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John McCain Explains Why The GOP Is Against ‘Every Single Person’ Obama Nominates

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John McCain Explains Why The GOP Is Against ‘Every Single Person’ Obama Nominates


During a Sunday morning appearance on CBS’ Face The Nation, Arizona senator John McCain suggested that his fellow Senate Republicans have opposed almost all of President Barack Obama’s cabinet appointees because the White House did not call ahead and ask for their approval.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember a time when the opposing party has opposed every single person that the president nominates for his cabinet,” host Bob Schieffer said to McCain. “It’s usually been the rule if the president is going to be in charge of the government, we have to give him the people he wants to run it.”

McCain replied by arguing that “usually with previous presidents, both Republican and Democrat, when they’re considering nominations, they call in the other side and say ‘Hey, I’m thinking about nominating Mr. X, what do you think about it?'”

“There’s been none of that in this administration,” McCain added.

Video of the exchange is below, via Mediaite

McCain’s claim is problematic for two reasons. First, presidents need not ask the other party’s permission before nominating key cabinet members; if they did, President George W. Bush would never have nominated U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, or Attorney General John Ashcroft (among many other Bush administration officials who were hated by the left). If McCain and the Republicans wanted to choose the president’s cabinet, then they shouldn’t have lost the past two presidential elections.

Second, it’s unclear who exactly President Obama could convince Senate Republicans to approve of. Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel — who was the main focus of McCain and Schieffer’s discussion — served two terms as a Republican senator, and has been praised effusively by many of the same senators who now vow to oppose his nomination. In fact, as Schieffer pointed out, he even served as a co-chair of McCain’s presidential campaign.

If McCain’s opposition to the White House is so strong that can’t bring himself to confirm a man who he once said he would be “honored” to have in his own cabinet, then it seems unlikely that a friendly heads-up from President Obama could have changed his mind.

Photo credit: AP/J Scott Applewhite, File

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila January 14, 2013

    Sen. McCain opposes everything President Obama proposes, including Cabinet nominations, because of sour grapes, because he wants to ingratiate himself with the Arizona nuts whose support he needs to be re-elected and, perhaps, because he still has hopes for 2016 and nothing energizes the Tea Party more than old fashion obstructionism.
    I still remeber the old John McCain of 10 or 20 years ago, the guy that proposed the “guest worker program” as a solution to the illegal immigration problem, the man that advocated diplomatic efforts before resorting to war, and other centrist and sensible solutions. I suspect the election problems he had in his home state a couple of years ago convinced him that the only way to survive politically in a red state is to become a radical. And that’s what he is today. What a shame, I expected more from a man with his record, stature, and experience.

    1. gahoof January 14, 2013

      I used to support John McCain. It’s sad that I cannot support him anymore.

      1. latebloomingrandma January 14, 2013

        I know. It’s like he’s just a mean spirited bitter old man. Whatever happened to the statesman? I can’t even imagine what the country would be like at this point if we had elected him and she-who-must-not-be named.

        1. Independent1 January 14, 2013

          If he had acquiesced to his parties desires to let the auto industry flounder into bankruptcy, distroying at least 1.5 million more jobs and the basic core of America’s manufacturing industry; while at the same time resisting TARP and doing nothing but cutting spending and taxes, I’m fairly confident you would have seen the GOP create their second world-wide depression. The economy Hoover inherited from Coolidge in 1929 was nowhere near the absolute economic devistation that Obama inherited from Bush; and yet Hoover with help from the GOP congress managed to assume thatthe private sector could revitalize the economy (as they seem to believe today) and you know well what happened then; and you can be sure it probably would have happened in spades here over the past 4 years had McCain been elected.; there would probably still be millions standing in breadlines today with unemployment at least twice what it is today.

        2. bpai99 January 14, 2013

          The thought in 2008 of only a 72-year old, 2-time cancer survivor being between that creature and the Presidency was one of the most terrifying real-life possibilities the world has confronted in a long time. It exposed as a complete sham the McCain campaign’s slogan of “Country First.”

        3. Doctor T January 15, 2013

          He was never a true statesman…not really…check out his history

      2. bpai99 January 14, 2013

        Agreed. I contributed money to McCain’s 2000 Presidential campaign and might have voted for him in 2008. However, his choice of Sarah Palin that year made it clear I was mistaken about him all along, and made voting against him a no-brainer.

        1. eazye4 January 15, 2013

          I use to admire and respect McCain over the years when he was a reasoneable person, now he has become very bitter old man since he was stopped from ascending to the presidency. His dream was shattered, thereby turning him into a bitter radical. He was a mavrick but completely lost that stature. He is even angrier since his opponent in the 2008 election won a second term. Hope he look in the mirror and reflect on himself and have some positive self talk.

      3. Doris E. Bianchi January 15, 2013

        Be Grateful, you saw the light.

    2. sigrid28 January 14, 2013

      His selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate never made sense and was in large part one of the reasons he lost his bid for the presidency. Now he has shown that he cannot be trusted with any legislative responsibilities.

