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#EndorseThis: A Republican Saved By Obamacare Confronts Paul Ryan

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#EndorseThis: A Republican Saved By Obamacare Confronts Paul Ryan

Small business owner Jeff Jeans tells Paul Ryan how obamacare saved his life

What happens when a small business owner , who campaigned for Republican presidential candidates Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and vehemently opposed the Affordable Care Act, learns that he has been diagnosed with a potentially fatal cancer at age 49 — and that he can’t get treatment without insurance?

Luckily for Jeff Jeans, who told his moving personal story to House Speaker Paul Ryan during a CNN Town Hall event, Obamacare became law. After Jeans concludes with a heartfelt shout-out to the President, Ryan tries to explain how the GOP will someday provide “something better,” including “high-risk pools” for patients with pre-existing conditions like his. (In Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, the high-risk insurance pool that the speaker touts had a six-month waiting period, very costly deductibles and big premiums — in short, such pools no solution for most families.)

What Ryan can’t explain is why Republicans have done nothing but obstruct health care reform for the past 50 years, leaving constituents like Jeff Jeans for dead.




  1. InGen12 January 13, 2017

    That’s the GOP way! When are people going to wise up and realize that the GOP is only for the wealthy? They are not advocates for the rest of America. They are against most social programs that are there to help citizens when they fall on hard times. But they do love those tax cuts for the wealthy!

    1. Blueberry Hill January 13, 2017

      The Greedy Old Party is not our friend. They are out to enrich themselves. Have any of you found yourself to be better off, wealthier, or healthier under their control? Nope. Won’t happen. They can’t get it thru their heads that their jobs are to make OUR lives better and easier, not unbearable, and deadly. WE pay for the insurance, not them. They should drop their insurance that WE PAY FOR!

      1. jmprint January 13, 2017

        I think when they drop ACA, everyone should boycott the insurance companies and hit those emergency room for any care need, I know I am.

        1. johninPCFL January 13, 2017

          Can’t get a refill on your blood pressure meds from the ER. Can’t get birth control pills from the ER. Can’t get a refill on your coumadin prescription in the ER. Can’t get a pre-employment medical exam in the ER.

          Lots of poor people going unemployed and dying for lack of medication. That’s the GOP way.

          1. jmprint January 13, 2017

            And that’s reality of this whole ordeal, but do they care. Ryan doesn’t want to pull the rug from under our feet, so if we’re dead we won’t know.

    2. idamag January 13, 2017

      Years ago, my mother-in-law used to say, “When the Republicans are in, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” I used to laugh, but now, I realize she was right.

  2. jamcrky January 13, 2017

    I find it so amazing that people like this would vote against their own interests, namely health care…..Instead examining the facts about the ACA they vote Republican like it’s a gut impulse….It’s only now that many of them are finding the awful truth that they may be without health care, and if they think the Repubs are coming up with a replacement anytime soon, then let me remind them that the Easter Bunny is coming soon. The real unfortunate part is that this will effect some 20 million Americans who rely on their health care.

    1. Mama Bear January 13, 2017

      I hate to think this, but I do. These kinds of people want “it” for themselves but they don’t want to pay for “them” to have it.

    2. jmprint January 13, 2017

      The republicans are good at brain washing, all the efforts in repealing it, made it look to them that is was a bad thing.

      1. jamcrky January 13, 2017

        It’s true what you say…..If you constantly keep repeating a lie after a while people start believing it to be the truth….Trump is a master at this art

    3. dpaano January 13, 2017

      And they probably also believe in Santa and the tooth fairy!!

      1. jamcrky January 13, 2017

        And lets not forget the Easter Bunny too haahahahaah!

        1. dpaano January 13, 2017

          Whaaat…..there’s NO Easter Bunny? You’re kidding!!!

    4. Gilbert West January 13, 2017

      Republicans are so stubborn and stupid. They never take into account that lack of access to healthcare could spawn a pandemic… akin to what occurred in Europe back a few hundred years ago. If you have health insurance, but one of your neighbors doesn’t…if he can’t afford treatment he just keeps getting sicker…and if his ailment is contagious…. well, his kids go to the same school as your. His family shops at the same grocery store as you… How long before what he’s got invades all the homes in your area? and…How much will it ultimately cost??? Penny-wise and dollar stupid!

