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He’s The President, Not An Action-Movie Hero

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He’s The President, Not An Action-Movie Hero


Sometimes it appears that everybody in Washington yearns for an action-hero president to make them feel important. That’s never more apparent than during a crisis like the Syrian civil war President Obama stands accused of “dithering” about.

Of course, his chief journalistic accusers are columnists Maureen Dowd and Charles Krauthammer, of the New York Times and Washington Post respectively. Dowd turns everything into a movie scenario. She wrote a column about George W. Bush’s 2003 “Mission Accomplished” aircraft carrier stunt that’s almost too embarrassing to quote.

“Out bounded the cocky, rule-breaking, daredevil flyboy, a man navigating the Highway to the Danger Zone,” Dowd wrote. “He flashed that famous all-American grin as he swaggered around the deck of the aircraft carrier in his olive flight suit, ejection harness between his legs, helmet tucked under his arm, awestruck crew crowding around.”

Sure, there was mockery in Dowd’s Top Gun take on Bush’s “joystick politics,” but hero worship too. Here’s how her imaginary flyboy summed up America’s adventure in Iraq: “Aggression breeds patriotism, and patriotism curbs dissent. Aggression has made Democrats cower, the press purr and the world quake. Aggression—you mark my words—will not only save humanity, but it will soon color all the states Republican red.”

So how did that work out?

Ten years later, Krauthammer thinks things would have worked out better if the U.S. still had troops occupying Iraq—the better to menace Iran and Syria too, formerly Saddam Hussein’s job. Obama, he opines, “simply does not understand that if America withdraws from the scene, it creates a vacuum that invites hostile outside intervention. A superpower’s role in a regional conflict is deterrence.”

Also known as perpetual war in the Middle East.

Even Bill Clinton famously piled on, which is what set Dowd off. At a public forum in New York, he explained that Obama risked looking “like a total wuss” if he blamed opinion polls showing that 80 percent of Americans oppose U.S. intervention in Syria for his own indecisiveness. Clinton said that presidents sometimes have to act, “and hope to God you can sell it.”

It’s not clear that Clinton spelled out exactly what a take-charge guy like himself would be doing in Syria—which may be a good thing, given his wife’s key role in the Obama administration’s wait-and-see policy.

Indeed the former Secretary of State’s pronouncement at a 2012 conference in Istanbul that dictator Bashar al Assad needed to leave Syria contributed mightily to the White House’s predicament. Taking sides in a sectarian civil war while refusing to get involved wasn’t terribly clever. That Clinton reportedly urged Obama to arm anti-Assad Sunni rebels makes the diplomatic blunder no less egregious.

Now that the Syrian dictator, with Russian and Iranian assistance, seems on the verge of defeating his enemies, President Obama has agreed to provide small arms to rebel groups—something unlikely to prove decisive.

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.

Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Fern Woodfork June 26, 2013

    I Think He’s A Great President Seeing All The Hell They Are Putting Him Thru And It’s Not Cause He’s Black It’s Cause He’s President For All The America People!!!

    1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

      More like you love him because he is Black! Nobel peace prize for being Black and a woman named after a potted plant loves him because he is an African. Quite a track record.

      1. DAK27 June 26, 2013

        You have no idea why Fern loves Obama and her reasons are valid and her own. She says it has nothing to do with race… but you can’t believe anyone would like the job Obama is doing, so you resort to calling her a liar. Must take a real man to call people liars when you’re hiding behind a keyboard.

        1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

          You fall into the signature leftist trap of being so self unconscious about stereotypes that you refuse to acknowledge reality. SOMETIMES the race card reflects truth. 70% of inner city Blacks think OJ Simpson was innocent. Can you realistically tell me that is NOT “because they are black”? You are so conscious of race you have lost your ability to think critically. You are the perfect creature of the new American left.