      1. Jim Myers January 14, 2013

        Replying to sigrid28 –

        The only reason I could think of for Senator McCain to select Sarah Palin as his running mate was to have some “EYE CANDY” so old white Conservatives could ignore the policies he was advocating.

        1. Doctor T January 15, 2013

          Makes sense considering his reputation at Annapolis…

        2. William January 15, 2013

          You need to watch Game Change on HBO.

      2. rr3A January 14, 2013

        Sen McCain went from exceptional to ridiculous …. in a short period of time

        1. Doris E. Bianchi January 15, 2013

          He has ALWAYS been rediculous. FULL of himself. I give him credit for his military service, THAT IS ALL. He was an adulterer, user and has the audasity to parade his former Mistress to the public, all because he made it right??? because he married her. GIVE ME A BREAK

          1. Doctor T January 15, 2013

            Please take a look at what I just wrote Doris. I totally agree with you. I don’t care if he was a POW. I think he brought that on himself. His life at the Naval Academy was questionable and maverickish as then as when he was in war. He took serious chances and risked the lives of others. He screwed over his first wife, and I am totally flummoxed that she still stands up for him. He is an embarrassment to our government. Was years ago and still is today.

          2. William January 15, 2013

            The only reason he wasn’t kicked out of flight school is because his father was an Admiral.

          3. idamag January 16, 2013

            As I said about Gingrich and his present wife, “The sleaze and the slut.”

    3. Jim Myers January 14, 2013

      Replying to Dominick Vila –

      I agree whole heartedly. There was a time when I would have voted for Senator McCain for President of the United States.

      Since the extreme Right came into power, I never intend to vote for a Republican in higher office again. They have turned this “Conservative” Democrat into a hard Left “Progressive” Democrat.

      1. idamag January 14, 2013

        Jim, I just about did until he selected Sarah Palin.

      2. Bob Brindell January 14, 2013

        The extreme Right as has turned this centerist Democrat into a progressive Dem.

      3. SueTX January 14, 2013

        I was a registered republican until W. I was excited that McCain was running, as I had always admired him and followed his career. Then he picked she-who-shall-not-be-named. I was really excited..How Cool! Finally a viable woman candidate!

        Imagine my utter dismay and horror when she opened her mouth the first time. The idea that she was one fall down the stairs/one heart attack away from the presidency scared me spitless.

        Now, after the past 4 years of GOP sheer idiocy and traitorous oaths, I can’t imagine I’ll ever vote for a republican for ANY office including local dog catcher. Anyone who didn’t have the sense and humanity to bail out of that group of lunatics doesn’t deserve my vote.

        *another new hard left “Progressive” Democrat*

        1. Doctor T January 15, 2013

          Hooray, Sue! Yes, I had even thought about casting my vote in McCain’s favor until she opened her mouth. OMG! Have we been saved from disaster by Divine Providence or what??

      4. Barbara January 16, 2013

        I couldn’t agree more and I have heard that same comment many times.

        I have always voted for the candidate I felt was best for our country but,
        I can’t imagine myself ever voting for another Republican.

    4. rpg1408 January 14, 2013

      Those members of the GOP opposed to their colleagues obstructionist policies have either left the Government (Olympia Snowe) or like Senator McCain joined their ranks. I,too, used to admire the “maverick” in John McCain. I think the election of 2008 embittered and corrupted him.

    5. idamag January 14, 2013

      Dominick, this isn’t the John McCain he used to be. He was never ugly and he is turning ugly.

      1. GrannyKits January 15, 2013

        I started shortly after the 2000 election to wonder if John McCain was not actually starting to lose it. He became more erratic as time went on. It’s a real shame that some men cannot give up when time ( age) catches up to them so noticeably and those around them are too afraid to tell them to pack it in!

      2. Doctor T January 15, 2013

        Yes, I think he was ugly when he ditched his first wife….look it up…she was disfigured in an auto accident while he was a POW and she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want him to worry. So guess what? When he saw her at stateside, he left her and met up with the brewery king’s daughter. How special!

        1. idamag January 16, 2013

          Yes, that was ugly. Maybe, he has never been the person we thought he was.

    6. montanabill January 14, 2013

      I suppose you would be magnanimous to approve every single person I might want to appoint if somehow enough low information voters made me President. Your hypocrisy is showing.

      1. Sand_Cat January 14, 2013

        It definitely would take low-information voters to get you elected president. But that aside, the issue here is not approving every single person appointed. Had you read the article and weren’t so blinded by the same kind of animus John McCain has adopted, you might have realized it was about opposing every single person, regardless of views or qualifications.

        1. montanabill January 15, 2013

          That may have been what the article was about, but consider the author. It was designed to be a hatchet job on McCain because McCain opposes Obama’s proposed appointees. It was not in the realm of anything attempting to be even handed or fair reporting.

      2. idamag January 15, 2013

        Montana, if such a thing happened, how would you like it if just to demean you, congress voted “no” on everything without putting out any alternatives?

