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Left-Wing Icon Noam Chomsky: Clinton Must Win, But Listen To Trump Voters

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Left-Wing Icon Noam Chomsky: Clinton Must Win, But Listen To Trump Voters


In the past 15 months, Noam Chomsky has weighed in on the U.S. presidential race often.

“There are differences in the parties,” he said in February, when asked if he’d even consider a Republican over Hillary Clinton. “Small differences [coupled with] great power can have enormous consequences.”

Chomsky initially favored Sanders over Clinton, but insisted Democrats must win at all costs. Because, according to Chomsky, if Trump wins, “the human species is in very deep trouble.”

But as for Trump’s supporters, Chomsky’s not counting them out just yet.

“I’m basically judging by what I see and read about them, listening to talk radio and so on,” Chomsky admitted of the protests on the right. “But my strong impression is that these [right-wing protesters] are people with very real grievances.”

“They give the impression of being hard-working serious people who think they’ve been doing everything right. They’ve been doing what they’re ‘supposed’ to do [as] god-fearing hard-working, gun-carrying, you know patriotic, Americans,”  Chomsky continued.

“What are they doing wrong and how come their lives are so crummy?” Chomsky asked.

It’s a question that has plagued the election.

“They’re not getting answers,” Chomsky insisted. “The answers they are getting are not only crazy, but extremely dangerous, so the right response is to ask ourselves, why are we failing to organize these people?”

There’s nothing partisan about losing money to Wall Street or lacking health insurance; issues at the forefront of protests from both sides for nearly a decade.

“We have not succeeded in unifying people,” Chomsky noted. “It’s our fault.”

Reprinted by permission from Alternet


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  1. Sundance98 October 31, 2016

    As Professor Chomsky understands, we have dumbed down our entire society. Important questions are no longer being addressed. For example: Why can’t the immigration issue be fixed? Why don’t we have nano surgery for illnesses that do no harm? Why do we still allow Big Pharma to charge the Health Care system outrageous prices for drugs in the US…..not anywhere else? Why can’t cures be developed for all illness….rather than never ending drug therapies? Why can’t we demand Mandatory Drug Testing for all purchases of Firearms and Transfers? Instead we are are chatting up hours of television about “possible wrong doing”….while deleting e-mails?

    1. Jon October 31, 2016

      While it is true that we have dumbed down our entire society, it is important to ask why, how did it happen, who is responsible, and can it be fixed. There are a number of theories from the news media needing ratings so they became more entertainment and less news to the never ending blood lust of Chaffetz, Gowdy, and others who waste millions of taxpayer dollars trying to destroy Hillary Clinton. The truth has been just one casualty of the dumbing down of America. Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, Red Flag News, Stormfront, and Rush Limbaugh among others feed the uninformed false, hate-filled invective daily. Trump appeals to emotion rather than intellect because his plans would do great harm to those who attend his rallies and he will not educate them. He showed at least some ability to tell the truth when he said the uneducated voters love him and that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a vote. He lies constantly while appealing to the fears, prejudices, hatred, and violent tendencies of his flock. There are darker days ahead if we continue on this path.

  2. Sundance98 October 31, 2016

    Forgot one more thing: Solar Powered Zero Emissions Turbine Cars…..that require no fossil fuel.

  3. sue.suggs October 31, 2016

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  4. 1standlastword November 1, 2016

    “We have not succeeded in unifying people,” Chomsky noted. “It’s our fault.”
    Better said: Out of our unique religious, cultural and racial biases, we have elected politicians who have no intention of unifying people!

    Those politicians are not leaders of men and women but shills for the rich and corporations.

    Where is it written in the constitution that public service is a path to personal security and self-enrichment!? Is there a constitutional way to make public service less attractive to overly ambitious self-seeking individuals with sociopathic propensities?

    The national political apparatus is inherently corrupt because it bestows too much power in the persons of a small number of people who have access to greater sources of influence and power. It is only the rarest of individuals these days that is not vulnerable to the seductions of access to power.

    Our current politicians fail a character test.

    The main differentiation between Clinton and Trump from Sanders is prodigious wealth and an unquenchable desire for power

    1. rose.presle November 1, 2016

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  5. latebloomingrandma November 1, 2016

    I think when the economy imploded 8 years ago, it caused much more damage than us regular people could hope to understand, regarding economic theories, globalization, etc. One thing we could understand, though, is the loss of $$ in IRA’s (if lucky enough to have one), and pensions and loss of jobs and good wages. . The icing on the cake was the so called evaporation of $$ in the banks, yet bigshots at the head of banks got their billion dollar bonuses, even though the gov’t had to bail them out to get credit flowing again. And NO ONE went to jail. Where was the FBI and investigating emails at this time? Incarcerating some bigwigs who almost blew up the world would have gone a long way to assure us regular people about the state of our democracy and that someone is looking out for us, not to mention plain old justice
    Enter Trump—sleaze bag that he is . Angry people recognize that he is filthy rich but talks like a regular guy–terrible grammar, politically incorrect, insults anyone, marginal intelligence, poorly read and ill informed, just like the regular guys. He says what they are thinking. They don’t even care that when he goes home, he sits on a gold toilet. They have no idea he is a snob. They think he’s like them and will just bust some ba!!s as president. What a mess. And all we had to do was jail the bank presidents and others who brought the economy down.


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