          1. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            As you are the perfect poster child of the fascist Tea Party so now that we are finished calling each other names…

            Do you know Fern personally? Like know her in real life not just on the internet? If not, you have no idea if she is speaking the truth or not but you still call her a liar. THAT is my complaint, not the race thing. I DON’T CARE if people vote for Obama just because he is black. It’s wrong, just the same as it is wrong to vote AGAINST him just because he is black… or to vote for Romney just because he is white.

          2. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            What would a moron like you do without “the tea party”? That is your entire vocabulary. She is overlooking that Obama has perpetuated and enhanced the worst of Bush’s policies and the only reason is because he is black. If that is hard for your to swallow, I can tell you that huge cocks are easy for Fern to swallow.

          3. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            Okay. Well, now that you have resorted to being a child, I’ve nothing more to say to you as I, for one, do not argue with children. Good day to you sir and you can kindly kiss my ass. Your hatred of any who are not just like you (narrow-minded, bigoted, homophobic, scared of the world) has blinded you to any reasonable discussion.

          4. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            Running scared huh? Short on facts like everyone else on this air headed site?

          5. highpckts June 26, 2013

            Then don’t visit this site anymore! We don’t need your “biased opinion”!!

          6. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            Oh, I am sure you would much prefer to continue your circle jerk uninterrupted but every now and then one of you morons learns something and gets a tiny bit smarter so I am here to help. Those who are hopeless like you will just have to tolerate me looking at all sides of every meaningful issue. By the way, if there is ONE SINGLE TOPIC that you would like to use to point out my bias feel free but none of you do. You call names but never speak about issues.

          7. highpckts June 26, 2013

            We call names???? Please!

          8. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            You have yet to contest or even accurately state an issue. Anyone can say neener neener, you’re a racist, you’re the tea party and the other vapid bullshit that many on this site use to cover up the fact that they do not understand the details of the political issues they are debating. I dare you to raise an issue or even offer an opinion on this one. One of those posting below stated that most of the “rebels” are peaceful souls and not Al Qaeda or other Islamic radicals etc. Would you like to point out to me the Muslim country of the 50 or so that are in existence which is NOT a theocracy, a military dictatorship or both? You folks like in a dream world and I am sure you think I am a bigot for saying this but on your own time ponder my question. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that dozens of countries are all theocratic?

          9. plc97477 June 27, 2013

            I doubt very much that anyone ever got smarter from listening to you.

          10. labrown69 June 27, 2013

            You are not qualified to make that call. Ya can’t listen to FM with an AM radio.

          11. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            It is useful to me to observe how low information ideologues view the political landscape and I sure as hell learn that reading comments here.

          12. Fern Woodfork June 26, 2013

            Hey Water Turd You Have Been Flushed Fool!! You Just Post So You Can Beat Your Meat Poor Keyboard!! Damn Pervert!!

          13. highpckts June 26, 2013

            You are of low intelligence and foul mouthed but then I expect that from the far right!!

          14. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            I voted for Obama twice, I am pro choice and I support same sex marriage and yet there is still someone stupid enough to presume I am far right just because I see reality of your hero.

          15. Sand_Cat June 27, 2013

            OK. Suppose we accept your claim that you voted for Obama twice (I guess I’m a quicker study; I voted Green in 2012), even though it is belied by your really hate- and contempt-filled rhetoric.
            So what would you suggest we former Obama supporters do (or should have done)? Vote for McCain and the Idiot? Vote for the Mittwit and the Boy Wonder? Form a militia?
            I understand you’re unhappy, but what is the point of all the shouting, other than trying to show how superior you are and offending everyone here

