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January Often The Best Month To File For Social Security

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January Often The Best Month To File For Social Security


I write a column similar to this one every January. But I don’t mind plagiarizing myself because it contains a very important message for people planning to retire in 2012.

January is a critical month for the hundreds of thousands of potential Social Security beneficiaries who are reaching their so-called full retirement age in 2012. The important message: All of them should at least consider the possibility of filing for their benefits this month, even though they may not be reaching their retirement age until later in the year.

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  1. dpaano January 5, 2012

    This is interesting…I thought I would have to wait until age 70 to collect better benefits and not get penalized for making $50,000/year. Looks like it would be more beneficial for me to do this when I turn 66 this year. My only question is that I would make more if I waited until age 70 than if I applied now…but it looks like in the end, I’d actually be doing myself a favor applying earlier. Hmmmmm


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