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Fear Of A Female Administration? We’ll See

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Fear Of A Female Administration? We’ll See

Hillary Clinton after being introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Is America ready for a two-woman presidential ticket?

It certainly seems the Clinton campaign is considering the question. Hillary Clinton has made a high profile public appearance recently with Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. They clicked so well that the Washington Post called them the “it” couple of Democratic politics.

At a rally in Ohio, Sen. Warren spoke with her customary sassy brilliance as Clinton looked on warmly. Warren for weeks has taken to Twitter to aim her quick wit and sharp invective at the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. She showed she can play the role of the mean girl against the bully. She goaded Trump for his “goofy” hat, his simplistic sloganeering and his elite birth. Women cheered at the display of saucy sisterhood.

The public display of friendship seems to be a trial balloon, and many wondered when it would be burst by the pinprick of reality.

Two women? Could voters possibly be progressive enough to support such an estrogen-heavy ticket?

Some turned the question around: Who second-guesses a ticket with two men? Nobody, because we’ve been doing it that way for centuries.

True. But sexism is a fact of American politics. It will be front and center with Trump in the presidential race. The man cannot shape-shift into a gentleman no matter how much the GOP establishment works to improve him.

The unsettling reality is that Donald Trump can get elected to the White House by being a jerk. Hillary Clinton cannot.

Voters need to like female candidates more than they do male candidates. They can dislike a man running for office and still regard him as qualified and electable.

Likeability is not a litmus test for men. It tends to be for women, according to research by Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster. And many people, even Democratic-leaning women, do not like Clinton all that much.

Another finding is that voters seldom think that woman candidate wins a debate with a male opponent. That might have something to do with assumptions about presentation — how a man can be viewed as tough and strong, whereas a woman with similar posturing will be viewed in a negative light. A man is still the model for what people view as a politician. Both genders tend to be more questioning of the qualifications of female candidates.

The 2016 presidential race exemplifies this. The idea that a virtual political nobody like Trump can be held on the same plane as a person like Clinton, with a long and distinguished record of public service, is offensive.

These are the unfair headwinds Hillary Clinton has to face.

Yet there are promising signs for her. Eighty percent of unmarried women support Clinton, according to polls, and she has a substantial lead among women voters generally. In fact, 2016 will be the first time that a majority of vote-eligible women are projected to be unmarried. Those numbers could easily turn the election in all states, according to Celinda Lake.

But alas, polling can only predict so much. Lake emphasizes that demography is not destiny. Voters have to turn out.

To some extent, this campaign can be about challenging sexism. But it would be foolish to underestimate the extent to which such bias persists and will motivate voters.

The same goes even if Clinton wins the White House. Women and girls will not suddenly be viewed as equals and treated with respect any more than African-Americans felt racial bias and discrimination lift from their lives with the election of Barack Obama. In fact, racism became in many ways more overt after Obama was inaugurated. One need only consider the widespread belief among white Republicans that Obama has divided the nation racially. (No, his presence in the White House just held the mirror up to America.)

Sexism will be similar for Clinton. It’s dying, slowly. Women are certainly far better off in work and home life than they were decades ago. But gender bias affects women and girls every minute of the day — in subtle digs, unrecognized effects of long-held beliefs as well as blatant verbal attacks. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it is America, 2016. And it will impact the election.

Lake has another prediction: When the big money gets out and civility returns to American politics, you’ll see more women running for office. And more women candidates may also bring out more women voters.

The problem is that we are not there yet. We live in a time when Donald Trump can be seriously considered as a candidate to lead the greatest nation on Earth. We clearly have work to do.

Mary Sanchez is an opinion-page columnist for The Kansas City Star. Readers may write to her at: Kansas City Star, 1729 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 64108-1413, or via e-mail at msanchez@kcstar.com.

Photo: Hillary Clinton after being introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren at a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Mary Sanchez

Mary Sanchez has spent years covering immigration, schools, and other volatile beats for The Kansas City Star. She is now an editorial columnist for the Star, where she continues to offer insightful commentary on immigration, culture, and politics.

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  1. yabbed July 2, 2016

    A single gender ticket has been the norm throughout history. No need to change that, just switch the gender. Women rule. Let’s see it done.

    1. AgLander July 2, 2016

      “Women rule” You sound really “deep”!

      1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        They have no scruples.!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          Scruples from the Dixiebelle or Corn Pone Queen who makes her living with her legs wide open for business!

          1. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Ellie: I bet you think “Scruples” are just a different flavor of “Cheetos”!

      2. Maura July 2, 2016

        You seem to be doing nothing more than trolling. Is it possible for you to stop insulting posters, calling names and to contribute something more meaningful (aka “deep”) than ad hominems?

        Btw, there is no such thing as misandry. I can see that you and your band of MRA brothers has chosen to paper this comment section. Please rest assured that your efforts are in vain. Most people are repulsed by the MRA movement, your rank incivility and they recognize the harm that you do to yourself and others by promulgating hatred of women.

        1. AgLander July 2, 2016

          And you are? You are doing a great impersonation of an uptight lefty referee trying to enforce rules against me that have already been put in place and used by your friends here on the left. Are you not reading the posts I am replying to? (I didn’t think so.)
          P.S. And get yourself a dictionary before you start claiming that there is no such thing as “misandry”.

  2. FT66 July 2, 2016

    Hillary is in to win it first and work afterwards. Not vice versa: work first and win it later. If this is the case, forget about Kaine and other men who can do the job. If Hillary can’t win first, those considered to be men who can work, can’t get the chance to do so.Thus, I come to my main point. In order to win, one needs to bring people to the voting booths. I believe Elizabeth Warren is capable to do such a job. Also, we have to remember, she knows very well how to click those nerves of Trump. I therefore, go for Elizabeth Warren.

    1. greenlantern1 July 2, 2016

      Senator Warren is FOR HILLARY!!
      NOT TRUMP!!

    2. plc97477 July 2, 2016

      I personally would rather Elizabeth Warren stay where she is, instead of take a mostly figure head job with little power like the veep.

      1. FT66 July 2, 2016

        Can you specify why you want her to stay where she is?

        1. plc97477 July 2, 2016

          Yes I can specify why. Because if we can take the senate she could end up being the head of the senate banking committee a pretty powerful spot. As veep she will spend most of her time going to state dinners and funerals. Her only real power as veep will be to break a tie in the senate.

          1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            She doesn’t know a thing about money. We will end up like Weimar by the time she is done with us and we all know what happened after that.

          2. AgLander July 2, 2016

            She knows about money…..how to collect it as a result of paid positions she gained fraudulently over others by posing as an Indian minority!

          3. FT66 July 2, 2016

            Right, but we have to think first what we have achieved so far. The win is very ,very important in order to protect our achievement and proceed from there doing other stuff. Voting in 2008 & 2012 meant a lot.Once Hillary with the help of Warren are in the White House, our worries of losing what we achieved will be gone.

          4. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Your achievement as communists? Boy, let me tell you. My family escaped that regime. I saw it visiting family as a 12 year old. It was backwards and you had nothing. The government OWNED your ass. Russia spent a century getting away from it. Putin must be laughing like hell at us.

          5. FT66 July 2, 2016

            So, you came from Russia! now I get it.

        2. AgLander July 2, 2016

          She certainly won’t be staying anywhere around Cherokee Nation as they have disavowed her!

          1. Maura July 2, 2016

            Did you know that Elizabeth Warren is from Oklahoma? Do you know that there are a lot of American Indian tribes in Oklahoma? It’s extremely likely that she does, indeed, have Indian heritage. That fact in and of itself did not contribute to her getting any positions at Harvard or anywhere else. You can ask ask Charles Fried, Solicitor General for Reagan. He says loud & clear that’s a lie.

            And no, nobody has disavowed her. Please get up to speed on this subject before commenting further.


          2. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Cherokee Nation challenges Warren to put-up or shut-up…….they are tired of her lies.

          3. Maura July 2, 2016

            Your link means nothing because it’s not actually the subject. You seek to move the goal posts. The attack on Ms. Warren isn’t that she may or may not have Cherokee heritage. She very likely does, as I pointed out. The attack on her is that she used it to gain a position she wasn’t otherwise entitled to. Since that didn’t happen, it makes no difference who claims her. She isn’t putting herself forward forward as anything but what she is .

          4. AgLander July 2, 2016

            There you go again! Move WHAT goal posts? The entire issue is around Warren’s lack of integrity and lying……and even afterwards, after she was caught, doubling down on the lie. And your dismissal of Cherokee Nation which represents all three tribes is outrageous although right out oft he liberal bigotry playbook……Cherokee Nation certainly deserve the respect of all in challenging Warren. Warren needs to answer the Cherokees challenge and “prove it” . In the absence of that, Warren should have the guts to apologize and admit she messed up and made it up and begin her character reclamation because right now she has no character!

          5. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Lizzy Warren listed herself in the Harvard Faculty Review as an Indian minority….Harvard used that listing when filing paperwork for governmental regulations in minority hiring compliance. Lizzy Warren carried a resume as a native American minority leading up to and through the times she was being interviewed and hired at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.

          6. Maura July 2, 2016

            The head of the committee that brought Warren to Harvard Law School said talk of Native American ties was not a factor in recruiting her to the prestigious institution. Reported the Boston Herald in April in its first story on Warren’s ancestry claim: “Harvard Law professor Charles Fried, a former U.S. Solicitor General who served under Ronald Reagan, sat on the appointing committee that recommended Warren for hire in 1995. He said he didn’t recall her Native American heritage ever coming up during the hiring process.

            “‘It simply played no role in the appointments process. It was not mentioned and I didn’t mention it to the faculty,’ he said.”

            He repeated himself this week, telling the Herald: “In spite of conclusive evidence to the contrary, the story continues to circulate that Elizabeth Warren enjoyed some kind of affirmative action leg-up in her hiring as a full professor by the Harvard Law School. The innuendo is false.”

