House Whip Race Turns Nasty As Carlson, Junior, And Greene Drop Bombs

House Whip Race Turns Nasty As Carlson, Junior, And Greene Drop Bombs

Buckley Carlson

Republicans have yet to win back the House, yet the party is already embroiled in a power struggle to divvy up leadership positions in a possible GOP majority, resulting in a conflict that has pitted Fox News host Tucker Carlson against a prominent Republican in the House of Representatives.

The sought-after position — available only if voters give the GOP back the House — is the majority whip, the No.3 position in a Republican majority, which Reps. Jim Banks (R-IN), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, and Tom Emmer (R-MN), National Republican Congressional Committee, are vying for.

The Daily Beast is covering the internal power struggle, detailing the internal joust between Banks and Emmer, election deniers who command large voting blocs, for the majority-whip position.

However, the inside drama reached a crescendo and spilled outward when Carlson lashed out at Emmer in a phone call for a quote an anonymous GOP strategist made about Carlson’s son, Buckley Carlson, who works as Banks’ communications director, in the Beast’s coverage.

“Deep down, [Banks] dies to be liked by the Establishment. He hires Tucker Carlson’s son, a 24-year-old kid, to be his communications director,” the strategist said, per the Beast.

During the incendiary phone call, Emmer denied Carlson’s accusations that the quote had originated from his office, but the prominent right-wing host insisted the lawmaker produce the staffer who made the comment to the Beast or face the blame himself, as Axios reported.

“Emmer repeatedly asserted to Carlson that his office had nothing to do with the background quote about Carlson's son. Carlson was unpersuaded. He made clear to Emmer that he now had a personal problem with him,” the Axios report stated.

The communications director for the committee that Emmer chairs, Michael McAdams, leapt to Emmer’s defense in a statement calling Carlson’s accusation “baseless.”

“Chairman Emmer and his staff have never attacked any other members’ staff. Period. These baseless accusations are meant to distract and divide Republicans,” McAdams said. “Our focus is on retaking the majority and firing Nancy Pelosi.”

The drama has attracted prominent MAGA firebrands, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Donald Trump Jr., who called Emmer a “pathetic coward” in angry public statements.

“Why did Tom Emmer tell his consultants to run to the leftwing Daily Beast to trash Jim Banks, Tucker Carlson and Tucker's family? Does he really think that’s a winning strategy for a Republican House leadership race? Pathetic!” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Greene, who continually seeks to flex her MAGA muscle in the party as a Trumpy sycophant, tweeted her support for the Carlson spawn, saying, “I stand with Buckley Carlson.”

As the race for majority whip heats up, some clearer heads in the Republican party are calling for calm, focus, and unity with the midterm just two weeks away.

“I think that’s a step in the wrong direction. I don’t see how that benefits any of the candidates when you start getting negative about the other candidates,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) told CNN. “I wouldn’t encourage that at any point in time. And I think that would show a sign of desperation.”

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