          16. labrown69 June 27, 2013

            Reasonable question. Given the choices we had I would probably vote for Obama again. To his credit he vetoed the Interstate Notarization Act which the ultra slimy congress tried to pass in order to rubber stamp criminal activity by the banks and he encouraged Dodd-Frank (terrible choice of names for this bill which could have been called “the greater accountability and transparency act” instead of being named after two of the villains who helped cause the crisis) and the new Financial Consumer Protection Agency and all of these are better than nothing, despite being too little, too late. I ask you, if this is the best we can do and our democracy is merely sinking more slowly rather than thriving, how are we to improve our lot if people are so myopically focused on “the bad guys” that they lose all capacity to criticize the better choice when he or she lets us down. Obama is no Elizabeth Warren and the idea of getting 4 more years of Hillary under these circumstances is unthinkable. Our economy is in complete collapse and has been propped up artificially by the Fed but we are facing round two of a bad scene now that the Fed is going to quit printing money and pull in it’s belt staring with home prices and interest rates, many Americans are going to get wiped out all over again, and only someone with Warren’s candor, or an Alan Grayson type can lead us through a mess of this magnitude. Those who pretend this is some sort of normal cycle and we can slowly work our way out of it are substantively the same as a Ronald Reagan saying “we can grow our way out of debt” etc. Obama has played ball with banks and this economy can NEVER recover until someone speaks the type of truth that Warren and Grayson speak and stands up to them. I can tell you this. I was frightened by the GOP into voting for Obama the second time but I will not ever allow someone to tell me “I am throwing my vote away if I vote 3rd party because more of the status quo is not going to work. It is like pissing on a forest fire at this point and the notion that yet another “team player” like Hillary could address it is laughable.

          17. Sand_Cat June 27, 2013

            OK. Why didn’t you make these arguments to start with? Most people here support Obama, and probably Hillary, but many, if not most, probably feel to a greater or lesser degree the way you (and I) do: we’re trapped into choosing among voting for racist, bigoted, insanity, for a lukewarm centrist or moderate conservative (Democrat), or for a third-party candidate who has a snowflake’s chance in hell of winning. I was angry about FISA and didn’t want to vote for Obama in 2008, but McCain and the Idiot disgusted and angered me enough that I couldn’t bear to avoid doing everything within my power to make their lies and stupidity fail. When Obama won, I weakened and got caught up in the euphoria – and certainly we’re far, far better off than would be had McCain won – and allowed myself to hope things would really change.
            I’d love to see Warren run, but I doubt she’d have a chance (there would be billions, maybe trillions, spent to smear her in every possible way), and even if she won, she’d face the same (or worse) obstruction, plus some of our enemies or our “friends” like China might try to roll her. Hillary’s tough enough to avoid the latter, but probably still has high negatives among – believe it or not – women who for some reason seem to have a pathological hatred for her, along with the sexist “real men,” and – after all that – she’s far too conservative in my mind to do much good. But compared to Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and all the other lunatics, she looks like a cross between a saint and a world champion.
            So really, what are we to do? If you have any ideas, you’d probably get a fair hearing here if you didn’t start by insulting everyone. The “best” I can think of is to bug out, but I doubt if any country I’d want to go to would take an old geezer like me. I’ve told both my kids they should go, but they probably won’t. Even if we all did, all we’d do is buy some time: I believe the whole “civilized” world is headed for ecological disaster, and that they’ll probably drag pretty much everything and everyone else down with them. Even though the US is leading the way and might go first, probably all “civilized” countries are doomed, or if they aren’t, they’ll see to it that the world isn’t worth living in (although I’ve probably felt this way for awhile, I wasn’t able to really articulate it well until I read Derrick Jensen, who calls our culture “omnicidal,” the best description I’ve ever heard).
            So if you have an alternative, PLEASE air it.

          18. labrown69 June 27, 2013

            I guess the best I can offer is that I am repulsed by seeing so many people fawning on this guy instead of demanding that he be the guy we voted for.

          19. plc97477 June 27, 2013

            The problem, and I too would rather see a more liberal go to kinda guy, is that a more liberal go to kinda guy would never have won and I doubt any of us here would be happy with mccain-palin or romney-ryan. We have to take the best option even if it is not perfect.

          20. plc97477 June 27, 2013

            I think the point is offending only.