      1. dpaano January 16, 2017

        The republicans don’t have a logical bone in their bodies! Those of us who ARE logical can see all that’s wrong with everything they’re coming up with….especially their illegitimate president elect!

  3. Blueberry Hill January 13, 2017

    Don’t let the Ryan dog fool you. They have no intention of replacing the ACA, they didn’t want it in the first place and voted over 50 times to repeal it. It won’t bother them one whit to see us dying in the streets. Reminds me of the movie “Soylent Green”, it’s an old one, but all should see it and see what happens to a country when this crap takes over.


    1. itsfun January 13, 2017

      I know they will shove granny off a cliff, starve the homeless, poison the world, kill all that are not white,

      1. jmprint January 13, 2017

        Remember before ACA, hospitals were putting people on the side walks, because they couldn’t afford to pay, that’s where we are headed back. Thanks Itsfun your the best.

        1. idamag January 13, 2017

          Or, if they couldn’t afford insurance or medical care they went to the emergency room and didn’t pay for it. We did. Every 2500 dollars you pay out in healthcare – 800 goes to pay for those who can’t, don’t, or won’t. The other thing they were doing when they didn’t have the money, is wait to see it the person was better by morning. By morning, the person could be in serious condition and admitted to ICU at additional cost to those who paid their hospital bills.

        2. itsfun January 13, 2017

          More doomsday from you. Healthcare is not going to disappear. It will change and hopefully for the best. One thing it was suppose to do was reduce the use of emergency rooms, but the stats show emergency room use has risen.

      2. Dennis Mullins January 13, 2017

        I hope to hell Granny takes you with her when she goes over.

        1. itsfun January 13, 2017

          Oh golly gee you are hurting my feelings – NOT. You mean ole bully. I may not be able to sleep now.

    2. Gilbert West January 13, 2017

      Well their repeal comes at a time when their constituents, who are seeking help with drug addiction, are over-dosing and dying like flies, being strung-out on heroin, oxycodon, and crystal meth… Let’s watch them struggle with that… Chickens come home to roost.

  4. Mama Bear January 13, 2017

    The Rethugs have had 8 years to work on a health care plan. 8 years! Instead of holding hearings and votes trying to defund and disenfranchise it they could have been …wait for it…here it is…working for the people!

    1. itsfun January 13, 2017

      None of the Republican plans were allowed out of committee by Harry Reid. He never allowed them to see the light of day.

      1. jmprint January 13, 2017

        And for 8 years they have been collecting dust, so they pull the plans out and find out that oops theirs sucks.

        1. itsfun January 13, 2017

          You may discover that their plans are great.

          1. Independent1 January 16, 2017

            Wow! You really are a dreamer, aren’t you???

        2. Independent1 January 15, 2017

          The GOP doesn’t have a clue about how to design legislation that provides a framework for insurance companies to provide insurance on their own. All they would know how to do is create a voucher and say: here’s a couple thousand dollars you go figure out how to cover your health insurance needs. Itsfun is feeding us a line.

          1. idamag January 16, 2017

            One of my husband’s hospital bills was $700,000. We had good insurance, but 20 percent is still a chunk of money.

          2. dpaano January 16, 2017

            Now you know the reason why I’m not getting my knee replacement….although my company has fantastic insurance, I still would have to pay 10% for in-network costs for a knee replacement. Not many of us could afford that kind of money….I know I certainly can’t!

      2. Independent1 January 15, 2017

        More total hogwash. ACA contains almost 300 Republican amendments. The major parts of ACA were designed by six legislators – 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats in about 60 meetings.

        1. idamag January 16, 2017

          I should think that creep, itsfun, would refuse any socialistic government plan on the basis of principle. That includes Social Security and Medicare, which is the next thing scheduled for the chopping block.

  5. itsfun January 13, 2017

    Not one Republican has said they want to do away with insurance for those with existing conditions. No one has said anyone will be left without insurance coverage. They are saying no one will lose anything until a new plan is in place. They are saying they want to find ways to lower costs and give people more options for their policies.

