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After nearly a week of shooting Trump in both feet, Rudy Giuliani used an appearance on Sunday’s “This Week” to get started on Trump’s kneecaps.

Giuliani continued his disastrous representation by repeatedly confirming that Trump makes hush money payments all the time.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked why Trump and Cohen wouldn’t have made the payment earlier if it had nothing to to with the 2016 campaign.

While trying to answer that question, Giuliani mentioned that Cohen had “a long history of doing that, that she and Avenatti and the other lawyers don’t have anything to do with.”

Later in the interview, Stephanopoulos asked, “You acknowledge that Michael Cohen would tell the president this is what it’s for?”

“On October 15, 16? Right before the election?” Giuliani said. “A $130,000 payment when there were other — I did make clear — and I don’t know what they are yet. I will know. There were other things involved that had nothing to do with Stormy Daniels. In other words, other amounts of money. This was not uncommon for him to do that.”

“If I were him and I were the president’s lawyer and I had done this in the past and it had worked out in the past,” Giuliani said, “I would not go to him and bother him two weeks before the election with this thing.”

Earlier in the week, Giuliani had publicly surmised that there were “probably” other payments similar to that made to Daniels.

Now he seems to be professing certain knowledge of a “long history” of such payments.

These revelations certainly seem to fit within the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

While this performance comes on the heels of Trump’s attempt to reset the Giuliani disaster, it only serves to further deepen the trouble Trump is in. Habitual hush money payments may or may not be of interest to Trump’s base — but the rest of America gets to vote in November, too.

Donald Trump Jr.

Screenshot from Twitter

You've probably heard about Donald Trump's claim that his Democratic rival got "a big fat se onhot in the ass" before delivering a nearly perfect performance on a recently televised town hall. Or his more recent demand that Joe Biden get a "drug test" before their debate on Tuesday night. Having spent months lowering expectations for Biden, the Trumps are now busily defaming him as a junkie.

But that particular slur backfired spectacularly over the weekend when the Trump campaign posted a bizarre video of Don Jr. -- seemingly in a condition that called for rehab services. As his father might put it, "many people are saying" that the presidential spud looked and sounded like someone abusing a controlled substance. (His slurred message was disturbed too, something about an "army of able-bodied men and women" to intimidate voters).

It's both funny and sad to watch Don Jr. decompensate on Twitter. (More funny, though.)

Click and judge his condition for yourself.