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LOL Of The Week: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt

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LOL Of The Week: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt


You may remember Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

He’s most famous as the running mate of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Remember Mitt? The guy who based his entire Republican National Convention and much of his campaign on misrepresenting something President Obama said? “You didn’t build that!” the president said, referencing the public infrastructure businesses rely on. And the Romney campaign spent months pretending Obama told business owners they didn’t build their businesses, as if angry business owners weren’t already planning on voting for Romney/Ryan.

This week, Congressman Ryan sparked a low-pressure outrage storm by exposing the polar vortex in his heart with some pointed comments on the work ethic of certain Americans:

We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.

The congressman went on to cite the work of Charles Murray — author of the infamous book The Bell Curve, which argues in chapter 13 that some races — the fairer-skinned ones, of course — are genetically more intelligent. Though, in a reverse-hipster move, Ryan seems to have been citing Murray’s more recent work on welfare.

When Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) pointed out the obvious — “…when Mr. Ryan says ‘inner city,’ when he says, ‘culture,’ these are simply code words for what he really means: ‘black'” — Ryan decided that he had better clarify himself, as he was forced to do when he thought he’d run a marathon in under three hours.

Because the last thing Paul Ryan wants is to be misrepresented. On Thursday, he released this statement:

After reading the transcript of yesterday morning’s interview, it is clear that I was inarticulate about the point I was trying to make. I was not implicating the culture of one community – but of society as a whole. We have allowed our society to isolate or quarantine the poor rather than integrate people into our communities. The predictable result has been multi-generational poverty and little opportunity. I also believe the government’s response has inadvertently created a poverty trap that builds barriers to work.

You see what he’s saying here? He was being “inarticulate,” because it’s not the fault of men “in our inner cities, in particular” that they are unwilling to work. It’s the government’s fault that they are now lazy.

Does Ryan deserve the benefit of the doubt? Was he accidentally using one of the tropes the right has being relying on for decades to cloak race baiting?


Buried in his euphemistic appeal to the center is an argument only conservative politicians — like Ryan’s former running mate — still dare to make: People don’t want to work. And even if they do, they’d prefer not to earn so much that they’d have to break out of the 47 percent and pay income tax.

This presumption that some people — “in inner cities, in particular” — are lazy isn’t just insulting, it’s a premise used by Paul Ryan and others to justify great cruelty while ignoring the actual sources and causes of poverty.

Shockingly, Ryan, is right about one thing: Government has enabled systemic poverty.



  1. lemstoll March 14, 2014

    Paul Ryan war plan on those IN poverty.

    1. paulyz March 15, 2014

      lemstole, S.S. is going to become “dismantled” on it’s own when it goes bankrupt. And Obama already basically “dismantled” Medicare when he stole $716 BILLION from it for the failing Obamacare. Where is the Liberal outrage over that?

      1. Grannysmovin March 15, 2014

        “In 2011, the CBO determined that the federal health care
        law would reduce Medicare outlays by $507 billion between 2012 and 2021. In a more recent estimate released this year, the CBO looked at the years 2013 to 2022 and determined the health care law affected Medicare outlays by $716 billion.
        “ That amount — $716 billion — refers to Obamacare’s
        reductions in Medicare spending over 10 years, primarily paid to insurers and hospitals. But the statement gives the impression that the law takes money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients.”

        Oh by the way the Budget that Paul Ryan put forth in 2012
        relies on the same $716 billion in savings from Medicare that Pau Ryan and Republicans have been attacking Obama on.

        1. One Cool Chick March 15, 2014

          Thank you Grannysmovin for saving me some time. Now I can use my time for more useful things other than replying to this fox fool…

        2. Lola Johnson March 15, 2014

          The only difference is tha tRyan had no intention of putting that money into healthcare.

        3. Dominick Vila March 15, 2014

          The greatest irony is that the folks complaining about the $716B in MEDICARE savings realized by eliminating fraud, reducing the incidence of redundant tests, and introducing billing efficiencies are the folks who have been clamoring for spending reductions in Federal spending.
          I am retired, on Social Security and MEDICARE, and my MEDICARE benefits were not affected by the long overdue savings. In fact, I benefited from the elimination of the “donut” hole that followed the implementation of ACA.

      2. Guest March 15, 2014

        Paul Ryan’s plan to steal from the poor and those on social security.

        1. game50 March 15, 2014

          Get your head out of your ass. That is what Barry Soetoro a.k.a.O BOMB US.is doing to thr American people.

          1. lemstoll March 15, 2014

            The GOP and the “Walking Dead” who support the GOP.

          2. idamag March 15, 2014

            Omigosh, a Rhodes scholar. I should listen to you. You graduated Yale Summa Cum Laude. You are so intelligent you would never use name calling in lieu of facts.

