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Intelligence Officials Told Trump That Russia Allegedly Holds Damaging Dossier On Him

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Intelligence Officials Told Trump That Russia Allegedly Holds Damaging Dossier On Him

Scott Adams on How Trump won

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Classified documents that the heads of four U.S. intelligence agencies presented last week to President-elect Donald Trump included claims that Russian intelligence operatives have compromising information about him, two U.S. officials said Tuesday evening.

They told Reuters the claims, which one called “still unsubstantiated,” were contained in a two-page memo appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that U.S. intelligence officials presented to Trump and President Barack Obama last week.

Trump responded on Tuesday evening in a tweet calling the reports: “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!” The Trump transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment. One of the officials, both of whom requested anonymity to discuss classified matters, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other U.S. agencies are continuing to investigate the credibility and accuracy of the claims.

They are included in opposition research reports made available last year to Democrats and U.S. officials by a former British intelligence official, most of whose past work U.S. officials consider credible.

The official said investigators so far have been unable to confirm the material about Trump financial and personal entanglements with Russian businessmen and others whom U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded are Russian intelligence officers or working on behalf of Russian intelligence. Some material in the reports produced by the former British intelligence officer has proved to be erroneous, the official said.

The FBI declined comment.

The charges that Russia attempted to compromise New York real estate businessman Trump were presented to the FBI and other U.S. government officials last summer and have been circulating for months.

The FBI initially took the material seriously, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, which was first reported by CNN.

However, the FBI failed to act on the material, and the former British intelligence officer broke off contact about three weeks before the November election, they said.

The warning of information about Russia’s compromising claims follows growing U.S. intelligence and law enforcement concerns about what Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has called “multifaceted” Russian influence and espionage operations in Europe and the United States.

In addition to hacking computer networks and spreading propaganda and fake news, it includes efforts to cultivate business and political leaders and find compromising personal, financial and other information on persons of interest, U.S. intelligence officials said.

The classified briefings last week were presented to Obama and Trump by Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

U.S. intelligence chiefs included a classified summary of the material to make Trump aware that it is circulating among intelligence agencies, senior members of Congress, government officials and others, one of the officials said.

An unclassified intelligence report released on Friday concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an effort to help Trump’s electoral chances by discrediting Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The report said U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that as part of the effort Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, used intermediaries such as WikiLeaks and others to release emails it hacked from the Democratic National Committee and top Democrats.

(Reporting by Warren Strobel, Mark Hosenball, Jonathan Landay and John Walcott; Editing by Eric Walsh, Grant McCool and Lisa Shumaker)



  1. Nunaart January 11, 2017

    I am not surprised that Puckton has the goods on the orange evil. Why else would he support Puckton and not want to get on the wrong side of him. I hear the orange evil is broke and is financed by the Russians or his whole empire would collapse.

    1. plc97477 January 11, 2017

      And he is just about to sale the USA to his buddies in russia.

      1. idamag January 11, 2017

        Maybe that is why the republicans are trying to take our public lands away from us.

  2. PrecipitousDrop January 11, 2017

    The Innkeeper-elect is pretty upset.
    Golly, who ever would’ve thought his efforts to fill the news stream with lies, smears, conjecture, innuendo and speculation would ever come back to haunt him?
    Who could’ve imagined such a hollow, flimsy “victory” for a schemer who hasn’t yet taken the oath of office — which, BTW, is only a promise, easily broken?

    1. Mama Bear January 11, 2017

      Karma is a bitch:)

  3. I of John January 11, 2017

    Whether or not the Russians actually meant to help Trump doesn’t matter now. The spooks have the scent and they will not stop. This is why politicians, as a whole, do not usually screw with the Intel Community (ask Nixon’s men-if there are any left). CIA (& whatever other alphabet agencies are out there) don’t play nice. Trump peed in their collective sandboxes and pay back won’t be pretty. The leaks have already started and career spooks believe in just deserts.

    1. Mama Bear January 11, 2017

      I for one cannot wait to see how this unfolds. We cannot allow this alt-reality that Trump and rethugs have created. We just cannot afford to ignore it.

  4. yabbed January 11, 2017

    So, why weren’t voters told before the election about the pervert? Instead we were allowed to hear the FBI director Comey suggest wrong doing by Hillary Clinton requiring an investigation. We heard she was murdering children in a pedophile rape gang in the nonexistent basement of a DC area family pizza restaurant. Now we have incoming PrezPervertWeeWee and his PornMagModelMelania to represent us on the world stage to the roar of worldwide laughter.

    1. FireBaron January 11, 2017

      They were. But when you consider the NYT and Washington Post give banner headlines to the slightest hint of Hillary’s improprieties, and bury any bad news about Teflon Donnie below the fold on page B6, whaddya expect?

    2. idamag January 11, 2017

      Interesting question.

    3. dpaano January 11, 2017

      Because that’s what the Russians wanted us to hear…..nothing about Trump and a bunch of BS about Hillary!

    4. dpaano January 12, 2017

      As a note, voters WERE told about Trump being a pervert….but, he deflected it and moved on so that it kind of fell by the wayside and was forgotten….at least by the people who voted for him! Every time something came out about him, he’d deflect to push some BS about Hillary!

  5. bobnstuff January 11, 2017

    Someone has dirt on Trump, Amazing, who would have thought it. I think it would be interesting to see if anything they have is worse then what we have seen so far. The Trump supporters don’t care and those that don’t support him have no real power to do anything. Trump will be given a free pass so what difference does it make.

    1. FireBaron January 11, 2017

      bob, remember all those times Teflon Donnie went to Moscow to scout out backers and locations for hotels? Well, guess what – I am sure that Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tsar of All Russias, had everything he did recorded. I am also certain that Vladimir Vladimirovich let Teflon Donnie know exactly what he has. Why else to you think our President-Elect has decided to become the Sock-Puppet-in-Chief for the People’s Hero? I am only waiting for the announcement from the Kremlin as to who will be the Commissar for the West Wing, to make sure that Teflon Donnie and his cronies do exactly what is expected of him by his new master.

      1. jmprint January 11, 2017

        In reality I am more concerned now about his family. If it is true that the Russian Mafia bailed him out and practically owns him, and he made promises while in the white house, and then gets impeached or jailed, if they will come after his family. His son Erik admitted on TV that Russians were pouring money into their ventures.

        1. Mama Bear January 11, 2017

          well, as my dad used to preach – when you lie down with the street dogs you can expect to get fleas. None of his kids had a gun held to their heads to work with him. They are all culpable for whatever part they played.

          1. dpaano January 11, 2017

            Besides, they are just like him in every way!!!

          2. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

            From what we see they are just as sleazy…they learned from the world’s best sleaze.

    2. dpaano January 11, 2017

      We DO have power, Bob, we can fight him by continuously contacting our political representatives and voicing our displeasure at anything that Trump and the Congress are trying to do. We can threaten them, especially if they are up for re-election during the midterms in 2018! There are so many Republican seats that will be up for re-election…it’s pretty certain that our promises to unseat them will strike a nerve if enough of us gang up on them! I’m NOT going to give up and NOT going to say we don’t have any power to do anything and you shouldn’t either! More of us voted for Hillary than voted for Trump…..we have the numbers and we need to use them!