            “I can state categorically that the subject of her Native American ancestry never once was mentioned,” he added.

            That view was echoed by Law School Professor Laurence H. Tribe, who voted to tenure Warren and was also involved in recruiting her.

            “Elizabeth Warren’s heritage had absolutely no role in the decision to recruit her to Harvard Law School,” he told the Crimson. “Our decision was entirely based on her extraordinary expertise and legendary teaching ability. This whole dispute is fabricated out of whole cloth and has no connection to reality.”

            And that’s the second arena where an absence of evidence should have some weight. If there’s no easily located evidence that Warren has Native American ancestry, there’s also no evidence Warren used her family story to boost herself into a Harvard job.

            Eta: I’m not going to continue with Aglander because he isn’t posting in good faith.

          7. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Oh, R E A L L Y ? I’m sure an individual speaking after the fact and being of like political mind with Warren in a charged political climate can say just about anything he wants to support her NOW, can’t he? Similar to what YOU are doing right now in skating all over the ice trying to avoid the huge cracks that are spread throughout Warren’s past heritage accounts! I choose to stand with the 3 federally recognized Cherokee tribes who know how to recognize a phony Indian in their presence and have called her out……so far, she continues to hide under her bed in ignoring them!

          8. Maura July 2, 2016

            Dude, you don’t care one whit about the Cherokee tribes.

            And news flash, the absence of readily located evidence of Native ancestry outside the oral tradition does not mean that Warren has no Native American ancestry. Genealogy is a complicated field, where firm answers are hard to come by quickly.

            If some awareness has been brought to Native American peoples through all of this, I’m glad of that. But your self-serving narrative that Senator Warren profited from her family lore is just an example of your engaging in rank pettifoggery. No more, no less.

          9. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Oh, so now you’ve lowered your flailing defense of Warren to: “dude doesn’t care about the Cherokee tribes”! Do you think before you post?

          10. Maura July 2, 2016

            You seem to be the one flailing. lol. Look, we all know you do not care about Cherokees. 😉 Bye now.

          11. AgLander July 2, 2016

            It matters not if I care about the Cherokees or not….it’s obvious YOU don’t, however. What DOES matter is that the Cherokees care, and they care enough to have challenged “Lyin Lizzy” to stop riding fraudulently on their coattails….end of story.

          12. AgLander July 2, 2016

            P.S………speaking of moving the goal posts, you now seem to be claiming that even though she cheated in carrying a lie around with her for years and years, it’s all o.k. because “after all, we can’t prove it benefited her “……do you realize how morally bankrupt of a stance you are taking? Do you think the last few finalist candidates eliminated for the jobs she got but weren’t minorities would agree with you that it gave her no advantage? Do you?

          13. Maura July 2, 2016

            You’ve no proof that happened. At all. In fact you’re refusing to look at the stated facts from the people themselves that that most certainly didn’t happen. Hey, if you want to call her judgement into question, ask why she was a Republican until 1995. lol.

            Bye now. 😉

          14. AgLander July 2, 2016

            And you have no proof it didn’t. But common sense dictates that posing as a minority certainly didn’t hurt her and most common sensed people would acknowledge it was a “feather in her hat”,pardon the pun. But you Dem’s seem to be taking your time worn approach of “oh, so much time has passed, what difference does it make now, let’s move on!” Here’s news for you……lies and compromised integrity and character have no expiration date, sister.

          15. AgLander July 2, 2016

            To claim that Lizzy Warren carrying a resume around with “Indian” listed played no role in her hiring at Penn and Harvard “requires the suspension of disbelief” knowing that those schools and others were struggling to find minority candidates to fill positions and meet and comply with federal hiring guidelines quotas for minorities

      2. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        She’s a nutcase!

        1. Independent1 July 4, 2016

          As spoken by a total mental case escapee from Bellview Sanatoreum!!

      3. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        I couldn’t agree more. We need Warren to stay in the senate. I’m not confident enough that the idiot voters in Mass. would replace her with a Dem – they didn’t replace Ted Kennedy with one and it cost us dearly – we lost the supper majority in the Senate when he died and we needed it in 2010 to get virtually anything accomplished that year but didn’t have it and haven’t had it since.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

      What work? You saw what the Republicans have done for the entire Obama administration. Some men in this country need to grow the hell up already. When they aren’t fighting with each other, their attentions go to any woman who is working harder, longer, paying equal taxes to men and still not being paid what men earn. Blowback is a bitch!

      1. AgLander July 2, 2016

        Eleanore: Come on, babe: Tell me the story of the guy who really did a number on you that can help explain your deep seated and volcanic misandry….I’m here, I’m all ears…..I’m ready to help walk you through this and find some inner peace!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          Hey dipshit…Tell me about the dozens of women who avoided you and still avoid you like the plague because you are bossy turdbrain no woman would ever want.

          Tell us how your wife left you because you were a shitbag who was too stupid to know when to shut the hell up.

          1. AgLander July 2, 2016

            I protest!…..Independent1 has a love crush on me and she is indistinguishable from you in her comments and word usage. I predict you will get there too, if you aren’t already!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            No woman bothers with a leftover science experiment like you. You have nothing any woman with an education better than yours would ever want.

            You are just another pathetic, right wing troll with nothing better to do than to snarl, snark, sneer and put opinions and ONLY Opinions out there that you and your little friend the Schmomo can’t prove.

            Now…time to admit you are a liar and that’s the reason no woman wants you.

          3. AgLander July 2, 2016

            I’m starting to like you……kinda like pulling the string on a talking doll and seeing what kind of programmed message comes out next!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Puhlease…I’d rather the Zika virus fell in love with me. You are a plague on humanity. Your mind is so deranged. You make no sense and live in your own little La La land.

            Stop masturbating so often. Your Mommy is not going to like “cleaning” up after you.

    4. King of America July 2, 2016

      I have no idea which Hillary Clinton you’re talking about, but the one running for President has spent her entire life – both when she was in an elected position and out of it – working hard for liberal goals.

      1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        Wow, you really drank the Kool-aid didn’t you? Look forward to oppression.

        1. King of America July 2, 2016

          Sorry you couldn’t articulate anything approaching a cogent argument, and had to resort to whatever that was. Get better soon!

      2. AgLander July 2, 2016

        If by “working for liberal goals”, you mean her and her husband enriching themselves financially to the mind boggling figure of 200+ million net worth that cannot be explained in any way off the salary of “public servants”, then we agree with one another. See? We have found common ground!

        1. King of America July 2, 2016

          No, I actually didn’t mean your made-up conspiracy theories. As a “grown-up” I tend to prefer facts.

          I hope that helps!

    5. joe schmo July 2, 2016

      OMG, you must be kidding me. She runs with her hormones. What a screaming lunatic. Stalin, Hitler, Marx, Engels….enter Warren. She won’t be able to handle the power. No way, no how!

      1. FT66 July 2, 2016

        We know you republicans and by watching Fox News are against Warren. The reason is evident. She will for sure deliver victory, something which scares you a lot.

    6. Maura July 2, 2016

      The fact that Hillary has gotten a plurality of the votes would suggest that she has already excited people. And I’m not sure what you mean by win first/work later. Perhaps you can fill me in as to what that means. I can tell you from watching HRC closely through the years that she’s already working to bring about her vision and has very detailed plans for how she’ll do it. That’s because she’s a long term strategist. Her strategies have strategies. She’s that good. Elizabeth Warren would be a great compliment to her ticket. No doubt she brings fire. I call her Joan of Arc. 😉 The two would be a very formidable team, indeed! And the vice presidency can be whatever they want it to be. I don’t see Ms. Warren’s talent being wasted in that role. Women are much more cooperative and I’m betting she could carve out her own role which could be very meaty. Perhaps a role which is very different from what men have brought to the fore in years past?

      1. FT66 July 2, 2016

        What I meant “win first and work later”, was, she can’t go to the office and work without winning first. She is missing the fire that will propell people to go to vote. She needs more than 60 million votes to win and she has won less than 20 million votes during the primaries. It is an uphill to reach 60 million votes and the person who can help her to reach there is Elizabeth Warren. I can’t this effort from the other proposed VPs.

        1. Maura July 2, 2016

          That was in a split primary where Sanders was a factor. A lot more people participate in a general election. PBO only won the 2012 race by 5 Mil voters. I think she’ll do fine regardless. I’m still not sure of your point, but I’ll leave it there. I guess you just feel like Warren will be a good thing for the ticket and we’re in agreement there. 😉

          1. FT66 July 2, 2016

            You know,I don’t trust polls, I trust the reality. Am not quite sure whether Sanders supporters are all on the side of Hillary now. I believe where Sanders stands is where Warren is. We need her in order to bring all Sanders supporters to our side.

    7. Oddworld July 2, 2016

      I’m not a Hillary fan but it was a shrewd move her and her team made to make
      Elizabeth Warren her running mate.
      Bernie supporters who follow politics
      may jump on board with that decision
      though I’m not sure about the younger
      voters. It depends on their familiarity with
      Elizabeth Warren.

  3. greenlantern1 July 2, 2016

    I am a male!
    I am a Caucasian!
    I USED to be a REPUBLICAN!
    I will be voting for Hillary!
    Our ONLY, convicted, attorney-general was Nixon’s first, John Mitchell!
    Our ONLY VP, to enter a plea bargain, was Nixon’s first, Trump’s idol, Spiro Agnew!
    Were the WATERGATE TAPES classified when President Nixon ordered Rose Mary Woods to erase them?
    Nixon was our ONLY president that ordered his attorney-general, Robert Bork, to fire an “independent” Special Prosecutor!
    Remember Archibald Cox?
    Remember the Saturday Night Massacre?
    Nixon was our ONLY president to accept a plea bargain!
    REPUBLICAN “law and order”?
    Will HILLARY do worse than THAT??

    1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

      Boy, are you making a HUGE mistake. How are you comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon? You still love your country or are you willing to give it up to the globalist elitists who will turn you into a pauper. These women are scary!