          3. Independent1 March 16, 2014

            I see, he’s stealing from the American people by:

            1) being the smallest spending president since Eisenhower
            2) reducing deficit spending faster than any president since Truman
            3) keeping his promise to cut deficit spending in half within 4 years
            4) recovering more fraudulently charged monies from crooks in the healthcare and defense industries than any previous president
            5) rounding up and deporting more troublesome illegal aliens that were costing America big bucks than any previous president
            6) getting our troops out of Iraq as he promised that not only saved our soldiers’ lives but also billions upon billions of dollars
            7) following through on the auto bailout and stimulus that kept America out of another GOP created World-Wide depression that saved America billions upon billions of dollars from saved jobs and not having to pay millions more for unemployment
            8) setting economic policy such that the nation has created more jobs in 5 years than Bush created in 8 – which has increased our GDP faster in the past 2 years than at any time in history
            9) by saving the American auto industry from bankruptcy which has brought more than 80 billion in tax revenues to the government over the past 4 years that would have been lost
            10) allowing the drilling of oil in public lands that may turn America into the largest oil producing nation on the planet within the next year or two

            Given the above lets see you list even one way Obama is stealing from the American taxpayers.

            Here’s just a few ways the GOP has been stealing from the taxpayers over the past couple decades – I’m sure there are many other examples:

            1) Voting for subsidies for Big Oil and Big Pharma which neither of them needs given that they’ve been earning billions in profits and often pay nothing in taxes
            2) Voting for unfunded/unwarranted tax cuts at every opportunity that favor the rich both at the federal and state level
            3) Pushing America into an unwarranted war in Iraq then granting no-bid contracts to defense industry contractors run by cronies of Bush and Cheney and other Republicans – with many contracts never fully followed up on – defrauding the government of billions upon billions.
            4) Being an obstructionist Party effectively wasting millions of taxpayer dollars accomplishing nothing for the past 5 years – wasting at least 75 million voting more than 50 times to repeal Obamacare knowing full well it was a waste of time

            I know there are more ways the American Mafia has been stealing from the taxpayers if there other bloggers who would like to add on – please do.

          4. jmprint March 17, 2014

            I am American People and he is no doing that to me. What are you talking about?

          5. game50 March 17, 2014

            Wake up and ck out the following then say that again to yourself…Mohammed Subud, Fema camps, mass graves, 300 acre in VA for training for Martial Law He Barry Soetoro don’t care about the American people and for that matter, not America either.

          6. jmprint March 17, 2014

            So you are one of the loopy bunch, I get it, but that doesn’t mean we have to accept those theories. We are a little bit more concerned with today, and tomorrow. We will just live it up to you idiots who have nothing better to do, but to look for something in the closets that you can throw out to scare America. Everything that President Obama has done, proves you wrong. Let go of those theories, start living realty and vote democratic. It will keep you from being delusional.

          7. idamag March 23, 2014

            Perhaps we just as well ignore this paranoid nut.

          8. idamag March 23, 2014

            Hmmm, being as how you graduated Harvard Summa Cum Laude and are such a good Christian that you wouldn’t be a hate ridden nut job, I should pay close attention to your words. BTW, you forgot “What about Benghazi?”

      3. lemstoll March 15, 2014

        Paul Ryan’s road map on how to steal from the poor and those on social security.

      4. STMBT March 15, 2014

        why don’t you republican assholes tell the truth once in awhile? OBama never stole $716billon from medicare! what about the surplus that Clinton left? which GW Bush who gave the rich tax breaks and used that up, then got us $8 trillon in debt, started an unfunded war, never heeded the warnings of 9/11. where was the outrage overall that shit?

        1. idamag March 15, 2014

          Don’t confuse Pauly with facts, her mind is made up. Probably by the Koch information dispensing machines.

      5. idamag March 15, 2014

        Social Security has a 3.2 trillion dollar trust,paid for by recipients. That trust could be boosted to last indefinitely by raising the cap limit. I know you have been programmed by some experts in propaganda, but the 716 billion is saved by not having redundancy. .

        1. Annemb March 15, 2014

          Great post!!!

        2. omgamike March 16, 2014

          First, have the Congress pay back into the trust fund all the monies they stole from it. Then, totally remove the cap on taxable earnings. Then, gradually, raise the retirement age until it is in line with current life expectancies. These two simple changes would fix Social Security for at least a hundred years.

          Our health care system, eventually, must become one of universal coverage. We are the only developed country in the world to not have it. Other countries that have universal health coverage, spend a whole lot less monies to end up with much better outcomes, than what we have in the U.S. My main gripe with the ACA was that it did not offer a public option.

          What gives me the greatest laugh is that the ACA was originally the same type of market oriented plan that had originated with, and was pushed by, the Heritage Foundation. Talk about hyposcrites.

          1. dpaano March 17, 2014

            The only problem with the Congress paying back all the money they stole is that most of the money they’d use to pay it back would be the taxpayer’s. It’s a no-win situation! They should NEVER have been allowed to plunder the SS account as it is….we can thank Johnson for that one.

          2. COMALite J March 17, 2014

            The ACA indeed does not offer a public option. but the real ObamaCare (AHCfAA), which was never even allowed to come up for vote in the Senate before being “amended” into the ACA (basically turning it into the Heritage Foundation’s ButlerCare), did.

          3. mikem42 April 14, 2014

            Not sure about raising the retirement age, as that will hurt job openings that occur upon retirement. I think that lowering it, and paying a reduced s.s. payout would do more to help unemployment. I went at age 62 and my position was filled by a younger worker, and good for him. Lots of part time work is available to seniors to help supplement income, without taking away full time jobs. Health care is needed by all and should be available to all.