          21. mah101 June 26, 2013

            Pathetic, labrown. Not only do you fail to see the blinders on your own vision, but you are now resorting to offensive character assassination and name calling.

            If you have nothing to say that adds to the discussion, shut up. Otherwise act with some maturity and treat people as though they were in the room with you rather than anonymous creations of your own mind that lurk on the other side of your keyboard.

            Grow up, listen respectfully, and act with some maturity (fake it till you make it, if need be).

          22. highpckts June 26, 2013

            I think that those who vehemently deny being racist are the worst offenders! You are kidding no one!

          23. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            I knew you were clueless from your first two words “I think”. Obviously you do not.

          24. highpckts June 26, 2013

            It’s obvious to most of us here that you are mindless and clueless! Spout all the “facts” you want from Faux news! It proves nothing!

          25. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            Yet another post with no topic? What’s the matter? Don’t you know anything??? LMAO

          26. highpckts June 26, 2013

            The topic is your spouting mindless “facts!

          27. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            So mindless that you have no retort? LMAO Mindless facts like “there is not a single Muslim democracy”? Is that your style of mindless fact? How about mindless facts like the NSA is recording every phone call and email? Oh, I forgot, I only object to this gross violation of my civil liberties because I am a racist or a tea bagger. You are such a jack ass.

          28. mah101 June 26, 2013

            If you think retort is the utlimate purpose of these threads, then please go somewhere that matches your intellect.

            I don’t care who you voted for, or what your positions are. You are an offensive jerk. The subject IS your behavior, not your positions. The fact that you are unable to grasp that single simple fact strongly supports the perceptions of those who have responded to you that you lack the ability to comprehend the issues and to participate in the conversation. After all, the first rule is to listen respectfully and understand others. If you can’t accomplish that, nothing else matters.

            Good day.

          29. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            How is one supposed to “listen respectfully” to the bowing, scraping and genuflecting of a bunch of uninformed ass kissers? You wonder why I have an attitude? It is because I am nauseated by apoligists.

          30. mah101 June 26, 2013

            Sorry but others are not uninformed simply because they disagree with you. And no one wins an argument by being an offensive blowhard. You just profoundly illustrate for the benefit of all that you either have no serious argument, don’t understand the points, have no comprehension of other perspectives, or lack the intellectual rigor to be persuasive and informed.

            Seriously, I mean this with all good intent and good will. Learn to make your arguments persuasively and passionately but without the vitriol, anger, and childish offense.

          31. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

            he spout mindless facts like lana does.

          32. old_blu June 26, 2013

            You should have said thought, not think, that change in words makes it a bogus statement. A Washington Post survey found that 40 percent of black respondents believe he is innocent of the murders, compared with 71 percent who felt that way around the time Simpson was acquitted in 1995.

      2. Fern Woodfork June 26, 2013

        Hey Water Turd Consider Yourself Flushed!!

      3. jmprint June 26, 2013

        And isn’t that the reason you hate him. because you’re a racist.

        1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

          I voted for him twice. Some racist. He has lied to us about everything he ever said. Said he would stand up to Wall St but he is their lap dog.

          Obama has prosecuted more whistle blowers than law-and-order Republicans
          John Mitchell, Edwin Meese and John Ashcroft.

          2008 – Direct quote; “To build a freer and safer world, we will lead in
          ways that reflect the decency and aspirations of the American people. We
          will not ship away prisoners in the dead of night to be tortured in
          far-off countries, or detain without trial or charge prisoners who can
          and should be brought to justice for their crimes, or maintain a network
          of secret prisons to jail people beyond the reach of the law. We will
          respect the time-honored principle of habeas corpus, the seven
          century-old right of individuals to challenge the terms of their own
          detention that was recently reaffirmed by our Supreme Court.” – Barak Obama

          2012 – All discussion of this topic stops. Obama administration
          maintains the use of indefinite detention and makes use of proxy
          detention and rendition and the report by Eric Holder states it as
          official policy.

