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Endorse This: Ted Cruz ‘Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Talking About’

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Endorse This: Ted Cruz ‘Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Talking About’

Ted Cruz Muslims Norah O'Donnell Morning Show

Ted Cruz got flustered today when CBS’ This Morning’s anchors pointed out the logical fallacies in his argument that the U.S. needs to spy on Muslim communities to weed out radical jihadists.

Co-host Norah O’Donnell was having none of Ted Cruz’s political posturing.

“How many Muslims are in America?” she asked him.

Ted Cruz admitted he didn’t know.

“There are three million Muslims in America. Law enforcement is overwhelmed…It’s impractical what you’re suggesting. Also, it doesn’t suggest it would lead to anything. It’s more of a political point that you’re making.”

She was referring to the police surveillance program that was initiated after the 9/11 but was disbanded under New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, due to its ineffectiveness.

The CBS anchor weren’t the only one who found Cruz’s logic ridiculous. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton blasted Cruz for his ignorance on the same program earlier:

“He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, to be quite frank with you. I took great offense to that statement. I have almost one thousand Muslim officers in the NYPD. Ironically, when he’s running around here, we probably have a few Muslim officers guarding him.”

Cruz dismissed Bratton’s comments, calling him and his partner John Miller, the deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism,“Democratic political henchmen” under de Blasio’s command.

“It could be because he simply thinks that patrolling Muslim neighborhoods is a bad thing to do in the interest of New York?” Rose asked.

But Cruz, sticking to his political talking points, instead blamed de Blasio, Hillary Clinton and the President for sticking to “political correctness” in refusing to use the words “radical Islam” when referring to ISIS, a statement he has used repeatedly.

The hosts don’t take the bait, continuing to press the oily Texas senator. Watch as the journalists do their jobs — pointing out errors, inaccuracies, and bluster in a presidential candidate.

Screenshot via YouTube/CBS This Morning



  1. Rx7pj March 23, 2016

    This moron is scarier then Trump

    1. dpaano March 23, 2016

      I think it’s a pretty even amount of “scary.”

      1. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

        I have to disagree. I believe the old blowhard is playing a part. That’s not to say I’m not extremely unhappy at the prospect of a Trump presidency, but I can much more easily picture Teddy turning the wheel on the rack. Trump is playing games; who knows what he really believes? Ted believes every paranoid, delusional, and malicious bit of nonsense coming out of his mouth, and he’ll do his damnedest to ram it down everyone’s throat. In a world with no really good choices, I’ll take Trump over Cruz any time.

  2. Jonathan Howard March 23, 2016

    “He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about, to be quite frank with you. I took great offense to that statement. Alright all I can say about the commissioners comment is this when the hell has Cruz known anything about what he talks about, but I do agree that it and Cruz are very offensive and I also agree with Rx7pj, he is scarier than Trump and that is saying a whole lot, because Trump is pretty scary. If we do this with the Muslims, what’s next? I realize all to well something has to be done with these terrorist organizations, but by doing what these idiots suggest all that we are going to have is extreme chaos and this is not what this country is about and you would think that alleged intelligent people would and could come up with solutions that work instead of the same old rhetoric over and over. Same game, different idiots spouting off. Matter of fact instead of political crap to stay afloat why don’t they put the brain together and yes I meant brain and come up with viable solution for this country in regards to terrorists, the economy, jobs and the well being of the United States for once. Remember it is We the People and if they don’t want to change then we can let them know how unhappy we really are in November.

    1. dpaano March 23, 2016

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s even ONE “good” brain between all the Republican politicians!!! They have NO viable solutions to put forth as regards terrorists, economy, jobs, or the wellbeing of the United States. They’ve done nothing the past 7+ years but say “no” to ANYTHING that has been put before them that would help the American people…..all they’ve done is block, block, block!! They don’t realize that if they do away with Obamacare, it’s going to cause over 20 million people to lose their healthcare; they don’t care that sending more police into Muslim neighborhoods will only cause more problems than it will fix; they don’t realize that going into middle east countries and “bombing them into the ground and taking their oil” will NOT help anything! In conclusion, again, they have NO viable solutions to any of America’s problems….most of which were caused by their wonderful Reagan and GWB!!!

  3. CrankyToo March 23, 2016

    What a slimy POS this guy Cruz is….

  4. notafoxfan March 23, 2016

    I agree with the comments here..ted cruz is scary in an entirely different way than Donald trump..the old expression is “ignorance is bliss”, and I think both he and trump must be really blissful!

  5. Savvory Champion March 23, 2016

    Cruz is a complete opportunist of the first order. he cares nothing for facts but only his selfish agenda. Sleazy is a very polite description I’d used to define this thing called Cruz

    1. dpaano March 23, 2016

      I agree….you’d think out of all the GOP people in our current government, they could come up with a candidate that has some brains and knows how to use them…..these two have NOTHING going for them and would only cause major chaos in our government should they be allowed to become president! Again, as I’ve said before, it won’t be pretty! I can guarantee you that if they ARE elected president, it won’t take long before their followers are asking themselves, “What in hell did I do?”