    1. Michael Espinoza January 13, 2017

      The new Republican plan will most likely be nothing more than a name change. Remove Obama’s name and replace it with Trump’s name. Voila! It’s done. Nothing more than Trump’s revenge for the way Obama humiliated him more than once at celebrity dinner gatherings all around the country.

      1. itsfun January 13, 2017

        That is pretty much the way I feel about it. I hope any thing new doesn’t get called Trumpcare, or Obamacare, or any persons care. The two sides hate each other so much, personal names are just a red flag for them.

        1. jmprint January 13, 2017

          It’s called ACA. You guys gave it the Obamacare, which I kinda like.

          1. idamag January 13, 2017

            At least Obama cared about people who need healthcare. There is no republican who cares about people in general.

          2. Beethoven January 16, 2017

            It just occurred to me that since we called the plan Obama got passed “Obamacare,” we should call whatever the Republicans pass “Trumpdon’tcare.”

          3. idamag January 16, 2017

            Trump don’t care and neither do they.

          4. dpaano January 16, 2017

            So true….as long as they gets theirs…they don’t give a darn about anyone else, especially their own constituents!!!

          5. itsfun January 13, 2017

            Officially yes, but how many do you know that call it ACA and not Obamacare?

      2. dpaano January 13, 2017

        I agree….we ALL know how much Trump likes to see his name on stuff….just change the name to Trumpcare, and he’ll be thrilled!!

        1. idamag January 16, 2017

          I don’t know. I just read where the porta-potty company that is supplying the toilets for the inauguration outside, is named “Don Porta Potties. Trump has told them to cover the name.

          1. dpaano January 16, 2017

            Isn’t that the MOST ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen? Next thing you know, he’ll want everyone named “Don” to change their name just so he can be the ONLY one in the country!!! What an idiot!

      3. idamag January 13, 2017

        There is not going to be a new republican insurance plan. I watched on C-span while the president went around the table of the committee that he appointed to come up with health care reform. Half of them were republicans and half were Democrats. The republicans said they needed time to come up with something better than the ideas the Democrats were putting out there. They don’t intend to do anything.

        1. Gilbert West January 13, 2017

          That’s the same excuse they’re going to tell God on Judgment Day…just before they get swept into hell. There isn’t an ounce of truth in the whole damn party.

      4. Gilbert West January 13, 2017

        Well… Actually, it should bear Mitt Romney’s name, as he is the one who designed it. Trump didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. The only reason it is called “Obamacare” is due to the republicans playing silly games… They derisively refer to the Affordable Care Act as “ObamaCare.” If Mitt Romney had a dime’s worth of backbone he would step forward and offer his ideas as to how his State initiative could work on a National level… Instead he chooses to pretend he had nothing to do with it, offering only derisive criticism like some wise-cracking punk.

        1. Independent1 January 14, 2017

          Actually, Mitt didn’t design it. The Dem legislature in Mass pushed for it with Mitt initially opposing it. When the plan was finally designed, the legislature basically said if you veto it, we’ll approve it over your veto anyway. So Mitt then got behind it.

          1. dpaano January 16, 2017

            Wow, I didn’t realize that…..thank you for the info.

        2. dpaano January 16, 2017

          I agree, it’s working well in Romney’s old state, Massachusetts (I think that’s the state, my brain is not working today), and people there are thrilled with the plan! Not sure why, all of a sudden, the Republicans want to take away something that was put together by one of their own! Just have Romney take the proper credit for it, and I’m sure things will change.

      5. idamag January 16, 2017

        There will be no plan. If they had intended on bringing in a plan they would have done it 8 years ago. Their plan is no plan and that lets the insurance companies establish capitations, deny claim because the quota is met, Refuse to insure anyone with a pre-existing condition, Spend half the premium money on administrative costs, please their stockholders, and give 22 billion bonuses to CEOs who save money by refusing claims. The donut hole will return.

    2. Gerry Francis January 13, 2017

      But they opposed it from the start and now because there some to be some recognition of it’s value they want to re brand it and claim credit. They’re all full of crap.

