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GOP’s Condemnation Of Trump Pure Hypocrisy

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GOP’s Condemnation Of Trump Pure Hypocrisy


Here’s the thing about principle.

Unless applied equally it is not really principle at all. He who climbs on his moral high horse when a wrong is done to him or his, but leaves the horse stabled when an identical wrong is done to someone else, acts from self-interest and that is the opposite of principle.

All of which renders rather hollow the GOP’s recent chastisement of its problem child, Donald Trump, over an insult to Sen. John McCain. As you’ve no doubt heard, Trump, speaking at a conference of Christian conservatives, took issue with a suggestion that McCain, a Vietnam-era Navy flier shot down by the North Vietnamese, is a war hero.

“He’s not a war hero,” Trump shot back. Then, perhaps hearing what he had just blurted, Trump turned smarmy and facetious. “He’s a war hero because he was captured,” he said, in the same tone you might use to say someone is a poet because he scribbled a limerick on a bathroom wall. “I like people that weren’t captured, OK? I hate to tell you. He’s a war hero because he was captured, OK? And I believe — perhaps he’s a war hero.”

McCain, should it need saying, is a war hero, period, full stop. If that term doesn’t fit a man who survived five brutal years in enemy hands — and refused an offer of release as the son of an American admiral because it did not include his fellow captives — then it doesn’t fit anyone.

So Trump deserves every bit of scorn his party has heaped upon him. He deserved to have Jeb Bush call his remark “slanderous” and Rick Perry to call it “offensive.” He deserved Rick Santorum’s tweet that “McCain is an American hero,” and the Republican National Committee’s statement that “there is no place in our party or our country” for such remarks. In a word, he deserved condemnation.

But the people who slandered John Kerry deserved it, too. The Secretary of State is also a war hero, period, full stop. If that term doesn’t fit a wounded man who braved enemy fire to fish another man out of a river, then it doesn’t fit anyone. Yet in 2004 when then-Sen. Kerry ran for president and a shadowy Republican-allied group mocked that heroism and baselessly called Kerry a liar, the GOP had a different response.

Jeb Bush wrote a letter praising those who questioned Kerry’s heroism. Perry declined to condemn them. “I think that there’s a lot of questions,” he said. Santorum said Kerry “brought this upon himself” by emphasizing his military service. And Republicans went to their convention sporting small purple bandages in mockery of Kerry’s Purple Heart.

That behavior was what Trump’s comment is: shameful. It is to their discredit that so many Republicans failed to condemn it as such. Interestingly enough, at least one did. His name was John McCain.

Perhaps he understood that principle is not politics. And that what is right does not change from red state to blue.

This much is surely right: It is a sin to mock the honorable service of those who have gone into harm’s way on their country’s behalf, particularly if, like Trump, you’ve never served a day in your life. We’ve seen a lot of this in recent years: It happened to former Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, who left three limbs in Vietnam, happened to the late Democratic Rep. John Murtha who spent 37 years in the Marines, happened to Kerry and has happened more than once to McCain.

Principle — a decent respect for the sacrifices of military men and women for this country — demands that patriotic Americans condemn this, no matter who it happens to. But if, somehow, your condemnation depends on whether the insulted person is of your political party, please understand that there is a word for what motivates you, and “principle” is not it.

“Hypocrisy” is.

(Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL, 33132. Readers may contact him via email at lpitts@miamiherald.com.)

Photo: U.S. Department of State via Flickr

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. arelis Jones July 27, 2015

    I started reading Leonal Pitts after 9/11, ine of his biggest fan. His peroectives are just fair and balance. Great article

  2. greenlantern1 July 27, 2015

    Pappy Boyington EARNED his Congressional Medal of Honor, by downing 26 aircraft, BEFORE he was captured!
    Is Donald Trump proud of his legacy?

  3. Karen Bille-Golden July 27, 2015

    Such a simple lesson in ethics that every adult should know and be teaching their children.

