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How Bernie Sanders Can Squander – Or Expand – His Victory

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How Bernie Sanders Can Squander – Or Expand – His Victory


The time is coming when Bernie Sanders should declare victory – not because he is going to be the Democratic presidential nominee, but because he has already won so much.

Of course, Sanders knows very well that he cannot wrest the nomination from Hillary Clinton. He lags well behind her in pledged delegates, super-delegates, and the popular vote, where he trails by well over three million.

Nobody should be surprised that he couldn’t beat Clinton, whose political durability is routinely underestimated by hostile media coverage. What did seem surprising, however briefly, was the mere possibility that a self-described democratic socialist from a tiny New England state could win the nomination of a party he had never condescended to join.

Even more astonishing is how much this rumpled, sometimes cranky, and formerly obscure politician has achieved during his meteoric flight to fame.

Sanders has proved a concept that many on the left have always cherished: Social democratic ideas, given a fair hearing, can appeal to a much broader segment of the American public than most political scientists ever imagined. No doubt most voters would still shun “socialism,” but millions this year have embraced social democracy, European style, with its emphasis on economic security, worker rights, environmental quality and gender equality.

He has pushed both Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, and her party well to the left of where they were when he entered the race. Although she can point to much evidence of her own progressive inclinations, his challenge has provoked her to speak up forcefully on income inequality, paid family leave, infrastructure spending, and financial reform. Substantive differences remain between them, but their disagreements are narrow compared with the gulf between the two parties – or between them and the likely Republican nominee.

And he has led a remarkable mobilization of young activists, from every background, now widely seen as representing the future of the Democratic Party. If they remain active, there will be senators, representatives, and perhaps even a president someday who remember Bernie as their inspiration.

For now, as an “independent” sitting in the Senate Democratic caucus, Sanders can still look ahead to a very productive future. But he must choose a way forward that advances rather than squanders this year’s achievements. Already he has taken several steps in the wrong direction.

The relentless personal assault he mounted against Clinton has contradicted his proud assertion that “I’ve never run a negative ad in my life.” Over the past few months he has spent millions of dollars on harshly negative advertising, which has caused real damage to her.

Now he seems to be contemplating a strategy that blatantly violates his own democratic instincts, by persuading super-delegates to switch their allegiance to him. This doomsday scheme would be troubling even if Sanders’ supporters hadn’t gathered nearly half a million petition signatures already, demanding that the super-delegates support the candidate with the most pledged delegates and highest vote total. To pursue it would deepen party divisions and forfeit any claim to the moral high ground.

That doesn’t mean Sanders ought to quit, not until he has seized every last opportunity to deliver his message. As he continues, however, he must consider carefully what path best serves him, his movement, and his country.

More than a few of his angry supporters sound as if they intend to punish Hillary Clinton by refusing to vote for her in November, even against Donald Trump. They seem to hope that Sanders will withhold his full support from her, too. They evidently don’t realize that Clinton herself will be fine either way.

But a Democratic defeat would badly injure millions of other Americans – and losing to the Republicans would permanently diminish Sanders, too.

If the Democrats can mobilize enough voters for a big victory, their party may well regain control of the Senate. That shift would give Sanders the chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee, with substantial influence over taxes, spending, and the fiscal priorities of the next White House. His new position would amplify that now familiar voice, speaking up on the issues that matter most to him. And as the new administration begins, he would have in hand the necessary tools to hold Clinton to her progressive campaign promises.

Yet if the Democrats lose because the Vermont senator and his supporters refuse to unite with Clinton, he will remain muted in the Senate minority – and his uplifting campaign will be seen as the prelude to a national disaster.

This is not a hard choice.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. JPHALL April 29, 2016

    And that is the real question. Does Bernie really care about his issues or was that merely a campaign strategy? We will see!

    1. dtgraham April 29, 2016

      Care about his issues? I can’t believe you said that JP. Whatever else you think of Bernie, no one has ever cared about his issues as much. No one. In contrast, in the words of an astonished Anderson Cooper when interviewing Hillary, “will you say anything to get elected?” She’ll take virtually any position within a range, depending on what she thinks she needs to say.

      I believe it is up to her to stop this lecturing about how she didn’t place conditions on Obama in 2008, before her supporters could migrate over to him. Her supporters’ bitterness 8 years ago was largely a gender thing and an attachment to the Clintons. The divide here is policy oriented and is far, far, deeper than that; plus there isn’t a global crisis going on. She needs to be much more conciliatory towards Bernie and his supporters, in terms of tone and policy concessions/compromises. She can’t win without his supporters.

      He plans on taking this to the end and then raising holy heck at the convention because of the importance and uniqueness of his positions and message. They’re going to be demanding things and she needs to give his people a reason not to stay home this November.

      I’ve been reading the comments section of another progressive website that I was put onto by a fellow poster here. It’s more left wing than this one. I was quite surprised by the sheer number of Bernie supporters who keep saying that they’ll never vote for her in 6 months. I don’t know how much they actually mean it, but I do think that this phenomenon is more serious than Hillary Clinton and Joe Conason think it is. Lecturing from her about their support has the potential for disaster later. It won’t take all that many of them not showing up this November to sink her. She can’t just keep repeating how many more votes she has in closed primaries and then demand that they buckle under and support her in November because of it. There’s an arrogance there that’s a big time turnoff.

      Many of the Sanders supporters believe that the country needs a colon cleansing and a do over, and that Trump is the one to do that. Once his catastrophe is over, the nation will be ready for democratic socialism (however you define that) the next time around, they think. Hillary’s tinkering just won’t do it in their minds, and I’m being generous about their feelings on her tinkering. They don’t like or trust her. I’m not saying that I necessarily advocate all this. I’m just telling you what I’ve been reading, over and over. I now understand Susan Sarandon a little better. She has a lot of company. I’m surprised by this.

      They may all fall in line when the time comes regardless, but I wouldn’t risk it. There’s a lot of vitriol. She should start with some serious outreach, and a release of the Goldman Sachs speeches would apparently be a good way to begin. This is still big with them. It would establish some trust to acknowledge that a Democrat has to be held to a higher standard than a Republican on certain things, or what’s the difference between the parties? That’s what Bernie’s candidacy was all about.

      1. JPHALL April 29, 2016

        Since I am not God so I do not know what Bernie will do. Neither do you. All this noise does not change that simple fact! People rarely live up to their words and promises after an election.
        Subject: Re: Comment on How Bernie Sanders Can Squander – Or Expand – His Victory

      2. templestark April 30, 2016

        What could she say that would change your mind and allow you to vote for her?

        1. dtgraham April 30, 2016

          Personally, just a more conciliatory tone towards Bernie and some of his positions that differ from hers. She’s not going to adopt his whole platform of course, but just an acknowledgment that she shares his goals and will get there in a different time frame and in a different way. Something like that. Don’t take his supporters for granted.

          I don’t anticipate her rhetoric changing though, so her choice of VP may be critical. Picking Bernie solves everything, but even a choice of Elizabeth Warren would likely be the ticket too in my opinion.

      3. yabbed April 30, 2016

        He’s wasting our time. Democrats need to hold the White House. Bernie is on an ego trip, nothing more. He’s loving the billionaire’s life of private jets and limos and bodyguards and being so, so important. He’s not giving up that rich guy’s life until the bitter end – and after his wife has milked every last million she can from the 20% of campaign donations she takes home as a “consultant” to the campaign.

