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#EndorseThis: Jeff Sessions (Of A Sort) Responds To Trump Criticism On ‘Late Show’

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#EndorseThis: Jeff Sessions (Of A Sort) Responds To Trump Criticism On ‘Late Show’


Stephen Colbert allowed “beleaguered” Jeff Sessions onto The Late Show to address his fast deteriorating relationship with President Donald Trump, who has this past week publicly criticized the attorney general for recusing himself on matters relating to the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with the Russian government.

Hint: It’s not the real Sessions. It’s a site gag thereof — because that’s funnier.



  1. Stuart July 26, 2017

    If Sessions is fired, will big-city Trump lose the South? Trey Gowdy’s (S.C.) recent pushback makes me wonder. Might be interesting in an impeachment context. Only two people Trump will have fired at the Justice Department would be Sessions (Alabama) and Sally Yates (Georgia). Would be aggravated if big-city Giuliani replaces Sessions.

    1. Dapper Dan July 26, 2017

      Giuliani has already said he’s not interested in being AG. Also he has ties to Russia that would make it difficult to get Senate confirmation. However this is the first time that I’ve heard Cruz mentioned. That is truly very scary to consider

      1. plc97477 July 26, 2017

        I don’t know the least liked guy in the senate could find himself getting impeached just cause they can.

  2. dpaano July 26, 2017

    If Sessions continues to allow Trump to abase him through the media as he has, I would lose ALL respect (and that isn’t much) for him. Maybe he IS weak as Trump says….who else would stand there and take this BS without saying something about it? I don’t care if he DOES work for the man, no one should take being talked down to as Trump is doing to him!! If one of my bosses had ever talked to me like that, he’d be walking kinda funny!

  3. celiayounger July 26, 2017

    OK SOMEOne said T45 and Sessions had a huge fight a few days ago, just the day before he (T45) replaced him. So, something is going on. They Said Trump wanted him to do something and he resufed. I don’t know how much is true, but it will make sense the way Trumpy is acting toward Sessions.


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