      6. charleo1 March 15, 2014

        Renegotiating the contracts of the usual or customary, amounts Medicare will pay providers for a given service, in
        no way deserves to be characterized as, “Stolen,” money.
        And here’s why. Before ACA, (the health bill,) payments
        paid to providers by both private insurers, Medicaid, and
        Medicare, reflected both the reimbursement to providers
        for that service, and an extra percentage kicked in on top
        of that, for services hospitals, and clinics are required
        by Federal Law, to provide to the indigent, and uninsured.
        Now, since ACA will reduce the total number of uninsured,
        why should the government continue to kick in the same
        extra money for the uninsured as before? To prevent the
        Republicans from claiming Obama is stealing from one
        program, to finance another, is not a good enough reason.
        Especially as benefits for part, “D,” Medicare recipients,
        are increased, as the other benefits to recipients remain the same. Now, these savings numbers may be refigured,
        as is necessary. But, what amounts to approximately a
        10% cost reduction, extending the life of the program, without raising taxes, with an increase in benefits, is great for Seniors. If one looks at the Ryan budget. It takes the
        same amount of money out of Medicare, doesn’t fund
        the expansion of insurance, but uses that money to help
        cover a 10% reduction in corporate taxes, and increases
        the military budget. And manages to run larger projected
        deficits, for more than 30 years before expenditures equal
        receipts. It also cuts funds from education, R&D, block
        grants Medicaid payments to the States, (that worked so
        well with our mental health facilities,) and infrastructure.

      7. Annemb March 15, 2014

        You need to get your facts straight, because your post is totally false!

        Social Security is money deposited by employers and employees for when we retire. I am retired, on Social Security and M/Care. I paid into both, and M/Care is still deducted from my paycheck.

        Some politicians, GW Bush included, “borrowed” from S.S. without paying it back as they said they would.

        President Obama NEVER STOLE $716 BILLION from M/Care or anywhere else to give to the successful Affordable Care Act. That’s a GOP LIE!!!

        The TGOPs have lied about this for a long time now, and even when called on the lie, continue the same pattern of lies. IMHO, the TGOPs have no idea what truth is all about because they wouldn’t recognize it if they heard it.

        I suspect that the TGOP’s noses will grow much longer than Pinocchio’s nose, because they are fueled by their continuous lies.

        But, Pinocchio was a puppet boy, but the TGOPs are SUPPOSED TO BE MEN!


        1. idamag March 23, 2014

          Men? There are people who cannot read and comprehend what they read. Oh, they see words, but still don’t truly understand them. To make it worse they grow up in communities and households where there is not a lot of diverse and critical thinking.The Southern Poverty Law Center, who keeps a watch on hate groups, said white supremists doubled after Obama was elected. So there is a whole lot of that, also. Instead of telling you what they think Obama should have done different, they call ugly names. Facts, who needs them. They don’t believe in facts.

      8. Paul Bass March 15, 2014

        Wow! Your idiotic Faux News propaganda is showing….

      9. Sand_Cat March 17, 2014

        Ignorant cretin.

      10. jmprint March 17, 2014

        And how did this affect you, that you are so outraged?

      11. dpaano March 17, 2014

        Pauly: If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please find another place to troll……thank you.

      12. mikem42 March 17, 2014

        As usual, what you say is false. Never happened, in fact money was saved. ACA is the right thing for the country and the economy. Social security will be fine, and I hope you live long enough to receive yours. It sure beats corporate welfare.

    2. mikem42 March 15, 2014

      Who is more on the “dole” than Paul Ryan? I am ashamed that he professes to be a Catholic, since the largest charitable organization in the country is the Catholic Church. That follows the teaching of our founder, who said to “feed the hungry”. Ryan is disgusting.

      1. dpaano March 17, 2014

        Mike: Too bad we can’t get the pope to censure him publicly….that would certainly embarrass him and his ilk (maybe).

        1. COMALite J March 17, 2014

          Censure? How about excommunicate? AFAICT, what he and his ilk do seems to qualify as “crucify[ing] the Son of God afresh, and put[ting] Him to an open shame” before the world, which the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews stated was the unforgivable sin that not even the Atonement of Jesus Christ could cover (6:4–6, 10:26ff).

        2. idamag March 23, 2014

          Nah, he’d just start a new church like King Henry VIII did.

  2. Redsfanx March 14, 2014

    Paul Ryan is just another middle class guy who has no idea what people in the inner city have to deal with.

    1. FredAppell March 14, 2014

      Paul Ryan is by no means middle class, he’s grown up with a level
      of privilege that even middle class kids would envy. The rest of your comment is spot on.

      1. RNPRN March 15, 2014

        Ryan enjoyed social security survivor benefits when his father died at 54, a lawyer. His mother got money as well as his siblings, now he wants to gut social security. Ryan has been on the government teet all his life, never had a real job except flipping burgers and driving the Oscar Meyer weiner mobile. Listed as working for the family company. He has a challanger this year again feel like supporting if you like so we can get rid of lying Ryan. Support ROB ZERBAN for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

  3. Daniel Jones March 14, 2014

    You Fucking Asshole (Dear Paul):

    Wanting to be considered the new Solomon should not involve putting stumbling blocks before the blind!

