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#EndorseThis: Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllenhall Portray Sinclair Lewis’ Vision Of American Fascism

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#EndorseThis: Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllenhall Portray Sinclair Lewis’ Vision Of American Fascism

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm perform a scene from It Can't Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis' 1936 play about the rise of an American dictator

In 1935, as fascism cast a shadow over the world, Nobel-winning novelist Sinclair Lewis cranked out a short, dystopian novel about the rise of a demagogue to become America’s first dictator. It Can’t Happen Here became an enormous best-seller, which Lewis adapted into a hit Broadway play for the following election year (as our Joe Conason recounted in his 2007 book, It Can Happen Here.) With the rise of an authoritarian candidate 80 years later, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Hamm performed a scene from the play at a recent Broadway fundraiser for the Clinton campaign. It is still powerful and compelling. Just click.


  1. Dan S November 1, 2016

    Please people vote for the only qualified candidate for President Hillary Clinton. Trump is a true fascist in every sense of the word. The civil liberties we enjoy & free speech will be silenced by a narcissistic individual. Newspapers that speak against him will be sued for libel & either disappear or replaced by someone posting favorable news about Trump. Our country as we know it would disappear & be a puppet regime of Russia? Does anyone really want that for the USA ?????????

  2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 1, 2016

    Frightening reminiscent of Trump and his vision for our nation. This should be viewed by as many people as possible – it is truly a MUST SEE.
    I vote for Hillary, the Dove . . . Not Trump, the would be tyrant.


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