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Did Obama “Choke” When Kremlin Attacked Our Election?

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Did Obama “Choke” When Kremlin Attacked Our Election?


Fewer than two months ago, on May 10, 2017, President Trump invited two Russian diplomats into the White House to celebrate his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Having boasted on national TV that he’d removed Comey as a means of relieving pressure from the “fake news” investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Trump greeted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak like old friends.

Although US news media weren’t allowed into the Oval Office, the Russian news agency TASS published photos of the three men smiling broadly, backslapping, and shaking hands. That’s how American reporters learned of the controversial Kislyak’s presence. The White House neglected to mention it, presumably because his clandestine talks with fired National Security Director Michael Flynn lay at the heart of the FBI probe.

Lavrov even made heavy-handed jokes about Russian meddling, expressing mock surprise at Comey’s firing and observing sarcastically that it must be “humiliating for the American people to realize the Russian Federation is controlling the situation in the United States.”

The episode struck me at the time as an astonishing gesture of contempt, if completely in keeping with Trump’s furious denials that Russian skullduggery had anything to do with his election. In her Salon column, Heather Digby Parton compiled a short list of the president’s twitter posts on the subject. According to Trump, the FBI investigation has been dismissed as a “Witch Hunt!,” a “a total hoax,” “an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election” and so on. We’ve all heard it 50 times.

If he’s been consistent about nothing else, Trump’s been consistent about that: Vladimir Putin’s spies had no role whatsoever in his mighty victory.

That is, until last week.

Following the publication of a highly-detailed, blockbuster Washington Post  story about what the Obama administration knew about “President Vladi­mir Putin’s direct involvement” in the conspiracy to damage Hillary Clinton and make him president, Trump came up with a whole new response: Yes, Russian cyber hackers and spies interfered directly in an American presidential election: but it was all Barack Obama’s fault.

“Just out,” the president tweeted, “The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?”

Trump soon came up with an answer: “The reason that President Obama did NOTHING about Russia after being notified by the CIA of meddling is that he expected Clinton would win.. and did not want to ‘rock the boat. He didn’t ‘choke,’ he colluded or obstructed, and it did the Dems and Crooked Hillary no good.”

If almost hysterically false—the Obama administration made repeated attempts to inform the voting public about Russian interference, most explicitly, as bad luck would have it, on October 8, 2016, the day Trump’s boasts about grabbing women’s genitals first aired—but there’s a half-truth in his tweet, too.

It says here that President Obama did, indeed, “choke,” as one anonymous administration official told Post reporters, and we’re all paying the price.

As happened more than once during his presidency, Obama appears to have over-thought the situation to the point of paralysis—pursing the will-‘o-the-wisp of patriotic bipartisanship long after it had become obvious that not only Trump, but key Republican leaders, had long since put party above country.

Could anybody be surprised that Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), for example, would stonewall any effort to inform voters that a hostile foreign power was brazenly taking Trump’s side in the election?

Obama was.

In effect, congressional Republicans had chosen Putin over Hillary Clinton. By August, let us recall, Trump himself was not only openly urging Russian hackers to search for Clinton’s emails—barefaced collusion—but predicting that the election was going to be rigged against him.

Obama could have done in August what he did after the election in December: hit Russia with sanctions and expelled Russian diplomats. But he reportedly feared that without GOP support, any vigorous action could easily backfire.

“Obama’s approach,” sources told the Post, “often seemed reducible to a single imperative: Don’t make things worse. As brazen as the Russian attacks on the election seemed, Obama and his top advisers feared that things could get far worse.”

“They were concerned that any pre-election response could provoke an escalation from Putin. Moscow’s meddling to that point was seen as…unlikely to materially affect the outcome of the election. Far more worrisome to the Obama team was the prospect of a cyber-assault on voting systems before and on Election Day.”

Supposedly, no vote rigging happened after Obama warned Putin to his face that dire consequences would follow.

Or at least so we’re told.

Instead, Kislyak and Lavrov yukking it up in the Oval Office happened.

This happened too: Obama presided over a political Pearl Harbor—an unprovoked assault on American democracy, and with no compelling reason to believe that it won’t happen again.

IMAGE: Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with U.S. President Barack Obama at World Climate Change Conference 2015 in Le Bourget, near Paris/ REUTERS

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate. A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows. Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. dbtheonly June 29, 2017

    Like the Republicans weren’t accepting the Russian help cheerfully.

    Like the Lamestream Media wasn’t pushing the “Crooked Hillary” meme.

    President Obama made the call. Move on.

    1. idamag June 30, 2017

      CNN mentioned Hillary’s e-mails 800 times.

      1. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

        Is that why trump called it the “Clinton News Network”?

        More seriously, CNN really did seem to jump onto whatever scandal du jour they were offered.

  2. Glenn W June 29, 2017

    That’s a hysterical photo, for so many reasons.

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 29, 2017

    This is water under the bridge. Trump and Putin have done the deed, Trump’s in office wreaking havoc as expected, deranging and endangering America, Putin is planning on expanding the cyber assault on America and his neighbors, and Trump and the GOP just want to pretend nothing is wrong with this scenario as long as they are in the spotlight and Trump gets the adoration he so desperately needs to survive each day.

    This is not an autocracy, President Obama never had the power or authority to make unilateral decisions, nor should anyone in this Day and Age, and God knows neither should Trump, with Donald’s depraved mind unleashed.

    1. mike June 29, 2017

      A-aron A-aron
      You are such a joke.
      Only thing that the article got right was obama’s paralysis of over-thought on so many subjects. He was one pathetic president. His legacy will be at the bottom like Carter. He too is turning out to be a joke like you.
      Love watching your faulty thoughts twisting you into a pretzel. How funny.

      1. I know a joke June 29, 2017

        The best part is Putin doesn’t even have to pay you. You’re his bootlicking servile pawn, and you’re so stupid you don’t even ask for money. Classic!

      2. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

        My hope is that you contract the same STD that has damaged Trump’s brain. You suffer for the rest of your life without any assistance from Lard Ass who could care less about morons like you.

        1. mike June 30, 2017

          I see you continue to think and act stupidly! How sad but yet so funny. The Trump Derangement Syndrome has twisted you into a pretzel like poor little A-aron.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

            I see you can’t grow up and are still a wuss. How sad but yet tormenting morons like you is my game. I’ve never shied from tormenting men who can’t shut their big fat mouths. As for Trump Derangment Syndrome, I’m sure that tweetrum of his yesterday proves what a low life you are. He tweeted his most disgusting tweet yet at a Morning Joe journalist, Mika Brzezenski.