        1. dtgraham April 30, 2016

          Bernie already had a nice life before this started, and he and Jane don’t worship money the way the Clintons do.

          1. yabbed April 30, 2016

            So where are his tax returns? What are the Sanders hiding?

          2. Jmz Nesky May 15, 2016

            I’ve been hearing about this, “Where’s Bernie Sander’s tax returns?” BS over and over yet when that same question was put to the Trumpit, he blatantly stood up and told the American people that he wasn’t going to reveal his returns until AFTER he wins the presidency and from that egotistical statement (or should I say ultimatum?) what have we heard in response from those who demand Bertie show us his?… Crickets. Bottom line is no one cares what Trump is hiding, only the ones who they don’t want to see in the white house.. They can’t rag on Bernie concerning his bogus birth certificate so they’ve gotta find other nags.

      4. Matforce April 30, 2016

        Sanders has placed an intense/harsh spotlight on the massive $$$CORRUPTION$$$ that has beset the USA and her people. He may not become the nominee, but he has (hopefully) forwarded a national conversation/revolution that needs to gain roots because it is THE issue that needs the full attention of the miniscule attention span of a distracted “we the people.” Of course, having said that, one can never underestimate the power of the divisive propaganda promoted by those with a vested interest in keeping the $$$status quo$$$

        1. dtgraham April 30, 2016

          Thanks Mat. That national conversation/revolution is what Bernie is after now. He always said that the movement is about his people, not him.

      5. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

        And you will get Donald Trump as your president. What can Sanders say he hasn’t already said 100 times. This article shows how he can keep his movement alive. With a republican presidency it will be over for decades. So is this about a movement and a philosophy or about Bernie Sanders? We shall see

        1. dtgraham April 30, 2016

          In the end, he’ll take whatever he can get but before this is all over, he wants to keep pushing the agenda forward. This is not your standard campaign or your run-of-the-mill politician. This is about a movement and philosophy, not about Bernie.

          You might be surprised by how many Sanders supporters want a Trump Presidency if they can’t have Bernie and he gets snubbed. They want to blow it up at that point.

  2. Stephen K. Mack April 29, 2016

    In essence Mr. Conason argues that Sanders dropping out of the Presidential race, now, would be a great career move! Sanders is not Clinton, to state the obvious, that Joe misses by a mile. We in California haven’t even voted, just a small issue for Joe, who salivates like Pavlov’s dog every time Hillary is mentioned. Go to The Financial Times for a more coherently stated essay by Jacob Weisberg ,on the same subject. But be forewarned, Weisberg hopes to seduce his readers with the patronizing tone of an expert, warning his readers that Bernie is just another manifestation of the FT propaganda of The Rebellion Against the Elites. Joe boils it down to a good career move for Bernie. Joe doesn’t get it and never will!

    1. dtgraham April 29, 2016

      Thanks for that. Bernie is 100% authentic and 100% big picture for the country. Agreed. That is something that the shallowness of the Clinton/Conason politics don’t understand.

    2. templestark April 29, 2016

      >> That doesn’t mean Sanders ought to quit, not until he has seized every last opportunity to deliver his message.

      Nope, i didn’t imagine that in the piece above. Nice try on getting the point, you juuuuust missed it.

      1. Stephen K. Mack April 29, 2016

        Thank you for your comment.
        ‘That doesn’t mean Sanders ought to quit, not until he has seized every
        last opportunity to deliver his message. As he continues, however, he
        must consider carefully what path best serves him, his movement, and his
        This is boilerplate! A rhetorical gambit to disguise the actual point of his entire essay, which is to appeal to the careerist in Mr. Sanders, I think a hopeless task.But Joe has to appeal to what might be called Sanders political ambition, above and beyond his present Quixotic Crusade.
        Mr. Conason has to provide the proper window dressing, in an attempt to soft pedal his Kowtowing to Hillary. Conason and Weisberg appeal for the good of the Party and the Country that Bernie surrender, in the starkest terms. Also, Mr. C. needs to reaffirm with his readers that he is a ‘Journalist’ with some standards.

        1. templestark April 30, 2016

          Ah, got it. More conspiracy stuff. Don’t pay attention to what you read, just what you think he said. It rhymes. It rocks. It rolls. Conason’s a straight shooter, if you choose to trust absolutely no one that’s really on you.

          1. Stephen K. Mack April 30, 2016

            ‘Conason’s a straight shooter’: Conason should be on Hillary’s payroll! Conspiracy has nothing to do with the rhetorical fact of CYA, as practiced by this writer. The Party Line of the Machine Democrats is that Bernie must step down in deference to Hillary, even though the Primaries are not yet over. I’m in CA and have yet to cast my vote, I would like to have my say in the matter! Is that hard to understand? There are a lot of other voters who feel the same way, its called democracy!

    3. Melissargoslin4 April 30, 2016

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      1. yabbed April 30, 2016

        Flagged as spam.

  3. templestark April 29, 2016

    This reasonable schtick just is not on. It’s unfair to fairness and the American way /snrk

  4. Bob Claster April 29, 2016

    Hang on, Clinton received “hostile media coverage”? What planet do you live on?

    And it is a lie to refer to Sanders as “an ‘independent’ sitting in the Senate Democratic caucus.” He has joined the party, he has paid his membership dues, he has the card in his wallet, and was shown the secret handshake, after voting with the party more consistently than any other over his time in office. He is a Democrat now, running as a Democrat.

    If you believe that Clinton can point to “much evidence of her own progressive inclinations,” we’re clearly working under different definitions of the word “Progressive.” Then again, she’s only been a progressive for a few months now, since Bernie entered the race.

    What “harshly negative advertising” are you referring to? He has certainly raised the real and substantive differences in their positions and their financing, but he hasn’t attacked her personally, while there are many vulnerabilities he could have capitalized on, which, if she’s the nominee, the GOP will definitely use against her.

    You have also very badly misrepresented the super-delegate situation. There is nothing inconsistent about saying that the super-delegate system is anti-democratic, and trying to win using the rules that are currently in place in the meantime. The petitions you referred to, which I believe he had nothing to do with, ask the super-delegates to support the candidate whom the voters in their state supported. Even that would be an improvement over the current system, when so many of their votes have been bought and paid for in advance by the Hillary Victory Fund (which she amusingly refers to as “incumbent down-ticket support”). But the stated mission of the superdelegates is to vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the GOP in November, and if they actually are able to disregard those HVF bribes and fulfill that stated mission, they’ll have to vote with Sanders.

    1. yabbed April 30, 2016

      Dream on. That post is typical of the Princess Unicorn free stuff for all mindset of the berniebots. It’s over. He needs to go home, wrap himself in his USSR blanket, and have a nap.

    2. marriea April 30, 2016

      It is my understanding that the use of’ Super Delegates started in the late 80’s early 90’s.
      So why now since Hillary Clinton is in the runnings that they are such a big problem? She didn’t create the rules.
      That she is using the rules to and for her advantage is a testament that she is playing the hand that was dealt to her. It might be a good hand, but so what.

    3. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

      Sanders has always referred to himself as an independent. Was he lying?

      1. Bob Claster April 30, 2016

        No. At the time he did so, he hadn’t yet joined the Party. But he has since joined the Party, and it is now no longer correct to refer to him as anything other than a Democrat. People only do so in order to discredit him.

