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New DNC Chair Perez Promises Renewed Focus On Grassroots



  1. Mask Agee February 26, 2017

    Nice establishment view. Doesn’t mention the progressives at all and how they were snubbed once again. Tom Perez represents the party that put Clinton up when she was clearly going to lose. And wasted billions of dollars doing so all the while Bernie would have won.

    1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

      Yes yes, you and only you are progressive, even though you helped fascists win.

      1. Mask Agee February 27, 2017

        What Really Happened To Keith Ellison & The DNC – The Jimmy Dore Show

        1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

          From that I learned that Democrats are pro-corporate because they don’t want to collapse the economy.

          You people want the Socialist Party or whatever splinter faction thereof appeals to you. Oh, right, but nobody votes for them, so time to try to hijack somebody else’s.

          1. Mask Agee February 27, 2017

            DNC Votes To Take Corporate Money, Elects Corporate Leader https://youtu.be/ByGXZvlLVHQ

          2. I Am Helpy February 28, 2017

            OK good luck with your campaign to force everyone to think like you, not sure why you think that’s progressive

      2. Mask Agee February 27, 2017

        Jordan On What The DNC Chair Results ACTUALLY Mean

        1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

          “You didn’t put me in charge, so I’m not going to help stop fascism!”

          Exactly what I was talking about. Gross.

  2. 1standlastword February 26, 2017

    “The reality is, Perez is a path-breaker in his own right, becoming the first Latino to lead the Democratic party. ”
    Is this the author’s mindset or is the pragmatists wing of the Democratic Party back to the failed strategy of “identity politics”?

    Does the establishment wing of the Democratic party like being in the political dugout!?

    A permanent rump party??

    The optics are bad. Looks like ‘score’ for the Obama/Hillary pragmatists and ‘no score’ but a nod to the Sanders/ Ellison progressives:

    Rinse, Repeat.

    If the sane and moral minority of the republican party can stir up the same level of energy the corrupted members of their party mustered to undermine Clinton and emasculate Obama, Trump should be impeachable by law. If that happens it will give the Democrats the bump they so badly need to get a leg up on the republicans before 2020.

    I’m convinced that the self-defeating Democrats can’t help themselves to succeed over the republicans without the republicans attacking their own party.

    This hypothesis is known by those establishment pukes who now choose to turn a blind eye away from the thug who sits behind the desk of POTUS

  3. itsfun February 27, 2017

    If the Democratic Party doesn’t move more to the center instead of further left, they will lose more seats in the next election. The party of Clinton and Obama has lost 1000 seats in state and federal legislatures in the past 8 years. I don’t see how promoting Socialism instead of Democracy will ever help the Democratic Party. Americans have always worked hard for their families and will continue to do so. Americans have always and will continue to help those that can’t help their selves. However, Americans balk at being forced to pay for housing, education, medical care, for those that refuse to help their selves.

    1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

      OK thanks for telling us your opinion, guy who I assume just suffered a concussion or other head trauma.

  4. A_Real_Einstein February 27, 2017

    Time for a new party. The People’s party time has come!

    1. I Am Helpy February 27, 2017

      I wish your new Illiterate Moron Party the very best.

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