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John McCain Says Sarah Palin Was ‘Better Candidate’ Than Mitt Romney

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John McCain Says Sarah Palin Was ‘Better Candidate’ Than Mitt Romney


Arizona Senator John McCain says that Sarah Palin was a “better candidate” than Mitt Romney in 2008, in what may be the least helpful defense of Romney’s tax return problem imaginable.

McCain made the comment in an interview with Politico on Tuesday. He was attempting to refute the claims of Democrats such as Rahm Emanuel, who mockingly said over the weekend that when Romney “gave them 23 years [of tax returns], John McCain’s campaign looked at it and went, ‘Let’s go with Sarah Palin.’ So whatever’s in there is far worse than just the first year.”

“That’s just outrageous,” McCain told Politico. “It’s so disgraceful for them to allege something that they have absolutely no knowledge of.”

When asked why he decided not to pick Romney, McCain replied

Oh come on, because we thought that Sarah Palin was the better candidate. Why did we not take [Tim] Pawlenty, why did we not take any of the other 10 other people. Why didn’t I? Because we had a better candidate, the same way with all the others. … Come on, why? That’s a stupid question.

So, according to McCain, Romney was a worse candidate than the walking punch line who couldn’t name a single Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade, couldn’t name a single newspaper that she regularly reads, claimed that her foreign policy credentials were enhanced by being able to see Russia from her house, and — according to polls — significantly hurt McCain’s chances of winning the election.

After hearing McCain’s attempt to “help,” Romney may want to borrow a phrase from Paul Ryan: “with friends like these, who needs the left?”

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012


    While she is a complete, or incomplete, whack job she doesn’t have three box car loads of luggage like Mittens RoMOney apparently likes to carry around. Some of it with foreign stickers on it.

    Where DO the American Taliban Republican plutocratic obstructionists come up with these whack job candidates who people in their right minds cannot vote for.

    Florida residents are you watching what is happening? That is the 57% of you who vote Taliban Republican. Watch or your Social Security checks could disappear under Mittens’ piles of papers, and tax returns.

    1. montanabill July 17, 2012

      You seem to have forgotten wonderful candidates like Gore, Kerry, Edwards, Dean, J.Jackson, J. Brown and that all time favorite, Hubert Humphrey. If you really wanted a list of today’s possible whack job candidates, you could always choose from H. Reid, C. Schumer, C. Brown, J. Clyburn, S.J.Lee, S. Hoyer or the top of the list, N. Pelosi. Oh wait, Anthony Weiner is attempting a comeback. Add him.

      1. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012

        Oh I See

        Words of wisdom from MontanaBill our resident American Taliban Republican plutocratic obstructionist whack job himself.

        Go chase a sheep you creep.

        1. montanabill July 17, 2012

          Invest in a dictionary. Your name calling adjectives are getting stale.

      2. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

        They can read!

        1. montanabill July 18, 2012

          If they voted for Obamacare, apparently not!

      3. Kevin July 18, 2012

        let’s see now that you brought it up, how about these for total wackjobs? Bachman, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell, Boehner, GWB, Inhofe, Sessions, DeMint, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Coburn, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Miss Screw the higwaypatrolman Gov. Mary Fallin from Oklahoma, Sen . Kyle of Arizona, Jan Brewer, Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell(may be the wackiest of all time), if not then its the Pizza Man,

        1. montanabill July 18, 2012

          Might agree with Angle and O’Donnell (never heard of Miss Screw, must be local to you). You are just not on the same page with the rest because they want to take away your food stamps, SS disability, endless unemployment and free (at someone else’s expense) healthcare.

          1. Ed July 19, 2012

            So you really believe that teh only persons getting healthcare will be those who do not pay taxes?

          2. montanabill July 19, 2012

            You missed the keyword, ‘free’. Isn’t that the whole idea? Provide health care to those who couldn’t afford insurance.

          3. Keith Wren September 11, 2012

            Ed, according to obamacare… that will be the case for 40,000,000 of them. The money for all their “freebies” comes from the $778,000,000,000 that obama removes from medicare… it goes to finance Medicaid.

            If you didn’t already know this, now you can better understand why obama is trying to make sure everyone hears the big lie about what is really the obamacare plan.

            The rest of us will continue to pay our way, but to offset the $778,000,000,000 that obama removed from medicare, the payment for working Americans for medical will be at least a 50% increase.

            Just since obamacare started through the system, premiums for medical insurance have skyrocket. I wondered as they increased if anyone else remembered how we got the “obama promise” that they would go down…

            Strange thing to me is how people can take obama’s word for obamacare when it is available for everyone to read for themselves.

          4. Keith Wren September 11, 2012

            Don’t let the fact that it is 30,000 pages discourage you… It is available!

          5. Ed July 19, 2012

            Wait, you may be right. The rich always seem to come out on top.

          6. montanabill July 19, 2012

            At what point in human history has it been any different? Can you even envision a human society where it would or could be any different?

      4. William Deutschlander July 18, 2012

        Well dumb a-s, though you may find fault with those you list, each and every one of them REPRESENTED the BEST INTEREST of the MAJORITY of their CONSTITUENTS!
        With the REPUBLICAN CARTEL, WHO ALL VOTE THE SAME (not normal) and ROMNEY, they ALL VOTE the way they are DIRECTED by the CARTEL, which represents a MINORITY of less than 25% of their CONSTITUENCY!

        1. montanabill July 18, 2012

          Hope you are not saying that with a straight face.

    2. dalnb July 17, 2012

      Boy I can not agree any stronger: “where do they come up with these whack job candidates – – -“; Nevada had a chance of replacing Harry Reid but the Tea Party pushed one of the worst candidates they could find. She was so bad that even key Republicans in Nevada voted against her. Unfortunately it cost one of the strongest and more intelligent Repeublicans lost his job for openly going against her. I guess Honesty in the Republican Party does not pay off; they want you to support even the dumbest candiates regardless of thier qulifications! It is obvious they want followers and not leaders.

    3. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

      Then why does Rommey look like he has the same clothes everyday. Wonder what is underwear look like? hmmmm

      1. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012

        Common Man Look

        Mittens is just trying to portray the “common Joe” image.

        He doesn’t realize that we do change clothes everyday it’s just that our styles all look alike.

        Of course with his extensive designer wardrobe there is just so much room for grubbies.

      2. ladyeatle August 1, 2012

        Gee,deb,why the interest in Mr. Romneys undies,you sick bitch

        1. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

          Sorry, I don’t like robot men. MITT THE TWIT. Just saying. hahahaha

      3. ladyeatle August 1, 2012

        your low brow comment in response to my asking why the need to see Romneys undergarments only shows your ignorance and maybe you should not vote…so many of those on the left are to stupid to vote…

        1. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

          My Ladyeatle, Mitt the Twit, does where the same kind of clothes, the underwear comment was not polite on my part. As for your comment, so many on the left are too stupid to vote, shows your ignorance. I will vote, as to Rommey or Obama, I am not impressed. But I am least impressed with Rommey, he feels he is above the American people. He has not spoken of any plans he will set, if he should win. Except to keep taxes at the same rate. He is applying for the job of President. He needs to show his returns, as his Father did, he needs to let as see his Bain records. He said that qualifies him to be President. As any job you apply for you need references. I won’t even go into what a embarassment he was to the American people, when he traveled to England, and the other countries. You should never insult anyone when your a guest. I hope if Mitt wins, that you are rich. I also hope he doesn’t get us into a war. since he is going to have the same policies as Bush. I hope you don’t have any young sons in your family, as they will go off to war, and the Rommeys will not. Wake up. Do some research, how can the press make up gaffes about Mitt, when he won’t even answer any questions? Women will go back to the 50s. Of course Mitt will tell people what they want to hear.

