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How The Right Is Turning ‘Political Correctness’ Into Another Tool Of The 1 Percent

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How The Right Is Turning ‘Political Correctness’ Into Another Tool Of The 1 Percent


You may have noticed that when the right isn’t busy being outraged at the left for being outraged by comments by Republican reality stars, radio hosts and elected officials, they’re busy being outraged at the left for “offensive” comments about Republicans.

The current target is MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, who featured a brief segment on her show last weekend with panelists joking about Mitt Romney’s black grandchild. This was an issue so urgent, apparently, that Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus felt the need to demand an apology from the host just hours after the story broke.

While Republicans spent most of the last few decades being revolted by the idea of “political correctness,” there is now a conscious effort on the right to set the terms of discourse and play the role of the offended victim, whenever doing so is convenient. Then, just as quickly, conservatives will switch back to defending outrageous comments from the right and attacking “PC” thought by framing themselves as the defenders of free speech.

“Political correctness” is a term that — if you believe Wikipedia — originated in the Stalin-era USSR to describe acceptable thought to the regime. In the ’90s it became an epithet the right used to describe the intolerance of left-wing academic thought as progressives tried to reshape society to protect and encourage those who have been historically discriminated against. The great educator Herbert Kohl pointed out that the smear was meant “to insinuate that egalitarian democratic ideas are actually authoritarian, orthodox and Communist-influenced, when they oppose the right of people to be racist, sexist, and homophobic.”

The idea that rich, powerful people need to be protected from both bullying and the consequences of bullying comments often targeting minorities requires an agility and intellectual dishonesty that has been perfected by the right-wing media and spread to the movement’s more outlandish politicians, who thrive on the perpetual outrage of the Tea Party movement.

The perfect example of this is, of course, Sarah Palin. In 2009, she encouraged conservatives to “screw the political correctness.” A few months later she was demanding that President Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel be fired for allegedly using the word “retarded” in a meeting.

The right is investing in the outrage industry. Fox News is the Standard Oil of outrage, but a new breed of organization, born and thriving in social media, is designed to gin up and sustain outrage by using features unique to online marketing.

Ben Shapiro, who some call the right’s next Andrew Breitbart, is the face of a new venture called TruthRevolt, which is funded by The David Horowitz Freedom Center.

“The media must be destroyed where they stand,” its mission statement reads. “That is our mission at TruthRevolt. The goal of TruthRevolt is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”



  1. moelarryandjesus December 31, 2013

    The Romneys chose “Kieran” as the name for an adopted black child. Were they aware that it’s a name based on the Gaelic name “Ciaran,” which means “little dark one” or “blacky”?

    Maybe it’s just their little joke on the world.

    1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

      The Romneys’ can’t even name their baby without calling into play a conspiracy of racism. Get real.

      1. Sand_Cat January 1, 2014

        “Get real.” Good advice. Maybe you should try it sometime.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          Please be more specific with your insult. So, they named the baby to mock blacks. Got it. Reality just called-they want you back.

          1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

            Reality? If you think angels exist you know nothing about reality.

          2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Huh? You assume a lot. Come up with that assumption all by yourself from a single avatar, did you? Wow. Not impressed. You have no idea what I believe.

            And, Stooge, you have no clue what Sand_Cat is referring to with the ‘get real” parroting. Don’t feel alone. Neither do I.

            Your avatar is a different truth. It reveals a general lack of respect for others and a narcissist’s need to ridicule others for what they believe. Close?

          3. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

            No, my avatar just means I like the Three Stooges. As for “lack of respect for others,” that’s pretty funny coming from a teabagger.

          4. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Nice guess, but wrong again. You and Russell are almost like twins with the admirably consistent hits and misses.

          5. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            Take the bags out of your mouth, you’re mumbling.

          6. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            Take the bags out of your mouth, you’re mumbling.

            Vulgarities aren’t necessary. It’s clear you have an axe to grind with the TEA party. I don’t care much for partisan bickering. Especially when it becomes an excuse to behave badly.

          7. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            What vulgarity? We’re just talking tea.

          8. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Appreciation of wit is also lost on the angelfromhell.

          9. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Angelstink demands that I do not address IT while IT is doing ITS evil work. Yet, IT cannot get through a post without mentioning my name or dumping crap replies on my posts.

            There is something truly sick about that individual. I have seen the type before, but I can not understand anyone that sees themselves as not just above the law, but above God and all mankind.

            Angelstink really thinks IT can do anything with impunity, while I must obey ITS law that I do what IT demands me to.

          10. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            How did you get Jesus out of Curly?

          11. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            Sprayed him with a hose, of course.

          12. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            Curly wasn’t the only third stooge. Jesus would have fit right in, don’t you think?

          13. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014


          14. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            that’s pretty funny coming from a teabagger.

            I don’t belong to the TEA party. I am registered to vote as unaffiliated. But I was impressed with how they mobilized to break up the supermajority of the Democrat block.

          15. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            How do you actually vote, though?

            Teabagger is as teabagger does.

          16. angelsinca January 4, 2014

            How do you actually vote, though?

            How much do you earn? Both are private concerns.

            Teabagger is as teabagger does.

            Before you use a derogatory term to make yourself giggle, you may want to confirm that the insult applies. Otherwise, you are about as funny as a christian in a mosque threatening self detonation with plastic Jesus statues strapped to his chest.

          17. moelarryandjesus January 4, 2014

            I didn’t choose the name “teabagger.” Teabaggers chose it to describe themselves. Then some folks with triple-digit IQs informed the poor dears about the existing slang definition, and the poor stupid teabaggers started whining and crying about being referred to by their own chosen tag.

            So as I was saying, I’m sure you vote like a teabagger. I notice you didn’t deny it.

            I award you a Full Palin with Cruz Clusters for your inane teabagger participation in this discussion. Wear it proudly.

          18. angelsinca January 4, 2014

            Yet you choose to use the term for the sole purpose to insult, knowing that ‘they’ have already protested its use.

            As already mentioned, I don’t belong to the TEA party. I don’t participate in TEA party activities, and I don’t care about a candidate’s TEA party affiliation when I vote.

            Unless you have a need to control how people vote, you are wasting your time calling names that don’t apply. Never mind what the need to insult says about one’s character.

          19. moelarryandjesus January 4, 2014

            And yet somehow you end up voting for teabaggers because you just happen to share their silly beliefs.

            And listen, if teabaggers didn’t want to be called teabaggers they should have chosen a different name and symbol in the first place.

          20. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            “…if teabaggers didn’t want to be called teabaggers they should have chosen a different name and symbol in the first place.

            This is the same mentality as saying the girl was raped because she wore provocative clothes. The clever symbolism of Taxed Enough Already is not really excuse to ridicule them. If you feel the concept is ‘silly’, maybe you enjoy paying more taxes for things you don’t agree with. Or maybe you just don’t pay any taxes at all but expect everyone else to pay more.

          21. moelarryandjesus January 5, 2014

            There’s nothing clever about their symbolism. They’re idiots and childish whiners who want to take, take, take but never want to give. “Keep your government hands off my Medicare” is their real battle cry, and it reveals just how ignorant and selfish the teabagger movement is at its core.

          22. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Oh, we know exactly what you believe. Putting all else aside, you see yourself as a righteous right-wing warrior out to do the evil work of those you falsely worship as masters and gods.

            Like Milton’s wrote in Paradise Lost, “better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.” You will get there, no doubt. The fact you are even here removes any other possibility.

          23. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Russell? buddy, amigo, where have you been?! It’s been almost 2 minutes since your last personal attack. I am always pleased to light light up your life of disharmony and confusion with songs of angels and mythical tales of your good deeds.

          24. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            The only thing your angels can light up is brimstone. All jokes aside, you are irretrievably Hell bound.

            When you stop your personal attacks, then you will not hear from me anymore. It is that simple.

            You really should seek treatment, though I doubt a successful outcome.

            As I have aptly demonstrated to you, AND told you directly, I am here to “light up your life.” That is, “destroy your joy.” Sound familiar, hmm?

          25. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            And angelsfromhell is definitely not one from a heavenly place. . . .

          26. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

            No, but should they not have researched it a little before they named their child. Don’t you think this is going to be difficult for the child as he interacts with his peers?

          27. Leftout January 1, 2014

            There are many Irish named Kieran, so perhaps it should be coupled as, Shawn ell-Kieran, but spelled incorrectly also. It will not be a problem interacting with peers. Look at all of the great Basketball stars with great names. You are worried about nothing ….you live in the past. She will probably have a nickname like ….Buffy, or Mary …..something odd, cute and trendy

          28. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

            I am sorry I do not live in the past, have you been around since 2008 and the jokes and comments made about the race of the President and First Lady? Buffy – talk about living in the past. Also how many of the great Basketball Stars with great names were raised by white parents and attend Prep Schools?

          29. Leftout January 1, 2014

            Obama, although not a great basketball player attended Prep school and had White parents, not as white as Romney. There are not many combinations of white parents and Prep schools producing Star Basketball players…it is not any easy combo to achieve…”living in the past” comment was to show (humor) that today we are no longer as sensitive to multi racial families, so name calling is at a minimum and the youth of today are not cognizant of these things, unless we bring it up from old ethnic jokes on MSNBC.

          30. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

            You did mean Faux News, or Limbaugh or Beck or DeMint or the numerous Talk Show Commentators and Politicians. The youth of today are not cognizant of these things if they are not exposed to it on a daily basis–at home.
            Agree to disagree – Happy New Year.

          31. Leftout January 1, 2014

            There is only one true news program, PBS, they tend to go deeper into issues. Shepard Smith and Wolfe on CNN are still serious. All else is fomented opinions that are as good…Oooops not as good as on this forum. the youth do not listen to good news, surely the news at home is based on true to life experiences of family…good and bad…but real.
            Happy New Year, also.

          32. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            He did have white parents? Really? And we thought he was a Muslim raised in Kenya and had a gay lover . . . Teehee!

          33. Leftout January 2, 2014

            That may also be true, one parent may have been white, physiognomic attributes suggest that. Some have mentioned the other such things, I , however need more proof. But here is nothing wrong with being Moslem, or Gay or having a little deviance from normality while being President, evidently others have. being a Kenyan is ok. If he would be president of Kenya. Chester A . Arthur would be proud of Obama.

          34. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            More likely, Kieran, duh!

          35. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I am sure you are correct.

          36. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Why should Romney’s children have been more selective in naming their adoptive child (that is, if they are the ones that named it)? To appease an imbecilic public bent on crucifying their father as racist? Yeah, so what, the literal Gaelic translation is, “little dark one’, it also identifies the decendency from King Ulster. You are making a racial controversy where one doesn’t exist.

          37. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Slow down….I don’t give a rats ass what they name their child. There were references made to the name chosen and I said because children can be cruel the child could face hurtful comments because of their name, because children learn from the parents and other adult influences. Perhaps you didn’t notice the race baiting done by Conservatives during the 2008 and 2012 elections or the racial jokes made by conservatives during the same period, or the racial comments made by political conservatives.

          38. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          39. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            You are not discussing you just keep look for an argument, sorry I do not want to indulge you any longer. Bye…

          40. angelsinca January 2, 2014


          41. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            We have an enigma, with two wrongs you are STILL wrong, but strangely, by calling it out, your nearly right for once. How odd.

            Did you not get it. WE do not care what the Romney’s name the child, but for the child’s and the Romney’s own good, they should have used more consideration. This will come up later. Obviously, it already has.

          42. Leftout January 2, 2014

            But look who brought it up. There had been a lull in problems between races, and now it is surfacing again by supercilious comments by the left , branding every incident as racist….an Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson ism. Most people see through this nonsense.

          43. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Bold racism from the right has never ceased! In fact, look up Lee Atwater. I DARE you to.

            You people have just gotten smoother at it. You finally woke up and realized that storm-trooper tactics were only driving people to support equality.

            I am like this. If you say you are not a racist, then, according to you, you are not a racist. When I SEE that you are a racist, then I call you one. You become angry, because you have always declared that you were not. How dare me to point out the truth.

            I think the problem is deep in the human soul. Right-wingers believe they can do no wrong. Everything a right-winger says must be taken as gospel, OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE.

          44. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Thanks go to the racist that gave me the “up” vote. I consider anyone that cannot refute anything I say to be giving me an “up” vote when they vote “down.”

            Malodorous coward. . . .

          45. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            BECAUSE you happen to be white, and have exposed yourself as another fairly typical right-wacko that has no empathy for anyone not like yourself, then someone that happens to see a racial problem is just stirring things up. Observedly, the nation has never ceased being racist. We have improved, but much of it is cosmetic. The racism just went under ground. ACTUALLY, much of that went to the Repubs.

            Like any number of right-wing mental midgets have done. They point out that the southern Democrats were, by and large, racist. They forget that, though often better, southern Repubs were nearly as bad. AND where did all those good Southern racists go. To the Republiturd party! Some embarrassing taunt that is! Too stupid to even know oneself.

            Let’s face it. You are a right-wing straight ticket voter that is out to destroy your oppositions will by claiming BOTH sides are to blame. Come election day, you will still be checking every Repub candidate.

          46. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Ah good. I am white, and only I can judge blacks from a white view point. As Blacks say, how do you know what we go through….Well now’ I can tell you. Whites do not dislike blacks , and we work with many in Our lives, they love , they cry, laugh as anyone else….personal experiences. I live in a white world, corporate levels even, and there is virtually no animosity against Blacks as they are up and coming , we are not as a policy trying to keep Blacks down. ..this is nonsense fomented by the likes of Al Sharpton and firends……all are treated equally if educated to the position, or equally as man to man in everyday transactions. I think if you have an ” attitude” it comes over as such and friendships are not going to develop. If we all act as basic humans we all get along and become like each other. Education is the great equalizer.

            My votes are for the right man for the right job. I have voted 50/50 . R/D in elections. Not lately though.

          47. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            “My votes are for the right man for the right job. I have voted 50/50 . R/D in elections. Not lately though.” Kind of hard to discuss anything with a liar that keeps changing his story. More on that later.

            By the way, using truth now, what is it about Obama that you really hate? Obama has had the roughest Presidency since the Civil War and has taken it in good grace. So, besides making up “events” spun by right-wack news sources, what has he done?

            As for being white. You do not have a God given right to judge anyone, just because you are white, or based on your “white” experiences. For instance, if I need to judge, I do so on the evidence and each individual’s history. To do otherwise, is the epitome of racism. This is why you are a right-wing liar and racist. You refuse to judge fairly. You judge on appearances, and this sets us entirely apart.

          48. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I judge because of intimate experiences and associations with diverse groups. I was even given honorary dreadlocks for being sooo inclusive and nice.
            I do not hate anything he did, because he did not do anything. I do not like that he is half white. Even Harry Reid , Dem. Senate Majority person, said, ” i wonder if Onama is Black enough for this Presidency. ” a truly all Black president coming up with the Cause, would have been more in tune with the needs of the people . Obama seems to be a facade made up to pull off a ruse.
            Obama Care/ACA would have made it if done better, good points were acceptance of pre existing conditions, and no limits on coverage and no bankruptcies. But everyone did not receive promised among other things , a $2500 discount , but actually doubled the premiums.

          49. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Traditionally, anyone that was not considered pure white, was considered black. Even though there were problems, only the “black” community accepted people of mixed race. That was true even in the 1960’s with separate facilities, etc. It is still true today, as you aptly, but unintentionally indicate.

            You are quoting the Kock brothers $400 million dollar propaganda about the ACA, I, like you claim to, want single payer, but unlike you, it must cover universally. Anything else is unproductive and immoral.

            The insurance companies are the ones ruining us. The ACA did create hardships, but if you have the financial health you seem to suggest, your rates have gone down. Your rates only went up if you had the “fake” insurance. The insurance with the massive deductibles and the low maximums. All that was good for was to get you into a hospital and get you the “negotiated discount.” The insurance companies are manipulating the ACA to increase profit, and void the Act altogether.

            As proof, we have one million bankruptcies a year due to medical costs. Those are not the uninsured that wind up getting care in our emergency rooms when it is often too late to help them. No, these bankruptcies are mostly middle class people that have some assets to protect, like a home. For whatever reason, and increasingly because of cost and lack of income that keeps up with the economy, they do not have health insurance, or generally, not enough. The ACA makes an attempt to address that.

            I am not a big fan of the ACA, but it is a start on the road to do what is right. So, I must support it. Face it, big money is so into our government so deep that our elected officials are afraid to go sh*t without permission of one or another of the fat cats. The fact we got ANY law at all, was remarkable.

            The faults can be corrected, with time and as they arise. You would give us nothing, same as every other Republiturd. You talk about doing better, but where was/is that plan. More red herrings are all you offer. Put doubt and negativity into the public’s mind.

            Oh yeah, that is rule #1 in the Repub playbook.

            So, while there may be some tiny bit of technical truth to what you say, the unvarnished facts are the loving Capitalists that you so admire are running a train on us . . . still. So, I must call you a damned LIAR for hating your fellow man enough to use falsehood in an argument.

          50. Leftout January 3, 2014

            The insurance companies are in collusion with the ACA, since they are to be bailed out if there are any overurns. It is a Win-Win Situation for Big Insurance. 85% of were happy with their insurance. All that was required is to add clause for pre-existing conditions, no limit on coverage, and no bankruptcies. All of these factors are already built into todays coverages/premiums. It would be cheaper to covert the remaining 15% by just a grant at this point. 30M x 10K preium voucher = 300Billion…less than the Roll out program

          51. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I was going to pass on this post, but I do agree with almost everything you said. Well, everything. Yet, why hate Obama for getting the only bill he could through Congress, AND then only by a hair’s breath. Anything near what you say, would have been crushed in Congress.

            The problem lies with the “big money” control of our government. We ALL know you are right, then why can’t our Congress pass YOUR hypothetical bill. Whose fault is it?

            The Pubs have sold their party and soul to big money. The Democrats are heavily “infected” by big money, but at least make token attempts to do what is right.

            Which party do you think I MUST support, regardless of faults. I see only hate and evil on the right, and yes, very real insanity as well, that will destroy the Republic I so dearly love.

          52. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Congress can not pass the hypothetical bill because they are on the take from Big Insurance and thisnprevents them from thinking out of the box. It is up to the people to make noise and make this correction and you would have the perfect solution…or a single payer system. . Big insurance or Medicare could still administrate the program and still make their money. The system alReady exists administratively. I do not hate Obama for this good program, if he would just call me, i can help, since i am totally unbiased.

          53. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014


            However, the ACA was the best bill we were ever going to get with all the Pubs and half the Democrats on the take.

            WE NEED to follow your proposed policies, yet destroying the ACA and blaming Obama for EVERYTHING accomplishes nothing. We need to “fix” the ACA, not destroy it.

            If you were listening, even Obama said the ACA is the first step. Why don’t we move forward together. If we sideline our differences, we can come to an agreement.

            WE just did! But the money men will have to go.

          54. Leftout January 3, 2014

            They have to be exposed and only we the people can do it at this point. PAC moneies are being used as bribes by lobbyists. The SCOTUS blew that decision . It makes one wonder about their reasoning ability. I wish there was one congress person that could get our support and do the right thing….most of us working.

          55. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Pardon me, but I do fully understand what is happening here! I mean in our posts.

            I seem to addressing Dr. Leftout Jekyll in this post, but in the last post it was Mr. Leftover Hyde.

            Sincerely, rather than label you a troll, like in the letter I am writing to the Memo about our beloved “angel,” [:-)] I would rather err on the side of kindness at all times.

            I do not always agree with everything the regular posters say in here, but I take all of it in good grace. I ONLY abuse the abusers, and I do so with extreme prejudice at times. “Angel” has tried to hurt me many times. When I am unaffected and strike back, IT is just soooooo hurt.

            So if I have harshly judged you, I will not apologize for that, but I apologize if I have really erred in the extent of harshness. I do not wish to judge anyone harshly. Kind of why I am Liberal and Progressive. I do not mind letting one undeserving pass if it means the other nine deserving are not hindered. I am excessively tolerant, except when I meet intolerance. THAT I cannot abide. Please make the best of the above passage.

            My conclusion: I AGREE with your post on every important point. Let us just bury the hatchet on that.

          56. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Great, I do not have a hatchet to bury. We just have different true life experiences that colored/ gave context to our opinions it should be used as a starting point to learn from each other. If opinions are based on experienced truths , then , that is what we are. None of us is wrong in that.

          57. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I hope you actually read and understood, but it will be as you say.

            Good night. Be well and safe.

          58. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Yes, but that is not Obama’s fault. He did remarkably well to just get this ACA bill to squeak by. Blaming him because he is HALF-black, or is it HALF-white, or because Congress cannot think outside the box, is racism. Not only covert, but overt.

          59. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Oh Vey, Caramba!!!!. You are nit picking, My reference to Obama being half white is to point out the concern of Harry Reid’s concern ” I wonder if he is not Black enough ” for being a candidate, since the Republicans had real” Black candidates as Herman Cain, full blooded as it..