    1. idamag March 15, 2014

      King Solomon, from the Bible was known for a few things: Wisdom, wealth, many,many,many wives and concubines, and making songs about the joys of sex. I don’t know Where Ryan is on three of those things, but he has no wisdom.

  4. FredAppell March 14, 2014

    Independence from government help is fine if one is able. However, a quick research of Paul Ryan’s past suggests that he himself has benefited from government help when he was much younger. He’s also enjoyed a private education due to his family’s money and prestige so the Social Security Death benefits that he collected after his fathers death should automatically qualify him as a moocher by his own standards. Ryan’s attempt at trying to articulate the meaning of his words will no doubt win him praise by his supporters but I’m a firm believer that we usually say what we mean the first time, especially given the fact that none of their speeches are unprepared.

    The GOP have a massive disconnect with what ails most Americans, they see everything as black and white. They believe that certain actions lead to certain outcomes but that is a fallacy, often it is the unforeseen that becomes our true adversary, sometimes it takes years before people get their lives heading in a positive direction and the only party I see trying to help is the Democrats.

    1. rkief March 16, 2014

      Well put! Ryan is a hypocrite of the worst kind (not that there’s a good kind) who is either too stupid to realize that he was (and perhaps, still is) a recipient of the very programs he deplores – for others – and/or is in the pockets of those who profit by withholding the benefits of those programs for others, mainly those who really need them..

      1. FredAppell March 16, 2014

        Not only is Ryan the worst kind of hypocrite, the entire GOP congress share that same dubious distinction. Their base is completely ignorant and gullible. Their base keep sending these con artists to Washington, paying their salaries and health care while these pricks sit up in Capital Hill having a circle jerk, they sure as hell aren’t doing anything else. They are the antithesis of lazy moochers. It’s quite a racket the GOP’s running. By the way, great post.

  5. Grannysmovin March 15, 2014

    Ryan was being interviewed by a Conservative Talk Show Host, presumably with Conservative and Tea Party members as listeners. He gave them their daily dose of Red Meat. Ryan deserves no benefit of the doubt, because he said exactly what those listeners wanted to hear and what he truly thinks and feels. This was probably as close to honest as Ryan has ever been.

    1. plc97477 March 15, 2014

      Damn does that mean we will have to stop calling him lying ryan?

      1. lemstoll March 15, 2014


    2. idamag March 15, 2014

      If those radical rightwing nuts weren’t programmed, their rhetoric wouldn’t be so rubber-stamped. They all sound alike. Not one creative thought.

  6. Joseph Kelsall March 15, 2014

    You can always tell when Ryan’s lying;his lips move.

    1. lemstoll March 15, 2014

      And his nose grow…

  7. Annemb March 15, 2014

    Paul Ryan hasn’t got a clue of anything, except his imaginary thoughts that he equates with truth,

    But, i believe that Ryan wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him squarely in black and white print! Folks need to vote him out of office before his poisonous words infect others and he leads other “believers of his lies” down the path of destruction!

    1. RNPRN March 15, 2014

      Support ROB ZERBAN, running for Lying Ryan’s seat in Wisconsins 1st congressional district. A small self made business man!! PLEASE help us get rid of Ryan.

      1. Annemb March 15, 2014

        An answer to my prayer of Paul Ryan’s seat and who’s contending for it. Do you have a website so I can read more about Rob Zerban? I live in Maine, but I’m interested in reading more about him.


        1. RNPRN March 15, 2014

          http://www.robzerban.com/ he is running against Ryan. Ran against in 2012, came close, problem Ryan has never had a real challanger. I don’t think what the rest of the country realizes is how bad Ryan is for them with his Ayn Rand idology for the whole country and with his big backing by the Koch brothers and corporations. Every American that cares about our democracy and the middle class should work to get Ryan out.

          1. Annemb March 15, 2014

            At our monthly democratic meeting we discussed and will continue to discuss and come up with a plan, that we need to inform the public about the importance of voting in the mid-term elections.

            I wonder if PSAs telling Dem voters it’s important for them to contact their city / town hall for further information.

          2. RNPRN March 15, 2014

            Am working on both campaigs, will be doing more, but closer to election, little early.

          3. Annemb March 15, 2014

            Good for you!

            I just think that saying things repeatedly (as the TGOPs do) is important so people don’t forget.

            Good luck.

          4. Annemb March 15, 2014

            I signed up for his newsletter.

  8. Dee March 15, 2014

    Why would anyone in their right mind elect this heartless bastard?Hewill find his Just Deserts all those who think like him and have shown no compassion to the least of Gods people will one day serve all those he hurt ah I hope that’s the way it works hahaha

    1. latebloomingrandma March 15, 2014

      I wonder if this self-righteous Catholic ever heard of Pope Francis?

      1. mikem42 March 17, 2014

        He’s a fake Catholic, and doesn’t follow the gospel as Pope Francis teaches it. If he believes the crap he espouses, he is dangerous. If he is just lying about it, he is equally dangerous. I hope and pray the good people of Wisconsin can vote him out, but the deck is stacked because of gerrymandering and money and the power of incumbency. Still hope and pray.