        1. montanabill January 15, 2013

          idamag, Congress has been putting out alternatives. The House has passed over 25 bills that were sent to the Senate. Harry Reid has not allowed debate or voting on any of them, for fear that some Democrat Senator might break ranks and ruin the President’s ability to characterize the Republicans as the party of ‘no’. If any had passed the Senate (and some had a chance), then if Obama had to use his veto, he would become the ‘no’ person. It is all an image game.

      3. Doctor T January 15, 2013

        What???? Low voter information??? Please!!!

        1. montanabill January 15, 2013

          There was certainly none of that in the last two elections, was there?

    7. Jim Myers January 14, 2013

      Senator McCain lives by the old rule. OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT!!!!

    8. scottrose January 14, 2013

      John McCain maimed and killed innocent Vietnamese with napalm bombs. He’s a war criminal.

    9. RonaldS January 15, 2013

      Dominic – right on again. I used to admire McCain until he picked Palin. Since then he has gotten worse. What a shame and he probably knows it but now he’s stuck with what he has become.

    10. Doctor T January 15, 2013

      You are more charitable than I. I can only think of what I have read about his earlier years as a naval pilot and how he lost US aircraft due to his disobeying orders and how he turned on his first wife who was crippled in a motor vehicle accident and who didn’t tell him until he could see it for himself when he was released as a POW. She didn’t want him to worry him about her condition–that’s how much she loved him. So how did he repay that fidelity and devotion? Find the daughter of a brewry owner and divorce the first Mrs McCain. How lovely! Surprising isn’t it? Check it out for yourself. If you can f–k over the closest person in your life, the one you gave a vow to, hello? what would you not do to total strangers, like the blank face of the American public? McCain is a Zero in my book.

    11. Terri Van Reese January 17, 2013

      Perhaps Senator McCain opposes everything Obama proposes because they have different political views. If the Republicans in the house and senate agreed with everything Obama proposed they would not be republican. There are fundamental differences between the parties, and those that were elected as republicans owe it to their voters to stand by the principles they exhibited when running for office.
      Obama is so far left and unrelenting in anything he proposes that he has divided our nation beyond Washington D.C. – the ramifications of his arrogance will be felt for generations.

  2. old_blu January 14, 2013

    Shame on you senator John McCain, shame on you and your tea party.

    1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      these people have no shame none what so ever.

  3. docb January 14, 2013

    Shameless bitter old loser…increasingly irrelevant since he sold his soul and lost in 2000! It has been downhill ever since! He is just one of many of a dying breed of intransigents!

  4. wesley rasmussen January 14, 2013

    Anyone for a game of “Mother, May I”?

  5. bpai99 January 14, 2013

    McCain, now a classic example of a Bitter Old Man, is following in the footsteps of another US Senator:

    “I don’t care what it is. If he’s for it, I’m against it.” – MA Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (R), speaking of then-US President Woodrow Wilson (D).

  6. Richard Baerlocher January 14, 2013

    Contrary to what Cominick Vila says John McCain is not the only Republican that opposes everything that President Obama does the entire Republican Party does! The Republican Party opposes anything and everything Democratic about our nation! The Republican Party is all about a plutocracy, “A Government run by the Rich and Influential”! As long as we the people elect a President and Congressmen/women and Senators from the people we will have opposition from the Republicans!

    1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      no what is going to happen is you will look around one day and they will be no-more

      1. Independent1 January 14, 2013

        Many, including independents like me who like to vote for whom they really feel is the better candidate, and have voted in the past for a Republican, have become so disgusted with what the GOP has turned itself into, that even we -certainly hope you are right and that the current crop of GOP wanabees are soon gone.

        1. old_blu January 14, 2013

          Independent, I absolutely agree with you I too used to do my homework and then decide who I thought was the best person for the job, but after the tea party hijacked the republican party it has been very hard to find a republican who isn’t so far right I can’t stand them, and the ones that aren’t are scared they are going to lose tea party votes, they are guilty by association. (they are slowly self destructing)

          1. idamag January 15, 2013

            old-blu, I am not a Democrat nor Republican, but the current Republican party will never get my vote.

  7. Jim Lou January 14, 2013

    This reminds me of why I have lost what respect I had for McCain.

    1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      so true so true because i use to like mccain to until he beging to act like all the ass-holes on that side.

  8. roguerunners January 14, 2013

    Thought about voting for McCain…that is until he picked “Painlin” for his running mate which made it very clear to me that he is a few eggs shy of a dozen!

  9. bstockinger January 14, 2013

    Senator McCain is simply an embittered, angry, old, white man that lost an election to President Obama. Why is it that the opposition suddenly thinks they have the right to tell a president who he can have in his cabinet? Presidents should be allowed to have almost anyone they want in their cabinet.

    1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      because they think they are God.