          60. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Let me tell you something that you can dispute, but will never disprove or discredit. The right-wing is absolutely RACIST. Why?

            You see Obama, as a black man that got elected President, as a signal that you will not be the favored elite with a stranglehold on how this country is run. You fear losing some of your privileges, NO sharing those privileges so badly that you will make any excuse for Obama to be bad.

            What you are doing is tempting fate. You are DARING the new majorities to destroy us altogether, with you intolerance.

            Remember, by definition, an “excuse” is a lame reason for doing the WRONG thing.

          61. Leftout January 5, 2014

            The right wing loves Herman Cain, Ben Carson, sometimes Colin Powell and Condie Rice. You racism charges are not founded on any polices of the right, so it seems to me and I am very fair minded….and that trait makes me unafraid of losing privileges that you claim I may lose..

          62. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Finally, you have just given ample evidence that you are a g** d*mned racist of the worst kind. You have slowly divulged this, as I knew you would, because you were too avid to win an argument proving that you weren’t. Especially, when your argument was largely racist.

            No one can help who their parents are. So you hate Obama for being half-white. Whose fault is that and is that not BLACK LETTER RACISM. You hate him for the color of his skin, . . . and because his policies and appointees are bad, because of course, he is HALF-WHITE.

            I will not reason with you further, but I will continue to reply in order to spread the truth about you. Think of the worst insult that I can make to you, and then repeat it over and over, for the rest of your miserable, hateful, RACIST life. You are definitely kitsch!

          63. Leftout January 3, 2014

            I was trying to highlight Harry Reids (Chief Democrat) concern of the Blackness or the Blacklessness of Obama. I do not hate The President, I dislike his “attitude” and policies.

          64. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            You said what you said, as I knew you would eventually. I do not care to converse with another right-wing harassing, trolling, bullying LIAR.

            YOU dislike what you see and hear. THAT is racism. Obama’s problems have never been JUST about normal political differences.

            Obama has probably had the worst reception from any opposing party of ANY peacetime President in our entire history. Wonder why that is?

            Oh, as Leftover said, he is of mixed race.

            Your reasoning is like calling Kennedy names because he was Catholic. except in Obama’s case, it is the color of his skin, and not an ideological difference.

          65. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Wrong you are hell bent on believing yourself and convincing yourself that Obamas is hated because he is Bllack. Why then is Dr. Ben Carson , or Herman Cain held in very high regard by many….., they are non liberals though . I am not sure If you are white or Black, does not matter, even Chris Matthews is obsessed by a similar notion of Obama being hated because he is Black…but he likes to foment incidents.

          66. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            You like those guys because they are the rare “tame darkie” that talks the talk you want to hear. You can assuage your conscience into believing that you are not really racist, because you have a fake facade of respect for a couple of hateful, bigoted, hard-heads.

            THAT IS THE TRUTH. You guys can always stand a couple that act JUST LIKE YOU, and LOOK LIKE YOU in every respect except color, BUT as a whole, you despise persons of color as a group. Probably hate gays, and non-submissive women, and anyone having high intellectual capacity.

            As I said before, you do not strike me as someone that has much real education. Of course, as you were too cowardly to actually say, I can only assume that you are another of those southern rednecks that bummed his way through one of the diploma mills, “down thar.”

            Obama fomenting incidents, BULLSHIT. He has the patience of a saint. I do not know how he has stood all the lies and spin and racial commentary so far. He has continued to down play all the right-wack hate.

            AND the LIES have become legendary. For instance, that car thief, Issa, was on Faux the other day blaming Obama’s administration for HIS failure to analyze Benghazi correctly, because security analysts [NOT OBAMA!] mis-analyzed the original incident.

            Issa, read lies into those statements, now that he has to eat crow, [he never will do so until he gets tossed from office] he is still blaming Obama because he [Issa] read something into a report that was NOT THERE.

            How can you blame everything on Obama . . . oops, you have already admitted that you are a racist. CHECK and MATE.

          67. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Ah, good. You leave yourself open. I admit to being a bigot but not a racist. I am also an expert profiler…it is a hobby of mine, developed from loving in a very diverse community as a child. Bigots are you and me trying to convince the other group that they are schmucks and they should be hated because they are not like us. Those other groups just are unto themselves, like the two political parties. Racism to me is defined by KKK, Robert Byrd by the way, and Hitler who thought only Aryans were the highest form of human. Wars as in Bosnia and Yugoslavia are not racist, they only hate each other for religious differences. John Lennon was right …no borders no religion too..Imagine.
            I do not hate gays, have some in the family…do not like marriage between them…that is non sensical. I love to submit to women…alway a dream of mine, ..since I’m ugly and neanderthalish, i would be considered a 3 bagger/ burka if I was being copulated with. I love intelligent people but truly few can surpass me .i love people of color, some colors have an attitude, that is hostile….. Some are more pleasant.

            You make much effort to characterize me, what do you think my education level is…..hint ?….I am in health care

          68. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I left nothing open, that is your sick ego speaking, and I have no power to “close” it. Your defect and problem. . .

            You are an orderly at a V.A. hospital, though you have no military service.

            At the risk of stirring the pot again, I will point out that your entire post is biased, self-aggrandizing spin designed to boost your damaged ego. As I suggested several times. FIND out what empathy is and consider why you are seriously short in that normal human trait. It rather scares me that you are in health care.

            As I have repeatedly told wingers before, I take the evidence, repeatedly sift it for bias [mine and the writers] and form my opinions from that. You on the other hand, form your opinions and then seek the first “kitsch” bit of evidence you can find to support it. We may be mirror images, but we are 180 degrees out of sync.

            I will only belabor one point, because it is one of the standard LIES in the Pub playbook:

            Senator Byrd is a very distant relative of mine. Very distant, but of course the name recognition is instantaneous. Senator Byrd was a member of the KKK up to the Civil Rights era. He was never associated with any active shenanigans of the KKK, and with all evidence available, he was merely a member of political convenience. During that era almost all southern Democrats defected to. . . Let’s hear it now. Let’s say it together . . . THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, where they still reside today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Robert Byrd, to his credit, and my pride, renounced his membership. As a NON-KKK member he died.

            My own father, as a southerner, war hero, and as white as you can get was “pursued” by the KKK to become a member. They saw him as the perfect white man. On the last occasion they came calling, he in no uncertain terms explained the amount of rock salt and bird shot they were going to pick out of their asses. My dad came from a segregated environment, and that was world he knew. Yet, I can proudly say he was never a racist. Unlike yourself.

            Now when you think about what really happened to your credibility in your post, just think of “angelstinks” avatar.

            I can demolish every false point in your post, I just choose Senator Byrd because his name has been slandered by the LIARS of the right-wing, AND I am tired of listening to LIES.

            Do you belong to the KKK, oh, “southern man”?

            Let us test your historical knowledge. What state had the largest membership of the KKK? That is, at any time or era? I am only trying to prove that I am extremely more knowledgeable and informed, nothing more. So, GUESS!

            I think when all is considered, the problem with you right-wackjobs is simple. Your egos, your self-importance, your deserving of all the cream off the top, makes it easy to rationalize ANYTHING you want to say, no matter what the evidence is, or how offensive. That and the testosterone fueled lack of empathy seems to force you to “run a train” on anyone that gets in your way. I have morals, I am in control of the little head, unlike yourself, where it does most of the thinking. . . . Kind of humorous, don’t you think.

            I’m done. By the way, your apparent attempt at humor was discarded by me when I was in my late teens. You must definitely be a Teanderthal. NOW, that was humor! 🙂

          69. Leftout January 3, 2014

            I recall much KKK activity surprisingly in Winetla , il. A while back. I personally ” hate ” them as racist. Have many Black friends don’t you know. I went to school in the South , being from the North , one time I was not served Gasoline in Ga. For having Northern plates. First experimce with discrimination, personnally . It was amusing I thought but it was late at night and we thought surely we would have been followed and harmed down the road a piece. The South proved to have people very proper, gentlemanly and well educated as opposed to F ..U as you described.they had college preparatory programs that were equivalent to elite Nothern schools, since we were able to pass the boards as all others . My rank humor tends to be ,usually self deprecating, not always.I never grew out of it., did not see avatar… A bit behind the times…angelstink????
            Great historical family you have…no BS.
            I wish we could meet you would find me almost non racist. Orderly in the VA, not . But did go to Med School, worked I the inner city, with poorer and elites as well that paid the bills for all of us salaried staff .

          70. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Leftovers said, “I do not hate Obama for this good program [ACA], if he would just call me, i can help, since i am totally unbiased.”

            He should call you, an admitted racist that hates him. You can help, you uneducated redneck. You are totally UNBIASED!


            Geez, what venue are you having your show at. I want tickets. You ARE hilarious!

            AND dude, you obviously do not read at the high school level. [Sorry to smart sixth graders, everywhere.] If you really are an upper level government worker, you give ALL government workers a bad name.

          71. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You cannot judge fairly, for you do not see any of those “diverse groups” as people with hopes, wishes, and dreams. That is, you do not see them as people, BUT as extensions of your own EGO.

          72. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Again you are using imaginative mischaracterizations to attribute to me, a kind loving , fair person. You want me to be argumentative and nasty but i am so pure of heart it is not possible.

          73. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You truly are a Teanderthal living in a cave. What planet are you from. I work with a guy like you, but unlike you, he is basically decent. His idea is, everyone that has a problem should just shut-up. When YOU get silence, then you are entirely happy regardless of the truth of the situation. Of course, these individuals will never have a right to complain in your world, and YOUR peace will always prevail.. That is, as long as you get all the special treatment.

            That guy I work with, he will always be a Repub. He claims to vote for the best candidate in every election. Yet, in 20 years, he has only voted for one Democrat, HIS nephew!

            Dude, choosing the candidate with the “R” by their name, one at a time, is still STRAIGHT TICKET voting.

          74. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I did the same and voted for my uncle. But I also vote R. We agree on everything else

          75. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            If the child could read he is already facing hurtful comments. Leave the child alone. He’ll have enough to worry about without your contrived concern for his future well being.

          76. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Really, you keep insulting yourself with your ignorance and lies. Why not try a New Year’s resolution of flying off the Golden Gate?

            If all I could do was disrupt and contrive to be disagreeable, I would find something more pleasant to do. Or at least, do it somewhere else.

            Why don’t you hang around in a group that likes and respects you? Let’s see, . . . hmmm . . . .

          77. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Russell Byrd wrote:“Why not try a New Year’s resolution of flying off the Golden Gate?”

            This comment breaches anti-bullying laws in several states. Funny you would suggest suicide. I fell like ending it all whenever you enter the room.

          78. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            In light of your activities, the thought and phrase are not actionable. YOU have bullied in this blog every time you have appeared. So, I have no fear.

            I think, like the Wicked Witch of the West, that you should keep your eye on the sky. Someone may soon drop a house on you. Now, that was just meant figuratively. 🙂

            As for ending it all when I enter the room, PLEASE DO. Finally, we are in total agreement.

            By the way, as a LIAR, I guess you will blame me for your own misdeeds, but you are the one that has 50? 100? times claimed to be done with me. BUT you never stop.

            I DO realize that is a tactic of a total coward trying to assuage “its” desire to always have the last, abusive word. Yet, It still is a lie!

        2. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          On further review, it seems I might have over reacted to the stooge’s racist implication. The same ‘joke’ is popping up all over the net. Many seem think it is ‘funny’ to mock Romney for being white. Maybe I just need to leave the black-face humor of the past behind and join in on the progressive’s brand of intolerance. Nah.

          1. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            While angeldink just wants an apocalyptic future of hate and pain. How can someone feel he follows Christ’s teachings and swallow all that right-wack rot.

          2. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            You mean, join in with the right-wing bigot racists in a lame attempt to spin uncanny observation and a sense of humor into more right-tard conspiracy and propaganda.

      2. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

        I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. I think they’re just oblivious morons.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          Yep, the morons that fashioned the Obamacare template.

          1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

            And then when he ran in 2012 pretended it was all a bad dream. Mitt ran away from his only real achievement like his ass was on fire.

          2. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            I have always considered Romneycare like this. He did not really want it, but he was decent enough to know it was right.

            What the deciding factor was, he knew it was going to happen in Massachusetts sooner or later, whether he fought it or not. In other words, he made the best of a bad [for the elites] situation. He got credit instead of going down as a villian.

          3. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

            In 2007 he was planning on making it the centerpiece of his campaign. He thought it had put him on the national map even more than the Olympic nonsense did.

            Then his party was driven insane by a black guy in the White House and he had to pretend his gold medal was a turd. I’ll bet he still cries himself to sleep at night over the unfairness of it all.

            Ha ha.

          4. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Well said!

          5. Allan Richardson January 2, 2014

            But in 2012 he played down the credit; pulled an “Alan Smithie” on his health care plan.

            *Film people who fear a movie is bad for their reputation, or for some other reason do not want to be associated with it, have their names in the credits replaced by “Alan Smithie.” I do not know whether female stars use “Alana Smithie.”

          6. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            I know it is true of both sides, but this seems to be the stock in trade of Repubs. I guess when you have near [and actual] idiots foaming at the mouth with hatred as part of your base, you have to really work distancing yourself from anything. Sort of Machiavellian, where you must appear to be everything to everybody, all at the same time. I do not pity Repubs, but they have a tough road to follow.

            On another note, Ron Liebman tried to do an “Alan Smithie” with “Up the Academy.” Very juvenile, and tasteless, but the movie was somewhat entertaining. [I saw it on cable.] He got turned down. I guess “MAD,” or was it “Lampoon” paid out the butt for his services, and they were not going to let him off the hook for the release. I always liked Liebman, but he should have known from his dialogue where the movie was headed.

          7. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            As always, OFF-TOPIC and FLAGGED.

          8. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Good to see the Cocoa Puffs contigent represented. Compliments to you Mr Byrd for following the sign on the door, Trolls with Flags Enter Here.

          9. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Pray tell, sh*thead. What flag ARE you flying in here?

            I could make a great claim to belonging here. I harass no one, EXCEPT the harassers.

            On the other hand, you are a troll by definition. You do not belong here and have no First Amendment rights to make it so.

            Do not confuse the failure to eject you for day in, day out trolling, with some ingrained rights.

          10. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Compliments on your tenacity and wit.

          11. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            What tenacity and wit. The cowardly bastard is not only bat-sh*t crazy, but a coward to boot. “Angelstink” deleted that pack of threatening lies to hide the evidence of its devious, evil insanity.

            AND you think that is tenacity and wit. It left you with a hanging comment that makes you look like an idiot.

          12. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Did not know at first to whom you were referring to as “Angelstink” . You are witty also by the way. She? Has tenacity for being able to take on your barbs. Did not see her pack of lies. Would you like to recite one for me so that I can appraise it for you since I am most fair. Try me.

          13. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Your “witty” friend actually asked me to type . . . more . . . slowly . . . so . . . the . . . moderators . . . could . . . catch . . . the . . . “threats” . . . I . . . was . . . making.

            All the while it is threatening me and demanding that I quit replying to it, even though, like you, IT will not leave me in peace.

            I am an avid reader of the Memo. I agree with many of the facts that are presented. If all I wanted to do was ALWAYS disagree, and argue, and lie, I would go where that was welcome. If anyone has a right to be here, IT’S ME!!!!! Not you trolls and lying bullies.

          14. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I come here to learn, otherwise it would preaching to the choir. I said I have altered my political voting habits depending on a candidates message. I have lately been voting moderately right +.

        2. Leftout January 1, 2014

          I call my dog Spotty, because he/she is, Some people call me Whitey.

          1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

            Some people are too stupid to come up with good names.

            Spotty? Really? Are you 4 years old?

          2. Leftout January 1, 2014

            I calls’im , as I sees’im. , a spotted beagle it was….could not name it ” Whitey”. It would have been stupid. Could have named it Obama…a little this …..a little that and none of much. Speaking of names, sir, you certainly provide an interesting trichotomy.

          3. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            I notice, you always refer to the child as “it.”

            Consider this, if the Obama’s adopted a white child and named “IT” Casper, what would his detractors say. One can well imagine the apoplexy that would follow. Talk of revolution and death threats would be epidemic. So, you compare that to “Liberal” carping. Get a brain!

            Let’s put the “contrived argument” answer a different way. YOU do not have a platform to post on. ONLY the will to post AND disagree. This makes you dangerously close to being another “angelfromhell.”

          4. Leftout January 2, 2014

            “it” bad habit, all children are its to me. I mentioned a Black woman on Weather Channel, her name is Ebony, a beautiful specimen , oooops , person at that. What do you say to that, she is far from intimidated and handles herself with aplomb and elegance.

          5. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            We are not engaging in a conversation where I am at all interested in your petty foibles. I point it out as evidence of your defective view of the world.

            Now RACISM. . . YOU feel the need to appear non-racist by bringing up Ebony to show that you are totally fair minded. From an interrogation point of view, you are throwing me a “red herrring.” Now, Ebony is beautiful and conducts herself with aplomb and elegance. What is your point? How does her “aplomb,” etc. make you any less of an a**. Really, what is your point. I bet ten minutes with you and she would show a lot less grace.

            Again, what is the point.

            You even blew the attempt at being “PC” as well.

            You impress and fool no one.

          6. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I am never politically correct, it is my way of showing hypocracies . I am not a racist, My point with Ebony is that she was named after a beautiful black material, that is reflected in her as the Beauty of being Black is expressed in the name Kieran. It shows that ms Harris Perrys’ motives were mockery rather then enjoying the name for Romneys adopted daughter. The she apologized, showing that she was a bit over the top. Some others, Mr Ross , thought that this was a terrible burden for a child to carry. I say it is not , since we are all better and accepting of each other in these modern times with diversity and multi culturism.

          7. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Yes, Mr. Racist, she was named by BLACK parents who were proud of their child and their “blackness.” You are too stupid to realize that you have proven, repeatedly, exactly what you claim you are not.

            Worse, if you actually read and comprehend my words, “Ebony” is not even on topic to the discussion. It is superfluous fluff, wasting bandwidth.

            I have been gently trying to nudge you into understanding this, but you refuse to read and think. You are fascinated with winning against what you see as an unwashed heathen. Sorry, but I do not owe you an apology for your racist and ignorance.


          8. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I do not consider you an unwashed heathen unless you are a Moslem terrorist.

            Ebony named by black parents, it does not matter if your parents are black or white…you fail to see. It is the Beauty of the name and most people are not so segregating/ discriminating as you. Young people today do not care of these old misconceptions and hatreds of antiquity. In a few more generations we will all have multi copulated and be mixed as all of NYC. We could not make ethnic jokes anymore…what a boring world.

          9. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            No, you fail to see the problem with your own mental midget analogy. Ebony and her BLACK parents, and growing up in a family that, at best, was likely lower middle-class, is not the same as the elite, near royalty of the white Romney’s adopting a black child.

            For the third time, what if the Obama’s adopted a white child and named him CASPER. We would not be worrying about carping, left-wing rhetoric, but talk of murder and treason, and parades of guns, and skinheads, and calling Obama names, and much, much worse.

            If you cannot answer, pack it in. This is the third time I have asked. And continue to make all the ethnic jokes you want, but if you do so in public, expect to be righteously slammed.

            Russ 2 runs, 4 hits, and no errors, Leftover 0 runs, 0 hits, 3 errors.

          10. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Thanks for all the “up” votes. When a dishonest racist individual gives absolutely impeccable logic down vote, it is the same as a positive.

            YOU MAKE ME PROUD!

          11. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I’ve given you up votes. Some one else mentioned votes, the person actually counts them. Does one get a prize of some sort…no answer required.

          12. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You will get an answer anyway, since you cannot keep still.

            You totally lack READING COMPREHENSION. Even on a three sentence post.

            I do not care to count “votes.” As with having a “win” or the last word, it is not important to me. However, it is an indication that I am doing something right when you snipe at me with a down vote, when you have no functional, truthful argument. . .

            Your token “up” vote now, is laughable, however, I will thank you for it.

          13. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I almost never give any down votes, instead I make a statement if interested. I give you yes votes for responding.

          14. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I am not here for the last word. Ebony was a person used as a comparison against Kieran. Both are beautiful for the beauty of Black.and are ok and acceptable by all non racist anyway. Evidently Ms Harris-Perry used the incident to mock and apologized .

          15. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Actually, she was being gracious. Ms. Harris-Perry did not commit that much of an uproar with her comments. Only people interested in stirring racial hatreds were offended by what she said. She was very complimentary to the child, and only brought up something that is sure to come up again. FAUX Noise would still be running it in the ground until the end of Obama’s term, if the Obama’s had named a white child they adopted the same way.

            That proves again your racism. You cannot see the obvious, AND do not care too.

            I have three times explained the problem with your Ebony analogy. An individual that was not racist would have known not to bring up such a ridiculous idea at all. Apparently, you continue proving your lack of reading skills.

          16. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Is there any one out there that can give you a swift kick in the butt for me on this issue. I see nothing wrong in this name PERIOD. you and Mr Ross are the problems with this non acceptance . Amen.