    2. RNPRN March 15, 2014


    3. RNPRN March 15, 2014

      Big bucks from the Kochs and corporations.

  9. Caduceus1 March 15, 2014

    “Rural” is code word for white, “Inner city” is code word for black. Everyone knows this. He was not inarticulate. He was pandering to his “rural” base.

    1. ganderdavis March 15, 2014

      Talk about a web page of racists well this one sure is.You people on here are nothing more then slaves to your cheap lying political party.Obama has been nothing more then a race baiter and a liar from the start.Maybe it’s time blacks come out of their racists closets and stop acting like they are the victims.The only group keeping the slave mentality are blacks and that’s because they have gotten so use to using it they forgot how to actually get an education or a job without using some form of blame the white folks slip out of their mouth.To bad the blacks that do go out and achieve their goals in life on their own are to often labeled Uncle Toms.Most abused term used by blacks is VICTIM.And to people like Lynda Groom shame on you for your ignorance and blind following of a party of race baiters and blame gamers.Can anyone of you defenders of the poor inner city people show me one thing you have actually done for those so called victims beside spouting off with all your lame BS.

      1. Not_Phyllis March 15, 2014

        Shouldn’t you be at Stormfront?

      2. Independent1 March 15, 2014

        You’re post is filled with so much bigotry and ignorance that I’m sure I’m wasting my time responding to a total idiot. But here goes.

        First of all, let’s hear about all the lies from a “cheap lying political party”. Come on out with all those supposed lies.

        Was Obama lying when he said he’d get us out of Iraq and he did? Saving possibly hundreds of American soldiers’ lives.

        Was Obama lying when he said if he bailed out the auto industry and applied a Stimulus package that it would save the industry and America? And it did!! – virtually every non right-wing wacko economist will attest that the auto bailout not only saved the auto industry so today it’s making more money than at any time since Clinton was in office it also kept America from falling into the GOP’s 2nd created Great Depression and saved 1.5 million workers their jobs.

        Was Obama lying when he said he’d find bin Laden and get retribution for 9/11? And he did? Not only bin Laden but more than 50 other al Qaeda operatives which has kept al Qaeda at bay to the point that Obama’s 6 years in office have been the safest for America and our overseas offices in almost 40 years – down to several attacks with only ONE that resulted in 4 deaths rather than 14 during Bush’s disasterous 8 years with more 3,000 being killed at home and abroad (more than 70 abroad). And even during Reagan and Bush Srs terms there were 19 attacks overseas with more than 300 being killed.

        Was Obama lying when he said that for Obamacare, if you like your policy you can keep it? NO!!! Obamacare grandfathered in all existing policies IT WAS THE INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO BROKE THAT PROMISE ON PURPOSE IN AN ATTEMPT TO SCUTTLE OBAMACARE!!!

        Was obama lying when he said if he used is Presidential authority to bypass banks so it would be easier and cheaper for college kids to get loans? Absolutely not! More high school grads can afford college today than at any time in history.

        Was Obama lying when he said he’d cut down fraud against the government?? absolutely not!! His administration has attacked fraud more than any president recovering billions – far more than any previous president!
        Was it a Republican who pushed for the Civil Rights Act which has changed the lives of millions of blacks?? Absolutely not!! It was LBJ!!

        Was it a Republican who created the WPA right after the GOP created the World Wide Depression in the 1930s which saved not only millions of Americans lives but also blacks by putting them to work where they could earn enough to live their lives? Absolutely Not! It was FDR!!

        I could go on and on hypocrate but you’re so full of lies, distortions and hate that once again I’m sure I’m wasting my time with an idiot whose brain would fit into a thimble.
        When are you going to grow up and start get one – a brain???

        And by they way, let’s hear you identify just ONE THING, just one thing, a Republican in office since Teddy Roosevelt that was truely intended to benefit the people? Just ONE THING CLUELESS!!!

        1. idamag March 15, 2014

          People who spend their lives in the boonies, debating cows and sheep, do not learn the diversity of thought unless they expand their reading material to things not written by their religion (the Republican Tea Party).

        2. game50 March 15, 2014

          Do yourself a favor an ck out the following: Mohammed Subud, Mass Graves, Fema Camps, 300 acres in VA to train for MartialLaw.Wake up and see/read what Barry Soetoro a.k.a Obama with five S.S. cards is doing to America and theAmerican people. He is a gay/Mulsim Brotherhood who hates America.

          1. Independent1 March 15, 2014

            Sorry, I don’t delve into ludicrous writings that are believed by the potentially insane.

          2. game50 March 15, 2014

            The one that is insane is you,simply because you don’t want to see and know the truth…shame on you. Keep living in your dream world,maybe one day you’ll wake up to reality.

          3. Independent1 March 16, 2014

            Insane am I. Really?? And what proof of anything devious do you have other than your fabricated accusations??

            Despite your BS I’ll continue to live in THE REAL WORLD OF FACTS!! Not the figments of your imagination.

            Fact is that even America’s auto industry that struggled during 8 disasterous years under Bush are recording profits that they haven’t seen since the 1990s under Clinton.

            There have been more than 48 straight months of job growth with more jobs created in 5 years than Bush created in 8.

