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#EndorseThis: Bill Barr’s Mueller Report Mad-Libs

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#EndorseThis: Bill Barr’s Mueller Report Mad-Libs

Mueller Report

You will not be surprised to learn that Attorney General Bill Barr’s cover-up antics with the Mueller Report do not amuse Stephen Colbert. Like the rest of us, he paid a lot of money and waited a long time for the results of the Russia investigation — and neither a four-page “summary” nor a “redacted” version will do.

On Tuesday Barr testified for several hours on Capitol Hill, mostly declining to answer Congressional questions about the report but proclaiming that he will release his version next week. Irritated even more by Barr’s arrogance, Colbert sums up his testimony in four jokes — including a Mueller Report “Mad-Libs.”

Angry like Stephen? So are we. Click and chortle.


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