      1. itsfun January 13, 2017

        affordable health care is a great thing. I don’t believe it needs to be completely repealed, but does need a lot of work. The mandatory coverages are a joke. Why should a man be required to buy insurance for maternity care, or a women for products to help men with ED? The 30 hour work week making employers buy employee insurance has companies now hiring people for 29 hour work weeks and no full time jobs. Individuals should have the right to purchase the kind of coverage they want and need, not what the government orders them to buy. Competition between state lines would help lower rates. Any program of any kind that bears a political name will be hard to pass and/or keep. The two sides of the aisle have so much hate and differences that anything without a generic name won’t last.

    3. jmprint January 13, 2017

      “No one has said anyone will be left without insurance coverage.” What goof is insurance i you can’t afford to pay for it?

      1. itsfun January 13, 2017

        The goal is to lower costs for the citizens.

        1. Independent1 January 14, 2017

          And there’s no way that can happen when you privatize anything – since it becomes totally FOR PROFIT the costs of everything goes up!! Stop trying to sell us a line!!!

  6. Emilio January 13, 2017

    The main sticking points were the mandate and what would be offered in the way of options.

    Republicans completely shut down any public option because if set next to insurance companies, the public option (extending medicare) would make competition too difficult for the insurance companies. Insurance companies, which for the most part have nothing to do with health care- they are administrative middlemen skimming money from health care transactions between patients and caregivers. Republicans are happy to perpetuate the existing system because it financially serves them. Republicans are in the business of funneling public money into private hands because the private sector is so much more efficient than government. The 100 million dollar salaries of health care organization CEO’s is just one example of their wonderful efficiency. Democrats do the same in other industries, though not with the same zeal that only a hatred of government can fuel.

    Because we weren’t able to have a public option, and because the desire was to insure as many as possible, especially people like the subject of this article, there was a need to sweeten the pot for the insurance companies who must have their big slice of the pie. Hence, the ACA tried to incentivize healthier, younger people into the system to help pool the risk. Any other option is smoke and mirrors.

    If the republicans tell you they can offer anything affordable to people with pre-existing conditions without a mandate, than you should grab your wallet because you as taxpayers will be paying for it somewhere else. They are good at throwing out unfunded benefits (like Bush did with the prescription drug bill, along with two wars) like drunken sailors. They reap the political benefits of seeming like they can provide benefits magically without paying for them. Then when the next election comes, they they suddenly become obsessive about the deficit and proclaim the need for austerity-this is especially true if the democrat wins.

    Don’t get me wrong, democrats are guilty of many of the same issues, but they haven’t shown themselves to be ideologically opposed to most functions of government, do not live the mantra of privatizing government (wealth transfer of public money to fewer private hands), and finally, do not cynically believe the government they actually work in is the problem.

  7. Nativegrammy January 13, 2017

    This is pure ideology with Paul Ryan! He will lie, twist the truth, do whatever he can to kill the ACA, along with his constant attempts to destroy Medicare! I have watched it and listened to it for years now. His Ayn Rand fixation is complete and human beings lives or quality of life mean nothing, ideology is all. AND having been in the insurance business both on the company and agent side for over 50 years, I can assure all insurance companies care only for the profit margin and the bottom line, not your life or health, you are simply a means to an end, their bank accounts. At the time my husband reached 65 and got Medicare, our employer provided Health Care Insurance was costing us $24,000. a year for two, himself and me, both in relatively good health of that amount the employer paid $500. a month towards the premium and we paid the balance. So PAUL RYAN’s “voucher” of $6,000. a year is a CRUEL JOKE and will be a CRUEL SURPRISE if this ideological adherent gets his way and destroys Medicare or even the ACA which affects the costs and expenses of Medicare as well. And why is it after almost 100 years, since Teddy Roosevelt trying to get some kind of Health insurance for Americans, REPUBLICANS in that entire time, have never submitted, created any policy, or when in power ever presented ANY evidence of a policy in any way, shape or form for Health Coverage of ANY KIND for Americans! As has been stated many times, Republicans have had 6 plus years to come up with a “plan” and THEY HAVE NOT, talk is cheap, their actions say it all and Republicans actions say NOTHING.

