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History Tells Us Why Mitt Must Release His Taxes

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History Tells Us Why Mitt Must Release His Taxes


Presumably acting as a surrogate for her husband, Ann Romney is now announcing that no additional tax returns will be released to the public before the election.

Lately the stakes of Romney’s refusal to disclose have risen tremendously. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid asserts that Romney has effectively paid no taxes over the past ten years. Leading private equity magnates have been unable to explain with any certainty how Romney could lawfully build his “magical IRA”, to a value of $21 million to $102 million.

Now, Romney has raised the stakes even higher. He has flatly declared that his personal tax rate each year over the the past decade was at least 13 percent. He has tried to redirect the campaign’s focus by naming Ryan, and hopes that declaring his own version of his tax record will put Democrats and advocates of disclosure on the defensive.

Maneuvering aside, however, the Republican Party and the American people have a right to know. Romney’s unverified statements about his taxes, his inexplicable accumulation of wealth in his IRA, and the sequestration of wealth in notorious tax havens outside the jurisdiction of the United States all raise ethical questions that transcend the minimum disclosure required by law. How can America elect a President who has not dispelled the lingering suspicion that he is a liar or engaged in highly questionable financial activities?

Here are four lessons from U.S. history — and Romney’s personal history — that show why he must release his tax returns.

Bruce Judson

Bruce Judson is a bestselling and award winning author, a successful entrepreneur and one of the nation’s leading experts on the implications of rising inequality in America. Most recently, he has been developing, and writing about, a practical theory of sustainable capitalism in America, and how this often differs from current federal and state policies. He writes a regular column titled “Restoring Capitalism” for the Next New Deal Blog, a project of the Roosevelt Institute, and recently served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute. Judson’s most recent book, published in 2009, It Could Happen Here: America on The Brink , forecast the rising levels of economic inequality in America, if unchecked, would lead to extreme political polarization, absolute political paralysis, anger and mistrust throughout the society, the collapse of the middle class, followed by protests and reform or political instability.

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  1. bcarreiro August 18, 2012

    if you cant show you must go………..get a real job romney(dumb) and ryan(dumber)

    1. NutCutter August 18, 2012

      Has Reid shown his tax returns?

      On the tax return that he provided…how much did he donate to charity on that one year? How much have you donated in your lifetime? How much has Obama given to charity in his last year…or in his lifetime? And Romney is dumb because why?

      You’re saying that the IRS has failed to do it’s job…and that the ‘man on the street’ knows tax law better?

      Romney should get a real job? With your profound expertise, what do you think a proper real job would be for him?

      1. MJRinPA August 18, 2012

        Presidential candidates have a history of releasing their tax returns so the voters can learn a little about the candidate. Obama has released his tax returns (I believe 10 years worth) Harry Reid is not running for President, so why even bring that up?
        While I love rich people to donate to charities, especially those that help the underprivileged in America, how much a person donates to their church, has nothing to do with whether he’s paid he’s taxes. Another off-topic subject.
        We figure that Romney already took advantage of every tax loophole that he could. And we understand that he pays his tax adviser a huge sum to make sure he gets all the breaks that he’s “entitled to”. But what has he done beyond that – legal or illegal, moral or immoral? How much income has he made and off-shored without paying his fair share of taxes on it? Was he making a killing financial at Bain, while Bain was making a killing on American workers? Did he live in Utah or Mass. while running for office in Mass? How did he amass a retirement fund that is larger than mathematically possible given the yearly limits? These are thing that the American voters need to know if they are deciding whether or not to vote for Romney for President.

        1. NutCutter August 18, 2012

          Harry Reid is calling for it in the article. If Harry Reid thinks it is in the best interest of we the people for politicians to release their tax returns into the public domain…then let him start with his.

          Romney is well within his rights to not release his returns. It is amazing how someone exercising an independent choice is such a SOB to the left.

          Any fraud is between him and the IRS. The IRS has the records and history over the years…and can determine fraud. Or are you saying the IRS cannot figure out the fraud that Romney committed? If that is the case, then we need to really look at the effectiveness of the IRS.

          ‘not mathematically possible’? Use google…as there are explanations of how that can be accomplished…which make perfect sense and are legal.

          Show me on any official IRS tax form where someone puts down how many jobs their investments created or destroyed.

          There is nothing wrong with someone legally limiting their tax liability. Even if that means moving investments off shore.

        2. Ashley Miller August 18, 2012

          Certainly, Romney has a right to refuse to show his returns. However, he is running for the office of the President, not some minor office postion. He should have released his taxes, nd we would not be still talking about this. Certainly, this is an important issue, and not yo be taken lightly. The American People want to know, and we simply can’t just take his word for it, or for that matter just trust him. He has already lied about his resident in Mass, and every time I hear him speak, he distorts the truth and stirs up division and hate.
          Truly this is very sad day, as he consistenly lies, lies and lie some more.Truly we need a President who will take us forward, not back to the middles ages, and throw our sister’s middle-class families and our grand- parents under the bus. Mitt Romney is sorry excuse for person not to mention canididate for presidency.

        3. Obotsarelonelyfools August 19, 2012

          youre a liar.

          Presidential candidates do not have a history of releasing their tax returns – this is just a obama tactic – i recall their using it against the clintons.

          1. MJRinPA August 19, 2012

            You need to do some reading. Turn off the Fox news and find a newspaper or news magazine.
            History is important. It’s facts. What actually happened in the past. Now what someone claims happened in the past.

          2. MJRinPA August 19, 2012

            Do not call someone a liar in a public forum. It’s more than a poor attitude, it’s tremendously rude. Especially when you’re wrong.

      2. betsym August 18, 2012

        First of all, it isn’t required for any Congressman or Senator to show their tax returns. It is required for someone running for POTUS.