  6. Leftout January 11, 2017

    I hope they did not find anything as compromising dalliances from
    Days of FDR, Eisenhower , Nixon, JFK, Johnson, not Reagan, but Bush, Clinton , or Ed wars Kennedy , Barnie Frank and such . What could the Russians have that would even matter with our baseless population.

    1. FireBaron January 11, 2017

      Leftout, remember, J. Edgar had the dope on every President from Hoover through Nixon. How else do you think HE survived so long?

      1. Leftout January 11, 2017

        Back then there were some ethics and moral codes , today everything is ok, most of congress does it and write conflict of interest laws , who better to write conflict of interest laws and loopholes . TIs no shame anymore. Sex used to me more fun when you knew it was shameful…..
        …..Notes of St Augustine

        1. PrecipitousDrop January 11, 2017

          “Sex used to be more fun when you knew it was shameful…”
          Weird, sad, and SO Republican.

          1. Leftout January 11, 2017

            Metaphorically , It Is of what good stories were made , since Greek mythology, you guys are too mechanical and cold autonmatons , and I am not a Republican. I go for the issue .

    2. jmprint January 11, 2017

      Oh I’m sure it’s worse.

      1. Leftout January 11, 2017

        What could be worse than a man having sex with a woman. Even Clinton did not have sex , he claims . Butt, he was so young and naive .

  7. Godzilla January 11, 2017

    Hilarious example of the knee jerk Left and the idiots that believe this stuff. The story has been debunked as the report is loaded with false information and inaccurate nonsense. Even the NYT’s wouldn’t print it. Yet, so many here fall for Fake News because it fits your pathetic world view. Keep it up, you’ll lose again in 2018 and 2020.

    1. jmprint January 11, 2017

      You know all he has to do is show who bailed him out when he was broke.

      1. dpaano January 11, 2017

        Again, I recommend a book I just read entitled: “Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire,” by John K. Wilson. It tells ALL about his business deals, etc. Everyone should read it….it’s a paperback and doesn’t cost much from Amazon (no commercial for Amazon). It’s an easy read, but it certainly tells you everything you wanted to know about Trump! Some of which, you may NOT want to know because it’ll sincerely PISS you off!

    2. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

      We on the left aren’t knee jerking any more or less than you on the right did about ALL OF THE FAKE news spread about HRC.
      Now that the election is over not one word about Benghazi and the missing emails…
      I sure hope they IMPEACH and then FRY TRUMP and all his little minions. Kick them out of the country and send them all packing to Russia.

      1. wth_jp2 January 11, 2017

        And then we’re stuck with Pence, who scares the bejesus out of me….good Lord, the thought of it!

        1. Zengo January 11, 2017

          True, but at least it would pull Pence out of the shadows so he couldn’t be like his hero Cheney

        2. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Completely agree about Pence but our National Security is greatly at risk under Agent Orange. I don’t think Pence will sell the US to Russia like Agent Orange would. I like Vodka but I don’t want to have to learn how to speak Russian…

          1. wth_jp2 January 11, 2017

            I don’t even want to think about what Pence will sell. The list of people we have to thank for this latest crime against our country is growing by the minute – a hijacked election is just the start of it. Trump wanted to make history…..he’s well on his way!

    3. PrecipitousDrop January 11, 2017

      Oh, no!
      The Tiny-Japanese-Man-In-A-Lizard-Suit is worried that a classified report might be more right than wrong.

      1. dpaano January 12, 2017


  8. TomLegare January 11, 2017

    Considering there are dump trucks full of dirt of Trump all over the world, Gosh who would have thought the Russians had some too!! DUH. He.s probably in debt up his to ass with them. Crooked con man!!

    1. jmprint January 11, 2017

      Article in Daily Cos yesterday showed the Russian Mafia bailed him out after his 7th or 9th bankruptcy, and then laundered cash money through his SoHo adventure.

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Thanks Mama Bear for sharing this!

  9. Dr. Samuel Taddesse January 11, 2017

    President-elect Trump’s senior campaign staffers had direct relationship with Putin’s close friends and intelligence officers. One even had admitted having a back channel relationship with WikiLeaks. It is because of that link and knowledge that Trump publicly asked the Russians to hack Mrs. Clinton’s computers. So what is the surprise?

    1. jmprint January 11, 2017

      Stone needs to be investigated, he was the go to guy from WikiLeaks.

  10. Mama Bear January 11, 2017

    Don’t you recall shortly before the election the information came out about the persistent computer conversations between Trump’s and and someone in the Russian government? When it was brought to light the communication stopped momentarily until a new frequency was used – that was discovered too. WHY WHY WHY was this keep from the public?

    1. idamag January 11, 2017

      Maybe the mob has threatened Comey’s family.

  11. William LJ Clark January 11, 2017

    Back when I was in the military, background checks were done on anyone dealing with classified materials. Looking to see if anything could be used to blackmail you. Trump over there no telling doing what! Some of the things he’s done before if he did there would be a GRAVE danger for the United States!

  12. itsfun January 11, 2017

    Talk about fake news – WOW. Not even the NYT would publish this. This so-called report has already been proven false. It has President-elect in some country at the same time and date he has been proven to be in the U.S.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

      Fake news? Really? The NY Time is fake news? The Washington Post? Fake News? You do seem to have grave difficulty with truth don’t you Itsy..That because like Trump you lie so often, you forget your own lies?

      The pretender to the presidency compromised his position the minute he started defending Putin. Putin is a murderer as any Russian would tell you.

      Trump has never in his entire life given a fat rat’s patoot about keeping good relations with any country. The only reason he HAS TO keep good relations with Russia is because of the dirty deals the “Art of the Deal” wheeler dealer made with Putin.

      ooooooh your balls must be really twisting over this latest news. But just like you, the more Trump goes after people who criticize him, the more he steps on the wrong toes and gets his bacon burned. People like you think you can fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.

      The CIA has a dossier on Trump. Still happy about how he bashed the Intel community? They will eat him alive and he asked for it.

      1. dpaano January 11, 2017

        It’s only “fake news” if it’s about Trump and his cronies, but when it was about Hillary…that was a whole different story!

    2. jmprint January 11, 2017

      There you go lying again, what has Trump got on you.

      1. itsfun January 11, 2017

        I said the NYT wouldn’t print it, they won’t because none of it can be verified. I said Trump has proven he was in this country and none other on the reported dates. No lies, just you trying to deny the truth as always. You should be a expert on lying though as that is all you know how to post.

        1. jmprint January 11, 2017

          This is a paste from your own words: “This so-called report has already been proven false” It has not been proven anything, you are lying.

          1. itsfun January 11, 2017

            It has been proven to be false.

          2. jmprint January 11, 2017

            Trump and Conway do not count. Please post a link, that isn’t right wing.