          1. ladyeatle August 1, 2012

            Ramble,ramble on and it says nothing…you should think again about not voting…we are in deep trouble in this country because of idiots like you who voted obama who had NO EXPERIENCE DOING ANYTHING…..

          2. LadyDeb August 1, 2012

            Don’t worry I will vote, I will take my Mother to vote. I will make sure Pa. voters will be able to vote, as I will ride them myself. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it is a duck. I hope you do vote. What has MITT THE TWIT DONE??????? Have a nice day!

          3. Keith Wren September 11, 2012

            “your low brow comment in response to my asking why the need to see Romneys undergarments only shows your ignorance and maybe you should not vote…so many of those on the left are to stupid to vote… Ramble on, LadyDeb… you have already identified yourself to Ladyeatle and the rest of the world… Let it go!

        2. Daddio900 August 23, 2012

          Get a sense of humor you Right wing Troglodyte!

          1. EddyCurrent September 10, 2012

            Sounds like LadyDeb needs to get some common sense. Insults disguised as humor are still insults!

        3. ArizonaFan September 11, 2012

          Because he’s a Mormon. They wear “sacred garments.”

    4. Fern Woodfork July 18, 2012

      Well Said My Friend I Couldn’t Have Said It No Better!!! LOL Like It Said Before There’s Pain In Bain And In Those Tax Returns< Mr. President Bring Romney The PAIN!!!

    5. John August 26, 2012

      Hey, you should really only reply to your liberal newsletters, your bu77$hit is too obvious.

      1. ExPAVIC August 26, 2012


        You have the biggest BS generators this election. Karl Rove and Stewart Stevens generate more BS that the Kansas City stockyards. Except in their cases it is lies, damn lies and distortions. Rove in an expert in each case.

    6. williered September 11, 2012

      Another fear monger with no proof of anything except he is an undocumented extremeist.
      Absolutely no objective basis for his liberal loon rhetoric.

  2. Patricia July 17, 2012

    McCain is right — we have absolutely no knowledge of Mitt’s tax returns — because he won’t produce them. Since Romney gave McCain 23 years worth of tax returns, I, for the life of me, do not understand why Romney wants to keep them under wraps now — I mean, there may be no problem with them, but Romny’s withholding them looks extremely bad! And McCain saying that he still thinks that Palin was a better vice-presidental candidate than Romney — well, that say it all.

    1. dalnb July 17, 2012

      I would suggest Romney learned his lesson when he released the returns to McCain in 2008. McCain obviously felt they were damaging enough to pass Romney up and take on a sure looser; there must be something in the returns that will certainly turn the tide against him!

  3. mssas July 17, 2012

    He might have said that before she was fully vetted.. and discovered what a ding bat, airhead, stupid woman she really is!… I mean, come on!…. Mitt Romney is strong, intelligent and charming… and I hope he wins in November and sends whinning Obama back to his neighborhood political organizing.

    1. Dave_dido July 17, 2012

      Did you mean “winning Obama” or “whining Obama” or “wining Obama” or “whinnying Obama”?

      1. Gabby Parsons July 17, 2012

        It’s winning Obama. It’s Boehner that whines.

    2. eltucco July 17, 2012

      romney was doomed from the start because he had imus on his side and now imus has abandoned romney and imus has picked a winner in 16 years.

    3. Patricia July 17, 2012

      Mitt strong, intelligent & charming? Well, not according to the people in Massachusetts — and they know him best.

    4. Patricia July 17, 2012

      I think it is Romney who is “whinning” asking for an apology from Obama because he got his widdle feelings hurt. Geez, how on earth is Romney going to stand up to the leaders of foreign countries who say something he does not like?

  4. mssas July 17, 2012

    In that case you would have no problem asking President Obama to deliver his college transcripts, where his “Kenya” roots are highly, highly suspect! Oh!.. and while you’re at it… submit your own 10 years of taxes as a show of good “citizenry” so that we can all examine your success, or lack thereof!

    1. WhutHeSaid July 17, 2012

      Oh, plz — go back and blow your dog whistle in private. Pointy hats are sooo 20th century. *yawn*

    2. AZ85283 July 17, 2012

      So college transcript are equivalent to tax returns? Wow, now that is sweet, so candidates can submit college transcripts and then lie on their taxes and not be found out. How silly? I guess when you don’t care about character, honesty, integrity, ethics in your candidates, then anyone but the black man will do.

    3. Mark Ginn July 17, 2012

      Sure, no problem.
      Palin’s a moron, Romney is a liar and you know it.
      His poor father – May he rest in peace.

    4. DurdyDawg July 17, 2012

      Only One Clown believes this is a ‘race’.. He’s running to become the new exalted Pezhead, no one else.. Obama doesn’t need to give in to your stupid demands because when he applied for the position, those in charge (whether they be saints or crooks) did a thorough and complete background check on him, just like all g’ment officials of higher rank and found nothing suspicious else they would have asked him, “When and under what conditions did you contract that hang nail your trying to protect?”.. And as far as us showing our documentation because of ‘good citizenry’ .. You start that line and I’m sure once you declare your patriotism, others will follow, otherwise keep your opinions of someone’s citizenry to yourself. We don’t have to reveal our successes or failures because we’re not running for President of the United States but Mitten’s is and THAT’S where your demands have relevancy.

  5. Prosperity Capital Inc. July 17, 2012

    They BOTH SUCK

    1. Maynard July 18, 2012

      As often happens we must choose the lesser of the two evils. That is Obama. At least he is not supported by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, two of the mastermands behind Bush II’s disastrous eight years. False flags of 9/11 and the anthrax letters, two unnecessary wars that benefited the war profiteers like Halliburton and the Carlyle Group, huge tax cuts and even bigger deficits, a trillion to reward the bankers and Wall Street for gambling away their tax breaks and almost bringing on a World Wide economic disaster’, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security to prepare for the possibility the public does not remain in the dark about high treason and war scams. They are Mitt’s masters if he gets elected.
      The Republiscams say Obama is not creating enough jobs and they claim the “job creators” just need even bigger tax breaks.
      If tax breaks work so well, why is there a sluggish economy and high unemployment?

      There are huge capital reserves that the elite refuse to use for investment. And the House majority (Republiscams) refuse to pass legislation to invest money in the infrastructure and alternative energy because it might cut unemployment and free us from the energy monopoly of the filthy fossil fuels their buddies control.

      The big danger we should be trying to prevent is more voting machine fraud. When Karl Rove’s election voting machine theft guru, Mike Connell died in a mysterious plane crash just before he was going to have to testify in the Ohio election investigation, his lawyer had filed a brief with the court asking from protection from Rove. I am sure he was replaceable and it has been done.

      If your local retail stores can give you a paper receipt, so could voting machines. These receipts are essential to validate the machine count and to enable a recount in close elections.

  6. Rudewaitress July 17, 2012

    People sure have a short memory….McCain did not want to take Palin, but the powers that be picked Palin so she could get women away from Hillary….McCains first pick was Joe Lieberman, but that really lit up the Republican base…Palin was not his choice!!!!!

    1. Laundy Brewer July 17, 2012

      Thank U Rudewaitress now I see someone was listen and watching what was going on in 2008. The GOP do thing for a reason, it was just like the story Game Changes.
      And when U let so call powerful men take over your election anything can happen.
      Plus one thing most GOP know about is they cross over party & voted for Obama in democratic primary.
      Because they felt a Black man was not going to beat White man regardless who he was. That was another Game Changes to back fired on them. So they Need to get those Women Voter they Hillary had. They felt Hillary would kill John McCain in the election with Women Voter. And they was for sure this was set Obama But they made the biggest mistake Because OBAMA CAMPAIGN WAS ON FIRE. AND THE REPUBLICAN BASE COULDN’T PUT THAT FIRE OUT…

      1. rustingdreams July 17, 2012

        I think I understand what you’re trying to say, and I think I agree with it!