      1. stcroixcarp July 2, 2016

        Let’s see…Wasn’t it Donald Trump who is being sued for fraud because of Trump University? I thin it was donald Trump who was involved wit the fraudulant Trump Institute. Maybe I’m wrong but wasn’t it donald Trump who went bankrupt several times leaving his employees and and creditors holding the bag? And yes, this is the same donald Trump who scams his contractors and doesn’t pay his bills. donald Trump is a criminal, a fraud and a pathological liar. Just how stupid are you?

        1. AgLander July 2, 2016

          Hillary Clinton is under CRIMINAL investigation by the lead criminal investigation agency this country has…the FBI.
          Donald Trump is being sued in a CIVIL case (not criminal) by a small number of disgruntled students who want their money back through court action. Show me a business that has not been sued in Civil Court at some point in time and I’ll show you a business that is not in business anymore!

          1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Thank you and exactly. Finally someone with some sanity:)

        2. joe schmo July 2, 2016

          That’s kind of stupid because there is really no case. What is especially troubling is the fact that the ‘bias’ Judge is connected to LaRaza and the Clintonian’s. 7 out of 515 times. LOL, that is truly a joke. He earned his money. Better than two people who didn’t even have a dime when they left the WH and who are laundering money through their Foundation. There are so many lies and deceitful incidents on the Clinton’s to mention. As far as the contractors are concerned. I wouldn’t pay a person for doing a bad job. They need to fix it before I will pay in full. Sorry, he has nothing on the Clintons. At least he loves America and he wants to maintain it’s sovereignty. Guess you want to be part of the New World Communists? Won’t you be in for a rude awakening…LOL Talk about stupid!

      2. David July 3, 2016

        Your list didn’t include the inside trading deal Hillary made with Tyson Foods turning a $5,000 investment into over $100,000 in short order while Billy was AG in Arkansas.

        1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

          You just can’t get all these fabrications of reality out of your head can you? Like everything else, you don’t have stats from one reputable news site that proves one thing you’ve posted!! Pack it in LOSER!!!

          1. David July 4, 2016

            Did she not turn a $5k investment in futures to over $100k in short order or not? Which is it?

          2. David July 4, 2016

            Hey, fraud! Check out:
            The Fiscal Times
            New York Times
            You can read, can’t you?

      3. Jan123456 July 3, 2016

        1. CGI is an international foundation. And it surprises you that it gets international donations….why?

        2. Watergate was Nixon’s scandal. Not Hillary’s.

        3. Vince Foster’s death was ruled a suicide (no ??) by both the FBI and a special prosecutor. His family decries the current attempts to use his death as a political football.

        4. Benghazi has had a minimum of eight separate investigations. Tell me what was found that implicates her.

        5. Exactly what did she have to do with Haitian gold mining?

        6. Please give details on the 2000 contributions.

        7. And what were the Clintons convicted of from Whitewater?

        But you sure can post a meme.

      4. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 5, 2016

        true DONNY DUMP would be better compared to Hitler should be locked up for rape and beating his first wife and his FU trump U b/s plus there is a case pending of him molesting young girls . he is a rapist and a crook fraud scams that steal and stole big bucks . never mind his every day life of being a thief .

    2. David July 3, 2016


  4. Dominick Vila July 2, 2016

    I don’t know about anybody else, but I certainly am.

  5. AgLander July 2, 2016

    I certainly have no fear of a woman administration as liberal Democrats would like to paint anyone opposing their ticket. What I fear is any administration featuring two habitual liars in Warren and Clinton, one of which is under an FBI criminal investigation. Conclusion: It’s not their body parts I’m concerned about. It’s their documented history of lying and lack of integrity that is the issue. Democrat’s are even squeamy over their party ticket and they have every right to be.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

      You are full of S H I T! Men like you live in morbid fear of female authority. It’s in your genes and your “jeans.”

      American men are notorious for their double standards. This time, though, it will be you beak brains in the butt.

      When some men and women in this country must go to such limits to tear a woman down, there isn’t a woman in the US today who doesn’t know what this BS is all about. Work with men and that’s ALL the experience a woman EVER needs. Live with a a man and the experience with double standards becomes a way of living by dodging male bullets.

      Smell the Sanderistas behind this new “scandal?” They can’t win honestly. So now it’s sneaky, underhanded BS that is pure Sanders and his campaign middle aged dog boy Weaver.

      1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        AgLander – don’t mind her. She’s a misandry man hater who see’s a burka in her future.

        1. AgLander July 2, 2016

          Yes…..I call her a “porch sitter”. She wakes up every day, eats breakfast, and goes out to the porch to sit and yell at anyone passing by. Goes to bed at sunset, gets up next day and repeats cycle!

        2. AgLander July 2, 2016

          I suspect Eleanore and Independent1 are one and the same person.

          1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            You mean a ‘Shim.’ LOL

      2. AgLander July 2, 2016

        Eleanore: Your comment was disqualified before the end of the first sentence! I clearly stated I am not against a woman in authority…read it, dear. You people are like pavlov’s dog with immediate auto responses with no cognitive function included!

        1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

          OMG, Priceless. U go Aglander:)

        2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          Your brain is disqualified just like Trump is going to be…by your own right wingers who when they find out what a slime ball and just how down and dirty Trump has always been will go into religious spasms. Take the hint Loser Man..you are a nothing.

    2. King of America July 2, 2016

      so that’s a loud clear “NO” from the angry racist shut-in.

      1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        Racist, another excuse to vote communist. Good luck with that! Once you find out what that regime is like you will be so sorry because it will leave you behind with nothing to show for it. Serfdom here we come.

        1. King of America July 2, 2016

          Sorry that you are locked in an ideological battle from more than half a century ago! Get better soon!

      2. AgLander July 2, 2016

        Thanks for confirming my comment: “If you are against a Democrat, you must be a racist”. You are so predictable!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          If you are a Republican you are:
          A. a coward
          B. a bigot
          C. A freeloader
          D. A pedophile
          E. A Bible Thumper
          F. A hypocrite
          G. A deceptive Koch suck up
          H. A corporate crony sidler
          I. A liar
          J. A thief
          K. A Confederate

          Not multiple choice…the answer is all of the above. Here’s proof: Bush ’43…”Mission Accomplished” when he wouldn’t know a military mission if it hit him in the butt.

          Bigot…take your pick…Grassley, Ryan, Bourbon Boy McConnell….Freeloader? That would be Cruz and Cornball Cornyn

          1. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Have you and Independent1 one had the same frontal lobe surgery performed at the Democrat Mind Control Institute?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            No…But we know you are nutty as a fruitcake. YOu righties have lost all your bully power haven’t you and it is eating your asses inside out.

          3. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Has anyone seen Eleanore and Independent1 in a room together at the same time? I’m betting the answer is “no”.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Has anyone seen AgLander in a mental institution? Notice how Ag only gets on his computer when the mental hospital gives him free time?

          5. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Running on fumes? Go get an energy drink, hon.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Better than being a doper who sticks needles in his arms like you.

          7. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Don’t do that stuff, but if I ever change and decide to do such a thing, I will give you my business!

        2. King of America July 2, 2016

          Sorry you hate & fear women, diaper lord!

    3. stcroixcarp July 2, 2016

      Like trump is a truth teller? Ha.

      1. AgLander July 2, 2016

        Hillary is being interrogated at her home by the FBI as we speak….’nuff said!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          Hillary’s BEEN interrogated for the past 4 decades. Who the hell cares? We KNOW all you boys do is dig up your own fabricated scandals…What next? You want to see her used Charmin too?

          1. AgLander July 2, 2016

            I hope she uses your words when the FBI boys knock on her door today….oh, that will do it for her!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            The FBI boys are going to exxonerate Hillary but you’d do well to pay attention to Gowdy…he’s under investigation for presenting edited emails at the Benghazi trial.

            Now..do you want to grow the hell up and stop acting like a spiteful little turd?

          3. AgLander July 2, 2016

            Hey! Don’t blame me for your party’s candidate swimming in a sea of law enforcement agents surrounding her with nets. You guys chose poorly and it’s painfully clear that the nets are close to being pulled in with her thrashing about and caught!

          4. King of America July 2, 2016

            It’s freaking hilarious that you think Hillary is under investigation at all.

          5. David July 3, 2016

            Then then I guess the FBI have just been sharing recipes with her.

          6. King of America July 3, 2016

            Sorry that you’ve yet again admitted you don’t understand things! Hillary Clinton is not the subject of the investigation!

          7. David July 3, 2016

            Oh…then there won’t be a recommendation as to whether or not she should be indicted?

          8. King of America July 3, 2016

            See previous post.

        2. Independent1 July 3, 2016

          Can you count on one hand the number of legal cases being investigated against Trump at this moment?? I don’t think so – he’s in far more hot water than Hillary.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

        There are those here in NJ who would love to hijack Trump’s private helicopter and slice off his balls for the mess he left NJ taxpayers and his UNPAID employees who are suing his ass.

        1. AgLander July 2, 2016

          Ellie: Are you currently on the FBI Terror Watchlist? If you aren’t you soon will be with comments like that!

  6. itsfun July 2, 2016

    How about just the 2 best people for America?

  7. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

    You gave a man an ounce of power and he goes whole hog for the jugular of anyone in his way. Then, one administration after another is one huge sabotage game where spiteful immature snot nosed punks war with each other. This is government?

    1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

      These two windbags would be the worst choice America could ever make. They would be the Augustus that put the final nail of the coffin into this country after Nero.

      1. latebloomingrandma July 2, 2016

        And you would rather elect Caligula.

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

          Sweetheart, Hillary is Augustus reincarnate:) You’ll see…..

      2. stcroixcarp July 2, 2016


        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          The schmomo is a clone of the Trump psychoses. Him first and to hell with the rest of the world. Only one problem with sociopaths like the Schmo and Trump…they aren’t the only two in society.

