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New ‘Democracy Corps’ Poll: GOP Civil War Is An Opportunity For Democrats

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New ‘Democracy Corps’ Poll: GOP Civil War Is An Opportunity For Democrats

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A new poll from Democracy Corps, a Democratic non-profit political polling and consulting firm run by James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, reveals that Donald Trump’s supposedly universal support among the Republican base might have quite a few holes in it, especially among more centrist voters.

The poll looked at likely Republican voters as they belonged to one of four groups: the Tea Party, observant Catholics, moderates, and Evangelicals.

Asked to describe their feelings towards various political figures by assigning them a number, likely Tea Party and Evangelical voters favored Donald Trump +40 and +16, respectively, while observant Catholics and moderates responded, on average, -26 and -25.

Only 45 percent of moderates and 65 percent of observant Catholics said they would vote for Donald Trump in a hypothetical general election match up against Hillary Clinton, compared to 81 percent of Evangelicals and 81 percent of Tea Partiers. 9 percent of moderates and 5 percent of observant Catholic respondents said they would vote for Hillary Clinton in such a scenario.

Moderate respondents were especially resistant, when asked, to the tone and character of the Trump campaign thus far. If the New York billionaire continues at his current pace, he will almost certainly be the Republican nominee.

“Moderates form 31 percent of the Republican Party base, and they are solidly pro-choice on abortion and hostile to pro-life groups. About one in five are poised to defect from the party,” stated a press release that accompanied the poll.

“The strongest attacks that we tested centered on [Trump’s] character and leadership qualities: that he is an ego-maniac at the expense of the country, that he is disrespectful towards women, and that he cannot be trusted to keep the country safe and handle our nuclear weapons.”

Photo: Donald Trump reacts to supporters as he arrives to a campaign event in Radford, Virginia February 29, 2016. REUTERS/Chris Keane



  1. plc97477 March 1, 2016

    I am not sure trump can be trusted to walk across the street by himself let alone run our country.

    1. Joan March 6, 2016

      He would’nt walk, he would have a limo pick him up, if traffic was bad a helio. Both would probably be gold.

  2. dpaano March 1, 2016

    Gee, there ARE some intelligent Republicans out there…..one can only hope that some day they will reconstruct the GOP into the centrist group they used to be!

    1. A_Real_Einstein March 6, 2016

      Then Hillary and the democrat establishment cannot and will not the lead us. They are the elites and are awash of this corporate money. Expecting those that are on the take to fix a system they benefit from is ridiculous. Feel the Bern and end this corrupt political system that has rigged our economy and ruined our democracy. Wake up!

  3. oldlion March 6, 2016

    I’ve been saying for years that the GOP should just split with the right wing of their party. The Tea Party and evangelicals are an anchor that they must cut loose. The Republicans used them to get their votes and now are reaping the whirlwind that everyone saw coming. Everyone but them. Let them form their own third party. They may lose elections in the short term but once they start nominating some sane candidates they may attract some Democrats. I’m not a big Hilary fan but she is the only one that has a chance to win. I wish it was Bernie, but I don’t think he could win the general.

    1. A_Real_Einstein March 6, 2016

      Check the polls and we absolutely can and are winning hypos against the GOP candidates The DNC and the democrat establishment have done everything to mute the revolution. They are of the same cloth as the Republicans. They are all on the take. Without a true political movement like Bernie is creating nothing will change. Voting for established candidates is voting for the Status Quo. Change like this requires courage with millions of us standing up and saying enough is enough. Our window of opportunity is now, our time is now. Be strong and take your country back and let’s get back to a country that is for the people. All of the people

      1. oldlion March 6, 2016

        I agree with everything you say, and I will vote for Bernie in our primary (Fla), But polls at this point are meaningless. We both know that no matter who the Dem. candidate is, they will be savaged by the Republicans. Bernie will be the Socialist, Communist, Marxist, pinko. Hilary will be the killer of Benghazi, with the e-mail server that betrayed the country. If the Democrats do not come together and show up and vote for either Bernie or Hilary, we are doomed. If Clinton is the candidate then all Sanders supporters must vote for her.

        1. A_Real_Einstein March 6, 2016

          I am sure almost all of us will hold our noses and vote for the better (much) of the two evils. Unfotunetaly, Hillary will track back hard to the center and the DNC will run hardly progressive candidates allowing the GOP to keep the Senate and their overwhelming majorities in the states like what happened in 2014. The hypos are very accurate and consistent because they include independents like myself. Bernie is getting huge support from the independents. The media is not going to tell you that. The media is reporting a great day for Hillary as she expands her delegate lead and nothing how she lost by huge margins in 2 of 3 states yesterday. The DNC and the media have officially gone from putting their fingers on the scales to officially jumping up and down on the scales for Hillary. This primary is rigged and it will take an overwhelming majority for Bernie to win. But it is not impossible. I am not giving up and will continue to call it as I see it.

          1. 788eddie March 6, 2016

            It’s important for everyone to understand the scenario here; as conservatives move farther to the right, they will begin to lose the middle. Likewise, as liberals move farther to the left, they will also begin to lose the middle.

            Right now, the GOP has moved much farther to the right (they claim that the country is right of middle, but widespread polls belie that.

            Both Bernie (and I have read and like a lot of his policy proposals), and the GOP candidates are way to their respective sides. Hillary is much more toward the middle. It seems to me that not only will she garner enough votes to win, but win decisively.

            The only hope the Republicans have at this time is more and very significant voter suppression, or to make sure that, somehow, Ms. Clinton is charged with some “trumped” (please forgive me here) up charge of something.

  4. oldtack March 6, 2016

    I agree with oldlion. The moderate and conservative Republicans should split and form a New Party.Contrary to current beliefs, there are some good Republicans. Republicans that can hold to their conservative beliefs but still reach across the aisle on National issues and hammer out agreements with the other side as was the case for about 250 years or more . We no longer have a two party system. We have an opposing force of radicals that refuse to speak to the other side or acknowledge their existence. We no longer have a functioning government. we have a deadlocked Government that is slowly but surely destroying us as a Nation. I the present situation under the Tea Party there is no give or take. It is – do as we wish or we don’t do it at all. They expect everything to be in “Lockstep” with their ideology or nothing. That is not the old Grand Old Party. The Grand Old Party is being devoured by the Tea Party.


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