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How Can Americans Overcome Political Failures? By Thinking Big

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How Can Americans Overcome Political Failures? By Thinking Big


Jim Hightower writes that, although our political leaders constantly fail us, everyday Americans still have plenty of the “bigness of spirit” that makes the country great in his new column, “America’s Leaders Are Small, But Americans Are Not:”

So here we are, the wealthiest nation on earth, with massive needs and an industrious population eager to get working on those needs, yet our leaders throw up their hands and say, “No can do.” Heavily financed political forces are rumbling throughout the country to crush the union movement, eliminate wage protections, privatize everything from schools to Social Security, kill poverty programs, un-regulate Wall Street, repeal environmental rules, suppress voter turnout, stack the courts, corporatize elections and delegitimize the democratic values expressed in the preamble. They are dynamiting the underpinnings of the middle class and taking away the public tools that ordinary people must have to do the extraordinary things that truly make America great.

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