        We as the American people have every right to know what is in his returns and not just one year. His Dad made sure that he showed everything when he ran for POTUS. Because he won’t show the last five years shows to me they have something to hide. The arrogance of Ann Romney is unwarranted. In fact she out and out lied about their “blind trust”. Another question should be how did his IRA be worth so much. If he’s cheating on taxes which I suspect he is, or he would more than welcome the opportunity to show at least five years, we should know what kind of a man he is. Why would someone vote for a man who cheats on taxes.

        He has consistently lied on the campaign trail so I for one will assume he’s lying about his taxes. No one can trust his word.

        1. NutCutter August 18, 2012

          “First of all, it isn’t required for any Congressman or Senator to show their tax returns. It is required for someone running for POTUS.”

          It is not required of someone running for president to show his tax returns. As a US citizen he has the right to chose rather to release or not. If Harry Reid thinks it is in the best interest of the people for a politician to show his tax records…then he can start by showing his.

          If he is cheating on taxes…then what you are saying is the IRS is a failure. Why do you think the IRS has failed on this? Why do you think you and others like you are better equipped and more knowledgeable than the IRS?

          If you actually took time to research (i.e. google) the rest of your rantings…you would understand how some of those other issues you raised are possible and probable. But, again, the IRS has the whole history on all of that…and if he was a cheat, then he would have been found out long ago and dealt with by the IRS.

          In the end, this is just a bunch of shill hand wringing nonsense driven by the left. Even if released, and he paid more in taxes than he was obligated to pay…you guys wouldn’t vote for him. So why bother?

          1. grammyjill August 18, 2012

            A congressman or senator has to provide minum of five years tax returns and turn in returns every year they are there. I think the problem with old Mitt’s is not how much he made, I personally don’t care. It is the problem of how much taxes he actually pays. There is a problem with the tax code and his tax returns would highlight the problems.

          2. NutCutter August 19, 2012

            Then show me where I can find Harry Reids tax returns.

        2. Tom_D44 August 18, 2012

          AND…..we have a man running the federal reserve who was ACTUALLY GUILTY of cheating on his taxes and he still got the job – given to him by your savior President Obama.

          So your logic is, because he doesn’t release the requested information, then it absolutely HAS to be because he did something wrong that he is hiding, right? If that is the case are you outraged that the information that congress has requested from President Obama and his DOJ is not being released to resolve the fast and furious scandal? I mean you REALLY, REALLY want to know the truth right? Are you outraged that president Obama still hasn’t released any of the requested college records and financial information that the right has been looking for since before his election? Because, again, we REALLY want to honestly assess the character, influences and associations of these people we put all our trust in – right?

          You can’t pick and choose these things. If you need to have the information then lets look at all – on both sides. I would like to see it all. But we all know that anything that is released, which even remotely hints of something that can be exploited will be. And that is why you will never see the returns and I will never know how Obama got into these colleges that he attended.

      3. jojo August 18, 2012

        And they go after Ryan who is going to make a Much better VP than Biden. The gaffe-prone Joe Biden, if he had been a Republican, would have been ridiculed worse than Dan Quayle. Consider this from former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani who described Biden as “not very smart”:
        “I’ve never seen a vice president that has made as many mistakes, said as many stupid things. I mean, there’s a real fear that if, God forbid, he ever had to be entrusted with the presidency, whether he really has the mental capacity to handle it. I mean, this guy just isn’t bright.”
        Even Osama Bin Laden thought Biden was an incompetent vice presidential choice. Newsmax Reports.
        Harry Reid is a closet Mormon , the little house mouse is afraid to talk about his beliefs but yet the left and media goes after Romney for being a Mormon.
        The left worries more about Romneys taxes when they should be asking Obama how he is spending our money! Old Harry is in power in the house so just because he isn’t running for president shouldn’t make any difference on why he isn’t showing his tax returns. Harry has a lot to hide and one is he has money in oversea accounts. So does the über rich nancy who by the way made a lot of her money thru inside trading! These two hold power and both should be kicked out of the house!

        1. PGA August 18, 2012

          Harry and Nancy are not running for president of the United States of America. I don’t know of any president in the past with overseas tax havens. How are you going to be the leader of one country and have your money in another country. That’s crazy.

    2. jojo August 18, 2012

      You need to say the same thing about Obama. He has his records sealed! What is he hiding?

    3. PGA August 18, 2012

      I agree with bcarreiro. Romney can put all the chatter to rest by showing his tax returns. He must be hiding something really bad. I don’t trust him.

  2. Dominick Vila August 18, 2012

    You can’t help but wonder what is so ominous in Mitt Romney’s tax returns that he is willing to take so much heat and undermine his credibility and his chances. This is not a trivial matter, our tax returns, and especially those of elected officials and candidates to high office, are a reflection of our character, our honesty, and how far we are willing to go to accumulate wealth and avoid paying Uncle Sam our fair share. It would not surprise me if Mitt Romney did not do anything illegal, but I am certain he, and his tax advisors, took advantage of every loophole and deductions to pay as little as possible. The most important facet of this issue, at least for me, is not so much how much he paid, but how he accumulated his wealth. Tax shelters in foreign countries may be the tip of the iceberg, don’t be surprised if he profited from the misery of thousands of Americans by investing in short sales. If he did that in 2008-09 when the U.S. economy was in the dumps, and he sold in 2011-12 he made a bundle of money while hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their houses, cars, jobs and struggled to make ends meet.

    1. NutCutter August 18, 2012

      Okay…I need a lesson here….

      Define ‘buying short’.

      How does buy short mean you profit off the misery of thousands?

      How does buying short when the economy was in the dumps…and him selling and making a bundle while hundreds of thousands lost their houses, car jobs and struggled? Tie that logic together because I am not following it.