          3. itsfun January 11, 2017

            nope find your own

          4. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Definitely….itsfun needs to realize that just because Trump and Conway say it isn’t so doesn’t make it true or false! Of course they are going to refute anything that’s said…..that’s Conway’s main job. She’s the “Liar in Chief” in charge of the President! She does such a good job of it….I often wonder if she actually believes everything she says or if she’s just getting paid a goodly sum to say it! It absolutely astounds me that someone can actually believe what Trump says when it’s already been proven that he told the most lies of ANY presidential candidate EVER!! How anyone with average intelligence can believe ANYTHING he says is amazing! You’d have to be a total idiot….but then again….

    3. EMS January 11, 2017

      Fake News? Do you mean the reports from the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency? AND, (while attempting to discover the source of DNC hacks during the campaign), the many forensic computer experts who found compelling activity by the persistent computer conversations between Trump (via a server owned by Trump), a Russian bank as the middle man, and someone in the Russian government? Nothing in Russia happens without Putin knowledge or direction. Come back to planet Earth, or admit to being thoroughly brainwashed instead of doing your own thinking.

      1. idamag January 11, 2017

        If everyone would block these low-informed, functionally illiterate people, they would only have themselves to talk to as we couldn’t even see what they said. And not having an audience to spew their cowardly hate on, would really frustrate them.

      2. itsfun January 11, 2017

        I mean the unverified fake news that came out last night about the President-elect. I also call the BS you are spewing as either fake news or just out and out lies from you.

  13. Dominick Vila January 11, 2017

    At this point, Russian influence on the outcome of the election is no longer a concern. The larger problem is the fact that the Russians, including former KGB chiefs, have compiled a compromising dossier on our President elect that make him beholden to them in exchange for their silence. To say that what is happening is a major threat to our national security, our values, our economy, our sovereignty, and way of life would be an under statement.

  14. wth_jp2 January 11, 2017

    The inauguration will go on as planned. Months will go by and Trump will be impeached as a result of this -and more- information tying him to Russia. Pence will step up as President, which is really what the GOP wants. No way do they want to be saddled with Trump for four years! A back-door presidency is what we will get in the end….

    1. Mama Bear January 11, 2017

      sadly I think you are right – everyone has been played by the GOP modsters.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        The reality is that the ONLY way the GOP could have won an election was through rigging the Electoral College. It isn’t as if it is the first time. They pulled the same stunt in 2000 and 2004.

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Agree 100%!

    2. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

      I kind of think Trump is already aware of the backdoor plan and while he is not ok with being the GOP whipping boy – instead of having his dirty, nasty laundry aired out for the world to see – he will be glad to be impeached. The presidency is a lot of real work with real consequences and all he wants to do is tweet, play golf and kick his enemies off “his” courses. He’s not a leader – he’s a liar and very broke – hence why he never released his taxes and Pence did.
      Another key to this – Melania isn’t moving in to the white house because she knows she’ll be moving right back out.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        Trump fell for the oldest game in the Republicans’ little box of toys. The GOP has NEVER not known a candidate’s background. Once you consider that they knew Reagan was already in the 1st stages of Alzheimers as Gov. or CA and that GWB was not exactly the brightest bulb in the pack, you see how the Republican Party operates…front men who hide the back room power boys.

        With Trump, it was a more complex set of rules for their game. Trump has one flaw…he believes he knows it all. As such, he is not always prone to doing thorough research on those he deals with. Normally, if he doesn’t get what he wants and a deal falls through, he starts his smear campaigns to try and destroy the opposition’s reputation, which sits perfectly well with the GOP who are aces in smear tactics.

        But the Republicans had to know Trump’s weak spot for not taking the time to analyze what he was doing the minute he handed the GOP $100 million to be allowed to run for President. The GOP knew he didn’t have that money and the tradeoff was that in lieu of repayment, Trump would overload his administration with pay to play jobs for the GOP’s top and most destructive party members.

        Now, with the fact that Trump couldn’t shut his mouth about the Intel community, the temptation to take him down with facts they know they can prove was the perfect strategy to undo his egotistical ideas he is King. You don’t ever fool with the US CIA or step on their toes.

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Eleanore you should start writing a book about all this – call it -The artist of the deal ultimately got trumped and dumped!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

            I’m afraid espionage isn’t my genre. I’m the suspense novelist. But, if you really want an ace US spy novelist, try Malcolm Nance. He has a wealth of experience with Russia’s spy system, intelligence hackers and of late, Trump’s involvement with Russia.

      2. wth_jp2 January 11, 2017

        Think any of those who voted for Trump to “make America great again” will ever realize what was really done here? Pence will stroll into the presidency with no responsibility to those voters, and with a completely different agenda – and they won’t be able to do a thing about it. Pretty slick of the GOP, and not at all surprising ….

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Nope – Trump supporters are still waving their hateful flags and beating their chests. You can kiss Medicare/Medicaid, ACA, Equality, the raising of the minimum wage and anything remotely ethical bye-bye! All you trumpsters just helped the GOP remove democracy from America. Good job folks – hope you’re proud of yourselves for helping make “America great again” for the top 1%.

          1. idamag January 11, 2017

            Add national lands to that list of things that are going bye-bye.

      3. dpaano January 11, 2017

        I don’t think there’s any love in that relationship…..he’s about ready to move on to someone newer and younger! Although, I’m not sure who would be interested unless they are deaf, dumb and blind and have big kazooms!

    3. dpaano January 11, 2017

      I think that was the plan all along! Pence will be even worse than Trump although he doesn’t seem to be as impulsive or as much of a narcissist as Trump, but he WILL vote the party line and whatever the GOP tells him to do (read: Koch Bros and the Meyer’s), he’ll do!!

  15. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

    WE all knew why he was sucking up to Putin. We all knew he had gotten massive lawsuits and fines and needed money. We also knew both Ivana and Melania are basically Russian Territory brides Trump found in those “Russian circles” of men who pay high end call girls.

    The point here is that the Russians HAD to have something on Trump they knew would control him. Just like the Republicans knew that allowing Trump to pay that $100 million he claimed in the 2nd debate was their key to controlling him from their back room.

    No one is going to believe poor lil innocent Art of the Deal Trump with the Big Mouth he can’t keep shut and indicts himself with every word. It was Trump who tweeted, “I know more about hacking than anyone.” Of course, he did. He knew it because he is complicit in the election rigging. I have no doubt the Republicans knew too. The question is when did they know and who did nothing about it?

    We all knew the reason Trump had to keep peace with Putin. Russian mobsters he owes money to have no reservations about twisting his knee caps if he doesn’t pay up.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        The reality is that the GOP knew that Trump had a glut of fines and lawsuits he couldn’t possibly pay. Trump sought the financial services of Russia’s loan sharks because US banks refused him credit due to all of those fines and lawsuits. No US bank is going to lend millions of dollars to a guy whose mouth constantly gets him in trouble with the government.