            I could list more than 40 significant Obama Administration economic accomplishments but one fact is absolutely clear, America is far better off today than at any time during the hellish 8 years America suffered through from 2001 to 2009 –

            8 years when a nitwit President did everything in his power to steal the America taxpayers blind:

            .passing two unfunded/unwarranted tax cuts;

            .starting two unfunded wars;

            .keeping 250-500 billion in spending outside his budgets as he ran up 7 trillion in debts

            .ignoring 7 CIA warnings that al Qaeda was planning an attack on the Homeland refusing to allow the CIA to try and stop the attack which resulted in almost 3,000 Americans dying

            .Which in itself ended up cost America billions upon billions as the attack gave him an excuse to start the 2 unfunded wars

            .being so caught up in taking vacations (more than 950 days of them) that he was derilect in doing his job which probably contributed greatly to him ignoring a financial and banking sector run amok which ended up with millions losing their homes to foreclusres, hundreds of companies going bankrupt, many that had been in business for over 100 years – resulting in 14 million losing their jobs

            .All of this while he twiddled his thumbs spending weeks at his Texas ranch clearing and burning brush while the American economy ran amok ending up in the greatest recession since the Big Depression.

            Aside from your idiot accusations, lets see you post something with facts.

          4. COMALite J March 17, 2014

            Which in itself ended up cost[ing] America billions upon billions as the attack gave him an excuse to start the 2 unfunded wars

            You misspelled “trillions.” Twice. Estimated final cost of those two wars is approximately $6 trillion.

          5. mikem42 March 17, 2014

            All you say is true and it’s infuriating that he seems to get a pass. Every time the R’s said they “kept us safe” I wanted to go through the t.v. and throttle them. Don’t they count 9-11? We know the answer, but it is totally on them, as they were warned. The “Decider” was a dunce. He (GWB) still gets my vote for worst president ever.

          6. COMALite J March 17, 2014

            He wasn’t even “The Decider.” He was “The Puppet of PNAC.” The PNACers did the actual Deciding.

          7. mikem42 March 17, 2014

            I just love Bill Kristol, don’t you? He would last about 5 minutes in my neighborhood with his smirk and bullcrap. But, he is dangerous. One of many chicken hawks who misled us into war.

          8. COMALite J March 17, 2014

            He finally wised up and let his damning “NewAmericanCentury.org” domain name (registered in his name, personally) expire late last year (less than ½ a year ago). But, it’s still accessible via the Internet Wayback Machine.

            Sorry, Mr. Kristol. The Internet never forgets.

          9. idamag March 23, 2014

            And, those who start wars, don’t fight in them.

          10. idamag March 23, 2014

            Go away until you can learn to read and study something besides hate blogs.

          11. Sand_Cat March 17, 2014

            Do yourself a favor and check out reality.

          12. jmprint March 17, 2014

            And what are you? President Obama has already proved your remarks wrong. But I guess if you repeat them in your head over and over you will believe. I can see the strings attached to your suspenders.

          13. game50 March 17, 2014

            You believe the Illegal shame on you…I hope you’ll like your next stop the fema camps…coming at you thanks to E.O. 13603 sign on Mar 16, 2012 by Obama. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

          14. jmprint March 17, 2014

            I copied this for you: Contrary to a few initial claims otherwise, the Order appears to update long-existing directives that have been issued as far back as the Truman Administration and makes no claim to allowing the federal government to confiscate private property. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP FROM YOUR NIGHTMARE.

          15. Independent1 March 18, 2014

            jmprint, game50 has apparently gotten suckered into stories made up by a scam artist who operates a website called ‘food4patriots’. ThinkProgress had a big article on him but for some reason the ThinkProgress website isn’t working at the moment and I don’t remember more details. But he’s apparently suckered in millions of low IQ Republican voters with his nefarious stories about all the evils Obama is supposedly into.

          16. jmprint March 18, 2014

            They are a scary bunch. I visualize the bunch running around in a room screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” And it’s because the president did something right again.

          17. jmprint March 17, 2014

            I am very proud to have voted for President Obama twice. You need to work with facts not theories.

          18. Independent1 March 18, 2014

            Oh! You mean the FEMA camps that were the figment of the imagination of the scam artist who set up the nefarious site ‘food4patriots’ so he could scam millions of dollars from low IQ Americans that would believe his crap; and you fell for his fantasies??? Wow!!!

          19. game50 March 18, 2014

            Do us both a favor and go live in your make belief worlf,and what for Barry to give the ordetrs to put u in a fema camp…May God be with u. Now leave me alone.

          20. idamag March 23, 2014

            You flunked grammar, too. We would love to leave you alone, child, but you won’t go away.

          21. idamag March 23, 2014

            You made the statement, it is up to you, child, to prove what you say. Nearly everyone else on this board cites their sources.

          22. idamag March 23, 2014

            You can go to one of your insane hate blogs and find out anything, but that does not make it true.

          23. game50 March 23, 2014

            You what. Fact ck out E.O. 13603..enough said..Peace Out and may God be with you. God Bless you and now go in Peace!

      3. idamag March 15, 2014

        Another Rhodes Scholar.

      4. jakenhyde March 15, 2014

        Spoken straight out of the Hannity/Coulter/Limbaugh/Beck/O’Reilly book of sayings.