          17. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            I am truly sorry to say more, but just a friendly nudge. Mr. Ross and I do/did/will not want to argue with you if you just get the truth of our point.

            Once again, why should you be right when we can coherently, if rudely, explain why we see the situation as we do. Again, saying you are right will never make you right. You must be right to be perceived as right.

            Apologies for bending my promise to you. I do not mean to anger you, but I cannot abide the forcing of misinformation and misconception on other people.


          18. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            The crying shame is, you already had the last word and had technically “won.” I wished you peace and goodwill, ate the end. Yet, you had to send your smart-aleck questions to my inbox the next day. That was doubly impertinent as the problems were really of your own devising, and frailties.

            I merely am trying to demonstrate my resolve in dealing with what appears to be another unreasonable troll.

          19. Michael Ross January 1, 2014

            But you’re old enough to tell someone to suck it if you decide you’ve had enough of that. Kieran can’t even talk yet.

          20. Leftout January 1, 2014

            Ooh oh. I am missing your point, please elaborate. Thanks.

          21. Michael Ross January 1, 2014

            Missing my point? Or feigning ignorance because you’ve got nothing else.

            You’re an adult. You can speak for yourself. If you feel it’s discriminatory for someone to call you “Whitey,” you can tell them so.

            The Romney grandchild, on the other hand, is still a baby. The most she can do to protest her name is force one of them to change her diaper.

          22. Leftout January 1, 2014

            Ah. Thanks, But in our spirit of multi culturism and diversity and inclusiveness , we should have learned that being Black is beautiful…and it is and we should be proud …most liberals surely understand this and are accepting as all others as well. I am called Whitey” because I have had very pale , white,blond hair. And do not mind.

          23. Michael Ross January 2, 2014

            Don’t confuse accepting diversity and practicing inclusiveness with assigning everyone a label based on their race.

            By giving her that name in that family, the Romneys might as well have named her “Token black girl.” It signifies that her race isn’t just part of what defines her, it’s the ONLY thing that defines her, at least as far as the Romney clan is concerned.

          24. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I look at it differently, by naming her Schwartz, or Kieran is just innocent and ok, it shows that they are not afraid of the “beauty” of “Black”. We should not be concerned with the name either. My nieces’ name is Cheenie, she happens to be half Chinese , Nick name given by her mother. They both are proud of their heritage. In the olde days people were named from whence the.came or did. ” Dakota kid, James baker ,
            Crudup, Blanca .

          25. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Have you ever thought that “Cheenie” is actually not a good name for your niece, regardless of your mother’s love for her.

            Most kids that have names like that will do anything to escape them in school. AND, will never mention them as an adult. The only people that will ever call her that will be her family. AND I bet, she will tolerate that, even though she would like to tell you all where to go.

            MORAL: This is not about you. This is another person’s life that you have no right to tell them how to live.

          26. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            So what you are really saying is you are going to contrive a reason to continue to disagree, even when you have proved to be an ignorant fool, because there is no penalty to do so.

            I need facts and a reason to post. I suspect Mr. Ross does too. If I acted as ignorant and morally bankrupt as the average Teaturd, I would be embarrassed, regardless of the inablility of the audience to smack my face.

            Obviously, NOT so with you!

          27. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I see no penalties associated with what I said . What is wrong with naming a child Kieran? If we are all open and accepting and have no malice. What does Tea party have to do with this. I did not contrive any story. ….what is a contrivance from your perspective?

          28. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            You’re kidding, right? You did not offer any real response, either to Mr. Ross or myself. You just continue to disagree, for whatever reason.

            Do we have to get back to the foundation of this OFF-topic discussion. THE Romney’s named their adopted child a name that calls direct attention to the fact that it is black. This smacks of the rich white family adopting a black child as a “token” statement of their racial open-mindedness. Unfortunately, this smacks of insincerity, and looks like a political tool. So whether the Romney’s adopted for the most altruistic reasons, people will always be reminded of this everytime the child is discussed. That is a tragedy.

            Really, right-wackos see conspiracies everywhere. They just can’t get wrapped around the idea that their destructive attitudes are seen for what they truly are.

            Think about this. The Republiturd party has operated on a platform of denying rights and opportunities to minorities and the poor. I will not argue that sad truth. When a candidate like Romney pandered to the far-right for votes, why would we automatically believe that this adoption is even for any good reason at all, except to make them more palatable to minorities. Unfortunately, Romney POLICIES still suck, so that motivation is amateur at best.

            Now, in my view, I hope the child is very happy and has a good life. She should as she has an opportunity that few, of any race, is ever given.

            CONTRIVED argument. Yes, you are grasping at straws to continue to disagree.

          29. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Not kidding. You are making assumptions ..based on your own experiences …that Romney did this for political reasons. He is not ever running again so what does he care. You take exceptions to a black child being tormented. I say modern people do not care of such things, it is like naming a black girl Ebony. …Weather Channel person….a hot one at that. I assure she was not intimidated by her . Explain that one. I think you and Mr Ross may have a problem with acceptance. Now even Ms Her- ass Perry is apologizing. This is ridiculous. Both parties pander to their elements, what is else is new….wish they would eliminate the branding and vote for issues and move onto another. Republican denying rights to poor etc. is another topic….but some of the poor are slaves to themselves and are comfortable at it. …another topic

          30. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            If you were a government employee, then you were indeed ripping the taxpayer off. Of course, it being YOU, you have a right to do so! Correct?

            Now, I am not kidding, nor am I making assumptions. If you had reasonable intelligence and near normal reading skills, you would realize that is not what I said at all. My comments were merely a study in contrast to show why some see this as they do. I never accused the Romney’s of anything. Purely hypothetical.

            The only thing I tried to do was explain the problem. You don’t agree, because as a self-sufficient [read: self-important] right-wacko, you do not need a real reason to trod on the feelings and ideas of others. Let everyone else “eat cake.”

            I will repeat for you this. What if the Obama’s adopted a white child and named him Casper. Only a total idiot and liar would deny that we would go from “Liberal” carping to right-wack death threats and threats of revolution. Enough said!

          31. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Why would I rip them off, I was being paid and a good worker.
            ” let everyone eat cake” was an interesting response from an individual who was about to be beheaded. I do not need a reason to trounce on people since I am self reliant? Do the two go together, and who did I trounce, another wishful characterization that does not exist. Also I am not self important, humility is my greatest virtue. In real life I am indistinguishable from crap.

          32. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            You need to learn a little history. Marie said that long before she was looking at the Guillotine.

            “I do not need a reason to trounce on people since I am self reliant?” I guess you really do not need a reason, at least not in your own mind. You really are not very good at this, are you?

            You have not demonstrated any humility since you have arrived. Again, for the reading impaired, you have not demonstrated any humility since you have arrived. I will not comment on your last line, but really, who are you then, master or servant. You tell two different tales as convenience dictates.

          33. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Thanks i do wear glasses, Did not check time line on Marie’s comment, knew she was out of touch with her subjects. Thought it was amusing that she thought she was amusing with a riot going on outside. I never trounced on anyone still. Master or servant? I am a servant to my master and servants are my master… We are one in purpose….working together.

          34. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            So do I, but I still can read. So can I infer that you do not know any history, but as a good right-wacko, you just ad lib what you need as you go along.

            Think about this. Your program will eventually lead to the exact same situation that Marie Antoinette found herself into.
            Elites that pay little or no taxes, compared to their income, and a teeming mass of impoverished proles that have no real hope at all.

          35. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I do know history and I am aware of the French Revolution. And we may be near, hopefully congress can improvise some way of creating jobs for people so that they can participate in their destinies.

          36. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            The right-wingers in Congress are not interested in helping anyone except the rich. “Hopefully.” Now that does make me angry. Anyone with any sense knows nothing will happen except a continuation of the program to destroy the poor, enhance the rich, and destroy our President that, strangely, just happens to be black. NOOOOOOO! No racism in that, right!

            You disgust me. You know history like I know the inside of a particle accelerator.

          37. Leftout January 2, 2014

            You love to wallow in your own hatreds. Obama is not disliked because he is Black. His policies are not right, his advisors are not knowledgeable in creating jobs, since most were only well trained Stanford graduates…with little mangement experience.
            Obama, Van jones, Susan Rice, Condie Rice, Eric Holder, Colin Powell, and the great Dr. Ben Carson and other successful Blacks should get out there and help particularly their own people and show them how to get up to their level through education and proper attention to family values.

          38. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Oddly, I only hate obtrusive, trolling, lying, racist, bigoted people like you. I get along well with everyone that is not interested in shoving bullying bullsh*t down my throat.

            Your second sentence is patently untrue. As well, the worst Presidents this nation ever had, had business backgrounds. Government is NOT a business. It is about ruling the nation and caring for its people. Believe what you will, but briefly, that is what the truth is.

            As well, major analysis of the business world have always shown a lack of leadership, not a surplus. They stumble through a system that works to make them even more successful. Even business leaders complain about their MBA candidates. Business schools do NOT teach leadership skills, regardless of how much they go on about it. I guess you can’t teach what a person is not capable of. Only hone it.

            I always believed in, AND always did, lead by example. That is not something you see much of in the right-tard capitalist world.

            The end of your post is just showing your a** and YOUR RACISM.

          39. Leftout January 2, 2014

            How can suggesting that people help each other be called racism, I am certainly bigoted, in that I want everyone to be successful and I hate laggards in this regard, I have tried to be a hands on leader in this regard.i agree that MBA s are often too theoretical to be any use. But if you combine MBA and work experience than you have it. Obama and his advisors have no work experience, anywhere , ever.

          40. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Helping others is not what you have suggested. Your theme is change things to be like you want them, “let them eat cake,” and may God help them and sort out the dead. Well, you did not say anything about God helping them.

            The trouble with you people is, you all claim to be TOO deserving. You all claim to have worked hard for your bread. Now you not only deserve your bread for doing nothing, but you need a cut of mine as an extra incentive and reward.

            Face the truth. You, like many right-wackjobs, may accept the “token” darkie, but you want them out of your world as a whole. You neither want to improve the lot of others less well off, nor do you even want to know about those “unwashed” masses.

            Just your continued posting kind of proves my point. You are not only proving nothing, but you are working like a maggot to prove me correct. All the while LYING that you are not. Or is it self-delusion,

          41. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Aha. I do not want your bread, as a one time baker I gave out bread to those who needed it. True we have a token darkie as you say in the WH. As suggested by Harry Reid he may can a full breed Black, if this one works out. At leas the republicans had full time Black ones like Herman Cain , Bem Carson. We as non liberals want to free the Biden like shackles on Blacks so that they can have jobs and no longer have to be slaves to handouts from liberals. I am working like a maggot to open the synapses in your one neuron so that there will be one brain wave elaborated that is not based on hatred.
            There are suicide assistance centers, but I do not want to give you their number. Do you teach journalism at Columbia.

          42. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Sorry, that was purely rhetorical. Thanks for confirming your racism.

            Again, I am not the hateful one here. I am only judging those that judge biasedly, and with malice. At this moment, that happens to be you.

            Really, you are a textbook case in how a closeted, Lee Atwater racist thinks. In your case, you are even dumb enough to let the “cat out of the bag.” You need to start being a little more secretive in your racism.

            You want to free Blacks from the Biden like shackles? History again. You had four hundred years and you failed miserably. You failed without even an attempt at trying.

            Massa Leftout, what are we chillins gonna do when we gits our freedom. Where are all those jobs? Pray tell. No joke, where are all those jobs? Where will they come from? Economic evidence demonstrates that Capitalists work harder when profits are slimmer and risk is higher. NOT the situation in America, and with your BS, it will only get a lot worse.

            By the way, I do work for government in a similar situation that YOU CLAIM to be in. So, snow jobs will not work to good on me.

            As to suicide assistance centers, please do call one. I am not the imbalanced one here. You are the neurotic mental midget in this discussion. Once again, you bring up something I never broached and make it a topic of discussion.

            I wonder if you are not just “angelsh*t” using a new avatar. That one is the one going on about suicide.

          43. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Once again, you can accept a solitary black man, IF he talks mean, acts like a hard-a** white man, and shares your views. Especially, if he looks just like your IDEAL of the perfect black man. Yet, as a group, you despise anyone not like you, or with your views. Your hatred potentially encompasses 85%+ of the population.

          44. Leftout January 3, 2014

            You are making up a world to justify your hatred. You must get out and broaden your friendships. I feel pain for your angst. Have a nice evening.

          45. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            A hateful racist makes claims of hateful racism.

            I do not care. You are a racist and you do hate just about everyone.

            Have a nice evening. THAT was your third send-off and I KNOW you will be back. What can I expect from someone that LIES as a vocation to “win” discussion.

            YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. Unlike yourself, I am not interested in “winning” the unattainable, as you are. I do not leave a trail of bloody discussions behind me. I am only here FOR YOU, and your ilk. That is why I am so hated.

            You will not find me all over the map. Check my profile. Except for some banter, you will not find me as a trolling rash all over the net.

            Please continue. I am on sick leave now. “Angelsh*t” could not handle the pressure with me taking care of elderly family and working full-time. Now, I have nothing else to do for weeks. Please continue with your nonsense.

          46. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Been there hope all gets better for your family, let me know if you need medical advice. Good evening.

          47. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Leftout LIES for the fourth time, “i’m leaving. I really am. I’m gone. I’m going too.”

            No decent person will miss you when your hateful, racist malarkey is gone.

            I ask you another question that you will not answer. I called you what you are, but what is your version of what you are trying to accomplish?

            I know you MUST win, but for me, all I must do is resist. How is your BS going to work in that situation?

          48. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            What world did I make up? Yours is just the usual tactic of the morally and intellectually bankrupt to deflect the discussion with a “red herring.”

            Earlier, you pulled a one in 300+ million question about me teaching at Columbia. I don’t, but I would have loved to. Odds were pretty long on that one. Worse than the lottery.

            By the way, where did you say you went to school? I went to IU, as a bit of advanced quid pro quo. Unarguably, one of the best public institutions in the nation. Of course, go ahead and argue, I know what is true and you will not matter.

            I am betting on the Federal University of Central Kentucky. Good ole F . . . U.

          49. Leftout January 3, 2014

            I worship no corporate types, Romney et.al. do as they are trained to do. I am my own person, did not look for that benefit, but it happened, A surgeon does what he does and if competent, he becomes wealthier and seem to enjoy the fruits of this in his life time, and many are very charitable.
            IU a great school, and it is obvious that you attended classes to polish off your rough spots. …..but you are still angry and assume I am a figment of what you expect me to be be. I went to one school in the South, 3 graduate schools in the NE….worked my way through over an inordinate amount of time…but I loved it. My reference to Columbia is that you would be well suited to their Journalism program, as compared to Boston Univ. a more balanced approach to reporting truths with not much spin. They do teach spin techniques however.

          50. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Sorry, I have never been angry except in one respect. Trolls that come here to disrupt conversation and destroy the continuity of any thread they can worm their poison into. You seem to be ill-suited for that role, but you seem to be working for that singular honor.

            “Angelstink” for instance, thinks you are “the bee’s knees.” Though it may have occurred anyway, you can thank our “angel” for our entire encounter. “It” [as it occasionally gender bends when it is suitable] comes here
            regularly to stir up as much crap as possible. It is always looking for
            an ally to use [yes, “use” in every sense] in its self-pitying blame
            game of how its rights are being infringed by anyone that replies to it in kind.

            I rarely post, except in response to lying, bullying trolls such as angel. It has sworn, without exaggeration, 50-100 times to never respond to me again. Yet, it will continue to make back to back posts, all the while swearing that it will never acknowledge me again. As you also did!

            Three days ago, this “culture warrior” decided to plaster posts in another blog that I had made over two weeks ago. “It” cannot rest without the sacred LAST WORD. The long and the short of it is, everywhere this “garbage” goes there is a trail of abuse and lies, and threats. Then, as angel has in here, it posts some vacuous threat of some sort of action because it is being abused.

            I have reasoned with all the trolls. I have always told them the truth. You had your say, you are not necessarily entitled to the last word. As I have always said about my motivation, “I destroy the joy.” “Angel” MUST have the last word, I am only interested in denying angel its perverted pleasures. Angel is trying to destroy this blog because it is on some sick crusade. And I DO mean sick.

            If we consider that posting profile that “angel” is always claiming to be going to use against me, you will find very little. I do not post on any regular basis. In fact, I mostly post when a troublemaker like “angel” gets my attention with their BS. “Angel,” on the other hand, is like a rash all over these blogs.

            Angel is always threatening “flagging” or reporting because it is being harassed. I point out the obvious. Go to whatever hell hole it crawled out of . . . problem solved. Yet, it truly believes it has a right to harass others with impunity.

            The only real threat I have ever made to angel is to point out that “its” behavior would certainly be fatal if it came out from its anonymity and accosted people that way in public.
            Now, I am in the process of sending off a complaint to the National Memo. I am not bothering with Disqus. They are a right leaning sham of a moderation group.

            I know, I have in the past read some of the right-wing blogs that Disqus moderates. In many of those groups even saying “damn” will get your post deleted. Without notice! BUT I can threaten to kill someone or attack someone for their race or orientation, etc., and they do nothing.

            National Memo supplies the “product” we consume. It is in their interest to remove such as “angel” {and a number of others]. If they do not, this place will, NO HAS, degenerated into a right-wing cesspool. Regardless of anyone’s perceptions of their rights, no one has the right to cause that kind of disruption. If Memo disagrees with me, FINE. I have already renounced my subscription to them anyway.

            A number of scientific and educational sites have already closed all public response due to RIGHT-wing disruption. The right-wackos are bent on destroying anything that they do not agree with. Even if it kills us all, or destroys our nation in the end.

            Finally, c a r e f u l l y consider this. If I lose posting privileges for standing up to bullies, then I can still read the blog as a guest. IF “angel” loses posting priviledges, then “it” is finished. Angel does not read the articles anyway. “It” just comes here to harass, bully, disrupt, disagree, and TROLL. “Angel’s” version is, it has rights that the rest of us do not have. I have seen too many good posters leave already, yet “angel” remains to continue to damage Memo’s product and consumers. Memo will have to chose at some point.

            Now, I have tried very briefly to be totally honest and candid with you. Yes briefly, as I could write a small book on what is happening here. I do not expect you to agree with me, but if you have that empathy that you claim that you have, you will understand what the problem is with our history of abusive, bullying, I must have my say, I must have the last say, and I must have the only say, Trolls.

            Good day. . . .

          51. Leftout January 3, 2014

            You argue well, except for one thing……racism. Angel likes to tweak/ twerk and get a rise. Even Whathesaid has a sense of humor……On rare occasion . He is relentless on perceived abusers, he seems to own the site.

          52. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Your post lacks a sensible element. You are talking rhetorically about things not even brought up.

            As well, I have countered every one of your points. Sometimes much to any normal persons embarrassment. Yet, in your perceived rights of always being correct, even when you make no sense, you continue.

            Angelstink is a dangerous loony. For a long time I would have agreed with you, but doing evil, and passing it off as good, is the view of sick minds. A normal troll would not be writing such “official” sounding missives [actually, groundless threats that have always been spurned by me. IT is too stupid and mentally damaged to see the light. So engage yourself in a close friendship with that nut. You are a good fit for one another. BUT really, watch your back. It has no real loyalty except to its evil inner voices.

            AND again, it looks like I was right about you from the start. You do have no empathy, which is frighteningly common in males of the ultra-right persuasion. I think you should look it up. I know you won’t, as you are too busy being an ass.
            Ditto, for Lee Atwater.

            Racism, . . . as I have repeatedly said, YOU admitted to that. It is in the permanent record. Sorry.

            As for sense of humor, I have used a considerable sense of humor where, like your plantation joke, you have just been disgusting and distasteful. Yet, I do realize you do not see the sense of humor. As with most of your kind, you cannot conceive of anything that does not agree with your exalted view of yourself.

            Like UNBIASED, dude you are a dictionary definition of BIAS. Can you not see, you racist piece of trash.

            Once again, you do not address anything I actually said, but just one little blurb about something you think I might have suggested.

            Like I have told you twice before, I am just here to “destroy the joy.” Destroy YOUR joy.

            As the history of my posts indicate. You are not even happy when someone is kissing your ass. You need total submission, the last word, and the only right to speak. ALL in a blog that is obviously unwelcome to you and full of people that despise you.

            Well, I will be at my computer for some time. I will just add you to the list of abusive asshole trolls that are jerking the guts out of the Memo’s blogs.

            So post away, you will NEVER get what you desire.

            As for arguing well, yes, that has been a trait associated with me by other posters. Of course, my competitor was not up to snuff, which makes it a lot easier, but less interesting.

            Once again, OBVIOUSLY, you are the one that has been angry. You still are. On the other hand, I think you are a joke. “A legend in your own mind.” If you were not, you would have already packed it in.