      1. Gammaanya August 18, 2012

        Buying short – well you bought a house at 100K defaulted on mortgage bank auction off, or sheriff sales, foreclosure etc and they sell for 25K and you buy it it’s a short sale for them, short buy for you. You can turn around and sell it for 50K and you make a profit of 25K(minus some taxes fees etc) or you can live in it as long as you want and if the houses prices go up you can turn around and sell it for lets say 150K you made a nice profit and now you have 2 yrs to do something with the extra cash before you pay taxes on it. If rental you have 45 days (here in ILL) You can either buy another property on short sale and the cycle begins. Romney bankrupted 8 corp in 9 yrs from 200-2003, that’s why he denies that he was CEO at Bain after 1999. He was de facto in absentia therefore he is responsible for their failures. Each Co. Romney invested or bought corp. not financially sound, he had private sector investors to pull their money together and borrow the rest from Gov. and restructure – means lay offs, cut benefits and rehire at lower wages and no benefits etc. While the comp. stay a live they pay themselves salaries in a different way that most people do – stocks. When you own a Corp. everything you buy, new cars, computers, trips (as long as it’s a business trip), car rental, boats, entertainment all TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Then they file for bankruptcy Title 11 Chapter 7. Here is the trick – if the lender forgives all or part of the debt COD income occurs and COD income is taxable and lender must file IRS report (1099-C) and to a borrower the amount that was forgiven, but when you file for Bankruptcy, and if they were in the Title 11, Chapter 7 bankrupcy any COD income occured in the mean time is TAX FREE
        Chapter 7 is a complete bankrupcy and usually taxpayers are left holding the bag.
        He could also claim Insolvency then any COD income is also Fed. tax free, but once they become solvent any COD income is then taxable.
        I think he did Title 11, Chapter 7. COD – cancellation of debt.
        On one Corp. he made 365M – Dade Behring. Bankrupted in 2002 Gov. had to step in and rescue peoples pensions just like in few others GS Industries (bankr.2001). On each person they laid off they made average 19.5K (their wages) .
        Why do you think TRUMP is filing for bankruptcy and live high?? We pay for their lavish lifestyles and their bankrupting gimmicks. He have no money to spek of – they have stocks. Romney’s IRA amassed is mostly in stocks I bet, and that’s diffrent that you and I put in. There is a limit how much you can put in. 5K
        tax laws must change to be equal unfortunately is also corrupted for the last 60 yrs. As you see, he made his money on misery of others and LEGALLY. I respect the fact that he uses every trick in the tax system not to pay fair taxes but to deny others basic needs for normal living to enrich hmself is morally wrong and I have no respect for that. To earn peoples respect you have to respect the people. Respect can not be given it have to be earn.
        Why a man who makes so much want a job that pay 400K??? Power. It’s our turn Ann said. Truly????

        1. NutCutter August 19, 2012

          I thank you for your reply.

          I had thought you were originally trying to talking about short sales in the markets.

          I hate to tell you this…but the IRS has the details on how he got his IRA’s to the level he did. And whose not to say the IRS has not audited him in the past? Again, I think this is an issue between him and the IRS.

          I have been upside down on investments before. A home is an investment of sorts. If those whose homes are upside down are unwilling to, or unable to ride it out…then I personally have no problem with them loosing them. I think letting the markets clean that mess up is far better than transferring the total lose in value to the tax payers. I sincerely doubt Romney screwed around with buying individual houses or rental properties. Even if there was a market in which Romney participated in to buy up massive numbers of packaged properties…I still have a so what? For a market to work there has to be a buyer and a seller. Or did I completely miss your point?

          You and I probably have completely different views on liquidation of companies. If I sale my company…the employees do not have a right to a share of the net proceeds after liquidation. I also do not see anything unethical about that. Its not their capital at risk. I closed a business in 2001…just months before Sept 11. I was loosing money at it. I shut it down while it still had a net value. I did not share that net value with the employees. Rather through bad management, or through lack of productivity of the employees or changes in economy or inability to adapt to a changing market….it was a looser. Even if I could have floated it for another year….it would have ended up in the trash heap of history. By the apparent logic, I made about $30,000 per employee whose job got eliminated. I would have much rather have had a successful company than do that. Are you saying I denied the employees their basic needs for a normal living? I honestly don’t see any difference between this small example and what had to have happened with some of Bains investments. The steel company comes to mind. There is nothing wrong with taking on an ailing company. If it cannot be made profitable…then there is no reason to keep throwing good money after bad. The owners of the company (stock holders) should get the net proceeds.

          Has Trump declared bankruptcy on anything since the 90’s?

          Sheltering monies through whatever legal means can be done…including off shore investments…are perfectly fine by me. I’ve never intentionally tried to get something over on the IRS…but I will tell you…they have nailed me a time or two over some simple mistake or oversight on my end. It’s the same for Romney.

          The only ones who aren’t paying their fair share in taxes are those who are chronically on entitlements.

        2. NutCutter August 19, 2012

          I just read where Romney had filed for an extension. So…can’t release what ain’t finalized. Looks like Reid and his vial ilk knew about the extension and then got all their leftist socialists worked up in a tizzy.

          1. Warren Nicholson August 19, 2012

            Let’s see what is going on here. Reid was talking about ten years of returns. You are saying that Mitt is filing a extension for those ten years. He did file an extension on three years, back when he was running for governer of Mass, to change the 1040s to fit his lies to the voters. Are you saying that is what he is doing now?

          2. Dominick Vila August 20, 2012

            You are right, the extensions he filed when he ran for Governor of Massachussetts to change his residency from Nevada to MA to qualify for running for Governor of the latter. His decision was in response to a challenge by his Democratic opponent who pointed out, correctly, that Mitt was not even a resident of MA and cited his own tax returns as evidence. Having aid all this, it would not surprise me if he files for extensions of ten years worth of tax returns and amends them all! I bet his tax advisors and lawyers have been working overtime the last few weeks…

          3. NutCutter August 20, 2012

            Get back to me after you googled the article.

          4. NutCutter August 21, 2012

            In the end…none of us have a right to see his returns. We can only do so if he chooses to release them. I reject the idea that just because he doesn’t release means he is hiding something.