            So low life. Whose the one who is deranged now? Politifact has listed over 81 lies Trump has tweeted since January 2017.

            Let me guess. Your mommy saw you were never going to amount to much and she let your Brute old man step on your head as a child? Figures. From dirt, comes more dirt.

          2. mike June 30, 2017

            I see you can’t accept the loss by Hillary. Don’t put words in my mouth. His tweet was uncalled for.
            81 so called lies but yet you ignored all the lies of Obama. Few rise to the level of Obama’s. Such hypocrisy.
            Keep trying old girl. Nothing changes the fact that Trump has another 1299 plus days in office. By the end of his term/terms you will be a shadow of yourself. How perfect.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

            Most sane people when they hear that Putin hacked into our election don’t accept that Hillary lost.

            Tell us wonder boy. Do you cheat at cards too? Do you also think it’s okay to win at tennis when you cheat?

            There are NO lies by Obama. All you have is your Lard Ass with 81 lies he told publicly. Outright lies you liars now want us to pretend never happened. Sorry…no can do.

            I intend to keep trying. Tormenting suckers like you is fun. I get to make an ass of guys who know they are wrong and like the mentally ill, keep insisting they aren’t. Denial is the first sign of mental illness. Inability to accept reality is confirmation. Get help moron.

          4. mike June 30, 2017

            Tormenting me! How funny!
            Methinks you are much too impressed with yourself.
            Any person who says “There are NO lies by Obama” is either certifiably insane or a pathological liar. Hell, both fit you.

  4. Thoughtopsy June 29, 2017

    In a pre-election climate where Trump was screaming that the election was already rigged against him and his followers needed to watch every polling place, and the Dems for their inevitable plan to ruin his campaign and ensure Hillary won…
    Of course Obama was going to openly state Russia was pushing Trump.

    Sure. Obama always does things just off the cuff, whenever he feels like it, no matter how bad the riots, violence, and possible impact on Democracy might be.

    Of course he gave a low key, measured response.
    Because making a massive deal out of it would have exploded across the low IQ parts of America like napalm. Trump had primed his knuckle-draggers for literal violence and race hate over and over… then told them the match that lights the fire would be “the Establishment” rigging the election against him.

    No intelligent, sane, and caring President would then go light that match, and cause all that suffering, when they believed that Hillary was highly likely to win anyway.
    The fact she didn’t, does not change the atmosphere of the time, or the consequences if Obama had really pushed it.

    Hindsight is 20/20. It looks easy from here.
    But no-one (other than sociopathic dumbf**k Donald) would have pulled the trigger given the circumstances at the time.

    The fact that Dirty Donnie and the GOP are all playing this song now is hilarious given Dirty Donnie’s endless denials about Russia for months… and the extensive hiding under their mommys’ skirts the GOP did when Obama asked them to speak up about the Russian attack in a bipartisan way before the election. The GOP wanted their guy to win… so they left Obama in the lurch… refused to speak up… and Putin’s guy won.

    Then again… who cares? Neither facts nor video taped evidence of the many hypocrisies of the GOP and Dirty Donnie change the minds of the Deplorable knuckle draggers…
    You can point out Trump and the GOP Politicians’ lies, ON TAPE, till the cows come home and it makes no difference. You see, they hate Liberals… and they like hurting people… and they have no critical thinking ability where their tribe is concerned. They will excuse anything as long as they appear to be winning.

    And those are the two funny things:
    1) Because of their ignorance, the “winning” only has to be appearances and optics. Actual facts, outcomes or legislation are too “hard” for them to understand. So signing memos, and making stupid lying claims works. “Fake it Till you Make It”, has become just “Fake It” for poor Donald.

    2) Unlike the Dems, who try to stick to their Liberal principles, the essence of the contemporary GOP is they will piss on their own longstanding Conservative philosophy, morals, principles and ethics if it means Liberals complain and they end up holding power.
    – Look at the evangelicals voting for a wife-cheating sexual predator, obviously morals don’t actually matter anymore…
    – Look at the abuse of Free Speech and the Muslim Ban, obviously the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore despite the GOP w**king on about it for decades and how important it is for them…
    – Look at Turtle McConnell refusing to even consider Obama’s SC nominee, obviously duty, or your oath of office, doesn’t matter anymore…
    – Look at Fat Orange F**ktard abusing a Gold Star family and the GOP still sucking up to him, obviously the military who died for this country don’t matter any more (despite the endless abuse of Democrats over tiny perceived slights to veterans and serving military people.)

    The GOP is hollow.

    You can tell, because:
    – It doesn’t even have morals, much less a moral compass.
    – It has no principles it won’t break, including conservative principles, if it will win them more power.
    – It’s members will do or say anything unethical for money then explain it away with a quick lie, and some misdirection.
    – It’s voters will ignore any hypocrisy or falsehood or stupidity as long as their “side” wins.
    – It doesn’t even try to be consistent. Even when they are on tape saying the exact opposite of their latest lies.

    The know-nothings, the racists, the anti-elite anti-science dumb*sses, and the white supremacists have cored it out from the inside. It now exists as a self-perpetuating lie machine supported by political messaging companies to keep their stupid voters outraged and scared.
    Reality is no longer necessary to their plans.

    And due to that, we end up here.
    Where Turtle Head is pushing a Bill with 17% approval, and expecting that he can lie his way out of the consequences of killing his own voters, while an Orange Manatee contradicts himself, signs memos as if they are laws, and flip flops like a dying fish.

    I bet this ends well.

    1. mike June 29, 2017

      I think you meant the Democratic Party is hollow. Democrats have no leader, no agenda other than resist Trump, no new ideas.
      Only dumbass is you and your silly thinking.
      Gee, Trump has only 1300 days to shake up this country for the better. Long term the Democratic Party has a long way to recover from their last 4 disastrous elections.

      1. I know a joke June 29, 2017

        OK thanks for explaining, once again, why treason is OK if you’re a racist goober.

