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#EndorseThis: Trump REALLY Wants To Know: ‘Why Can’t We Use Nukes?’

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#EndorseThis: Trump REALLY Wants To Know: ‘Why Can’t We Use Nukes?’


Ask any on-the-fence Hillary Clinton supporter why it is that they can’t throw their weight behind The Donald, and their answer usually comes down to one thing: Nukes.

“I can’t image his stubby, paranoid little fingers on the nuclear trigger,” they’ll say.

And they’re right: Trump is a vengeful “counterpuncher” who unloads all of his rhetorical ammo on anyone who crosses him. Gold star mother expressing silent grief over the death of your son? Maybe you aren’t allowed to speak because of your religion, Trump implies. Impartial judge who happens to be presiding over two fraud lawsuits against the Trump University wealth seminar? Your Mexican heritage may imply that you’ll betray the Constitution because you hate Donald’s border wall, Trump repeats on all the shows.

And so it would be on the world stage: Trump wants absolute respect: additional payment for NATO protection, money for border walls, devaluing of currency, perfect trade parity. Global personal domination: “I alone can solve.”

But what if Donald is crossed? Well, it’s not hard to imagine. Morning Joe‘s Scarborough told a story on air this morning of an anonymous tip he received from a one-time Trump foreign policy advisor. It’s as bad as you think.



  1. Jon August 3, 2016

    It seems that The Donald views nuclear weapons as just big firecrackers. Can he seriously not realize the dangers involved?

    1. Kurt Kruse August 3, 2016

      Can you think for yourself? there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE, that trump is planning on nuking anybody period!!

      1. Jinmichigan August 3, 2016

        Plans, trump has plans? For what? Building a wall and deporting 11 million people, I forgot.

      2. pisces63 August 3, 2016

        Of course not he just said Japan and Audi Arabia among others should have them. He did say so about ISIS, though.

      3. dpaano August 3, 2016

        Maybe and maybe not…..who actually knows? He is kind of scary tho’, and I wouldn’t put it past him to hit that button if he got mad enough! Just my opinion.

      4. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

        Yeah. Maybe he’ll sell them to Japan or South Korea. He’s already said that they should have nukes.

      5. plc97477 August 3, 2016

        But if he does you are going to feel very guilty. Don’t want that do you.

      6. Rebecca Surette August 3, 2016

        There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to suggest that this man has the strength of character not to strike out with every thing he can muster at ANY perceived insult to himself. THAT Is what we all worry about.

      7. meridaest August 3, 2016

        What most concerns Trump’s fellow Republicans including Scarborough and General Hayden is Trump’s demonstrated lack of stability and self-control. Gen. Hayden’s most frightening statement is that once the Presidential order is given to use nukes, there is immediate action and no time for interference of calmer heads or further debate. The other disturbing message from Gen. Hayden is that Trump is receiving zero consultation from any military adviser that Hayden or his peers respect. These are Republicans speaking, here.

      8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2016

        No evidence to you because you seem to lack the ability to think inductively. Just because Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t nuke someone is no guarantee that his mental instability would prevent him from being a real-life Brig. Gen. Jack Ripper of “Dr, Strangelove” fame, under stressful situations.

      9. Jon August 7, 2016

        LOL. You must be kidding. No rational person feels safe with little Donnie having his stubby fingers on the nuclear button.

  2. Kurt Kruse August 3, 2016

    Again we have pretend journalist fabricating out of whole cloth, a scenario that is entirely one of their own.Trump may or may not have asked.If we have nukes why can’t we use them? The point being why? Why did we the us citizenry pay million’s and million’s of dollars more to make them,stock them only to let all, and everyone know that, yes we have them, yes they are dangerous, but don’t worry because we will never use them! Seems kinda stupid doesn’t it? You folks complain and use your imagination to create fear among the US Population. What you don’t do is pass on any factual information,rather it’s option TV at it’s best.Your options not anyone one else;s yours and your alone.Why don’t you be honest and tell you viewers that the possibilities you present have no bases in fact.Rather it’s just you trying to mislead the viewer into thinking that you are actually passing on factual information. You are to say the least pompous individuals attempting to give more credence to your ideas ,not matter how asinine they are.

    1. Jinmichigan August 3, 2016

      Seems division and fear are trumps main tools in this campaign.

    2. oldlion August 3, 2016

      You’re as crazy as Trump.