  7. Courtney Poole July 17, 2012

    LMAO!!!!! Well that tells me a lot…whack job crazy Palin was a better VP candidate then Romney… I like that McCain told the truth about that at least.

    1. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

      Sometimes he does tell the truth. Take heed all you Rommey fans.

  8. Elsa July 17, 2012

    The sad thing is that the Republicans may have been better off if they could have choosen Sarah Palin instead of Romney. It is also very funny.

  9. AZ85283 July 17, 2012

    Romney is digging himself a hole he won’t be able to emerge from until he releases his taxes. The longer he waits the harder it will be, and his taxes will become the issue of the campaign. His character is fast becoming another issue as he tries each day to come up with a new lie to cover the old ones. He isn’t use to people questioning him, especially a black man and he can’t seem to get out of it. He is relying on the fact that millions of white people do not want a black president again and would vote for “Jack the Ripper” instead of Obama, even if someone in their family was a victim of the ripper. Two facts keep coming out. One, he lied in 2002 when he told the SEC and the folks in MA that he was a MA resident and in charge of Bain, or two he’s lying now saying he didn’t have anything to do with Bain after ’99. Either way one is a lie, so Romney should take the lie that at least is the least damaging and move on. Then release your taxes, deal with the blow back and move on, otherwise the Donald will go to the convention on a white horse to rescue the GOP from you.

  10. diana July 17, 2012

    I believe him… and, I dislike Sarah Palin!

  11. Dominick Vila July 17, 2012

    Sen. McCain’s comment highlights how concerned fiscal and social conservatives are with the upcoming nomination of Mitt Romney. In many ways Mitt represents everything the GOP hates, a Northeastern elitist, a man with a questionable financial record, and a Mormon. I expect real fireworkd during the GOP convention, with the Tea Party supporting anyone but the current occupant of the White House and truly conservative Republicans dismayed by the choices presented to them.

  12. Mary AliceR July 17, 2012

    Romney is moving from presidential candidate to bad joke territory.

  13. John July 17, 2012

    that’s the KISS OF DEATH FOR ROB ME, MITTEN YOU ARE TOAST !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dominick Vila July 17, 2012

    Hopefully the ACA “Repeal and Replace” that Romney is using as the centerpiece for his political platform involves free lobotomies for GOP candidates…

  15. Juliana L'Heureux July 17, 2012

    Thank you for this wonderfully entertaining report, but shame on Senator McCain, he didn’t give you a straight answer about why Sarah Palin was the better candidate than “all the others”. I laughed my way through this report, still believe Emanuel is correct, one look at Romney’s tax returns and it was a no brainer, Palin was the choice! I suspect Ms. Palin has grown up a lot since 2008, maybe today she’d be the better candidate for Republican President, given the issues Romney is not facing up to, at least Palin tells the truth. I’m still laughing.

  16. Kansan July 17, 2012

    I don’t know Romney but I’ve known the Palin family all to well for the past 24 years. Save for her mother-in-law (Todd’s stepmom) they are the middle class’s answer to “trailer trash.”

    Most, including Sarah, even the kids, have been arrested and convicted.

    In her defense, Sarah never said she could see Russia from her house. Tina Fey, way better looking and infinitely brighter than Caribou Barbie, wrote and delivered that line.

    Also in her defense, she told Couric that she reads “everything in front of” her. Since she’s obviously never had anything in front of her, she was telling the truth.

    Hard to tell what McCain meant by his remark. Was he trying to once again defend his pick of Sarah as the worst vice-presidential major party candidate in history, or do the prospects of Mitt as president bring on a feeling of even more intense nausea?

    Gotta go. I’ve got Bridges to Nowhere to build, governors’ planes to sell on e-Bay, gas pipelines to “the hungry markets” in the Midwest to subsidize.

    1. Gammaanya July 17, 2012

      She did say she can see Russia from her and she never read anything, couldn’t name even 1 magazine. She is just a bimbo that used her position and the nomination to better and enrich herself and her family. My cat is smarter than her or Bachman.Give her a credit, as dumb as she is she made money and is laughing on her way to the bank. Once she needs more she will just pop in, in the news and lemmings will listen and cheer, while they scrounge for food she eats cake and caviar. LOL

    2. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

      And now Palins a millionair. Isn’t America great? You can be trailer trash and still make money. Got to love the GOP.

  17. PamelaT July 17, 2012

    That truly does not sell Romney bid for the white house. If palin was better than Romney then what is Romney a person with an IQ of 60 since Palin is a person with an IQ of 70.

  18. bigspender7 July 17, 2012

    McCain may be exaggerating when he says Palin is better than Romney, but not by much. Almost anybody would be better than Romney — with the possible exception of Palin.

  19. stolldaddy July 17, 2012

    These politicians be it left or right just don’t get it! They are totally out of touch with reality. With a membership of over 60% millionaires how can they even hope to relate to the average American. They need to stop worrying about power for the party and do the job they were hired to do, and that is to make this country a better place than when they took office not worse!!! They should be paid on performance, they should have term limits, no pension, pay for their own health benefits, and work on behalf of the people who hired them not big business.
    We need to totally rebuild our infrastructure, it’s crumbling around us. Our roads, bridges, passenger railway system, electrical grid are all in disrepair. How can we justify an outage in Canada making the whole East Coast go dark. That is lunacy! How many hundreds of thousands of workers could we put back to work just by rebuilding our infrastructure, and get our great nation back on top where it should be. there are third world countries that have better passenger railway system then we do.
    What happened to “too big to fail”? Why was AITG not broken up, why did we bail them out? Why did we bail out the financial industry and then they make it impossible for the people that bailed them out to borrow money? Why do they make it so hard to get a mortgage on forclosed homes. Why do these top execs still get big paydays when they run a company into the ground. They should be fired!
    Why do we continually bail out the airlines so they can take advantage of us with nonsensical fees for baggage, or change trip fees. The security at our airports (TSA) is a joke I don’t feel any safer flying with this makeshift accomodation to the people then I did in the 80’s when I flew every week. The fact is a private company can do it at half the cost and do a much better job.
    Why do we subsidize and give tax breaks to the oil companies, when they record record breaking profits every quarter. Why not give more money to innovation for alternative energy.
    Why do we pay farmers not to grow produce, why not grow it and trade for oil from all those countries starving their own people. Why do we grow corn for ethanol which costs more to make than they can sell it for, sounds like another subsidy.
    Has everybody gone insane, it’s like the fox guarding the hen house. What’s wrong with this picture.
    Stop wasting our tax dollars!!! This is the greatest country in the world and our congress is making it a laughing stock.

    1. Gammaanya July 17, 2012

      Because most of the middle class now is bought by big money, is too lazy to think for themselves and they think that trickle down economy will trickle down to them. Not even crumbs. They forgot that for each promise they pay dearly for the rich benefit not their own. We have dumbed down society. GOP do not believe in infrastructure, building repair or expand. Their GOD is MONEY and POWER. They bash China, but China has the best fast trains so is Taiwan, so are other so called poor countries Your comment will not relate or ring a bell of truth,to some, too much common sense. Common sense is dead and hardly anybody noticed.
      I am with you 10000000000%. I wish 90% of the gullible, racist and not so bright people think like you. KUDOS to YOU.

      1. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

        I agree with you both. Have any ideals how we could make a difference?

        1. Annette July 18, 2012

          Yes, LadyDeb, start a revolution. I think it’s the only way we are going to clean up this country. Get the powers that be out of the senate and the congress and start over with real men, like our founding forfathers, who wanted to build this country into something great and DID!