        1. idamag June 30, 2017

          I think I met mike once. I belong to t discussion group that you have to be intelligent to belong to. That lets mike out. We meet for lunch and discuss things. One day we were discussing the Russian thing. A guy waddled over to our table and said, “Hillary had Russia on her side once.” Straight from Breitbart, the media outlet for cretins. I said, “I don’t like you. Go away.” He continued to try and argue. I told him I really did not like him to go away. I said it was low information, ideologues, like him that was destroying our democracy. He said we did not have a democracy, it was a republic. I told him if he did not go away, we would have to call for help so he left. I think it was mike.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

            Ida, the sole reason Putin wanted to be rid of Hillary was because she predicted that Putin was doing exactly what he helped Lard Ass do: rig the election.

            And, that is precisely why the Russians only a few weeks ago, cut off all videos of the thousands of protestors in Moscow who want PUtin gone.

          2. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Ms. E,

            Trump offers Putin so much more than any single reason.

            In no particular order:
            Trump has seriously weakened NATO.
            Trump is escalating a no-win war in Afghanistan.
            Trump’s economic policies are weakening the entire West.
            Trump ignores the Russian cyber attacks on Ukraine.
            Trump’s business assets weigh against serious sanctions on Russia.
            Trump may be being blackmailed.

          3. mike June 30, 2017

            Bravo Sierra!

          4. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Hanging meaningless labels?

          5. mike June 30, 2017

            “meaningless labels”! I see you don’t have a fuc$ing clue what it means. How sad but not surprised since your post to Ms. E was pure Bravo Sierra. Get it now? You are wrong and clueless on every point.

          6. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Snort of derision.

            The Benevolent Leader is leading the world to peace and prosperity, or at least as much as they can with “American First” tm.

            All women desire the Benevolent Leader. All men envy his huge hands.

            His legislative achievements abound.

            It says so right on Fox.

          7. mike June 30, 2017

            1299+ days of the Trump administration to go. No Hillary! No Barry! Only Bernie, Pelosi, Schumer and mental midget Joe, God Bless you, Biden. Follow this group of losers with the fact of the massive loses at state and federal level under these so-called leaders shows just how far your party as fallen.
            Make all the snarky remarks you want but I sleep well at night knowing things are getting better and there is not a thing you can do about it.

          8. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Trump has certainly become an international laughing stock. Even President Macron mocks him.

          9. mike June 30, 2017

            “Macron mocks trump” whoopty do!
            You too are becoming more laughable each day.

          10. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Laughable is when the President of France openly mocks your Benevolent Leader.

            Laughable is when the Benevolent Leader has a Cabinet meeting where the Secretaries sing his praises in terms better suited to Kim Jong Un.

            Laughable is the President of the United States having a phony Time magazine cover hanging in his golf clubs.

            Laughable is when the President of the United States tweets demonstratively false information complaining about TV Commentators and then claims he doesn’t watch them.

            Not laughable is when there is a serious, legitimate, discussion whether the President of the United States is insane.

          11. mike June 30, 2017

            Even this post of yours is laughable. You can try all the disparaging remarks you want but they change nothing in the real world that is important. Your pettiness shows how little you are as a person. He will be President for the next 1299 days and all you can do is whine and watch the country get stronger economically with a new attitude.
            No, you are one laughable dolt.

          12. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Alan Lichtman already has predicted impeachment.

          13. mike June 30, 2017

            Your silliness continues. I will take Alan Dershowitz, a renowned professor and a democrat, who says just the opposite. First you have to win back the house. Not going to happen.
            As I have said before, you are laughable. Making stupid statements make you even more a laughing stock.

          14. dbtheonly July 1, 2017

            Your bubble really is comprehensive.

            You haven’t noticed that the ostensible jobs that the Benevolent Leader “saved” just got shipped to Mexico?

            Or maybe you just dismiss anything not covered by the Ministry of Truth.

          15. mike July 1, 2017

            Still trying to find anything to fault Trump for. How sad!
            As usual you miss the big picture.
            “You haven’t noticed that” since Trump took office the financial markets have never been better. Right Direction of Country higher under Trump. Optimism index jumped after November election. Six-month Economic index up! Personal Financial Outlook higher under Trump. Quality of Life under Trump higher than Obama. Standing in the World higher than last year.
            All your negativism changes nothing but does shows just how big a partisan and out of touch with the real world you have become.
            Have a nice 4th!

          16. dbtheonly July 2, 2017


            Living in that Fox bubble must be fun.

            “Standing in the World higher than last year”

            Snort of derision. I guess you missed the Pew poll which showed that faith in the US is rising only in Russia.

            If you’re going to bandy polls, how about the ones showing Trump with record job approval negatives? The ones showing “wrong track” majorities?

            “All your negativism changes nothing but does shows just how big a
            partisan and out of touch with the real world you have become.”

            Like your Beloved Leader, you attack in others what you fail to see in yourself.

          17. mike July 2, 2017

            I used the pollster that got 2016 election right. You can look it up. What is funny is you look only for the negatives not the positives. You are so concerned about destroying trump you miss all the positives he is moving forward on from the economy to regulations and rules that are holding the economy back. He is doing what he promised when campaigning and is destroying the pathetic failed legacy of Obama. ????
            I wish he would shut the fu$k up on tweets but the MSM constant lies have also played a major role in his low numbers. 10 fake news stories by the MSM, and repeated by left, have been proven to be false.
            Trump 10 MSM/democrats 0!
            You are a mindless left wing zealot that can only whine and pout about Trump and his administration. You are going to have live through the next 1297 days. I suspect you will be a shadow of yourself by then. So sad! Not!

          18. dbtheonly July 3, 2017

            Most of the polls had Hillary winning by about 3%. She won the popular vote by about 2%. Pretty much spot on. So which poll are you citing?

            Trump’s accomplishments? Like rolling back pollution regulations? Limiting access to clean water? Promising that jobs wouldn’t be sent overseas, even though they were, despite his promise?

            Trump is the least popular President in the era of polling. Perhaps we’d need to go to John Quincy Adams to find a comparable. He, or Andrew Johnson, are the only comparable for least efficient, and Johnson faced a hostile Congress.

          19. mike July 3, 2017

            All but one had it wrong! For you not to know shows how little you think you know. So lazy butt look it up.
            More left wing bull sh$t. What he is removing is the over reach of the federal govt. and the weakening of the economic recovery by the left wing social warriors. For you to believe anyone on right wants less clean water shows how biased to the truth you are. Long term he is moving this economy forward.
            Trump is only unpopular amongst you whiners and losers. What do expect when MSM and others are pushing lies and agenda to destroy Trump because Hillary, their darling and the worse candidate ever lost.
            Trump could less about his popularity, a good sign of a true leader, and more about getting this economy roaring. Should he succeed you can forget about 2020. 2018 will still be tough for the Dems to make inroads even with all the negative press. Remember Schumer’s remarks about finding an agenda and not this anti-trump drum beat. Americans voted Trump in for their pocketbooks/wallets and not the lefts identity politics.
            Again, happy 4th!