        Prediction: What comes next is a flurry of proof of Trump’s airline trips to Russia, his deals with Russian loan sharks and who in the GOP knew and did nothing.

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Hence the backdoor plan… it all makes sense now why they all kept quiet during the last few months of the election. They all think we CITIZEN’S are stupid – but we aren’t and we will remember this…

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

            Yes…I so agree. If there is one thing Republicans have refined to a science, it is their ability to maintain strict silence until they are ready to spring another of their games on the public. Too bad most of us are fed up with their games.

          2. idamag January 11, 2017

            The majority of us did not vote for him.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

            All the right wing and Republicans have are distractions they hope the public will buy into. From now on, we can no longer focus on the distractions the Republicans put out there ….like repealing the ACA, gutting SS, Medicare and Medicaid. That was all smoke and mirrors so we wouldn’t insist on investigations into what the Republicans knew and when they knew it about the rigging of this election.

            We are not doing this for Hillary. We are doing this for US. If we don’t, you can expect Trump to reinterpret the Constitution that would reduce it to what Bush once called it, “Just a piece of paper.”

    1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

      I don’t understand how anyone could still support him. I mean really – we have a LOT of delusional people in this country that still think he’ll be “draining the swamp” and “building a wall that Mexico will pay for”.
      Look at all of his appointees – the swamp is about to be gold lined and the wall – that’s as laughable today as it was the first time he said it!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        The reality of Donald J. Trump is that he is not “smart” as he likes to pretend. He fell for the Republican offer to let him pay $100 million to his campaign to run as a Republican. They knew he didn’t have that money. If Trump has a reputation for anything it is that he NEVER pays what he owes. The GOP didn’t have to go far to find that out.

        Then, there is the matter of the flood of fines and lawsuits he never expected to have to pay to “settle out of court” or go to jail since the early 2000s.

        So, he high tailed it off to Russia to borrow from Putin’s loan sharks. He couldn’t keep closing hotels and casinos because if he did that, it would have been proof positive he was broke.

        Don’t you love it? You couldn’t write a crime story more complex than the one Trump is living right. He can’t move right or left for being a pawn in the GOP game and under Putin’s watchful eye until he pays the Russians what he owes.

        1. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

          Its really sad that so many of our neighbors and friends voted for Trump. Not that HRC was lilly white but at least the office of the president wouldn’t have been tainted any more or less than what’s been done by the menu that have held that office in the past. Boy what a mess we’ll be in for the next 4 yrs. with or without Trump – Pence is not much better but at least he’s not a Russian puppet.

          1. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

            True, but he is a Republican stooge who will be more than happy to sign into law anything and everything that the pubs put in front of him and we know what those will be..Pity the poor and middle class once GOP makes their decades awaited move to end all entitlements for Americans.. Entitlements that we invested in our entire working lives.

          2. dpaano January 12, 2017

            I sincerely don’t think Congress will actually let him get away with this….there would be such an uproar that it wouldn’t be funny! The Democrats in Congress, especially, will be fighting as hard as possible not to let him get away with most of what he wants. He’s already pissed off Schumer, Graham, and McCain, and all we need to win a vote is to add 3 Republicans to our side. These 3 seem to realize this and seem to be our best bet for keeping most of our entitlements copacetic for now!

      2. dpaano January 11, 2017

        I agree….the taxpayers, especially the ones in the Rust Belt….will be hurt the most by his “build now; pay later” BS about the wall. There’s NO way that he is going to be able to get Mexico to pay for the wall. It will be illegal for him to seize monies that Latinos in this country send to Mexico, and that’s about all he has! Mexico has said over and over again that they aren’t going to pay for it….and they shouldn’t have to. It isn’t people from the US trying to get into Mexico that’s the problem, so why should Mexico pay for it! If Trump is so paranoid about more illegals coming across the border into the U.S.; then Trump needs to pay full bore for the so-called wall. And, another thing, there are many ranchers that live on the border who don’t want the wall…..in some cases, it will dam up waterways that flow over the border and are used by the cattle ranchers. How is Trump going to handle that problem??? Also, he would have to run the wall at least 6′ UNDER ground to keep the illegals from tunneling under the wall! That’s a BIG job!
        And, what’s really funny is that Congress in the past has screamed about the deficit and the national debt under President Obama’s watch, but they suddenly don’t seem to care that this so-called wall is going to add about $9T to our national debt! I guess what’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander in this case! They will end up leaving this country in a deep recession much like GWB left it for President Obama to clean up! That’s why it’s a proven fact that whenever there’s a Republican president, the deficit always goes up; but when there’s a Democratic president…..it goes down! This helps explain the problem between the two parties….one is a party of “spend, spend, spend;” the other is a party of “save, save, save!”

  16. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

    For me, the real laugh was Conway. When she was asked about the two additional pages of CIA data on Trump’s “compromise” with Russia, she lied lied lied lied and when she used that crappola “fake news” BS, the host of the program called her on it. She went for the usual pathetic save, “Mr. Trump didn’t know.”

    This is one woman who needs to be dragged out of Trump Tower and like Carla Petacci hung upside from a Manhattan utility pole.

    1. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

      Rather harsh. Petacci wasn’t active in government.

      It’s fun to see the trolls leaping at the “fake news” meme. Particularly as they were so eager to latch onto anything remotely critical of Hillary as gospel truth.

      That said, we now need to exercise restraint. The story is rumors of classified intelligence. We don’t know the facts. Just as with Hillary, let’s see what develops. We don’t lose anything by taking a deep breath.

      1. nicole.davis January 11, 2017

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      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        I guess the reason I see a lot of Petacci in Conway and Mussolini in Trump is that my Dad was born in Italy. He left as a child but he never forgot the reason why. Back then in Bari, it was known as Mano e Negra…Meaning “The Black Hand.” These thugs uses fear to keep people constantly under their control. Woe to the family who woke up to the imprint of a Black Hand on their door. And, in those days, the eldest son, which my Dad happened to be, was always the first target to shame the family name.

        My Dad loathed Mussolini and all that strutting, mouthing off, the same thing Trump does. Petacci had the same script as Conway…Mussolini could do no wrong and he was always right. Women like that have such a low sense of self esteem that hanging onto a man they know is evil and lawless is all they have to valid their existence.

        Actually, we do know the facts now. It turns out that an MI6 Brit Intel agent got his hands on those Russian papers and handed them to McCain who then turned them over to the FBI.

        The reality of Trump and Putin acting in concert scares the hell out of most Americans and is the fodder of which some of the world’s best espionage authors have always used in their books.

        1. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

          Glad your Father got out. Too many didn’t.

          It’s hard to imagine what might be used to blackmail Trump, given that we’ve got tape of him bragging that women will allow him to do anything to them.

          It’s Trump and Atom Bombs that scare me. DPRK should be very afraid. And what happens when dangerous people are afraid?

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

            Blackmailing Trump is one of several things. Either he borrowed more money than any American is allowed to borrow from a hostile foreign source like Russia or I am betting it is more that they photographed Trump in those Russian brothels.