            As to my motivations, I have given you the truth more than once, while you give out snow jobs [or was that “blow”]. Humor, humor, 🙂

            You are sick. Do you realize that for over 24 hours we are the only ones here? See, you have to “win.” You are used to bullying and bashing people, and cannot understand why you are getting no where with me. ALL I have to do is respond to your foolish rot. Nothing more, nothing less.

            Have a real bad evening! 🙂

          53. Leftout January 3, 2014

            You are absolutely correct, I now see myself most clearly. What one thing conclusively made you think I was a racist. I tried to hide it but failed.

          54. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I cannot fathom if you are serious or not, after our earlier exchanges. So, I will take it as an honest query in good spirit.

            Your “nick.” Though, I noticed several other posters were a little confused by it at first, as was I. We did not want to pre-judge until we “mapped out the land.” I speak only of my own observations and not from any conversation with anyone else.

            Your intention to argue a point that is, at best, of no real importance to anyone. Comment, certainly. Devote an entire group of posts to it, worthless.

            The fact that you pushed a point repeatedly by skirting the entire crux of the matter, for no good purpose.

            The fact, with the above sentence, that you kept insinuating arcane information into the discussion. That was deflecting the entire point.

            I could go on, but someone that argues for no factual reason, and continues to do so even after every avenue has been closed, that argues when their is nothing to be gained, has another agenda that they have not mentioned. Of course, bringing Obama off-topically into the conversation was kind of a dead give-away.

            You can hate me, and I do not pretend to be perfect, but I was honest with you from start to finish. I may not always be, but generally, you count on that in every post I make.

            “Angel” never has gotten that.

          55. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Fair enough. I try and clarify statements if I feel them not clear enough, or not getting through. I tend to mix a bit of obfuscating satire too much and lead to confusion.

            Till next time.

          56. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Actually, the best reason of all. YOU ADMITTED IT!

          57. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Not possible

          58. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Sorry, YOU DID ADMIT IT, after deny it for some time. Before, you did admit to being a bigot, then took that back. Then, you admitted to being a racist. Then without any introduction or explanation you gave it a spin to bigotry again. Then you had the nerve to ask me how I caught on to your racism so fast. Which I answered with at least two reasons.

            It is part of the record of this blog and cannot be disputed. You do not even have a speck of “plausible deniability.”

            YOU ARE CAUGHT RED-HANDED. Why fuss, we both know you are a racist. Just like 80% of the Rebuplitards. You just try to do as much damge as possible covertly. Your ilk just gets irrationally angry when we see you doing so. We are not supposed to be smart enough to know, according to your high priced handlers and talking heads.

            Look up Lee Atwater, like I asked, or shut it. Any low-life scum can lie about their dirty deeds. Criminals do it all the time.

          59. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I admit to bigotry as I described , I hate laggards that do not put out, when I know that they can do better. There are some that can never be mainstreamed due to severe physical or mental challenges, but these should be rare and and we must all be their care takers.
            I know about Lee Atwater and his brain tumor affecting his decision making. ….he is dead. It is now.

          60. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You know, you are as sick as that neurotic angelstink. Can’t quit, can you. Even after you stirred all this sh*t back up. YOU CANNOT EVEN FACE THE SIMPLEST TRUTH. Truth to you is whatever lie you can tell that you happen to fancy at any given moment. Not only do you lie, but your lies change at will.

            You obviously do not know much about Lee Atwater. Or maybe you do. You seem to be a ideal practitioner of his disguised racism techniques. He apologized about that, by the way, before he died.

          61. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Another good reason. The extended rant about Obama being of mixed race. Something that he had no control over.

            Don’t you see. That is the ultimate exposure of your entire mantra. You just happened to be born a member of the “master race.”

            As I told you, no one has a choice on how they came into this world. Therefore, carrying on about ANY skin color, IS racist by definition.

          62. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            It is easier to argue if ones argument is founded on truth and fact. As well, having to hide that monkey on your back of irrational hatred and racism, gives one a handicap.

            So, it IS much easier for me.

          63. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I love it. You are so wrapped up with the ” Racsim ” thing. It takes away from your credibility. You would be great on MSNBC.
            Racism to me is serious business, as what occurred in Germany,WWII , during relatively modern times.

          64. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            . . . and is still a problem to this day. I have, for any practical purpose, proven beyond any doubt, NOT only reasonable doubt, but any doubt that you are racist. YOUR OWN WORDS CONVICTED YOU REPEATEDLY, but you want to keep lying and trolling until you get a submission.

            Do you know how many times that has happened with me? Guess.

            You lack any credibility whatsoever, by continuing to belabor a moot point.

            Dude, I do not accost the innocent. NEVER. I only take pleasure in discomfiting bullies, such as yourself.

            We can do this for a year if you wish. The ability to stop this has always been in your power.

          65. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Sorry, they do not teach spin techniques. They teach how to logically analyze data and compose articles.

            Of course, to a right-wing hater of truth, any fact is automatically spin. I am sure you think the Faux Noise boiler rooms are learning centers for sound, honest journalism.

            Geez, I gag myself sometimes. Pfffft 🙂

          66. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I have read Breitbart commentary that was already known was untrue days before. PROVEN untrue, but they had to write an article using retracted or discredited data anyway.

          67. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            BY THIS POINT, I re-read at least half your posts twice. I conclude that you are indeed a LIAR. You are so unreliable at lying you cannot even keep a coherent understanding of what you are trying to convey.

          68. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I have dealt with all kinds of people for many, many years now. I do not try to tell THEM what their experience were. I listen, unlike yourself. The world I know about, AND live in, is very, very real. Unlike, your ivory tower, “let them eat cake” world.

            I guess you do have a point. Evil, bullying, self-centered people do give me angst. So I guess I do not like you very much.

          69. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You know what I meant, moron. Except for your right-weirdo psychotic friends, anyone reading your nonsense will think you are a fool.

          70. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I would not eat any bread that I knew you baked. Mold, ergot, and God only knows what, would be in it.

          71. akmac61 January 4, 2014

            Your bigotry, which is apparently invisible to you, is shown in the condescending implication that (all) blacks, other than the successful ones you name-drop, are lacking in education and family values. Disguising prejudice as superficially constructive advice is dishonest and disingenuous.

          72. Leftout January 4, 2014

            Wrong, these mentioned are people that most of us know. If I mentioned my friends Wilbert Corprew, Ron Morton, Reynard Blake, Arlen Brooks, Bernard Leon, who have made it out, out into the middle class environment….you probably would challenge their existence. I have admitted than I am bigoted, in that I hate laggards and I want everyone to be like me or the friends just mentioned who were able to rise from the Biden – shackles of liberalism.

          73. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Got a hard-on for Biden? How strange you are.

            There are no shackles of liberalism. What you refer to is the rescue of the poor souls that evil scum like you have discarded. In the Liberal view a life is a life, which means, as we already know, that the true pro-lifers are all Liberals.

            You confirmed akmac61’s analysis with that “black letter” racist crap.

            By the way, who made you god?

            If everyone did what you evil bastards carry on about, you would be living, no starving and already dead, in a cardboard box. Your miserable outlook and performance would already have you displaced into the gutter by real men. You can only survive because of the “shackles” that you so misguidedly malign.

          74. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You said that so very well. Much more concise than my ramblings.

            Would you mind if I remind this dirtbag of what you said?

            He seems bent on stirring up this dead thread. He wants to spin all the bigotry he has exposed into a halo.

            I let him off the hook last night. He spoke good sense finally, and I am not here to abuse anyone except the abusive. Therefore, I felt I could not say more, but now he wants to “sanitize” his record.

          75. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            The problem is you are not suggesting people help each other. On the contrary, you suggest that anyone that is struggling should be set adrift.

          76. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Again you make up your facts to hear yourself. I can see why some get annoyed at your tweaking . Name calling.

          77. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            No, I use truth and facts that you find distasteful. The fact that you find them distasteful does not change the facts. Sorry!

            No one except low scum sucking, immoral, bullying, trolling liars gets annoyed with my tweaking. My name calling is just in response to the name calling I and other received.

            You do not have a right to shit on “Liberal posters” in a “Liberal blog” such as your hero angelstink does on a near daily basis.

            So, I take your discomfiture as a compliment.

          78. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I do not find your posts distasteful, and I do not crapp on liberals. You can get entangled with name calling and calling people LIARS and Racist…now that IS annoying. For example I just express my personal experiences on a matter. I do not take third party facts and use them in arguments, Because I know that they can be challenged if not correct, then I lose credibility.

          79. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            A man that continues to LIE to protect his credibility will still not have any more credibility at the end of the day. In fact, you will have much less, as you do not have the moral fiber to protect your credibility. Do you not see, that to a large degree, credibility is based on and nearly synonymous with personal ethic and honesty.

            Guess not. That is why you started this problem to begin with and are foolishly trying to win a moot point.

          80. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            That is the entire problem with you people. You want to crap in other people’s play areas. You want to rub their face in it. You want them to lick your crap off their chins, and then smile and like it. You even want them to thank you for it.

            ALL you people ever do is LIE, LIE, LIE, and stir up racial confrontation by denying justice to the oppressed.

          81. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Again and agin you come bacjk to same ole name calling , this time surpisingly, sanctimoniously Scatolloical,,throwing scat at things YOU think are scat. .

          82. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Let me correct your sentence to the truth. Again and agin you come back to the same ole truth telling. continuing to respond to an unrepentant and adamant racist named Leftout.

            I will continue to tell the actual truth, UNTIL you are DONE denying the obvious and proven!

            As for scatological, it is your crap and your over-bearing, self-important, ego-driven view of the world that is the problem.

          83. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Answer this: Why, after I bent over backwards to make peace with you and
            allow you a very graceful exit, did you have to post nonsensical
            garbage in my inbox. [I even gave you an answer to your questions, which is something your mob almost never does.]

            You know, you had that all important [to you] last word. You had a “technical” win, as I bent over backward to agree with the most sensible parts of your posts. You left in complete peace with my blessing. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO STIR THIS UP????????

            Or is it, you want to bend me over a table? Are you “like that”?

          84. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I am not here to have the last word. I saw that you took the time to respond to me and I was showing respect to your work. Since I was running around and interspersing comments as I was doing other chores , I thought that I would have the opportunity to clarify any of my ramblings or miscues. I am not tying to light your fuse.

          85. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            I was admittedly annoyed when you decided to dump your scatological pile of doodoo into my inbox. Right now, I am ecstatic. The hundreds of readers that come here in the future, albeit a very few at a time, will have trouble even following your lack of coherency. In other words, all you have done will have been for naught.

            Yet, you continue

            Why do you think I am interested in anything you can continue to say. I have busted every one of your lies and misdirections, many multiple times, and have answered nearly every question you have poised. UNLIKE yourself.

            Let me explain one thing, unlike yourself, I cannot just make a wild claim and expect that I can force [bully] someone into accepting it. I must use evidence, or barring that, a coherent reasoning of why I am factual. And I must do it repeatedly, in order to perfect the information.

            As for citations and hard evidence. As you have aptly proven, your ilk is not interested in fact or truth. An hour of research on my part goes down in flames to a mental midget’s ten second name calling. I developed my techniques over time, and I usually understand what a person is really saying, by what they are really saying. DID you understand that little bit of nonsense??????

          86. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014


            I NEVER SAID that MBA’s were too theoretical. No, I said that M
            BA’s generally do not have LEADERSHIP CAPABILITIES. MBA candidates want to be bosses and rule the roost, and get huge paychecks for doing so. However, they need leadership skills above all to be successful for their employers. Leadership is something that is difficult, maybe even impossible, to teach.

          87. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I only hate obtrusive, trolling, lying, racist, bigoted people like
            you. I get along well with everyone that is not interested in spreading
            bullying bullsh*t

          88. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You admitted that the Marie Antoinette mis-quote was due to not having your glasses on. You do not know history, you just came across the phrase in another text.

            Like any right-wack, you mis-used it because you figured it would make you look like you knew something that you hadn’t a clue about. It would give your nonsense credibilty.

            BUT, it blew up in your face and made you look ignorant.

          89. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Unlike yourself, that is unlike someone that just read an anecdotal passage, I did know the timeline. Of course, I am the one that know history.

          90. akmac61 January 4, 2014

            A truly humble person does not proclaim “humility is my greatest virtue”.

          91. Leftout January 4, 2014

            It was meant as a joke of course, since the two ideas are not compatible.

          92. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Are you totally moronic? Which is it? Are you lying, or are you ignorant, or are you BOTH. I am going for BOTH. If the two ideas are mutually exclusive, then why did you proclaim your “humility” to make a point.

            Admit it, you are an arrogant right-weirdo straight-ticket Teapub voting bastard that really believes that you can force your “humility” on others.

            Once again, you are not a medical professional. Your reading skills are very sub-par. Your writing skills are only slightly above average. Your reasoning skills are in the tank, but you make high marks for pure arrogance. Any doctor that is worth mentioning might get by with the latter, but not with the three other skills being so poor.

            As well, your not knowing what empathy is, and your lack thereof, makes it unlikely that you could ever be a medico.

          93. Leftout January 5, 2014

            The”humility” statement was meant as a bit of humor obviously. If you failed to see it as that, you are doomed to gloom. You are a bit to serious. Are you Jonathan Alter, David Corn?

          94. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            No, you were serious. Once you understood the derision such a comment would receive, your ego is now trying to spin your earlier tactless and stupid comment.

            No, your kind does not have that sense of humor. As well, you did not couch it in any humorous terms or make any use of the humorous situation that would have provided.

            Simply, you continue to dissemble.

          95. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Ah, come on. You are such a noodj. Seriously , I am very humorous, too much so at times.

          96. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You know, upon several reviews of all your posts, it is not your IPud that is at fault. You just do not have coherent thoughts, except the ones of your self-importance and perfection. That is not a sense of humor.

            I am still thinking about taking you up on your offer. What day and time would you like?

          97. Leftout January 5, 2014

            My offer stands, now you are talking., I assume you are near the area. Perhaps You can invite Amgel. At times I have acces to a regular PC for typing and have more time as well to be more coherent. My apologies.

          98. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Angel . . . surely you jest. If you have a sense of humor, it must be rather simplistic and obtuse. I might be

            You already told me earlier that you attended school in New England. More importantly, you recently told another of the resident seditious morons that you were in New England.

            Who are you lying to?

            Anyway, I am not anywhere near Rockport. I was just fishing, but as I won’t “clean” the catch anyway, I will just throw your red herring back.

          99. Leftout January 5, 2014

            CHECKMATED I be. You won. You are terminally interminable. If you want to go for a beer let me know. ..until then . Have a great evening.

          100. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Sincerely this time. I am a very easy person to get along with. People have more trouble with my self-doubt than anything else. They find my need to have complete answers off-putting. My strict ethics and sense of justice seem to disturb quite a number of people, as well. I am also rather shy. I just learned the hard way that I find injustice disgusting and that it must be fought all out or it will conquer. That is the short synopsis.

            I will not bother to post further. Consider the last point yours, yet remember the major difference why we could never have that glass of beer:

            I am a man that makes up my mind to do something and I am very goal orientated. Then I ask, do I have the right information, do I have the right picture of things, how will this be perceived by and how will it affect others, and lastly, am I just doing this for my own gratification at someone elses expense. I do not mean to insult you further, but that is a layman’s description of functional empathy. That is, the ability to see the other guy’s point of view, whether you agree with him or not.

            Unlike yourself, I did have complete empathy with your positions. I just find most of your views abhorent.

            Please, have a good long life in good health, be safe, and continue to prosper. Just leave me be. . . .

          101. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I bet you have always gone through life ripping anyone and everyone off. Just enough not to get punished.

          102. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            No, I am making fairly safe assumptions based on my experiences as an expert observer.

          103. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            In your case, if it bounces off the floor like a nut, it’s a nut.

          104. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You are so right. No one will come to your door and split your head in half for being an evil monster. You know you are safe in your anonymity.

          105. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You got it bad, d*ckhead. You are here telling lies about our exchange that ended a day ago. In a thread that is five days old!
            Normal people move on.

          106. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            If a group of blacks were to accost you and yell with contempt, hey you WHITEY!, would you mind?

            I realize the truth is not your strong suit, but try to see yourself there. What say ye!

          107. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014


            About thirty years ago I was on Federal jury duty. I had sat on a hard bench for three hours, sandwiched between to rather large ladies. We had about six more people on the bench than it was designed for.

            Anyway, at break, we are walking around in the court lobby. I said to another prospective juror, “my back is killing me.” Suddenly, an old rather stout gentlemen exclaims very rudely, “I’m 65 years old, been in the Navy for ? [forever, probably], and my back is not bothering me.” Literally while beating his chest as like an ape.

            Strangely, my back was STILL HURTING. I learned a valuable lesson that rude assholes are in abundance, BUT more importantly, the fact that you are able to withstand something, or do something, or accomplish something, does not mean that everyone can be expected to do it.


          108. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            The difference is, ‘Whitey” is a nickname for you, it is not normally said with derision.

            What happens when some asshole, like yourself, taunts this child about the fact that her “parents” gave her this name because of their contempt. True or not, the child will have to wonder.

          109. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Feigning ignorance? Yeah, you are good at it.

          110. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            No normal person can miss his point. Is this a contrivance, or real unadulterated stupidity.

          111. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Oh, Mr. Ross, he was not feigning ignorance. He is quite accomplished at it.

          112. sigrid28 January 2, 2014

            I suppose your moniker is “leftout” because you belong to the aggrieved far-right majority, which makes self-pity a way of life. Was it Benjamin Franklin who coined the phrase, “crying with a loaf of bread under each arm,” or how was that how he is pictured, walking prosperously through the streets of 18th-century New England?

          113. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I feel ” Leftout ” by both political parties.. I thing congress exists for themselves and i have learned to be self reliant. Ben Franklin may have had bread under his arm, having bought them from a bread baker, That works very hard , early in the morning to have bread for the populace, creating a little money for the artisan. I personally make my own bread., and I was a baker working my way through school. Now that I am wealthier, I support businesses to help distribute my earned wealth. As for others, Marie Antoinette once said, ” let them eat cake” , my favorite humorous quote of history. I actually laughed in class and was reprimanded.

          114. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Which means you will vote for whomever the Kock brothers, etc. Teatard candidate happens to be. . . .

            Seriously, I have listened to that claptrap for years. When someone, almost always a Republiturd, says both parties are equally bad, it only means his remaining lies are too far beyond the pale to be believed.

            Really, this has always been a favorite right-wing tactic of trying to destroy the resolve of decent people to do the right thing. If we think our votes are useless, we stay home. The abused Teatards always run to the polls and vote their straight ticket. Low turn-out, PUBS win! [sorry Harry Carey] Your mob has been doing it for years. That is why the turn-outs are so poor.

            Of course, with the entire Teapub electorate voting, you cannot win any elections if the REAL majority starts to see through the deceit and turns out.

            Living proof of my point: OUR President. . .

          115. Leftout January 2, 2014

            To me both parties are corrupt, but I have voted for both. As I saw best fit the times, in every election. I am for a universal health system, single payer, paid into by everyone. No free bees. All paid into benfits are ok, : SSN, Unemployment, Medicare. I am more of a self reliant type and do not respect laggards. I have worked in the system that abuses welfarism , systematically, with insiders participating.
            All people vote the straight ticket, except in some local races. I have not heard of the Koch bros.or Soros until this past election. I do like the platform of lower taxes and less government spending, since I have worked for the US government there is much featherbedding, most programs can be disbanded except for the VA and the programs that I mentioned.

          116. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Sorry, that was a load of rot that cannot be accepted any other way. Never heard of the Kock brothers or Soros. Well, you probably would not have heard of Soros, except for the fact the right-wing needs symbols to hate.

            You have worked a government job, which most right-wackos considers worthless, BUT you are all for the self-reliant. In my view, you are a right-wing slacker of the worst kind.

            As well, what happens to all the people that this “system” does not want. Those that do not pay in, or can’t. Are you going to play god like Huckabee and tell who lives or dies.

            If everyone of us could follow the Republiturd mantra, then all the right-wack cuckoos would have been replaced by now by decent people. The world does not work that way. Capitalism works to stop others from succeeding. Then, they rightly [HAHA!] take the money they have looted from us to tell us the system is just fine. “All for me, none for thee.” Of course they would. When you are an aggressive sociopath, the fact that you always win seems perfectly fair. Unfortunately, you seem to fall into that category to some extent.

            I will continue to post to you, if and when I please, but you are much, too much full of shit to make it worthwhile

          117. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I know who Soros and Koch are since the last elections. One is an industrialist and the other was a currency manipulator and both contribute to PACS to influence a corrupt congress. I worked for US gov, but decided to go onto a higher type position in private sector where I was less restricted to perform. I did not have take anyone’s money, established a small group and all made out well….self reliance came as a secondary benefit, I was generous as many are. Not all capitalists are bastards. There are some that enjoy merging and purging….sometimes it comes out ok for participants other times ..it hurts……. .it is not for me. There are ways that no one gets left behind in receiving basic benefits….there are also ways that everyone can contribute also to these benefits.