    2. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

      I vote for you.

    3. Maynard July 18, 2012

      I agree with you about rebuilding the infrastructure. Ethanol can be derived from non-food plants such as switchgrass but it is still a hydrocarbon, the problem being the carbon. The part that give the energy is the HYDRO which stands for HYDROGEN. The people who monopolize filthy fossil fuels know that hydrogen is in every drop of water. We can derive it from electrolysis but it does take a lot of energy. Research could develop other ways to do it that are less costly. It also can be split from oxygen by certain bacteria in their normal life processes. This could be collected and used to replace most hydrocarbon use. To believe the controllers of our energy supplies will allow that to happen without a fight is fantasy. They have the world economy pretty much where they want it and will not give up easily.

      Germany has gained a great deal of energy independence using solar techniques, despite the fact they are hardly known for their clear, sunny days. Sure Solyndra failed. But that failure is being showcased to block the development of alternative energy. How many car companies and oil companies have failed, yet in the end these industries succeeded????

      If the energy and infrastructure investments can be blocked (as the Republiscams in the House have been doing) unemployment will be high and short sighted voters will be back in the clutches of Mitt’s Masters, such as Rove and Cheney.

      They could use voter machine fraud as in Ohio, 2004. Mike Connell, Rove’s election machine guru died mysteriously in a plane crash just before he was scheduled to testify. His lawyer had filed a brief with the court pointing out Connell feared Rove. Do you see the implications?

      We need voting machines that have a paper receipt to eliminate fraud and provide for a recall in close elections.

      1. stolldaddy July 18, 2012

        I agree we are presently at the mercy of the I big oil companies because they have the world by the cejones, (spelling not sure but you get the meaning). The problem being as I think we have both stated is the apathetic voters don’t bother to educate themselves. I admittedly am not the brightest. Rayon in the box, but if I can see what is going on why can’t they? How can they be be so disinterested in finding out what these politicians really stand for before they take a side. They are just blind followers and I think that is what these big companies thrive on.
        Dave Stoll

  20. John Garrett July 17, 2012

    …and that ain’t say’n much….

  21. John Garrett July 17, 2012

    …and that ain’y say’n much…

  22. Jack Wormer July 17, 2012

    There’s going to be a LOT MORE HISSING in Tampa, next month…..

  23. Nanette Marie Johnson July 17, 2012


  24. Dianrib July 17, 2012

    What evil lurks in Mitts financial / tax records ?

  25. Dianrib July 17, 2012

    Palen used her ‘fame’ to make tons of cash Thats the American way ? or is it

  26. Menn106 July 17, 2012

    Well Romney, if you have ear to hear; hear it and if you have eyes to see; see it now there is no miracles when it comes to who the owner of the earth picks. Our furfathers said, you have to look for the eyes of a creature at the head.

  27. Camille Gauthier July 17, 2012

    The GOP Would be better off if they replaced Governor Romney by an other presidential candidate !

  28. Sunny July 17, 2012

    OMFG, Sarah Palin was a better candidate than Romney? we are in serious trouble aren’t we?

    let’s be honest, mittens is just a terrible choice, and so was McCain.

    Obama 2012

  29. Don Eggenschwiler July 17, 2012

    This is like saying that Moe Howard was a better stooge than Larry Fine.

  30. karinursula July 17, 2012

    Now this is damn funny.

  31. Fern Woodfork July 17, 2012

    McCain Rather Run With A NUT Rather Than Romney!!! What Do That Tell You !!LOL There’s Pain In Bain Also Pain In Those Tax Returns!!!LOL

  32. Fern Woodfork July 17, 2012

    What’s Funny And Also Crazy Is These People Out Here That Will Vote For This Thug (Romney)Ain’t Rich!! Cause if Their Were What The Hell Are They Posting On National Memo??? DAMN ASS RETARDS!!

  33. drslipro July 17, 2012

    Why would anyone vote for Sarah Palin she a joke. she didn’t finish her four year term Being Governor of Alaska. How can people be so dumb to want her as a leader. Wake up people and smell the flowers my goodness.

  34. Nom_DeGuerre July 17, 2012

    Top Ten Reasons To Dislike Mitt Romney:
    1. Drop-dead, collar-ad handsome with gracious, statesmanlike aura. Looks like every central casting’s #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief.
    2. Been married to ONE woman his entire life, and has been faithful to her, including through her bouts with breast cancer and MS.
    3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?)
    4. Can’t speak in a fake, southern, “black preacher voice” when necessary.
    5. Highly intelligent. Graduated cum laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School . . . and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed.
    6. Doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter-culture age when he went to college. Too square for today’s America?
    7. Represents an America of “yesterday”, where people believed in God, went to Church, didn’t screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS!
    8. Has a family of five great sons …. and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab. But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that “choice” deserves America’s scorn.
    9. Oh yes . . . he’s a MORMON. We need to be very afraid of that very strange religion that teaches its members to be clean-living, patriotic, fiscally conservative, charitable, self-reliant, and honest.
    10. And one more point . . . pundits say because of his wealth, he can’t relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that’s because he made that money HIMSELF . . . as opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad. Apparently, he didn’t understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unrelatable to Americans.

    1. Fern Woodfork July 17, 2012

      The Man Is The Problem With What’s Going On In AMERICA The 1% Just Thinks This Is The Best Place To Hoard MONEY!!! Screw Mr. Strip And Ship Plus His American Taliban!! Fuck More Trickle Down Bullshit!! I Don’t Need No Rich Men Pissing On My Head Telling Me It’s Raining Cause I Will Cut His Dick Off!!!

    2. ladyj July 17, 2012

      you forgot a draft dodger, went to france to do missionairy work instead of serving in the service. He was in college and he impersonated an Police officer and a Fireman and got a way with it because of his father. He was a bully in college. I believer his sons are great but did you see them to voneateer to join the service. No. He closed business and reopen them laid off people and then pocket the money by putting it in off shores accounts, not paying taxes on them. Can not tell the truth, flip flop on mostly everything he said the years before. Now that is why people dislike him.

    3. Hillbilly July 17, 2012

      Romney did inherit a lot of money from his Dad who made the money Romney inherited. How do you know that he didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol when he was going to his private schools and colleges? Mormons aren’t suppose to gamble yet in the Republican primaries debuts he was going to bet with another candidate to the tune of $10,000.oo dollars. So unless you went to school with him and was with him 24 hours a day, 365 days a year every year he was in school, you don’t know what he did or didn’t do in his private school and college years. Nor do you know that he has been faithful to his wife, some men are better at hiding their affairs than others. If you have money it is also easy to keep any wrong doing by your children from showing up on a police blotter. He also has skeletons in his closet and some of them have slipped out of it, cutting a classmate’s hair after he and his posse tackled him to the floor and held him down, playing state trooper stopping people with the lights that go on a trooper car, leaving two young women out in the country when he pretended to arrest their dates, pretending to being a fireman and who knows what else. These were not pranks but things done by someone that thinks they are above the law no matter what they do. Also Romney has never had to wonder where his next meal was coming from, was he going to be able to keep a roof over his family’s head and would he be able to pay doctor bills if one of his children got sick. Since Romney has never had to live on $300.00 dollars or less a week with a wife and 5 children he doesn’t know how to relate to regular people. If John McClain thought Sarah Palin was a better candidate than Mitt Romney for his vice president there is something wrong with him in some way be it mentally, physically or character wise.

    4. John Heinmiller July 17, 2012

      A few comments:

      1. Drop-dead, collar-ad handsome with gracious, statesmanlike aura. Looks like every central casting’s #1 choice for Commander-in-Chief. — Appearance is suddenly a qualification for commander in chief? I would rather have an ugly broken looking oldster who can lead us than someone who looks the part and cannot do it.