          1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            I’m not a ‘him,’ Eleanore. I feel sorry for any man who has to deal with bitches like you. If ‘woman’ is the only reason for voting for HRC, I think I’ll wait for someone like Ivanka Trump.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            OH I see you are a really a science experiment gone wrong. If Melania Trump is your ideal first lady..you show that you have only that Beaver between your legs to make a living.

          3. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            No Eleanore, I am the daughter of LEGAL immigrants (something you wouldn’t understand) who keeps up to date with both sides of the pond. A father who escaped communism and sees it coming here. A person who visited Europe behind the Iron Curtain and a person who sees the dangers that have befallen Europe. i know the difference between women who can handle power and women who can’t. HRC cannot!

          4. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            No you are not you lying sack of BS…Your ancestors were indentured slaves who came to the US when there were NO immigration laws. You are the daughter of indentured slave grandparents who were shipped by boat to the US because they had huge debt.

            Where is the proof of what you posted? Stop the BS and get that proof.

          5. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Really! Then tell me the legal immigration process because I know how it works.

          6. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Calm down and take your meds. Better get your ‘gun’ out also.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

        No worse than those two rodeo cowboys you elected twice, got us into 2 simultaneous wars and by Sept. 2008 missed the worst Financial Recession they were warned about since they handed out tax cuts for the rich since 2001. No worse than missing all of the red flags and warnings of 9/11. Catch up dog boy..Your males are failures. Eat it and die.

        1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

          LOL, Didn’t like Bush! He was more of a liberal like McCain Romney and the other RINO’s that now run with the liberals in the WH.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            What Bush? The 2 front men for back room presidencies? Put a sentence together that you can prove with legal documentation schmomo…or even better, try learning to use facts.

          2. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            RINO’S! Your response makes no sense. Most conservatives know this. That’s how dense you are. Tunnel vision…..

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Your responses are documented by scientists for posterity in solving the riddle of mental illness in women who have nothing in life to offer but nasty, meanspirited bitchbag freeloading bigotry.

          4. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Starting to cuss! I’ve won this one, sweetie. Go back and make sure you add that Ex-lax & fiber to your coffee

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Starting? Honey I have only just begun. I intend to give to righties the very language they ALWAYS give to others. And before you act like Saint Josie of the South…turn the red light off your front porch.

          6. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Don’t live in the South. Live in CA….remember? One of the most progressive hell holes in the Union. I know how to handle your kind. Your mind is slipping:)

          7. David July 3, 2016

            That is not true! Eleanore’s mind slipped long ago.

          8. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!! You don’t have the first clue what “legal documentation” is.

    2. David July 3, 2016

      Eleanore!!!! No, government is having Billy attack all unprotected women.

  8. patrick g van meter July 2, 2016

    I’m all for it. This should be fun.

    1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

      Worst 2 choices that could ever hit America. Crook and counterfeit. This country is done if they get in. Don’t understand how men can become so feminized?

      1. FT66 July 2, 2016

        Leave the choice for us Dems. Why not concentrate to your own choice republicans?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          What choices? You know that right now the GOP is slaving away at finding some excuse to disqualify Trump so they can put a white, middle aged, money connected male in Trump’s place.

          All while Sanders drools over his “independent” status and would jump at ANY GOP offer that means another jacking of his male ego.

          1. FT66 July 2, 2016

            Whether republicans will decide to put a cow in the White House (of whom we will crush), thats their choice. What we don’t like is to go after Hillary and her VP. It is totally none of their business.

          2. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            LOL….#Brexit:) Hope Spain, Holland are next!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Where is the proof? I am calling your bluff. If you claim Hillary is backed by the Saudis, you damn well better have proof. NOW get your ass busy and let’s see it or stop posting your BS.

          4. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Just did! Implode please…….

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Awww…the little girl can’t prove what she posted. Hey Folks! See? THIS is HOW you take down the righties..You keep demanding they prove what they post.

            Lil Joey was already asked 3 times to prove that Hillary is backed by the Saudi…Now the she/he is changing the subject.

            Get the proof bitch or admit you are a liar!

          6. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Prove me wrong, Eleanore. How stupid are you:)….And don’t give me liberal think tanks. Oops, Politifact is one:) You’re welcome…..

          7. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Proved it crone!!! Or maybe they’re just lying also.

          8. David July 3, 2016

            Right!!!! Hillary cannot be questioned!

          9. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Why is that? Because they are one with the liberals. U do realize that Hillary is backed by the Saudi’s (who kill gays and demean women. I see what they are doing to women in EU through family and I shutter), Banks and corporations which you people supposedly hate. Now you are OK with them. Global communism…..Keep drinking the Kool-aid.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Hey! Prove what you just posted Bitch! I want you to put the court records of Hillary’s backing by the Saudi’s.

            This post just shows what a stupidass you really are. The Bush family has been backed by the Saudis since Grandpas Walker and Bush were making nicey nicey to them.

            You want me to find that photo op of Bush ’43 holding hands with the Saudi Prince at Crawford Ranch when Bush invited his Saudi backers to his barbecue?

            Come on liar…let’s see you prove with legal documentation what you posted.

          11. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Honey, I’m really getting to you. In case you didn’t notice, I posted it and it is common knowledge. Guess you don’t get out much. Politifact couldn’t disprove…LOL


            Again, the Bush’s are RINO’s Why do you think Jebby failed so badly

          12. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            Sorry Lil Sugar Pants…NO ONE gets to me. In case YOU didn’t notice…what you posted is BS..Now..where is the legal documentation as proof? Can’t prove it can you you lying sack.

          13. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            I just did you old windbag!

          14. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Check the Daily Caller and Politifact for just two of the many sites which have this information. Google it after you put your “gun” down.

          15. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Priceless! The source is ‘Politifact’ which happens to be Liberal….. They don’t discredit it so it’s true… Believe me, they would like too.. ROTFL

          16. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Take your Politifact propaganda and stuff it!!!!!!!

          17. quickmatch July 3, 2016

            Where’s your information for that coming from? Only time I see it it is on far-right blogs and posters from right wing activists. And talk about killing gays and demeaning women? Look no farther than your good ‘ol boy white supremacist wife beating whiskey drinking population.

          18. David July 3, 2016

            Guess what DA, our “good ‘ol boy white supremacist wife beating whiskey drinking population doesn’t:
            Force women to cover all their skin in public;
            Deny women the privilege of driving;
            Deny women the right to vote;
            Throw homosexuals off of roof tops; etc.
            Where’s my Stars and Bars?

          19. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Yup! They can’t seem to get themselves straight. They want to protect gays and women yet want Muslims to come to America by the droves. I see what they are doing to my family & friends in EU. We ABSOLUTELY do not want that mess here. Gays WILL be killed. Women WILL b wearing Burkas.

          20. Sand_Cat July 3, 2016

            Trump is backed by the North Koreans and their ilk, not to mention people like YOU.

          21. David July 3, 2016

            Exactly how much have the North Koreans contributed to Trump’s campaign fund?

          22. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Why? Did he try to sucker them in too (illegally) like he did with a bunch of the EU nations??

          23. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Retry: Are you sure he didn’t try to get donations from North Korea and Russia?? He’s willing to be very friendly with the rulers of both those countries!!!

          24. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Nope, he said he would talk to them. It’s all about negotiations. Please provide a source and I mean a non-bias credible one.

          25. Independent1 July 3, 2016


          26. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            You have no evidence that Hillary is ‘backed by anyone”. Because the Saudi’s contribute to the Clinton Foundation, which has virtually nothing to do with the Clintons – they can’t get money from it, has no implication on Hillary!!!

          27. David July 3, 2016

            “…no implication on Hillary!!!”? Have you lost what is left of your mind?

          28. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            I said post evidence from a reputable source!!!!!!!

          29. David July 3, 2016

            Politifact and the Daily Caller. Want more? Google it. There are pages of sites.

          30. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            I said reputable sources, not right-wing propaganda outlets like Politifact and Daily Caller which spew more lies and propaganda than even Faux News!!!

          31. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Politifact is not solely ‘right-wing.’

          32. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Sorry dummy but it is clearly a right-wing propaganda rag like Faux News.

          33. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Sorry, politifact is just one more right-wing propaganda rag.

          34. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            I just posted a credible liberal source:) Conservatives know what is going on. You people only listen to one source. How dumb is that.

      2. patrick g van meter July 2, 2016

        Exactly what I was saying, sarcastically. I don’t agree that the country will be finished. The corporations that run it have too much to lose.

        1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

          Exactly, and the liberals hate corporations. They should think about why they are for Hillary and not for Trump. Stupid!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            We hate having to turn over our hard earned money right back to employers as tax subisdies. Only nuts from the plantation states think free labor is your right and privilege. Get a job loser boy!

          2. joe schmo July 2, 2016

            Lower taxes all around from Trump…. I know u are all about YOUR money. You should think twice before you have to be taxed more. Believe me, HRC/Pocahontas will take the rest of your retirement and you will be poverty ridden. Communist globalism here we come….. I will then b laughing my ass off.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

            You don’t know much do you? Back in 1980, Trump was handed billions in tax subsidies to locate his 2 casinos here in NJ. Now that they are closed, NJ is deeply in hock for the $200 million he owes the state.

            YOu have a huge ass…It will take you years to laugh it ALL off.

          4. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

            I can’t say I’ve EVER seen a better response!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker July 3, 2016

            The Trump legacy begins with his father, Fred. Back in the 1950s and 60s, Fred Trump owned hundreds of those inner city Manhattan cold water flats with lead paint peeling off the walls and ceilings. These were rat and roach infested hovels and thousands of complaints every year. By paying off a few of his cronies in NY City government, he knew all he had to do was ignore them, just as his son ignores all of the FinCEN U.S. Treasury Department warnings to stop allowing those Middle Eastern high rollers in his 2 NJ Casinos to stop laundering money. And just like Daddy Trump, Sonny refused.