        1. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

          Sanders has been an independent for his entire political career which goes back many decades. He in the last year declared himself a democrat Why the change? By declaring himself a democrat he is in the democratic party primaries and can get his message heard. As an independent no primaries, no debates, no town halls, no media attention. He is using the democratic party to his advantage. If he is now a democrat of one year, just how much do you expect he be given when others are life long democrats? He may have a democratic party card in his wallet, but he is an independent in his heart.

          1. Bob Claster April 30, 2016

            In that political career going back many decades, he has voted with the Democrats more consistently than anyone. And more than almost anyone else on the political scene today, he stands for what the party has traditionally stood for, like labor, the working class, equality, civil rights, etc. He’s a Democrat in the tradition of JFK, FDR, and LBJ. And THAT’S what’s in his heart.

          2. jmprint April 30, 2016

            Why then did he just now become a Democrat, because he wouldn’t have made it without the democratic fairness.

          3. Bob Claster April 30, 2016

            The only path to the White House is through one of the two parties. There’s no other way to do it.

        2. jmprint April 30, 2016

          He is not helping fun the democratic field, we need to take back the senate.

          1. Bob Claster April 30, 2016

            Don’t fall for the con. The “incumbent down-ticket candidates” that got support from the Hillary Victory Fund are all super-delegates, whose votes she was buying. The appropriate time to support the down ticket is after the nominee is chosen, not before when such support is used to rig the selection process.

  5. yabbed April 30, 2016

    Sanders isn’t going to quit until he has seized every million he can from the 20% his wife is taking home from the campaign contributions as a “consultant”. I can’t help but notice that when Sanders finally saw the writing on the wall and cut back his campaign staff it was the little guys in need of a salary that he fired, not the big guys (including his wife) who are making millions of dollars from his failed campaign that got fired.

    1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

      Well every Democrat acts that way around the Country . Hilliar doesn’t have to worry because she is getting all that Wall St money all the money from Muslim Countries and every dollar the DNC can throw at her … She has mobey to pay her staffers and she doesn’t pay most of hers anyway

      1. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

        Your actually a republican . Have a nice day

      2. jmprint April 30, 2016

        All republican that are running for the presidency have made their money on Wall Street so quick blowing fumes.

        1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

          Trump has his own money and Well St has not donated to him . In fact they want a candidate they know they can buy . Cruz has gotten very little from Well St. He did get a loan from Goldman Sachs he paid back. That pales in comparison to the money Hilliar is getting and that doesn’t even count the Pacs with Wall St ties .
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          ——– Original message ——–

          1. jmprint April 30, 2016

            They know Trump will bankrupt tthem immediately having another spiral downfall.

          2. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            Yeah because the most successful business person to ever run for office would do that right . You funny

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          3. jmprint May 2, 2016

            He has filed for bankruptcy 4 times. I don’t call it success, when you have to step on people to make it to the top. And how many of us have a head start like he had.

          4. bikejedi May 3, 2016

            Please try to be accurate. His dad staked him with a million dollar loan and the BKs were business with his name not personal. A far cry better than the Clintons who got rich on Wall St….donations from Muslim Country’s for arms deals and book deals for books they can’t give away . At least Trump earns his money and employs thousands

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          5. jmprint May 3, 2016

            Trump admitted using the bankruptcy court to his advantage. You like to sugar coat things, but his name is on the bankruptcy papers. Clinton has been paid a lot of money from speeches, as well as her husband, book writings and investments, just like everybody else in congress. They earn their money just as well, as Trump does. I grant you he employes a lot of people, so did Hitler, doesn’t make them qualified to run a country.

          6. bikejedi May 3, 2016

            Trump doesn’t need to do speeches and Cruz really doesnt do that .. Trump made an empire the Clintons trade their political offices for favors kind of like a crack ho turning dates
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          7. jmprint May 3, 2016

            To quote you, try to be accurate! Trump has at the tune of 1.5 million. And Cruz has made his money on wall street, you know his honey is all about Wall Street. Trump has made a lot of his money courting gangsters & muslims, you know the people he loathes, and uses undocumented workers as part of his labor force, his products are made in China and Mexico. So please post the documents that actually show she traded favors. Saying it isn’t facts.

          8. bikejedi May 3, 2016

            Try to get informed . Cruz’s wife works for Goldman and he once got a loan he paid back . He is not on the Clinton donation for favors Well St tour

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      3. jmprint April 30, 2016

        She’s getting money from people that do not like the mentality of the Republican Party.

        1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

          Wall St ..her I thought they loved Republicans . Seems they like someone they can buy even better. She also gets money from Muslim Country’s that hate America that she gave arms deals to after they made generous donations to her foundation ..

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          ——– Original message ——–

    2. laurele April 30, 2016

      All the campaigns cut back staff at this stage of the primary process because there are fewer states left to vote Yet the media chose to highlight this only for Sanders and deliberately misinterpret the move. The staffers will be hired back for the geeneral election campaign.

  6. plc97477 April 30, 2016

    His negative campaigning has harmed his chances much more than those of Hillary.

    1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

      Negative campaigning ???? He has gone out of his way to blow smoke and run cover for Hilliar …Geez the only thing he attacks her on is her Wall St friends donors and benefactors . He could be home after her constant lying and dishonesty. He could point out the over 6 billion Hilliar misappropriated from her Sec of State administration. The top secret emails and her dismissiv a attitude in that .. I mean there isn’t enough space to list it all . Bernie should’ve gone hard from jump . I mean let’s face it the DNC establishment hates him and is screwing him and his supporters out of the nomination so he really only had one avenue. Bernie is noted for being honest he should’ve been honest about Hillar

      1. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

        He attacker on donors and benefactors because that is the only differences between them. They are very close on every policy issue. Sanders is really running on e Democratic Party platform and so is Clinton.

        1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

          Come on they are nowhere near the same candidate or running on the same platform. Sanders is far left anti establishment and can’t be bought. Hilliar is the epitome of the big money establishment and will owe favors to everyone. Seeing her penchant for trading on her office at Sec of State what can we expect from her as POTUS when she has been bought and paid for by over 20 Muslim countries and Wall St . There are so many issue Bernie could be attacked her on and he left it all on y he table except for the Wall St stuff. When Bernie loses he will have the establishment DMV to blame because they were always going to screw him . Powered by Cricket Wireless.
          ——– Original message ——–

          1. jmprint April 30, 2016

            But he sure does enjoy using those donation dollars for his trips.

      2. jmprint April 30, 2016

        Shouldn’t you be more concerned as to whether Trump or Cruz will be nominated.

