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5 GOP House Seats That Democrats Can Steal In 2014

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5 GOP House Seats That Democrats Can Steal In 2014


AFP Photo/Jewel Samad

Although most analysts predict that the Republican Party will keep its House majority in the 2014 elections, Democrats still have a real chance of making gains.

As MSNBC’s First Read points out, Republican representatives are leaving office in five districts where President Obama won at least 48 percent — suggesting that Democrats have a realistic shot at stealing the now-open seats. Considering that several of those lawmakers belong to the GOP’s more moderate caucus, the seats in question are especially vulnerable.

Read on to learn more about the districts that could host five of the most competitive midterm elections in the country:


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  1. charleo1 January 14, 2014

    Of these 5 moderate Republicans who have decided not to seek reelection,
    we can be certain the T-Party played at least a partial role in their decision.
    Yes, somewhere along the way, over the past 3 years, we can bet they’ve
    run afoul of the T-Party, and proven themselves not pure enough. And now,
    they’ve been notified they’ll be facing the most expensive campaign of their political careers. That they will be outspent, taken out in the primary, and never see the general election, much less be reelected. And, taking a look
    at their last term, where the T-Party caucus managed to jam the Speaker,
    jam the process, jam the House, and jam the entire Country. And worse,
    no one is predicting any better days ahead. As the GOP holds the House,
    and the T-Party continues to run everything into the ground. The yearnings
    for hearth, and home, can be irresistible. Note, I’m not conceding the Mid
    term here, but only going by what the experts predict. The T-Party is now
    running on gerrymandered districts, and dark money. Two realities set up
    by the GOP, and a Conservative Supreme Court. Accounting how Dems.
    could garner more than a million more votes than the GOP, as they did in
    2012. And yet, the T-Bags retained the House.


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