            Fred Trump knew if he delayed doing anything about those disgusting slums, the city would condemn them and he would be off the hooks to pay for the dismantling. Plus, he still owned these properties so the NY City government condemning them did him a favor because by the time they were dismantled, The Donald was already planning to rebuild on those properties as goochie goochie high rises. All while both Daddy and Sonny took billions in our tax dollars in subsidies.

            This is why I laugh my butt off when these numbnuts of the right think they know EVERYTHING. The Daily News, New York Post, Wall Street Journal and New York Times daily published articles on the slime ball Trumps for over 3 decades.

          6. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! What about your Demi-gods — the Clintons? They haven’t sold influence or done anything inappropriate have they?

          7. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Nothing that a loser like you can prove using a nonpartisan verifiable source!!!!!

          8. David July 3, 2016

            Lol…let’s start early on. How about Hildebeast turning a $5,000 investment into over a $100,000 with her friends at Tyson chicken?

          9. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            I said reputable sources, not your fabrications of reality created for propaganda purposes!!!

          10. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Here’s a couple excerpts from a CNN article to support your post:

            “The mob connections of Donald are extraordinarily extensive,” New York investigative journalist Wayne Barrett told CNN in an interview.

            “There was a certain amount of mob association during which the father and he were building, which was very difficult to avoid in the New York construction world,” Barrett said, adding, “He went out of his way not to avoid them, but to increase them.”


          11. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!! Please provide your authority for your statement.

          12. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

            You really, honestly believe Trump means anything he says? With all the disagreements and insults, I gave you credit for more intelligence than that; my bad.

          13. David July 3, 2016

            You believe that liar Hildebeast?

          14. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Lies that Hillary may have told PALE in comparison to the lies that Trump tells in everyone of his clownshow campaing outings. ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER SPEWS OUT OF TRUMP’S MOUTH – NONSTOP!!!

          15. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Sandy, it sure looks like the RNC has gone out and recruited more right-wing hypocrites to trash Hillary – and it appears complete with nonsensical scripts of garbage to post.

          16. Independent1 July 2, 2016

            What a typical load of BS from you. Trump’s tax plan would punish the less fortunate and save people like Trump millions.

            See this from Money:

            Trump’s Tax Plan Could Cost $12 Trillion, And Save Him Millions In Taxes Each Year

            But judging from a new analysis from Tax Foundation, a right-leaning policy research center based in Washington, D.C., it seems unlikely that this would be true. His plan would, however, cost the U.S. budget trillions of dollars over a decade.

            The lowest-earning 10% of Americans, meanwhile, would see their after-tax income increase by just 1.6% under the Trump plan. The second lowest-earning tenth would gain just 0.6%.

            The top one percent would see a 21.6% bump in after-tax income. Trump, who has reported earnings over an 18-month period of $380 million, is comfortably within that 1%. Depending on his mix of income in a given year, a tax cut that deep could be worth millions to him.


          17. David July 3, 2016

            Hey DA, what about the increase in the national debt from 7-8 trillion to 21 trillion in the 7 1/2 years of Obomo?

          18. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            When are you going to wake up to the fact that no sane poster here on the NM is going to believe your blatant lies??? Two numbers point out clearly that what you posted is a flat out lie – our debt was 12T (not 7-8T) through Bush’s last budget – and our current debt is 19.3T (not 21). Nice try LOSER!!!!!

          19. David July 3, 2016

            Wrong DS! But, even if your numbers are right (which the are not), Obomo has only added 7.3 trillion to the debt? What a hero!

          20. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Every dollar of deficit added under Obama is the responsibility of Bush and the GOP!! EVERY DOLLAR!!!

          21. David July 3, 2016

            It’s Bush’s fault!

          22. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            And the irresponsible GOP Congresses under Bush and Obama.

          23. David July 3, 2016

            Don’t forget that irresponsible Dem Congress that also passed Obamacare.

          24. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            Obamacare has not added to our deficits – it’s costs thus far have been offset by savings its created in Medicare. And despite your lies: ACA has already saved hospitals and taxpayers across the nation billions and created over 100,000 jobs not to mention keeping more than 150,000 Americans from dying prematurely over the past 2 plus years!!

          25. David July 3, 2016

            Are you stupid or do you enjoy putting out false information?
            In 2016, there will be an estimated 300 billion paid by the government for health insurance subsidies.
            The cost to the federal government in 2015 was $1.027 trillion.
            In 2015, there were 35 million Americans without insurance being 15 million fewer insured then in 2012.
            From 2010-2015, there was an additional 550 billion paid in medical expenses. There was also an additional 155 million paperwork hours

          26. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            So you throw out a lot of healthcare spending numbers that don’t mean a blame thing. And what you’ve posted IS CLEARLY not anywhere near all related to Obamacare.


            Before ACA was enacted, the CBO projected national healthcare costs during that period to run as high as 4.5T. When ACA was enacted they upped that to 4.6T. But ACA has had such a positive affect on reducing healthcare spending that the CBO has reduced its latest forecast to 4.0T (they’ve reduced their projection by .6T and that may even come down further as ACA (Obamacare) continues to reduce the costs of healthcare across the nation).

            And don’t forget dummy – that this is happening with over 20 stupid GOP-run states not even actively supporting ACA or expanding Medicaid!!! The costs improvements would have likely been even much better IF ALL THE STATES WERE SMART ENOUGH TO FULLY SUPPORT OBAMACARE AND THE MEDICAID EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!

            See this graph dumbcoff:

          27. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Clue! Under Hillary you are going to lose your precious little nest egg. I guarantee you that…..

          28. David July 3, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Is that why Obomo is throwing the borders open to let in masses of uneducated workers to take jobs away from Americans?

          29. patrick g van meter July 2, 2016

            They hate corporations but thats where the money is. I get your point though. Trump is about to do the same as HRC.

          30. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

            Are you so dense that you missed what patrick was saying? I know that you have willful ignorance in abundance, but must you make yourself look humorless? Are blindly malicious, intolerant, religiously fanatical, and a slave to those corporations you love so much sufficient?

          31. David July 3, 2016

            What about to the lying, corrupt, power mad Clintons you adore?

      3. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

        You can look at the GOP presidential clown car and suggest that either Clinton or especially Warren could possibly be worse than ANY of them?
        Thanks for the laugh (though not OutLoud; by the way, the grammatically correct expression is “aloud,” or LAL, or LA. Thought you’d appreciate it :>)

        1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

          You are in for a rude awakening…..ROTFL

          1. David July 3, 2016

            Oh no!!! The truth!!! You mean it’s not the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’? Where’s Monica?

          2. King of America July 3, 2016

            So debunked conspiracy theories and lies about a charity is all you got. Wow.

          3. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Uh huh! ‘Conspiracy theories?’ Yah, right. Keep living in that delusional world void of reality.

          4. King of America July 3, 2016

            You are literally parroting an idiotic conspiracy theory – the supposed “Clinton murder list” – that was debunked decades ago. On top of that, you’re attacking a financially transparent charity, because you are an awful person with no redeeming characteristics.

            I hope that helps!

          5. Independent1 July 3, 2016

            You can find no concrete verifiable evidence to prove any of those baseless accusations. Just more right-wing nuts fabrications!!!

  9. joe schmo July 2, 2016

    If these two women get near the WH we will be in grave DANGER!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

      awww…Your balls pinching at the thought of having to say, YES, Madame President? Not to worry. Those raisins in your jeans are bound to shrink a few more sizes.

      1. joe schmo July 2, 2016

        LOL, You must hate America! What happens if she loses and then, come to find out, you have more money because he has saved you millions in taxes….. You are a fool!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

          No I hate assholes like you. You have nothing of value to validate your existence other than bashing others who refuse to kiss your tub-sized ass.

          1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Really, I happen to be 100 lbs of lean mean flesh. 5’6″ with big blue eyes and blond hair. Athletic and well educated. Kiss my petite little ass, Eleanore.

            I can imagine you look like an old wrinkled up prune with a big wide ass because you sit and blurt out nonsense on The National Memo ALL day.

          2. David July 3, 2016

            That is not true!! Eleanore is a wizened spinster hiding out in New Jersey. Her husband left her years ago and she is left with her anger; her mechanical device; and, her keyboard connected to the Internet to spread her venom.

          3. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            I know a bit about her. She actually resides in Ohio. Lives alone with her little nest egg which she is terrified of losing (Unbeknownst to her HRC will take the rest of what she has) She HATES men because she was apparently relieved of her position early in life by a cut-throat vile man. She is a angry old bat who hides behind her computer and she loves to beat men up online. Like to see her say this to a man’s face.

        2. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

          Yes, how could ANYONE possibly disagree with your genius unless they were America-hating fools (he who calls his brother “fool” is in danger of hellfire – approximate quote from guess who?).
          Can’t you come up with a better line? Not surprisingly, you brought up another of your “gods” I forgot to mention: $$$$$$$
          Some fool once said “you cannot serve both god and mammon,” and I have to say he was certainly right, and you are a fine example!
          “War against Christianity”; weren’t you pushing that BS – among other lies – before?
          What we hate is the America envisioned by people like you!

          1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

            Brother? You people are far far removed from being my brother or sister for that matter. Don’t you love this divide that your DICTATOR created for us. Like dying Rome, Nero started the ball rolling. Augustus will finish her off:)

      2. joe schmo July 3, 2016

        Can’t wait until we see more anarchy, more terrorist attacks, less money, more poverty and globalism. LOLOLOLOL You are in for a rude awakening, my dear. I have seen communist Europe. You haven’t. You’ve lived in America way way too long. You have no idea what it is like outside your safe little comfort zone.

        1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

          More poverty?? That’s unlikely given that 21 of the 24 states in America with the highest rates of poverty TODAY are run by the GOP!!

          And all 25 of the states with the most people living on the verge of bankruptcy TODAY are run by the GOP.

