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ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Dead: Syrian Monitor



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

    Good riddance! Al-Baghdadi, like so many fanatics—Christian, Jewish, and Muslim—thought his arms were long enough “to box with God”. For all the blasphemy he committed against Islam, for all the lives lost on his account due to a warped and malevolent interpretation of Islam, and with all the graphic testimonies of destruction of historical monuments, these and other incidents will be on his rap sheet as he stands before his Creator.

    What a waste, and hopefully the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram, The Muslim Brotherhood, Racialists and racists, and Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar will take the time to pause and reflect.

    Trump, Bannon, the Alt-Right should also take stock of their sordid affairs and relieve themselves also of the perception that their arms are long enough to box with the Creator.

    As Baha’u’llah warned and alluded to would-be despots, there is a price to be paid. Here is the text, among many other references:

    “O OPPRESSORS ON EARTH! Withdraw your hands from tyranny, for I have pledged Myself not to forgive any man’s injustice. This is My covenant which I have irrevocably decreed in the preserved tablet and sealed with My seal.”

    NOTE: The expression “arms too short to box with God” comes from the names of a Broadway play, itself based on an indirect reference in the New Testament.

    “Your Arms Too Short to Box with God: A Soaring Celebration in Song and Dance is a Broadway musical based on the Biblical Book of Matthew, with music and lyrics by Alex Bradford and a book by Vinnette Carroll, who also directed. Micki Grant was credited for “additional music and lyrics.”Testament.”

    >>>Trump, Trump Jr, and Putin—-Please Take Note!!!<<<<

    1. Catherineehenson July 12, 2017

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  2. I of John July 12, 2017

    Soon we will forget his name. The damage he’s done however, may never be repaired. He is responsible for so much horrific death and the destruction of some of humanities most precious artifacts. His name deserves to be forgotten.


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