    1. dpaano January 13, 2017

      Actually, the ACA was a Republican idea, but they kept kicking it down the road until President Obama grabbed it and made it law. Now, because they couldn’t take the credit for it, which they could have, they abhor it! They have NO plans or ideas for replacing the ACA, neither does dimwit Trump, who knows even LESS about insurance than Ryan! And, if they try to screw around with MY insurance, my Social Security, or MY Medicare, they’re going to see how mad I can get. I’ll sue the government if I have to…..after all, it’s my money that’s been take out of my paycheck for the past 50+ years, and I deserve to get what I paid for!!! I’m sure many on this site agree with me!

      1. Nativegrammy January 13, 2017

        Boy do I hear you dpaano! Ryan keep saying as he tries to suck up to those under 55, that Medicare and SS will not be there for them so “we need to privatize them both”. Do you know how long I have been hearing that BS from Republicans even when Ryan was running around in diapers! I am more than certain if it was explained in detail why we need to periodically raise withholding for both programs with the governments guarantee that it will be there at 65 and 67 for SS, Americans would have no problem. We already have a “private” retirement program they are called IRA’s and 401 K’s and look what happened to those in 2008/2009! There’s a reason people our age are still working to make up for having our retirement savings raided by Wall Street, and now the Republicans want to let Wall Street get away with it again by repealing Dodd/Frank. SS does not add a dime to the debt or deficit, is a separate fund that should never be touched by politicians, but has and that dipping into the fund and paying it back along with the interest is what Republicans keep throwing out as an issue. Idiots should have never touched it. As my days are waning my concern is for my children and grand-children as well. I want that same guarantee for them as well, I mean Jesus-H-Roosevelt Christ shouldn’t our government do at least one thing that in some way benefits us the American people that WE WILLING PAY FOR OUR ENTIRE WORKING LIFE! I agree, I’ll take my arthritic knees and back and protest up the hilt against what the Republicans think they are going to try to destroy, and I’ll use my arthritic fingers to wright a bunch of irate letters and emails along with signing a check or two to an opponent who runs against whatever idiot that votes to end either one of these programs!

        1. dpaano January 16, 2017

          I’ll be right there with you, Nativegrammy!!! They’ll have to tear my Social Security check out of my cold, dead hands before they’ll get it!!!

    2. dtgraham January 13, 2017

      How is that employer provided health care, when you were paying 75% of the premium and your employer only 25%? How common is that?

      1. Nativegrammy January 13, 2017

        My husbands employer paid 100% of his premium to a max of $500. thereafter the employee paid whatever difference. As a dependent, my coverage was to be paid by us. As he got closer to 65 the premiums were becoming outrageous and I am only a year younger, basically the insurance company is sending a loud and clear message, at 65 go to Medicare as the carrier had no interest in taking the risk for an older insured unless you were willing to pay a very high premium for it. In fact if he did not choose to take Medicare, we were sent a premium increase as of his birth date at 65 of an immediate increase of $425.00 per mo., with an additional increase as of open enrollment months of Nov. and Dec. and that would include both of us….if we had stayed on the plan it was possibly going to be well over $30,000. a year. AS it was, he did go on Medicare and then he had to continue dependent coverage for me for another year at over $1,200. a month coverage that was limited and poor coverage so we could afford it for that year, and crossed our fingers nothing happened. Almost felt I should have had a heart attack just to recoup our money, lol. That was over 7 years ago. On the private market our premiums would have been prohibitive and/or very poor insurance, high deductibles, high co-pays, limited coverage, and there were always those pesky pre-existing conditions which we all have as we age. Am not sure if it is different in other states and we also are not in a union. I think the simplest way to say it, was my husband’s employer was CHEAPSKATE. They were always changing insurance carriers looking for the cheapest premium, which makes it very inconvenient, but in this country something was better than nothing. Mind you, until we reached our mid to late fifties it was never a problem, the $500 limit was never met, then at about 55 and ever year after that premiums just skyrocketed after a health scare my husband had at 49. Still think single payer or Medicare for All is the answer to all of this nonsense like all the other civilized countries on the planet, and if it puts Health Insurance agents and/or Companies out of business, so be it!

  8. jmprint January 13, 2017

    Today Ryan says their plan is a “patient centered system” meaning if you
    are rich you can afford the insurance and if you are poor and sick, you
    will die, because you won’t be able to afford the insurance for your
    preexisting condition.