          And being a conservative you should really love this:

          By definition a conservative is one who wishes to preserve and/or restore traditional values and institutions, i.e. to “conserve” the established order. No surprise then that 18th century American conservatives wanted no part of breaking away from the British Empire and the comforting bonds of monarchical government. Those anti-revolutionary conservatives were called Tories, the name still used for the conservative party in England. The Founding Fathers? As radically left-wing as they came in the 1770s. The Boston Tea Party? The “Occupy Wall Street” of its day.

          Some of the other “traditional” values supported by conservatives over the course of American history have included slavery (remember that the Republican Party was on the liberal fringe in 1860), religious persecution, the subjugation of women and minorities, obstacles to immigration, voter suppression, prohibition and segregation. Conservatives started off on the wrong side of American history, and that’s where they’ve been ever since.

          Independence Day Special: Thirteen Facts About America Conservatives Would Like You to Forget


          1. David July 4, 2016

            What left wing, communist/socialist drivel. Easy start for me: Those “left wing Founding Fathers”? All had guns. All believed in the right to keep and bear them. Made the 2nd Amendment (right after the right of free speech) to preserve that right from oppressive governments and pus….s like you!

          2. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Just more total fabrications of reality!!

            Sure our founding fathers believed in owning guns personally – when there were no sheriffs or police to protect people in cities. And there were no National Guards to protect each state!! And there was no Federal Army to protect America from foreign enemies!!

            And the fact is conservatives FOUGHT AGAINST our founding fathers. You’re a total hypocrite for hiding behind the flag and celebrating the 4th!!!!!!

        2. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

          Glad you’ve seen Communist Europe; I guess that’s why you can’t wait to create the Fascist States of America. Trade one brutal system for another. There are plenty of nasty right-wing dictatorships you could move to; no danger of Communism there. Unfortunately, lots of them are Muslim, but I’m sure you could adapt to jihad against the infidels as easily as to your crusade against the poor and defenseless here, and those who complain just disappear (or better yet, get publicly beheaded)! What more could you want?

      3. David July 3, 2016

        Eleanore!!!! There you go again! Fixating on male genitalia. Do you miss your ex-husband so much that you have turned into anger against all males?

        1. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

          How about your fixation with Sharia Law, Doc? Are you like all those homophobes who turn out to be gay themselves? I don’t doubt I could expect a fairer trial from a Sharia court than from bigots like you.

    2. TiredOfTheHaters July 2, 2016

      Your sexism is getting old already.

    3. TiredOfTheHaters July 2, 2016

      Your sexism is what’s a danger buddy!

      1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

        Sexism? I’m a woman, moron!!!!

        1. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

          What a shame. Guess that’s why you’re screaming about “feminization” of the country as a fate worse than death, why you lauded some jackass Neanderthals – the brave wildlife refuge occupiers? – as real men or some such macho nonsense. Your posts show all the indications of an insecure little male pipsqueak with an undersized penis.

    4. Sand_Cat July 2, 2016

      Yes, DANGER to your racist, sexist, authoritarian, punish-the-poor, militaristic, homophobic, Islamaphobic dreams.

      Welcome back!

      1. AgLander July 2, 2016

        Didn’t you get the memo?…..you Dem’s have so overused the “isms’ over the years as a tool to stifle discussion that when it’s used now it has the same effect as a feather thrown at a brick wall! Next!!

        1. Sand_Cat July 3, 2016

          Didn’t you get the memo? The Dem’s have “overused” the isms because the Repugs have overdone the reality they represent. And it never had any effect on people like you, which is why those “isms” are as true as they ever were, if not more so.
          The Denialism part fits people like you especially well.

      2. joe schmo July 3, 2016

        Nice! Do you know what happened to the liberal who showed up at the Trump rally with a KKK hood on? He got taken out by a Black conservative.

        1. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

          Don’t know. Did you make it up yourself, or just get it from someone else who did?

      3. David July 3, 2016

        Bet you can’t wait for Sharia law to be imposed you and all the other women!

        1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

          Sharia law would be far better than the Devil’s-law that you GOP worshippers are trying to foist on America.

          1. David July 4, 2016

            “Devil’s-law”? Oh, you mean the kind that built this country into the greatest in the world? Or, the kind now beset with PC that is ruining us?

          2. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Built this country, Conservatives?? What a laugh!! Conservatives have been working the past 100 years to tear America apart!!

          3. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Yes, laws created by THE DEVIL’S PARTY – AKA THE GOP!!! YOU GOT IT!!!!!!!

          4. David July 4, 2016

            The ‘laugh’ is weasels like you!

          5. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Weasel, me?? I’m not the one who is supporting politicians who care more about money than people’s lives.

            Politicians who are so corrupt that they sign a pledge with a rich old man, that they won’t vote for a piece of legislation that raises the taxes by even $1 on the already wealthy, no matter how much that legislation may help the people who voted them into office; or help other aspects of our country.

            Politicians who will even create budgets that cut benefits to programs that people who voted them into office depend on EVEN TO JUST LIVE!!

            Politicians that run the states in America that BY FAR lead the nation in people dying 2-6 years younger than people living in states run by the Democrats.

            And people who claim to want smaller government, but actually create laws and legislation that add hundreds of thousands of people to our government.

            Politicians who over the past 4 decades have governed while spending like drunken sailors; even creating legislation that was unfunded and is running up almost 1/2 a trillion in deficit spending even today (2 unfunded wars, 2 unfunded tax cuts, and unfunded drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma and several unfunded federal mandates to the states like the education fiasco called No Child Left Behind which almost bankrupted 1/2 our states.)

            And you call ME weasel??? What a laugh!!

            People like you are FAR WORSE than weasels – YOU’RE ACCOMPLICES TO MURDER!!!!!!!!

          6. David July 6, 2016

            Like your lady who was “flat broke” when they left the White House.

          7. Independent1 July 8, 2016

            As were the Carter’s when they left the White House. Unlike of course a guy name Reagan who is the only president to have actually increased his wealth by 10 million dollars while president. I wonder how he managed that?? 10 Million dollars!!!

            You do realize that presidents have to pay for a lot of the expenses involved with running the White House out of their own pockets – like all the food unless they can show that the food was used for government purposes – like entertaining a foreign dignitary.

            And similarly, they have to pay for all expenses associated with entertaining guests or putting on many events, unless they can demonstrate that the party, event, whatever had a specific government related purpose. So the reality is, that given that presidents only made $200,000/yr and generally did a lot of entertaining for issues they felt strong about but which were not necessarily ‘function that could be charged to our government’ a lot of prior presidents ended up in not the best financial condition after they term(sp) in office unless they had been independently wealthy to begin with – like the Bushes, Fords and some others!!

          8. David July 8, 2016

            Hmmm…so that’s why they then bought two multimillion dollar homes (one in New York and one in Wash. D.C.) because they were “flat broke”.
            Money? How about the ‘speaking fees’ for her and Billy? I get it! They don’t care about money, only the best for the common folk.
            Pack it in.

          9. Independent1 July 8, 2016

            Of course dummkopf, they purchased those homes primarily on their future earning potential given that Bill was and ex president and Hillary was an ex First Lady who happened to also be a lawyer and the both had been very politically connected with enormous future earning potential!! Almost any bank in the U.S. would have gladly given them million dollar home mortgages!! You too stupid to realize what good credit and future earning potential can do for you???
            All you have to do is look at Trump; a guy who has left creditors hanging several times with 4 bankruptcies and banks still loan him millions!! How clueless are you,anyway??

          10. David July 9, 2016

            Guess what, DA…they bought them outright. There was no loan from a bank. Are you truly that simple?

          11. Independent1 July 10, 2016

            Total BS!! No sane person pays cash for a house!! Especially at today’s historically low interest rates!!

            Prove your BS by providing a link to a reputable news source: a NON RIGHT-WING-TOTAL-BS SOURCE!!!

          12. David July 10, 2016

            Check out Terry McAuliffe and his $1.3 million ‘guarantee’ for your wonderful couple! Sept 93 New York Times

          13. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

            No, actually. If people like you and you friends ruled, we’d be more repressive and backward than our “ally,” Saudi Arabia. Keep it up, DOCTOR POS.

          14. Independent1 July 6, 2016

            And just one more post that shows how totally clueless and evil you are.

            America WAS NEVER BUILT on the bigoted, misogynistic, hateful and choice suppression laws that the GOP has been espousing for the past 3 plus decades!! And CERTAINLY NOT BY politicians spewing their misguided religious dogma on the masses!!!

          15. kep July 4, 2016

            You are a really sick puppy. It’s so unfortunate that uninformed, ignorant people seem to be near the only people that post their left propaganda on this rag. Why do you bother to stay in our country? Most likely just to get benefits that should be going to real Americans that need help after years under this failed regime. ALL HAIL THE EMPEROR.

          16. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            Talk about sick puppies, it’s you and your radical right-wing ilk. Idiots that have been working to destroy America since it was founded!! You idiots aren’t patriot, you’re the worst enemy that America has ever known. Working to destroy America from within.
            There are more milestones under Obama than all the worthless GOP presidents in office since Teddy Roosevelt COMBINED!!
            For the first time in American history:
            America is the largest producer of gas and oil on the planet – surpassing Russia and Saudi Arabia.
            There have been more than 75 straight months of jobs growth (almost 2 years longer than under any previous president) with far more jobs created in 7 years than the two Bushs could create in 12 years.
            For only the 3rd time in the past 115 years, America will go through more than 6 years of a presidency without a recession not starting – and all 3 times will have been under a Democrat.
            More ‘problem’ illegal immigrants have been rounded up and deported under Obama than under any previous president.
            More fraudulently gotten monies by defense and healthcare contractors has been recovered (billions) with the contractors brought to justice than under even 2 previous presidents.
            And not only has Obama been the smallest spending president in the past 60 years, deficit spending has come down further and faster than under any previous president.
            No previous GOP president, or presidents combined can lay claim to all that and I haven’t even covered it all.