  6. Eileen Whelan March 23, 2016

    Just watching that interview scares me to death. The thought of a man like Cruze being President scares me even more.
    He is a religious fanatic, he should not even be a Senator let alone President, he would destroy this country. Beware of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    1. Dominick Vila March 23, 2016

      I agree. The election of a buffoon like Trump would turn us into the laughing stock of the world. The election of Ted Cruz may lead to the creation of a theocracy that would make a mockery of the Constitution, and that would have dangerous and long lasting consequences on our values, freedoms, and way of life.
      Having said that, I would not be surprised if his support of evangelical goals is motivated by the fact that he has nothing else to promote his candidacy.

      1. Felicia Saylor March 24, 2016

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  7. Gillettestevens March 23, 2016

    A total psychopath with strong narcissistic tendencies. Oh yeah, a pathological liar on top of the rest of the steaming heap.

  8. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

    If Cruz scares you posters to death I’d love to see your reaction to the kind of things that have happened in Paris, Brussels and San Bernadino if it were to come to your areas fast and furious as it seems to be happening in Europe. While profiling is a slippery slope the alternative in this situation could be far more harmful to our country and it’s people. This is a real and immediate danger to us!

    1. Gillettestevens March 23, 2016

      Don’t worry. Trump will get together with the security experts and formulate a workable plan. Cruz will have groups of rodeo clowns, tripping over each other and doing cart-wheels down Main Street.

      1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

        I believe Trump will win the election and will have a plan to destroy the Islamic terrorist network but it will most certainly include the same type of profiling that Cruz spoke of. Under similar circumstances it’s funny how crime was down for years in NYC with stop and frisk and now is well on it’s way back up under the liberal Bloomberg administration. The same tactics will be necessary to rid the world of this scourge.

        1. Independent1 March 23, 2016

          Wow!! You’re even a pathological liar like the average right-wing nut.

          In December of 2015 NYC crime hit a historic new low!!!

          Why is it you like to lie so much???

          NYC’s Crime Rate Hits a New Record-Low
          By Caroline Bankoff Follow @teamcaroline

          While many New Yorkers believe that the city is becoming more dangerous, statistics released this weekend once again show that the crime rate is actually down. According to the NYPD, 2015 saw an overall 2 percent decrease in murder, rape, robbery, serious assault, burglary, grand larceny, and car theft compared to 2014, which itself was a record-low year for violent crime. “As we end this year, the City of New York will record the safest year in its history, its modern history, as it relates to crime,” said police chief Bill Bratton earlier this month.


        2. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

          Now you’re REALLY getting into the delusional stuff.
          I see you also don’t believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, either. Not surprising, really.
          I won’t quote what Benjamin Franklin said about excessively fearful people willing to trash the Constitution, but if you don’t know, you should look it up.

      2. dpaano March 23, 2016

        I’m afraid I have to disagree with your comment about Trump….he has NO idea what he would do (or could do). And, his idea of “security experts” are individuals who are equally in the dark!

        1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

          Do you believe Hillary has BETTER security experts that will keep the country safe? The only ones she has are called the Secret Service who she has a long history of abusing while protecting her and her alone

          1. Independent1 March 23, 2016

            More of your total hogwas!! And your hogwash just goes on and on.

          2. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016

            He’s a FRWNJ. It’s what they do.

          3. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

            So, after all the “concern” for safety, the real agenda comes out: you’re just another Hillary hater who believes all the BS the GOP has been slinging for years.
            Why don’t you have the guts to repeat all the delusional trash you apparently believe right up front instead of trying to smuggle it in with your Islamophobia?

      3. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016

        Just like he exposed the fraud of Obama’s birth certificate.

    2. Deb Brouhard March 24, 2016

      Oh please what bs. You’re really afraid of Muslims because they are better educated than you, can do your job twice as fast, then take your job, and become your boss. Than they will fire you because they can see you’re nothing more than a blowhard who can’t perform as required but always has some excuse for not getting your job done (the bogie man is around corner). Your focus on Muslims is a smoke screen because everything you say can be applied to evangical Christians and maybe we should really be profiting Christians groups as well.

      1. TZToronto March 24, 2016

        I think it would be economical for Cruz to go back to December 8, 1941, and recycle the tripe that began to circulate about Japanese Americans. All he’d have to do would be to cross out “Japanese” and scribble in “Muslim.” On the other hand, I suspect that Cruz would have been completely in favour of the internment of Japanese citizens (but not German Americans). And while we’re at it, why should any Republican vote for Cruz. He could be one of them there Cuban commies! A sleeper! After all, he ain’t even ‘Murican! He’s one of them Cancucks, and we know they ain’t ‘Muricans!