          20. mike June 30, 2017

            How funny! Like most of your out of body experiences in life it never happened. Your derangement continues.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

        I think you mean that Mutton Chops and Corn Pone white males in the Republican Party want their ultimate goal just like YOU do…white male supremacy. Sorry pallie. Not on MY tax dollars.

        You are a certifiable moron. You post every day on a site where NO ONE agrees with a single word in your totally distorted posts loaded with the same “alt” facts the Lard Ass prostitutes, Spicer, Contwat and Huckabee Sanders all spout.

        Don’t you morons ever get tired of having to make up so many lies?

        Or are you like Trump? You record them so your dipshit brains won’t forget the past lies you’ve told?

        1. mike June 30, 2017

          Can’t refute the facts so you are off on one of your ridiculous diarrhea tangents.
          Let me help you by using Schumer and the state of the Democratic party.

          1. rhetoric_phobic June 30, 2017

            The dung beetle returns.

          2. mike June 30, 2017

            And you still have sh$t for brains. How appropriate.

      3. Thoughtopsy July 1, 2017

        Its true that they don’t have a leader right now.
        But at least they have principles they believe in and stick to:
        Single payer. Better opportunities for all. Free education. Higher taxes. Less poverty. Less racism. Less sexism. More equality. Equal rights and application of the law… etc

        Whereas President Angry 5th Grade P*ssy-Grabber and a tax grab bill with a 17% approval rating makes a mockery of any argument that the right still has any.

        Today’s Example:

        The right has always been against a national gun registry.
        Because its bigger government. Reduces their “Freedom”. Puts their personal private information in the hands of the Feds…. yada yada yada….

        Until… THEY decide they want a national voter database.
        Which increases the size of government, and reduces your freedom by giving all your private information to the Feds….

        And there it is…
        No principles they won’t break.
        No beliefs they won’t p*ss on.
        Hypocritical to the core.

        1. mike July 1, 2017

          More of your insane bullshit.
          Put your head back up your a$$ where it belongs so you can quit spewing unrealistic crap.
          How funny!
          Happy 4th!

          1. Thoughtopsy July 3, 2017

            Typical failure to either address any points made, or remotely make sense.
            You realise you could save yourself time and just pee on your keyboard, and it would have the same effect as your posts.

          2. mike July 3, 2017

            Points that are not going to happen like single payer.
            “Better opportunities for all” plain idealistic bull sh$t. Only a left wing ideologue would think opportunities are being denied now. Free education will never work. Higher taxes on who! Only a idiot like you would think the 1% can pay for the other 300+ million Americans or that the middle class won’t pay higher taxes. You are really stupid if you think less racism, less sexism, less poverty is going to happen. Equal rights under the law is here and now. No one is being denied.
            No,you are an idealistic simpleton. You are just a little lemming pissing on yourself.
            Happy 4th.

          3. Thoughtopsy July 5, 2017

            Only a bitter self-hating right wing pig with his head up the a$$ of his own media bubble would look at America in its current state and try to argue that opportunities are not being denied and everyone has equal opportunity, or that there are equal rights under the law.

            Your knuckle dragging side’s whole whiny rationale for Trump winning was the rust belt and coal miners being “left behind” in terms of economic opportunities.
            WTF is that if not denial of opportunity? Wow tiny “mike”… you Suuuuuuuck at this. Can’t even think straight for the few seconds required to avoid self-contradiction.

            Whole books have been written on the two tier American justice system. The harsh justice for black, brown and poor folks, and the get out of jail free system for white wealthy folks. Philandro Castile? Eric Garner? Ring any bells, tiny “mike” sitting in dumbf**k America?




            How about “Affluenza” as a white wealthy guy defense?

            How about a wealthy white guy raping a 3 year old and getting home detention…

            How about multiple scientific reviews of the opportunity gap in the USA?

            And on your final points, you mindless moron:
            – Free education works. It already works in many countries. Right now.
            – The wealthiest in the USA pay some of the lowest taxes in the developed world. As long as the wealthiest continue asset stripping America for their own benefit, and paying off politician’s to assist, they need to pay for it’s upkeep.
            – It’s been a centerpiece of much research that equality reduces societal friction, and increases societal trust. This reduces racism, sexism and other forms of hate. When people are comfortable and have a future they are more compassionate and charitable and willing to compromise.
            On the other hand, reducing equality makes people scared, they trust others in society less. It destroys the fabric of society and ramps up societal tension.
            They fall back on tribes. They fight to survive. This OBVIOUSLY increases all types of hatred of people who are not your tribe. Racism, sexism, and other hate types grow.

            This is not only scientifically proven… it’s f**king obvious if you even try thinking about it for half a second.

            Thank you for providing the ammunition for endless responses to your various urination posts on these forums by trying to tell me that America has equal opportunity, equal application of the law, and that equality and free education don’t work and the absurdly rich shouldn’t pay more.

            It’s going to be so much fun quoting your own words back at you when your minuscule brain pees out something hypocritical.
            As if we needed any more evidence that you can’t absorb basic information or think your way out of a paper bag…

            Can’t wait. 🙂

          4. mike July 7, 2017

            I see you are having another superiority complex problem again.
            Only a bitter self-hating pseudo-intellectual buffoon with his head up the a$$ of his own media bubble would look at America in its current state and try to argue that opportunities are being denied and everyone doesn’t have equal opportunity, or that there are no equal rights under the law.
            The rust belt was caused by outside economic forces and the Miners were devastated by Obama. NONE ARE BEING DENIED ECONOMIC OPPORTUNTIES. Are they looking for new ways to reinvent themselves to compete or survive? Absolutely!
            Your problem with you Utopia which doesn’t exist. Yes, the judicial system needs changes but when it is run by humans, people with their own biases prejudices, it will never be perfect. Now tell me how many people are being denied representation? Did you notice how little Obama worried about the present system you find so wrong? How much of an advocate was he was to changing the system other than putting more liberal judges on the Courts.
            As to racism and sexism. Until you change all humans nothing will change. Even Robots have been found to be sexist and racist. Why? The prejudices of those programing the machines. The machine-learning systems are picking up racist and sexist ideas embedded in the language patterns they are fed by human engineers. “Guardian-Robots are racist and sexist. Just like the people who created them.”
            “Free Education doesn’t exist.” Nothing is free. You ignore the countries that have it are highly taxed, taxation makes this all possible in Germany—corporate, personal, value-added and other forms—which, given the current political climate, makes this approach a nonstarter here. . In Germany the students have to find their own housing and amenities. Free education doesn’t mean countries that do have free public universities don’t necessarily have more educated workforces than we do. What I find comical is how vehement the left and Obama to options like Charter Schools in the lower income communities.
            Options are the key to a prosperous society. Free market works best when innovation is allowed, so why not give education a similar reign.
            I am very surprised you are not advocating Zuckerberg’s Universal Basic Income for all.
            Utopia doesn’t exist so get use to it. Humans are far from perfect and until the left turns them to mindless zombies there will always be imperfection in the eyes of the left. The left wanted all of us to be “Julia’s” with cradle to grave govt. support controlling every aspect of our lives which was rebuked in 2016.