      3. No scandals or skeletons in his closet. (How boring is that?) — Are you sure? Then why does he not release his tax returns? Seems to me that he is trying to keep the skeletons IN the closet.

      5. Highly intelligent. Graduated cum laude from both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School . . . and by the way, his academic records are NOT sealed. — Since when does academic records mean that much? Oh yea, Bush Jr’s. records were also not sealed.

      6. Doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and has never done drugs, not even in the counter-culture age when he went to college. Too square for today’s America? — So he is perfect? When someone is that perfect, I look for the hidden reality, the evil that he hides.

      7. Represents an America of “yesterday”, where people believed in God, went to Church, didn’t screw around, worked hard, and became a SUCCESS! — Guess that is why he destroyed so many companies while he ran Bain Capital. Oh, I almost forgot. He also destroyed companies by running Bain Capital AFTER he left Bain Capital. Now, I wonder how he pulled that one off.

      8. Has a family of five great sons …. and none of them have police records or are in drug rehab. But of course, they were raised by a stay-at-home mom, and that “choice” deserves America’s scorn. — Very easy to have a stay-at-home wife when you are too busy earning a fortune by destroying others lifelihoods. How much did he earn while at Bain? Will the average hard working american see even half that much over his lifetime? I think not.

      10. And one more point . . . pundits say because of his wealth, he can’t relate to ordinary Americans. I guess that’s because he made that money HIMSELF . . . as opposed to marrying it or inheriting it from Dad. Apparently, he didn’t understand that actually working at a job and earning your own money made you unrelatable to Americans. — Your right, he DID make the money himself — by buying companies that worked, saddling them with tons of debt and funneling the money lended to himself as payment for his hard work. Then, tossing off the companies so they would flounder. Yup, your right. Lots of hard work. The American way!

    5. Stella53 July 18, 2012

      Sorry, Nom, but the ten reasons you listed are the reasons I DON’T WANT THIS MAN as POTUS! You’ve just described a so-called perfect human being. No human being is perfect. You stated Robney has “No scandals or skeletons on his closet?” Really? You may be eating those words when Robney releases his tax returns. You will see that this greedy “successful businessman” is a liar and a tax cheat. My prediction is that Robney will be so damaged behind not paying any taxes and the low down dirty things he did at Bain Capital, that he won’t have any choice but to concede to Pres. Obama BEFORE November 6th! That’s how bad this is going to be for Robney, “the guy who knows how to create jobs” even though the state of Mass. was 47th in job creation with Robney was Gov. You don’t want Robney either. You just want the black guy out of the White House.

  35. Roy July 17, 2012

    Keep talking John because I like the way you are helping Mitt’s campaign take a nose dive. The Democrates don’t have to spend any anti GOP advertising money with this kind of help. I also believe there are millions of senior citizens right now already with their minds made up about how well Mitt’s going to take care of them as a future president. It starts with a GOP sharp cutting axe. So Barrack you can relax about getting a second term because Mitt’s going to be the Thanksgiving turkey come November 2012.

  36. Fern Woodfork July 17, 2012

    There’s A Lot Of People NOW Begging Romney To Please Save Their Jobs NOW!! The Man Is A SOCIOPATH!! He’s Not Out Of Touch He Just Don’t Give A DAMN!!! Bain Is Still Wreaking Havoc On The American People LIVES!!!

  37. Andrew Rei July 17, 2012

    As if the “retired retroactively” comment didn’t lead to a storm of howling laughter and a swarm of ROFLMAOs on social media, now, Johnny Mac says Sarah Plain and Stupid was a “better candidate” than Mittens and the rest of the denizens of the GOP clown car in 2008…..ROFLMAO; btw: the GOP want a fascist corporate plutarchy….a plutarchy is the combination of a plutocracy (money rules…Citizens United saw to that) and an oligarchy (the same few people make all the decisions; you didn’t think that the GOP asshats made decisions for themselves, did you? If you did…ROFLMAO…the Plutarchs do that: Norquist, Rove, Adelson, Friess, the Koch brothers, etc.); I, for one, will do anything I have to do to stop the GOP from converting our democracy into an FCP; and, unless you’re an FCPer, you should do that, too, by voting for Democrats on 6 November, 2012 and by ignoring the hypocrisy, BS, deflections, distortions and talking points of the GOP…that’s all we get from them…the GOP are great at making truth-averse and fact- challenged statements; the GOP have a death wish, so, we should help them kill themselves politically by voting for Democrats this November!

    1. Philipp Santos July 17, 2012

      100% agree with it

  38. alumahead July 17, 2012

    Good to see McCain backing his party’s candidate in such a convincing manner.

    This just keeps getting weirder and weirderer.

  39. Joyce July 17, 2012

    Mc Cain you are so disingenious it stinks to high heaven

  40. JOE July 17, 2012

    Mc Cain is right, Palin was the best he could get , a whacko, and he says she was better than Romney?

  41. Theresa R July 17, 2012

    They would rather have a PROVEN Failure run Our Country!! Republicans don’t give a damn about the issues in America, they don’t even care who their candidate is!! As long as a Republican is President, doesn’t matter if they will destroy Our Country or not. Kind of like a football game, they don’t care how their team gets there, just as long as they WIN!! #Pathetic

    1. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

      Then everyone most vote. How funny will it be if Rommey with all super pacs losing?

  42. dalnb July 17, 2012

    America would be a far better place today had McCain beat Bush and served us for those eight years as our President. I backed him then and I backed him in 2008/2009; that is until he announced Palin as his running mate.

    What confuses me now though is his comments regarding Palin. Some time ago he stated Palin was not his choice as VP but he was forced to take her on. He has defended her and I would say he has no other choce but I believe he knows she is why he lost that election.

    I changed my vote because of her and I am certain thousands of others did the same. I believe if McCain had run this time he would have the Republicans nomination and with a better choice for VP would have a good chance of being elected.

    Because of the insane and what I consider truly Un-American “mission of failure” followed by Mitch McConnell and his followers I will again have to vote for Obama.

    1. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012


      Fair to midland is far better that nutso or downright crappy like McCain or RoMoney.

      Still haven’t figured out why the hot shot Republicans can’t come up with better than Bush, McCain, RoMoney or whomever,
      out of that stable full of rich guys they pack around.

      Maybe they should take a hard look at their party platform which seems to read “money for the rich guys and screw everyone else.”

      It’s the pony and the sparrow, the pony gets the grain and the sparrow gets to pick through the poop.

      1. dalnb July 18, 2012

        “You will always get what you always got if you always do what you always did!”  Until the Republicans start seeking out quality people they will continue to get the low-end personalities they seem to be dragging out of the woodwork.
        Their are good people in both parties but it seems the Republicans keep coming up with those who would better serve in small community volunteer programs.  The GOP seems to be looking for followers who are ready to accept support from big money donners who “buy” candidates with expectations of personal favors. Based on this the “good” men and women are not showing up in the races. Their personal morals, values and integrity does not fit into the GOPs leadership plans and they will not sacrifice their  integrity. Until the GOP decides they are ready to participate in the political arena with honesty, respect, and loyalty to America first and decide they need leaders rather than followers they will remain the weak and inferior party they have turned out to be.

  43. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012


    You American Taliban Republican plutocratic obstructionist bigoted old rich white guys should tell Mittens to product some tax returns and play fair. He is making you people look like a bunch of 19th century political clowns.