        1. mikem42 March 17, 2014

          Quite the “Hall of Shame”. Traitors all, in my opinion.

      5. Caduceus1 March 15, 2014

        Your hate-filled, bigoted and vitriolic response says more about you than anything I could say. However, I’d welcome the opportunity to compare education and accomplishments with you. By the way, no one has ever called me an “Uncle Tom.”

      6. Annemb March 15, 2014

        Do you know that each “repeal” of the Affordable Care Act costs the American people $1.45 million dollars each vote? Yet the pseudo-representatives of congress still steal money from the American people when they collect their salary / health care benefits …

      7. jmprint March 17, 2014

        Now tells us about the KKK that came out of the wood with the GOP Tea Party.

      8. idamag March 23, 2014

        Shame on you.

  10. Lynda Groom March 15, 2014

    Of course he does not deserve the benefit of the doubt for his comments. He was putting into public words the prevailing view of the extreme of his party. He was being honest about his views, but he certainly did not put any thought into the forthcoming result. His remark was just more proof that he is not ready for prime time or that his view represents the majority of the American people. He knew when he spoke that he was tossing red meat to the baggers and the rest of the rubes who are so afraid of those ‘inner-city’ men. Shame on him and his ilk.

  11. paulyz March 15, 2014

    Once again the National Memo injects “race” into this. Doesn’t Paul Ryan want what you want, Amnesty for Millions?

    1. Guest March 15, 2014

      Nothing to do with race.

    2. jmprint March 17, 2014


    3. Independent1 March 18, 2014

      Since you bring up immigrants, it’s not specifically amnesty for them that most Americans want, its acting on common sense. Even given the grossly misguided costs to America on what immigrants are costing us, trying to round up and deport millions of them would cost far more than they are costing the country. Therefore, anyone with one ounce of common sense would realize that the most practical solution is to give them a path to citizenship which would require that they pay income taxes (they already pay more than 6 billion a year into social security which they’re not eligible for) and conform to all other laws of the country.

      Not doing anything to reform our outdated immigration system is currently costing America an estimated $37 million dollars every single day. Here’s something on that you probably don’t want to know about:

      On June 27, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill, S. 744, and created an opportunity to dramatically improve the fiscal and economic health of our country. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, or CBO, has estimated that S. 744 would reduce our deficit by $135 billion over the first 10 years, generate millions of new jobs, and boost our economy. But while our economy stands to gain significantly from fixing our broken immigration system, each day the House fails to pass immigration reform is another day of missed economic opportunities.

      In the four months since the Senate passed S. 744, we have already missed out on a net $4.9 billion in additional tax revenues. With each additional day that passes, another $37 million in revenue is lost. There is no denying the powerful impact that immigration reform could have on our economy. But the clock is ticking. Each minute that the House waits to pass immigration reform is another minute we are losing out on the economic benefits of reform. The cost of inaction is too high for the House to postpone immigration reform any longer.

  12. jakenhyde March 15, 2014

    All this from a guy who has never held a REAL job in his life. What a buffoon!!!

  13. JDavidS March 15, 2014

    I find it difficult to put into words how much this nauseating prick offends me. He is a lying. low-life, ass-kisser of the 1%, hoping they will throw him a crumb or toss him a bone occasionally. “Doesn’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt”? This piece of human dross doesn’t deserve the air he breathes. Simply a waste of skin, space and oxygen.

    1. plc97477 March 15, 2014

      Couldn’t put it better myself.

    2. lemstoll March 15, 2014

      “Can I help you?”

    3. mikem42 March 17, 2014

      He is what passes as an intellectual and serious thinker by the R’s. Scary, don’t you think?

  14. 1guy2 March 15, 2014

    Most intelligent people know what Paul Ryan is,and I don’t think ALL the Koch brother’s money could buy him in. Lindsey Graham,is another one that is history.

    1. idamag March 15, 2014

      To save our democracy,do I ever hope you are right.

  15. Not_Phyllis March 15, 2014

    Ryan needs to get a “real” job…driving the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

    1. plc97477 March 15, 2014

      That would be great a weiner driving a weiner.

      1. lemstoll March 15, 2014

        The Weiner mobile is real.

  16. lemstoll March 15, 2014

    Former budget director on Paul Ryan.

  17. plc97477 March 15, 2014

    I’m sorry, but lying ryan has been on the dole so long there is no hope for him.

  18. idamag March 15, 2014

    One time I was doodling on a picture of Paul Ryan. I put a cape with a big collar, lined in red, on his picture and voila, there you have it. He wants to suck the blood from the poor to give to the rich.

    1. lemstoll March 15, 2014

      I’m thirsty…

  19. irishtap March 15, 2014

    Paul Ryan, darling of the GOP – the touted policy wonk and “numbers guy”, is nothing more than a ‘sleazy carnival barker’. This Republican ‘leader’ is the epitome of hypocrisy. Had he used his clout to get behind stimulus measures commonly used in previous recessions to invigorate the economy – he’d have helped many “lazy” people become employed. This SOB said no, to the very same infrastructure spending he emphatically endorsed for the previous Whitehouse occupant.
    This self proclaimed Catholic is using his faux prestige and tax payer salary to ‘vilify and denigrate people living on the margins of society’. Anyone with a shred of compassion is cognizant, in that ‘human beings intuitively seek value/meaning, to their lives’. People by nature want to be respected by what they have added to society – not ridiculed from being a burden. It is our duty as informed citizens to bring blistering pressure to Ryan and other sinister GOPlins, to demand they stop the ‘Randian orgy’, and inhale a massive hit of the hideous reality, their inhumane policies have wrought to disable the hopes and dreams of so many Americans.