          17. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            And just in case you’re also confused about how UNAMERICAN conservatives are, see this:

            Conservatives opposed the Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and a lot of other righteous stuff as well.

            By definition a conservative is one who wishes to preserve and/or restore traditional values and institutions, i.e. to “conserve” the established order. No surprise then that 18th century American conservatives wanted no part of breaking away from the British Empire and the comforting bonds of monarchical government. Those anti-revolutionary conservatives were called Tories, the name still used for the conservative party in England. The Founding Fathers? As radically left-wing as they came in the 1770s. The Boston Tea Party? The “Occupy Wall Street” of its day.

            Some of the other “traditional” values supported by conservatives over the course of American history have included slavery (remember that the Republican Party was on the liberal fringe in 1860), religious persecution, the subjugation of women and minorities, obstacles to immigration, voter suppression, prohibition and segregation. Conservatives started off on the wrong side of American history, and that’s where they’ve been ever since.

            Independence Day Special: Thirteen Facts About America Conservatives Would Like You to Forget


          18. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            And by the way clueless, if there’s AN EMPEROR in our government, his name is MITCH MCCONNELL!!

            The nincompoop senator that has used the fake filibuster more than 400 times TO GET HIS WAY AND STOP THE DEMS AND OBAMA FROM GETTING ANY LEGISLATION PASSED THAT THEY’VE WANTED!!!!!!!

          19. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

            Speaking of ill-formed, ignorant people, you sound like the epitome of the group. Where do you get off inviting ANYONE to leave the country? If anyone wanted to, it likely be the result of rule by morons like you.

        2. Sand_Cat July 4, 2016

          Your usual brilliant response I see, DOCTOR POS. Better that than your “merciful” monster!

    5. AgLander July 2, 2016

      I think a more probable case could be made for Bill and Hillary placing a “Pay To Play – Influence for Sale” sign on the lawn of the White House if they were to somehow get the keys to that House again.

    6. King of America July 2, 2016

      oh no, your privilege! maximum manbaby alert!

      1. David July 3, 2016


        1. King of America July 3, 2016


      2. joe schmo July 3, 2016

        Not a man:)

        1. King of America July 3, 2016

          I don’t care?

  10. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016

    Joe Schmo is a liar. She posted “Hillary is backed by the Saudis.” Now, 4 times she was asked to prove with legal documentation what she posted. She does what all liars of the right do…changes the subject hoping she won’t have to admit she’s a liar.

    1. David July 3, 2016

      Eleanore!!! Only to the tune of 85 million dollars! Politifact.com and The Daily Caller
      What is it with you that you deny that Hildebeast is a corrupt POS?

      1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        More lies from your right-wing propaganda rag pretending to be a political fact check site but which is nothing more than akin to Faux News in its lies!!!!!

        1. David July 4, 2016

          Lol!!!! Don’t like the facts? Attack the messenger. 85 million given to the Clinton “slush fund”. They never expected anything in return ????.

    2. joe schmo July 3, 2016

      Good try! You saw the article from ‘Politifact’ but, knowing you, you probably didn’t even look at it. Hey Eleanore, what’s the difference between a socialist and a communist? I dare you.

      1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        You’re wasting your time posting fabricated facts from a right-wing rag sheet falsely named Politi-fact – it really should be Politi-lie!!!

  11. Eleanore Whitaker July 2, 2016


    Here is the Bush Album of photos holding hands with the Saudi Prince. But, the Schmomo Claims Hillary is backed by the Saudis? On what planet Schmo?

    1. David July 3, 2016

      Eleanore!!!! Well, the planet of large contributions made to the Clinton Foundation by the Saudis. Have you forgotten that?

      1. King of America July 3, 2016

        Ah yes, smearing a charity (one of the most financially transparent charities in the world, in fact) in order to advance your political agenda. Classy!

      2. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        See this there clueless (the fabricated accusations just spew out of your mouth):

        CharityWatch, a project of the American Institute of Philanthropy, gave the Clinton Foundation an “A” rating.

        Daniel Borochoff, president and founder of CharityWatch, told us by phone that its analysis of the finances of the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates found that about 89 percent of the foundation budget is spent on programming (or “charity”), higher than the 75 percent considered the industry standard.


        1. David July 4, 2016

          Try 85% for overhead.
          New York Post

          1. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            All FLAT OUT LIES from just more of your moronic right-wing propaganda sites!!

            When are you going to stop frequenting internet sites that do nothing BUT FEED YOU BS!!!!!!!!

          2. King of America July 4, 2016

            None of those sources have ever claimed that the Clinton Foundation has an “85% overhead”.

          3. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            You really don’t have enough brains to really get DO YOU??

            As King of America pointed out to you, the Clinton Foundation IS A CHARITY IN AND OF ITSELF. So yes, it holds onto money it gets BECAUSE IT USES THAT MONEY TO ACTUALLY DO THE CHARITY WORK ITSELF!! Dummy!!

            Wake up AND STOP BEING SO STUPID!!!!!!!

            See this from FactCheck.Org:

            “There is an important distinction between an operating foundation vs. a non-operating foundation,” Rosqueta told us via email. “An operating foundation implements programs so money it raises is not designed to be used exclusively for grant-making purposes. When most people hear ‘foundation’, they think exclusively of a grant-making entity. In either case, the key is to understand how well the foundation uses money — whether to implement programs or to grant out to nonprofits — [to achieve] the intended social impact (e.g., improving education, creating livelihoods, improving health, etc.).”

            ”Craig Minassian, chief communications officer for the Clinton Foundation, said the Clinton Foundation is “an implementer.”

            “We operate programs on the ground, around the world, that are making a difference on issues ranging from poverty and global health to climate change and women’s and girls’ participation,” Minassian told us via email. “Many large foundations actually provide grants to the Clinton Foundation so that our staff can implement the work.

            Asked for some examples of the work it performs itself, the Clinton Foundation listed these:

            . Clinton Development Initiative staff in Africa train rural farmers and help them get access to seeds, equipment and markets for their crops.

            . Staff at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an independent, affiliated entity, work in dozens of nations to lower the cost of HIV/AIDS medicine, scale up pediatric AIDS treatment and promote treatment of diarrhea through life-saving Zinc/ORS treatment.

            . Clinton Climate Initiative staff help governments in Africa and the Caribbean region with reforestation efforts, and in island nations to help develop renewable energy projects.

            . Clinton Health Matters staff work with local governments and businesses in the United States to develop wellness and physical activity plans.


      3. King of America July 4, 2016

        So how does that money benefit the Clintons? Why do you people never seem to want to explain that part when you’re busy smearing smearing a charity?

    2. joe schmo July 3, 2016

      Told u…He was a RINO. Conservatives have no use for the Bush’s. LOL, Jebby was made to look like a fool by Trump/Christie. It was priceless!

  12. TiredOfTheHaters July 2, 2016

    Some on-line conservative magazine just sent me an unauthorized article with someone trying to say the Clintons were in pockets of the Chinese government. Where do these people get their information. I quickly unsubscribed. Why don’t they investigate the Bush’s dirty deals with the Middle East!

    1. joe schmo July 3, 2016

      Clinton takes money from Saudi’s. Don’t you people look at all news sources like we do. Apparently not. Tunnel vision…. http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2015/apr/20/reince-priebus/hillary-clinton-took-money-kings-four-countries-go/

      1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        Clinton DOE NOT TAKE MONEY FROM THE SAUDI’S. The Saudi’s donate to the Clinton Foundation WHICH THE CLINTONS CANNOT TOUCH!!!!!!
        A foundation which has been rated ‘A’ by CharityWatch; AND a foundation where about 89% OF THE DONATIONS, actually go to the people needing help WHEN THE AVERAGE FOR THE CHARITY INDUSTRY IS FOR 75% TO GO TO THE PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP!!!!!!!
        When are you going to grow up and stop lying like the six-year old you appear to be?????????

        1. David July 4, 2016

          Sorry, the number is 85% staying within the Clinton Foundation and NOT going to charities. The Clinton Foundation is their “slush fund”.

          1. Independent1 July 4, 2016


            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies


          2. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            And an organization whose job it is to assess charities ‘CharityWatch’ would not have given the Clinton Foundation an ‘A’ rating if the foundation kept 85% of the monies it received; you and the reprehensible websites you get your lies and propaganda from are nothing less than TOTAL LOWLIFES!!!!

          3. David July 4, 2016

            Keep drinking the koolaid, DA!

          4. Independent1 July 4, 2016

            I’ll stop drinking the koolaid, when you pull your head out of your butt so you can even see the light of day!!!!!

          5. King of America July 4, 2016

            It is INCREDIBLY SURPRISING to see that you – you, of all people! – don’t understand what a charity is or how it works. The Clinton Foundation doesn’t give money to other charities; it IS a charity.

      2. Independent1 July 3, 2016

        AND POLITIFACT IS A RIGHT-WING PROPAGANDA RAG SHEET PROBABLY RUN BY THE RNC!!!!!! Just like the Council of Immigration Studies —the right-wing ‘CIS’ RAGSHEET on immigration!!!!!!!

  13. Gloria5361 July 3, 2016

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  14. Dissolute July 3, 2016

    Should either of our “parties” put forth a Woman candidate who embodies the integrity, substance, values, intellect and gravitas of someone of Jean Kirkpatrick, I’ll vote for her, early and often.

    1. Independent1 July 3, 2016

      Not all of us are smart enough to recognize a good thing when they see it.

      1. Dissolute July 4, 2016

        Yep. It’s utterly amazing that neither party considered Jean as their candidate. Saw her speaking at the UN general assembly and knew she was the real thing.

        We seriously miss people of her stature.

      2. Dissolute July 4, 2016

        Yeah. I saw Jean speaking, masterfully, at the UN general assembly and recognised how special she was. We now have no one of her stature in government service.