    Then he says “as we work to get there”, really Ryan you have been working on a plan for 8 years, You’re fired,
    what have you been doing all this time. I demand your resignation as
    you have wasted our tax payer money on phony bolony work ethics. Why do
    you forget that “You are suppose to work for the people”

    The US
    citizens have been begging them to please just fix ACA whatever needs
    fixing, but instead they folded their arms and said no, we will fight this
    till it fails. Now he wants the democrats to come across the isle and
    help put together their brilliant replacement that they have been
    working on, for the last 8 years.

    I have totally lost respect
    for the republican party. Maybe Marco Rubio if he doesn’t vote for
    Session, he might garner a little respect, but I doubt it.

    1. johninPCFL January 13, 2017

      He is working hard to implement the GOP two-step plan. Part 1: Don’t get sick. Part 2: If you get sick, die quickly.

      1. jmprint January 13, 2017

        I hear a ring to that “Trumps 2 step plan”

  9. dpaano January 13, 2017

    This story is just one of MANY stories just like it, but according to the picture, it doesn’t look like Ryan is even listening or seems not to care, which is probably true! His only goal is to see HIS goals completed…he doesn’t care if it doesn’t help anyone else!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 14, 2017

      Ryan could give a rats rear about his problem in fact cares even less about the country’s problem . he and the GOP gang of idiots only seek to get the 1 & 2 % greedy bastards richer

    2. Jmz Nesky January 15, 2017

      Yeah, I can actually sense his expression that’s thinking ‘Oh, Waa! Waa!’..

  10. idamag January 13, 2017

    There is never going to be a republican plan unless it helps the big money healthcare industry screw the people over further.

  11. secondclassguy January 14, 2017

    If Lyin Ryan would have been hit with a lightning bolt of integrity he would have responded this way; You’re right, we were demonizing the ACA which is really our plan, because Obama signed it into law. Now we much face how we acted and make it right for the millions like you by improving the ACA even more so millions more can have life

    but Lyin Ryan could never do that because he’s just a weasel

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 14, 2017

    the thing I cant understand is how not so bright the American people truly are . OK the brain dead DONNY DUMP clown followers thy can be explained (brain dead ) but the rest of them . think as it’s stated here the GOP gang of pinheads for 50 years never wanted to give the people that put them in office any health care . and with a little common sense (very little research need to see ) the whole GOP party never want to do nothing for the middle class or most of the American people . all thy do want to do if you look at them , if all go’s back to one place ( HELPING THE 1 & 2 % GREEDY RICH ) that’s it as for the rest of the country the GOP only uses them to help feed the ones that don’t even need it the 1 & 2 % greedy rich . but the people for some reason cant understand this and keep putting them in office . what’s wrong with this pic ? HELP THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO HELP YOU !! kind of simple . well for ones with and have a little common sense look at all the 2 different party have for the people . even make a list . 1 the good things for (most of the people and not just a few ) 2 the thing each party’s wants for and how many of them it is to help . then go over the list and see just what you’re getting from the ones you put in office . and we haven’t even started on just what DONNY DUMP wants and for who he wants it for . that’s easiest of all to come up with that answer and understand just what it is . (HE WANTS ONLY FOR HIM SELF ) it might at times look like he wants for the people . but those are things he says all the time . believing people believe his lies . but at the end of the DUMPSTER road there’s only one he cares about and want all for . THATS HIMSELF that’s it he could care less for anyone but him self and what dose that say for the people of the country ? it says the USA is the true JOKE OF THE WORLD I play POKERSTARS on line and the funny thing is when people from other country’s get mad when I win thy insult me by putting up DONNY DUMP’S name when thy see im from the USA . point being the DUMPSTER himself has the whole world laughing at America

  13. Jmz Nesky January 15, 2017

    And THAT’S the secret for these apathetic bunch of pub loving cut-throats.. They need to be in the same medical situation as millions of Americans are thenwatch them whine like this former hater of Obamacare Jeff Jeans did. Had it not have been for his medical problem he too would be standing tall with the cut-throat Ryan shouting, “Let the losers die!!”. Yes, I’m being harsh but so too is Ryan and all his medically sound idiots.


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