      1. Kent January 15, 2013

        No, they don´t think they are God. However, I was once told by the son of a billionaire, industrialist heir way back in my college days in a religious community- “We pay for everything around here, therefore we own God”. (In all seriousness – after I received an honourable discharge for three years of service during “Nam”, and all the “fat cat´s kids” got draft exemptions. )
        “They” live on another planet.

  10. usedtobgop January 14, 2013

    More insanity from the party that continues to ensure it’s total demise in the near future. IE., continued War on Women, Minorities, not to mention those inane rape comments. Keep talking, boys! I enjoy seeing you circle the drain.

    1. sigrid28 January 14, 2013

      What I worry about is the amount of damage they can do on the way down!

      1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

        you are so right because they are going to do as much damage as they can befor they all are gone and you better believe they all will be out of office befor they can count their money.

      2. neeceoooo January 14, 2013

        Or who or what they can take down with them as they go.

  11. frida January 14, 2013

    McCain should not be allowed to behave the way he is doing. The media has to hammer him as much as they can. He is a spoiler and nothing in his mind to offer. He can not apply his wisdom (if at all he has some), he doesn’t contribute any good ideas, he doesn’t show as a person who the other side can work with. I do wonder, what is he good for?

  12. Eleanore Whitaker January 14, 2013

    Let me see if I’ve got this right. Barack Obama is the twice elected president of the US but he has to call the GOP first before he makes decisions on candidates?

    Did Bush call the Democrats when he chose Harriet Meiers, a Texas legal crony, to ask them for their approval?

    This is why the GOP is losing credibility. How many times did Bush call the Democrats to ask permission to choose a candidate? How is that not interfering with the duties of the Executive branch when a president cannot even choose candidates the legislative branch will then interview and approve a 2nd time?

    The jealous little bois of the GOP don’t want a former Republicans in this president’s cabinet. They pulled this stunt back in 2009 when the president first started to choose cabinet members.

    How is it the GOP is owed autonomous authority over this presidency and refused to even consider anything the Democrats suggested after Bush’s candidates were chosen largely from the pool of Texans he surrounded himself with?

  13. Yvette White January 14, 2013

    this man is a dame fool just like all of the republicans are.

  14. Yvette White January 14, 2013

    he is gone gone i tell you GONE.

  15. stcroixcarp January 14, 2013

    I think John McCain is suffering from some kind of dementia. He is exhibiting some personality changes. Or maybe he was always like this and was able to keep a lid on his grumpiness. It is sad to see a war hero sink into insanity.

  16. Richard Dean McMichael January 14, 2013

    John McCain’s in his fifth year of trying to be relevant.

  17. browninghipower January 14, 2013

    It’s not merely that McCain is an irrelevant, embittered, old fart that annoys me. It’s that the Beltway media whores continue to believe that he has anything valid to contribute to the national dialogue. Why the hell is he on one of the weekly talk shows every goddamned Sunday? He is useless! What a moronic circle jerk.

    1. Doctor T January 15, 2013

      Why does he have so much time on his hands to be a regular on the show? I think he stinks!

  18. Yvette White January 14, 2013

    a bunch of dick-heads all of them we won now we got to ask you for your approval the man is full of bullshit.WHAT A BUNCH OF ASS-HOLES THEY ALL ARE. i say keep it up you like it i love it.

  19. dectra January 14, 2013

    McCain: Batshit crazy, right to the end, showing once again, that the GOP is the “Party of Stupid”

  20. neworchard January 14, 2013

    Senator McCain’s comments are exhibit #1 why things aren’t working in Washington. Presidential appointments should be evaluated with astute mindfulness, not piqued pride. You’re there to do what is best for the American people–all of them. But instead you’re getting your panties in a wad over a purported breach in self-serving protocol and throwing a tantrum over it. Why don’t we elect people who really care about this nation and know how to behave as servant leaders, true statepersons? For shame, Mr. McCain. For shame. I would have expected you to know and behave far better, but your own words condemn you.

  21. Muriel Schlecht January 14, 2013

    Why oh why is John McCain STILL being interviewed by ANYONE in the national news media. HIS political opinions are the last thing in the world I want to hear or that I think has any relevant contribution. He REALLY needs to retire to one of his mansions.
    The minute he introduced Sarah Palin as VP candidate…..the person who would be next in line to serve as President should he (as President) become unable to serve… I totally lost teeniest bit of hope I had left in this man as possibly being a President.
    The only thing she’s qualified for (at that time and now) is being eye-appealing to OTHER old, rich, white guys in the Republican Party, and providing comic relief to the rest of us. Perhaps a “token” woman for that position….another insult to American women. A standup comedian or a fashion model, maybe…a position in the White House or it’s staff….NO WAY.

  22. dslocum January 14, 2013

    It’s time for McCain and the other GOP congressmen to pull their heads out of their behinds and DO THEIR JOB !!!!!!!! They haven’t done their job since Obama was elected. We need to stop paying them. They were not elected to be obstructionists!