          5. Carol Dijkhuyzen September 5, 2012

            Romney hasn’t issued one complete taxes!2010 was not even fully disclosed..it was filled with erasures and deletes!Romney has stolen millions from Bain bailout during Bush’s 2007-2008!bailout.Now he is against bailout under President Obama after profiting from Bush’s bailout!and kept here in Europe..greetings from Monaco.One reason why he can’t issue his past decades of taxes!Romney has been running for the 6th times!!!!!!!he will always be teh candidate loser of all times with his dough far away from his own country!!!!that is not patriotic!Clown Romney Marcos…and his wife Ann Imelda Marcos Romney that ýou people!

      2. Dominick Vila August 19, 2012

        Buying stocks short, short selling, or shorting are terms used in finance; especially, in stock market transactions to describe betting on a security, such as a the value of company’s stock, declining in the future. Investors engaged in shorting often borrow a security from their broker on margin, sells it, buys it back later at a lower price and collects the difference. Obviously, there are risks involved in doing this since there is always the possibility of the price of the security going in the opposite direction, in which case the “short” investor incurs a loss. This practice is perfectly legal, and it is used frequently doing bearish markets. It, however, has nothing to do with contributing to economic stability or job creation.

      3. Dominick Vila August 19, 2012

        Let me add, that the risk for Mitt Romney if he decides to release his tax returns involve close scrutiny by the general public – and the IRS. If a pattern of highly profitable shorting is discovered it may elicit an investion into probable insider trading by the IRS and, if found guilty, Mitt may end up emulating Martha Stewart. Needless to say, this is all speculation. The only people that know how Mitt Romney accumulated so much wealth are himself, his tax accountant and, perhaps, a couple of senior campaign advisors; but logic tells us that no candidate would willingly refuse to emulate his predecessors and take the amount of heat Mitt Romney has taken over this issue without a good reason to keep his returns secret.

        1. NutCutter August 19, 2012

          I would hazard a guess that the IRS has the full detail on how he accumulated his wealth. They certainly have an open book on me and have nailed me a time or two on an oversight or failure on my end. It’s no different for Romney.

  3. betsym August 18, 2012

    LOL, sorry MJRinPA, I actually parroted what you said. Didn’t read your comment until I posted mine. 🙂

  4. jojo August 18, 2012

    Four years ago, President Obama ran on ‘hope and change,’ promising to be a different kind of politician, but now his reelection is based on anger and division.
    Show your sealed documents first!

    1. Dominick Vila August 18, 2012

      Anger has nothing to do with the American people wanting to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Why were other presidential candidates, former presidents, and the incumbent expected to make their returns public and Mitt Romney is exempted from doing that?
      What “sealed documents” are you talking about? Barack Obama was the first president asked to produce a birth certificate. When he produced one that is identical to those of every other American he was told that was not good enough, and he then produced the long form of a birth certificate (I wish he had told Donald Trmp and company to shove it), and even that was not enough. Now the GOP wants him to make his college transcripts public, even though no other president has been asked to do so. Why is the first African American president insulted and asked to do things nobody else had to do in past? Are those who believe a person like Barack Obama who should enter the Oval Office to serve lemonade really in control of the GOP?

      1. NutCutter August 18, 2012

        Releasing tax returns is a personal choice. We, the public have no right to see those documents if he wishes to not release them.

        Wow…someone exercising personal choice sure has the lot of you all twisted up.

      2. jojo August 18, 2012

        The sealed documents are his college application and why did he have a SS number that wasn’t his. There is so much in his past that is covered up. One of his friends from the past when Obama was buying drugs knew a lot about him but after Obama was on the ticket for president he was found dead. Not saying Obama had it done but it does make you wonder as now no past friend ,teen years of Obama will say anything.
        I also don’t like the fact that Obama never really lived the American dream. Wasn’t his fault but the way he was raised makes me concerned for our country. He was raised to believe in the Muslim faith, studied under a man he looked up to that believed in a doctrine based upon revolutionary Marxian socialism. He also spent 20 years in a church that was what I consider a racist church. And there is Bill Aires, not sure that is how you spell his last name, but he sat in this mans house and considered him a friend, until of course when it came out about Bill and Obama and if it hadn’t been for Fox news the left would have left it alone. Obama has a past, skeletons in the closet that we should all be concerned about. He has brought racial divide to the point that I fear there will be a race war before this election is over with. Sad as conservatives has been called racist when it’s those who are the real racist keep bringing up race instead of Obama’s policies the real reason conservatives want him out. If most white people were racist then why did they vote for the man? He made american think he was going to be a leader for all Americans but from those he put in power like Eric Holder who looks like a racist to me and the czars he put in power, most are socialist. Enough said I’ll get off my soap box. 🙂 have a nice weekend! pS. You can’t sell lemonade on your front lawn anymore.

        1. PGA August 18, 2012

          You are delusional. Mitt the Twit is a crook and will never become president. So stop the whining.

        2. RUKIDENME August 18, 2012

          He lived the American dream, raised by his mother and grandparents, received an education because of his intellect and perseverance, able to access govt. backed student loans, applied himself upon graduation, and succeeded. His is the ultimate American dream story. He came from nothing and rose to the leader of the free world.

          1. jojo August 18, 2012

            He came from nothing and rose to be a president that hasn’t got a clue how to be a leader in the free world. He studied under the influence of socialist, Muslim belief ,sat in a church with a racist preacher and his hope and change to America is to make America a socialist USA. He talks about being his brothers keeper and can’t even take care of his brother in Kenya who by the way needed money for his son who was ill and in a hospital but had to go to a Christian organization to get the money. Re-elected and he will finish America off and all those who fought for this country ,Americas rights and freedom, died in vain. If he had lived the real American dream then he would love and respect this country and what it has stood for. People from other countries who come here to work and receive the American dream knows what the real American dream is all about.

          2. RUKIDENME August 18, 2012

            You really are buying into the Donald Trump line. He is the American dream. And would put up with all the personal attacks on himself and his family to serve the people of this country without loving it. The same socialist, Muslim, and US hating lies from u and the birth-er crowd.