            It wouldn’t make much sense to blackmail Trump over business deals with Russians. That wouldn’t be cause for impeachment. It would have to be something they know about him like maybe rough sex that ended with a call girl dying or worse…and more logically…rape. Think about it. If they can prove Trump raped a Russian girl, that’s a federal offense in the US and the Russians know it.

            The only other possibility is that he may have illegally transferred some American business he owns to Russia without proper legal paperwork. But even that wouldn’t be as damaging as rape.

          2. idamag January 11, 2017

            I don’t think photographing him in Russian brothels would bother him. I don’t think there is love between him and the former Hustler model so he wouldn’t be worried about her reaction. If trump took down his pants and defecated on the White House Lawn, his followers and the churches would just lower their standards to make it okay.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

            That’s why I think whatever it is the Russian have on Trump has to be something they know is a US federal offense. It has to be something they know could remove him from office or he wouldn’t be so defensive of them.

          4. dpaano January 11, 2017

            How can we tell…..he’s defensive about EVERYTHING that’s said about him that is detrimental. He’s a paranoid narcissist and that’s the worse type of person to be president of this nation!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

            If he is defensive, he only proves his guilt. If he wasn’t guilty, he’d be able to ignore accusations that lack credibility.

            This is not over yet. First, his stealing an election means that before the Republican government takeover is complete, they’ll reinterpret the Constitution to say we dont’ have voting rights. That way, they don’t have to go through all that work of stealing an election for the 4th time in the past 3 decades.

            I am not in the least worried about the Dem States. We may lose a lot of those ACA insurance businesses but that hurts the Republican states more than us. We can just become a insular as Trump thinks he’ll make the US. His insularity is on a par with that of Putin. Putin wants Russia to be the ONLY country others rely on for governance. So does Trump.

          6. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Trump can NOT ignore anything bad about him….even if it isn’t true. He has this thing in his head that does not allow him to just let things lie….he MUST respond when he feels that he’s been maligned! According to the book I mentioned, he’s paranoid as hell plus he’s a narcissist. I think he also has a touch of ADHD! His downfall is that he just cannot let things lie….he HAS to respond to everything, which only makes him look ridiculous in most cases! My other cousin in New Zealand says he’s a joke to them! Same goes for relatives in Australia….same thing! He’s a joke all over the world, and he just doesn’t realize it! His every word and “tweet” just make him look even worse! He will ALWAYS take the low road because that’s the only road he’s ever been on!

          7. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

            don’t forget he’s a pedophile. remember the 12 year old girl that was going after him until the Russian mob intimidated her and her family?

          8. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

            don’t forget his is a pedophile.

          9. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

            First, Trump is a pedophile. We seem to have forgotten that part. Second, what I read a while back indicated that Russian oligarchs bailed him out several times when no bank would come to his rescue. Those two things right there make great blackmail fodder.

          10. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Again, I recommend a book I just read….”Trump Unveiled: Exposing the Bigoted Billionaire” by John K. Wilson. It goes into depth on his business dealings, how he screwed everyone he ever did business with, how the banks were pretty much blackmailed into loaning him money, etc. Very eye opening about Trump and why he is the way he is and how he got there!

          11. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

            thank you for this, I just started it.

          12. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

            Don’t expect him to use nukes wishy-washy as that’s just the scare tactic we’ve come to believe, instead expect an upgrade in the usage of drones, both armed and observing.. People believed that Obama created this particular death machine when in reality it was the work of the military industrial complex and whether he approved it’s usage or not is immaterial as they would have used them in any case and now they will become common place both within and without America. Drones will become Trumps weapon of choice and his minority followers who condemned Obama for the usage will applaud Trump’s decision of use.

      3. idamag January 11, 2017

        We have lost a lot by supposedly taking the high road.

        1. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

          But we haven’t become the monster.

          1. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

            And they know this, that’s how they can easily get away with their scams.propaganda and lies. They are the monsters who prey on the reasonables.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

            Monsters are too obvious, too noisy and intended to be scary. Ours is not to scare. It is to demolish, destroy and deploy every undercover tactic in the book. They don’t learn that all humans have options these nutbaggers cannot control.

          3. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

            Very good question.

            Republicans were ready to shut down the government and crash the economy to further their goals. Are we to do likewise? Filibuster the debt ceiling limit?

            Do you remember in September, 2008, Republicans voted down President Bush’s TARP bill. Stock market crashed. Should we allow the same to happen?

            Are we to oppose, merely for the sake of opposing? Are we to replace Nobama with Untrump?

          4. PrecipitousDrop January 12, 2017

            No, db.
            We must require our Democratic representatives to be the progressive opposition. We must require them to obstruct, defy, and protest every effort to roll back any limitation on the civil rights of citizens in education, employment, housing, military service, marriage, and — since VP Pence’s Indiana has pressed the issue — choice of public restrooms. We must protect and expand voter rolls, and eliminate gerrymandering and wholesale voter suppression. We must protect and expand every woman’s right to comprehensive reproductive health care. We must protect and maintain aid and subsistence programs for children, veterans, the disabled, and the elderly.
            In short, we must hold the line on the democratic gains we’ve made and absolutely refuse to allow any one of them to be eroded, diluted, defunded, or privatized.
            But, mainly, we have to do it in such a big splashy disruptive fashion that the media MUST carry the message to every citizen who benefits from good government.
            That’s where we win votes. Republicans preach that government is bad (unless you’re already really, really rich). Democrats know that good government profits everyone.

          5. dbtheonly January 12, 2017

            Well PD, you’re much more optimistic than I. I suspect we’re in for four years of greater gerrymandering, Voter ID, limited polling sites, every hindrance to reproductive health care imaginable, and a few not though of, yet… You get the idea.

            I had a great idea for a bathroom bill billboard, but no one wanted to buy it. Picture of Tila Tequila. Caption: Governor Pence wants her to use the Men’s Room. The caption I didn’t suggest: What kind of Pervert wants her to use the Men’s Room.

            I expect that over the next four years, we’ll see some Trump ideas that may actually be good for America. Law of averages and all that. Debt Ceiling comes to mind. Rather than voting no, filibustering the increase, or otherwise disrupting things, Simply not vote. See if the Republicans crash things on their own.

            And I’m already working on some ad copy. Tonight’s debate is between Congressman R. On the issue of… With President Obama film of Congressman saying, It’s bad. With Trump saying “It’s good”. Isn’t it about time we had a Congressman who paid attention to issues and not just politics?

          6. PrecipitousDrop January 12, 2017

            You’d be optimistic, too, if you lived through the transition from JFK and LBJ, to Nixon. The majority of citizens will quickly tire of the Innkeeper. I doubt his handlers are talented enough — or loyal enough — to protect him from inevitable impeachment.
            Evidence of progressive opposition is plain in the confirmation hearings, and Dems in the Senate got Republicans o the record, voting to repeal the parts of ACA they swore to protect, things like coverage for pre-existing conditions, children to age 26, and critical funding for rural hospitals and clinics.
            In more good news, a recent Quinnipiac Poll confirms that more respondents disapprove of Trump than hold a favorable option. https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2415 (Another poll? Don’t groan. Voting patterns predicted in pre-election polls were evident until Comey’s letter to congress.) And, finally, an Inspector General will investigate FBI Director Comey’s effect on the election results — specifically, his late letter about Weiner’s laptop as thousands of votes were being cast, and zero mention of the open investigation of the Trump team’s many Russian connections.