    2. Annmperry July 1, 2017

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  5. idamag June 30, 2017

    When trump gets caught in his mobster endeavors, he will claim it is Obama’s fault.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

      Ida…Trump already paid a fine of $25 million for money laundering to terrorists. If it is found he was involved in a second charge of money laundering, he goes to prison. The government wouldn’t dare allow him to get a 2nd slap on the wrist without a public outcry of “foul!”

  6. joegreen June 30, 2017

    You do know he is still alive, so available to answer this question.
    Ask him!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

      You do know your Lard Ass cheated to win an election and the GOP and RNC helped him by looking the other way at Russian hacking? Try again. It was Donald Trump who back in October 2016 claimed “Hillary and the DNC hacked” into HIS election. Of course, we knew then that was a lie.

      Trump is a sleaze. He only knows how to win by cheating and he does this expertly by digging up dirt on anyone he deems in his way of winning. Don’t expect honesty or fair play from a scumbag like Trump. His reputation for taking others down, including his own first wife, Ivana, to get her to reduce the amount of alimony and child support she was asking for while he was sticking it to Marla Maples before he was legally divorced.

      But then who expects scum to care about legalities when illegalites are so much more profitable?

      Don’t for one minute think that the can of worms Lard Ass opened by trying to be the most powerful man in the world isn’t already having blow back on crook CEOs just like him. Already the Koch boys are calling Trump a “monster.”

      1. joegreen June 30, 2017

        Lots of bad assumptions by Eleanore.! “Not my Lard Ass” – I supported the guy who was cheated out of the election in the DNC primary.
        Can you show us the evidence of the Russian (government) Hacking? Haven’t seen it yet.

        1. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

          President Obama announced in December when he imposed sanctions.

          Were you not looking?

          1. joegreen June 30, 2017

            Looking at what? I am looking for “evidence” not more bullshit.

          2. dbtheonly June 30, 2017

            Looking at President Obama when he announced the sanctions.

            Or are you saying President Obama was manureing us?

          3. mike June 30, 2017

            What? “manureing” tell me about it.
            As usual Obama only acted after the fact.
            The real question is “what did he know and when did he know it.
            Oh wait! He had another paralysis of over-thought.

  7. bobo65 June 30, 2017

    Speaks volumes how communist Russia was the Republicans’ arch enemy while fascist Russia seems to be their best friend. People forget they were fans of fascist Germany too.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

      What the Republicans want is the ability to do what they said back when GWB was first elected, “be a permanent majority.” How isn’t that one party rule? And let’s be honest here. McConnell admitted the Republicans knew about the hacking back in October. He exited a Senate meeting and was asked by journalists what the GOP intended to do about the Russian hacking. He said and I quote,”We will let things take their course.”

      You know what “things.” Republicans allowing a foreign country to destroy our right to clean, honest, open and transparent elections.

      And don’t for one second think they didn’t play around enough with gerrymandering and redistricting to the point where TX, VA and NC were hauled before the SC for violating voting rights when they tried to overlap Dem voting districts into the neighboring GOP districts.

      1. bobo65 June 30, 2017

        It goes back to Reagan who, by the way privatized medicine and abolished an undocumented person’s right to citizenship. The Koch’s money comes from Russian oil refineries. If you connect the dots, it’s an oil industry coup!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

    The real picture for Obama was this. Trump had already publicly told his supporters in his campaign that Hillary hacked his election. He encouraged Russia to get hold of “33,000 emails.” You all know why. By getting hold of Hillary’s personal emails, he’d be able to twist everything in them to suit his rotten bastard needs to “win.” Not like he hasn’t done that before.

    So, Obama sat on a double edged sword. If he outed the Russian hacking, the first words out of Lard Ass’s mouth would be, “See? Even Obama agrees my campaign was hacked.” Pretty slimy when you consider Lard Ass knew all along that Putin hacked the election so Lard Ass would win. Why else was it only Republican candidate, Marco Rubio’s, who was up against Trump, in the final days of the GOP primary, had his campaign also hacked if that doesn’t prove Putin was making sure ONLY Trump would “win.”

    Then, when Obama finally had no option when the hacking began to grew to 17 states, but to publicly announce it, thereby running the risk that the Republicans would as always blame him for tilting the election in Hillary’s favor. Which, by the way, at the point in time Obama DID announce the hacking, Hillary was already the popular vote favorite.

    Now the Republicans are hot to stop the FBI investigation because they know they are as guilty as Trump for not doing a thing about Russians hacking into our elections and now they are still doing the same thing by trying to sabotage these investigations.

    Whatever they are hiding must be really, really bad. Bad enough to force Grassley, Graham, Cornyn, Ryan and McConnell to be loading their pants in fear of being outed. How else would Prince Rinse end up a chief advisor to the very slimeball the GOP allowed to run from their party? Is Prince Rinse the spy keeping Lard Ass under close watch?

    1. plc97477 June 30, 2017

      Apparently not close enough. He can still tweet and say stupid things.

    2. queenbee July 2, 2017

      You hit it right on the head!!!!!!! Thanks.