    1. jointerjohn January 14, 2013

      I believe what we are seeing here is the new power structure of the republican party. Norquist, Rove and the rest of the power-hungry king-makers are driving away all the independent thinkers, those with strength and fortitude. Look what they did to Senator Richard Lugar? The word now is you either get in line like John McCain or get gone! Same thing they despise in Chuck Hagel, independence. They have amassed themselves a congressional delegation of cowards and sycophants and that is just the way they like it. In just a few short years they have become a party that would not even tolerate a Bob Dole or Jack Kemp.

      1. dslocum January 14, 2013

        Sad to say, you are right. I do think they’re in danger of imploding. It may take that to stop them.

      2. idamag January 15, 2013

        jointer, When people were so ill-informed they replaced decent Republicans with tea party people, even the decent Republicans became scared and started deferring to tea party ideology. When we can have a few powerful men scare our legislators, what will happen to democracy?

  23. Ed January 14, 2013

    Ah yes, John McCain. The man who has always lived off the government. FIGHTING TO KEEP THE LESSER OF US FROM GETTING ANYTHING.

  24. Kenneth Heffley January 14, 2013

    john mccain is a has been and is only trying to be reelected. If many many people who read the the Az. republic know that this paper is nothing but a propaganda for the republicans. This why it’s a republican state. It never prints what is right and what is wrong other then Ms. Roberts or mr. Montanie. You have to remember who is really running this state and that is the goldwalters and not the people. That is why people like mccain get elected him,kyl and flake have no business speaking for the majority.

  25. geewilly January 14, 2013

    Once upon a time, the GOP was a grand party. Now they have turned into nothing but a bunch of snivelling whiners. Obama WON the election yet the republicans refuse to work on behalf of the country… suspend their pay!

  26. idamag January 14, 2013

    Poor John McCain. I used to have respect for him, but lately, I think he is getting a little senile. Especially who he sides up with to help him with his obstructionism.

    1. neeceoooo January 14, 2013

      You are right idamag, he used to be a very respected person but something happened on the way to the White House.

  27. del January 14, 2013

    John McCain and others like him such as Mitch McConnell will say anything to make Pres. Obama look like he’s irresponsible and as such do what they can to degrade him in their quest of “No’s” to everything..McCain is also angry in that Obama was ELECTED by the Majority to be our President..These extremist Republicans need to get off their high horse and help our President, Not try to make him fail as they have done from day one and most of all get off his back!

    1. Tlyna January 14, 2013

      What is sad is that they don’t even realize that what they are pulling makes them look irresponsible and childish.

      1. idamag January 15, 2013

        Tlyna, that is why congress approval rating is at 11.

  28. charleo1 January 14, 2013

    The GOP is in such a shape it is incapable of doing anything but opposing, and obstructing.
    If Obama had consulted McCain on his choice of Chuck Hagle as Defense Secretary, McCain
    would have had a different excuse to oppose the choice, but not a different opinion. He might
    have said, President Obama called me on the possible nomination of Chuck Hagle as Secretary
    of Defense. I told him I would have a hard time with Hagle’s confirmation. And he nominated
    him anyway. Just another example of Barack Obama’s refusal to work with Republicans in

    1. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      waite are you say obama should have call mccain befor he pick Hagel you have lost you mine along with all the other.you people never get it that is why you lost get the fuck over it you lost! what president that you know that ask a dem or repu for his approval name one ass-hole. you will never ever ever ever win another Election not in this country all of you ass-holes die off. and the sooner the better.a bunch of dick-heads.who the hell is McCain any-way that the president needs to run some-thing by him. you all are funny as hell.

    2. Yvette White January 14, 2013

      John McCain is a ass-hole just like you.

    3. ExPAVIC January 15, 2013


      Now what have you been popping? Best get your meds checked.

      Since when does the winner have to ask the loser if he needs that sort of input. Just be glad Obama was elected and re-elected instead of McCain-Palin and Romney-Ryan. The thought of either of those pairs is enough to cause lack of sleep and a little angina.

      1. charleo1 January 15, 2013

        I agree. Absolutely. The point I was trying to make is, if Obama had called him, (McCain,)
        he would have found another reason to oppose the choice. I do appreciate your civility.
        Admittedly, I didn’t write my comment very well, and one poster cussed me out mercilessly.

        1. idamag January 15, 2013

          charleo, I thought I understood what you said and gave you a like.

          1. charleo1 January 15, 2013

            Well, Thanks! My point was Republicans always find a way to object, no matter what
            Obama does. Which is true. But some of my Progressive friends read it the other way
            around, and let me have it. Which is a very good thing.

  29. Lynda January 14, 2013

    More whining from the mouth that roared in the Senate. McCain has been pissed off for four years now that the President defeated him. He still can’t screw up enough courage to admit that his pick of the nitwit from Alaska was a major mistake. Until he can accomplish that little task why would anyone listen to this over the hill Senator? Take a nap John, or better yet go back to one of your homes and leave important issues and decisions to the adults in Washington…if there are any.