          Regarding Warrantless Surveillance/Patriot Act:

          2008 – Obama rhetoric constantly reaffirms his support of constitutional
          protections and judicial oversight on any and all surveillance programs
          involving Americans. He rejected and condemned warrantless wiretapping
          under Bush and Obama rejected the use of national security letters to
          spy on citizens who are not suspected of crimes. He rejected the
          tracking of citizens purely because they oppose a current policy.

          2012 – the platform is initially silent on the issue, but then failed to
          reform the PATRIOT act when they had a majority in both house of
          congress. Since that time we have the signing of the NDAA.

          Regarding Racial Profiling –

          2008 – Flatly rejected.

          2012 – retains the FBI’s Bush-era guidelines.

          Regarding Gitmo

          2008 – We will close the detention camp in Guantanamo bay.

          2012 – Um. Yea we’re gonna keep it open and continue using it.


          1. jmprint June 26, 2013

            And how does this affect your daily life? What imposition is it causing you? Are you in a worse position because of his decisions?

          2. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            When ANYONE is deprived of civil rights WE are all demeaned as a society. I am a White guy but I fight for civil rights for other minority groups. Since when did whether something effects me personally become a standard for my concern? It pains me greatly when I read that 30 people at an Afghan wedding party were mistakenly murdered by one of our drones including woman and children and all the idiots on this site can do is repeat “Bush, Tea Party” like a bunch of fuckin parrots.

          3. jmprint June 26, 2013

            Same thing happened in 2002, shit happens.

        2. labrown69 June 26, 2013

          Hey asshole … some of my best friends blah blah blah blah

          1. jmprint June 27, 2013

            Don’t call me asshole, you are what comes out of my ass.

      4. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

        And you hate him because you’re a racist cretin and a flagrant liar to boot.

        1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

          BUT of course you can not point out ONE SINGLE LIE .. you are barely smart enough to call names. I call you Sand_Catbox! I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND ONE FACT IN ANY OF MY POSTS AND DEBATE THE VERACITY OF IT WITH ME. I know you won’t because you are a vapid air head.

          1. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            Pot, meet Kettle. YOU of all people have no right to challenge anyone or to take exception to calling names. Seems to me you are the first one to call names then get upset if someone calls you one back. Which is of course classic GOP tactics; blame others for your own fallacies and shortcomings.

          2. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            A cursory look at my posts will reveal that I site facts and discuss issues. I have never called names as a substitute for a well reasoned argument documented by facts.

          3. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            labrown69 DAK27 • 4 hours ago

            What would a moron like you do without “the tea party”? That is your entire vocabulary. She is overlooking that Obama has perpetuated and enhanced the worst of Bush’s policies and the only reason is because he is black. If that is hard for your to swallow, I can tell you that huge cocks are easy for Fern to swallow.

            Guess we can add “liar” to your other accomplishments?

          4. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            abrown69 DAK27 • 2 hours ago

            Running scared huh? Short on facts like everyone else on this air headed site?

            So, now which of us is scared, huh? You are so full of bluster until someone asks you a direct question, then you run and hide. I can’t figure out if it childishness or being a Republican… probably both.

          5. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

            Have you a recommendation for a better site?

          6. highpckts June 26, 2013


          7. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

            Let’s start with Obama killed twice as many people as Bush. And thanks for confirming my estimation of your intelligence and maturity level with the infantile attempt at toilet humor.

          8. labrown69 June 26, 2013

            “Twice as many Americans in Afghanistan in 4 years as Bush did in 8”. From Truthout, a very progressive site:

          9. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

            Not what you said, liar.

          10. labrown69 June 27, 2013

            Scroll back cat box – that without even mentioning the myriad Obama lies

  2. Dominick Vila June 26, 2013

    The people that are criticizing President Obama for not intervening in the Syrian civil war are the same ones that would crucify him if he does. I believe imposing a no-fly zone would be appropriate, and training and arming rebels after we ascertain they are not linked to Al Qaeda, Hezbollah or other such groups would be appropriate, but the last thing we need is to get involved in another protracted war, especially one that has absolutely nothing to do with our national security.