            There should be a rare case where some are physically or mentally disabled and these could easily be taken care of.

            I enjoy your mis characterizations of me…you are so wrong on my intentions….

          118. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Really, you do have Asperger’s, don’t you. You cannot help it, so there is no shame. Unfortunately, that does not cover objectionable speech.

            Let’s see. Story has changed greatly. Tacit untruth. Check.
            Still pushing obvious lies. For instance, you worked in a “higher type position,” but are terribly uniformed on the nation’s happenings. Obvious lie. Check.
            Does not answer questions, but continues to misstate the writings of others. Evasive and untruthful. Check.
            “Basic benefits.” etc. Breathtaking change of course that can only be called lying. Check.
            “There should be a rare case,” etc. Confirms “Leftout” earlier statements. Thinks poverty is something exceptional and not at all his concern. Confirms all that I have said. Check.

          119. Leftout January 2, 2014

            I do not agree with your checks.
            I am informed now , did not know of Soros, Koch until 8 yrs ago as contributors to politicians. Poverty is not exceptional, only the rare people that are physically, mentally challenged are rare. Higher type position does not mean being in politics, or foreign service, only in a government position

          120. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            I do not care if you agree with reasoned truth.

            Once again, you have made a contradictory statement, i.e. untruth.

            You do seem to strike me as the right-wing, authoritarian type. You must continue until you have put the heathen unwashed in their place. Regardless of the fact that you have no real argument. The problem, that many trolls have run into here, is I do not play to “win.” My motto is “destroy the joy.” I can run righties ragged. If you might notice my posting profile, I do not post much. Only to the idiots that try to disrupt here and then only on occasion. I much prefer just to read good commentary by other posters.

            I guess you still will not understand. “Angeldink” never has. If you go to Breitfart, you will very rarely see me there. Threats against the government and the President, hate, racism, bigotry are not of much interest to me. BUT I do post here on occasion.

            The point is, I leave very little trail to follow. What about you. If “angeldink” had enough sense to leave me in peace, I would not even be here now. Heshe [we are not sure] cannot get it out of their system and get a life.

            The irony of it is, I always tell the honest truth to your kind, AND you NEVER get it.

          121. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Any comment on Ebony. It was enjoyable but you seem to be angry a bit. To me Ebony is the crux of my logic, nothing more.

            True I am more a right winger..libertarian, than liberal. Authoritarian no, I was very liberal, then I rationalized ….. That it was not proper and degrading to many.

          122. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            So you bring an attractive lady, who you over the top say that is black, into a conversation knowing that I have no clue of whom you speak. As I have said, you are merely using a ruse to disguise your true agenda. Please understand, it is not like you are denying that agenda, anyway.

            If “Ebony” is the “crux” of your logic, then you have none. How does this unknown fit into the equation. Upon re-reading your post, I find that there is a considerable incoherency in your thoughts.

            Of course, you “rationalized.” I really think you should look up the meaning of that word. For those compromised in the empathy department, that change is probably easy. Not so for people of conscience and reason.

          123. Leftout January 2, 2014

            She does exist, the comments are running into each other, out of order, I did explain my logic..I hope elswhere

          124. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I assure you that I have a complete understanding of the continuity of this discussion. One of my advantages is, I respond to what was said, I ask on-topic questions and make on-topic comments. Then, I am rarely off-topic, even if the posts are out of order.

            You are in LA-LA Land, just like “angelstink.” You operate under the impression that a discussion is composed of WHAT YOU SAY GOES and MY ACQUIESCENCE to the former.

            Why don’t you just stop. Just as “angelstink,” I will be left with nothing except making insults. Reason just bounces off of you.

          125. Leftout January 3, 2014

            I shall have to stop, it snowing heavily and I have to dig my way out, I let the black help off early due to the weather . I am kinder to them then I am to myself. Thanks for your spirit. May God bless your black soul til next time.

          126. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            I have been accused of being a little to caustic at times. A fault I will agree with, as I believe in fighting fire with fire, and a little extra fire. Yet, your comments are in extreme bad taste in light of your racism. I almost made a mental case for a sense of humor on your part, but I do not think you meant to be funny.

          127. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Well now. Yes next to my humility my humor is my other worthy attribute. And I am not racist. You can bet your black a$$ on that. Til next time. Smile a bit.

          128. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Leftout lies about leaving for the fifth time. That is, those are the times I bothered to count.

            What you said is by definition racist, as it is not said with any humor, and to a total stranger. NO other context to be considered. Even forgiving you, I would still say you are in bad taste, at the very least.

            Actually, you can keep posing over your sense of humor. I doubt if anyone is going to buy that malarkey. I seem to be the only one in this conversation with any sense of humor. Albeit, a rather dark sense of humor.

            By the way, NO ONE buys that LIE about you being “50/50.” Your nick gave that one away before you opened your yap. Why not be “Rightout.” That is an old turn of a phrase that has no automatic political statement attached, hmm?

          129. Leftout January 4, 2014

            Why are you counting, you came back several times for both me and Angel. 50/50 why is that improbable, do you always vote one party.?. Always following a party line ?

          130. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Did you ever read the article.

            ALL your bullshit is emblazoned in the record of this blog. You are just another f*cking troll that comes here to entertain yourself with bullying and harassment. We will see how well you really enjoy that.

            My conclusion is, you are not in the medical field at all. A real medico would have known instantly what empathy, AND its lack, actually are signs of. At best, you are some sort of intake or file clerk, etc.

            I doubt that you ever finished college at all. Your posts are not worded very well. Your reasoning skills are far, far off what would be considered intelligent. AND, above all, your reading comprehension is near nil.

            You also are patently dishonest. You ask questions, which I answer, but you will back up nothing you say with the least bit of evidence. In fact, you do not address questions at all, except on a rare occasion that suits you.

            We are not having a dialogue, and all you came to do is disrupt, THEREFORE, you are a troll. You will be added to my nearly completed letter to the MEMO. If they wish to continue letting scum like you destroy their reader base, then they will fall of their own hand. I think, in the end, all your rotten asses will be abolished. They are not that stupid to let such as you destroy their work.

            QUESTION; Did you ever read the article?

            QUESTION; Regardless of whether you agree or not, did you understand the logic of the article? The article happens to be true, anyway.

            QUESTION; Did you even once make an on-topic response to the article?

            Now, which would you suspect would be the most “decent” and “christian” individual.:

            The man that has very little, but gives what he can to those that have less?
            The man that is rich, but gives freely of his riches and self?
            OR, the man that is well off, but only whats to figure how he can get more at the most vulnerable’s expense.

            We know your answer is the last, but you will play you little lie-spin-lie game to deny that fact.

          131. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I did read the article. My statements are disjointed, fragmented perhaps since I am doing other things and I am using an IPAd to text. Since I am taking call this holiday, employing my Empathy/Charity with Faith of my clients and Hope that they improve, therefore, I have to let the posts go quickly without editing, IPADs are not very good useable for that function. Sorry , My fault., can not always have access to PC..

            The article was a bit slanted, but interesting, and I was aware of some of the sentiment expressed., Yes I did understand but may not have agreed with all points

            Yes I have made on topic response to others’ commenting on the article.

            I would be the first two and have been, .one or the other as the needs dictated. …there you go again putting your attributes to me again, to please your expectations

          132. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You know it is me, since you decided to fill my inbox with your shit responses.

            I am not interested in your device, but in your changeling persona.

            By the way, are you ever on the level with anyone.

            You not only are a racist, but you are seditious as well. I reviewed ALL your conversation in this blog and I am really distressed that you discuss treason so readily. You being a well and oft promoted, “government employee” with high responsibilities.

          133. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            May I suggest that you actually read this post. ALL of it. One time won’t kill you.

            You can’t quit, can you? You sick bastard.

            have never said that I was leaving, UNLIKE LYING shitsacks like you and
            angel. EACH one of those counts is a record of a LIE that you told.
            That is, in addition to the false claims that you have made.

            You are not even smart enough to sort through the chronology of your own posts.

            In your last post you feigned even knowing “angel.”

            vote against evil. I have not seen a Republitard candidate in years
            that exceeded his Democrat opponent. I DO NOT vote straight ticket,
            because we have third party and un-aligned candidates on our ballots
            here. As I said, I do vote against evil. so you SHOULD be smart enough
            to know who I do not vote for.

            There is nothing wrong with
            following the party line, if the few in the opposition that are not
            tainted with absolute evil will only be corrupted if they are elected.

            more people vote straight ticket REPUB these days, stupid. ALL the
            morons vote repub. Though, admittedly, not all Repubs are morons.

            You won’t say what you really do for a living, knowing that I can’t trace you anyway.

            You claim to be a government employee.

            You claim to have been to medical school.

            You deny being a racist, but you make racist claims, and some damn tasteless remarks that are black letter racist.

            You admitted to having been caught in your racism.

            You claim to ONLY be a bigot.

            You want to know what gave your racism away, and unlike you, I answered truthfully.

            But then, you are only a bigot again.

            Do you even know who the f*ck you are????????

          134. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Did you ever figure out the KKK answer.

          135. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Before the internet, anyone that was bashed over a statement such as the one you made about Robert Byrd, that is, that your mob is the proven racists, any normal person would have slunk off in shame. You act like nothing happened.

            That is the behavior of a troll.

            I bet you are unemployed scumbag that has been under treatment for a number of neurosis. You are probably on several medications, and live in your mom’s basement.

            You get your sick kicks by trying to play mind games with other people. Tragically, you are not very good at it.

          136. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            I never came back for you, or for that person you shrugged off knowing. I merely replied to your lame a** posts. I TOLD you THREE times that I would “destroy the joy,” and though I did not need to win, that I would deny you that precious last post that is so dear to you scumbags.

            However, because we seemed to be in near total agreement, I allowed you to have that last post. You do not have to agree with everything I say, BUT I do not harass people that are NOT HARASSING ME OR SOMEONE ELSE.

            Your reading skills are nil, which means you cannot possibly be a working doctor or nurse, and probably not even a bed pan orderly.

          137. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You are the one that came back. . . . I only posted to the your previous posts. It is for you to work out your own timeline.

            You obviously are sick and fixated. You re-started this sh*t, I had already forgotten about it.


            GET HELP! or at least, start listening to your therapist.

          138. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            You are the one that has a neurotic fixation on re-hashing an exchange that I gave you a free pass on. You came out on top, if that is all that mattered.

            YOU ARE A FAKE.

          139. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Like it, so far. A lot more is coming. AND, then I will file an official complaint. Bwahahahaha!

          140. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            READ CAREFULLY: This is a “replay” for the reading impaired. You may see that you idiot questions were answered before you ever asked.

            I assure you that I have a complete understanding of the continuity of this discussion. One of my advantages is, I respond to what was said, I ask on-topic questions and make on-topic comments. Then, I amrarely off-topic, even if the posts are out of order.

            You are in LA-LA Land, just like “angelstink.” You operate under the impression that a discussion is composed of WHAT YOU SAY GOES and MY
            ACQUIESCENCE to the former.

            Why don’t you just stop. Just as “angelstink,” I will be left with nothing except making insults. Reason just bounces off of you.

          141. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            You are the one that is counting posts. The tragedy is, you have no skill at simple time keeping or arithmetic.

            The diversion of meeting in Rockport. IL is interesting. Let us do so, but of course, you earlier posted to “schmo” that you are located in New England. How odd?

            At least I know you are not an employee in government healthcare. NOT for the Federal government, though you may actually be in a Federal Hospital for the mentally deranged.

            Ooops, the Republicon god Ronnie Raygun closed all those.

          142. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I was traveling through the area from Madison, Wisconsin. Itravel a bit, around the country. I am No longer in the VA system, my first position for a couple of years. Were you ever loved as a child. Wow , you are hostile. What ever happened to you to get you to this point…rhetorical. I do not count, I am only responding to your queries, simple as that really. Sheeeeze .

          143. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            That is not only racist, it is sick as well. Even if such a situation were still possible, we both know that you would run off and leave that “help” to do the job by themselves.

          144. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I was just pulling your chain, so to speak. Good grief.

          145. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            READ THIS PLEASE!

            Ebony exists, OK. What now? I have asked numerous questions. Made numerous points. Yet, you are Mesmerized over an individual of your own creation. To explain, WHAT DOES IT MATTER IF SHE DOES EXIST, or does not? I will grant that she does.

            The fact that she exists only supports what I have said. You are trying to insinuate a very rotten apple into a case of oranges. EBONY’s parents were almost certainly BLACK. How does that relate to the Romney’s as WHITE people adopting a BLACK child? The problem is how that child is, and will be, perceived during its life as an obviously adopted child.

            I gave you every opportunity to figure this out for yourself. YOU ARE TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR DEPTH HERE! I find it hard to believe you even went to college at all. In fact, if you even worked for the government, I think you must have
            been a jealous, hateful hack that was a low level yobbo. You grew to hate smarter, more progessive and liberal ideas that you are not smart enough, and too bigoted, to understand. Those people went forward, you remained where you were.

          146. Leftout January 3, 2014

            Excellent analysis again, you are colored by your strong biase to justify a somewhat miserable life to this point , I hope you can work for me somehow, I shall show you how life is on a plantation where Whities work for Blacks.

          147. joe schmo January 4, 2014

            Leftout, no sense to argue with this person. They are oblivious and ignorant in their rage. You will never get clear concise facts from them.

            You most likely were never overly concerned with Koch or Soros until 8 years ago because you were way too busy earning a living. I never did either. You see it all to well now because our economic woes have become greater. Found a terrific article the other day that might interest you. It truly opened my eyes as to what is going on economically. Enjoy…..


          148. Leftout January 4, 2014

            Thank you, joe. It will be good reading on a snowy day in the N.E. I do not mind dueling about racism, but this fellow was consumed by the word, and he tries pinning the label on any one who disagrees at this site…he is not the only one. It seems to a “Tactic” to frighten critics. It is amusing to me since they use “Racist” so often, and it is now trivialized, and it is not possible to characterize me as such.

            True I did not know of Koch Bros. nor Soros. Till the past election cycle for the reason you aptly stated. Can not understand why Kochs are hated for providing so many jobs. Is GE hated for making CAT scanners. I do not see any GE worker just quitting in protest, instead, to take up making pottery in Arizona to sell to the hippie tourist crowd in Bisbee or Tombstone? Nice places by the way.

            Joe, Thanks for your support and hope to see you again.

          149. joe schmo January 4, 2014

            Absolutely. Thank you for your eloquent explanation. I wish the cussing would stop on both sides. It really serves no purpose. It is people like you who should run for government office. I would totally support your cause because you have been in the trenches and have seen the way government and the private sector runs. The good, the bad and the ugly. A person with your stature would be able to listen to both sides, weigh things out and do what you feel is best for everyone. But….we don’t always get level heads in politics. Of late, we seem to get extremes on both ends. Political elites, egocentric lawyers and career politicians ‘not a good government make.’ We need some bread and butter game changers. Those who have had a hand in running businesses and those hard working ‘middleclassmen’ to stir up the pot a bit.

            We are all a mix of positions. One always outweighs the other in making us decide upon our political affiliation. I always believed there was a point at which we could find a common ground with people of both parties. We never used to beat each other up the way we do nowadays. I believe it is due to the unbalance of power. The divisive actions of the wrong kind of leadership. That leads me to deduce how much freedom is too much or how much is not enough. One releases and one suppresses. At present we are too suppressed in one way and too lax in others. If you know what I mean:)

            Just read on AP that 54 percent of Americans predict a bleak future while 23 percent don’t. That is a rather large percentage. That also suggests that something is wrong. I am a huge technology freak. My degree is technology based. I love it, but we also don’t want it to control us and watch our every move.

            One thing is for sure….the natives are restless and many of them are not happy with the outcome. Again, checks and balances and a true interpretation of the Constitution by some HONEST individual could still swing the pendulum back towards the center:) Isn’t that part of being American. I mean the hope instilled in all of us.

          150. Leftout January 4, 2014

            Thank you for your synopsis of what we all are underneath, and the hope that you rightly state,that is in all of us. We need sensible leadership. The parties are into themselves, and are getting comfortable on PACs and we the people have no PAC representation. We are allowing this corruption by being silent. We are more in numbers than the rulers that be. I wish there was one of them that we could support for our interests. The rest of us are working or not in a position to lead. We need a neutral benevolent dictator that can clean up in 4 years and leave, abolish all laws since the original amendments and apply the laws that made us great. Maybe we can join up and shake some cages of the establishment. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE RAMPARTS.

          151. joe schmo January 4, 2014

            You bet, I will definitely be in once someone steps up to the plate to clean up this mess that has been created within the last 2 decades. That someone has to have the strength to stand up to the liars and cheaters of mankind without getting killed. As you say, there is guilt on both sides. We just need that someone to step through the fire and take on the flames of corruption that reeks havoc within our Government today…Through faith and strength, as a united GROUP, we will beat the odds once again:) All of us….. and I just don’t say that for the Conservatives alone.

          152. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            BUT only one side is threatening revolution and murder. There are about 1200 right-wing anti-government groups, many of them very active and very dangerous. I think there are two left wing ones. . . .

            Only the far-right wants to “fix” everything THEIR way with fire and sword.

            I merely point this out because I consider your conversations borderline treason.

            I might be wrong about the “borderline.”

          153. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            If that dictator supports any platform that you approve, then this country will live under military rule for thirty years, and be destroyed in a cataclysmic civil eruption.

            A dictator? Would his name happen to be “Leftout.”

          154. Leftout January 5, 2014

            If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve. If I am drafted I would do it, for only 4 years or less and leave. I would need you to be Attorney General and monitor any PAC monies trying to influence me. I would use the best Project Management software to get the job done.

          155. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Are you saying that a guy that is a proven racist, AND admitted it, that is arrogant and self-important, has no empathy, is intolerant, and lies routinely would make a good politician?

            I guess he would fit in pretty well at that.

            Schmo, which is more important to you. Trolling bullies that lie constantly, frustrate the legitimate conversation of others, state they will “own” the blog for the right wing, even though it is not a right wing blog, generally disrupt, can’t quit until they have they last word, post only low content posts,

            OR do a little cussing?

            It is a very legitimate question. What do you say? I am carpet bombing him right now, because he did not have the good sense to leave me alone.

          156. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Do you have Asperger’s? I would really like to know. Maybe, I have been hasty with my judgement, but you sound like someone that has no idea, OR CARE, as to the sensibilities of your fellow man. Borderline Sociopath comes to the top of the queue in my description for you.

            Work for government? Statistical? Certainly, a low level bureaucrat working with numbers. . . .

            Oh, and due to your union busting, capitalist heroes, there probably is not more than a handful of baker’s left in my city. Plenty in culinary arts, but no real bakers beyond a few small storefronts. So, I guess now, you would have found a different job to get through school. Maybe, sweeping McD’s parking lot.

          157. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Ah, Aspergers, nay. What symptoms do I exhibit to make you say such a diagnosis. You are correct I did some menial jobs, including sweeping the bakery floors…..local artisan bakery…no unions, this place paid more than Union Wages…very agreeable people to work for.not a Union buster, never was a Union person but respect Teachers Union. I have seen featherbedding though..hated it. Gave good workers a bad name. You assume that I am a low level bureaucrat…..you are wanting me to be something that you want me to be in your mind.

          158. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            One thing, you seem, though marginal, to be able to function close to normal. Close. . .

            Next, you do not have good reading or reasoning skills.

            And, the worst part: You do not show empathy for anyone. That is the dead giveaway.

            No, I want you to come out from behind your false facade so that the light of day hits you.

            Once again, you misquote what I have said. Are you stupid, ignorant, or is this a cutesy way of getting a rise?

            I just don’t like untruthful individuals.

          159. Leftout January 2, 2014

            Ha, marginally normal. I am truthful, I think that we are misreading each others statements. How do I not show empathy.

          160. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            No, I actually read your statements. Often, re-read them.

            How do you not show empathy. First thought: You’re kidding. On reflection, I realize that you are probably incapable of understanding. It is your nature. Unfortunately, that is not a defense.

            I will ask you in return. Demonstrate how you DO show empathy. I will give you a clue, it is not “let them eat cake.”

          161. Leftout January 2, 2014

            There youngo again, making assumptions of me. If available I give work to anyone that needs it, train them if they need it, educate them if that is their goal. But you must put out.

          162. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            APPARENTLY, I am hitting closer to home than I ever expected. As in Hamlet, “the lady doth protest to much, methinks . . .”

            As for the balance, how is that on topic? That is not an answer to any of my questions, nor is it an independent argument to prove me untrue. Particularly, as I have once again detected the most ingrained traits of hard-core wingers. That of dissembling and prevarication.

            Sounds so sweet when I throw three dollar words at a ten cent problem.

          163. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Really, and then you give them a bill for the total value they received plus 20%. Right?

          164. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I actually give 20%+ tips or bonuses as the case may be. ..no pkgs of Cheedar Cheese at Christmas from me.