  4. Polana July 27, 2015

    Jebbie is no war or veteran, nor his stupid baby brother GW the great insane.
    You don’t have to be a military , war hero for president. You have to be a human with smarts, compassion, understanding, objective and progressive,As the earth spins so the times change and you have to change w/it. GOP the Grumpy Old People are stuck in 17 Century. In life you go forward not backward. Our politics no different than ISIS we call ours Christianity they call it Islam. Faith /justice should makes no distinction, about your believes, race, gender, age etc. We all here on borrowed time and it’s time WE ALL get along. Life is short we should make it the best of it for all. We all in the same boat, otherwise we are on Titanic.

    1. R Michael Maddox July 27, 2015

      Yep. That is EXACTLY what THEY want. Us to be so wrapped up in fighting each other, that we will not have time or sense to see EXACTLY how they are DESTROYING our GREAT NATION ! If WE THE PEOPLE would just Stop Look and Listen we would all see that we DO have MUCH in common. But they do not want us to stop fighting to see that., or to see how they, the Cock Bros. and the like, are quickly taking all our Money, Freedoms, and Livelyhood

    2. Bill Quigley July 27, 2015

      Amen Brother, AMEN!

  5. The lucky one July 27, 2015

    Nice piece. Politician and hypocrite are nearly synonymous terms. The only difference with Rump is that his is writ large.

  6. latebloomingrandma July 27, 2015

    If it were not for the Swift-Boating of John Kerry, he probably would have been our President in 2004. Seems Bush got lucky x2, and the country got unlucky twice.

  7. susan.thomas32 July 27, 2015


    1. Daniel Jones July 27, 2015

      Flagged as spam.

  8. prenestino July 27, 2015

    What Trump said was a subjective opinion, however absurd. The Swift Boating of Kerry was an incredibly fabricated lie supported by books, talk show appearances, etc for the sole purpose of causing Kerry to lose the election. They didn’t even deny this after the election was over as it had served its purpose. That all persons, regardless of political bent, were not enraged by this is impossible to fathom. Kerry belonged to an elite social class who could have easily gotten out of the draft back in his day. He not only enlisted, but volunteered for Swift boat duty, which was almost a suicidal act. I thank The Donald for causing this to be brought to the public’s attention again.

    1. nana4gj July 27, 2015

      Kerry was even photo-shopped into a photo with Jane Fonda, implying he was with when she went to Viet Nam to protest the war.

  9. rednekokie July 27, 2015

    Although I would like to, I cannot comment on the Republican way of misleading people. It sickens me to my stomach.
    As much as I detest Trump, I’m inclined to re-register as a republican just so I can vote for him in the primary. (of course, then turn around and vote for whomever the Democrats choose in the general election).

    1. Dominick Vila July 27, 2015

      Be careful. Ronald Reagan, a man who seemed one of the most improbable candidates to the presidency won by a comfortable margin, and is regarded by many as one of our best Presidents. A large percentage of the electorate vote based on perceptions and emotion, not reality and pragmatism.

      1. rednekokie July 28, 2015

        This is true, and unfortunate, for he was one of the lesser, if not the worst of the modern day presidents. He had less compassion for Americans than any other recent one save possibly George Bush (either of them).
        Reagan is the one who turned me from the Republican party to the Democratic party — so I probably should thank him for opening my eyes.

        But I’ll never have thanks or feelings for him other than loathing for the way he treated people with HIV.

        1. Independent1 July 29, 2015

          I vote for Reagan as the worst given the long-term damage he’s done to America with the brainwashing he did to Americans with his many misguided lies and fantasies: government is the problem, trickle-down economics, destruction of unions, tripling our debt in 8 years and on and on.

          And here’s a graph which shows he was even mediocre at guiding our economy despite the GOP lies to the contrary.

  10. nana4gj July 27, 2015

    Kerry is a hero, IMO. He represented all of those who did their duty, even though they may have found, during the course of that duty, that they opposed the mission. They did what was required of them, and came home to exercise their right to say what they thought. John Kerry has continued to serve his country in a most exemplar manner ever since, and has never engaged in personal attacks and slander against another colleague in Congress, or in his campaign for the Presidency.