  44. ayaya July 17, 2012

    Today, Arizona Senator John McCain says that Sarah Palin was a “better candidate” than Mitt Romney in 2008, in what may be the least helpful defense of Romney’s tax return problem imaginable

  45. usabarb4u July 17, 2012

    I bet the entire GOP = Greedy Obsolete Polticians will all vote for Obama before this campaign is done. We’ve only just begun to expose the real Mitt who can’t catch a vote but sure can lie!! VOTE OBAMA 2012

  46. Doris E. Bianchi July 17, 2012

    I am a Floridian and I am scared to death that lying thief Romney might get in. There is a REASON why he won’t show his tax returns. The American public should refuse to have him on the ballot until he has shown all of his tax returns, plus listed all of the banks he hides his money in, if he can remember them all. we do not need the likes of him running our country. Obama has made mistakes, but he at least wants everyone to eat at least one meal a day. Sarah Palin would probably be better than Romney, she knew what it was like not to have, she had to borrow clothes to appear before the public for heavens sake. But her short time mingling with fellow Republicans she learned quickly,fter her little stint in the Alaskan Capitol she is doing very well for herself. Shes just another piece of work flitting around in outer space.

  47. LadyDeb July 17, 2012

    Sorry McCain, I would have voted for you. I am a Women, but she wasn’t smart. Your one GOP thats from the old respectable party. I have respect for you. It doesn’t matter whom Rommey picks. He doesn’t relate to people.

  48. John Heinmiller July 17, 2012

    John McCain, one of the few members of the GOP I can respect (even when I disagree with him) claims that Palin was better than Romney as the VP candidate. We all know what she was like. If Palin was the better choice, that says a lot.

  49. stephen s July 17, 2012

    Ron Paul is looking better every day.
    Mitt Romney and his son Tagg Romney are being implicated in a 8.5 billion dollar ponzi scheme with Wall Street investors Allen Stanford and James M. Davis.
    Mitt Romney and Son Tagg in 2008 invested in Allen Stanford’s ponzi scheme to the tune of 10 million dollars initially in Solamere Capital a seed investment.

    Then there is his connection to Stericycle, and aborted fetus disposal which will inflame many Evangelists.

    All in all, this latest Romney discovery is just another brick in the wall of secrecy and inconsistencies that characterize Mitt Romney: Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Islands subsidiaries, $100 million IRAs, unreleased tax returns, secret bundlers, outsourcing jobs, limitless PAC money, etc. etc.
    All this has the potential to destroy Romney’s credibility.
    I can’t believe Republicans would rather lose the election with Romney than vote Republican for Ron Paul!
    Maybe there are many GOP liberals that are scared of losing their monthly government handouts. I can’t figure it out!
    Please vote for the Constitution. Vote Ron Paul!

    1. ExPAVIC July 17, 2012


      At least Ron Paul is harmless. We only have to make sure he has his Alzheimer’s pills.

  50. majormarj July 18, 2012

    Wonder how that opinion is going to fly at the convention? Truly, as much as I detest RoMOney, that has got to be one of the stupidest things McCann has ever said.

  51. William Deutschlander July 18, 2012

    In actuality Sarah Palin is a better candidate than Mitten Romney, she actually earned the millions she took in from her VP run. Mittens on the other hand EXTRACTED his millions by removing capital (MONEY) from the ECONOMY and depositing that MONEY (capital) into personal accounts in tax protected FOREIGN accounts.

    You see, Romney did not PUT CAPITAL TO WORK IN THE ECONOMY, which would have created employment opportunity, Romney REMOVED THE CAPITAL FROM THE ECONOMY, which results in fewer employment opportunities! That is the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what a TRUE BUSINESSMAN DOES!

  52. ivory69690 July 18, 2012

    hey johny //That’s just outrageous,” McCain told Politico. “It’s so disgraceful for them to allege something that they have absolutely no knowledge of.”// the only outragous thing in that the anti-christ wont give his taxs . why ? because he,s a sneaky greedy bastard and for him to give his taxes would show all just how sneaky and evil he truly is . theres no reason why he shouldnt show them if theres nothing to hide . the fact is if he is as true blue as (o,beautiful song ) then he,d prob. gewt alot more votes if he,s as clean as he wants one to think he is . are you going to say that he has enough votes already ? would those votes be by the blind 98% of the ppl. that dont realize that thy will never be a part of him and his 2% greedy bastard freinds . he maybe be hopeing for the hateing hooded dress wearers that that burn crosses in the woods will hate a black man in the house . or that him and his GOP ding dong buddys are doing a good enough job to block the votes thy are trying too do . and BTW johny , your hair bag Sarah Palin played you look at how much money she made off ur dumb butt for picking her . has she given you any of the millions she made ? johny it prob. was wishful thinking that you and you lady might of been able to get some kinda of thing going with Sarah Palin you know behind closed doors . who,s to say what yopu was thinking ? Sarah Palin is an air head she lets her underage child have sex with a guy in her own house get preg. and he dumped her .Sarah Palin should be with M.Backman with car mufflers hoses with mask breathing in the good air as she puts it having a good gas breathing party . johny boy you was played like no onmes has been played before by a dumb hair bag . she might be a little smart Sarah Palin that kinda anti-christ romney smart

  53. Maynard July 18, 2012

    Voters have to look behind the candidates’ appearances and see what they are going to do about the economy, foreign policy and protecting the citizens from the police state and poverty. Neither candidate is ideal but the one who is more likely to invest in the infrastructure, avoid war with Iran, not utse the powers granted by Homeland Security, the Patriot Act and NDAA 2012 to take away our Constitutional Rights, and preserve the safety net of health care and Social Security is OBAMA.
    Mitt’s masters include Cheney and Rove. Remember who got us in the hole we are in now, who was willing to use false flags killing our citizens and false wars killing innocents abroad, to use torture and steal funds through war profiteering and financial tricks.

  54. Jonny Dancer July 18, 2012

    ……………………When asked why he decided not to pick Romney, McCain replied

    Oh come on, because we thought that Sarah Palin was the better candidate. Why did we not take [Tim] Pawlenty, why did we not take any of the other 10 other people. Why didn’t I? Because we had a better candidate, the same way with all the others. … Come on, why? That’s a stupid question……………..

    Just see the HBO MOVIE ‘GAME CHANGE’ for a lesson in Jon McCain’s STUPIDITY!.

  55. Stella53 July 18, 2012

    LOL! Old McCript will never admit the mistake he made picking Palin as his VP. He only picked her because he was pandering to the disgruntled Hillary Clinton female supporters and it blew up in his and Palin’s faces!

  56. Doctor T July 18, 2012

    John, John, John…you stepped in it this time, and big time! Doing the old two step about this question doesn’t let you off the hook. The Mittster is a fraud and has a lot to hide and you damn well know it! You saw the records….you know the score….don’t ruin your credibility this way, PLEASE!

  57. Doctor T July 18, 2012

    Hey, Montana! Shut the f–up! Your remarks are ignorant, shallow, bigoted, and racist. Romney is a jackass and in your support of him, you take the same position. Let’s see how you like being conned with this charlatan! And lest we forget the most flagrant and disliked president of all time….Bushie Jr!

  58. Doctor T July 18, 2012

    HAHAHAHAHA! Check the Supreme Court ruling MB! You think you’re such a friggin mental giant, tell your sad story to the press. Why don’t you stay away from this site and go to FOX News since you appear to be such an advocate of racist bigotry and cuddle up to the likes of Rush L? And if you don’t like this country, go to Canada since you’re so close to it.

  59. Roy Egdall July 19, 2012

    Although Palin never said the she was able to see Russia from her house (Tina Fey did), everything else is true in the article.

    What is missing is that Romney says that he retroactively resigned from Bain Capital in 1999 but gave sworn testimony that he ran part of their business until 2002 when he proved he was a Massachusetts resident in order to run for Governor.