  9. Blueberry Hill March 23, 2016

    I haven’t seen a Republican, especially those running for President, who knows what the hell he’s talking about. The kind of rhetoric coming out of the mouths of these morons is enough to CAUSE problems. They need to shut up until there is something to complain about. This bunch won’t be happy until they have us in more war. Well, this time they can go themselves and take their families to fight the damn wars. We have sacrificed enough. Your turn to go.


    1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

      Do you mean until these radical Islamist terrorists infiltrate our country to the same point they have in Europe? To have enough of a presence to begin dictating Sharia law over our own? Would those things be enough of a problem to begin complaining Blueberry?

      1. AWHODAT March 23, 2016

        Cowards die many times before their deaths, ya fvcking yellow-bellied chicken little.

        1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

          It seems as though I’ve stumbled into a liberal bunny hole of some sort here. In what way does my post intimate cowardice? In light of the things going on in the world only a fool who puts their head in the sand would ignore the very words of the enemy who is hell bent on destroying any “infidel” along with his way of life.

          1. Independent1 March 23, 2016

            It’s not your cowardice, it’s your ignorance of reality which is just typical of a right-wing nut job such as yourself.

      2. bobnstuff March 23, 2016

        You have been paying attention to who our terrorists are in this country. They are not people who came in last week or even last year. The few that we have had were home grown. American Muslims have a history of being loyal Americans, serving in our military at a above average rate and as a hole being good citizens. You would be better off targeting Christian neighborhoods since they are as likely to be terrorists as any group. Cruz has shown his total lack of knowledge in this matter as he does in most things. We are not Europe,the Republicans have pointed out this fact when it comes to things like health care. Cruz and Trump both want you to vote because you are afraid , fear is their tool to make you do stupid things.

      3. Deb Brouhard March 24, 2016

        Seems that the people who want to dictate Shari law in the US are called EVANGICAL CHRISTIANS. You know people like you who want all Americans to think as you do especially women. PEOPLE like you are biggest threat to America along with the gun toting, evangical nut cases wanting to kill women for not having babies.

      4. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

        It’s obviously what YOU mean. I’m not sure anyone else here is as irrational as that.

  10. Steve Smith March 23, 2016

    I am a Professor Emeritus of Urban Social Geography and I can tell you, Ted Cruz doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about. There are some towns with a large Arab population (e.g. Dearborn, MI) but half of the Arabs in suburban Detroit are Christians. To police a minority that has geographically integrated into American society is a non-starter. Exactly where would Cruz tell his FBI men to look?

    Cruz and Rubio are representatives of the Caucasian overlords that raped Cuba and lead to Castro. Latinos in America, particularly Mexicans are overwhelmingly Mestizos (a mixture of native & Caucasian blood) or pure Indian. To have the White overlord saying we have to keep an eye on all Muslims is just a step away from interning them. I guess Cruz would have to sort out which of the Arabs are Christians and which are Muslims to make a go of interning them. What a racist man he is. Joseph McCarthy must have had his head cryogenically frozen. I wonder what he thinks about coming back to life as a Cuban racistt?

    1. Irishgrammy March 23, 2016

      There is no doubt in my mind Ted Cruz is a racist. He has lauded Jessie Helms (R-NC) who was a well known racist and loved to shock others by making clear racist remarks over his entire lifetime, Cruz commenting “there should be more like Helms in the Senate”. He has Jefferson Beauregard Sessions (R-AL) another well known bigot’s endorsement……Along with Cruz’s father’s own racist comments directed at the President and Cruz himself constant insults and over the top exaggerations he makes ad nauseam……I have come to the conclusion Cruz is obsessed with an unnatural over active hyperbolic reaction to anything Pres. Obama says or does. Along with these outrageous remarks directed at American Muslims and his threats towards 11 million undocumented people, Cruz has more than made it clear he is an intolerant bigot and supreme demagogue!!!

    2. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016

      Exactly where would Cruz tell his FBI men to look?

      Anywhere those who din’t look right happen to be.

      1. TZToronto March 24, 2016

        Does anyone think that Cruz would believe that someone Cruz thinks is a Muslim but goes to church every Sunday is not a Muslim? There are a lot of right-wing Americans who still think that President Obama is a Muslim–and he’s the President if the United States! How many Sikhs would end up being classified as Muslims just because some ignorant sheriff sees a turban and equates that with Islam? Off to the camps with you, you, you. . . . MUSLIM!

        1. Progressive Republican March 25, 2016

          I still run in to those who point out the long-disproven allegation of his wedding ring saying [whatever] in Arabic, or claiming that he has admitted being a Muslim (without actually saying that he’s a Muslim).

          Look at how many Sikhs have been assaulted and murdered because some half-wit saw a turban?

          The willful ignorati are an interesting bunch.