    John Kerry is an honorable man. I cannot say the same for any of those Republicans seeking the Presidency this week, almost a dozen and a half of them. It would be unfathomable to think, in “normal” times, that one political party has 18 candidates who are qualified to fill that challenging office. It is obvious, evident, factual, that they do not have even 1 of them today, no matter how hard they try to convince us. They have purged their Party of all statesmen, men and women of character and integrity, and replaced them with individuals who cannot be distinguished from those in need of professional mental health; who engage in juvenile behavior; who lack every social grace and are incivil; and who feel they must divide in order to conquer. History is replete with what happens when that kind seize power and authority. There is no decency among them. There is a reason Sen Olympia Snow, and others, retired.

    Years of GOP “political strategy” have poisoned this country, stirred up anger, hatred, divisiveness, and given license to ordinary people who would be civil and embracing their freedom to use for good and their minds to make sound choices on behalf of their welfare, to reject, refuse, repulse, and revolt, being encouraged to exercise their Second Amendment Rights, if need be, over fabricated, distorted, issues, such as affordable access to healthcare and nuclear arms limitation, minimum wage, jobs, and national security.

    There should have been the same condemnation, on Principle, for the attacks on those mentioned in this article; on the first black President of this country; on single mothers and the unemployed; on the 47 Senators who wrote that letter to Iran; on the stooge who yelled “You lie!” in the first SOU address; on voter suppression schemes; on any number of outrageous and disgusting behaviors that have been encouraged and enabled by the GOP, if they had any principles at all. Their Congressional leaders are weak and wimpy when it comes to acting on Principles of honor and decency, but, when it comes to legislation, they are oppressive, bullies, extortionists, misogynists, and do nothing but harm.

    It never occurred to them that, by participating in government, as they vowed to do in their Oath of office, by being a part of a successful administration, they could make a different kind of name for themselves; that they would have a record of achievement, something of which to be proud, as in the past, that would make them viable alternatives and give our democracy choices.

    They chose, instead, to go ballistic and have become just plain ugly and incompetent. Everytime some borderline personality in our country also goes ballistic, they are silent. They, apparently, assume no responsibility for the “tone” in our society. Trump disturbs them only because he is an electoral threat to them, but, they “built him”; he is one of those “corporations are people, too!” who decided to take his corporate money and finance his own ugliness, louder and more obvious than they do because he does not have to placate donors or “the Party”.

    Years of their attacks on others have come back to attack themselves, the only accountability they will ever experience. The “outrage” is ludicrous. But, it defines them completely.

    1. prenestino July 27, 2015

      Well stated. What is indicated by the fact that so many citizens support them? I have spoken to Brits here who are aghast that it is even legal for news organizations and politicians to say the things they do. Have you ever even tried to talk rationally to a FOX ditto head?

      1. Karen Bille-Golden July 27, 2015

        I think it indicates pretty clearly we’re dumbing down. as a nation. We’ve got to stop asking ” how stupid can you get? Some people are taking it as a challenge.” A lot of what I hear on talk radio, when I can manage to listen for 10 minutes, sounds treasonist to me at times. All in the name of free speech.

        1. Dominick Vila July 27, 2015

          …and usually libelous.

      2. latebloomingrandma July 27, 2015

        It’s virtually impossible to talk to to a Fox dittohead. It’s like their brain has been altered.

      3. idamag July 27, 2015

        Yup. Point taken.

      4. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

        In answer to your question. Yes, yes I have…and BOY is it difficult. I’m still trying, but the stupid is strong in those ones…..

    2. CrankyToo July 27, 2015

      Give ’em hell, Nana.

    3. Dominick Vila July 27, 2015

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The pathetic field of GOP candidates running for office, and the fact that Donald Trump, an anti-establishment candidate whose increasing popularity among likely Republican voters depends on his message of divisive hate, insults, and threats, characterize what the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt has become. Traditional socio-economic conservatives are now an endangered species, over shadowed by a gang of ideological zealots and white supremacists whose behavior and goals should embarrass every American capable of rational thinking. As a Democrat, I love the infighting that is taking place within the GOP, as an American I deplore the damage that people like Trump and Cruz are doing to our social fabric and our democracy. No wonder so many responsible Republicans have resigned in disgust.