  30. fidel January 14, 2013

    Mr.Mac Cain not Understand what Washington was Changed 4 yrs ago.The President is Mr.BARACK OBAMA. In my House nobody give me Orders,Except my Wife,But Mac Cain is not the Fiance of Mr.OBAMA. Mac Cain is Better be Retired,is good for Your Health and for United States Of America.

  31. jazznj January 14, 2013

    WHAT A BITTER OLD MAN!! He can no longer be trusted to make sensible, reliable, trustworthy decisions. He should retire and take Lindsey Graham with him!!

  32. Rex H January 14, 2013

    I don’t approve of John McCain.

  33. Pamby50 January 14, 2013

    He is just a bitter old man who needs to retire. He lost to President Obama & since then he has criticized the President whenever he can. How ridiculous that the President needs to ask his permission in order to have his cabinet filled with people he wants.

  34. Bob Shipp January 14, 2013

    McCain and the angry old white men of the Senate have their heads stuck so far up their asses they can see 1958! Go on Barry, take the initiative and drag this country kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

  35. Esther January 14, 2013

    The African American President does not need to secure the permission of the White American Congress to fill his cabinet. The days of asking permission from the “the Plantation owner or his overseer to do his Job has long been GONE……..

  36. Jeansees January 14, 2013

    John McCain needs to retire to a nursing home.. He has become senile. He has a revenge vein in him because he still is hateful of Pres Obama beating him for President!

  37. silverbelle January 14, 2013

    So, Obama should first ask permission of the party that vowed to make him a one term president? How does that even begin to sound like a valid explanation?

  38. Tlyna January 14, 2013

    I am an Independent who used to vote Republican quite often. Sadly the GOP has gone totally off their rocker and with some of the crap they are advocating nearly as far right as the Nazis. I at one time would have voted for McCain but he chose Palin as his running mate and I knew she was a dipwit. Now I am glad I didn’t as he is acting like a spoiled child and NOT as a man of integrity, which I at one time thought he was. I am sorry that the GOP is only interested in the narrow minded and useless idiots of the smaller but very vocal far right instead of the far larger but quieter majority of moderates in this country.

  39. Cookie Pacheco January 14, 2013

    McCain and his Republican cohorts need to understand that it is President Obama’s cabinet and not his cabinet. He did not win his election, nor did Romney. Therefore, the President does not need to give them the “heads up”. Bush appointed who he wanted and so should President Obama. Senator McCain needs to recognize his bitterness and move on, as should the rest of the Republicans. 2014 is right around the corner.

  40. Budjob January 14, 2013

    Hey McCain,why don’t you e-mail the White House and ask President Obama if he would consider nominating Sarah Palin as Secretary of State?Nyuk,nyuk,nyuk!!

    1. idamag January 15, 2013

      OMG. Her foreign experience consists of Russia being visible to Alaska.

  41. Merl Allen January 14, 2013

    Poor bitter old Crash McCain must have landed on his head in 3 of his plane wrecks.

  42. highpckts January 14, 2013

    Well isn’t McCain full of himself!!

  43. Eileen Schatz January 14, 2013

    Mc Cain is of the OLD Embarrassment and needs to stop making A Total Fool of himself. He seems to have lost All Reasoning Power and School yard Bullies don`t work anymore. Go Home and do the right thing… For Gods Sake..RETIRE…Take That other Buddy with you while your at it. He`s become a Useless Mouthpiece too.

  44. Vfos Spain January 14, 2013

    Republicans are like a big pot of crabs where they are all pulling each other down to get to the top. Looks like Sen McCain is at the bottom now and and struggling to get back on top. He is not going to make it because he has lost too much respect and much too much support. He is one of the three most radical Republicans in the party. He does not resemble the old war hero I onced admired…

  45. Sa Janes January 14, 2013

    My respect for John McCain has, over the last few months, plummeted to become nearly non-existent. When I try and find anything he has done for the country that is positive and constructive–anything at all–all I can see is his near fascist-like desire for control and a patently incompetent, bought-and-paid-for bureaucrat.

    Apparently, this cynical old throw-back is on-board with the freaks in the GOP to bring the USA to it’s knees rather than allow our president to manage the country as he was elected–in a landslide–to do.

    Republicans have consistently, since the days of Ike, done nothing good for the country–not one, single thing.

  46. htophet January 14, 2013

    The simple truth is their are a lot more racists in government then most thought. McCain himself so much as said so, with that business of “usually the president confers with party leadership before actually sending people up for confirmation”. This 66 year old veteran did not know whiter to laugh or throw up. Everyone knows that’s BS except for the fix-news crowd, the extra right wing of the gop. In a twisted act of fate, and a real sense of righting a wrong, like the NRA screaming again about needing to carry assault weapons on the streets this public insult to reality will do some good. Maybe it will even drive the total body politics to reevaluate all aspects of another issue in the public domain. A place the right does not do very well these days. The only thing right about the ring-wingers is their name, on issues they have nothing but get rich quick schemes and hatred of the working class as identifying qualities. They are still, and always have been their own worst enemies, something about being bought by the rich, arrogant as sin, and as anti-Democratic as Nazi, only an idiot would have believed Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, or have been intimidated by panic and scare tactics 24-7 after 9/11. This democracy is slipping away from the people, in the air their is the sense the people now realize doing nothing is no longer and Democratic option.