        2. dpaano January 11, 2017

          Because the “high road” wasn’t the road that Trump and his cronies were on!

          1. idamag January 11, 2017

            That did not come out like I wanted it to. I was thinking along the lines that the Democrats decided not to dignify all those lies with a response. We should never sink to their level. Nor, should we engage in a pi$$ing match. On the other hand, we cannot resort to saying “please don’t do that.” when we see them committing a crime and they are criminals. We need the Democrats in Congress to speak up and call a lie a lie. We did have Al Franken and Bernie Sanders speaking out, But is should have been every member. The party needs to come up with a way to educate the people with few words and subtly. Since they are working to take our public lands away, I have a postcard that I made. It has a picture of a campground with a fence and a gate. The gate says, “National Forest Campground.: That is crossed out and underneath that is red letters saying “Private Property, keep out!” I don’t have a lot of money, but I am sending out as many as I can. This is the way we can educate without being them. Everyone, thinks of one-liners we can put on a postcard.

          2. dpaano January 12, 2017

            My suggestion is that we ALL who are on this site regularly keep in close contact with our respective state politicians and keep sending letters and calling them on a weekly basis when something bugs us. Maybe if they hear from us over and over again, they might get the picture that we’re watching them very closely and expect them to do what is right for their constituents and NOT what is deemed right by the GOP!! After all, we need to remind them who pays their salaries and who can vote them OUT of office! This goes especially for those whose seats will be up in the midterms….from what I understand, there are quite a few that will either be open totally due to retirements or term outs, and many that will be up for re-election! We need to find out who, in our respective states, have the most to lose and start bombarding them whenever they make stupid moves!! Threats always work well, especially for a politician who is looking to be re-elected in 2018!!

      4. dpaano January 11, 2017

        As I said, if Trump hadn’t made such a big deal out of the information being wrong…..and if he would just let the intelligence community do their jobs…..it wouldn’t be such a big news thing! But, because he’s so paranoid and impulsive….he just cannot stand anyone saying anything bad about him….even before it’s proven to be true or false! It just makes him look even worse than we know he is!!

        1. dbtheonly January 11, 2017

          Paranoid, impulsive, and Atom Bombs.

          What’s wrong with this picture?

    2. sharkbait4711 January 11, 2017

      Conway’s lies were largely pointed out on several levels last night across multiple stations. I honestly don’t know how she can keep all the lies straight under that fake blond mop of hers. True blond – HA – another lie.

      1. dpaano January 11, 2017

        As I said before, and as my mom always used to say….”one lies; the other swears to it.” That’s the story between Trump and his lying cohort, Conway! No wonder they get along so well…

        1. Mama Bear January 12, 2017

          I love that expressions! You mother was brilliant!

          1. dpaano January 12, 2017

            Yes, she was….she was waaay ahead of her time. My other favorite saying was “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” So true!!!

    3. idamag January 11, 2017

      We need to start prosecuting liars that cause harm to others.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 11, 2017

        I so agree. If we allow a generation of liars to continue to get away with this pathological lying, truth will have become impossible to know or prove.

      2. dpaano January 11, 2017

        Trump would be the first to go since he’s the biggest liar in politics today! That’s a PROVEN fact!

    4. dpaano January 11, 2017

      It’s amazing how they now complain about “false news” articles….when the “false news” was about Hillary, they didn’t blink an eye! Hypocrisy at its best!

    5. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

      Before this happens someone must make sure she’s wearing her knickers else everyone will know she’s a natural brunette.

  17. FT66 January 11, 2017

    I have only one word to write: FINALLY.

  18. The lucky one January 11, 2017

    There is already plenty of compromising info about Trump in the public domain. it was there before and during the election. Trump was right. He could shoot someone in broad daylight and those who support him wouldn’t flinch.

    1. EMS January 11, 2017

      Trump voters were scammed and brainwashed.d They soon will be repentant after Congress gets done with them. Repubs have been trying to dumb us down for years, and apparently they’ve been too successful. Too many of the rest of us are complacent while we tweet, live through facebook, and watch reality TV and “entertainment” news. What really makes me sick is eligible voters who didn’t vote. No way in Hell should Trump have even been a Presidential nominee. All of what we know about Trump now is what Congress knew about Trump then. Now that he’s elected, they will let him continue to create havoc and diversions to keep us and the media “entertained”, while they (Repub Congress) try to rush through everything they want during the first few months. Then, they’ll impeach Trump and worship President Pence…and he didn’t even have to run for the office or spend all that campaign money.

      1. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

        So true.. The white-haired ghost will do something that even Trump may not do… Sign everything the pubs stick in front of his gob. They now it, he knows it and pretty soon we’ll all know it..

        1. dpaano January 12, 2017

          Pence is a jackass……my cousin, who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, said he totally ruined that state and it’s now one of the most deplorable states to live in because of all his “wonderful” deals that he made as Governor. If Trump is impeached or quits….we’ll be screwed even worse….it’s a no-win situation!

    2. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

      Not when he eventually starts aiming at them. Once he takes away their welfare and union job security they’ll start singing different tunes OR maybe they’ll just blame Obama.

      1. The lucky one January 12, 2017

        You would think that they would wake up when the snake starts biting them but I think it will take a while. They’ll blame Obama and “liberals” for the first year or two. Then Trump will supply new scapegoats. Much of the harm, like environmental degradation won’t be apparent to them until they have to wear gas masks and the rivers are burning. Anything short of that is just liberal whining and/or a Chinese hoax.

        It will be tricky for him to keep blaming immigrants since he said he would fix that problem immediately but his supporters aren’t known for their critical thinking skills.

        1. dpaano January 12, 2017

          I think that once they see their health care fall by the wayside because Trump wants it repealed (without a valid replacement in place immediately), they might get the idea that he conned them. Same thing with the stupid wall….he says he’s going to “negotiate” with Mexico to pay for it…..what part of “NO” does he not understand? I seriously doubt that Mexico will agree to pay for any part of the wall and they shouldn’t have to! The taxpayers will get stuck with paying for the entire thing…..this is why I don’t think we should allow our Congressmen/women to vote to go ahead and put forth money for the wall until and unless Mexico signs a contract stating that they will pay for it, which won’t happen! Trump is “playing” with our hard-earned taxpayer money and betting on a longshot that won’t happen! Seems a little premature for me, and I don’t agree with it!

  19. idamag January 11, 2017

    The fact that our own intelligence agency withheld the investigation, shows how much trouble we are in.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

      Ida…that’s what I find scary. This is obviously damaging enough to be a national security issue. Think about. We can’t know the extent of how much money Trump owes to foreign sources. One wrong word from that stupid mouth of his could put the entire country in trouble.