    3. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

      What we told everyone in the world was that you ATTACK US (you know, like the Japanese did) WITH NUKES and we’ll hit back with nukes.
      What Dumbass Donnie kept asking was “why can’t we use nukes?”, not “under what circumstances are nukes used?”
      Dumbass Donnie doesn’t know how the world operates. He thinks we can just tear up treaties (like he tears up payment contracts), or nuke the world (like he runs his mouth).

    4. Self_Liberation September 12, 2016

      of course you are one of those well informed voters, like using this site, watching Fixed News, a die-hard Rush lover.

  3. bobnstuff August 3, 2016

    I don’t trust Trump not to use nukes but in fact he said it would be the last option. In this case as in many things I’m not sure Trump really understands what using Nukes would mean. For some reason Trump believes we are weak. He doesn’t understand just how strong our Military is or how much it has changed over the last seven years. We are bringing our military into the twenty first century. We use drones where we once used men, we are getting ready to replace our planes, ships, tanks and vehicles. We are the only super power left and we are indeed truly super. Trump is clueless in our military as he is in most things.

  4. Box August 3, 2016

    Look, look, look….. it doesnt do any good to say so but cmon, stop all this nonsense of paranoia and fear mongering. Trump has zero chance to win anyway, so there is zero chance of him firing nukes, or firing staff either.

    Nobody is talking about this so I will. Trump, aside from everything else, doesnt have the money to win. In 2012 Obama spent the record breaking amount and it was estimated that the 2016 race would cost $750-800 MILLION. To date, Trump has raised $80 million and Hillary has raised about $350 million. Candidates get boosts after nominations but as it is, neither has enough. But Trump, at 10% of the estimated amount needed, has no chance. For him to self-fund until the end, he will have already needed to sell or mortgage Trump Towers and he hasnt done it. Hillary, painfully watching both purses, may save her money and shower the country in an ads-gone-wild blitz in October and knowing Trump cant match it, will slide into victory.

    There is no choice, you HAVE to pay to win this thing. But in the fantasy alternative, if Trump were so ecstatically loved and adored but had no money, and lets go to the extreme and say he didnt win the nomination either, people could write-in. But in history, more people have written-in Mickey Mouse for President than Trump ever could hope for and at last count, I didnt see MM win, did you? Hillary, blitzing the country, will effectively push Trump down into forgotten oblivion.

    Im not speculating for fun, Im serious. The Kahn problem, Pence summed it up well in responses and it should have been dropped but it wrongly was not. The DNC has gone out of control on this. My god. But then the baby thing. It started off well by Trump, everything was *OK* and then amazingly he actually threw the baby out and insulted the mom–his voter! Seriously you ass, where DO you draw the F*ing line??

    At this point I doubt there is any redemption for Trump. Thats the thing, he takes no prisoners, and its its downfall AND strength that he marches on without apology. But the country doesnt want constant apologies, it wants the snowjob of the pretence of always appearing to do the right thing. He fails here. Cmon Trump, dont insult my baby, at least fool me!!

    Im still voting for Trump for aforementioned reasons but I also know by November I will be the only one in the voting queue. Thats ok. But unlike before I no longer think it will be 50-50, it will be 73,000,000 for Hillary and 52,000,000 for Trump and he can thank himself for that.

  5. noonloon August 3, 2016

    What ever you think of Clinton, nobody is accusing her of asking: : What’s the frequency, Jethro? What’s the frequency? The man is soon going to be asking who ate the strawberries?

  6. Box August 3, 2016

    Actually, “nukes” takes different forms. The Golden Boy of the DNC, Kahn, says Sharia law must be above the Constitution and so by extension it means the DNC supports overthrowing the country. If so, that wont be a fight in the polls, it will be a blood fight in the streets right down to the last man. Are you up for it? Oh wait, you guys dont have any guns, right? Too bad.

    1. I of John August 4, 2016

      nonsense. dangerous nonsense. Oooo they’re gonna take our guns! It’s Sharia law! what crap is this?

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2016

      Trump should hire you as another no-nothing for his cabinet. You probably think, as Trump does, that the fallout could easily be contained.

      Box, you’re not up for any fight, except with a person in a wheel-chair. Who are you kidding, besides yourself?

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 5, 2016

    Trump, Box, and a few others are totally ignorant of physics, and the nature of radioactivity in particular.
    They foolishly imagine that a nuclear explosion will pose no danger of radiation poisoning, totally lack knowledge of weather patterns, and no nothing of the effects of radiation cooling.


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