    2. RUKIDENME August 18, 2012

      What sealed documents? What anger and division, wrong candidate?

  5. William Deutschlander August 18, 2012

    When you refuse to produce proof, conforming to what is the norm, you can not be beleived!

    Mitt Romney said, ” my primary residence is Mass.”, but his tax forms showed his primary residence was UTAH. This was a blatant LIE! We should beleive you MITT when you have demonstrated that you LIED?

    Mitt you need mental treatment, you appear to be a PATHALOGICAL LIAR!

    1. NutCutter August 20, 2012

      You’re saying the IRS has failed to do it’s job?

  6. Dolores Bertrand August 18, 2012

    Let’s stipulate that making a fortune is not un-American (as long as it stands the smell test).

    Then let’s presume that Mr. Romney’s returns, as he claims, reveal that he paid every legal tax he owed. Why then, his (and his wife – who proclaimed, “We’re not releasing any more returns!” on national TV) reluctance to release additional returns? I submit they will, as nothing else can, show exactly how many, if not most, of the grand fortunes are made.

    Remember the Golden Rule….no, not that one that asks us to “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, but the one that acknowledges that the “One with the gold makes the rules”. That definitely includes the ‘tax laws’ with all their complex machinations that allow the very wealthy to ‘avoid’ paying taxes under the same rules that govern the returns of most of the American working populace at large.

    When the American people understand the truths behind those facts, perhaps they will then wake up and demand changes – first by rejecting any and all who support those onerous lop-sided laws. They will begin those demands by rejecting any and every GOP candidate for office who has fallen in lock-step with Grover Nordquist (who is that man to be so worshiped by the GOP?) in his effort (along with Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, etc.) to make their sole goal to be that President Obama is a one term president, by rejecting and/or voting “No” on everything he proposed.

    I feel quite certain Romney, et al, are all exquisitely aware of those issues and will do any and everything possible to avoid revealing them to the American public.

    News Media! Step up to the plate and inform the public.

    1. highpckts August 19, 2012

      Well as Ann Romney so recently said in an interview ” we are not releasing any more tax returns for the Democrats to use against us”! Really? If everything is on the up and up, what could happen? Me thinks they are hiding something!

      1. NutCutter August 20, 2012

        And the IRS is incompetent at figuring out where all those millions went?

  7. ObozoMustGo August 18, 2012

    This is useful idiot du jour, Bruce Judson, trying to keep the focus off of Obozo’s failed record. Let’s look at just a few of those failures…

    1) growing unemployment,
    2) loss of 1.3 million jobs in the economy as a whole in July,
    3) the growing number of deaths in Afghanistan,
    4) his imperial and unconstitutional orders to give DREAM Act’ers functional amnesty,
    5) his imperial and unconstitutional shirking of welfare work requirements signed by Clinton,
    6) Fast and Furious and dead bodies,
    7) $16 TRILLION in debt and NOTHING to show for it
    8) Outsourcing NASA to Russsia
    9) Laundering money to his campaig through buyoff of campaign bundlers by covering bad investments with taxpayer dollars at losers like Solyndra
    10) Closing off shore drilling for Americans, and giving $2BILLION to Soros backed PetroBras for offshore drilling for Brazil.
    11) Putting hundreds of thousands of people out of work closing thousands of GM dealerships (all owned by Republicans, by the way)
    12) Preventing at least 20,000 new jobs from being created with the Keystone Pipeline.
    13) Blocking the Keystone Pipeline and forcing Canada to instead do business with the Chinese with the oil they would have sent us, which would result in increasing our supply and reducing our costs at the pump.
    14) Still Keystone Pipeline: Instead, Obozo get’s support from the lead crony himself, Warren Buffett, who happens to own the trucking and rail companies currently delivering oil from North Dakota at artificially high prices. I don’t hear you leftist freaks screaming about this cronyism!!!
    15) and the whole litany of unconstitutional crap that the loser in chief has pulled on America, making us weaker in the world, and more divided than ever at home.

    I’ll continue to shed the light of truth on the failure that is Obozo. The bum has got to go before he completes his mission to reduce our standing in the world, and convert us into a Euro socialist state with insurmountable debt!

    Obozo is an evil joke being played on America.

    Have a nice day!

    “All that seems indispensable in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former.” – James Madison

    1. RUKIDENME August 18, 2012

      OMG-GET REAL-same comments, different blog. Same weed.

    2. grammyjill August 18, 2012

      one: twenty nine straight months of job growth
      two: wrong, see one
      three:he didn’t start that war, but he is trying to finish it
      four: well within his rights in his job
      five: not true. he just renewed wavers giving the requesting states permission to work their welfare programs as they saw fit. all were republican states.
      six: you evidently don’t know how this works. this was started in bush’s term. obama put an end to it as soon as he found out.
      seven: yea, and it took clinton six years to get us back to the right track. chill out!
      eight: no, just stopped it cause we couldn’t afford it right now. but see mars rover.
      nine: solyndra, see number six! another parting shot from bush.
      ten: called free trade.
      eleven: heard ryan spouting did ya. plant closed in july, obama elected in nov., not in office until jan. check your guesses.
      twelve: not that many jobs, and residents fighting to keep their land and not have it distroyed.
      thirteen: wrong again. oil would go straight into tankers and across the ocean.
      fourteen: not worth it!
      fifteen: we are currently stronger in the world than we were with bush. yhe other countries actually like OUR president. only division is tea party lies and bullshit.
      if you want to really shed light as you say, check your facts before you open your mouth. does your tv have the house of rep. station and the senate station? mine does so I see their crap live. very educational.

      1. dtgraham August 19, 2012

        I’ve been tempted to do this more than once grammyjill. So much of his facts are B.S. and so many of his ideological blanket statements don’t even make sense. I’m not exactly the world’s fastest typist and don’t have the patience for it much of the time.

        1. grammyjill August 22, 2012

          I think most of the time he doesn’t believe what he writes, just wants someone to get pissed and corrct him so everyone can see the truth. I’m happy to do it. I type slowly too and some days my patience is at the end. Those days someone else gets him and the other idiots.