          165. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            “I am truthful . . .”

            I used to love mind games. That one is a real enigma.

            You say you are honest, but you are not honest. So that is a lie.

            I think really you are just arrogant. As I said before, you just say you are right, so that makes you right. Which makes you wrong.

            I think the problem is encapsulated in the old adage, “your sh*t don’t stink.” Well, I am sure it does dude.

            You know what a dude is? A dud with a curly tail.

          166. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I am not arrogant, but i am extremely fair, somewhat shy. Actually my $hit does not stink since I have stopped eating .Bok Choi. …or maybe my gall bladder is not operating.

          167. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            The broken record of Russel Byrd returns to abuse more visitors. At least it shares the same brand of ad hominem personal attack wherever it leaves its stain.

          168. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            If “angelstink” were not here, then “Russel Byrd” would not be abusing anyone. By definition, you are not a visitor, but a troll. Trolls come to disrupt.

            Please define “ad hominem.” Your use of language you do not understand is incredible.

          169. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Probably over three dozen times you have claimed to be leaving and you would never address me again. Yet, you single-handedly brought me here with another of your lies.

            This works simply, you lying prick. LEAVE! Problem solved! Go back to Breitfart and take a few strong sniffs. Oh, you are not really welcome there either.

            I like the profile deal. I can follow you to everyplace you are stinking up, while, as I do not troll as you do, you cannot follow me anywhere.

            GET IT or are you that stupid.

            Yeah folks, “it” is that stupid.

          170. daniel bostdorf January 27, 2014

            I thought you were a farmer?
            ou posted this on December 18th:

            Always Low Wages? Walmart May Have Some Choices | The …


            Dec 18, 2013 – I am a red neck, enjoy farming, listening to Mozart while guiding a wheat combine gathering the baby cereal for you. The new trailer park is for

          171. joe schmo January 3, 2014

            Leftout, you are right. Both sides suck at the moment but my loyalty still lies with the Conservatives. They are 10 times better than looking down the mouth of Dictatorship. What’s worse surviving on bread and water or having your cake and eating it too:) I’ll take the latter thank you very much. Kudos on your success….. You are the American Dream in action. By the way, I would have laughed too;) I will still be voting whomever the ‘kock’ brothers suggest. If we don’t vote that means one more vote for the alternative. No thanks!

          172. Leftout January 3, 2014

            I am with you on that conservatism is the best course. In the past many years we have created more and more dependents on hand outs, with our “war on poverty. Seems it was a war on Capitalism and self reliance. The Republican..RINOS, are running scared. They should not announce their candidates til the last 3 months before the primaries. And they should stop attacking each other, rather each should present his best program against the opponents and and we go with that. You can be a successful as you want to be, if you get off your butt. There should only be a rare few that are so unable that we then have to give them support. Nice to meet you, joe.

          173. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            We have created more and more people on handouts because we have off-shored all the jobs that common people used to do right here, made decent wages, raised self-sufficient families, and, above all, paid taxes.

            Couple that with runaway profits by a tiny minority of the population at the expense of the majority whose income is frozen or declining.

            Yeah, and before you even think to lie about it. The rich do pay most of the taxes, mostly because they make ALL the money.

            Statistically, since 2009 the bottom NINETY-THREE percent have lost nearly half a billion dollars in REAL income and assets. NOT adjusted for inflation.

            The top 7% have made approximately $4 trillion more for the same time period, than they ever did in the past.

            You may be doing well, does that make you a good moral person to starve out people that have little while you have a surplus?

            I’ll answer for you, since you won’t. In your arrogant, selfish, evil, NO empathy world, IT DOES. In my world however, that will be rewarded with destruction and damnation. . . .

          174. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Arrrgh!!!, we finally agree, I am totally against NAFTA, as opposed to all of the living presidents who stood arm and arm when it was passed. Ross Perot was correct about the Giant sucking sound of lost jobs. This and the Freddie Mac Nad Fannie Mae , Barney Frank house give away , and bank bailouts/ corruption, increase fuel costs because of EPA restrictions, drained the resources of 401s, decreased housing values, etc, resulting in a 40% drop in middle class net worth, then the increase middle class taxes last January left no middle class disposable income.

          175. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            I love comedy!

          176. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            I am here to cancel your vote. AND there are millions more like me to get rid of the rest of your rotten politics. America is tired of your self-aggrandizing philosophy based on lies. Most of the votes we count on are not “Liberal” at all. The people are tired of insanity.

            What do you think will happen if the turnout in our elections goes back to the 80% or so that it used to be. All you nuts vote every time, the majority that stays home has absolutely no want of your policies. They are just numb from all YOUR high priced negative campaigning. If they can be motivated to vote, you ALL are gone.

            Therefore, even though you may win a lot of elections, we will always have hope, AND we will win in the end. . . .

          177. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            What we need to do is eliminate all lobbying, restore the integrity of our politicians by eliminating dark money, i.e. the Kocks, publicly fund our elections, and restore the Constitutional principle of one man, one vote, by destroying Citizen’s United [Richfolk United].

            Now, a wishlist: We need the destruction of the Teapublitard party, altogether. Then we need the split the Democrats into two factions. TRUE Liberals, and TRUE Conservatives.

            You folks are about three steps to the right of Mussolini and treasonous as Hell.

          178. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            Well known right-wing tactic when they hit the moral bottom. Destroy the credibility of the opposition with lies, rather that get some of your own. Then, when you bum out enough people that would have voted for the more reasonable party, run down to the polls to vote straight ticket Teapubican.

            Pubs win! Pubs win! [My apologizes to Harry Carey!]

          179. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I do agree with the Tea Party of 1773, disdaining oppressive taxation , the modern Tea Party platform is similar.

          180. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Well said!

          181. Russell Byrd January 4, 2014

            A child is not a dog, you piece of garbage. A child can understand. A dog likes you if you treat it well, spoken words, unless spoken harshly, do not hurt its feelings.

      3. Kansan January 1, 2014

        Panties in a bunch, much?

        1. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

          All the time. The sad part is, that is what “it” lives for.

        2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

          “Panties in a bunch, much?

          Over this? Hardly

      4. joe schmo January 1, 2014

        Give me a break. Do you even have to criticize every little mundane news that comes up the pike. Get real…

      5. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

        Is Romney considering another run for the Presidency and if he is than that explains this adoption – see America I am inclusive I have a black grandchild. Why is this news worthy?

        1. Leftout January 1, 2014

          Romney will never run again, or use this gimmickry . He can hardly defend himself as it was. Not even Dr. Ben Carson can be black enough , to run for president, even if he adopted a Black child.

        2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

          Look, the man has 22 grandchildren. He didn’t adopt this one, his kids did. You’ve already revealed you don’t know enough about the man to accurately be able to say he called for this token minority adoption for political purposes. Unlike the current president, everything that happens in the Romney family isn’t for political posturing. I am certain of that.

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            I did not say he adopted the child. I do not know the Romney’s personally and my question is do you? I know the persona they put forth during interviews, stomp speeches, fundraising speeches and his body language doing all. Please everything Romney and his family does is for political posturing and again unless you know them intimately you can not be certain of anything, you can as all of us do have an opinion.

          2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Yet you inferred he intentionally named the child using a slur. Despite every effort by you and your people to discredit them, they remain trustworthy. Have a nice day.

          3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Repeat. you are not interested in discussions you are only looking to argue and I am no longer going to indulge you. Bye

          4. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Strange that you would bring that up now.

            Are we running out of fake BS to keep your NON-argument in play? Hmmn?

          5. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

            You’re a joke. The Romneys have no real beliefs – everything they do and say is political posturing. That’s why Willard flipped on just about every issue. He went from supporting abortion choice (he donated to Planned Parenthood!) to wanting it banned. He went from “being more gay-friendly than Ted Kennedy” to being against civil unions. He went from Romneycare to wanting to kill the ACA.

            No one can be certain of anything where Willard is concerned. Not even Willard.

          6. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Points would have been better received if they weren’t prefaced with personal insult.

            “No one can be certain of anything where Willard is concerned. Not even Willard.”

            When you replace Willard with Obama, it fits equally well. Especially as it applies to civil unions, the ACA impact, jobs, war, transparency (pick a topic).

          7. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            Nope, not even close. And the ACA will STILL be a success, much as you wish it won’t be, since you want poor people to die.

          8. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            You are right. I don’t want the ACA to be a success. I want it to be fixed so that no one dies waiting for care or have their property confiscated by the IRS or their wages attached. I tried to sign up for the ACA on the 22nd of Dec at the CA exchange. My particular situation req’d a call back from a Navigator. Still waiting for the call. Glad i didn’t have a stroke this week. That’s the ACA that is broken and needs fixing. You see Obamacare as a political win. I see it as the driving force in more serious stuff like life and death.

        3. sigrid28 January 2, 2014

          I believe that one of his sons has considered running for office.

    2. joe schmo January 1, 2014

      You know that is really quite cruel and makes you no different than Bashir. It is OK for a Dem to adopt an ethnic child but not a Conservative. Just as it is OK for African Americans to be Liberals but when an African American is a Conservative they, literally, are tarred and feathered by you all. Most Black Conservatives have more common sense than you do.

      1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

        It’s perfectly admirable for a conservative to adopt an ethnic child. Just don’t name it “Sambo,” which is basically what the Romneys did.

        And I don’t want to be different from Bashir. He spoke the truth about Palin.

        And who is “literally” being tarred and feathered? I know you’re stupid, but don’t you know what literally means?

        1. joe schmo January 2, 2014

          Dude, I am far from stupid….or I am just as stupid as you are. Now if a Liberal called an African American child ‘Kiernan’ it would be cute. ‘When the shoe fits.’

          1. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

            I guess that’s why your mommy calls you “Shithead.”

          2. joe schmo January 2, 2014

            Huh! and the name calling begins…..LOL

          3. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            It had already started when I called you stupid. But I was just being accurate. You’re deeply stupid.

          4. joe schmo January 3, 2014

            You people are so politically and morally incorrect….. If I were stupid, I wouldn’t even be contradicting you. Let the brainless attacks and name calling commence……

            Ebony is OK, Keirnan is not? Does not make much sense. The worst thing is, you all believe your own garbage….. Can’t wait to see where it all ends…… You win!

          5. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

            Hey, stupid, it’s Kieran.

            I know you’re stupid because you can’t see the difference between a black family naming a child Ebony and a white family adopting a black child and doing the same. You have the approximate sensitivity of a dung beetle.

          6. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            That is your slanted view and is not supported by evidence. . . .

      2. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

        Both Bashir and Robinsons statements were nasty, however, if you defend Robinsons right to free speech you must defend Bashir’s right to free speech. However I don’t see any conservatives screaming about Bashir being released from MSNBC. Is that because you feel only Republicans have a right to free speech?

        1. angelsinca January 2, 2014

          Nah, no comparison. Bashir crossed several lines of decency. No public good was afforded with the oral defecation wish on Palin. Quite sure this offended just about everyone with a mother.

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Not really – Free Speech is Free Speech you do not get to pick and choose based on political affiliation. I am sure there are many individuals who feel Robinson crossed lines of decency and no public good was afforded by Robinson’s view of Homosexuals or the individuals impacted by slavery.

          2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Based on your logic, defecation in someone’s mouth and homosexual sinning are practical the same thing. Not quite.

          3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Read previous response – Goodbye

          4. joe schmo January 2, 2014

            Bingo, the Liberals just take it one step further. Decadent and ‘kitschich.’

          5. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Contrived, ignorant posturing. Huckabee made the statement to the effect that “if some people had to die,” to get what the right-wackos want, then that would be acceptable. It would “have to be.” THIS from a Baptist preacher

            What say ye? Keep in mind, I can do hundreds more. I just picked that one out of the blue.

            Is it alright for the rich that have it so easy, to further harm the poor?

            Is it alright to single out OTHER people for “special” treatment when you have no risk to yourself?

            If Jesus were distributing the loaves and fishes, your heroes would muscle their way to the head of the line, collect the entire lot, and give Jesus the boot.

            Also schmo, I hate to pick on someone’s grammar, spelling, or word usage as everyone has a right to be heard, but “kitschich” does not mean what you think it does. In fact, the word you are fishing for does not fit the idea you are trying to convey, either.

            Oh, and I only think I have heard the word once before. It means “consequence” or similar to that. Like, result, explanation, etc. My German is not so good any more, but I do not recall ever hearing it used.

            The word you are looking for is “kitsch.” That is a borrowed word meaning low-brow. Doesn’t fit too well, but hey, it’s your sentence. . . .

          6. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

            Palin spews feces every time she opens her mouth. Bashir should be applauded for coming up with such an apt analogy.

          7. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            In a decent society that had laws against hate speech, and, especially, untruthfulness on public venues, then we would not even have to see Palin, much less hear her.

            Everything that comes out of her mouth is bigoted, mumbo-jumbo. Yeah, yeah, . . . I know you love it so, but what does that say about you.

          8. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Or, you could share your rant with someone that actually cares about how much you dislike the Governor Palin.

          9. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

            Yeah, you are right. THIS IS THE GROUP TO SHARE THE RANT ABOUT PALIN IN.

            Now some more truth. I have not been ranting about Palin at all. Any rant I might make will end when the filth, such as yourself are gone.

            ASK AROUND D*CKHEAD, I make no pretense of being well liked, but you will have difficulty finding people that can say I am confrontational. UNLESS YOU ARE A TROLL.

            Other the other hand, can you make the same claims that I have. I have no doubt, and you KNOW it is true, it would take only minutes to get a whole panel of “angelisanass” haters.

    3. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

      Hey, that dirtbag “angelsinca” is posting to a dead thread to stir up trouble. I ran him out of the “Paul Ryan Says He Isn’t Done Holding The Economy Hostage” thread nearly two weeks ago AND now he is back there trying to get that last word he/she [it changes roles at will] craves so badly.

      The punch line is . . . this turd has sworn over 30-40-50+ times to never respond to me again. [I quit counting over a year ago.] Yet, it cannot leave a dead thread alone.

      ALL it is here for is to disrupt. It is a troll that has no life whatsoever, and is a complete moral and physical coward. It knows that we will never come and stretch its neck like it richly deserves.

      From experience, even if you agreed with its BS, it would soon be using you for a doormat. All it is here for is to disrupt and spread dissension. Its tools are lies and misinformation, and more lies.

      1. moelarryandjesus January 2, 2014

        In other words, it’s a typical teabagger.

        1. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014


      2. angelsinca January 3, 2014

        Russell, please end your campaign of harassment directed at me and others on this site.

        Your frequent use of lies, delusion and self victimization to justify your derisive actions are abundant and recorded. Your false statements about me are numerous, unwanted, considered threatening, and now saved in a secure archive in addition to the Disqus archive.

        I am kindly asking you to end your twisted reign of tyrannical bullshit directed at me, my family, my incarcerated son, and other posters on this site and other social media sites.

        And no, I will not surrender to your demands that I cease my participation here in spite of your repeated threats to stalk and harass me until I do leave. What you are doing has crossed the line of not only what is decent in a free and open society, but not allowed by law in most states, particularly the one I live in.

        Final warning. Wise up and control your hateful urges to demean, harass and intimidate using false proclamations or you will be served along with those that encourage the hate speech to continue. Choose your next actions wisely.

        1. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

          Destroy yourself if that is what you intend to do. You have my blessing.

          I enjoyed your rant, but believe me, I do not wish you well. I think your time here is getting very short, and that makes me very, very happy. I intend to continue at an increased level as long as you do not act civilly in a normally civil group.

          As I said before, I get banned, I still get to do what I came for: READ. You get banned: You are screwed, So, if that is what it takes to have some peace here, so be it.

          1. Most of our conversations are initiated by you. SAME as tonight.
          2. The only exception to #1 is when you are actively abusing another poster.
          3. As to #2, you ALWAYS do.
          4. You fit the textbook, any textbook, definition of “troll.”
          5. You have an archived record of daily, continued abuse in these blogs.
          6. As per #5, I do not bully anyone except bullies. [That be you.] There is no trail of evidence to contradict that statement. I invite anyone to look.
          7. You are the chronic LIAR, not I.
          8. I am not delusional. Yet, this rant of yours shows that you certainly need help for your delusions.
          9. I have conjectured about your reasons for behaving as badly as you do, but I have never said anything that was based on untruth.
          10. I have explained my motivations to you repeatedly, yet, you will not answer even simple questions about yours. Even simple yes/no questions.
          11. I have not threatened you with stalking and harassment. I have promised you that I will return your behavior in kind, and with interest.
          12. As for #11, you are just furious that someone will not let you have your evil way.
          13. Again, for #11, you are furious that you are just not as good at this as I am.
          14. I almost always are responding to what YOU said. If I am objectionable, you certainly cannot claim to be clean.
          15. VERY IMPORTANT, your rant is a direct response to the fact that I have put you on similar notice. YET, I am using the truth, while you use falsehood.
          16. You are the one that has 50-100 times, SWORN to never post to me again. Yet, as tonight, you cannot keep a promise or tell the truth.
          17. Except on extremely rare occasions, I do not visit, nor harass other posters on other sites, such as you do.
          18. Please “serve” me. I can use a big payday. Of course, at the risk of being insulting, you probably do not have the proverbial “pot” for me to take.

          LEAVE and problem will be solved. You do not have a right to come and harass and bully at will. I only exist, because you do. You go, and no one will know I am here.

          By the way, I must stress that you are really losing the old noodle. Your post was the rather whiny sprog of a cry-baby bully, angry because someone stops him from punching out the little kids.

          HAVE AT! I dare you to destroy yourself for nothing but a damn addiction to being mean.

          1. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            HAVE AT! (sic) I dare you to destroy yourself for nothing but a damn addiction to being mean.

            This is only recreational social media for me. Sadly, it has it has consumed everything about you to the point of scary, creepy, dangerous. Enjoy your new life. XOXO

          2. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            You need emergency psychiatric help. After that “whine and cry” pack of LIES you just posted, you are now trying to appear like it did not mean anything. As well, you are psychotically fixated on continuing your supposed right to troll.

            Answer one question. I know that you will not, because you never do. Who, besides you and disgusting, bullying trolls like you, am I harassing? Think about it. Except for trash like you, my history is not only minimal, but squeaky clean, as well. That is why you are not getting any serious attention to your threats.

            Think again, what is all this malarkey about. More trolling and bullying. Except now, you are harassing by threatening. Won’t work. You could not out post me, out reason me, bully me, threaten me. NOW, you have got it in your head to whine me to death. Yeah, the only sense of humor here has been mine, and I admit it is a little dark. 🙂

            “Recreational social media,” my a**. You cannot quit. You have made harassing this blog as your life’s work. You have a sick, fixation on what you see as your right to harass and bully.

            I am going to write a letter in the next few days to the National Memo, pointing out the full truth of the situation. To document properly, it will take several days to right. Don’t think I am trying to convince you to leave. NO, I want you to continue, AND that letter has already been begun, and WILL be finished and sent. Your last whine and empty legal threat made that a last straw decision.

            I will ask, and give my blessing to them pulling all and any logs from our conversations. I will encourage them to pull ALL of both of our posting histories and find out who is the bully, liar, harasser, and troll. As I told you, if they take my posting privileges away, I can still visit and read as a guest. If they take yours, you’re done. You do not come here to read the articles or engage in reasonable discussion. You obviously do not even read most of the articles, and are only here to drive out legitimate discussion to fuel your sick fantasies of your potency.

            You probably carve notches on the wall of your Mom’s basement when you shut down a thread. You probably are so sick that you claim a “win” even when you took a beating.

            I promise you, when I am done, your eyes WILL be watering. You certainly do not have a life that a normal person could even enjoy.

          3. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            After studying the lengthy exchange you had with Leftout, I am certain you are a danger to everyone you encounter. Stay away from me please and stop replying to my posts.

            You probably carve notches on the wall of your Mom’s basement when you shut down a thread. You probably are so sick that you claim a “win” even when you took a beating

            My mother is dead, asshole

            I promise you, when I am done, your eyes WILL be watering.

            Not likely

            You certainly do not have a life that a normal person could even enjoy.

            You do not know normal. My life is fine. If you intend to change that, please write those intentions clearly and slowly so the crawlers are alerted to the threats.

          4. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            “My mother is dead, asshole” Ooh, bad talk. That point is irrelevant to the conversation. It has been logged several times that you have accused me of living in my mother’s basement. YOU LOSE on that point.

            Leftover is now an admitted racist, BY HIS OWN WORDS, that hates Obama because he is of mixed race. So, go ahead and defend him. You only stink worse with each passing post.

            “I promise you, when I am done, your eyes WILL be watering.

            Not likely”

            This is the crux of the matter. You maintain the right to badger, harass, LIE, troll, and post racist drivel, and destroy legitimate conversation, ALL the while, remaining totally anonymous, and safe and free, from criminal and civil action from the other posters, the owners of the blog, and law enforcement. THAT is going to change.

