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Billionaire Prepares To Donate $20 Million To Pro-Gingrich Super PAC


Billionaire Prepares To Donate $20 Million To Pro-Gingrich Super PAC


According to a Politico report, casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is preparing to donate an astonishing $20 million to help Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. The donation, which is not even in the same stratosphere as the $2,500 legal limit for direct campaign contributions, would be made to a pro-Gingrich “super PAC” which can legally accept unlimited funds.

Although Adelson’s spokesman told Politico that “there’s no truth to any speculation that Mr. Adelson has made a commitment to either contribute or raise this amount of money,” sources with direct knowledge of the planned $20 million donation told Politico that Adelson planned to cut a check to a super PAC as early as this week. It is still unknown which of the several pro-Gingrich groups would receive the money.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. AnnaSolomon December 16, 2011

    Wake up America do you REALLY think the GOP has your best interests at heart. Its the addiction to power and greed that motivate them at your expense.

  2. sarahg December 16, 2011

    That is what is wrong with our political system: the cancer of huge money driving the issues and legislation of our day. I am disgusted at the vulgarity of this country and how all that matters here is money. America is unsustainable in its current configuration of massive greed and money psychosis that has caused a severe gulf between the rich, 1-3% and the average to poor, 97-99% of the people. This country is going to fall if the American people do not stand on their hind legs, get some balls and battle this beast that is destroying everything in its path. Donations like that should be flatly illegal. Period.

  3. sarahg December 16, 2011

    Anna, while I agree with you, I would have to add only one thing: the democrats and republicans have both been equally infected with the disease of hurculean greed and the attendent money psychosis and inhuman behavior that results. In America, you really have only one party: The Party of Selfish, Reckless Greed. There is an onion-skins worth of difference between democrats and republicans…and I must say I do not trust either party. These people, on both sides of the aisle, are in the service of wealthy elites, not average, every dsay people–ya know, the people these vermin are suposed to actually represent??

  4. eileen fleming December 17, 2011

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