  7. Big Blue April 30, 2016

    More partisan BS.
    There are a LOT more choices than Democrat or Republican. Sanders is one of them. As is the Green Party, the Libertarians and (if you want an American Christian Theocracy ie Christian Taliban) the Constitution Party and the Tea Party. This insistence that the the ONLY people qualified and capable of representing the people of this country HAVE to have a (D) or an (R) after their name is crap.
    The Democrats and the Republicans agree on a LOT more than they disagree on them. That is why they are terrified of debating anyone outside their little cliche (misspelling intentional) The removal and arrest of Jill Stein from the debates last year is proof enough of that.
    IF the Republicans yank the rug out from under Trump, this could easily be a 4 way election with the Democrats and the Republicans suddenly finding themselves irrelevant.
    Left Wing, Right Wing, both attached to the same buzzard. If we keep believing the lies of that buzzard, we stand of very good chance of no longer existing as a nation by 2050. (Yeah, I went there)

  8. marriea April 30, 2016

    What really gets me is all the things that Sanders have brought into ‘sharper focus’ are the very things that ONLY CONGRESS can pass. Yes a president can submit bills to Congress just like anyone else.. But even getting those very bills on the floor for debate is something that only Congress will or can do.
    Oft times many bill don’t even get heard.
    I like the things that Mr. Sanders has proposeed in his speeches across the country. But what Mr. Sanders should be doing more forcefully is reminding the public that they should be paying more careful attention to their Congressional district and voting for people who share their views and values.
    So much attention is given to a Presidential candidate, that but hardly none given to candidates who actually set into motion things that really affect our lives.
    It’s almost like for the pass 6 years the American people weren’t paying any attention as to why nothing got done in this country and who the persons stopping why we never got bills passed that would effect our infrastructure, and the addition of new jobs.
    Were they not paying attention to the Republican Congress that brought the thumb down on everything Pres. Obama proposed.
    It is YOUR Congressional districts leaders, those U S reps, people of YOUR states who one should be paying attention to. It is your Senators who vote up or down on whether a bill is passed and gets to go before the President for final aprroval and becomes a law.
    We as a nation should know more about these people and their voting records. We can start by learning or paying attention to who they are..

    1. Big Blue April 30, 2016

      THIS!!!! This, this, this, this, THIS!

    2. Matforce April 30, 2016

      Are you referring to the
      A) Party of NO!
      B) Obstructionists
      C) Party of the record smashing use of the filibuster
      D) Party of despite all the deep shyt we’re in, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”
      E) GOP (Guardians Of Plutocracy)
      F) All of the above

      1. marriea April 30, 2016

        If I say “F”, do I pass?
        Seriously, I wish people would pay attention to those Congrssional races even more so than the presidential race. The president is sort of like the king’s spot on a chess board. He/She has power true enough, but the field is sort of limited, especially as it relates to Congress.
        But we always follow the media’s lead when it comes to the presidencial races and act like it’s the most important game in town.
        It is, but mostly it ain’t.
        I wish that more scrutiny would be afforded to all members of Congress, Reps and Senators but unfortunatly, I guess that requires too much paper.
        Sadly many folks don’t even know who their individual Reps and Senators are or what districts they even live in. Sadly, Trump is right.
        He loves his undereducated followers. In this case the under informed ones.

        1. Matforce April 30, 2016

          With flying colors! Seriously, though, the media, from local news papers to national news, should Front Page publish EVERY vote on every Bill. I think some of the conservative Christians on the right would be flummoxed by their Republican Representative’s vote when it comes to selling out to moneyed, special interest. But when they run on Christian values, the duped populous turns a blind eye to what they vote for!

          1. marriea April 30, 2016

            (smile) What’s a ‘Christian Value’ ? And what is it doing in our ‘separation of church and state’ Constitution?
            Seriously it’s interesting to me how people constantly try and bring God and their idea of what that means down to our lowly level.

          2. Dominick Vila May 1, 2016

            Christian values, at least for some, means imposing their will on others, denying others the same rights and privileges they enjoy, and the de facto imposition of a theocracy.
            The values they claim represent the exact opposite to what Jesus taught, and represent an anachronism at a time when most people are distancing themselves from religious fanatism.

    3. Dominick Vila April 30, 2016

      Very true, but that does not mean we should deny the contributions that Sen. Sanders has made, at a time when the oligarchy that controls our destiny is determined to take what little was left for the 98% of those who have to live paycheck to paycheck. Bernie reminded Democrats, and those willing to listen, of what we are supposed to stand for, fight for, and hope to achieve.
      Income inequality, a ridiculously low minimum wage, the negative effect of big money on our political system, and other similar issues, ought to be at the forefront of our political agenda. Instead, they are conspicuous by their absence.

      1. jmprint April 30, 2016

        That’s why I feel A Clinton / Bernie ticket would move us toward Bernie’s idea’s, I do not think Bernie is taken seriously enough in congress.

        1. Dominick Vila May 1, 2016

          In my opinion, choosing Sanders as a running mate would be Hillary’s best political move. It would unify the party, and it would reduce the number of blue collar Democrats currently supporting Trump.

      2. marriea April 30, 2016

        Dominick I hear ya. But think about it.
        The people who actually drew up the Constitution didn’t have the little guy in mind when they wrote it. The men who wrote it were rich guys, land owners. They didn’t write the constitution with the little guy in mind. Those laws evolved over the years and were added via Amendments to the Constitution.
        I commend Mr. Sanders for bring up the meager wages that people are working for. But I think this is a battle that’s not new. It’s one of the reason why unions came into play years ago.
        The rich have always been where the rich are now.
        The problem to me is that even the little guy has gotten greedy over the years. And because of that POLS have managed to turn us against each other, and while we are busy fighting each other they gently walk away with the spoils.
        I do hope to see the minimum wage increased. But the problem will be, what happens when the cost of living goes up? It will. Even as $15 an hour seems like a ‘doable’ solution now. it will be worst 15 years from now.
        It is better if many of those people now on that end of the food chain find a way to improve their ‘valuebility’ by getting that GED, or getting into a field that will train them for something better.
        Even McDonald’s isn’t going to be popular forever.
        As for the rich, I don’t worry nor think about how much money they have. I know that unless a say, a Power Ball is in my future, I will never get it, them or their life style.
        It pains me that the many people who are cheering for Donald Trump are doing so cause he’s rich. When they talk about foreign trade, they don’t seem to know that Trump is one of the very people who markets overseas.
        And big money has always been a part of our political system. Congress, both Dems and the GOP have passed laws that benefitted the rich and Wall Street.
        I like what Mr. Sanders is saying. But I just don’t believe he has or would have a snowballs chance in hell of getting any of his measures heard on the Congressional floor, what’s more talking about getting them to his desk for a signature to making them laws.
        I don’t think people understand this is why they should be more concerned with the Senate and House seats even more than the Presidency, But we don’t hear about that in the media, except maybe in the small print. People don’t even get too involved in their respective state elections, because I don’t think they know much about state sovernignty laws that are written into the Constitution. States have a right to write into their own individual state constitution laws that they want and the Feds can’t do a darn thing about it unless it becomes a NATIONAL LAW.
        So hear we sit.
        I hear now that cvics and the constitution classes are not being taught in school now unless that school is high up on the learning scale. So we continue to have a dummying down of what our rights and laws are. And heaven forbid when our lawmakers give us their version.
        At some point we have to learn things on our own and not get our knowlegde from the media or even worst TV shows and the movies.

        1. Dominick Vila May 1, 2016

          That is also the reason corporate America managed to convince the working class that Unions are evil socialism, and that working for less is worth fighting for.
          There will always be rich and poor. The problem is the increasing schism between those who have it all and the majority of the population.
          Yes, pursuing a college education, or going to trade school, would help narrow the gap and would offer upward mobility opportunities for those who are currently in dead end jobs and struggling to make ends meet, but that does not mean we should not raise the minimum wage to a more realistic number. The fact that even the $10.10 proposed by President Obama is considered outrageous and a catalyst for inflation, at a time when other industrialized nations have higher minimum wages and are competitive on the global stage, highlights the greed and lack of humanity of those who pull the political strings from behind the scenes. A $10.10, or a $12 an hour minimum wage would have a minimal impact on inflation and cost of living, if nothing else because most corporations and large businesses already pay more than that. Yes, the cost of a Big Mac would go up a few cents, but that should be a burden worth taking considering the positive benefits on low income people, and the potential for economic growth driven by higher disposable income.