            Your last paragraph shows how abnormal and distant from reality you have become. How much “clearer and slower” do you need this to be.

            I have been very clear, and only an illiterate idiot would propose a type written message to be “slower.” NORMAL people re-read what they do no understand.

            You are going to learn that other posters have views, feelings, and sensibilities besides your own. You will learn respect.

            A M I C L E A R E N O U G H A N D S L O W E N O U G H F O R Y O U !

          5. Russell Byrd January 3, 2014

            Maybe, you should calm down, quit trying to sneak in a late, last post, and concentrate on your content and grammar. You show signs of anger that I suspect is intense. BUT, please, please read below.

    4. joe schmo January 2, 2014

      Hmmmm….. I guess the name Ebony is OK?

      1. Russell Byrd January 2, 2014

        I think if you read any of the posts, really read, you would know that would only lead more credence to the argument you are trying to defeat. A white couple adopting a second-rate child of another race. Naming the child cryptically a name from a European language that refers to darkness. If you knew Celtic history, you would realize that Kieran may not be a good name. Maybe, it is, but it is touchy.

        On the other hand, you want to contast with black parents proud of being black, and naming their child Ebony. YOU are a racist. You are working like a maggot to prove the point. The tragedy is, you can continue to run everyone ragged with your racist nonsense. GIVE IT A REST.

        Why Ebony? It is not even Celtic. Why not Ealasaid, which is the Celtic version of the Hebrew for “God’s perfection”?

      2. moelarryandjesus January 3, 2014

        Sure, why not? It’s not a secret ethnic slur, unlike Gaelic for “little dark one.”

  2. Plantsmantx December 31, 2013

    Just remember that conservatives feeling the need to pretend they’re outraged by supposed anti-black racism is a capitulation on their part.

    1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

      No reminder necessary. Conservatives aren’t pretending to be outraged by the comment. They are amused (if not disgusted) by the leftist’s continuing ridicule of the Romneys, while ignoring the flaws within their own Democratic realm.

      1. Independent1 January 1, 2014

        When’s the last time you saw someone in the “Democratic realm” acting like the snobs of the world flaunting all their cars and homes and horses and what have you under everyone’s nose??? The Romneys deserve every bit of ridiculte they get – especially when good ole Mitt is the poster child of the most unAmerican person in the country with all his corporation pirating that resulted in killing more jobs than probably anyone else in America at a time with the country could least afford it.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          I seem to recall several real life posters here at the memo bragging how they have a couple of homes and are doing so well in their retirements that they are able to spend all day tearing down anything resembling wealth, conservatives or republicans. Your hate toward Romney is legendary, if not typical lefty. Maybe you could invert that negativity into positive energy and direct it at the White House-they need it.

          1. Paul Bass January 1, 2014

            Gee I don’t recall any poster (progressive or otherwise) bragging that “they are able to spend all day tearing down anything resembling wealth, conservatives, or republicans”‘

            You’re showing your paranoia, us progressives are just pointing out “facts”, which is NOT tearing down conservatives….

          2. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            You don’t recognize the paraphrase, so it is just ‘paranoia’? lol. You just need to spend a little more time analyzing the typical comments made toward conservatives on liberal blogs.

          3. Paul Bass January 1, 2014

            You are right, er, I mean correct!

            There are quite a few un-civil comments on these blogs, especially from us progressives,, so for that I certainly apologize, and will attempt to remain civil henceforth!
            Thanks for reminding me of the importance of my manners….

          4. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            In think there is some unwritten corollary that Angelstink can just make up any story IT pleases. IT has rights us mere citizens cannot even fathom.

          5. Kansan January 1, 2014

            The Romneys had a house in Malibu, I think, with an elevator for their car. They had a house in Utah that they lived in, and a house in Massachusetts that they pretended to live in so that he could run for governor. Romney is filthy rich thanks to corporate takeovers and looting.

          6. Independent1 January 1, 2014

            I don’t usually denigrate people who have done positive things for America, and to be honest, at the moment, I can’t think of anyone who has done more positive things for America that Barak Obama; in fact, he’s done more for this country than any other president.

            If you even just look at the amount of effort he’s put into the job it’s quite remarkable. Do you realize that our president hasn’t even taken 100 days vacation in 5 years?? While in contrast, at least 4 of the past 5 GOP presidents (I don’t recall how much vacation time Ford took), have really been presidents in absentia due to the fact that they all spent at least 1/4 of their tim in office on vacation!! And Georgie boy pushed it to the extreme – taking over 950 days off in 8 years, do you realize he was on vacation over 1/3 of the time he was in office?? Even Reagan took over 450 days and Bush Sr. was away more than 220 days in 4 years. And we actually paid these guys to be full time presidents who worked part-time at the job. And not only that, they all spent like drunken sailors when they were working and are responsible for more than 90% of our 17 trillion in debt.

            Now if you don’t believe me that Obama has accomplished a lot, trying taking 15-20 minutes just reading through each and everything he’s accomplished in the list that will come up at this link. And if you’re honest and read each entry, it should take you at least 15 minutes to read through it all:


          7. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Thanks, but I’ve already seen that list. Vacation time is inconsequential (but the expense is). The popularity and acceptance of a president’s accomplishments are usually based on the public’s perception of how those deeds have affected their own lives. If the bad things he has done weren’t so universally unwanted and unwarranted but for political purposes, the good would’ve been better recognized. We see constant blame, a racially biased DOJ, harassment of the SCOTUS, unprecedented domestic spying, disrespect for tradition and veterans, intolerance for religious exercise, combative lack of cooperative outside his own party, familial terrorist connections, and First Lady scowls. For some, the unnecessary ending of the WH tours and closure of the WWII monuments reveals enough about the character to develop the necessary perceptions that discount any accomplishment. He might be a nice guy one-on-one, but an honest nature and doubtless integrity, that are consistent with effective leadership, simply aren’t there. Maybe a book deal will work out for him.

          8. Independent1 January 2, 2014

            What utter garbage!! One lie and distortion after another! Let’s here all these “bad things he has done blah blah blah”. Let’s hear them!! Come on!! List all those horrible things right out!!!


          9. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            B-b-b-b-but, you are dealing with Angelstink. We both know that lies are standard operating procedure with that scum.

            We really should gang-bang that piece of filth. IT is very vulnerable and comes apart when IT is under pressure. A maximum effort every time IT raises ITS diaper wearing head, and Angel will implode. Admittedly, we may never be rid of Angel, unless Memo finally takes action, but IT does feel pain very, very easily and would likely leave if we gave IT a HOT welcome everytime IT shows up.

            Angel really does have a number of signs of major mental illness. Paranoia and delusions of grandeur. Angel is not a paid “assasin,” but a delusional holy warrior that is being entertained by our discomfiture.

        2. MrStoneheep January 1, 2014

          Yes, Mitt Romney deserves what he gets, but why does the
          “Left” think he should be so deserving? Because he was successful w/i their Socialist seeking world.

          1. Independent1 January 1, 2014

            Because there are hundreds of thousands of far better people struggling to survive today because of Mitt Romney. Despite the fact that the economy tanked in 2007 and 2008, even though he had supposedly left Bain Capital, he was still actively involved until just a week within the 2012 election of buying up foundering companies during the great recession, stripping them of their assets, including their pension funds while throwing hundreds of thousands of Americans onto unemployment and thousands into retirements with far less pensions than they had really earned.

            As I mentioned in my first post Mitt Romney is the poster child of the total unAmerican. Someone who despite the fact that America was in a deep recession would purposely try to get our president to allow the auto industry to go bankrupt just so he and his CORPORATE PIRATE cohorts could buy out two of the largest remaining manufacturing companies in America, destroy all their American jobs and ship the companies overseas.

            How do I know that? Because that’s exactly what he and his hedgefund buddy Singer did to the auto industry’s largest small parts maker Delphi. A company that had 25,000 union workers all of which are now in China or Mexico, except that because of the auto industry rebound there are 100,000 workers for Delphi now – but not in the U.S. Delphi now has only about 5,000, NONUNION WORKERS in Alabama. And Mitt was furious because Obama insisted on going through with the auto bailout, keeping him from buying up and destroying GM and Chrysler.

            And just buying up Delphi isn’t even the worst of it, during the buy out of Delphi when GM and Chrysler were trying to get car manufacturing restarted, Romney and Singer tried to force them out of business by refusing to let Delphi continue to supply them with the small parts they needed to restart their assembly lines – they insisted on shutting down Delphi even before it could start producing parts overseas. Fortunately, the judge overseeing the buyout process nixed that whole evil fiasco and insisted Romney and Singer had to keep Delphi running in the U.S. until they provide parts from overseas.
            Talk about a devious worthless scumbag who’s also as unAmerican as it gets!!!!!!

          2. Kansan January 1, 2014

            Thanks. Facts are indeed, “stubborn things.”

        3. Leftout January 1, 2014

          Obama, would drive a Cadillac were he totally black. But he hangs out in Nantucket with the other ne’er do well Whities.

          1. Duckbudder January 1, 2014

            Bigot much?

          2. Leftout January 1, 2014

            Romney likes GMs Cadillacs . Bigot, yes, are we not all, In that we are trying to have everyone be like what we are and not tolerate dissenting viewpoints. racism seems to be a pre-occupation with liberals. 99 % of people are not racists, they may not like a person due to real life experiences, but that is based on true experiences. Profiling is from experiences that actually occurred and these color future transactions. Racism is truly a term to be used for Hitler and few others who believe in supremacy of a given group.

          3. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            No, we are not all bigots, nor are we what you really are. A racist! None of us are perfect, but we make thoughtful allowances to curb our base instincts. You are an arrogant bastard that thinks you are “God’s gift,” and that you have the only opinion.

            Remember, my repeated statement about your sociopathic symptom of a lack of empathy. Well, you have impressed me that I have always been right. You have no grasp or care for the feelings and situation of others. Only in getting your way.

          4. Leftout January 5, 2014

            I did not get my way, I earned and made my way. I even helped others along the way. I am not Gods ‘ gift for sure. I may be a bastard though, maybe that is why I have a this empathy for the almost aborted.

          5. daniel bostdorf January 27, 2014

            I think you may in reality be a red neck farmer—according to your post on december 18th? I am simply wondering why you post at NM at all…

            You posted here:
            Always Low Wages? Walmart May Have Some Choices | The …


            Dec 18, 2013 – I am a red neck, enjoy farming, listening to Mozart while guiding a wheat combine gathering the baby cereal for you. The new trailer park is for

          6. Leftout January 28, 2014

            You finally admitted that I do what I say!!!! I post here to see what others are interested in, I lost my pass word to the NY Times, Washington Post….this seems to capture the other points of view. That I hear in the big cities….so close enough. I am more Conservative overall than the so called Tea Party.
            It amazes me the whining that goes on about not being able to get off ones duff to get an education. Three guys and myself …ooops 2 women came from similar near poverty ??? almost trailer park backgrounds, and wound up successfully educated. Our experiences were a drive to please our expectations and others and we did. So, I know we can all be better than some are portrayed here. Certainly there are a few, few , challenged individuals that must be protected by all of us. I relate my experiences from my envirnment, associations with many Diverse indictable and groups.

          7. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            NO, admitted bigot, then admitted racist, then denied racism, then was a bigot again, THEN actually asked me how I caught on to his racism.

            This guy is borderline treasonous and as oily as a snake. NEVER, EVER trust him.

          8. daniel bostdorf January 27, 2014

            How would you know if you are on a farmer? Listening to Mozart??

            this is what youposted december 18th???

            Always Low Wages? Walmart May Have Some Choices | The …



            Dec 18, 2013 – I am a red neck, enjoy farming, listening to Mozart while guiding a wheat combine gathering the baby cereal for you. The new trailer park is for

        4. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

          AND he ain’t done yet.

      2. Plantsmantx January 1, 2014

        Here’s what Melissa Harris-Perry said about that baby. Tell us which ones are racist, and why:

        – “He’s gorgeous”.
        -“He’s African-American”.
        – “He was adopted into the Romney family”.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          Perhaps you can identify for ‘us’ the comments she apologized for, repeatedly. Why was it necessary for her guests on her panel to mock the Romneys for adopting a black baby, without her calling them to the floor? Why keep the flame of racism alive when most of us grew out of it decades ago?

          1. Plantsmantx January 1, 2014

            There are no comments she should have apologized for. The fact that you can’t cite any supposed “racist” thing she said is proof that she didn’t say any racist thing.

          2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            What I do or do not cite doesn’t offer proof of anything. I acknowledge that, after re-reading the transcript, Perry did not make the offending comment. She encouraged her guests to caption the picture of the obviously white family holding an obviously non-white baby. Two of them made racial slurs. She did not protest. It was, like I said above, on her show, at her behest. She personally apologized for hurting the Romney family with those comments.

            To her credit, she expanded on her twitter apology with the comment, ” I work by the guiding principle that those who offend do not have the right to tell those they hurt that they r wrong for for hurting”

          3. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Geez, Angelstink really believes it has a right to say anything even when the gospel truth is known.

  3. FT66 December 31, 2013

    Regarding Melissa Harris-Perry joking the Romney adopting a black child, I think this was quite wrong. Whatever any side one is. Anything which involves kids shouldn’t be brought neither to Politics nor to Entertainment. Kids know nothing about these two issues.They must be off-limit.

    1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

      There is no public good served by humiliating this family (or ANY family) with ridicule and mockery. Shame on MSNBC for allowing it. Shame on Harris-Perry for continuing to practice it.

      1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

        Shame on you for ignoring Mitt’s past history of apologizing for Mormon bigotry.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          How does an innocuous adoption become hate by the left and an indictment on Romney? The ugliness prevails in your court, amigo.

          1. stcroixcarp January 1, 2014

            I saw the clip. Nothing terrible was said about the baby or the Romney family. (The child is beautiful) What was said was what if in years to come Keiran and North West married. It would be interesting to see the interaction between North’s dad and Mitt. What was so terrible about that? This baby could be a real eye opener and an education for the Romney family. When a member of your family that you love is of another race, it is much more difficult to stereotype others of that race. I hope that the Romney family will take advantage of this blessing.

          2. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            The panelists’s comments inferred that Romney is racist. Apparently, for being white and belonging to the GOP. This often-used stereotyping reveals how claims of racism are regularly directed at non-minorities and conservatives.

          3. Lola Johnson January 1, 2014

            Romney has been a bishop in the Mormon church which specifically called out blacks as inferior and unworthy of the priesthood. i understand that the rules have changed in recent years, but do people let go of their prejudices that easily? Exposure to a black person in the family may be the best thing for all of them. I think that may have been Harris-Perry’s point.

          4. Kansan January 1, 2014

            Romney’s dad was pretty liberal so I doubt that racism is an issue with Mitt. Now if you’re talking about the “47%,” there is definite contempt for those with less money.

          5. jmprint January 1, 2014

            You are right racism is not the issue, it’s greed, profit over country.

          6. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            You still don’t understand the 47% (that weren’t going to vote for Romney no matter what he said or did). The contempt is contrived from the misrepresentation of what was actually said. People seem to like being victims, since they tend to create realities that make them one, such as this 47% thing that morphed into hatred for the 1%.

          7. Kansan January 2, 2014

            You need to look at the entire video, you birdbrain, but even then you could no doubt rationalize what he said at that fundraiser.

          8. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            I saw the video multiple times, NOT the edited version. The insult is unecessary, but typical of the no argument position.

          9. Kansan January 2, 2014

            Hey, “Angel” lady:

            Matthew 13:13-15

            13 “‘they look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand.”

            14 “Isaiah’s prophecy is fulfilled in them, which says: ‘You shall indeed hear but not understand, you shall indeed look but never see’.”

            15 “they will hardly hear with their ears, they have closed their eyes, lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and be converted, and I heal them.”

            And for a closer:


          10. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            Kansan, you can mock me for not understanding. You can mock me for defending Romney or Palin. You can even mock me for including FoxNews as a source of information in addition to NPR’s dry offerings.

            But please don’t mock me because I don’t subscribe to the notion that Romney’s 47% comment is supposed to mean something other than what it was meant to be; an honest evaluation on where he should direct his presidential campaign and not at those that wouldn’t be voting for him no matter what he said. He was right.

            Exactly what part of Romney’s 47% statement is untrue, or is actual (not implied) ‘contempt’?


            I don’t understand the continuing spite toward Romney, even after the spoils were won. Eventually, even a barking stops being a nuisance.

          11. Kansan January 2, 2014

            The 1% have been hammering the 47% and more. Romney is the personification of that exploitation. All he did was brag about it when, unknowingly, he was caught on video. Bad move for him, good move for almost all of the rest of us.

          12. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            Good points Lola. It’s really no one else’s business who someone decides to adopt. What’s best for the Romneys shouldn’t be judged by anyone unless they are entirely without sin. No such thing, except for one.

          13. Kansan January 1, 2014

            It is the party of racism, after all. It is the party that would rather that the Romney’s adopted child would not be allowed to vote.

          14. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            This is complete nonsense. There is no ‘party of racism’. There are ample false accusations of racism directed AT republicans due to ignorant stereotyping, but, collectively, republicans abhor racism as much as democrats.

          15. Kansan January 2, 2014

            Look no further than North Carolina and its incredibly gerrymandered districts where every practically every black voter in the state have been packed into four congressional districts, for the proof of their racism. Look at the bogus “real ID laws that have no purpose other than to disenfranchise tens of thousands of black voters in various states. Spare us the bollocks, please.

          16. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Right. Democrats don’t gerrymander. Got it. Never liked the practice much. How about the disenfranchisement of english speaking voters by supplying multi language ballots? Bollocks back at you.

          17. Kansan January 2, 2014

            God, you’re thick. If they don’t want to read multi-language ballots, they obviously don’t have to read them. How the hell does that “disenfranchise” them?

          18. angelsinca January 3, 2014

            It isn’t necessary to preface your comment with personal insult. This isn’t youtube. When your absentee voting package becomes 72 pages in sixteen languages when it could have been ten, and your ballot is in Spanish because your surname could be Hispanic, and then when you call for clarification which candidates you are allowed to vote for and have to wade thru the ‘press ‘1’ for english menu, you tend to develop a growing anger over a wasteful system that seems to favor diverse residents over established citizens. Eventually, you throw your hands up and refuse to participate anymore, for example. Please explain again how an ID disenfranchises voters?

          19. Kansan January 3, 2014

            You’re the person who wrote this, right?

            “Calm down Russy. It seems we are now being exposed to a sampling of the root cause of your irrationality. Please do seek professional help. I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way or mean way. Really, you seem like you need some help with whatever it is causing you to behave so irrationally and seeth (sic) with so much hate. I will gladly step out of this morass of your emotional abuses since it seems you have reached
            that tipping point, again. Bye Russy, it wasn’t so much fun to see you melt down in public again. Please, really, take the meds or at least get the help to have them prescribed for you. The condition doesn’t go away by chasing people away with anger and false accusation. Good luck amigo.”

          20. angelsinca January 4, 2014

            It’s OK to get to the point directly. What do you need, Kansan?

          21. Kansan January 5, 2014

            You’re the one who was complaining about insulting responses to your posts.

            Your response to Byrd that I quoted may be the worst I’ve seen on this site. So how do you deal with your own hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance?

          22. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            And I get that self-righteous nonsense every time I come across Angelstink. What is funny, Angel has claimed that iIT will no longer reply to me well over 50 times. Maybe, over 100. Yet, even when I try to ignore IT, here IT come with more nonsense.

            In ITS “just” world, I am not supposed to answer back.

            I am telling you, Memo needs to put its foot down and abolish this nonsense, will they still have a customer base. Of course, more than once that is what Angelstink has admitted that IT is trying to destroy.

          23. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            If you call that an insult, you didn’t bother pouring over the accompanying nonsense spewed by Byrd.

          24. Kansan January 5, 2014

            I’m not defending Byrd or anyone else. I’m merely calling attention to your hypocrisy.

          25. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            Whatever flips your skirt…

          26. Kansan January 5, 2014

            Here’s a little more attention:

            You claim you used to vote Republican as an Independent, but you’re here to hear the other side of the issues.

            Right. No hypocrisy or mendacity here.

            No one but us chickens, sez Angel.

            “Democrats have to go back 20 years to find dirt on the GOP. We don’t have to look any further than now to find misconduct, fraud and deception. Please hurry up with whatever you folks are doing so we can return to the normally scheduled program of a united America.”

            Notice the use of the royal “We.”

            And of course, a quick California fact check:

            Arnold Schwartzenegger
            Reps. Duke Cunningham
            John Doolittle
            Rich Pombo
            Gary Miller

          27. angelsinca January 6, 2014

            Excellent out-of-context commentary.

          28. Kansan January 6, 2014

            More yet:

            You’re a Reagan fan, but it was Reagan’s NASA that was the cause of the Challenger disaster. You wrote, however, rationalizing contractor ineptitude:

            “The Challenger disaster happened because of Thiokol execs that choose to appease NASA demands to launch on schedule, even though the booster seals hadn’t been fully tested at lower ambient temps.”

