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North Carolina Lawmaker Dismisses U.S. Deadline To Change Restroom Law

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North Carolina Lawmaker Dismisses U.S. Deadline To Change Restroom Law


By Colleen Jenkins and Julia Edwards

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (Reuters) – A top Republican lawmaker in North Carolina said the state would not be “bullied” by the U.S. Justice Department into meeting a Monday deadline to change a new law regulating which bathrooms transgender people can use.

“We will take no action by Monday,” House Speaker Tim Moore told reporters in Raleigh on Thursday, the day after the federal government told the state that the law enacted in March violated the U.S. Civil Rights Act.

The law requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate rather than their gender identity. The Justice Department said North Carolina was discriminating against transgender state employees and it had until Monday to say whether it would remedy the violations.

If North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory does not say he will stand down from enforcing the law, the federal agency’s civil rights division could push for a court order. If a federal judge sides with the Justice Department, North Carolina will have to comply or face a restriction of federal funds.

A Justice Department spokeswoman would not say whether the department would take legal action against the state or what sources of funding may be restricted.

Moore said the tight deadline was unreasonable and that the federal government’s position was inappropriate.

“Obviously we don’t ever want to lose any money, but we’re not going to get bullied by the Obama administration to take action prior to Monday’s date,” Moore said. “That’s not how this works.”



  1. Virginia Lady May 5, 2016

    The state legislature “dismisses” the Feds? Fine. Send some of the money to Virginia. Our bigoted legislature still refuses to sign up for the Medicaid expansion, so we’re paying for it out of our tax dollars. This will make up for that foolishness, at least a little

    1. Pamelamhanlin May 6, 2016

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  2. Otto T. Goat May 5, 2016

    Good for them.

    1. Daniel Jones May 6, 2016

      You brainless, gormless guano.
      Transsexuals are people. People have equal rights under the EQUAL RIGHTS acts.

      1. Otto T. Goat May 6, 2016

        Cite the applicable law.

  3. Paul Bass May 5, 2016

    How did that work out for Cliven Bundy?

    NC is going to fold. The Feds can just withhold funds and wait them out. Stupid GOP…

    1. Sand_Cat May 14, 2016

      I don’t know. What ever happened to my boy Cliven? I heard one or both sons were arrested, but after that the press lost interest, and I haven’t heard anything.

  4. Insinnergy May 5, 2016

    Sorry NC Dumbasses… The “U.S. Justice Department” and the Obama administration are two different things.
    Also… Civil rights are not optional for States… no matter how stupid their representatives are.

  5. Siegfried Heydrich May 5, 2016

    Withhold their federal funding and see how long they talk tough.

  6. charleo1 May 5, 2016

    Exactly the kind of nonsense the Conservatives have devolved into busying themselves with: Policing public restrooms. While the World around us moves ever onward. Did we suppose for a moment the World would hold up tomorrow, until we settle our petty little domestic quarrels?


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