          1. marriea May 1, 2016


    4. Robert Hodge May 1, 2016

      You are absolutely correct. It is the CONGRESS that determines what gets done (or NOT done!!). We do not live in a kingdom (yet!) where the ‘dictator in chief’ says jump, and the population says “How high?”. Many do not know that this coming fall a large majority of THAT VERY CONGRESS is up for re-election. If we as a people are able to boot out the obstructionists for their negative positions on EVERYTHING, and put in a progressive complimentary congress that either Clinton or (hopefully) Sanders can work with, we may yet see our country climb out of the hole that bushie threw us in that Obama tried to get us out of, only to see every attempt stomped on by the republican obstructionism we’ve been witness to for the last 7 years. I hold out hope for the future thanks to BERNIE SANDERS!!!!

      1. marriea May 1, 2016

        Although I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t mean that I have a dislike for Bernie Sanders.
        I trully like Mr. Sanders objectives.
        Do I think that even with a DEM congress that his objectives have a snowballs chance in hell of passing, heck no, but I do like them.
        From my perspective, Clinton has more a chance of getting some of those things accomplished because all of them have to be done in increments. Free college tuision at public college, ain’t gonna happen.
        Each public college is controlled my the states. Sure each state gets so much monies from the Feds, but it up to those state governments and their legislature to figure out how much money will be doled out.
        Also if a public college is rated high on the academics list, they get much money from endowments. Thing is much of that money is tied to springs the person or organization giving the money wants to promote.
        Also some schools get monies from promoting sports.
        And finally an argument can be made that qualifying student already get a free ride via scholarships and grants.
        As far as student loans are concerned, it would be nice if students could get loans without high interest rates attached. I think this is something that Clinton will address. But again, even with her it can only happen if she has a friendly Congress.
        As for Wall Street and folks with lots of money giving theit fair share.
        I would like to see that happen. I would love to see loop holes that the rich currently enjoy gotten rid of.
        I think it was in the 50’s when the rich were taxed at something like 75% or better. Those days are so long gone. Since the 50’s Congress in both houses have passed laws that protect those people.
        I just don’t see in the next 15/20 years any substantial change taking place unless people are willing to go to the poll and vote enough to scare the hell out of the polls.
        What I would love to see done is, if there is a U S company that hasmoved to their operations to another country, that they be treated as a foreign company and have to pay tariffs,
        I’ve heard of some companies that have gotten tax breaks so good that they end up getting a check worth billions of dollars in overpaided taxes.
        When I win the PowerBall, I’d love to hire their accountant and lawyers.
        I suspect that Clinton will have to address many of the issues head on. As a reported insider, she knows where the loopholes are.
        She also knows that if she doesn’t do a great deal to help the Ameircan people, that she would only be a one term president, which would be insulting.
        As for the American people, we have got to stop spending what we don’t have and stop be trend followers.
        I’ll bet that if we stop be partners in our own demise with the very companies who stiff up, them maybe they will figure out that the American people are on to them and make adjustments.
        There was an interesting story on the Noteworthy site in which a person a telling the audience how product sellers con us into thinking that when we do things, buy things, it is our own idea.
        At the end she related that the only way they do that is with our help.
        We need to put ourselves on a budget, collectively. Aplle get people to buy thier products every year as something ‘new’ when all they might be doing is adding a new feature that is really no needed. But they know that if they can get 2,000,000 people to buy this ‘new’ stuff then they have made a profit. It’s like those nutty kids who beg their parents to buy them the lastest Jordan shoes. Now from where I see it, it the same shoe as last years shoes, but they change the color stripes.
        Mostly all of those shoes are made by the same companies overseas then sen back to this country where the name ‘Jordon’ is put on and folks hurt each other, stand in long lines OVERNIGHT to get this stuff.
        Why should I go broke to help a millionaire stay rich. Maybe I’m just a cheapo.
        Why should I go and spend a hell of a lot of money on a car, that will take me at least five years to pay off, that depreciates the second one of it’s tires is off the very property I brought it from, and notice how many people do this stuff just to make their neighbor jealous.
        If we want things to change, we have got to make changes oursleves, or else we will always be at the mercy of those who keep us down and broke.
        I can only hope that either Clinton or Sanders wins the presidency.
        Heaven forbid if Trump or Cruz wins it.
        Maybe Clinton and Sanders can join forces.

        1. Robert Hodge May 1, 2016

          Thank you! That was a well timed and thoughtful comment.

          I felt awful when I watched the latest debate in NY between Clinton/Sanders. They both seemed to give in to the vitriol attack mode that the ratings agencies of the networks just LOVE to see…maybe that is how (and why!) they are perpetuating the Trump/Cruz clown car circus.

          I’m not as aware of the College Funding situation as you apparently seem to be, but I believe the CONCEPT of “Public” College (we should stop saying ‘free’ since it ultimately isn’t, right?) is the correct way to address the future needs of our young people. The “Pay to Play” aspect of this seems to have come into view under Reagan I think. (I could be wrong about that….) Elizabeth Warren mentioned once that when SHE was going to Public College early in her life, there was barely any other costs associated, than a modest fee per semester. The vultures of Capital found an untapped market and proceeded to exploit it to the point that we have now. THEN, to add insult to debt, the republiCONS made discharging student debt impossible for them if they got into trouble, which of course they were only happy to provide them with! (trouble in the form of a lackluster economy unless you’re in the War Machine business, that is!) All the while making it EASIER for THEM to go bankrupt when the need arose. Trump has gone bankrupt 4 times from what I heard, how nice for him!

          Back to the debates…when O’malley and Clinton/Sanders were debating the REAL issues and the Repug clown car was trying to out piss off one another, I was never so proud of our Democratic contenders…all 3 of them. I would be in favor of a Sanders/Clinton ticket or even a Clinton/Sanders one. The bashing of one by the other has GOT TO STOP! Let the repugs show THEIR true colors so SANE people can properly dismiss their crazy into that ever famous “dustbin of History”! Have a great week, and keep the faith!!

  9. bikejedi April 30, 2016

    Joe, this is a very good piece that I mostly agree with. The one thing that is striking in the discussion of Sanders isn’t who he is it what he stands for but rather how the DNC has screwed him and his supporters. They have a right to be pissed and feel disrespected and resentful towards the Party. The Establishment DNC was never going to let Bernie win the nomination even though he is drawing large crowds and has all the enthusiasm behind him. Hillary is lucky if she gets 110 people at her events and most of those are probably being told to go or paid to attend . It’s a pity

    1. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

      What really counts is who shows up at the polls and Clinton has millions of more votes than Sanders. Sanders was not treated badly by the DNC. Obama was in the same position as Sanders. That didn’t stop Obama from winning the nomination. Stop the sour grapes. Sanders simple has not gotten enough votes.

      1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

        Not true . No one will ever know who well Sanders could be done had he had the DNCbehind him or even if they had been neutral . They were not . They screwed Bernie big time and I bet a lot of his supporters sit it out rather than vote for the witch who stole it from him.
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        ——– Original message ——–

        1. Marv Nochowitz April 30, 2016

          Please explain how votes were stolen from Sanders or supporters were forced to sit out the election. Sounds like we didn’t get enough votes so someone must have cheated mentality.