            I watched that launch, live, on a big screen. The ambient ground temperature was zero degrees F. BFD. The O-rings were defective. The ambient temperature at 36,000-42,000 feet (cruising altitude for 727-100s and 727-200s) is minus 70 degrees F.

            I’ve worked outside in minus 63 degrees F. I’ve commuted on my bicycle to work at 30 degrees below, ambient temperature, despite the wind chill factor. I’m well aware of what those temps can do to materials.

            I knew what was wrong long before the Challenger exploded. You could see a thin stream of gas condensate emanating from the side of the booster long before it blew up. Thiokol execs didn’t have to succumb to NASA pressures. They wussed out but they supplied crappy parts.

            I also watched Richard Fineman live with his icewater demonstration during the hearings. Icewater, with a temp slightly higher than 32 degrees F was enough to make the rings brittle. You’re saying that Thiokol didn’t have any icewater in Salt Lake City?

          29. angelsinca January 6, 2014

            Your testimonial is inconsequential to current events. But excellent use of of an unrelated cause to assign blame for the Challenger disaster on a Republican president.

          30. Kansan January 6, 2014

            Still more:

            Here’s you whining about supposed reverse racism, ageism and sexism. Poor baby. I’m a white male a lot older than you and went to work full time for the government when I was 52 years old.

          31. angelsinca January 6, 2014

            Where is the link? You leave the audience wondering WTH you are talking about.

            Please do keep offering more pointless challenges to months-old posts. I’m rather enjoying this foolish self-serving parade. There is plenty of material to toss around-I’ve made thousands and thousands of posts thru disqus under ANGELSINCA and tens of thousands under different monikers.

            Have fun in your toxic pursuit. But don’t be surprised if no one reads any of it, ‘cept Byrd and 2 or 3 other similarly equipped bloggers. lol

          32. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Yeah, and IT will either be winding me up by carpet bombing two week old threads [which show up in my inbox], or I will show up in here and it will already be lying, trolling, and bullying. IT has the nerve to demand that I not give IT what IT has justly earned, and with interest.

            I guess I should take angelstink’s paranoid drivel as a complement. He is broadcasting to all that he cannot handle me.

            A lesson to be learned, it cannot stand the same tactics that IT uses on other posters.

            Unlike Angel, I can say with conviction that IT definitely needs to be watched closely.

            Thanks for seeing the situation.

          33. Kansan January 3, 2014

            English (the invaders’ language)
            Spanish (the invaded’s language – Califas seized from Mexico)
            Chinese (those excluded from immigrating to the U.S.)
            Japanese (those imprisoned in the U.S.)
            Korean (L.A.- 2nd largest Korean population city in the world)
            Tagalog (the country we invaded)
            Vietnamese (the country we invaded)

            So there are seven California ballot languages. Get over it, Angel.

          34. angelsinca January 4, 2014

            Thanks for the history but it is unlikely that multiple ballot languages are due to an invader’s guilt complex. Please allow me to correct you gross underestimate of non-english ballots in California. The number varies depending on the type of election, amount of parties on the ballot and the county it occurs. In San Diego county, the ’06 primary saw the ballot printed in 44 different languages. Got ‘over it’ a long time ago. Thanks

          35. Kansan January 5, 2014

            Hey, troll.

            I looked it up. Here’s your “46 languages,” on the 2006 San Diego primary ballot.

            You know you can go to “hell” for lying, right?


            Starting with the June primary election, the county will begin providing election materials in Chinese as well as English, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish and Vietnamese. Under the Federal Voting Rights Act states are required to provide bilingual voting assistance to help voters with limited English proficiency participate in the democratic process.

            Proponents of the multi-language voter information say that Latino and Filipino American voter registration increased by 21% in San Diego County, and Vietnamese American registration increased by 37%, after the county was brought into compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

          36. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Angelstink just can’t get the idea out of ITS head that this is not the United States of White People. Any one that has a little difficulty is just supposed to be disqualified, in ITS view.

            You know, the trolls Schmo and Leftover are actually talking openly about the need for a dictator. They have no fear, even when they talk treason in here.

          37. Kansan January 5, 2014

            Hey, troll. I looked it up. Here’s your “44 languages.”

            You know you can go to “hell” for lying, right?


            Starting with the June primary election, the county will begin providing election materials in Chinese as well as English, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish and Vietnamese. Under the Federal Voting Rights Act states are required to provide bilingual voting assistance to help voters with limited English proficiency participate in the democratic process.

            Proponents of the multi-language voter information say that Latino and Filipino American voter registration increased by 21% in San Diego County, and Vietnamese American registration increased by 37%, after the county was brought into compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

          38. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Angelstink is not only generally stupid, but selectively stupider. HeeHee.

            He can’t figure out that all those people fleeing oppression were naturally attracted to us by our sticking our nose in their business. WE opened the door. Now we are just supposed to ignore those people. Same with the Hispanics. The fat-cats ripped off on own population for high profits from cheap labor. Now when the going gets tough, those people should just do them a favor and vaporize.

            If my late post is rather worrisome, I apologize.

          39. Kansan January 5, 2014

            Stop your lying. Now you’re deliberate misquoting D.U.

          40. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            I provided the link that had the info, but it didn’t make it through the moderator. It was a brief article from the Democratic Underground that discussed the 2006 primary election and quoted the San Diego county registrar as saying they had to print 44 versions of the ballot to accommodate the different languages. Not sure how quoting an article makes anyone a liar or a troll.

          41. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            Not sure how quoting the San Diego County Reigistrar makes someone a liar or a troll:


          42. Kansan January 5, 2014

            Quoting the San Diego registrar would not make you a liar.

            You deliberately misquoted the Union Tribune, however.

            That confirmed your mendacity.

            It said the county had “…44 different versions of the primary ballot.”

            It had 44 different versions because it had a multitude overlapping districts, federal, state, local, municipal, etc., and various political parties, not just the “big two.”

            As I quoted, the county published ballots in five languages. You chose to ignore that reality because it did not support your bogus, straw man argument.

            Instead of accepting that correction, you chose to double down on your original lie.

            Though they were correct in this case U-T is hardly a paragon of honesty or reliability. I can recall when they declared fraudster C. Arnholt Smith, Nixon’s biggest initial contributor to his loathsome campaigns, San Diego’s “Man of the Century.”

            As far as being a troll, your lie didn’t make you one. Your presence here, your attitude and your facile willingness to spin actual facts beyond recognition, to “win” arguments in your own mind, is why you deserve that description.

            I’d be happy to provide you with other examples of your abundant hypocrisy, your racism, your lies, etc., on this site, if you’d like me to do so.

          43. angelsinca January 5, 2014

            Since you have gone to great lengths on my account, thank you for the recognition and the effort. Whatever.

          44. angelsinca January 6, 2014

            Kansan wrote: “I’d be happy to provide you with other examples of your abundant hypocrisy, your racism, your lies, etc., on this site, if you’d like me to do so.”

            No thanks but don’t let someone else’s wishes get in the way of you wasting all that energy on being a jerk. I am eagerly awaiting the ‘abundant’ examples of racism.

          45. angelsinca January 6, 2014

            Kansan wrote: “You deliberately misquoted the Union Tribune, however.
            That confirmed your mendacity.”

            I certainly did not lie or intentionally misquote. The EXACT quote verbatim from the article by the San Diego County Registrar Haas is (again):

            “… Haas said the county had assigned a troubleshooter to every six polling stations so that problems could be dealt with promptly. With all the political parties and languages, the county had to print 44 versions of the primary ballot.”

            The first three times I read this, it seemed like the ballots were printed in 44 languages. Rather, it seems there were 44 ‘versions’ of the ballot due to the many languages (my original point) AND parties. No malice, lies or hypocrisy just honest and reasonable interpolation.

            If you must continue to use this as justification to assault my character and to pursue your cause of supposed righteousness, I can’t stop you. But you can certainly be ignored. Thanks

          46. Kansan January 7, 2014

            Okay. So you say you “misread” the quote three times and only read it correctly after I’d repeatedly confronted you with your “misreading.” It’s a simple sentence. What’s the problem? Your claim is about as convincing as “I am not a crook.”

            You’re going to “ignore” me. Fat chance. That’s why you’re following me on Discus, as I’ve just been notified. Another lie.

            Maybe you “misread” something else?

          47. angelsinca January 7, 2014

            Give it rest. Go crucify someone else this week, troll.

          48. Kansan January 7, 2014

            Here’s what I got from Disqus. Didn’t you know that they notified the posters that they are being followed?

            Hi Kansan,

            You have a new follower on Disqus.

          49. angelsinca January 7, 2014

            Not a news flash. I know how it works. You don’t like being followed? Feel a bit uncomfortable to have someone watching your comments, does it? How about if they dissected then perverted things you said months ago? Buzz off.

          50. Kansan January 7, 2014

            I don’t mind being followed. Whatever lifts your skirt.

            However, when you claim you’re going to ignore me, then start following me, it demonstrates your hypocrisy and mendacity.

            You made your bed. “Lie” in it.

          51. Kansan January 7, 2014

            The “link” you wanted?

            “Presently, I am the wrong race, gender and age to get a ‘Government Job’. Having worked in aerospace for several prime contractors and working alongside GAO and DoD watchdogs, I can say that those with federal authority are usually nit-picking pricks. Every visit to the DMV reinforces this notion at the state level, as does interaction with any school system and/or county agency that are beholden to federal monies.”

          52. angelsinca January 7, 2014

            Thanks for the link. Your audience of four might appreciate it. This remains a true and valid statement. You have to be a citizen on this side of the fence to appreciate the experience I openly share. You will never walk in my shoes and don’t seem like the type to care to go through the inconvenience. So again, buzz off troll.

          53. Kansan January 7, 2014

            You have no idea about my experience. I’ve been a whistleblower for four decades and that has excluded me from many jobs. However I don’t sit around mooning about it, feeling sorry for myself. I fully understood the choices I was making when I made them and did the right things, despite the consequences.

            You on the other hand, seem to be suffering from delusions of persecution, delusions of grandeur and a sense of entitlement.

            You’re the troll here. That’s no secret to anyone.

          54. angelsinca January 7, 2014

            To what means do you find it necessary to continue this regurgitation. There must be something in the water there. The last person I knew from Salinas, KS also was a self righteous asshole that was compelled to place himself above others through criticism. About the only thing i am suffering from now is an unwelcome intrusion by you, troll.

          55. Kansan January 7, 2014

            You’ve been provoking my responses with your behavior.

            I only drink reverse osmosis water. You might check your own supply.

            There is no “Salinas” Kansas.

            Look up the definition of “troll.” If I were posting at the Daily Caller or Free Republic, I would be a troll. You’ve come here, to a progressive blog, to post with those attitudes, looking for a fight. On this site, you’re clearly the troll.

            Except for a couple of years in Viet Nam, I lived for 28 straight years in California, still own properties there and don’t own any in Kansas.

          56. angelsinca January 7, 2014

            Sorry, I meant Salina. The point is the same. You have an intolerance that is shared with others I have known in the region. I don’t look for ‘a fight.’ I see something I disagree with and I post a comment. There is no need to become abusive or harassing because of that disagreement. If you are incapable of weathering challenges to your ideology, why are you on a political blog? To gain assurance from others that it’s ok to hate by demeaning conservatives? Save this comment because it explains why I am here. If you are incapable of accepting that answer it does not mean i am lying. It means you are incapable of accepting that answer.

          57. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Yep, Repubs lost the total state vote in the last election by about a million votes. Yet, they have a veto proof majority, or nearly, if I am mistaken.

            The problem we have with this scum is exactly what you said about the Birch Society and the Romney’s new child. They really believe that minority rule is the law of the land. As long as THEY are in control.

          58. stcroixcarp January 1, 2014

            Tim Wise has written a book and produced a film entitled,”White Like Me”. Read it or rent the film. The topic is White Privilege, a topic that is hinted at in these posts but not articulated. It certainly has changed the way I look at race relations. Simple because I was born white, (social or economic class is not the issue here) I have certain privileges that are ingrained in our culture and in our actual laws. Our much revered Founding Fathers wrote white privilege int our constitution. Read it some time. For purposes of congressional representation slaves were counted as 3/5 of a person. Later Jefferson “bought” the Louisiana Purchase from France who had no right to sell the land. The result was a land grab for white people and genocide for the Indians. I live on land once owned by the Indians. The Indians live on a reservation. Anyway, on and on it goes. Poor Romney did portray himself as a pompous twit during the campaign.

          59. joe schmo January 1, 2014

            Get a life, don’t you even realize that up to a decade ago that has all changed. Back in the days of the Founding Fathers it was a whole different world. Guess it never occurred to you that even though we are all American’s we still have cultural differences. Nobody seems to except that fact. You think we should all be the same. Not possible because we are all born uniquely different. Until we accept those differences, there will always be strife. Whether you want to believe your white a** or not, you have no clue what it is like to live in another race’s shoes and never will. If anything people of color have more rights and opportunities now to get ahead than ever before. The roles have reversed. Maybe you should hand your property back to the Native American you stole it from. Better yet go back to your European Bretheren and leave the land as it once was. You will fit in to the new Europe quite nicely because it is now run by Muslims. I too think the Native Americans have been disenfranchised, yet some are making a killing with their tax-free Casino’s. Before you know it they will be able to buy back some of the land we stole from them. Yah, the laugh is on your white a**.

          60. jmprint January 1, 2014

            The only ones that will be able to buy land are the 1% becuase this world is monopolized.

          61. joe schmo January 2, 2014

            Wasn’t that once the American ideal. To come to this Country as an immigrant with the hope of changing your life? That was my parents dream. To become like Communist Russia as it was is not my idea of having a good life because you never get ahead and you are always poor. Guess who that 1% will be. You got it, your government. You will not have anything but the clothes on your back because they will own your soul….

          62. jmprint January 2, 2014

            That’s only if we allow the republicans to keep hurting the middle class and poor while all along they keep letting the 1% suck off our taxes.

          63. joe schmo January 2, 2014

            Why don’t we add the 1% on your side to that pile of crap. Oh, that’s right, they are alright because you all supposedly contribute to the poor and downtrodden through the .org’s. Better yet, why don’t you share the money you earn, your union retirement, your pension, your home and I mean half or 3/4 of your earnings to the poor. You would actually be helping someone like me out because I am among the poor Conservative’s.

            We also need to Coexist with the homeless downtown. That way we can all be poe folks while the Government takes our money, further suppresses us, and lives high on the hog. Equality for all. Sounds like Communism to me.

            Don’t you think the right thing for the Government to do would be to spread the wealth? LOL

          64. jmprint January 3, 2014

            I’m so confused, if you are not wealthy why do you vote republican? If you allow the Kock brothers to run this world it will be the communist country you are whining to be.

          65. joe schmo January 3, 2014

            Print, I believe in a Capitalistic society, I believe in low taxes, less government, and hard work to create the American Dream. I have not been able to achieve that yet and maybe I never will, but it allows me to be more innovative and competitive because I can dream to be what I want to be. It gives me hope for myself and future generations. It allows me to be creative and to become a millionaire if I want to become one. No Country in the world has ever been like this. It also allows me to give back as I see fit because my good fortune would allow me to do that.

            I believe in the freedom to be able to smoke, drink, (both of which I don’t do), go to church, have a gun (both of which the Liberals are trying to take away from us). I don’t want my Government to tell me how to live my life and that is what Liberal law is trying to do.

            Capitalism unlike Liberalism is not a socialist regime like Fascism or Communism.

            The Koch brothers like many wealthy Liberals (who tend to be some of the richest in the World)(You can read the article below if you like) are only contributing to the party they choose to be involved with.


            Liberal’s don’t particularly like anything good that comes out of the Conservative party because they want it all. I like the patriotic, nationalistic pride that comes from the ‘Elephants.’ I say this because my parents were legal immigrants that came over to America in the late 50’s. They lived under Communism and tell me that some of the things going on with the Liberal party remind them of the Communism they came from. We Conservative’s are not perfect and some of our representatives are even disliked by us, but it is more Americana than the alternative:) We feel we are loosing that freedom that the Founding Fathers meant for us by too much Government intervention. …and that is why I am a Conservative:) It allows me to dream and dream big if I so desire. Hope this helps clear up your confusion…

          66. jmprint January 4, 2014

            So are you familiar with the Birch Society?

          67. stcroixcarp January 1, 2014

            You are right, I don’t have a clue as to what it is like to live as a different race as my own. I don’t have a clue as to what it is like to live as a super rich person like Romney or a culturally unique individual like the Duck patriarch bigot on TV. But do read the Tim Wise book, “White Like Me” I think you could gain some insights from it if you keep your mind open. Happy New Year.

          68. joe schmo January 2, 2014

            No thanks, I want to keep my ethnicity intact and become one with the minority.

          69. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            It is probably well that racists like you become part of the minority. Maybe, we can become a real country when your bigotry is set aside and no longer has any power.

            Now, don’t bother making a further fool of yourself by denying your racism. I know that lying is the Teatard way, but have some self-respect.

          70. angelsinca January 1, 2014

            Romney didn’t portray himself. The MSM and antagonists portrayed him as something they wanted him to be in order to make Obama appear to be more than he could ever be on his own.

            BTW: the ‘white privilege’ narrative does not apply in this century and has already become a stale talking point. If you need to exercise racist tendencies, please don’t do it by beating down white people. It only reinforces ignorant stereotypes.

          71. joe schmo January 1, 2014

            Amen to that….. It shows the left that they are wrong, wrong, wrong….

          72. jmprint January 1, 2014

            Yes, you honed in on the positive, good.

          73. Leftout January 1, 2014

            You are implying that Romney has never met Blacks. Many people do not have the opportunity to meet many minorities, since by definition they are few and far between. We talk our own talk, and assume everyone is like our own background. Those of us who work cities are more accustomed to diversity but even so we all live in our own neighborhoods, because that is how it was…. A comfort level of similar language, religions or culture. George Bush Sr. Was made fun of because he did not know the price of a grocery item. I would say not many men know these things either….men just go in and buy stuff and walk out. Same with Romney, he may not know the price of milk or a lowly BMW, because he likes GM products or his white maid does the shopping. He is not a bad man for that.

          74. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

            Why did the Romneys give the poor kid a name that is Gaelic for “little dark one”?

      2. Leftout January 1, 2014

        Ms. Herass Perry, She be a whitey it appears and Obama…he be called Spotty by Reggie Love. What be she? a hypocrite ????

        1. moelarryandjesus January 1, 2014

          What’s with the fake dialect, you ignorant jackass?

          1. Leftout January 1, 2014

            “To be or not to be”, I was reading olde English version of Shakespare. Also fond of Ebonics as a linguistic expression.
            Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it “be ” morrow” ne C’est pas? A fool thinks himself “be” wise , but a wise man knows himself to be a fool” your name proves you “be ” half-wise.

          2. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

            Because you cannot read natural English. I know ESL students that have a better command of the language.

          3. Leftout January 5, 2014

            True natural English is difficult. I knew ESL students that could not even spell ESL Chinese/Asians are great at picking up English, considering it is derived from the Romance languages.

          4. daniel bostdorf January 27, 2014

            When you knew these students, were you on aa farm?

            you posted this december 18th?

            Are you a farmer or what?

            Always Low Wages? Walmart May Have Some Choices | The …



            Dec 18, 2013 – I am a red neck, enjoy farming, listening to Mozart while guiding a wheat combine gathering the baby cereal for you. The new trailer park is for

        2. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014

          L E F T O U T = R A C I S T

          1. Leftout January 5, 2014

            Bigot not a racist, you forget.

      3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 1, 2014

        What about the ridicule and mockery imposed on the President and his family by Fox News? Shame on Fox News for allowing it.

        1. angelsinca January 1, 2014

          If you are talking about the current president, I’m not sure you will find anyone on a NEWS broadcast at FoxNews mock or ridicule Obama or his family like the MSM mocks most conservatives and republicans. Regardless, multiple wrongs don’t make a right.

          1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Do you ever come out of that bubble? You really need to breathe some oxygen. Capitalizing News in the same sentence as FauxNews is comical, but thank you for the laugh.

          2. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            ooooh, look. Another silly I-hate-FoxNews rant….booooooring. LOL

          3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            Oh look another silly response from a bubble living follower of the I-hate-Liberals —- childish.

          4. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Nice try, but I don’t hate liberals.

          5. angelsinca January 2, 2014

            Just so you know, ‘NEWS’ is in uppercase (not capitalization, that would be ‘News’) to assist the reader distinguish between news programming on FoxNews VS opinion programming on FoxNews. Apparently this distinction was lost on you due to temporary blindness caused by the I-hate-Fox syndrome.

          6. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG January 2, 2014

            You are right about my use of the word capitalization rather than uppercase and I apologize for the error. FoxNews is opinion programming not news. The distinction was not lost on me, I am just not a sheep and do not want to listen to the Negative Nellies with no solutions just bitching and moaning.

          7. Russell Byrd January 5, 2014