  11. oldlion March 23, 2016

    Numbers don’t lie, There are many, many, more people killed by gun toting mass murderers but, there is absolutely nothing that can be done about that. I don’t mean to diminish the horrible deaths caused by terrorists but, it is a tiny fraction of the people killed by Christian terrorists right in this country. Yet, these neocon Republican nitwits are ready to start WW III over a threat that is minuscule to the threat we face everyday just going to the movies, or shopping, or heaven forbid, Planned Parenthood. We have become a nation that is afraid of it’s own shadow and brought to our knees, balled up into a fetal position at the mention of Muslim terrorists.

  12. dpaano March 23, 2016

    What an idiot!!! The ONLY reason that Mitt Romney is “endorsing” Cruz is because he doesn’t want to see Trump win the election! It’s certainly not because he thinks he’d be a better president (which he wouldn’t). And, he keeps blaming Hillary and President Obama despite the fact that we haven’t had a really serious ISIS incursion here in the U.S. (like 9/11) since President Obama took office. Certainly, we’ve had Boston and San Bernardino, but these are small attacks compared to what Europe is seeing. Personally, I feel pretty safe with the current administration keeping tabs on our safety. Additionally, he keeps repeating that President Obama and Hillary want to allow “tens of thousands of middle eastern immigrants” to enter the U.S. This is not true and they never said anything like that! He also doesn’t know much about the vetting process or he wouldn’t say that we aren’t vetting these individuals when they enter our country…..they go through quite a lengthy vetting process! This is just an example of how little Cruz (and his buddy, Trump) know about foreign affairs and what is being done in this country. They are both equally dangerous and if either one of them is elected, we can kiss our safety good-bye!!!

    1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

      I see! So the vetting process is good enough for you as long as the POTUS says so huh? It sounds as though you’d be willing to let them in just so you could say it’s the PC thing to do huh? This is an ideology not just a religion. It does permeate the “peaceful” religion of Islam as soon as they gain a foothold within any nation with a Judaeo christian background. You make it sound as though Boston and San Bernardino were just collateral damage in comparison to “doing the right thing” according to the politically correct way of thinking. What will it take to wake you people up?

      1. johninPCFL March 23, 2016

        Since 1900 we’ve had about 3500 Americans killed by Muslims. Last year we had 35000 Americans killed by other Americans, basically their own next-door neighbors.
        You’re about 1000 times more likely in any given year to be killed by your spouse or an acquaintance than by a Muslim from overseas. Get your priorities straight.

        1. Jim Samaras March 23, 2016

          That was the world before the refugee situation has occurred. Prior to the civil war in Syria I’m sure the same could be said in Europe. I keep my priorities in the proper order with current events dictating them

          1. johninPCFL March 23, 2016

            Muslims kill zero to maybe 35 Americans per year (over the last few decades.) Americans kill 35000 Americans per year with guns. You’re 1000 times more likely to be murdered by your neighbor because you smile at his wife while mowing the front yard than a Muslim terrorist. Your priorities are skewed by the right-wing fear machine.

          2. DEFENDER88 March 23, 2016

            And your information is Skewed by the Left Wing Fear Machine – of those 35,000 deaths by gun, about 32,000 are suicides – a personal choice(as I see it) and not gun crime(which is down in the US).

          3. johninPCFL March 23, 2016

            The non-suicide number for 2014 was 12,562. The number for 2015 was 9,959. Jihadi-caused deaths in the US were 13 in 2014 and 9 in 2015. Still a 1000 to 1 ratio for your neighbor murdering you versus a jihadi coming over to get you.
            Oooga-booga!! OOga-booga!!

          4. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016

            Left Wing Fear Machine



          5. Independent1 March 24, 2016

            Wow!! Why are you resorting to deliberate lies?? You know full well that suicides are about 19-20,000 NOT 32,000!! And that thousands of those suicides would not occur if there wasn’t a gun around. Thousands who commit suicide would not attempt it any other way; because people know that with respect to weapons, it’s really only guns that are so deadly!!
            And that murders have actually increased slightly over the past decade after having come down previously!!

            And one of the reasons that crimes, including gun crimes have come down, is because gun ownership has actually come down considerably over the past 40 years!!! As a percentage of our population far fewer people are carrying guns today than in 1975.

        2. ralphkr March 23, 2016

          Shucks, fellows, you are far more likely to killed by a doctor than by any terrorist or gun toting neighbor. In the US we average about 440,000 deaths per year due errors by doctor, nurse, or hospital.

          1. johninPCFL March 24, 2016

            Yep. Pointing out that there are many more serious circumstances in which Americans are killed seems to make no difference to those who’d rather run around screaming like a three year old with its hair on fire.

      2. Independent1 March 23, 2016

        Heh!! Just so you know, the average time that it takes a refugee to be vetted and admitted to the U.S. is about 7 years. Do you really think some Muslim radicals are going to commit that amount of time to get themselves in the U.S., especially after such an extensive vetting process where they stand a good chance of being outed??? Himmm!!

