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LOL Of The Week: Mitt Bends To The Press (And The Press Reciprocates)

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LOL Of The Week: Mitt Bends To The Press (And The Press Reciprocates)


After the worst savaging of an American by the British press since Jerry Lee Lewis brought his teenage wife/cousin to London, Mitt Romney decided his problem wasn’t that he was saying inane things. The problem was that people were writing them down.

So for its fundraiser Monday at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, Mitt’s team decided to break the precedent of allowing reporters into any fundraiser not held in a private residence. Reporters, many of whom had travelled 9,000 miles, were going to have to find something else to do as Romney mingled with donors holding US passports.

Expressions of outrage came swift and sharp. Reporters mocked the Romney campaign’s transparency and quickly assumed that he was going to say something so controversial that the backlash would be worse than the bad press from locking the press out. “If you were going to plan your war with Iran, would you want reporters there?” I wondered aloud.

For a campaign eager to shake the stink of gaffes, it was another misstep that threatened to foul the remainder of the trip. Sensing that they were a losing a press corps that already smelled blood after a weekend of #RomneyShambles, Mitt’s campaign quickly reversed itself and announced that reporters would be allowed to attend.



  1. Dominick Vila July 30, 2012

    That figures, the problem is not his stupidity and arrogance, but the fact that the media is telling us how dumb he is!

  2. William Deutschlander July 30, 2012

    They called it correctly in Great Britain, Mitt the Twit!

    1. Matt Williams July 30, 2012

      Regretably his name isn’t Brunt.

    2. Kate Mc Adams July 30, 2012

      My Mom’s name for him is “NittWittMitt” which I love. she wants to have a custom t shirt made with it.

      1. Rodney August 3, 2012

        hey where can iget one

  3. nomaster July 30, 2012

    Whomever votes for Willard the Rat man needs to do some real mind searching. No one can doubt that he is a very smart man but he is not ready to be a president when he lacks the ability to think for himself or caters to being led by others. He must be tightly in the neo con grip.

    1. Esha Smitts July 31, 2012

      “No one can doubt that he is very smart”

      Hahaha.. I do.

  4. Saphina July 30, 2012

    If the press stopped covering him all together and staged a media black-out then the campaign would have to spend on every message. Covering a cowering candidate too repressed to openly share information on how he would govern only offers questions and no vetted answers. The American public deserves much more transparency. Make Romney work for it and pay for it too since he thinks he is so superior that he doesn’t have to answer any questions. Romney’s arrogance in thinking the American people will elect him because they respect his business accomplishments and made a lot of money is misguided. There are lots of super rich that I wouldn’t want as my President. The more he protests to hide the facts, the more we see Romney as guilty – of what is yet to be seen.

    1. Kate Mc Adams July 30, 2012

      Well said Saphina!

  5. Bigspender July 30, 2012

    If Romney should have a change of heart and suddenly become more transparent, his candidacy would likely end the same day. Presumably he knows that.

  6. dotutz July 30, 2012

    I just wonder why they treat (the Press) Romney with kid gloves? The only ones who seem to try to get answers are Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow. What happened to the Liberal Press, as it used to be called. I’m sure they went after Obama and Clinton and took off those kid gloves. I’d like to know what Romney is hiding as I’m sure most of the voters would like to know also.

    1. Dominick Vila July 30, 2012

      Rupert Murdoch bought most of it. Fortunately, his foreign media empire doesn’t pay too much attention to their senile owner.

    2. highpckts July 30, 2012

      Just shows you that everyone can be bought! Even the press! Money is a powerful motivator!

  7. nhpoet July 30, 2012

    This ad hominem opening and closing of public events shows that the politicians in charge seek to manipulate public knowledge instead of providing public information.

    This happened in Concord, New Hampshire recently when Speaker of the House William O’Brien barred Concord Monitor newspaper reporters from his public news conference. Why? Because last spring the newspaper had published a cartoon showing O’Brien with a Hitler moustache – after a Republican colleague had stood up on the floor of the House and gave O’Brien a sieg hail salute. O’Brien had been accused by Republican legislators of bullying people for not agreeing with him.