    1. RNPRN March 15, 2014


      1. irishtap March 15, 2014

        I will.

        1. RNPRN March 15, 2014

          Thanks, am working on both campaigns.

      2. irishtap March 16, 2014

        I haven’t seen any ads that go after the ‘Koch allied Walker’. The Burke campaign needs to slam these freaks with hard hitting ammunition. Any idea when we’ll begin to see a counter assault?

        1. RNPRN March 16, 2014

          The agency needsto get a move on. Got a call from a 20 something. They are re-inventing the wheel, have worked in 4 national campaigns, they are slow.

  20. Angel Perea March 15, 2014

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Ryan loves to talk about his Catholic beliefs and religious up-bring! So speaking as a Catholic, Ryan’s hypocritical “talking positions” are incongruent with his actual policies as well as in direct contradiction to both his religious and politically insensitivity! He at times demonstrates his prejudicial and ignorant views on poverty that are based upon his misassumptions or clearly bias stereotypes. I learned from father, if you must judge, you judge someone by half of what he says and ALL of what he does! How this guy can look himself in mirror each day and reconcile his hypocritical positions is remarkable!


    1. Independent1 March 16, 2014

      I’ve always wondered how people like Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and many other GOP leaders sleep at night knowing they’ve spent the day misguiding people by lying or distorting the facts.

      1. lostintheswamp March 24, 2014

        it’s a blessing that most sociopaths enjoy …

  21. Angel Perea March 15, 2014

    MORE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: And of course with Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the right wing clowns control of the Wisconsin legislature. So they are now busy passing new “Russian Putin” voter suppression Laws to re-elect Walker and Ryan since their policies can not win support in something called a democratic election!

    1. RNPRN March 15, 2014


  22. Budjob March 15, 2014

    The electorate in his congressional district must have masochistic tendencies. And,my definition of a masochist is one that consumes a box of Exlax,and then goes on a long distance bus trip!

  23. RNPRN March 15, 2014


    1. Annemb March 15, 2014

      Just a suggestion, include their web addresses in all your posts.

  24. Chase Nixon March 15, 2014

    I challenge Paul Ryan to go on any day-to an umemployment office in a Minority

    community and tell all the dark and different peoples in line seeking employment,

    they are there for other reasons other then looking for work!

  25. Chase Nixon March 15, 2014

    I think it’s funny all the politicians against Obama care, seem to have

    unrestricted medical care for the rest of their lives off of the US government.

    I like to see them give that up!

  26. howa4x March 15, 2014

    Demonizing people that are forced to live in inner cities, go to inferior schools, live in food deserts, have a lack of employment opportunities, and are only offered minimum wage jobs with no carrier ladder, is throwing red meat to arch conservatives that also don’t understands our problems. Ryan knew exactly what he was saying, and who he was appealing to. The radio interview came just days after CPAC where the base was fired up with the same tax cuts for the wealthy as our only way out rhetoric. Ryan is an acolyte of Ayn Rand whose self absorbed philosophy justifies the greed of the the 1% and their wannabes. He forgets that his family survived on SSI

    1. lemstoll March 15, 2014


  27. bhaggen March 15, 2014

    Sorry, there is nothing racist in his comments. Ryan is right & many African Americans see the same trend he does. Before welfare 25% of black children were born out of wedlock, lower than whites. Today over 80% of black youths are raised without a father around. Ask JZ, he knows & has spoken out about having to learn how to treat his wife & new child because he grew up without a father to teach him to be a man. Ask Larry Elder, Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, Michael Nutter. Our black mailman agrees the problem exists. It’s spiraled out of control. Read Thomas Sowell’s “Black Rednecks & White Liberals”. It was an eye opener for the mailman.

    1. lemstoll March 16, 2014

      The real Paul Ryan.

  28. wayne March 16, 2014

    …..the “code word” for Ryan is “stupid”…….

    1. lemstoll March 16, 2014

  29. jmprint March 17, 2014

    Ryan says: I also believe the government’s response has inadvertently created a poverty trap that builds barriers to work.

    He is absolutely correct, but he doesn’t understand why he is correct. Government created the need of people needing help, buy not raising the minimum wage through the years, so that society could keep up with inflation. Congress felt the need to raise their income, but not the income of the worker bee. They created this need that they want to blame on laziness. Here is a guy that has never worked hard. Straight out of college we wants to but the world on a budget, he is clueless, as to what makes this country a better country. He and Ted Cruz are idiots and I would give anything to be in a room debating about life with the two of them.

  30. lostintheswamp March 24, 2014

    ryan also said that he and romney lost the election because of ”urban” voters showing up … urban and inner city are both dog whistles for the ‘blahs” ….. he knows that and so does everyone else ….


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