  13. Dominick Vila March 23, 2016

    Oh, I think he knows exactly what he wants: he is proposing the creation of a theocracy that is consistent with his religious dogma, and supportive of his personal ambitions.

  14. FT66 March 23, 2016

    This guy is sick in his head. Rumbling, meandering and nothing that makes sense. He doesn’t deserve even to serve as a senator.

    1. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016

      I’m sure his peers concur.

      1. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

        Unfortunately, most of them seem almost as bad.

        1. Progressive Republican March 25, 2016


  15. ralphkr March 23, 2016

    Well, my goodness what else would you expect from a blaspheming, Communist, Fascist, Socialist, Democrat controlled propaganda machine like CBS than for them to denigrate a true Christian savior of the USA. (snark purely intentional).

    1. Louis Allen March 23, 2016

      As $tupid and naive as ever, I see ….

      1. ralphkr March 23, 2016

        Exactly, Louis Allen, since I was channeling the true patriotic Christian American in my post;

      2. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

        Says the pot calling the kettle black (and that’s being kind).

    2. Progressive Republican March 24, 2016


  16. Bren Frowick March 23, 2016

    The only difference between Cruz and Trump is that Cruz KNOWS the tripe he tosses out there to get his “base” riled up is just so much garbage, while Trump is too hopelessly ignorant to be able to keep a coherent thought in his empty head from one moment to the next.

  17. atc333 March 23, 2016

    I am no fan of Ted Cruz. I am also not a bigot, or a racist. That said, I would point out that Americans do neeed to educate themselves as to the Islamic Religion, which is far more that just a religion, but a system of laws, religion, and social relationships frar different from our own, and which has no tolerance for other religions and Western Democratic forms of Government. It is all laid out in the Quran, for anyone with enought intellectual curiosity to discover on their own.

    The more devout a True Muslim becomes, the more he is requried to follow the mandates of the Quran, This is the most sobering part for non Muslims.. Under the directives of the Quran, once Muslims have taken control of the police, military, and govenment,of a host nation, there will be no other religion but Islam permitted, All others must revert, flee, or die, unless you are one of the “people of the Book”, Christian or Jew, in which case you may be permitted to live as a second class citizen, and pay a special tax, provided you have a special skill or value to the Islamic governmetn. There will be no democray, as Sharia law will be implemented.

    The reality is that the true goal of Islam is the reversion of all nations, and the world to Islam, with no other religion or forms of government allowed. Disver for yourself what Islam really is, and that there is no New Testament to the Quran.revising the Quran’s directives to its followers. The reality is that Islam, and the directives of the Quran to its followers are simply a form of self radicalization, the more devout the more intolerant of other religions one becomes.

    This is what Western leaders must comprehend, and determine how to best deal with the increasing numbers of Muslim refugees. It would seem that Western nations would best serve their own interests by destroying ISIS, and stemming the flow of refugees to Europe.





    Perhaps Trump is right on this one issue.

    1. Deb Brouhard March 24, 2016

      I am so sick and tired of people claiming not to be bigots and racist when in fact that’s exactly what they are. So Islam, has the same goals of evangical Christians. But that’s OK because they’re Christians. Don’t evangicals want to force all others to their beliefs and want to make gays, blacks, non believers second class citizens? Don’t they want to force Sharia law on women? Get real, most religions want the same thing, world control. And yes, just like Islam, the more devout a Christian you are the more likely you seem to be willing to kill, harm, main in the name of religion. Christians aren’t so great either. How many Planned Parenthood murders gave taken place, how many men killing women who don’t want their babies, how many times do we see Christians killing in the name of the Lord? Perhaps instead of worrying about Muslims, the US govt. should put all Christians under surveillance, because you’re as likely as any other group to be attacking and killing Americand and Christians are as mean, nasty and evil as any Muslim.

      1. atc333 March 24, 2016

        Unlike the Quoran, the New Testament does not direct its followers to kill Infidels over 95 times, it does not instruct Christians to migrate to a nation for the sole purpose of taking that nation over for Christianity, first by stealth, then by lying to the population that it is a religion of peace, and not telling its converts the full truth of the nature of its religion, which is to replace all laws, and government with a barbaric 1000 year old system of Sharia law, a religion which states that it is ok to lie to non Muslims to accomplishe its goals, that if a Muslim kills a Muslim, that Muslim must also die, but if he kills a non Muslim, he does not have to die, That a Muslim is not allowed to migrate to non Muslim nations unless it is for the purpose of spreading islam, and taking over that host nation for Islam and the Islamic World, destroying the history, laws, and all other religions though the choice of conversion to Islam or dealth.

        You may be sick of it, but obviously, you do not understand the goals and purposes of Islam, which is one world religion, one world governed by Sharia law, and ulitmately, death to all who do not “revert” to Islam. Once in control of a nation, state, or area, all those who do not agree with Islam, and oppose its laws and mandantory conversions become “enemies of Islam, with the directed consequences.