      1. pmbalele July 27, 2015

        Who is calling Great Humbug of Donald Trump? How many times have we seen people born here stand in front of buses carrying immigrants from Mexico and other Latino countries? Why were these people doing
        so? It was hate of immigrants. But you will be surprised the same people are hiring and some marrying these so called illegals. I know two former border patrol officers have married women they arrested at the border. These Latinas adores their husband and call them masters. In fact many rich people are hiring illegals for housing cleaning, assembly work, hotel attendants, McDonald’s, Burger King etc. Many people born here won’t take those jobs. Don Trump is echoing what GOPers believe in. But the same GOP are the one encouraging illegals to come here. GOPers as whole are hypocrites.

        1. Dominick Vila July 27, 2015

          Most undocumented immigrants work in the agricultural, construction, and hospitality sectors. They are honest and hard working people who broke our immigration laws for the simple reason that those laws do not address the need for semi-skilled workers in the USA. Those who apply for a visa better have a comfortable hammock available because they will never get one.
          As you pointed out, most do work that most American born citizens are not interested in, and by doing so they contribute to the prosperity of their employers, help sectors of our economy remain in the USA instead of us having to import the produce they plant and harvest, and they are an important factor for the low inflation we have been enjoying.
          Opposition to undocumented immigrants has nothing to do with legal matters, it is influenced strictly by ethnic and cultural hatred, and it is being used to scare those who want to preserve the status quo, and to score political points.

          1. idamag July 27, 2015

            The problem with the immigration laws is the long wait and the requirement for the guarantee of a job for legal immigrants. Meanwhile those who want someone they can exploit continue to foster illegal immigration.

          2. Dominick Vila July 28, 2015

            Illegal immigration is a very profitable for entrepreneurs whose practices place them in the human trafficker category. The real reason our immigration laws have not been reformed, and feeble attempts to correct abuses, such as President Obama’s temporary work permits, is because anything that legitimizes the status and extends labor law protections to undocumented immigrants impacts the bottom line of those who benefit from the status quo. What a lot of Republicans don’t understand is that the tactic of focusing on higher and longer fences, and more border patrolmen along our Southern border, is just a tactic to guarantee a continuance of the influx of undocumented immigrants, upon who we rely for cheap labor, and a workforce willing to do work that most Americans are not interested in. The whole thing is about money, and since its continuance depends on the support of those consumed by ethnic and cultural hatred, nothing is going to change for many years to come. That is, unless millions of immigrants from Mexico and Central America decide to leave willingly and critical sectors of our economy are adversely impacted.

          3. Independent1 July 29, 2015

            Dominick, I think the big motivation the GOP has today to paint immigrants as evil is the fear they have that as the Hispanic population grows it’s going to be harder for them to win elections.

          4. paulyz August 1, 2015

            I believe the term is “ILLEGAL Immigrants”, not Immigrants that most Americans oppose. In actuality, most LEGAL Hispanics are more Conservate with good values, & most oppose ILLEGAL entry while supporting E-verify & a secure border, like most Americans. It is obviously the Democrat Party that keeps pushing Amnesty to increase their voting block, while there are those that want cheap labor as well.

        2. idamag July 27, 2015

          One of the most horrid scenes I saw on television were those loud, bullies screaming at those little children who were running from drug cartels. Ugly is as ugly does and we have lots of ugly people in this country.

          1. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

            I’m reminded of that guy in I think NC (this is a bit off topic, but…) who was videotaping the ‘confederate convoy of stupid when one of the trucks rear ended (ha!) another as the video tape guy exclaimed as he was laughing (he saw it coming) ”’They about to wreck”’ and then after the crash exclaimed again (that they sometimes DIDN’T air when they played the clip) that) “””God don’t like ugly”’ It was hysterical!!

            People who rail against “illegals” and protest immigration forget just exactly WHO built this country! Shameful hypocrites for sure!

      2. oldtack July 28, 2015

        Well stated Dominick.