  9. Dominick Vila June 30, 2017

    Hearing the man who encouraged the Russians to spy on us, and share their findings with the American people, call President Obama, the man who expelled 35 Russian “diplomats”, closed down two “diplomatic facilities suspected to be used to launch cyber attacks against the USA and spy on us, and the man who imposed sanctions on Russia, much to the chagrin of Trump and his closest associates, is hysterical. The fact that President Obama did not retaliate instantly, and did not pull a Comey two months before the 2016 election, is not surprising. If there is one thing that can be said with certainty about President Obama is that he was extremely cautious, did not over react, and was not prone to actions or statements that would undermine our democracy, or damage the dignity of the Office of the Presidency. Trump, and his childish supporters, would be well advised reflecting on what President Obama did, to learn from it, and to avoid more Mika incidents at a time when we are facing great threats, such as North Korea and Syria. The latter thanks to the decision of the Twitter in Chief (Tick) to get involved in an internecine war between two foreign religious factions struggling for power.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

      The reality Lard Ass hates most of all? His sleaze is beginning to turn off his own Republicans. When he attacked Morning Joe’s, Mika Brzezinski in the most offensive way yesterday, not even the loyalist, Susan Collins R-ME, could support him. Yet, the Trump prostitute aides tried desperately to use the excuse he “punches back ten times harder.”

      Good now when our kids all hear that, they’ll do the same. I thought US laws prevent that kind of violent response.

      Trump has to be removed for another reason: He believes he is the only one who can make all the decisions. The danger in that is already worrying both Dems and Republicans, who just yesterday passed an amendment to the Bush “43’s 2001 law regarding taking military action without full Congressional approval. Barbara Lee, D-Ca, was the only one back when the law was to be approved who voted against it with the warning it was too broad.

      Now, even the Republicans recognize that allowing Trump to make the only decisions as he’s been doing in Syria without consulting Congress at all, is hugely dangerous. Especially since he refuses to stop his cozying up to Russia.

      1. InformedVoter June 30, 2017

        Poor Elle, the FAKE MSM regularly attacked GW, but he was too modest to defend himself. President Trump is dishing it back to you low information sheep. How does it feel that he hits back 10 times harder?

        All the investigations will amount to nothing and President Trump’s base is still solid and growing!

  10. vamrse June 30, 2017

    Ok….. famous words “blame Obama” come on, Trump had Russian help stealing the election and it worked, stop blaming the best president we have ever had and if Don gets to finish his (1) term and if we are still standing maybe we will get another good one.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 30, 2017

      Cspan always has the latest SC hearings on every week. If the GOP thought that Gorsuch was going to be the big bully of the bunch, by all accounts, he is not well liked.

      However, TX, VA and NC in the past month were required to show cause why their gerrymandering and redistricting did not infringe on voter rights and wasn’t being used as a form of voter suppression.

      NC got the worst of the tongue lashings when they literally changed district voting maps that deleted Dem districts.

      TX and VA got their for trying to increase the number of Electors in their states by changing their voting maps.

      Americans with any sense of common decency and a conscience, know the Republicans used 2016 hackers to win an election illegally.

      That’s why right now Grassley, McConnell and Hatch are all hot to stop the FBI investigations from going any further.

      The skunks of the right wing know if elections had to be open and honest, their little games of gerrymandering and redistricting added to the hacking is their only chance of winning.

      1. vamrse June 30, 2017

        great Eleanore!!! you explained it so much better than I did, thanks

      2. InformedVoter June 30, 2017

        Sorry Elle, but just about everything you posted is nothing but wishful thinking and is going no where fast.

        obozo wanted HilLIARy to lose, so ask yourself “why?”

        All your banter about TX getting more EC votes than they are entitled to is nothing but more of your display of how little you really understand the issue.

        1. Tom S July 3, 2017

          Ah, it’s the Drumpf Troll with the handle least likely, and most fallaciously arrogant.

          1. InformedVoter July 6, 2017

            Poor TomS, I bet you believed the FAKE MSM polls that showed that HilLIARy was going to win the election. How did that work out for you?
            When I produced polls that showed that HilLIARy was NOT leading, folks like you made the same stupid comments like you just did. Well, that worked out fine for me.

      3. Thoughtopsy July 1, 2017

        Add to that the fact that this strategy reveals a core weakness in the GOP.
        You only employ these vote rigging strategies when you deeply believe you are too weak to win without them.

        At their core Republicans fear they would lose a fair political fight. That’s a serious political self-esteem issue.
        This fear is also used to justify doing morally and ethically reprehensible things… like the Gorsuch issue… or cuddling up to Trump… and then pretending the party still has morals and ethics.

        It’s all an admission of weakness probably stemming from the rudderless and idea-less populism and abrogation of conservative values that has been eating the party from the inside out for the last 10 years.

  11. Tom S June 30, 2017

    The way the Elected GNoP loved to revile the Democratic, TAN, Irish-American in the WH, and with the GNoP leadership refusing to stand up for Democracy, the GNoP would have just stepped up their level of reviling Obama.
    Yes, Obama did see the lead Hillary had, which probably lulled him into some complacency. He failed to take into consideration the 1994, 2000 and 2004 Elections.

    What Electoral College advantage Hillary had was eroded by Russian data dumps and Comey’s dump. What was left was eroded by Repug Admins in a couple of key States. Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 4 Million votes.

    Rule 1 in Disaster Planning is Plan for the Worst Un-imagineable.

    After winning the Cold War against the USSR, Putin has now won the Luke Warm War – without firing a shot – and on a budget!

    God Save America!

    1. God ? What does he have to do here?
      Maybe intelligence is stronger than the biggest mightiest arsenal of death in the world!
      Try some! Get an education too…. Good luck America.

      1. Tom S July 3, 2017

        As your comment has no relevance to my comment, except for my final traditional American expeltive, I presume you have little education, and need all the Luck in the World.

        1. Sorry! Here is adressing the issue!
          Russia’s and Comey’s dump dumped you! How dumb!
          A lot of good your MIC arsenal and its European vassals did for you!
          Dump them and save 700 billion dollars a year!
          Enough to erase the 700 billion dollars debts US consumer have thanks to credit cards and loans all over your land!
          How prosperous would you get? Immensely!
          I suppose God does not want that!
          The bugger saves! Otherwise he’d be out of a job!

  12. rhetoric_phobic June 30, 2017

    And trump who was briefed on the situation when elected has done NOTHING but praise Putin and invited Russians to the WH at which time he spoke disrespectfully of Comey while assuring them or himself he rid himself of his “Russian problem”

    1. And what problem do you have about Russia except the ones you invent?
      You need an enemy? Why?
      You make money with weapons or own shares in the warmonger business????

      What’s the matter with this paranoïa?
      Hooo, you were told the Russians were BAD. Makes sense!
      Propaganda always does ! Guffaw!