          1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            Oh boy ..the simple fact is that the DNC has screwed Bernie . They have all their friends and resources backing Hilliar and all the Super Delegates as well. They were never going to be fair to Bernie but since you are a Hilliar supporter you are ok with that.
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          2. jmprint April 30, 2016

            No it hasn’t, you are trying to start a fire with your fumes.

          3. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            Once again . I hope you and Hillary completely dismiss his supporters like you are to me .

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            ——– Original message ——–

          4. jmprint May 2, 2016

            The younger generation is voting for Bernie for 3 reasons:
            1) legalize marijuanna
            2) the promise of the $15 hr minimum wage
            3) free college
            and that’s it. They don’t look at his record, or how he is going to accomplish these things. And all they hear are the republican’s false accusations about Hilliary without any evidence to back it up, other then people repeating the same old crap, just like in the Benghazi witch hunt fiasco.

          5. bikejedi May 2, 2016

            Bernies only pitch is I will give everyone everything for free …except it isn’t free. That and ….I’m not a criminally unethical treasonous liar although that is understood as he won’t take it to Hilliar

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          6. jmprint May 3, 2016

            And Trumps pitch is fixing America with a whole lot of I, I, I, and Me, Me, Me. And Cruz is going to morally change this world to his false religious views. The only candidate that has substance, knowledge and experience is Hillary. So it looks like with good monitoring and accountability, Hilliary is the BEST choice.

          7. bikejedi May 3, 2016

            I I I me me me …sounds like Obama . And you have Cruz completely wrong. He believes in God and the Constitution but he isn’t campaigning on God . Hillary only has failures on her resume . She has failed and quit or failed and been tired from ever job shw has ever held. What can she cite from Sec of State ? Libya , Benghazi , ISIS , Iran Nukes , … Russia all over the map….Assad stepping on Obama’s dick er I mean redline …Too funny …but Hillary did make a lot of money from all those Muslim Country’s who later got arms deals so there is that right ????lol …

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        2. yabbed April 30, 2016

          Sanders only won open primaries and caucus states where Republicans and Independents can manage to vote in Democratic primaries. Clinton has won clean Democratic primaries and garnered millions more votes than Bernie.

          1. dtgraham April 30, 2016

            She’s going to need those Independents in November. Open primaries are a better test of your chances in the general. He does very well with Independents. She does poorly.

          2. yabbed April 30, 2016

            If they truly are independent voters then they can vote for Hillary or for Trump. If they are just GOP operatives changing their registration at the last minute to vote for Bernie as part of their plot and plan to get the easy to beat Bernie as the nominee, then they will vote for Trump. 🙂

          3. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            And that would be different if Bernie was getting the same kind of support from the DNC and their wrangling of Super Delgates don’t you think ? Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          4. jmprint April 30, 2016

            It’s been the same procedure for they last decade, why is it making a difference now. You have been accusing Hillary for a very long time, you blame her for Benghazi, what do you think about the “Expert Witness” being convicted for lying and so much more, you criticize President Obama and now you want people to think that Bernie is the one, because that is your only chance of taking back the white house, you know Hillary will win over Trump or Cruz.

          5. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            Oh boy .. that’s crazy

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        3. jmprint April 30, 2016

          Can you post how they have screwed Bernie.

      2. jmprint April 30, 2016

        bikejedi is a republican troll.

      3. ElDudderino May 1, 2016

        What really counts is how many voters CAN show up to vote: it’s called democracy. If the primaries were democratic Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance. ⅔ of the 43% procent independent voters back Sanders. That’s why Hillary can’t beat Sanders in the general election. The DNC would have no control: it’s an open election and no closed primary.

    2. yabbed April 30, 2016

      Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and it is ludicrous for him to expect the DNC to support a guy who has consistently voted against Democratic Party legislation on gun control and immigration reform and who has held up President Obama’s appointments over their failure to pass Bernie’s Socialist Purity Test. Sanders actually tried to recruit a challenger to President Obama’s reelection in 2012. I would have a smidgen of respect had he run as who he is: on the Socialist Workers Party ticket or as an Independent instead of being such a blooming hypocrite.

      1. Ajjani Knight April 30, 2016

        And i don’t have a smidgen of respect for you, jabber head.

        1. jmprint April 30, 2016

          I don’t see a long line respecting you.

      2. bikejedi April 30, 2016

        The whole Party is Socialist now. You understand that right ? I mean the whole goal is a permanent voting majority through dependency and more Socialism surely everyone understands that. It’s just a separation of a few degrees

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        1. ElDudderino May 1, 2016

          If you have about 50% of the votes you are a centrist, per defintion. Also according to Western European standards Sanders is a centrist. Not left at all. To US standards, Sanders is a New Dealer as Eisenhower was. Stay with the facts please.

          1. bikejedi May 1, 2016

            No no no no The policies Sanders promotes are more akin to communism than even Socialism . It doesn’t what Europe thinks and look at the mess they created. They have invited themselves to be over run by the very Muslims they tried to help. They now have areas of their own cities their citizens aren’t allowed to go into to . Too funny right . They have rapes muggings and riots daily as the people they invited in demand Europe obey Sharia . Then look at the economic mess they have over there . Now that average the yearly incomes are down approx $5000 here and most Americans are relegated to part time jobs only who’s going to buy those German cars ? Also those Muslims are all on welfare . They are doomed. No one should listen or follow their example Getting back to Bernie he is a 60’s radical communist . His idol was Fidel Castro and he honeymooned in Mother Russia . As I said when you look at what is historically Communist and Socialist Bernie is far radical left. . Maybe you want to soft pedal that because the whole Dem party has moved so far left Kennedy would be a Conservative . Powered by Cricket Wireless.

            ——– Original message ——–

          2. ElDudderino May 2, 2016

            I really dunno where you get your info. FOX news? Than you must be 68+ and I don’t think you are. I live in Europe, work in Europe have been everywhere in Europe (and in the US and in South East Asia, you too?).

            We don’t have a Muslim problem, what we get are refugees from countries that are carpet bombed (about 0.5% of the European population and most of them want to go back home. They have children too btw. The majority of Europeans are most willing to help them. Hunting down regular Jews or Muslims, there is not much of a difference looking at history. I got that line from a jew.

            Oh and now we’re at it here are some FACTS:

            1. We run on a lower deficit
            2. We have far more less crime
            3. Far less people in prison
            4. Far better healthcare at half the cost
            5. The list goes on.

            Kennedy was a not a liberal at all. Use your Freedom of Information Act and look at his real policy of the Vietnam war.

            Another fact: The USSR was never a communist country. It was a fascist state cloaked in communism. The US is an oligarchy cloaked in a democracy. Any power system is corrupt, any power system will collapse.

            If you want to join a debate use facts. Never believe corporate media, they manufacture consent to please their donors & their wallet. Enjoy your day.

          3. bikejedi May 2, 2016

            Well judging by what you posted your name is accurate . I know many people in Europe and they tell me all about the rapes the muggings the no go zones and the demands by the people you invited in to your Country’s . It’s all over real European news as well . Go online once in a while. .Your views on the USSR and the World in General are not even worth my time . You seem uninformed and unprepared . Have a nice day.

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    3. jmprint April 30, 2016

      She is leading by both delegates and votes.

      1. laurele April 30, 2016

        How many Sanders voters have been denied their right to vote because of all her voter suppression tactics in one state after another? She isn’t winning; she’s cheating, and cheating usually disqualifies someone in any contest.

        1. jmprint April 30, 2016

          If the people can’t get there papers in order so that they can legally vote, then they are the ones to blame.