        It is all laid out in the Quran, for all to see, read, and understand. You obviously do not. Four months ago, I also belived the claim that Islam was the religion of peace. I began to do some research, and discovered I was wrong. Islam is the religion of peace so long as it is not a majority in a nation. Once it attains control of the Government, military, and police, it all changes. That control is gained though using the “stupid Westerners Democracy and political correctness against them”. In the very end, ISIS is the untimate expression of Islamic expansionism, followed to its logical conclusions based upon the directives in the Quran, except that iSIS had gone too far, in that it is killing other Muslims who believe in “unacceptable” variations of Islam.
        What other religion whose printed word of God gives the Infidel non Muslim three chances to revert to that religion, then kills those who refuse, with beheading the preferred method?

        I would welcome you demonstrating that the Quran does not really mean what it says, and that all of the above is completely wrong.

        1. Sand_Cat March 24, 2016

          The “Old Testament” – cited more frequently than the “New” by “Christians” pushing for their “religious freedom” to control and harm others, contains extensive documentation of the alleged genocides ordered by the “god” evangelicals claim is the same as “Jesus,” the hero of the New Testament. Maybe you should try reading and thinking about that.

          1. atc333 March 25, 2016

            Two points:
            1 You have totally avoided the issues I have raised, which is that For the True Muslim, who follows all the directives set out in the Quran, Islam is a self radicalizing religion.

            2. you are simply practicing deflection, and avoiding the issues raised, by attempting to discuss and lump Christianity and the Jewish religion together with Islam. Neither are telling the belivers to go out and revert the world upon pain of death, or to infiltrate and destroy the government, or society of their belivers host nations.

            Why don’t you do a Google search on “The Religion of Peace”, and see what you come up with.

          2. Sand_Cat March 25, 2016

            I “totally avoided your points”?
            Maybe because they weren’t worth the effort. Arguing with religious [or any other kind of] bigots is a fool’s errand once the entertainment value wears off.
            I “lump” the religions because Christianity has a huge body count to its “credit,” and that style of the religion seems to be coming back in the Protestant and Catholic evangelicals and fundamentalists.
            Judaism’s bloodshed is mostly mythological (i.e., the Torah and the prophets. for which little to no evidence has ever been found), but the lunatic settlers busy stealing Arab land and abusing the people in the name of YHWH’s alleged promises are doing their part as well.
            I also “lump” the three because they all worship the same bloodthirsty monster in the sky and they all teach that the rest of us (and many of their own who differ in tiny and completely insignificant points of doctrine) are bound for eternal torture for our “crimes” dwarfed by their own, and that their “just” and “merciful” monster will even deliberately mislead us and send us to torture for his own “glory.” Their mutual promotions of hatred for the others amount to the pot calling the kettle black.

            I’m sure I could do a Google search on any number of irrational and dishonest political and religious themes and find thousands or millions of scurrilous postings supporting them.

          3. atc333 March 25, 2016

            Docment your claims, don’t simply create them as you type.
            Got to the sources: The Bible’s New Testament, the Quran, and the Old Testament. Where in the Bible as well as the New Testament, does it direct followers to inflitrate nations, attain a majority, then overthow or replace the existing govenments of the world, by forcible , conversion or killing of non belivers in a current present day context , rather than in a historical setting as Islam presently does?

            You cannot.

          4. Sand_Cat March 26, 2016

            Why would I want to? To please a moron like you?
            I never claimed any of the things you want me to document; if you’ve read the documents yourself, I’m sure you know what I have said is true, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.
            I haven’t read the Koran in total; just enough to know that – like the Bible – it contains plenty of thoroughly disagreeable and nonsensical stuff. I do not read Arabic – do you? – so I am unfamiliar with the things you you claim it contains. I have no reason to doubt it other than that it is claimed by an obvious fanatic like you. You’re still the pot calling the kettle black.

          5. atc333 March 26, 2016

            There are plenty of translations of the the Quran on line.

            What you and others fail to comprehend is that the Quran’s directives are current, to all Muslims, and not used in a historical context, as is the Old Testament and the passages you attempt to claim are equal to the directives which are deemed current, and involate as the word of Allah, and must be followed today.

            Of course you would not want to, because you would be forced to backtrack on your claims. Christianity leaves sinners to be judged by God, as does the Jewish Faith. How long since you have read about Jews stoning indivduals who have violated religious laws? How about revenge killings?, or many other examples you read about on a daily basis? Unfortunately for Western Nations, Islam considers the Quoran as the Absolute Word of Allah, current, and enforcible word by word. You read about it every day. ISIS is the ulitmate incarnation of it, taken to extreme ends. attacking not even Infidesl and slaughtering them, but also Muslims who do not meet their particular view of what constititues a Muslim.

            There is no New Testament to the Quran. Western leaders need to step back, understand Islam as a religion, as a mandantory form of government, and as an absolute system of conduct between individual and how it will or will not interfrace with Western values, religions, and government.