    1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

      “After we ascertain”???? They are ALL linked to Al Qaeda and Hamas. They are Islamic fundamentalists. It does not matter what they “CALL” themselves any more than the distinction between “Crips and Bloods”.

      1. Dominick Vila June 26, 2013

        Most people in the Islamic world are not terrorists. Most want to live in peace and want a better world to live in for themselves and their children. The same applies to some of the rebel groups fighting Assad. Yes, some groups have been infiltrated by radical Islamic groups, but not all.
        While I oppose direct intervention, in the form of groups on the ground, I believe we should impose a no-fly zone to mitigate the carnage that has been taking place for so many months, to stop the alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians by the Assad regime, and that we should train and arm groups if we are absolutely certain they are not linked in any way with the terrorist groups that have attacked us in years past.
        I recognize that some of the violence that has taken place throughout the Islamic world is the result of obtuse Western policies and actions, including building military bases near Mecca and Medina, but that is no reason to deny assistance to people who are being slaughtered by a despot.

        1. bhaggen July 2, 2013

          I say, leave these people alone to kill each other off! Obama sees himself as some kind of lone ranger with his sidekick Biden. Haven’t the US done enough damage?……….GET OFF!

    2. whodatbob June 26, 2013

      It is time to get our nose out of the Middle East! Cut our losses, stop spending our treasure to save those who hate USA.

    3. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

      Dominick, I’m concerned that you seem to have taken a sharp turn to the right on this and the NSA / 4th Amendment issue. The course you seem to be advocating simply guarantees perpetual war and perpetual danger.
      I agree that we cannot ignore genuine threats, but far more productive than declaring or assuming that no one has any right to endanger us would be an honest effort to learn in detail why people all over the world hate us and make an effort to address the legitimate issues revealed, and there certainly are some.
      This is not a perfect world, and simply trying to please everyone is likely to make us more enemies (though likely not so many as we make by our present policies), but recognizing that many do have legitimate complaints about our international behavior and its effects on them, and at least giving a respectful hearing even to those with whom we can’t agree would – over time – likely reduce our danger. Today we simply contemptuously dismiss them and deprive them of any forum other than the UN General Assembly, which we routinely ignore. We withdraw from international courts that rule against us, sometimes before they even rule, yet frequently call on others to heed international law and use legitimate forums and negotiation to resolve their differences, while – more often than not – we simply blow up anyone who is sufficiently persistent and make degrading references to the rest which we do not ignore.

  3. Mary Ann Hoogeveen June 26, 2013

    If it wasn’t so sad I want to laugh every time I think of little Georgie strutting in his flight suit telling the world Mission Accomplished.

    1. Fern Woodfork June 26, 2013

      Yeah If The Mission Was To Start Two Wars!!

      1. BDC_57 June 27, 2013

        and fuck up the economy

  4. FT66 June 26, 2013

    Those who call them writers/journalists are writing about the President, (not in a good way, mind you!), in order to make their daily bread. They didn’t vote for him. They are by the way be led because of the Constitution which allows to do so. Otherwise they could be kicked aside and let those who put Pres. Obama in power, have their say on how he should govern and not them.

  5. Catskinner June 26, 2013

    In fact, he’s no kind of hero at all.

    1. Sand_Cat June 26, 2013

      Kinda like you. You’re not only no kind of hero, you’re also no kind of thinker, just an automaton who automatically hates Democrats.
      So presidents are supposed to be heros, now, huh? What a great idea! I’m sure the 4,000-plus dead Americans and 200,000-plus dead Iraqis would agree their sacrifice was worth it to allow chickenhawk George W. Bush to put on a show and pretend to be a “hero” and a “warrior.”
      You make me sick.