  60. New York July 19, 2012

    We did not forget a worse in american history campagn by Mr. Mc Cain….at the present time for him is wisely to retire and stop produsing his speeches of a seek person.
    Yes, Gov. Mitney is smarter than him and he needs to accept this statementI only hope of an election Gov. Romney wich can help America to continue declining….
    I am looking for American who voted for President Reagan,they will save our country from demagogian rhetorics of P.Obama and people who support him….to drag my country down…

  61. New York July 19, 2012

    We did not forget a worse in american history campaign by Mr. Mc.Cain….Currently,for him is absolutely wise to retire and to stop prodicing the seek speeches….
    Yes, Gov. Mitney is smarter than him and he needs to accept this statement. I only hope of an election Gov. Romney which can stop America to continue declining.
    I am looking for American who voted for President Reagan, they will save our country from demagogian rhetorics of P.Obama and people who support him to drag my country down…
    ( I did retyped my statement on the other computer due to a problem with my computer).

  62. ladyeatle August 1, 2012

    Hey John,did you hear your Sarah whining about Dick Cheney’s comment regarding her choice as VP in 08?
    She does seem have balls of steel but going after someone with Cheneys resume and class belies explanation…she sure loves the sound of her own wailing…what a bore.Can anyone imagine her as President,she’d make obama look good….

  63. J C August 1, 2012

    But ANYONE is waaaay better than obama.

  64. Josiah Glickstein August 3, 2012

    Look, here’s the vice presidential candidate’s job: to make the presidential candidate look good. They do this by shoring up whatever weakness the candidate has and standing apart as best they can without overshadowing them. Gov. Romney was too close to what Sen. McCain was like, and with the problems from President Bush’s tenure and the national dislike of all Republicans, they had to go with a big risk. I agree with Cheney on this mark, but nothing Republicans could do in 2008 would have won them the presidency.

  65. OrangeW3dge August 3, 2012

    there are no stupid questions…

  66. Simon Fields August 15, 2012

    Let’s be fair, cause your spinning hindsight. McCain probably means that when they were (or weren’t) vetting Palin, she seemed like the better running mate. At the time. Now I’m sure that McCain privately says that picking Palin was a mistake. He’s a politician. He’s more attuned to public opinion than we are.

    1. Donald DeVallon Robin August 23, 2012

      Boy.. aren´t you clever ¿¿¿


  67. Salvador Ramirez August 22, 2012

    McCain is not exactly Einstein…okay
    Palin is not exactly madam Curie…okay
    But Mitty is below?
    Well Mitty, as my grand, grandparents taught me…The most idiot people is who thinks other people are idiots.

    1. Donald DeVallon Robin August 23, 2012

      So your grempeppy was another..?? Donah..//

  68. Donald DeVallon Robin August 23, 2012

    Americans will die if ObamaCare is repealed…. !! (¿¿¿)
    Well… come to Spain folks…you can buy your insurance here or
    if you are beyond buying age get it for free.. this is socialism !!
    if you have property here and become a resident of
    the Canary Islands… e.g….. after 3 months.. Donah..//

  69. John August 26, 2012

    McCain was a war hero BUT the worst candidate we’ve ever had. it’s time he shut up

  70. diablodejalisco August 26, 2012

    the republicans lack a lot of common sense. they will bury themselves before november.

  71. ricoliv August 27, 2012

    McCain has gone on long past his sell-by date. It’s time to roll over and play dead, John.

  72. Edmond Dantès September 10, 2012

    Pointing out the obvious, US voters chose George W Bush, not once, but twice. With idiots like these going to the pools, Republicans are doing fine, thanks.

  73. EddyCurrent September 10, 2012

    McCains’ comments here show why we have the other guy as president. Please be quiet until after the election.

  74. marilyn48 September 11, 2012

    John is an idiot and hope he retires, he has done nothing to help Arizona that’s why they are i a rut, he is insane and never deserved that job.

  75. D_evil September 11, 2012

    If Sarah Palin is a better candidate than Mitt Rommney and we know Sarah Palin, then Mitt Romney should not be touched with a 10 foot pole. Why did the Republicans choose Mitt Romney? Are the Republicans asking for a disaster?

  76. Keith Wren September 11, 2012

    I personally do not care about Governor Romney’s tax returns. Since running on their record is not an option for obama, lies and smoke screens are the only options left. If there was anything not on the “up and up” about theose tax records, obuma would already have put Romney in prison because obama certainly has access to Romney’s tax records. obama’s “tax cheat” that heads the IRS has already provided them for obama.

    As far as the taxes are concerned, Romney had nothing to do with writing the tax codes.

    There are many things that you can easily find out about Governor Romney, but none of those things can be used to put him in prison, or deport him. Honest and ethical… yes. He is a very honest and ethical, and giving person.

    Is there anyone on the face of the earth that could keep a straight face and say the same thing about obama???

    1. michaelw777_52 September 11, 2012

      I certainly can’t say that with a straight face about Romney. Try reading up a little bit about how Romney went about keeping Bain out of bankruptcy. Then say how honest and ethical he is.

  77. Korean_Vet September 11, 2012

    Gov. Palin was the only one–who indicated a plan to begin solving the Mortgage Meltdown Crisis-!
    She stated–that as Mayor of Wasilla–“That she removed the property taxes from her citizens-!”
    Apply this principle Nationwide throughout over 1600 Counties in the U.S. Obama wanted to buy
    500,000 mortgages at $200,000 apiece–which would total $100 Billion Dollars-! Her intial plan
    would involve–giving a 3 yr Tax Exemption to FHA & VA home-owners with fixed interest loans-!
    In Chicago, where “False Inflation” driven up by Speculators had tripled Property Taxes to $2400
    per year–this gives 200 Home Owners in each of the 1600 counties, $300 per month extra from their own wallets–(Not ours-) to help resume their payments to their Banks–to keep their Homes
    from foreclosures-! They’d pay Home Insurance, Principal & Interest–without Property-Tax being
    a triple-charged addition-! You don’t give them any checks or Money–just the 3-yr tax exemption!
    500,000 X $2400 = 1.75 Billion Dollars, which is a more economical solution than Obama’s $100
    Billion Dollars-! This would have saved over One Million people from losing their modest 3-BR
    Homes that they had been paying for–during the last 15 or 20 yrs. “If we allot $720,000 per
    County–this means that home-owners will continue to stay in their homes, protecting them from
    “Vandalism”-! Plus now, our Banks receive a ‘Flood of Money’ from resumed house payments,
    making them stronger & no longer need “Bail-Outs”-!! This quickly reduced forcclosure numbers,
    adds more people to our economic recovery & starts to Improve our economic “Melt-Down” Mess-!
    Plus, we don’t need any Bank’s Approval to get a “Property Tax Exemptions for 3 yrs-!! This won’t
    give the Banks “an Excuse” for “Add-On” Charges-! (They’ve already gotten their Bonus this last
    year-!) (Sorry–but no “Interest Only” & “Adjustable Rate Mortgages” qualify for this program-!
    “Speculators viewed late-nite TV Commercials on (“How to become a millionaire in only 6 yrs”)
    by investing in real estate-! (Prop. Taxes Doubled in 5 yrs-!) This was the main reason, that these retired people on fixed incomes–couldn’t make their payments, with medicare, utilities, gas & food
    costs going up also–they ran out of money-! (Note–most of them weren’t buying mansions-!)–
    just a modest 3 BR house-!) Note–the Tax-Payers of Detroit are now paying $10,000 to have each
    “Vandalized Home” to be razed to the ground-! Instead of “Saving the home-owners & the houses”
    They’re wasting “Tax-Payers’ Property Taxes”-! If you force “John Doe” from his home–you’re
    ruining his credit for the next 10 years, plus you’ll add him & his kids to the County Welfare Rolls–“Which eats your Taxes & is–Bad Economics”-! It’s not FREE, & this way , we can reimburse the
    County for it’s Help with Fed. Funds from those certified County Records-! Could Obama & his
    “super-intelligent” Brain-People have used this approach to “SAVE” over 2 million U.S Tax-Payers
    from losing their home these last 3 years-!? Think about it–Are they really that SMART–or “Brain