  47. guesswho500 January 14, 2013

    John McCain is a sore loser and a bitter old man. (P.S. I am 75 years and have never seen a party as unAmerican as the republicans since 2005 in my lifetime!!)

    1. ExPAVIC January 15, 2013

      Another Old Guy

      This writer is a few years younger than you and can remember the good old days when politicians thought about the people first and the party second.

      Left the GOP in the seventies after realizing that the Republicans didn’t give a good squat about the average guy and went backwards to their old WHIG mentality when the rich, old, white guys ran the country. Judging from McCain’s latest behavior, he still thinks they do.

      1. idamag January 15, 2013

        Ex, I can remember when I wasn’t worried who got elected because they would put the country first. Not so, now.

  48. carolerae January 14, 2013

    Hagel was McCain’s Campaign 2000 co-chair. Really cold, grampa

  49. clyde January 14, 2013

    John macain and the entire republican party are a bunch of Obama hate’n repukin maggotts that have proven to all those who voted and supported them, they care NOTHING about you; they are only concern’d with hurting The President (if possible). Beat’nd “Old White men” grabbing at anything.

  50. Daniel Jones January 14, 2013

    I’m sorry, John: the black man CAN actually make appointments.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  51. Multnomah January 15, 2013

    McCain is a sore loser and a cranky old man, he adds nothing to the solution but constantly obstructs everything as if he had a clue. McCain doesn’t have a clue he picked Palin as a VP and he still thinks she was a good choice. Now how can we trust anything McCain does or says.

  52. ExPAVIC January 15, 2013


    Oh, besides being obstructionist assholes, the GOP has been anti- immigration, anti-stem cell research, anti-global warming, anti-union, anti-free choice, anti-women’s equal rights, anti-education funding, anti-bank regulation, anti-gay, and a few other anti-stands and they wonder why they have gotten their butts kicked in five of the last six general elections.

    Even their fellow Republicans are asking the McCain-Palin Tea Partiers
    WTF is going on? Big John McCain better watch or in 2014 he will find himself opposed by a Tempe, Arizona, tomato picker funded by Obama’s large war chest.

  53. TomMcCain January 15, 2013

    Time was when the whole world respected John McCain. What has really gone so wrong with this once great man! Perhaps its time for Mr. McCain to step back and gain some new perspective. Because he is having everyone raising eyebrows these days. Is it possible that since the 2008 election he is so psychologically scarred that he thinks he is the president, or spends his quiet moment wondering how this colored gent from who knows where bested him?

  54. RonaldS January 15, 2013

    His latest comment about his child-like reason for opposing Obama’s appointees shows he has no business being in any position of authority. In my book, he’s kaput.

  55. Dizcuzted January 15, 2013

    The GOP is just so entirely unbelievable.

  56. smilelaugh January 15, 2013

    I cannot believe McCain really thinks this should happen. I thought McCain was an intelligent man at one time but not any more. I just have to shake me head when I read such assine things like this from the right

  57. James Richard Williams January 15, 2013

    MCCAIN cannot deal with the fact he lost a popularity contest to a black man

  58. Janet Withers January 15, 2013

    You tell me why the President has to go to the Republican Congress to get an ok from John Boehner and his Iditioc House members. My God- Look @ what they have done to him in the last four yrs. It is nothing more than a Black President running our Country and the Republican that made the remark “Lets Make him a one Term President” Well that didn’t go well for the majority of the people. If President Obama is our Chief and Commander, why does he half to be dictated by the Republican Congress? And for them to have the power to shutdown the government is just insane, hurting millions and millions of people just because they don’t like him. They are playing a very dangerous game with the people that are barely living on nothing as I am. What they are doing with people that need their medication and they are cutting out prescripitons that people need to survive is absurd. They are seriously destroying our country. People that take their meds as described should not have the government telling our doctors what they can do with their patients. We will not only lose doctors we will have an increase in suicide’s but it will lead to more violence because our 1/2 of the Government refuses to help the President. Do your damn job right Boehner and set your pride aside and help the people before it’s to late. What really upsets me is this Obama Care was started before President Obama was elected in office and they agreed to letting our President carry over to the Obamacare and I truly believe John Boehner and his party were behind this and new it was going to be a disaster and that way they could put all the blame on the President. Myself, even though I’m poor I don’t think this was a good idea from the beginning but, knowing that our president is a caring man he did not see this coming or he would have never signed that bill. He was only trying to help the middle class and poor. I am so thankful that I have no-affiliation with the Republican Party!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. charleo1 January 15, 2013

      A very heartfelt post. We have right now a Party that literally could not care less about the elderly, our disabled, or the children. As to ObamaCare, it’s detractors are quick to point
      out it’s shortcomings. But, we must keep in mind Social Security, the most successful
      anti-poverty program ever, had it’s problems when enacted. Over the years the Country
      kept the program, and fixed the problems. Because at the end of the day, Social Security
      was the right thing to do. And so it is with making sure all Americans regardless of
      their financial situation, have access to medical care. It’s not perfect, not what I would
      have done. But it does provide a foundation from which America will finally have a
      National healthcare program. And as flawed as it is, it will serve to save many lives,
      and many families their financial futures that would have otherwise been ruined, if
      not for Healthcare Reform.