      3. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

        Yeah… to expand on the scheuden Fraude (shameless glee at anothers’ stupidity – in this case – misfortune in others…..) I love that their frankenstein has come back to eat its young. I only wish this were July of ’16 so it could be fresh in the minds of the United States of Amnesia when they cast their votes. I guess it will be up to US to remind them when the time comes………….

    4. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

      Omigawd! YOU win the Interwebs today! Can I have your autograph? I completely agree with every single word you wrote and only wish I had put it so succinctly myself! Thank YOU!

    5. charleo1 July 28, 2015

      Totally inspiring! Thank you!

    6. idamag July 28, 2015

      Very well put. I was always so proud that my great-great-grandfather was one of the first Republicans. My family were Republicans until it became the party of big money. I am still proud of my ancestors. Those who have usurped the Republican Party are polar opposites of what is was. They should never have called themselves Republican. Tea Party should not be attached to the Republican Party. It is now the party of hate, lies, anti-American, and win at all costs, even if you have to diss a hero like John Kerry.

  11. AlfredSonny July 27, 2015

    Anyone who questions the heroism of anyone who went to the war does not deserve to run for Congress, Supreme Court or White House.

    1. Bob Eddy July 27, 2015

      I will have to completely disagree with that. There are many who went to war and acted anything but heroic. Anyone who went to war and committed war crines , engaged in torture, ot was engaged in atrocities. Those kinds, no matter how “heroic” they may have been, do not deserve protection from criticism and eve prosecution. This does not excuse Trump in this case, but “heroism” should not offer blanket protection.

      1. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

        We are not TALKING about ‘many’. We are talking about John McCain. I agree if people are in a chaotic scenario in a war zone that things can go…shall we say… not well, but to color everyone with the egregious acts of heinous activity while we are discussing one, is prejudicial and not helpful. Please make a note of it.

        1. Bob Eddy July 28, 2015

          Pay attention for God’s sake. While you may be talking about John McCain, my response was to someone who was talking about “anyone who goes to war.” I DID NOT “color everyone with acts of henious activity.” Please make a note that when you mouth off about something you apparently know nothing about, YOU are not helpful.

    2. oldtack July 27, 2015

      The word “hero” is way over used. There are very few true heroes. The majority of us that served this Country were simply doing the job that we had taken an oath to do. I say most and not all because there were many that should have never made it past the Recruiter. John McCain was no “Hero”. John McCain matured into a damned good dedicated pilot. He was impetuous and prone to push the edge of the envelope. On this flight he broke flight formation, dove into an unprotected sector to bomb a prime target in the middle of Hanoi. He was hit by a missile. His right wing was blown off. He went into an inverted downward spin and at about 400 feet managed to eject. The ejection broke many bones. He landed in East Lake and was damned lucky that he managed to inflate his flotation device with his teeth before he drowned. He was a good pilot and he suffered five plus years in prison. Mass Media has called him a hero but you will never hear John McCain refer to himself as a hero. He was just a damned good Pilot doing his job and carrying out his Mission.

      1. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015


      2. ps0rjl July 28, 2015

        There is an old saying about guys when they are in the service. “Heroes are few and far between, but guys who want to get home run in the millions.” I know as was one of them. USMC & Vietnam vet 1969-1971

        1. oldtack July 28, 2015

          I hear you loud and clear. I remember the best day of my tour was the day I cleared Post and was on a plane headed for Japan and then the good old USA. I think we far outnumbered the “Heroes”.

  12. phylin July 27, 2015

    The Last Trump 7 May 2011 – Written when Trump insisted Obama produce his
    birth certificate

    What can we make of Donald Trump
    whose family name was originally Drumpf?
    Was the name change done according to Goren?
    If not, can we assume that Donald is foreign?

    If he’s serious about wanting to be America’s President
    he will first have to show he’s a natural born resident.
    If he really hopes to run the nation
    he must prove he is not German or Croatian.

    Are the alarming signs of his brain being stewed
    due to all the venom he has spewed?
    Couldn’t any one of his many hacks
    have advised him not to say he loves “t he Blacks”?

    Yet he claims no-one who is not lily white
    to enter Harvard has the right.
    A student should only be admitted with the palest face
    but he denies it has anything to do with race.