  8. PGA August 18, 2012

    Willard Mitt Romney
    The GOP Standard Bearer

    1. Will not release more tax returns (Probably hiding something really bad or illegal)
    2. Overseas tax havens (Millions of dollars in overseas banks, probably tax evasion)
    3. Tax Dodger freeloader (13.9% or 0%)
    4. Foreign Trip (Disastrous, Embarrass himself and the U.S.A.)
    5. Draft Dodger (Hid behind the mormon church, was sent to France as a missionary)
    6. Per Mitt “I’m not concerned about the very poor”
    7. Bank accounts in Switzerland and Cayman Islands. (probably some money laundering)
    8. Per Mitt “I like being able to fire people” (he got $20,000 for every laid off person)
    9. Mitt lied about when he left Bain Capital (When in fact they filed documents with the
    SEC after he claim to have left that listed him as the sole shareholder and president.
    The last time I checked lying to the SEC is a felony. Mitt refused to turn over documents
    to prove otherwise.)
    10. Offended the Brits, Palestinians accused him of racism, Mitt position on labor unions
    drew criticism from current Poland leaders that overthrew communism.
    11. Sending American jobs overseas.
    12. Habitual Liar and flip flopper.”
    13. Mitt/Ryan plan is voodoo economics at it’s best.
    14. Mitt/Ryan economic plan continue to increase wealth for the richest in our country on the backs of the middle class and poor.

    Willard Mitt Romney is a JOKE.

  9. ignore the facts August 18, 2012

    What a joke this idiot is. HE believes himself so far above the rest of us, that HE doesn’t have to prove anything. Amazing. An indicator of how he will treat the American people. He’s against anything that HELPS us. It’s a joke really when he says and his wife says adamently on TV, that they are so above reproach, that we should trust them. Well, next time any citizen of this country is stopped by the police, or has to go to court, or in fact, any other dealings you might have, just tell them I won’t answer. See how far that gets YOU. Ridiculous, and very very frightening to think a man who is so arrogant would possibly be elected. God help us all. Say goodby to any decency. Say goodbye to all the good things Obama has done for us, like the equal pay for equal work law, the affordable heatlth care act, the ending of Iraq foolishness, the ending of “dont’ ask dont’ tell” foolishness…..it goes on and on. How any of you can ignore these important things is beyond my understanding. AND, women, be sure you know these are people who will take away all the rights women have gained over the past decades to decide for themselves how they will treat their bodies. Forget it. These guys haven’t a clue.

  10. edmundlmurray August 18, 2012

    You need to examine what he did in regards with his taxes to get the Governor job in Massachusetts. He lied about his residency. If he lied then about that, he will lie about what is actually in his taxes now.

  11. Lorrellei August 18, 2012

    Mitt Romney is a Robber Baron!! We all know that. Vote for the honest man in 2012, OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!

  12. Todd August 18, 2012

    Since Harry Reid and the democrat party have already sunk lower than any political party in history, we can believe they will go even lower as it becomes more apparent they are losing the election. Let’s see, Romney is a felon, Romney hasn’t paid his taxes, Romney is a racist, Romney killed a woman by firing her husband 6 years before. Coincidently, Bain closed the money losing plant 2 years after Romney left Bain and Harry Reid hasn’t shown one bit of proof he ISN”T lying.. The democrats, withALL these baseless accusations, are more and more sounding like the boy who cried wolf. The democrats can keep piling on the baseless accusations, but, guess what, nobody is paying attention any more.
    There is no reason for Romney to release any more tax returns. In as much as the democrats have
    distorted and lied about what they have already gotten their hands on, there is no legal reason why Romney needs to release any more. In 2004 John Kerry failed to release his wife’s tax returns, and she is the one who has all the money in the family, and the Kerrys have a lot more money the the Romneys. There was no cry by the democrats for them to show their tax returns. I thinnk they call that blatant hypocrisy.

  13. bigspender7 August 18, 2012

    The modern GOP is very different from republicans in past eras. In days long past people could respect most republicans even if we held different policy views. Of course I’m not forgetting Richard Nixon and Eugene McCarthy and some others. Generosity towards less advantaged Americans has never been high on any republican agenda.

    But today things are different as we witness the rise of the TEA PARTY and republican right wing lunacy. Remember back in 2008 when nobel prize winning economist Paul Kruger said the republicans were the party of the stupid? I’m sure he didn’t mean that all republicans are stupid. Far from it. But if you are stupid, you probably are a republican.

    Today’s average republican dwells in a fog of ideological confusion and zealotry that blinds him to reality. Racism is certainly part of the problem but not all of it. How do we account for people who believe and accept the obvious lies and distortions that are regularly part of the Romney/Ryan campaign messages. I don’t know the answer. Maybe no one does. But its apparent that a mental sickness thrives in America today who’s roots are in groups like the TEA PARTY.

    1. jojo August 18, 2012

      How about the OWS gang. And you can call the tea party mental? Now that’s a laugh! Obama, ms. Airhead Nancy and just about all the media , democrats, embrace these violent people. Then there is the new black panthers which Eric Holder does nothing about they! new black panthers puts hits out on people! who cry out “kill all cracker babies” who stands in front of a voting place with a baseball bat and dares white people to come in and vote, and you call the tea party mental? I think if you Really believe that then maybe you need to take a look at yourself and those you listen too.

    2. jojo August 19, 2012

      If you are stupid you got to be a liberal left democrat! Today’s average liberal left democrat follows Obama like he is a god, their messiah , their Allah , their. cult leader. Bigots and racism comes from the left. The KKK today looks better than the NewBlack Panthers who Eric Holder will do nothing about and Obama will do nothing to Eric Holder. The tea party are people with halos compared to what is going on with the OWS gang and you want to complain and call The tea party names? You are the one living in a fog!