      2. bikejedi April 30, 2016

        Sure she is . She had help getting Super Delegates and help from Donors and PacsBernie was denied . Those people who backed Bernie are going to resent that .
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        ——– Original message ——–

        1. jmprint April 30, 2016

          The votes, why is he behind.

          1. bikejedi April 30, 2016

            You don’t have to convince me you have to convince the Bernie supporters who know they and their candidate has been screwed .. You can be dismissive like Hillary but that won’t make them feel good

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            ——– Original message ——–

          2. jmprint May 1, 2016

            I don’t need to convince Bernie Sanders voter of anything, a lot of these same voters do not have too much experience voting. Trips to the pole are seldom.

          3. bikejedi May 2, 2016

            Cool they will probably vote for Trump as they are mad and feel slighted by the DNC and totally dismissed by Hilliar
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            ——– Original message ——–

          4. jmprint May 2, 2016

            Not the Bernie followers I know, they despise Trump, they just won’t vote.

  10. Paul Day-Lucore April 30, 2016

    All the pieces I’m reading blaming Sanders for the fact that some of his followers are not yet ready to support Clinton make me laugh in recollection of 2008. Take a look at the comment section of this item (http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/06/the-obama-clinton-meeting/) on the NY Times’ election blog from the day after the Clinton-Obama private meeting after the final primary in June 2008. Pretty much filled with statements from Clinton supporters either planning never to support Obama, or prognosticating that Obama would lose horribly (as a friend and Clinton supporter told me more than two months later, just before the convention, “He can’t win… He’s a black man!”).

    I know the situations aren’t completely analogous, but there are some interesting things to consider. Recall how relentlessly negative the Clinton campaign was over Obama’s Rev. Wright association, what a big deal they made about Obama’s cling to their guns and religion comment, and so much more as she was losing more and more and digging a huge campaign debt hole. Yet Obama made peace with Clinton, on her terms, waiting until all the nominating contests were complete.

    Your piece above seems to ignore the stated tactics of this year’s Clinton campaign after Wisconsin of “disqualifying” Sen. Sanders. Yes, Sanders reacted poorly in some respects to that, but to blame any negative discussion entirely on Sanders is faulty.

    Perhaps I’m blind to reality, but it seems to me that negative ads about the rigged system and how establishment politics is bought by powerful financial interests, are only personal attacks on Clinton if she’s beholden to that rigged system.

    Also, there are rumors out there that Sen. Schumer has threatened Sanders with losing his position on the Budget committee (either minority leader of chairman if the Senate turns Democratic) if Sanders gives any support to various Democrats in Senate primaries who Schumer and the DSCC are fighting against. Chiefly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. This is our Democratic leadership, fighting for their own power, not for a discussion of progressive ideas.

    1. A_Real_Einstein April 30, 2016

      Not to mention that the HRC campaign were the original birthers. The Clintons have always played dirty. Hopefully the FBI will save us from this elitist and epitome of the donor class. The Democratic party ismissing a huge opportunity. God Bless Bernie and his supporters. The true progressives. Screw the establishment.

      1. jmprint April 30, 2016

        Remember they were Trumps friends, she was repeating like we all do.

    2. dtgraham April 30, 2016

      Great post!

    3. laurele April 30, 2016

      Not yet ready to support Clinton? Do you realize our slogan is #NeverHillary? We’re not going to “come around.” I wouldn’t vote for her even if someone held a gun to my head, and I am far from alone.

    4. nicki April 30, 2016

      If you haven’t seen Bernie grumpy then you haven’t seen all his appearances. He’s been grumpy many times. It’s like saying you haven’t seen Hilary grumpy.

  11. Sharon Bensley April 30, 2016

    Okay, did Hillary or Bill write this article? I have never seen Senator Sanders cranky. He is honest and will save the country from the establishment like them. Our planet (No fracking) and our communities ($15 minimum wage), our disenfranchised, (broken criminal justice system they created, those needing healthcare, free college, those suffering from the crumbling infrastructure, leading to tragedies, while a paid governor from Flint has billions in a reserve fund, and refuses to help citizens with their basic needs.) depend on Bernie Sander’s revolution to save us from the final grasps of the top tier greedy people who have squandered our rich resources and have made reckless decisions that have ruined so many lives .President Obama wanted to provide jobs to people and fix the crumbling infrastructure but the rich republicans blocked and voted it down.We have to get our country out of the hands of the establishment who are only in it for themselves. We will vote Bernie Sanders in as President and let Hillary be Chairwoman, (first woman) of the Budget Committee.

    1. Dave Cox April 30, 2016

      No! Don’t trust her with the money!

    2. yabbed April 30, 2016

      He’s constantly yelliing.

    3. jmprint April 30, 2016

      The problem cannot be fixed if we don’t have a majority in the Senate, I do not trust Bernie Sanders supporters number one to actually get out and vote, two I don’t expect that they will vote straight Democratic ticket which we need. Bernie needs to tell his voters how important it is to vote in the midterm elections. The republican use this against us. I would love to see a Clinton / Bernie ticket.

    4. TiredOfTheHaters May 1, 2016

      I don’t see Hillary as a shrill voiced person either but people say that anyway. And a chairwoman? LOL. This shows how 255 years of sexism really prevails.

  12. Usergnome April 30, 2016

    It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I do reject the idea that the whether or not Bernie’s run is viewed as a success should be defined by the amount of aid and comfort his supporters ultimately provide to Hillary.

    I will also be watching closely to see how enduring her so-called “shift-to-the-left” proves to be. For instance, I think it would be unwise to bet against the TPP in a Hillary administration. I fully expect her support for a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage to spring a leak. I expect her support for any tuition relief measure to suffer profound deflation. I hope I’m wrong because if any of those things happen she’ll lose the Bernie wing and she needs them to win. I’ll vote for her, but I can’t speak for the rest.

    I expect her to have a very tough time beating Donald Trump. If you think Bernie was negative, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And yes, Trump can make accusations of coziness with donors stick. He’s not going to be as gentlemanly about demands to see the transcripts as Bernie was. This could go very wrong indeed.

  13. Ajjani Knight April 30, 2016

    I thought The National Memo was a progressive org but you sound just like the DNC and all it’s Hillary-ites. Hillary is a criminal, a warmonger, and a potential despot, and she is totally incapable of moving this country forward in any way, shape or form. And yes, i am voting down the ballot for people who reflect my values but i will NEVER vote for Hillary and i will NEVER trust the Democratic party again, unless it is completely overhauled or replaced. Now I finally understand why the GOPers have been screaming for decades about the Clintons, and I only got it after taking some time to actually research her voting record, her war record, her criminal justice record and her attitudes toward everyone outside of her elite crowd. Every word out of her mouth is fraudulent and sound bites to promote herself. Anyone who votes for Hillary is responsible for moving this country even further behind. Stop trying to make Bernie responsible for his constitutents’ ideas and decisions. We are all very aware of what’s going on and we are quite capable of making astute decisions on our own, and we see the truth about Hillary and apparently, you are the ones that are deluded.

    1. jmprint April 30, 2016

      You are so convinced that she is a criminal, would you please post the documents that show she has been convicted of any of your accusations. Read up on Wayne Simmons, it shows in detail how people go way out of their way to make up stuff to accomplish their agenda: To destroy others.