    When he brags he did “good” at his best school
    it only makes him seem more of a fool.
    If that was what they taught the school was not the best,
    even if to go there he had to be well dressed.

    He should have said that he did “well”
    but then telling lies will only lead to hell.
    When they graduated him as Class Clown
    it’s a pity they didn’t tell him to get rid of the frown.

    He hates the Chinese with all his might
    and wishes they all would fade from sight.
    Is it because the descendants of Ming
    only know him as the bankruptcy king?

    Is it a Donald aberration
    to think as resident he could invade that nation?
    Meanwhile, shouldn’t he be made to show proof of his birth
    to those who believe he sprang from Middle Earth?

    It’s obvious Donald is well past his sell-by date
    and he’d be wise to get off the screen before it’s too late.
    Maybe someone on his show when he yells “You’re fired”
    will have to guts to shout “And you, Donald, are expired”.

    23 June 2015

    Donald is Back

    Donald Trump has once again taken the floor
    and confirmed he is the U.S.A.’s biggest bore.
    Of blowing his own trumpet he is never done
    and once more threatens as a presidential candidate to run.

    His latest oddball aberration
    is to claim he is the only one who can save the nation.
    He says he alone knows how the country should be managed
    but refuses to say when and how his brain was damaged.

    When he says Mexican rapists are invading the U.S.A.
    he again proves that he is long past his day.
    His advisers should tell him it is a big mistake
    to let people know he is an expert on rape.

    He has changed his mind about the Chinese
    and they are the ones he’s now trying to please.
    If anyone cares to know the reason why
    it’s because he hopes to get them a Trump golf course to buy.

    He boasts he has never swallowed a drop of demon rum
    and that probably explains why he always looks so glum.
    To get others to imbibe he produced a vodka called Trump
    that when dabbed on their bites makes mosquitoes jump.

    What the buffoon needs is a shot of very good booze
    and there are many tequila brands from which he could chose.
    That would be excellent therapy for his unbridled ego
    and in Mexico he might even find an amigo.

    To discover what he is babbling about is no easy task
    and whoever finds out in satisfaction can bask.
    Could those who about Donald pretend to care
    persuade him to fire whoever cuts his hair.


    Those who know him say Donald Duck is never amused
    when with the chump called Trump he is sometimes confused.

  13. idamag July 27, 2015

    Yes, John McCain is a war hero for refusing to take special treatment. Yes John Kerry is a war hero. Trump is not as disgusting as the swift boat writers because everyone laughs at trump.

  14. angelsinca July 28, 2015

    When McCain was challenging Obama for the presidency there was ample rhetoric by some on the left here to discredit his service, including stories of his role in the deaths aboard the USS Forrestal. Now, he is elevated to uber-hero status, as long as he can be used by the left to denounce the present GOP hopeful. Just an observation.

    1. Robert Hodge July 28, 2015

      You’ll have to forgive me but I’ve only been paying attention for the last 25 or so years, can you point to some “ample rhetoric’ from the left that matches recent events? I’m asking sincerely. If not, then you are no better than those that criticize the ones who serve us by being an apologist for the aggressor.

      1. angelsinca July 29, 2015

        Thanks for the sincere reply RH. The false assertions about McCain and the Forrestal fire were making the rounds on most liberal blogs leading up to the 2008 election, of course. Conservatives are rarely praised by the left except to amalgamate continued aggression toward other conservatives, such as promoting McCain’s ‘heroic’ service in order to castigate Trump. I fail to see how revealing this practice is a lie, except to expose the liberal charade of portraying all conservatives as unworthy. Love thy neighbor, too.

        1. Robert Hodge July 29, 2015

          You’re welcome. Conservatives are ‘rarely praised’ because there is rarely anything to praise them on. Benghazi? Gay Marriage? Women’s reproductive choice? War mongering? Ecological devastation for fun and profit? Not much to praise…and I have great neighbors. Again, you’re welcome.

          1. angelsinca July 29, 2015

            It is nice to see you extend the same spirit of friendliness to your conservative neighbors as well. Robert. Surely they appreciate you forcing your values on them as much as you appreciate them imposing theirs on you. At what point did everyone become such assholes to each other? It seems to have begun about halfway through GW’s 2nd term and reinforced heavily from ’08 forward.

