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#EndorseThis: Lewis Black Relishes Trump’s Inaugural Humiliation

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#EndorseThis: Lewis Black Relishes Trump’s Inaugural Humiliation

Lewis Black relishes Trump humiliation

Surely you’re aware of the Trump inaugural committee’s persistent frustration in booking top-ranked talent for the president-elect’s constitutional “festivities.” You’ve likely heard that Radio City’s venerated Rockettes, for instance, have resisted performing for the misogynist billionaire. You may even have read Trump’s tweeted whine that he doesn’t care whether any A-list artists show up for his party.

But you probably haven’t heard Lewis Black break down the details of the new administration’s humiliating launch. Black has his own recommendations for possible entertainment at the inauguration. And the comedian insists he already has glommed his own tickets and wouldn’t miss it for the world — if only to witness what he expects will happen when Trump puts his hand on the Bible.



  1. dbtheonly January 18, 2017

    Soft Sensuality? A soft porn inauguration?


    Why do I let myself believe it can’t get any worse?

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 18, 2017

      You’re a riot, a regular riot, as Jackie Gleason would say. I’m chuckling as I type this, reading your response again.

  2. 11thStPopulist January 18, 2017

    LOL. He will turn to a pillar of stone when he places one of his little hand on the Bible.

    The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, is planning to rain hard on Trump’s parade this Friday. On Saturday, for The Million Woman March, the forecast is for a dry mild winter day in the high 50s. Torrential rain begins again for Sunday and Monday (as the heavens weep).

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