  13. Wishful thinking! Russia does not give a hoot about your elections.

    They deal with whomever you put up there!

    The world knows you use patsies and scapegoats! Old worn out trick !
    Try responsibility for once. Don’t blame your unilaterally chosen “enemy”.

    To them you are human partners! Stupid and world bully, but partner nevertheless!
    They have no choice even though you provoke Russia permanently and Europe too.
    Hands off. Fix your home! You got a job to do, not war!

    1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

      Bon Jour Alain,

      By encouraging the election of Trump, Marine LePen, and other extremist candidates, Russia weakens the West. Of course they’ll deal with whoever is elected, but Trump makes the Russian cyber-attack on Ukraine less likely to have consequences.

      “Fix your home! You got a job to do, not war!”

      I agree. But, to secure peace, prepare for war, has been good advice for 2000 years. Or, if you prefer, “It only takes one to have a war”.

      1. “Si vis pacem para bellum” is just to keep the warmongers rich and soldiers and military manufacturers employed.
        You already have 900 % overkill in your arsenal. More than all the countries together in the world!
        What are you chickening about sissies?

        ”Si vis pacem para pactum” is for the people at large.
        Did you ever hear about it!? Probably not!

        It is not in the propaganda leaflets calling for a new cold war of course!
        The US weakens the West especially Europe!
        Don’t turns things upside down.
        You dread at the idea that the greater Europe would reunite to Russia and Ukraine too and so on.

        The Ukraine crisis is just a tool of provocation to maintain tension.
        Ukrainian SS were the cruellest in WWII.
        They are still there and did the job to harass Russia under US guidance.

        90% of the Dombass (Crimea) are and want to be Russians. What about them?

        Yes Trump wants peace! Why war around when
        so many resources are needed?

        So : “Si vis pacem para pacem” “If you want peace prepare peace”.

        Hard job is it not ! It is so easy to cry hate and shout insults and menaces.

        Only your warmongers need an enemy. Why do you support them?
        They are ruining your country!
        But wait it may be a Russian conspiracy! Think about that!

        1. dbtheonly July 2, 2017

          How much doe Putin pay you?

          Is it worth it?

          1. The usual moronic question by a simple mind paranoid.

            Not a dime. I am a free man thinking on my own.
            No propaganda from either side for me!

            On your side MIC depletes your whole USA nation of 700 billions $ a year (more than all the military budget of all the world’s nations. because they made you fear the scarecrow Putin.
            That is quite an achievement. Keep sucking!
            The world envy your might! Dangerous for all.

    2. Thoughtopsy July 3, 2017

      Obvious Russian Troll is obvious.
      It appears you’ve failed to understand even the most basic similarities between the American election hacking and the French election hacking and the Russian funding of German White Supremacist groups leading up to Germany’s next election.
      Willful ignoring of easily available facts makes you a moron… or a paid troll.

      Go tell your handler that you’re really bad at your job.

      1. Listen Topsy mate !
        There is something else in the world than the egotist bully Americans conflicting against the fishy Russians who supposedly hacked and own you now! Without firing a shot someone said here!! Guffaw.

        The whole thing is pure fantasy (the laugh of the decade) to us European and especially we Belgians who have been invaded for centuries by every army in the west including the one who supposedly “saved us” !
        We know what is a joke, a fake, fear-warmongering, and propaganda produced by stupid scared people who want to own the world.

        I am a scientist, not a believer. I look at proven facts.

        If you want to get excited, terrified and do in yours pants, do so!

        Stop seeing Russian trolls all over the place; you are in total ridicule.
        Nobody is attacking you in any way except your inside “mafias” who manipulate, rob you and put you in debt to own you further.
        You got a job to do within your homeland! Clean that up and be happy! We will be applauding!
        Rattling big guns and picking war outside is pure delusion and will put the world to blood. Yes it will be your fault.
        No putting the blame on the scapegoat, patsy red herring this time.

        You think the whole world does not realize the scam? Come ON!
        So stop the gibberish, you are going berserk! And stay put we say!
        Cool down and work for your and the world’s peace.

        1. Thoughtopsy July 5, 2017

          A) I’m not American nor do I live in America.
          B) Russian trolls are not a myth. No matter how many scientific credentials you have.
          C) You have failed to post any facts, links or evidence. You have posted your unsubstantiated opinion. As a scientist you wouldn’t accept that as evidence of anything, yet you continue spouting it here as if it’s meant to mean something to me.
          Prove it’s not the Russians.
          Prove it’s someone else.
          Link to something that honestly tries to explain why someone other than Russia has a vested interest in the rise of authoritarian/white supremacist regimes…
          Prove anything.
          D) The evidence of Russian involvement in the US elections and the connections to various people intimately involved in the Trump campaign is piling up rapidly. Moreover.. most of these people HAVE PUBLICLY ADMITTED THAT THEY HAD THESE CONTACTS. Not something you’d expect to see if this is some sort of advanced false flag operation… dumbass.

          In short.. America is an assh*le on the world stage. They’ve screwed with other countries on a whim, they are even doing it now, floating the idea of a “regime change” in Iran… after just having their own elections interfered with.
          They are in chaos. They have a soiled child as a leader.
          Basically they’re screwed.
          Now maybe they learn something… maybe they don’t. But denying the people with the finger on the scales (IN this case Russia) just makes it more of a mess.
          Accept facts where they appear.
          Russia is meddling. It’s pretty obvious at this point. It’s in their MO. It’s in their best interests. It’s secures them trillion dollar deals and economic gains.
          Putin is even trolling them, by subtly mocking his own efforts on camera.

          So produce something approaching evidence or save us your opinions.

          1. Where did you learn your strange upside down methodology?
            In science or religion class???
            It is he who claims thinks that has to prove they exist.
            I have nothing to prove at all; you do.
            A) You are not American and do not live in America?
            You certainly sound and behave like one who lives there the way you are involved in these issues. Hum hum!
            What is the difference?
            B) Russian trolls certainly exist but seeing them everywhere is exaggerated.
            C) I do not have to post facts or evidence that it is not the Russians or anyone else that “did it”. You do.
            I don’t have to prove god does not exist.
            You do if you believe so.
            White supremacists regimes as well as other colours have flourished around the world ‘Asia, Africa, South America) thanks to the help of US aid and “services”. You are right.
            Edgar Hoover groomed America for 48 years.
            He was your modern Czar manipulating you from obscurity through his Golems (FBI & CIA). Facts abound about this.

