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Donald Trump is the “communications director, finance director, campaign manager, and master of the Trump train” as he and his followers gear up for 2020, according to CNN. The problem, as Seth Meyers observes acidly, is that several of the top figures from his previous campaign are under criminal indictment, with at least two already heading to prison. Will Trump-Pence 2020 issue orange jumpsuits to this cycle’s campaign staff?

Like everyone else in America, Meyers is also preparing for the release of the Mueller report, which is said to be imminent. In the meantime, however, he looks at the scandalous lending to Trump by Deutsche Bank. It’s a perfect example of how finance is rigged in favor of the rich — even a rich deadbeat like this president.

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Proud Boys demonstrator

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Reprinted with permission from DailyKos

It's become apparent that, even as Donald Trump tries to deny reality and continue claiming he won the election, the hate group that he ordered, on national television, to "stand back and stand by" now considers (per leadership's statements that "standby order has been rescinded," as well as other threatening statements on social media) those orders null and void: The Proud Boys are now playing the role of Trump's goon-squad defenders in the streets—and appear unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Following the initial burst of Proud Boy violence in Washington, D.C., during and after the "Million MAGA March" of November 14, the familiar black-and-yellow polos, red MAGA hats and thug tactics have been showing up on the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina; Sacramento, California; and Staten Island, New York. At each event, brawls broke out amid overheated rhetoric, much of it in Trump's defense.

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