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#EndorseThis: Did Trump Try To Frame Christie For Russian Hacking?


#EndorseThis: Did Trump Try To Frame Christie For Russian Hacking?

Seth Meyers examines Trump's Russian hacking scandal

In “a closer look” at the CIA’s bombshell analysis of Russian operatives hacking the presidential race to elect Donald Trump, Late Night host Seth Meyers finds cause for profound concern over the president-elect’s attitude toward intelligence — in the broadest sense — and his affinity for the authoritarian Kremlin. Meyers notes his arrogance, his intentional ignorance, and his darkly comical efforts to direct attention away from this burgeoning scandal. During the campaign, he went so far as to hint that a “400-pound guy at his home in New Jersey” hacked those Democratic emails. Was he trying to frame the nefarious Chris Christie? Now, instead of taking daily intelligence briefings, he’s on a campaign-style tour of rallies, handing out hideous hats.

Should we worry that the incoming president rejects those briefings? He reassured Fox News by explaining, “I’m like a smart person.” Which Meyers describes as “a sentence that disproves itself.” Actual smart people don’t go around talking about how smart they are.

But no matter how smart he really is — or how dumb he thinks we are — Meyers warns: “We still need a full investigation [of the Russian hacks] and the results need to be made public.”

Of course, he’s right. And he manages to make the frightening facts very funny.



  1. yabbed December 13, 2016

    Ah, so now we know why DoofusDonald won’t attend intelligence briefings: he doesn’t want to hear about how he wouldn’t have been elected without his master Putin hacking him into office. 🙂

    1. dbtheonly December 13, 2016

      Look at the bright side. The neo-con chicken hawks either have to sit out the Trump years or eat serious crow.

      I could live with either.

      1. The lucky one December 13, 2016

        Or they could take him out one way or another and be very content with their boy Pence in charge. I wonder if Vegas is making book on the odds of Trump lasting 4 years.

        1. dbtheonly December 13, 2016

          I think I’d take the under.

          But frankly, I’d rather have Trump and all his inconsistencies than Pence and his organized outrages. Trump’s more likely to damage the Republican brand.

        2. plc97477 December 14, 2016

          I would rather have dump than dense because dump is a bumbling clown who hasn’t the slightest idea what he is doing but dense knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants to do.

          1. The lucky one December 14, 2016

            I hear ya but the last time we had a bumbling clown it didn’t work out so well and i really do doubt Trump will last 4 years.

          2. plc97477 December 14, 2016

            If I had my druthers I would rather have a competent person with a good value system but we are not going to have that. We are going to have the clown and yes you are right our last clown president did not do well for the country.

  2. 11thStPopulist December 13, 2016

    LOL. Christy, the fat guy from New Jersey did it. Never underestimate Dirty Donald for sheer comedy.

  3. Todd Nelson December 13, 2016

    Only a desperate loser would use a late night comedian as their source for real news. This gets more pathetic on the liberals’ parts by the day. Now Vladimir Putin is responsible for global warming, global cooling, traffic jams in New York, Obama’s election
    Hillary having an unsecure server, the press being in total collusion with the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Oops, that last one belongs solely on the shoulders of our corrupt media masquerading as journalists. But Putin and the Russians are responsible for everything else, just ask Obama. Being friendly with Russia is the new, politically correct racism charge because those racism charges have been so overused by the left that nobody pays any attention to them anymore.

    1. The lucky one December 13, 2016

      Yes racists never pay any attention to the charges, certainly they make no serious attempts to refute them.

    2. Jinmichigan December 13, 2016

      So liberals control late night comedy shows? Good to know.

    3. johninPCFL December 14, 2016

      Well, with Manafort, Bannon and Tillerson running things for Putin, Agent Orange can stay in New York and chill for the next four years.

  4. Jinmichigan December 13, 2016

    “I’m like a smart person.”
    I would be a lot more comfortable with an actual smart person.

    1. dpaano December 13, 2016

      Definitely….if you ‘re really smart, you don’t have to keep telling people that you’re smart!!! From his actions, he’s shown that he is NOT smart!

  5. dpaano December 13, 2016

    Unfortunately, NOTHING Trump does is, in any way, funny! It’s rather scary!


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