  59. Janet Withers January 15, 2013

    Please see my comment on John McCain explaines why the GOP is against every person that the President elected!

  60. I Zheet M'Drawz January 15, 2013

    The GOP (Greedy Oil Party) is against everything that doesn’t concern large corporate campaign donors or wealthy right wing whack jobs.

    I think McCain is suffering from PTSD.

  61. Ex-GOP voter January 15, 2013

    Several people have made excellent comments. However, two of the most meaningful are: (1) Why does the beltway media continue to pay any attention to this fool and have him on one or more of their TV shows almost weekly? I think it says more about how removed from reality the Eastern media is than anything else, maybe also their belief that they can fool anyone, if they work at it enough. (2) Anyone with any real common sense knows that the GOP has become a real stumbling block to getting anything positive done for this contry; however, there are still large numbers of people who block out this knowledge and vote for these fools–fortunately, not enough lately to elect the really dangerous types–McCain/Palin, and Romney/Ryan–but enough to elect Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and local politicans to keep our democracy crippled. We need to do something about it; however, I am at a loss as to what. These same voters are almost proud of the fact that they vote against their own best interests and those of the nation as a whole

  62. Doris E. Bianchi January 15, 2013

    McCain’s head is too full of McCain to make any sense. If he was ALWAYS CORRECT, as he seems to think he is, I am sure he would/could have been our President the last four years and perhaps today. Thank God the American people saw through his vision for himself.

  63. Doctor T January 15, 2013

    Ha…therein lies the rub. The President should kowtow and answer to Mr McCain who lost his battle against the Black Knight and still let him run the kingdom from a distance? McCain needs to go to bed and rest his head in the sun of the AZ heat. He needs to retire. He had a chance at the brass ring and he blew it–because he let others run his campaign and select him a weak vapid running mate. Why anyone should trust his judgement now is beyond me.

  64. William January 15, 2013

    McCain is living proof the GOP is completely stupid if not insane.

  65. ROBERT C HASTINGS January 15, 2013

    John McCain, a decorated veteran, and one-time reasonable Republican, apparently has fallen under the thrall of the “TeaParty”.He either believes these people represent the future of the Republican party, or that they actually represent the beliefs and values of the original tea partiers, both of which assessments are grossly in error. Most of us, as most Americans, wouldhave said fifteen years ago that McCain of a man of stature and integrity. Now he is little more than a shill for his corporate masters and a mouthpiece for Donald Trump, Grover Norquist, and Karl Rove. When he got his head handed to him on a platter by George W, he went to the dark side.

  66. amazonfan January 16, 2013

    I lost any respect I had for him the moment he went to Jerry Fallwell’s university to give a speech. This was after he (correctly) identified Fallwell as an extremist. It indicated to me that he would do anything to win. At least, that’s what I thought, but then I remembered how he sang about bombing Iran to the tune of the Beach Boy’s Barbera Anne, how he said that Obama wasn’t a Muslim but a good family man, and I realized this is who he is. He’s just a spiteful & nasty man. Apart from his distaste of torture (which is one policy he hasn’t thrown overboard) and his interest in campaign finance reform, what does he have going for himself?

  67. Ron Carter January 16, 2013

    Wow! Lotta haters on here. John McCain’s not the coolest guy in the world, but I’m pretty sure he’s not lying when he says the other party has always called ahead. This may very well happen every time as far as we know. We just don’t see it because it all happens before these people are ever introduced to the public. Introducing these potential cabinet members to the public up front is just a way to have them scrutinized openly when they aren’t even politicians.

  68. E. Henry Schoenberger January 16, 2013

    McCain is irrelevant.

  69. Roger Sellman January 16, 2013

    I don’t get this at all. Obama is a Kenyan. Not American, let alone being born American. He doesn’t qualify to be president. So none of his nominations mean anything.

  70. srgm January 17, 2013

    After hearing the clip (currently assigned in Europe), I’m unfortunately reminded of Newt Gingrich’s temper tantrum after not being seated “in the front of AirForce1”, and his sabotage of government operations in retaliation, in the 1990’s. Really? A President of the United States has to ask permission BEFORE he nominates someone for a Cabinet job? Isn’t that what the vetting process is FOR? I call BOGUS on the whole tempest in a teapot.

  71. Sterling January 17, 2013

    They oppose everything the President Proposes because He Is Black. No Other Reason Period.

  72. Donahue Johnson January 17, 2013

    In history John McCain will always be the sucker that lost to Barrack Obama… LOL

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