      1. ElDudderino May 1, 2016

        That a strange premise: you are ONLY a criminal if convicted. Most Maffiosi in both the US AND Italy were never convicted, but everyone would acknowledge that they were criminals. Here’s a nice youtube that raise doubts, to say the least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK2K5v5bm0Q

        1. jmprint May 1, 2016

          This video does not prove anything, it is good propaganda.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

            He has no idea what he is talking about. He says he’s European and he tries to prove it by his self-imposed superiority. My Dad was born in Italy and he left Bari when the Black Hand started killing off the eldest sons in Barese families.

          2. jmprint May 2, 2016

            Just like bikejedi, they are republicans, but are pushing for Bernie to get elected. Sound like they are really scared of Hilliary winning the nomination.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

            I agree. Most of those Bernie Bots are Republicans who sidled up to Sanders so they could take votes from Hillary. But, in NY she won more votes than Sanders or Trump.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

          Wow…You don’t think John Gotti was convicted? Try again. What about Chin Giganti? I also recall that not only did Gotti end up convicted and in prison but that his son is also now in prison. You don’t know very much about the US and you should learn to shut up when you post such stupid remarks. They aren’t convicted in Italy because of Berlosconi who allowed that prostitute Ciccolina to be a member of the Italian parliament after they passed her around like a sfogliadelle.

          1. ElDudderino May 2, 2016

            No, not familiar with the term ‘mutually exclusive’. I have to stop our debate now dear Eleanore. I wish you all the best.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

            Since I know you are a weasel paid by Sanders, why are you slinking away from facts? I don’t need you to wish me all the best. I already have that. Too late. But do pick up your tail that dragging behind you and slick off now little boy.

    2. TiredOfTheHaters May 1, 2016

      If you don’t trust the Democratic Party why aren’t you criticizing Bernie. You think he’s perfect. He is not. The scream machine of the GOP doesn’t vet a him because he’s not a threat. They won’t admit the fact that Bernie has refused to release tax information, used a fake photo of a white man marching with Blacks in the 60’s, also voted for the war, had his people break into a Dem place for voter info, sued the Dem party for it, and run as a Dem knowing full well he hates the party and is a Libertarian. So who’s the shady criminal!

  14. laurele April 30, 2016

    “Of course, Sanders knows very well that he cannot wrest the nomination from Hillary Clinton.”

    This is pure propaganda. Of course Bernie can still win the nomination! And Hillary is not the “presumptive nominee because that term has a very specific meaning. It refers to the candidate who has won enough delegates once the primary process ends but before the official nomination at the convention. Since it is clear neither Hillary nor Bernie will win enough pledged delegates to clinch the nomination, along with the fact that the primary season is not over, there is no “presumptive nominee.” right now.

    I am one of about a third of Bernie supporters who will never vote for Hillary. I wasn’t going to vote for her long before Bernie entered the race. Her Wall Street connections and 20-year record of moving the Democratic Party to the right, plus her rampant cheating through voter suppression in the primary process make her completely unpalatable to me.

    If Hillary is the nominee, I will write Bernie in. Expecting people to vote against their own consciences for someone who represents everything they have been fighting against is outrageous.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2016

      You are also about 1/3 of the women in the US who live off men. So of course Sugar Daddy Sanders with all his freebies is just what a Daisy Mae like you sucks up to. Sanders is NOT going to be president and women like you will be working your asses off instead up laying in bed all day.

      1. laurele May 3, 2016

        You need a new crystal ball since the one you have is completely inaccurate. You know nothing about me and make a completely unfounded accusation based on your own personal bias. I do not live off men. I am a progressive who will be proud when Sanders DOES become president and will continue working as a writer and actress like I always have.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 3, 2016

          I know from your posts who and what you are not…a woman who can make it entirely on her own. I didn’t get this far along in my life experience which you lack by the way, not to know there are ONLY 2 kids of women in this world: The women who have goals and don’t allow anyone to get in their way and who support themselves…and women like you, who depend entirely on the next words out of a man’s mouth.

          My grandmother said it best. You can be a poor young woman. You can never be a poor old woman. Hillary is what you will never be…a super success and totally independent.

  15. ElDudderino May 1, 2016

    Yeah, well… This is either a poor analysis or a blatant attempt by establishment forces to hand over the votes on a silver platter to The Lying Queen.

    The facts are that Bernie Sanders can win the presidency as an independent candidate. This would be quite an achievement since the last one was George Washington. There are several solid analyses that back that, here’s one in the Huff Post with lots of references that backup my statement. Some facts at the current moment:

    – 43% of voters are independent at the moment ⅔ will vote of Bernie Sanders
    – Sanders has a 16 point lead over Trump, The Queen 8.5 points
    – 68% of ALL voters find Bernie Sanders trustworthy
    – Most voters find Trump MORE trustworthy than The Queen
    – Name recognition: At the start Bernie was a relative nobody, now his name recognition is close to Her Majesty
    – As the FBI indictment gets (more) real it makes MORE sense for Queen voters to back Sanders than to back The Queen IF they want a more progressive candidate in the White House.

    The article in the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/h-a-goodman/case-for-sanders-running-independent-if-clinton-nominee_b_9803982.html

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 1, 2016

      When your Boy shows us the last 16 years of tax records like both Clintons have…you tell us who is hiding a whole lot.

      Sanders CAN’T win the presidency. Here’s why. Americans elect candidates, not ideological movements. Perhaps you need to stop hanging on to that Haterade dipshit. When do you stop sucking up to Brainey Janey?

      As for all those indictments. You can’t prove anything and so you are pissing taxpayers off with those bogus investigationhs you little spiteful attack dogs think will derail Hillary being elected president. Suck up to Sanders loser boy. The FBI has already warned the GOP to stop wasting their time on these bogus investigations. As for you and your Bernie Bot dipshits, losers.

      1. ElDudderino May 1, 2016

        Big smile here. Personal insults but no facts. To be expected and impossible to reason with.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

          Most asshats do grin ear to ear when faced with truth and facts you imbeciles can’t stand. Is Reuters good enough? After all it IS the top AP reporting medium…http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-clinton-taxes-exclusive-idUSKBN0NE0CA20150423

          http://www.politifact.com/…/bernie-sanders-has-released-few-tax..Now..let‘s see you deny these links moron.

          You Mutton Chops Kings and DixieBelles and your companion Great Depression Era Corn Pone Kings and Queens are about to get dumped on your asses.

          The only way you WON’T get Hillary for president is if you pigfaced morons start a Civil War…and for the 2nd time get your lazy asses beat.

          We all know why you right wing BS artists are sitting around on your humps all day..so you can lap up OUR tax dollars. Think again. Your Republican states are in the worst economic shape they’ve ever been in and your pissed off the very people supporting your Republican rat bag asses.

          1. ElDudderino May 2, 2016

            I don’t have the slightest idea what language you speak and I’m able to speak 4… oh and I’m European not Republican :)). I must say you’re very funny.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 2, 2016

            Yes…I know you are European. So was my father. He was born in Italy. I could tell by that need of yours to pretend you are oh so superior. Do tell…Why are you sticking your European nose into our American elections?

            I should think that YOUR European country is not exactly flush with money and has a history of corruption in government and elections since your earliest history. Your country was not the first culture of the universe.

          3. ElDudderino May 2, 2016

            I don’t know why you are so hostile Eleanore. Why the nose ? Well, I really like most of the people I met in your country. Nature is in various states just phenomenal. Than there are political reasons as for instance TTIP. Al lot of Europeans are against it. Furthermore the US is a superpower and affects us all.

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