      All we have are suspicions of what he owes. Why is he keeping it a secret? When you are president, your financials are no longer subject to that corporate BS about”proprietary information.” YOu are a public servant and as such OWE the public whose taxes are paying for you for your and your family’s security in the hundred millions their right to transparency. Trump better start being more transparent. We lived through 8 years of the Bush/Cheney “secrecy” and that got us more financial devastation than we could have imagined.

      1. dpaano January 12, 2017

        We need a law that states that a presidential candidate MUST release at least 5 years of his income tax statements or he can’t have his name added to the ballot. I know they introduced a bill along that line, but, of course, the Republican Congress voted no……as was expected!

    2. dpaano January 12, 2017

      I think that they withheld it because they are still trying to determine its validity. They DID release the information to Trump….it just didn’t get out to the rest of us and there may be a reason. Again, I’m assuming our investigative units are researching it to make sure it’s valid (or invalid).

  20. dpaano January 11, 2017

    it seems to me that if these allegations are not true, then Trump shouldn’t be protesting so much. He’s such a paranoid individual….he can’t shut up about anything that’s put out about him…..his tweets and BS just make things seem bigger than they actually are. If he’d just shut up and let the intelligence people do their jobs to discredit (or find the truth) about the information, it might be a lot better for him. But, instead, he takes to twitter and denies everything and calls the intelligence community out for what he says is a “witch hunt.” Methinks he dost protests too much! Let them do their jobs….they’ll probably find out that he’s correct, but he’s made himself look like an idiot for being so impulsive and sounding off before anything has even been proven!

    1. jamcrky January 12, 2017

      I agree, but I also feel where there is smoke there is fire

      1. dpaano January 12, 2017

        Maybe….I have to think that SOME of these things are true, but I would like to see valid proof that the information gathered IS true and not just more BS. From what I understand, the NSA, FBI, etc. are all checking this very closely to make sure of its validity. Again, it may not be true, but I think we have the right to know if Trump is that much involved in Russia and if they have ACTUAL dirt on him that can cause major conflicts of interest during his presidency.
        Trump can protest as much as he wants, but it’s our right to know if our president is under Russian’s thumb or not! And, if so, how much.

        1. jamcrky January 12, 2017

          I absolutely agree……even though I don’t like Trump, I am not in for a witch hunt that will destroy his presidency if this is all a hoax. But it does fueled my original thoughts as to why he is trying to buddy up with Putin, a man who should be brought up on war crimes for killing innocent in Aleppo.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 12, 2017

      paranoid yes because he fears the truth is going to catch up with him . all this B/S its said that maybe it was the FBI them self’s that sent Hillary those non public emails with the questions to that town hall campaign rally . still all that was done cant change what should be changed today . the news is saying that thy will be looking into the FBI so this cant happen again in the future . its too late now . one might even see down the line that COMA COMEY talked to either DONNY DUMP OR THE GOP gang of pinheads . and it very well could been both and told him to throw in that thy are investigating Hillary 9 days before election day . then 2 day before the day saying all’s good . the vote between the 3 states that where won by the DUMPSTER was only 80,000 votes for the 3 states making sure this don’t happen in the future isn’t good enough . the government should let the votes be cast again . tell DONNY DUMP with his EGO say you can this time will the popular vote this time you know you will . then he will say your right I will . still the votes should all be cast again between COMA COMEY & the Russians PUTTHEAD B/S . if the government was to do this (and being the right thing ) will send a message to the DUMPSTER and the world that we wont let anything screw around with the country’s democracy and the rights of the USA and all we stand for . for letting this go unchecked and undone now will always show the country can be screwed and it can be gotten away with it .. it was all a kick in the face of what the country stands proud of . how proud can the people be now seeing that anyone can just change every thing about this country and nothing will happen

  21. Meg January 11, 2017

    Why does anyone even want to respond to fake news?

    1. Jmz Nesky January 12, 2017

      Seems like to you anything that you personally don’t agree with is fake news.. Don’t you understand what fake news actually is? Fake new like true news can’t be determined, only assumed. That your savior says it’s fake news doesn’t make it fake news.

      1. Meg January 12, 2017

        Govt. says it is proven to be fake.

        1. PrecipitousDrop January 12, 2017

          If that’s so, Meg, why did three different national news anchors specifically use the word “lying” while discussing Trump’s and Kellyanne Conway’s descriptions of the latest classified briefings?
          The US intelligence community now understands that the Innkeeper-elect and his team will lie to the public, and tonight they have provided evidence of it.
          Your neo-Fuhrer can’t help but place the noose around his own neck.
          He will continue to lie, and to cheat, for nothing more than personal aggrandizement.

          1. Meg January 13, 2017

            So you are saying national news anchors don’t lie or exaggerate the truth? That is a laugh in itself.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

      Breitbart is fake news. Trump ONLY responds to that.

  22. Dr. Samuel Taddesse January 11, 2017

    I agree if the allegations are not true, Trump should dare the Russians to release them to the public. Or if he has received it directly, he should share it with the American people.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 12, 2017

      Oh puhlease…Trump is so under Putin’s thumb he doesn’t dare edge too too close now. Ever owe money to loan sharks? Me either. But, Russian loan sharks are as savage as ISIS. So you will never see Trump say one thing that would offend his biggest money lenders.

      1. InformedVoter January 16, 2017

        Sorry Elle, but once more you display your low information. The intel folks NEVER informed President Trump that Russia had damaging documents. What they ACTUALLY said to President Trump was that “they were not the leaking source and that he should trust the intel folks because there will always be fake dossiers coming out like the one mentioned in the article”. Both these statements are easily verified, but would you take the time or effort to do so? Nope, you’d rather make dumb posts that expose your low information status.

        You know Elle, the biggest problem you lefties have is that you believe the fake news MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, etc. put out without even checking. All these MSM sources readily acknowledged that their above story was false but they claim the readers should do their own verification.

        Perhaps that’s why you lose all these arguments … you’re just full of fake information, you know like HilLIARy is leading in the polls, that President Trump is being sued and about to be arrested.

        You certainly keep displaying that you were nothing but a low level clerk who was frustrated because more informed workers were promoted over you.