          2. Robert Hodge July 29, 2015

            Lessee…at what point… Perhaps it was bushco’s disaster in/on Iraq? Maybe it was selling weapons to Iran for money to give to the Contras by Reagan? Was it the relentless assault on Obama via “one term President” McConnell? Was it the relentless assault on Obama ‘just because’….? You pick. PS I don’t HAVE conservative neighbors…they’re all intelligent.

          3. angelsinca July 31, 2015

            We expected the assholery from the left would wane after their candidate became president. We were wrong.

          4. Robert Hodge July 31, 2015

            Why should our “assholery’ wane any more or less than “you’re” assholery from the rong? Lest we forget the ‘right’ is always wrong. History proves it.

          5. angelsinca July 31, 2015

            In an effort to step away from partisan generalities, it is your comment, ” I don’t HAVE conservative neighbors…they’re all intelligent.” that amply demonstrates your particular assholery.

          6. Robert Hodge July 31, 2015

            Well, I thought it was rather funny, and clever.

            Where/when was your ‘effort to step away from partisan generalities’? Was it “liberal charade”?, was it ‘forcing your values”?, was it your coining the word “assholery (twice!)?

            My particular ‘assholery” stems from the incessant obstruction/fear mongering pontificating (see? I can say big words too)/fact free dialogue etc. etc. that we constantly endure from the “Trump” “Faux Noise” side of the con, oops I mean coin. (apologies to Trump, as if he’d accept them). There is no defense you can claim or make that will bolster your side of the issues at hand, whether they be Equality, Women’s Reproductive Rights, FISCAL responsibility, Governmental reform, Religious “Freedom” Foreign Policy or any of the pressing issues of the day that are REALLY worth having an “adult” conversation about. I’ve looked at what your side is selling and I’m not buying. No respectable human should.

          7. angelsinca July 31, 2015

            Bad behavior explained by the bad behavior of others is still bad behavior. You took the ‘assshole’ comment too personally. If you look at it without the partisan filter, it was meant to remind that everyone have been assholes to each other for way too long. Looking forward big boys & girls to grow up, step out of the muck, and work toward common purpose, instead of the petty partisan bickering and finger pointing to tear each other down.

          8. Robert Hodge July 31, 2015

            WE’VE been looking “forward” to that since November 2008…still waiting.

          9. angelsinca July 31, 2015

            I’m not buying the BS from most politicians either, R or L. But i will buy a ticket for the gop debate next week. The field is too big on that end and too small on the other. Still waiting for a dark horse to run up the middle and wow the crowd. Someone that doesn’t want the job but will be the best one for it. Whatever her/his name is, if they can cause the constant bitching to stop, we’ll have finally left the planet.

          10. Robert Hodge July 31, 2015

            I’m voting for the “old white guy”…..Bernie Sanders.

          11. paulyz August 4, 2015

            At least Sanders OPPOSES more immigration & open border Illegals taking our jobs.

          12. Tom S July 29, 2015

            Where is their “friendliness”? They work for Israel and Wall St, not the US of A.

          13. angelsinca July 31, 2015

            “Benghazi?” The credit for the ambassador’s assassination must be properly awarded.

            “Gay Marriage?” Bake the cake, or else.

            “Women’s reproductive choice?” The market for baby parts is improving

            “War mongering?” Premature surrender and arming the wrong side? ooops

            “Ecological devastation for fun and profit?” Fracking’s a hit w/ the WH. Pipelines still pollute. AF1 fleet bigger than ever.

        2. Tom S July 29, 2015

          The assertions were not “false” according to his shipmates.

    2. prenestino July 28, 2015

      angel, I can’t imagine what you are referring to. I read everything and have never seen disparagement of McCain’s service by anyone. The flight deck footage oaf the “Forrest Fire” Shows McCain running across the flight deck after his plane had just blown up. He barely scaled immolation months before his capture by the North Vietnamese. I think your posting is something you made up and has no basis in fact.