    These Tea Party neoconservatives do not believe in our democratic republic. They serve a corporate oligarchy.

  8. Steven Weakley July 30, 2012

    Romney is weak and a liar.I hope the media follows this tax return think like they followed the birther thing!!

    1. Rodney August 3, 2012

      hey steven can you say morman they hole serect rites why justputtingit out there

  9. Bob July 30, 2012

    Yeah pander, bend over we’ve got some tax returns we want to deposit!

  10. askjghaiosuuf July 30, 2012

    So I guess the revelations of the NYT and LAT recently that all interviews with the president are subject to “quote approval” – meaning if they don’t like it, it doesn’t get printed – was lost on you. Romney is guilty of the same, but to paint this issue so one-sidedly is, in a word, predictable.

  11. patuxant July 30, 2012

    What is disturbing is Bibi’s remark about US sanctions not being enough. I suppose they expect us to bomb the crap out of Iran which is the most idiotic and globally suicidal thing to even consider. Why is it the Israelis think the US needs to be their savior and army? Why is it they can attack others and don’t believe those others have a right to fight back? God’s chosen people should act accordingly.

  12. old_blu July 30, 2012

    It’s a wonder anyone can under stand him with that many feet in his mouth.

  13. Nancy July 30, 2012

    Mitt Romney is the Rich Man’s George W. Bush! Never, EVER vote ReTHUGlican unless and until they come BACK to Reality from the Dark Side!

  14. anthony harcourt July 30, 2012

    i dont think just because he has been good in business makes him qualify to be president if congress would work with obama and stop playing pollitics and pass what he has on the table teachers cops construction workers could go to work i bet if mit romney gets in there they will use them they dont care about american people they just want obama out no matter the out come in the mean time people are suffering

  15. Michael Ross July 30, 2012

    They treat Mitt with such soft kid gloves because even he will collapse under one blow from them.

    Or, more accurately, because if the press does anything less than kiss Mitt’s ass and insinuate that Obama is the bastard child of Satan, the tea-baggers will start wailing at the top of their lungs about liberal media bias and/or conspiracy.

    That’s why they treat Romney so softly — because they’re trying to convince the tea-baggers that they’re unbiased. Which is completely pointless, because, as you’ve likely noticed, the tea-baggers are out and about whining about liberal media bias left and right anyway.

    Just one more facet of the G.O.P.’s war on reality.

  16. Cyndi July 31, 2012

    Apparently the McCain campaign discovered that Mitt had not paid taxes for 12 out of 23 years.

  17. joyscarbo July 31, 2012

    Mitt needs to be compelled- if not forced- by the country, dems and his own party to get up off his tax returns. He’s recently stated that if he paid $1 more in taxes than was absolutely required, then he wouldn’t be qualified to be president. WHAT?!! This flies in the face of his own father- George Romney-provided 12 years of tax returns. And Mitt’s dad’s returns show he never really took advantage of all the tax loopholes available to him. So George Romney certainly paid more than his fair share of taxes.

    1. Clyde Mcwhorter August 1, 2012

      If Mit does not show his tax returns he will not be elected. IF MIT Shows His TAX RETURNS He CAN Not be elected.

  18. Sweeeny July 31, 2012

    I think Mitt is playing a super-smart game. He is convincing everyone that there is no way that he can be elected knowing that the Dems will stay home in confidence whilst the GOPs will be out in numbers in desperation.

  19. Ed July 31, 2012

    Nobody seems to understand! People of Mittens station are not accustomed to having to explain themselves to “you people”. Most of his support is from the crowd that says “anybody but Oboma.” a prescription for the destruction of this country.

  20. Clyde Mcwhorter August 1, 2012

    Is Mit Romney a Citizen of Mexico?? His daddy was born in Mexico, so under Mexican Law Mit is a Citizen of MEXICO!! Has Mit Romney ever denounced His MEXICAN CITIZENSHIP? OR does MIT ROMNEY have DUAL citizenship in the USA and MEXICO??


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