  14. Carol Dijkhuyzen August 18, 2012

    Mitt is beyond Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos,when it comes to fraud!Lying and deception!Mitt and Ann’s policies.It has been proven many times!What are they hiding?

    1. jojo August 19, 2012

      What is Obama hiding? To many skeletons in Obama’s closet to be opening Romney’s door.

      1. Carol Dijkhuyzen September 5, 2012

        The President did not open a secret account outside America…..Romney was hiding teh dough he stole from the Bush’s Bain bailout 2007..no wonder’you people!

  15. Joanna H August 18, 2012

    Has it occurred to others that what Mitt fears from his tax returns is more ominous than his tax rate. Maybe he hasn’t tithed his 10% to the LDS church!

    1. jojo August 19, 2012

      Maybe we should worry more about what Obama is stealing from us ” We the People” .

  16. onedonewong August 18, 2012

    Of course Reid has never released s tax returns and has never claimed as income the $$ he receives every year form the Native American casinos to pay for his 5 Star hotel in DC.
    Of course barak has spent millions provided by the Mooslim Brotherhood to seal all his college records and his BC. To hide his status in college as a non citizen

  17. Super_Krotch August 19, 2012

    I imagine their debate:
    SHERIFF OBAMA: Romney Hood! You are a thief, a bitter clinger, and you give dangerous ideas to my peasants. I shall have you arrested.
    ROMNEY HOOD: On the contrary, Sheriff Obama. You stole their livelihood and I’m giving it back to them. So you are the thief and I’m the hero.

    1. jojo August 19, 2012

      Tru dat Super Krotch!

  18. Racy August 19, 2012

    Unfortuantely, it appears about50% of Americans don’t give a damn if our President is honest, or even if he broke the law. If he portrays himself as a God fearing Christian (no questions, because he is caucasion) tells the people that Government is evil and not the people who are able to buy elections, to serve their own interests and that he is being persecuted for being successful financially ( an excuse to not release his tax returns) and that he won’t give specifics about his own policies, until after the election, then he qualifies to be our next President. Actually, it isn’t so much people like Mitt, it’s that people don’t like an African American President with strong family values and who actually displays all of the personal qualities that they should want in our President, due to the chances that he is somehow not a citizen of our country, is a closet Muslim and his support for the middle class and poor make him a Socialist. The problem is that about 50% of our population obviously have very low IQ’s, are racist, don’t believe in the Seperation of Church and State and/or believe the very political party who’s policies led to an economic crisis and has all but destroyed our image around the world.

  19. Ford Truck August 19, 2012

    Romney is a thief! He knows he is a thief for not paying taxes, and he knows releasing his tax returns would prove to the world how big a thief he is. In the last 7 years, I have paid AN AVERAGE of 26.5% on my income, which has averaged $45,350 annually. If your income is higher than mine, congratulations! BUT PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE!! And don’t give me that crap about earned income vs income on investments. Its called an INCOME TAX, ALL INCOME SHOULD BE TAXED EQUALLY!!

    1. old_blu August 19, 2012

      @Ford Truck– Agreed, you and I and people like us paying our fair share is what makes America survive, maybe we should only let people who pay 25% or more vote, or run for public office.

      1. NutCutter August 19, 2012

        25% or more vote? Sounds like you’ll exclude your friends on entitlements!

        1. old_blu August 19, 2012

          Not my friends, and that would be okay with me, the only people running for office are people like me that know how to work anyway.

          Sounds like you’re worried you won’t be able to vote or run.

          1. NutCutter August 20, 2012

            So…everyone who is chronically on entitlements…such as welfare…you are okay with them not being allowed to vote?

          2. old_blu August 20, 2012

            If you are not contributing to the country then you can’t vote, sorry goes for everyone.

          3. Dave_dido August 29, 2012

            Do you even know what an entitlement is?

          4. NutCutter August 30, 2012

            Please educate me as to what an entitlement is.

          5. Dave_dido August 30, 2012

            Mr. NutCutter, you had made the comment that the only ones not paying their fair share in taxes are people who are on entitlements. Then you talked about those who are “chronically on entitlements” maybe not having the right to vote.These statements lead me to believe that you don’t know what an entitlement is. I have paid into Social Security since I was 16 years old- I am now 60.That’s 44 years that I’ve paid into it. In a few years I will be “entitled” to take benefits out of Social Security because I paid into it. My friend, who never paid into Social Security, is not entitled to benefits. Social Security is an “entitlement” as is Medicare which I have also paid into and will be entitled to its benefits in 5 years. (As an aside,that’s when I’ll get my hip replaced if Romney wins and guts Obamacare. If Romney doesn’t win I might be able to get insurance in 2014 that won’t treat my arthritic hip as a pre-existing condition.This is one of the changes under Obamacare.So, naturally I’ll vote for Obama because a Romney win means 3 additional years of pain for me.)
            I don’t understand why you would insinuate that I won’t pay my fair share of taxes or that I somehow won’t deserve to vote if I’m receiving entitlement benefits. I paid into these programs. Why can’t I receive their benefits without being smeared by you tea-partyers? Being self-employed, I had some years when it was very difficult to come up with $5,000-$10,000 to pay my SS tax. I do feel entitled to benefits and I won’t be a bit ashamed to draw them.

          6. NutCutter August 30, 2012

            Typical Leftist. You are correct in that, in a different thread, I made comments to the effect that those on entitlements aren’t paying their fair share. This thread is not that thread. That is a different thread for a different time…and I am not going to mix them. I do miss Usenet as it was much easier following threads than this Discus BS.

            In this thread, the one you responded to, I was trying to get clarification from one of your own who suggested that only those who pay 25% or more in taxes should be allowed to vote. Do you or do you not agree with ‘old_blu’ that only those who are paying 25% or more of their income in taxes should be allowed to vote? ‘Ford Truck’…I would like to see how he figures his tax return on that 43K. If he has paid that much…then he needs to reassess how he is doing his taxes. More likely…he is lying out his @ss. Or he is just as dumb as his tax preparer is?