      1. Tom S July 29, 2015

        prenestino, you haven’t done enough investigation. McCain’s blew up because he and another “top gun” had caused the accident. He was running to hijack the Forrestal’s launch to run ashore to call a press conference instead of help fight the fire he caused.

        1. prenestino July 29, 2015

          Curious as to where you found this. A pilot wouldn’t be involved in fighting a deck fire, they have firemen for that. I only saw the Navy video of the activity on the ship. Your assertion that he wanted to “run ashore to have a press conference” seems pretty far-fetched, as the ship was in the Gulf of Tonkin off the Vietnamese coast and he was only a young junior officer. The fire was caused by a missile from some plane going off in the midst of a crowd of jets fully fueled and armed. “He and another ‘top gun’ caused the accident? How so? I had a copy of the video and showed it over and over. Netflix no longer offers it. “running to hijack the Forrestal’s launch”? He is clearly running for his life to escape a horrific inferno. This statement of yours doesn’t even make sense. Please post the source of your incredulous information.

          1. Tom S July 29, 2015

            pren, not “curious”, I am an infoholic and so, pay attention. As I said above, you haven’t done “enough research”. as ‘angel’ observed, “Google is your friend.”
            You are close on your analysis of the cause. The cause of the explosion was the horsing around of McCain and the other “top gun”. If I was on the edge of a jet fuel fire, I’d look terrified, too.
            The fire required an ‘all hands” fight. At least for all of those still onboard.

            It’s all out there, if you look.

          2. prenestino July 29, 2015

            OK, I will.

    3. idamag July 28, 2015


      1. angelsinca July 29, 2015

        Your present yourself as usual, idamag. Even with caps on full throttle.

    4. Bob Eddy July 28, 2015

      BS! Most on the left questioned how someone who crashed a jet while flying to a football game kept His wings I can’t think of one Democratic leader who included this particular incident. Yes, the number of planes he destroyed was extraordinary most accounts from the left either excluded that or explained he did not appear to be at fault in the Forrester incident. As usual, the powers of observation on the right leave a lot to be desired.

      1. angelsinca July 29, 2015

        When your own recollections don’t include the actual observations of others, maybe claiming BS isn’t the best default reply? Google is your friend.

    5. Tom S July 29, 2015

      angel, several of the stories were coming from McCain’s former crewmates and cellmates. Truth is both he and his father should have faced courts martial, Jr several. While they may have been repeated by Democrats (there is no ‘left’ left in the Country), the stories came and were told to the Media by crewmates.
      According to crewmates, JetJacker John and a fellow “top gun” caused the accident on the Forrestal. According to crewmates, he was shotdown because he violated flight orders. According to cellmates, he spilled his guts to the Cong, not that many of us might not have. Before all this, he committed several jetjackings to get to parties.
      His father failed to warn timely the USS Liberty to get the hay out of the Southeastern Mediterranean, as the result, this unarmed, flagged Navy vessel was attacked by the Israelis with the loss of 34 Sailors, 147 wounded and the vessel itself had to be scrapped.
      There is so much Fact to lambast the GOP for, Democrats spent little time talking about McCain’s war record, and Spent virtually nothing on in in STARK Contrast to the GaMillion$ Spent by GOP moneybags on the totally false Swiftboating of Sen Kerry. But, then the Democratic Party has always been more truly Patriotic than the GOP.
      Iran is just another example.

      1. angelsinca July 31, 2015

        Thanks for presenting a clear picture surrounding the McCain criticisms. The claim about one party being more patriotic than the other is off topic. But it does illustrate how rhetoric from the left continues to divide a nation.

  15. ps0rjl July 28, 2015

    I find it ironic that the very same party that had no problem keeping silent while GOP operatives attacked Max Cleland and John Kerry is suddenly all worked up when one of their own does it to them. They’re eating their own!

  16. paulyz July 28, 2015

    It is the “Establishment Leadership” of the GOP that are the problem, not the Cobservatives, that the “leadership” attacks because it threatens the status quo of Congress.

  17. dpaano November 12, 2015

    Thank you from one who served and who believes that ALL that served are heroes in their own right!


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