. Congress has failed us the last two decades and we should be able to sue them for noncompliance.

  11. dpaano January 3, 2017

    Trump isn’t going to do ANYTHING for equality…..how can he and his billionaire cabinet members even deal with it since they have never felt it? His tax plan, as stated, will give MORE money to the top 1% and less to the middle class. His one nominee (the Burger King giant) is against raising wages as it is! So, we can just sit back and watch the rich get richer and the rest of us will continue to suffer! Trump, who thinks he’s so smart, has absolutely NO concept of income equality because he’s never had to worry about paying bills, etc.

  12. Dr. Samuel Taddesse January 8, 2017

    Very interesting piece. I agree, the great problem of the century to solve is income inequality. But what does “income inequality” mean and how does it happen? Simplistically, income inequality occurs when workers’ pay is not linked to their productivity. In the 80s we tried to promote “pay for productivity”. It was shot down by corporate management. Now, I would like to propose that part of employees salaries be composed of cash and “company stocks or shares”. This in effect makes the regular employees and management of the corporation shareholders. These shareholder employees will work hard and creatively to enhance the productivity, efficiency and quality of the corporation’s goods and services to add value to their collective share holdings. This, in turn, will foster a competitive market place and keep American companies relatively more efficient and competitive than foreign companies. We also need an effective anti-trust law that will break up monopolies and oligopolies into smaller entities to facilitate and strengthen market competitiveness. I also suggest making income tax more progressive by raising taxes on the large income earners or the most wealthy and using the tax revenue for infrastructure rehabilitation and reconstruction. These suggestions along with yours will make America greater.


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