            Bring it out into the open, discuss it, and deal with it.

          6. Sand_Cat March 27, 2016

            Still never made the claims you have apparently decided to assign to me.

          7. atc333 March 27, 2016

            “I also “lump” the three because they all worship the same bloodthirsty
            monster in the sky and they all teach that the rest of us (and many of
            their own who differ in tiny and completely insignificant points of
            doctrine) are bound for eternal torture for our “crimes” dwarfed by
            their own, and that their “just” and “merciful” monster will even
            deliberately mislead us and send us to torture for his own “glory.”
            Their mutual promotions of hatred for the others amount to the pot
            calling the kettle black.”

            Pretty well says it all. Strange how some people have to resort to insults (Moron) when discussions don’t go the way they would like. Please point out the justifications for your “bloodthirsty monster” claim in the Jewish and Christian Bibles. Perhaps you don’t quite undestand what you are attempting to discuss.

          8. Sand_Cat March 27, 2016

            I understand them quite well; it seems you lack the knowledge, but I’m sure that if you think about it and consult the texts, you’ll figure it out eventually, if you care to bother. I have no need to repeat myself.

      2. RetDem March 24, 2016

        Hear, hear, Deb! Tell it like it is. Note my comment above about Evangelicals supporting Cruz.

      3. atc333 March 25, 2016

        Evangelicals want to alter others behavior, not their religion. You obviously have no clue what Sharia law is, compared to what Evangelicals seek to accomplish. They also don’t want to establish a Christian Caliphate in the US and dissolve the current govenment

        The real difference is that the New Testament does not direct Christians to act in that manner. Christians are not directed by the printed word of God to kill all non Christians who refuse to convert to Christianity once they have taken onver a state or area. . Compare that to Islam which does mandate true Muslims take such actions against Infidels who refuse to revert. Read the Quran for yourself
        Those “Christians” who act as you describe are not following the teaching of Christ upon which Christianity is founded. . They have altered it to suit their own purposes and fears.

        Why not try tot document your claims, which are not factual,t and provide a modern day example of Christians doing what we see going on in the Middle East today with ISIS killing thousands of people or driving them out. Where are Christians doing that on the same level? Where are Christians setting off bombs in airports in the name of Christianity?

        You cannot.

    2. Joan March 25, 2016

      You will find the same kind of edicts in the Bible particularly the pre Jesus parts. Trump is Not Right on this one issue because he makes no effort at nuance. We are not at war with Islam or Muslims we are at war with a group that has used religion to further their own ends.
      Trump is wrong because we need Muslims ( the 3rd largest religion) if we are to solve the problems in the Middle East and defeat radical religious terrorism.
      Trump is wrong because despite the fact that he is running for President he does not know the differences between Suuni and Shites and he though the Kurds were Christians.
      We live in a complex and nuanced world and Trump wants to deal in meaningless slogans suitable only for hats and T- shirts.

      1. itsfun March 27, 2016

        The Middle East has been at war one way or another for over 2000 years, we are not about to stop that. They will be at war for another 2000 years.

    3. JPHALL March 25, 2016

      Not true. It is funny that despite all you say, non Muslim people lived peaceful lives in Muslim countries for centuries.

      1. itsfun March 27, 2016

        I think it is chapter 9 verse 141 in the Quran that this is written.

        1. JPHALL March 27, 2016

          YEAH, YEAH, YEAH. All religions have things in their holy books that their members ignore. Despite right wingers angst over the changes occurring in this country, few wish to return to the good ole days of Puritanism. Would you? When were you last at a witch trial or stoning? Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Ted Cruz ‘Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Talking About’

          1. itsfun March 27, 2016

            I read you saying how much their religion is only love and peace and caring and so on. When I show you what their bible says, you come up with some BS about ignoring certain parts of the bible. You just want to pick and choose what you want and ignore what you don’t like. Shouldn’t surprise me though as your hero Obama just picks and chooses which laws he wants to enforce. I haven’t been to a stoning, but I have seen several news reports of be-headings.

          2. JPHALL March 28, 2016

            Like all fanatics you pick what fits your ideology. I never said anything you have posted. I neither like nor dislike any religion. Try posting the truth for a change. Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Ted Cruz ‘Doesn’t Know What The Hell He’s Talking About’

      2. stcroixcarp March 27, 2016

        And Muslims in Serbia lived peacefully for centuries with their Christian neighbors until the good christian Serbs decided to ethnic cleanse them.

  18. RetDem March 24, 2016

    Love the headline. Glad someone finally figured this guy out. Everyone worries about Donald Trump winning the Primary. If Cruz is the alternative, the outcome is equally worrisome. Did everyone forget that he used the T-Party to ride to the his Senate post, and he is the one who drove this country further into debt with his role in shutting down the government? The fact that someone like this (Cruz) is supported by Evangelicals is a testimony to the fact that this group is based in hate, racism, and everything un-Christian when it comes to their political views. Cruz is a loose cannon who will destroy this country.