            Russia is meddling as USA is meddling around !!!
            Of course !That is part of the game.
            HOW and HOW FAR are the questions! Prove it!

            You say: “The evidence of Russian involvement in the US elections and the
            connections to various people intimately involved in the Trump campaign
            is piling up rapidly. ”
            The pile must be huge because election was in November and they talked about that even before with DNC.
            Where is the pile, who stacks it up? Can you trust these guys? Who are they?
            Where is the evidence besides what you keep repeating without an iota of fact to be shown??? Proof is proof.
            I do not see any at all.
            YOU have the burden of proof, not me!

            Why do you get sooo nervous when you talk “false flags”?
            Your ad-hominem insults shows your lack of arguments.

            My opinion (educated guess) is that you are on a delusion of being controlled path ready to crash into a wall. Screwed.
            Don’t mind it though, it is not an established fact!

            You are under control.
            NSA does that job for you to keep you safe from the “Blue Meanies”. Rejoice & Enjoy!.
            But not by the Russians who do not give a hoot about you. Sorryyyy! Frustrating is it not?
            All they want is that you stop pointing your nuke devices at them. They have a huge untapped country to develop.
            Maybe you don’t like that idea either?
            Keep me informed of impending matters.

          2. Thoughtopsy July 8, 2017

            Let me try once more for the stupid “scientist” in the room.

            My evidence is public record.
            My evidence is hours of congressional testimony under oath where the penalty for lying is prison.
            My evidence is a multitude of public statements from everyone from Obama to the 17 national security agencies.
            My evidence is Trump’s own employees and campaign staff personally admitting on record that they had a multitude of links to Russia. Personally. Admitting. It. Themselves.
            My evidence is the creation of a Special Prosecutor to specifically investigate this exact thing.
            My evidence is a leaked NSA report stating Russia was able to access voting machine and voter databases as reported in the Washington Post.
            My evidence is various statements by MI5 in the UK agreeing with the US assessment of Russian interference.

            That’s my evidence you circuitous and medacious f**ktard.

            Let’s examine your evidence:
            – “I’m Belgian”
            – “I’m a scientist”
            – “We get invaded a lot”
            – “My unsubstantiated opinion is the US is lying.”

            Gee whiz. That’s amaaaaazing.

            So far each time I point out the above, you distract and divert by demanding I “prove it”.

            I don’t have to prove anything. My evidence is public record, multi-institution, and supported by multiple USA and Non-USA intelligence agencies and media outlets. My position is widely accepted as correct and backed by pretty much every single news article, statement and coverage on the topic (ignoring Retard media) to date.

            If you have an inane theory you’ve pulled out of your a$$ that contradicts ALL of this… then the onus of proof is on YOU. And so far… as I have repeatedly stated… you have provided nothing.
            No links.
            No public statements in support of your point.
            No reference to testimony from someone that this is all a lie.
            No articles.
            Not even a useful rationale.

            Instead you just keep demanding I “prove” what is already common knowledge.

            Flat Earthers act exactly this way. They ignore all the facts, consensus, science, details, news articles… and give their unsupported opinion… then rather than producing evidence for their wild claims… they demand that you “prove” that the world is spherical…

            Also: The “Ad Hominem” argumentative fallacy is specifically when personal attacks are substituted for argument of someone’s points.
            My rebutting of your actual… shall we call it “argument”?… whilst also calling you a fuzzy-thinking, illogical distractionist pinhead with his own strange Belgian conspiracy ax to grind definitively does not quality.

            I’d have thought you’d have known that, being a “scientist”…

            TLDR: You, pinhead, are pushing the un-evidenced conspiracy theory (literally). Provide proof, or STFU.

          3. Stories, testimonies, fallacies by people used to abusing the American people with so many false flags and events since 2001.
            Not trustworthy even under oath (especially if it is what the judge wants to hear!)
            Evidence none. Testus unus testus nullus.
            Including about meddling with your elections.
            Nothing proven because it is impossible to do so.

            Insults again and proud of it.
            Apparently you cannot express your opinion without cursing. Usual cultural trait. Sad.

            Let us get to the core of the problem.

            Even if it were! What about “discussions” with Russia?
            Is that not call diplomacy?
            What law disallows it? Is it constitutional?
            Are you at war with Russia?
            The MIC you blatantly support loves and pushes the idea.
            Fear and war mongering are good business.

            Why can’t your leader or putative leader speak to Russians? What are you so scared about?
            Russians are very knowledgeable intelligent and nice people for most. For you they are just “enemies”! Sad.
            You love to hate Putin. That is your problem.

            He has saved his country that Yeltsin had bankrupted with the help of capitalist oligarchs.
            Guess where some of them came from?
            Your unilateral world domination has been weakened!! Sad.
            Are you crying because of that?
            You are creating a tempest in a teapot!
            Your attitude is aggressive to the rest of the world.
            Playing the “good guy” is not enough! We are no dupes.
            Start thinking differently.

          4. Thoughtopsy July 9, 2017

            I note you continue to post generalized conspiracy theories, yet again.
            I note you have failed to post any evidence or rationale for your conspiracy theories, yet again.
            I note Testus unus testus nullus does not apply since the “witnesses” are many, varied, multi-institution, multi-media and multi-country.
            I note you continue to distract when asked directly for evidence.

            And finally (I was waiting specifically for it) you said:
            “Russians are very knowledgeable intelligent and nice people for most. For you they are just “enemies”! Sad.
            You love to hate Putin. That is your problem.”

            Haha. Really?
            While I agree the Russian people are nice (apart from the Russian people beating and murdering LGBTQ people in Russia) there is a vanishingly small chance a “Belgian Scientist” would express themselves like that, hold those sentiments, or use those words.

            As I said above: Totally a Russian troll.
            Tell your incompetent handler that you are really really really bad at your job.
            You suuuuuuck at stooging for Putin.

            This conversation is over.

          5. Conspiracy theories???
            I say there is no conspiracy between Putin and Trump administrations.
            You have to prove something not me.
            You talk about conspiracies.
            Testus Unus = Comey from whom all this fantasy arose.
            Anybody who disagrees with you is a Russian troll. You are completely silly.
            You are thinking upside down again and cite no credible source in your list.
            You will see that nothing will come of this case. Nothing.

            And I hope peaceful coexistence will ensue and ruin the dangerous unscrupulous war mongers you support.
            End of discussion. No problemos.

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