  6. DAK27 June 26, 2013

    If I were speaking for President Obama, my message would be short and clear:

    “Fucking idiots. If you aren’t sitting in the Oval Office, you have no idea what you’re talking about and if you don’t like the job I’m doing, run in 2016 but until then, shut the fuck up and go away.”

  7. howa4x June 26, 2013

    The ones criticizing Obama are the neo cons that brought us 2 unfunded wars that started the deficit to balloon skyward. Haven’t we learned anything from Korea to Afghanistan that intervening in a civil war never works out well for us. Think of Viet Nam, 50,000 dead Americans and over 1 million dead Vietnamese and what happened? Sectarian violence from the Balkans to the mid east never ceases because of our presence. The hatred just simmers. Turn on the news any night and watch sectarian violence happening in Iraq, a country we liberated(BTW now an Iranian ally who allows shipments of arms to pass through to Assad) Once we are in that conflict any hope of a nuclear settlement with Iran, or reducing warheads with Russia is off the table. We helped get rid of Kaddafi at McCain and Grahams urging, and what was the reward? Having our ambassador killed because the Libyans defending the embassy ran away. There is nothing in our national interest to intervene in Syria. Our real national interest is in rebuilding the infrastructure here, creating affordable higher education and health care for all, and Jobs Not in a country where todays friend will become tomorrows enemy.

    1. labrown69 June 26, 2013

      Right – ONLY a “neo-con” would criticize your spiritual guru Barak. LMAO You are so fucking stupid you should be euthanized for your own good.

      1. DAK27 June 26, 2013

        Not a Neo-Con but rather an idiot such as yourself. Now, if those two are the same thing (I’ll explain so you can understand, if a Neo-Con is an idiot or if an idiot is a Neo-Con.)

        1. howa4x June 26, 2013

          If you read it again I didn’t call Neo cons idiots. I wrote they got us into 2 unfunded wars. They are far more sinister than an idiot. The real idiot is the one they convinced to do it

          1. DAK27 June 26, 2013

            There seems to be some confusion and I think it is how RS has the “reply” buttons assigned. I wasn’t talking to you (or replying to your post would be more accurate) but rather talking back to labrown69.

          2. howa4x June 26, 2013

            Sorry. it is the way they line up responses

          3. kyoovu June 28, 2013


      2. howa4x June 26, 2013

        So what would you do in Syria tough guy? Go in there like your hero McCain and kick ass? Isn’t that how you bikers solve all your problems?

  8. Lovefacts June 26, 2013

    Hate to tell Obama’s critics but the vacuum was created when we, the US military at “W’s” orders, took out Saddam. Yes, I hated him and thought him a tyrant. But, he’d held Iran to a standstill in a 10 year war. The vacuum started the moment he was removed. And that took place because the neo-cons have no understanding or historical knowledge of the Middle East and the religious divisions and hatred within Islam.

  9. Jonathan Hughes June 26, 2013

    The devil thinks a warring person is an action hero. Obama is doing his best to not fit that profile. People who like war are pissed knowing that Obama is resisting the tug to go all out in that direction. They know he is holding back as much as he can. The people that like war want the flood gates opened wide.

  10. mah101 June 26, 2013

    Krauthammer would do well to recall who CREATED that power vacuum that he claims we now need to fill by keeping troops in Iraq (for those who missed it, it involves Bush II, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, to name but three) You know, many of us understood this problem BEFORE the Iraq invasion, but god forbid anyone listen to our un-American un-patriotic talk then.

  11. RobertCHastings June 27, 2013

    Both writers are complete idiots. To praise W for his photo-op in which he claimed absolute victory less than two months in and our troops are STILL THERE should have given ALL of us a heads-up for his second term. It’s amazing that his primary opponent in his first election was a decorated veteran, John McCain, and his opponent in his second general election was another decorated war veteran, while the best he could do was STAY AWAY from his Reserves obligation for a year. He probably got the flight jacket at an Army Navy store, where you can occasionally find a petite. I don’t think they made skull caps small enough to fit him, though.


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