  78. Rpdon September 11, 2012

    mitt just does not think were intitled to see anything not his taxes not his policies, were not talking about that, that’s not what the election is about, I support and then his people have to clarify what he meant. it’s republican english against webster we just keep misinterpreting mitt Oh! we did that with ryan today too, when he said he was for the states to decide on legal marijuana, but his people ( the ones in the backroom running the show) clarified that he is against legal marijuana and now romney says he will keep some of obamacare when he spoke to naacp he just said he was going to get rid of it. never mentioned any exceptions or parts he was going to consider keeping.
    So the only question is mitt are you for it or against, for or against what oh! it does’nt matter

  79. Rpdon September 11, 2012

    another congressional elected official just said he is not aware of any pregnancies from rape,
    what planet is this. these so called representatives I don’t know what to call them but if your not aware of the simplist things that affect people damn the basic human condition for crying out loud.
    You republican women do you really want these critens making laws of which they know nothing about. Do you deserve to make your own choice,Do you deserve equal pay? It’s not about abortion it’s about your gender and whether your going to be equal …

  80. Rpdon September 11, 2012

    Just a last comment! SHAME on you mitt, for not mentioning the troops and the war but your family does’nt contribute to this country and especially when it comes to sacrifice. After all you went to france during vietnam france was safe with the paris peace talks going on. I just don’t know how you can say your a god fearing man with the life you have lead. if you were truly a beleiver in god than would’nt he protect and guide you and not have you hide, lie and decieve…
    Is this the Mormon way! I hope not but, they need to say something about your behavior…

  81. WAKE UP AMERICANS September 11, 2012

    Sarah Palin was too good for John McCain who was afraid to say Obama’s middle name “Hussein”.
    The media took hour of interviews to get a few phrases out of context to “get” Sara Palin.
    Think about it. If she were president we would be in a lot better shape than we are in now.
    Chicago style thugs in the attorney general’s office, TSA, and more. WAKE UP. GET REAL. YOUR FREEDOM IN IN THE NEXT BALLOT BOX.

    1. Lynda Jones-Owings September 13, 2012

      Yeah, we would still be trying to figure out that we can see Russia from her back porch!!!!!!!!!! You are as stupid as Sara is. If they asked you what magazines you read; I guess you would say; oh you know, you know…………………… What planet do you want to be shipped off to?

  82. ArizonaFan September 11, 2012

    I’ve lived in AZ longer than McCain’s political career has, and always supported him until 2008. When he selected Palin, he proved himself a fool. With this comment, he’s proved himself senile. Thank GOD he lost!

    1. Rzrbk1 September 13, 2012

      Really?! I would take what should have happened in 2008 over what did any day hands down. Don’t talk to me about fools…….we have about 545 of them in Washington.

      1. supercatpatrick September 13, 2012

        You need to educate yourself on Sara Palin if you truly feel we would be better off with that woman as VP. In my opinion she lost JM the election. Read up on her and it will scare you. It’s a horrifying example of how someone with only looks and charisma rose to a powerful position in government. She basically sand bagged the McCain campaign. What really startles me is that she was and still is completely clueless.

    2. 1931 September 14, 2012

      You have the audacity to call Governor Palin a fool – you’re unbelievable !! Look at what Obumma has for a V.P. !!!!!

  83. Stephen Dalena September 11, 2012

    The same guy who picked Sarah Palin as his VP said, in Sept 2008, “the fundamentals of our economy are sound”. Talk about out to lunch. EXPLAIN WHY SARAH PALIN WAS THE BEST CHOICE instead of saying it’s a stupid question!!!!!! Because she had nice boobs? What, already?????

  84. williered September 11, 2012

    This is what happens when McCain escapes the “home” and is not on his meds.

    1. aladawg September 11, 2012

      I agree with you, McCain is a wuss and I think his mind is leaving him what a waste of Tax payer money and I voted for the senile on bastard.

      1. Lynda Jones-Owings September 13, 2012

        Your are funny!!

  85. G-man September 12, 2012

    Wow…just wow.

  86. bonniely September 12, 2012

    i thought romney and sarah was brother and sister..they act alike..duh!!

  87. Views September 12, 2012

    I totally Agree.
    Sara is the best among GOP.

  88. Polygamyman September 12, 2012

    John McCain couldnt trust Romney..he knew he was a tax dodger and a draft evader..He knew he couldnt support Israel because his cult religion believes that the New Jerusalem will be established in the USA and not in Israel. the prime minister will confront Romney on his visit to the USA after reviewing this bizarre and silly position. The Israelis need to understand if Romney believes that his funding of missionaries who go to Israel and try to convert Jewish young people is acceptable. Romney is a flip flop Zionist that will disown Israel when the going gets tough

  89. Polygamyman September 12, 2012

    1. both speak before they put their brain in gear.
    2. both are qualified bullies
    3 both are narcistic sociopaths
    4 both have a low view of woman
    5 both are racist demagogues
    6.both put making money ahead of morality
    7 both are warmongers

    1. Rzrbk1 September 13, 2012

      Wow….you wiffed on all of them. Just because you can make a list doesn’t mean it’s so.

      1. Lynda Jones-Owings September 13, 2012

        But it is!!!

      2. Marie Thomann Tucker September 14, 2012

        Are you kidding they are every bit of what he post 7 much much more

        1. 1931 September 14, 2012

          Bull !!

      3. 1931 September 14, 2012

        Good for you, Rzrbki – you’re 100 % right !!

    2. BenjaminH September 14, 2012

      who is Milt Romney?

    3. 1931 September 14, 2012

      What do you and the leftist DNC have in common? Everything !!

  90. britain September 12, 2012

    John McShame is the reason we have Obama. This guy needs to just retire and move on. I’ve had enough of his bullcrap to last me a lifetime.

    1. Andre Nieuwendam September 12, 2012

      He is also a war hero who served his country admirably, so show some respect. Whatever his opinions now respect the man he was who served his country proudly was tortured and did not break. People like you are the reason this country is losing it’s sense of Patriotism.

  91. Jeffrey September 12, 2012

    McCain is one sick puppy time to retire

    1. Lynda Jones-Owings September 13, 2012

      Sick puppy…………………………..

  92. Chopchop2012 September 13, 2012

    Palin was shot down by jealous some women journalists.
    If Obama was not black American and then McCain will be won.
    Journalists and Hollywood is major player in back there.
    They want to make history by Black President in White House. They made American look good and wanted fairytale story in White House.

  93. Lynda Jones-Owings September 13, 2012

    This is really funny, Rom-ney; you should just give it up now. If your own party is slamming you; where does that put you? Quit while you are ahead. One more out burst and it is over. They are comparing you to Sarah Who? On my, that is really funny!!!! LOL

  94. Wake up Americans September 13, 2012

    Hi Patricia,
    If withholding tax records is bad, are you concerned that Obama has spent over a million dollars to keep his birth certificate and his and Michelle’s college records secret. They show real character– good or bad. I suspect bad.
    See the movie DREAMS OF MY REAL FATHER if you dare.

  95. Wake up Americans September 13, 2012

    Obviously you get your news from Sat Nite Live.

  96. 1931 September 14, 2012

    Decker is a moron !! His sarcastic article is typical of left-wing, ultra-liberal ideological mis-fits !!!!

    His childish nonsense was printed in something called The National Memo, which has the dubious distinction of claiming such leftist clowns as Dionne, Tucker and Pitts as contributors !!!


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