        1. Independent1 July 4, 2016

          No dummy. I was referring to the fact that you’re clearly too clueless to realize that Hillary is the most qualified candidate that HAS EVER run for president!!!!!!!

          1. Dissolute July 5, 2016

            Hillary is the least qualified for President but certainly excells at her qualifications for prison. She hasn’t the gravitas of a toad, but sincerely resembles one spiritually. You really don’t want to start a hassle by attempting to insult your way through life, dimbulb.

            It is our fervent hope that you’ll take your lead from Al Sharpton and Cher who’ve said that if Donald Trump wins the presidency, they’ll leave the country. See how self deportation actually works?

            The mindless Progressive gravy train of gender identity, muslim chain migration, 47 million on welfare, 20 trillion in national debt, 110 trillion in unfunded liabilities and political correctness run amuck, 95 million people long term unemployed, free phones for which we pay is coming to a screeching halt come January 2017.

            The dark soul of that venal Clinton twerp will only get near the White House again if she takes a job delivering pizzas for Dominos. Ha ha ha!

          2. Independent1 July 5, 2016

            Like I said in my first post “Not all of us are smart enough to recognize a good thing when they see it.”

            And you clearly don’t have the IQ of my 2-year old great grandson. So you can be sure nothing you post will mean anything to me or any other sane poster here on the National Memo!!!!

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 4, 2016

        you texted >>(We need Warren to stay in the senate. I’m not confident enough that the idiot voters in Mass. would replace her with a Dem) well im from MA. and to a point I agree I wonder about voters across the country warren here is a good thing I really think just to maybe get all Bernie’s voters locked in he wouldn’t be a bad VP pick but again warren was Bernie think a long time maybe more and before Bernie ran. them 2 Warren and Bernie are cut from the same cloth him as VP and Warren still fighting like she dose from the MA. sit would be ok . but I do think for the 2nd term for Hillary Warren would be a better time for her to be VP one reason is she could carry on the Hillary house and things she would do (and the 1st 4 years Warren would be working with Hilary on things anyways ) 2nd is by the time the first term is over Bernie would be getting too old . as it is now he is a grumpy old man . dragging his feet now . like a big baby . with him doing that just gives his follower the thinking thy might go for DONNY DUMP because thy see Bernie dragging his feet so much . when Hillary gave Obama her support she was a lot closer to Obama then Bernie is to Hillary . I see Bernie like I said a grumpy old man that is pissed because who knows maybe because a women kick his butt . that is
        (I hope ) going to be the same thing when Hillary beats DONNY DUMPS butt bad . see DONNY DUMP had his losing plan from the start he will say heck (with his EGO) I only been doing this running stuff for a year plus and look how good I did . then he will say I never wanted to be Pres. anyway . who in their right mind ( still I know there’s nothing right about his mind anyways ) would want to win when I knocked race’s, faiths, and VETS I called every one names (like the deranged retard child minded clown he is ) he’d say heck I even knocked the POPE . and say I never wanted the house I did all this to get the attention my sick mind needs and also to clam ever hour I put into running to file on my taxes at $50,000 to $100,000 per hour and maybe more

        1. Independent1 July 4, 2016

          I’m sorry, but I would not put Bernie and Elizabeth in the same boat. I wouldn’t give you two cents for Bernie – he’s far too much of a narcissist and as you point out, just a grumpy/temperamental old man who is not qualified to sit in the Oval Office.

          On the other had, I’m convinced we cannot afford to lose Elizabeth from the Senate – but since Bernie more often than not does not vote with the Dems, I really don’t care what happens to him. I’ve lost total respect for him with his hemming and hawing about supporting Hillary. Bernie is a total loser. Sorry!!

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 5, 2016

            im looking at this only in the frame of a politician’s point of view . (just to get Bernie’s voter that’s it ) as I stated like you I don’t like the grumpy old man .then again Bernie isn’t a DEMS he is an independent as far as Elizabeth go’s I like her for her hard stance on big banks and feel the country would benefit like after Hillary’s 8 years and maybe her in for 8 years . who knows . for the life of me its the American people that confuse me the most (I like Obama ) and being a black man I didn’t think the people would put him in the house the first term in the first place . and the 2nd term I was 52 and first time I ever voted I liked him the first time but didn’t thing the people would grow up enough and stop the hate but thy did . so I voted the first time in my life the 2nd time . but back to the people to put him in the 2nd time and not give him the help he would need to do things right maybe better thy didn’t give him the sits in office to help .

          2. Independent1 July 5, 2016

            I’m not totally convinced the putting Elisabeth on the ticket would get Bernie’s people to vote for Hillary; so like I said earlier, I’d rather Hillary pick a VP candidate that’s maybe from a swing state that the Dems need to win. And I’m not convinced that America’s ready for an all-woman presidential campaign.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            as I also feel that way . I just wish Bernie would stop whinning and dragging his grumpy old feet . if he means what he says about not wanting DONNY DUMP in the house . then he should throw all his support to Hillary . its just his followers votes I want Hillary to get as for an all women in the house I look at it this way its time for something like that . and heck a women can do no worse then all the men that was in the house . and say Hillary dosent do that well . in 4 years then the country can get her out if that’s the case . see I believe Bernie was waiting for the FBI to make its statement .

          4. Independent1 July 6, 2016

            To be honest, I think Bernie is such a woman hater, that I doubt he’ll be able to ever truly bring himself to giving enthusiastic support to Hillary.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            he has this thing kind of like DONNY DUMP he thinks its his way that the best and that’s it .even him running for Pres. he just wants every thing too fast he want the country his way before he dies but that wont happen its going to take time for the country to be fixed after the DIRTY BUSH &CHEEZY CHAINEY pretty much dug the country in to a grave . Obama I believe did a good job getting the country out of the grave . cant understand the people of the country ? yes it was good thy gave him a 2nd term . but for the life of me I cant under stand why thy didn’t vote in some help . by putting DEMS in office to get more things done for the people .

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 7, 2016

            yes maybe your right . now it comes time to see if he ment he dosent want DONNY DUMP in the white house . he seem to hate women also maybe the pair are really closet happy and gay ? who knows . ((Donald Trump Accused Of Rape In Federal Court Lawsuit )) now I don’t care what Hillary says these are things that she should be using more of ever bit of the crap he has done . that’s what he dose . but him doing it he still dosent know anything about more the half the B/S he rants he as I see it is a sick SOB some kind of mental disorder for sure . its truly funny about his brain dead followers all the news and thing about him its more dangerous for him to be anywhere near the government country and world issues

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            hey I got a rather long post (ya I know a lot of my post are long lol ) but if you didn’t see it yet I can send it here ? or ill tell you where I posted it at times when I do post I do a draft kind of and have it saved its on my yahoo I have my yahoo id on my friends list and I use it like a big note book

          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            I made the post or 2 here on this post (Even without charges, FBI rebuke leaves a heavy political cloud over Clinton ) you might find it interesting

          9. Independent1 July 6, 2016

            Somehow, I think that cloud over Hillary is going to dissipate somewhat over time, and with Trump self-destructing. I think Trump is going to go down in flames as we get nearer the election and he gets even more radical.

          10. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            true as long as DONNY DUMP keeps talking like the deranged retard problem child he himself will do the most work of making that cloud disappear . I was reading the press is getting fed up with the clown . and the lie’s he keeps saying again and again . I truly think if the TV stations wanted to get a lot of viewers for like one show heck even once a week show . let it be a half hour or even better 1 hour show each week . the show like 60 Mins. or meet the press . what ever the name of the show I know it would be a hit with record viewers the show will be interview and of statements DONNY DUMP has said on record and show him saying one thing and then show him saying the opposite . weather it be about not wanting Japan to having a nuke . and he did say it now he says no way I said it . and the Iraq war he said he was against it from the start but Hillary wanted it (only because of the DIRTY BUSH & CHEEZY CHAINEY B/S intelligences of WMD ) I MYSELF SAW AND HEARD AN INTERVIEW WITH HIM TALKING ABOUT THE WAR AND THE START OF IT and it was asked to him would you went or did you want to go into that war . he said ya he just wished there was a different outcome . there’s plenty of hours of him and his B/S and lies all through his life . id tune if for that or those shows . id bet right away when DONNY DUMP see the attention that show would get right away his lawyers would be sue and want copy rights so he could run the show him self a good name would be THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW

          11. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 5, 2016

            and crazy Bernie dragging his feet like he is now only help who he say’s he don’t want in the house DONNY DUMP not doing the right thing and fully supporting Hillary now is only helping his followers to hate Hillary more and with that maybe so pissed thy very well could vote for DONNY DUMP

          12. Independent1 July 5, 2016

            That’s one reason I don’t think very well of Bernie. And it’s not the first time he’s let his narcissistic tendency make things difficult for the Dems.

          13. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 6, 2016

            well he isn’t a Dems anyways he is an independent

          14. Independent1 July 6, 2016

            Actually, I wouldn’t even call him an independent – he’s a socialist who is determined to do his own thing. Notice that even our independent from Maine, Angus King, hasn’t endorsed him.

          15. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 5, 2016

            the things Bernie and Elizabeth ion the same boat about is big banks thy both hate them as for Bernie being a loser don’t be sorry I feel the same its not Bernie I want Hillary to have only the votes from his followers

    2. King of America July 4, 2016

      So you’re intellectually lazy and can’t even be bothered to pretend otherwise. Got it.

      1. Dissolute July 4, 2016

        Hogwash boy.

        1. King of America July 4, 2016

          Sorry you couldn’t be bothered explaining why you bought into right-wing propaganda.

      2. Dissolute July 4, 2016

        Just no interest in engaging in an internet knife fight with the defenseless products of public education and socially engineered ne’er do wells.

        1. King of America July 4, 2016

          See previous post.

        2. King of America July 4, 2016

          I got to add that it’s hilarious that you – who cannot articulate anything resembling a position – think you’re in a position to dismiss public education.

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