            As far as entitlements…I was actually thinking more along the lines of welfare recipients. But…even with your example…those are still entitlements…and I would think fit under ‘Ol_Blu’s statement. If, as ‘ol_blu’ suggested, only those who pay 25% of their income in tax are allowed to vote…then that would disqualify the ones on entitlements…you included. In fact, it would disqualify most of our voters as a small percentage pay 25% or more in income tax. I don’t qualify to vote under that scenario. How do you account for the ones on entitlements and fit them into that equation of 25%? It looks like a bunch of unthinking horsesh!t to me…but in the attempt to ‘reach across the aisles ‘…I was up to being educated to the logic.

            As far as only those paying in 25% of their income in taxes…only a small % of the US population pay that level. Don’t believe me? Just look at something as simple as wiki. Talk about voter disenfranchisement.

            Though a distraction from the thread, and a straw man argument on your part…I reject your statements about your hip replacement. Assuming you are honest…if indeed you need it replaced…and you don’t actually have the insurance or the money (with cash it is easier)…there are always ways to get things done. If you are in that much pain…then it is your own fault in that you haven’t really explored your options. I am speaking with experience…mine as well as a number of my friends. Don’t get me wrong…it isn’t super easy…nothing is handed to you. You have to educate yourself, go outside the box and have some backbone. While I am thinking about friends…the one who has had the hardest time has been waiting on and participating in government programs. I am speaking the truth there. I think it ironic that he is the most liberal (as in he should be on a wood platform coming out of a clock at the top of the hour) of the bunch…and has had the worst outcomes…but he still believes the leftist BS. I invited him to Chic-Fil-Let about a week ago. He didn’t take me up on it.

            The left, who are always accusing big business and government being in bed together (specifically the defense industry) and screwing the tax payers have just given us one hell of a government/insurance industry pig to kiss. The meat of that pig is putrid and not worth eating….it deserves to be burned and buried into the history books.

            You seem to be a great subject to include in the minions for the Liberals of this country to rule over.

          7. Dave_dido August 31, 2012

            I had a feeling that I was wasting my time responding to you. You are a very confused person. Evidently your beliefs change from one thread to the next. Like the Republican Party who wants everyone to just forget about the era of George W. Bush when debating policy, you want the readers of this magazine to just forget about previous comments that you made. I guess all right wing extremists must have short memories.

  20. wesmorgan1 August 19, 2012

    Three significant questions that can only be answered by Romney’s tax returns:

    1) In 2009, the IRS held a one-time amnesty to (as the IRS put it) “bring taxpayers that have used undisclosed foreign accounts and undisclosed foreign entities to avoid or evade tax into compliance with United States tax laws.” We already know of several ‘secret’ financial maneuvers used by Romney, such as the $3 million Swiss bank account and shell corporations in the Cayman Islands, but did he take advantage of the IRS amnesty to reveal other previously-illegal foreign holdings?

    2) We know that Romney claimed Utah residency for state tax purposes (saving more than $50,000 in state taxes), then retroactively amended his returns to claim Massachusetts residency when he learned that he would otherwise be ineligible to run for Governor of Massachusetts. What state did he claim on his Federal tax returns, and when?

    3) Romney voted in the Massachusetts special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. He claimed to be living in his son’s unfinished basement at the time – but what residence did he claim for tax purposes?

    Even if you don’t think these questions significant, Romney convinced me that we need to see his tax returns when I read his testimony (to the MA Board of Elections) that he doesn’t even read them before signing them. That sets up two simple questions:

    a) If you believe his testimony – do you want a President who pays so little attention to important detail?

    b) If you don’t believe that testimony – do you want a President who openly lied just to run for Governor?

    We need to see Romney’s tax returns. It’s the only way to ascertain his credibility on these (and other) statements.

  21. rustingdreams August 19, 2012

    To Gammaanya: Gamma, somehow you need to get your information into the hands of the voting public in a more dramatic fashion. I have been inpressed with the facts and figures you have, as well as your financial saavy and common sense. If anyone can help, I hope they contact you!

  22. highpckts August 19, 2012

    Obozo – you are not shedding light, you are shedding your intelligence! Go to a another sight where you can commiserate with your fellow no nothings and out and out truth twisters!!

  23. Carl Oscar Isaacson August 19, 2012

    You missed the most important reason that Mitt must release. In his 1992 campaign for governor he also refused to release income tax returns. He maintained that he had filed both as Massachusetts and Utah resident and paid taxes in both places. Turned out, he hadn’t. In other words, he lied. He filed retroactively as Massachusetts resident.

    He has forfeited trust and needs now to demonstrate his trustworthiness on this issue. What is he hiding? What kind of President looks to do only the minimum for the country his wishes to lead?

  24. Bob Gruchalla August 19, 2012

    Obama has a history of digging dirt for his own purposes. Obama has been a great mudslinger in his Chicago style politics. He wants Romney to release his tax returns to see if he can use any of it for more cannon fodder. Why give the Obama campaign more information that they can twist and spin to degrade Romney further. Romney paid his taxes and how he uses his money is mine nor anyone else’s business. I am more concerned with what tge Obama administration has done with our tax money.

  25. Bob Gruchalla August 19, 2012

    Obama has a history of digging dirt for his own purposes. Obama has been a great mudslinger in his Chicago style politics. He wants Romney to release his tax returns to see if he can use any of it for more cannon fodder. Why give the Obama campaign more information that they can twist and spin to degrade Romney further. Romney paid his taxes and how he uses his money is mine nor anyone else’s business. I am more concerned with what tge Obama administration has done with our tax money.

    1. rmarqua2921 August 19, 2012

      All you have to do is comply! Just saying something is true, doesn’t make it true, even if you are a millionaire!

    2. Elisabeth Gordon August 20, 2012

      No one has to “degrade Romney further” – he is quite effective at doing that himself….this guy has a nerve putting “Believe in America” on the side of his campaign buses when he doesn’t believe in America enough to even keep his mega-wealth in our banks…PERIOD!

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