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 12, 2017

    paranoid DONNY DUMP should be yes because he fears the truth is going to catch up with him . all this B/S its said that maybe it was the FBI them self’s that sent Hillary those non public emails with the questions to that town hall campaign rally . still all that was done cant change what should be changed today . the news is saying that thy will be looking into the FBI so this cant happen again in the future . its too late now . one might even see down the line that COMA COMEY talked to either DONNY DUMP OR THE GOP gang of pinheads . and it very well could been both and told him to throw in that thy are investigating Hillary 9 days before election day . then 2 day before the day saying all’s good . the vote between the 3 states that where won by the DUMPSTER was only 80,000 votes for the 3 states making sure this don’t happen in the future isn’t good enough . the government should let the votes be cast again . tell DONNY DUMP with his EGO say you can this time will the popular vote this time you know you will . then he will say your right I will . still the votes should all be cast again between COMA COMEY & the Russians PUTTHEAD B/S . if the government was to do this (and being the right thing ) will send a message to the DUMPSTER and the world that we wont let anything screw around with the country’s democracy and the rights of the USA and all we stand for . for letting this go unchecked and undone now will always show the country can be screwed and it can be gotten away with it .. it was all a kick in the face of what the country stands proud of . how proud can the people be now seeing that anyone can just change every thing about this country and nothing will happen

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 12, 2017

    point being with DONNY DUMP in any part of the country he will bankrupt us and will make the country fail . but he will make money that snake knows this he would sell out the country in a heart beat for a $ buck ///

    1. Meg January 12, 2017

      Hate to tell you but we are already bankrupt. What do you think 19 trillion is?

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 13, 2017

        interesting post Meg , so your telling me with the history of DONNY DUMP’s going bankrupt 5 times filing in one year a loss of about a $$ billion dollars not paying and really screwing so many people out of the money for the job thy did more of less taking the food and roof over family head women and their children starving with all these charming things he has done note including rape woman beating sexual assault of at least 12 women that came forward any how many more that don’t want to because thy don’t want to be called a liar by the DUMPSTER and being caught of tape telling a guy just how want and things he gets away with . (the same things the women stated he did to them when he sexual assaulted them . so Meg you find in your common sense world that this CLOWN is some how going to save the country and you truly think he gives a rats AZZ about the cou8ntry of the USA or the people in it . and you feel he is the savor of the USA ?

        1. InformedVoter January 16, 2017

          You are so low information and poorly informed it’s pathetic!
          President Trump, over the course of MANY years has filed for bankruptcy 4 times, and the 4 were not in one year! President Trump was NOT the sole owner of any of the 4.

          So when Obozo did the auto bailout, the country lost $9.2 BILLION and that doesn’t count all those who lost the value of their GM stock that was rendered worthless.

          So Obozo doubles the debt to $20 trillion, but you’re OK with that? How unfortunate for you.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 16, 2017

            research DICK HEAD ok 4 or 5 times I know he is a coward 5 time draft dodger as for the 5th time I called that one for when he filed that he lost in one year $980.000.000 on a one time file that’s why he says he dosent have to pay taxes for what 20 years ? when ever he files his almost a $billion dollar loss he filed the $ billion dollar lost research it dick head all in one year . yup that one that should run the country . as for the President Obama one big reason why the drbt went up was because the GOP gang of pinhead idiots blocked every thing he wanted to do and he still pulled the country out of a depression 2nd to only the 1929 one save the auto ind. gave the country a health care plan and got bin lardass health care would been so much better if not for the GOP and the GOP governors that didn’t let the ACA into their states if thy did could be 100 million that had the ACA and with that many more the cost would be down . its still a good plan . yes things could be made better . but to just scrap it all is GOP STUPID . WHAT THY ARE THE MOST OF AND BEST AT

          2. InformedVoter January 17, 2017

            Do you ever bother to read what you type? You’re functionally illiterate!
            Obozo ran the debt up with stupid programs that did nothing but make the top 10% richer and the bottom 90% poorer! The bottom 10% have lost significant ground.
            Obozo’s recovery, if it can be called that, is the worst in history. Annual growth <2%, wages stagnant, record number on food stamps, and the list goes on and on. Even Obozo admits that he was too focused on who was using what bathroom and ignored the economy.
            The ACA is disliked by almost 65% of the voters. It was a mess to begin with. Recall Pelosi saying we have to pass to see what's in it? How dumb is that. But that's what lefties do.
            In 4 days just about EVERYTHING Obozo did will be wiped out with a single stroke of a pen. Everything except the enormous debt he ran up.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 17, 2017

            one would have a more intelligent talk if thy was talking to a TREE then you . as you stand by your Russian puppet DONNY DUMP . the thing is time will tell the story of the DUMPSTER (it already has to many points) if the clown makes it to 4 years before getting the hammer dropped on him then will be the time you will say OMG Ivory was right about every thing . and you will say how could I have been so stupid ? and ill answer that question you have and tell you (IT’S IN YOUR DNA )

          4. InformedVoter January 17, 2017

            You really need to take some English classes! You make yourself look dumber and dumber with each subsequent post.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 17, 2017

            you seem to feel you are an informed voter . self informed only make you a bigger dickhead you’re so out of touch with every thing makes you the most UNINFORMED clown on the site . but you’re still in 2nd place for your hero clown DONNY DUMP is in first place all the time

          6. InformedVoter January 17, 2017

            So I’m not informed, but you’re the idiot posting dumb statements like the economy is good, etc. The auto bailout lost $9.2 BILLION, TARP also lost billions. There are record numbers of folks on food stamps, record number on low income aid, annual growth has been below 2% for 8 years, 96 million Americans are not working, race relations are as bad as 40-50 years ago, Obozo is the first 2-term president to have the USA at war every single day of his presidency, yet you continue to make stupid posts that say all is ok. Well thank god most voters aren’t as dumb as you. They saw through Obozo’s lies and threw the failed policies away.

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 18, 2017

            uninformed yes lack of research blind to only seeing what your dumpster head filled with only B/S ( like DONNY DUMP ) wants to see I guess . you do have a good reason for all your problems YOU’RE BRAIN DEAD ! did I cross all my i’s and dot all my t’s RICKHEAD ?

          8. InformedVoter January 19, 2017

            Your English is still horrible but that’s not the main issue. You have displayed that you only view news sources that have been proven to make up news. You display your ignorance for all to see.
            And NO, you did not “cross” your sentences, if you can call your words sentences. Ignorant and low information, that’s what you are. I suspect that part of the reason you’re upset is that you are in this country illegally. What else could explain your lack of ability to communicate correctly.

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com January 16, 2017

            PS give me a break the DUMPSTER not being the soul owner . WHY ??????????/ because the POS had other stupid people put and had their names on it . bottom line he fraud, conned , and scammed his way with his B/S wake up open your eyes don’t be so stupid

          10. InformedVoter January 17, 2017

            How may ways can you prove your low information.
            Businesses are formed and fail all the time. If the USA was a business, Obozo would have declared bankruptcy.
            Look what the Dems did the Detroit! The auto bailout, TARP, EVERYONE of Obozo’s programs lost billions. All those retired GM and FCA folks lost ALL their stock with Obozo’s bailout.

      2. greenlantern1 January 20, 2017

        Ever hear of Dick Cheney??

  25. greenlantern1 January 20, 2017

    Der Spiegal is a German newspaper.
    It is far from liberal.
    It has already reported that Putin is making NATO nervous.
    He is using the murder, of Turkish Ambassador Andre Karlov, to wrest concessions from that country.
    Did Trump use the murder, of Ambassador Stevens, to get elected?
    Rush Limbaugh CLAIMS to have stand down cables.
    Where are they?


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