  19. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2016

    You know what’s really funny? Cruz, a Calgary, Alberta born Canadian is an immigrant…He has only been a Texan for less than a dozen years. Noice how it is always Texas that imports phony politicians …Bush from New England and now Cruz from Alberta?

    The joke is Calgary is one of the rocking, rollingest, swingingest cities in North America. Prostitution, nudity and booze are flow freely there on every corner and in every bar and it is ALL legal.

    Cruz is another guy “who got religion” after years of a well known misspent youth. Any day now, one of the Calgary hookers is going to out this little lying weasel.

  20. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2016

    As a woman, what I see about men today is their utter lack of accountability. Every religion has always been MAN dominated. ISIS and al Qaeda are not Muslims. They are wild men no better than their ancient predecessor who pillaged and plundered for no real reason other than to control the world…Study the hordes of Genghis Khan, a man who had NO religion or Attila the Hun and you see the same addiction of men to power. ISIS isn’t some strict pious religious sect..they are humans born with animal instincts to prowl and capture their prey. Once they have gained that control, all that remains is torture to get their jollies. Does that sound like religion to you? If it is, it is a religion only young males are attracted to just as they where when Genghis Khan captured all of what is today Russia and as far west as Spain.

    I have no idea how you remove the murderous genes in some humans. It would be like pulling every human hair out of their heads strand by strand.

    ISIS is as much a failure as al Qaeda was. In the end, ISIS will be hunted down like uncontrollable animals and caged together. Let’s see them practice their so-called religion then.

  21. glynnglo March 24, 2016

    Since when is it “political correctness” to judge every individual based on their actions and merit and not on their religion or national origin? I had the silly notion that that was the American way. There are Muslim soldiers, police officers, millions of Muslims all over this country who are every bit as patriotic as any of us. The same is true of “mexicans” by which they really mean hispanics, who are actually from a variety of countries. To lump all people of a certain faith or nationality into a suspect group which is then marginalized and blamed for all the ills that beset us is NOT American. It is racism; It is Facism; It is Nazism. That is the path Trump and Cruz would lead us down. And if we follow that path we destroy everything that made America great. We become the terrorists. America, wake up. Before we lose all that we value about being American.

  22. itsfun March 27, 2016

    I don’t see this as a religious question, but a question of mass murders. ISIS is murdering people and using their religion as a excuse to behead and otherwise murder innocent people. Politicians keep saying it is not American to not let them in, or we have to show compassion, now Obama says it is a way to show a example of how wonderful we are. We are the ones that will living with the consequences of this. He will never live without body guards. Kerry defends Obama playing golf and doing the wave after murders and he says life doesn’t stop because of these actions. New flash: LIFE DOES STOP FOR THE MURDERED PEOPLE. How many of these politicians send their children to public school, or live in average neighborhoods like we do? How many of the politicians are surrounded by body guards (paid for by us taxpayers)? How many of them do you see in malls and other public places? Look at how good the immigration policies in Europe are working. Germany has mobs of immigrants, sexually attacking women, and demanding things from the government. Paris was attacked, Brussels was attacked. How many more attacks will it take? Do we have to wait for another 9/11 before we will do anything to stop them? Four Americans were murdered in Brussels, what is the number of Americans murdered before we put a stop to it? Maybe we do need a outsider for the next President? Look at how Bernie slaughtered Hillary yesterday in three states. Outsiders Trump and Cruz are leading their Party races. We need to be proactive not reactive in eliminating ISIS or be prepared for more 9/11’s.

  23. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 27, 2016

    Our friend, Ted, is a model of consistency insofar as demonstrating with marvelous regularity a lack of intuition, insight, and totally unawareness of “cause-and-effect”.
    Even a casual acquaintance with Newtonian Laws would inform the most dullard on the planet that for every action there is an opposing reaction.

    Let’s consider the 1st and 3rd of Newton’s 3 Laws:

    1) The 1st law, when applied to the physical realm, states that an object at rest tends to remain at rest, i.e. “Inertia”.
    When extending this to mental activity, when one is comfortable with the laziness associated with a strong tendency to resist social improvement, the result is a state of inertia, complacency and maintaining a stultifying state of mind.

    2) The 3rd law from a physical standpoint states that for every action, there is an opposing and equal reaction.
    When this is mapped to human activity, an act of a belligerent act by the KKK or ISIS, for example, will be met by an opposing and equal belligerent response, although the methodology of opposition may take a different form.


    Ted, America and Europe, ISIS, and others in the world would do well to familiarize themselves with the human condition and see how they are related to their physical analogues. A proper understanding and interpretation of Divine Teachings as stated in their respective Books by Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. will shed light on “reality”, as opposed to applying limited political and fanatical perceptions that only shroud “reality” in the veils of “ignorance and a hostile nature”.

    Happy Easter, and “Salaam u alaykum”.


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