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One More Problem With The ‘$600 Million’ Obamacare Website: It Didn’t Cost Nearly That Much

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One More Problem With The ‘$600 Million’ Obamacare Website: It Didn’t Cost Nearly That Much


ObamacareEarlier this week, Chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means David Camp (R-MI) announced hearings into the troubled launch of the Affordable Care Act, because “after spending over $600 million, the American people want answers” to questions about the law.

There’s just one problem: The Affordable Care Act website did not cost $600 million – not even close.

The magic number Republicans have repeated over the past several weeks first appeared in a piece by Andrew Couts at Digital Trends just a week after the Obamacare rollout. According to Couts, the Healthcare.gov website cost $634 million. That number is actually derived from the total amount in government contracts related to health care received by the company building the website, CGI Federal, over the span of seven years.

Digital Trends later amended the number to a vaguer, but still incorrect, “more than $500 million,” and by then the right-wing media was in a frenzy. Fox News’ Sean Hannity exemplified the response, raging that over $600 million was wasted on the “biggest technical screw-up in the history of man.”

A report from the non-partisan Sunlight Foundation, however, finds that the website cost significantly less: around $70 million. Kaitlin Devine, author of the report, arrived at the number after highlighting all of the task orders for the CGI Federal contract.

“That [$70 million]’s not unheard of for a government website and it’s certainly far lower than the $600 million cost that has been reported in some places,” Devine said.

Yesterday, Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler fact-checked the $600 million figure and concluded that a “conservative figure would be $70 million,” and a “more modest figure would be $125 million to $150 million.”

The new estimate comes after CGI officials testified on Capitol Hill that the company had received $112 million for its work on the website so far. The estimated cost of the Healthcare.gov site is now $170 million, “with an upward potential of nearly $300 million.”

Though that figure is higher than the Sunlight Foundation’s estimate of $70 million, it is still half what Republicans had claimed.

Notably, it is also much less than the $24 billion cost of the GOP’s attempt to stop the launch of the exchanges they now complain are not functioning well.

Of course, because it was neither the president nor Democrats who blew $24 billion on absolutely nothing in just three weeks, you should not expect any House hearings on that particular price-tag anytime soon.

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  1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh October 25, 2013

    Since when has a Republican worried about facts clouding his opinion? Just like Former VP Cheney once famously quipped, “Deficits don’t matter.”

    1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      They don’t, when tax revenue is growing more than spending, which was happening until democrats took over the purse in 2007.

      1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

        The record of deficits is horrible, but accuracy is important.

        Fiscal year 2009 $1.413 trilion
        Fiscal year 2010 $1.294 trillion
        Fiscal year 2011 $1,299 trillion
        Fiscal year 2012 $1,100 trillion
        Fiscal year 2013 $759 billion

        Please note that Fiscal year 2009 is the last Bush budget.

        1. Mel October 26, 2013

          Yeah and look at the trajectory of the debt growth as Bush left office.

          1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

            Presidents are not kings. Democrats took over the budget in 2007. That’s when the spending spree got rolling – see my chart.

          2. charleo1 October 26, 2013

            Deficits are represented as spending as a percentage of GDP.
            It was in 2007, when the recession started. As property values
            peaked, and banks, many of them leveraged 40 to 1 in terms
            of assets to liabilities, started going belly up. Who takes credit for that? As government revenues decrease, with unavoidable high levels of spending. Two hot wars, more than 30,000
            wounded to be cared for. An unsustainable tax policy, coupled with an unfunded Medicare Prescription benefit. Who’s
            going to step up, and be accountable for all that? Certainly not Republicans!

          3. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

            2007 is when the democrats took over the congress and senate.. see the correlation!!

          4. charleo1 October 28, 2013

            If that’s what you believe, I’m sure I’m not not going to
            change your mind. A simple explanation, for a simpleton.

          5. ozzy mo October 28, 2013

            Must not have been simple enough for you!! I know what the truth is…I haven’t been brainwashed by the left to believe we have to give and give until there is nothing left. I believe If you work hard and strive to better yourself, you will achieve your goals…But I know that is not in the left’s playbook…welfare and hand outs are your mantra!!

        2. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

          Nice try, but Obama signed the spending bills in 2009. Bush’s tarp money was all repaid with interest. Bush’s worst deficit was $435 billion. The Rex Nutting trick was debunked moments after it was squeezed out.

          The facts about the growth of spending under Obama


          1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

            The last budget submitted to Congress by Bush called for total revenue of $2.7 trillion estimated..and $2.105 trillion actually. (This alone accounts for a shortfall of about half a trillion right there)

            Total expenditures $3.107 trillion estimated and $3,518 trillion actually. Deficited estimated of $407 billion with an actual of $1,413 trillion.

            Mandatory Spending of $1.89 trillion 6.2% over 2008
            Discretionary Spending of $1.21 trilion 4.9% over 2008

            The financing of both wars were not included and were covered by appropriations. The figure was approximately $190 billion to be added to the deficit total.

            Decreased tax revenue (the great recession) along with high spending resulted in the large budget of $1.4 trillion. The CBO report for fiscal 2009 indicated that $245 billion was a result of TARP bailouts. Spending inceases and tax credits from the American Recovery Act accounted for another $200 billion.

            Of the trillion or so difference between the estimated and the actual deficit about $445 billion come from TARP and the stimulus package. The balance is from war expenses not in the budget and the damage done to the economy by the Great Recession.

            Lets not forget that the two wars continued most of those years with trillion dollar deficits along with the reduction in revenue brought about by the Great Recession. Also lets not forget the Bush tax cuts were still in effect, which greatly reduced the revenue coming into the treasury.

            The overall policies put into effect during the Bush years stayed in effect during the first Obama term. We can just ignore the trend line started during the previous administration and just blame push it to the current one.

          2. Paul Bass October 28, 2013

            Bush’s budgets did NOT include the cost of the two wars, those dollars were not added to Bush’s budget. So the $435 billion deficit under Bush is a total republican lie.
            Include the costs of the wars and other “off budget” tricks before you start comparing Bush’s fake “budget” to Obama’s, who honestly includes these wars in his projections.

      2. charleo1 October 26, 2013

        $320 million? You’re gripping about, $320? Bush lost 50 billion in
        Iraq. Lost it. As in don’t have an F-ing clue where it went. And,
        never will. But, you’re on here bitching because Obama decided to save GM, and the more than one million jobs that would have been
        lost, if he hadn’t? GM just finished the most profitable year in their
        history. And the American people hold GM stock for the balance
        of the LOAN. I think you’re just a common hack, looking for a reason
        to bitch. Well, go bitch at the T-Party. They just flushed 24 billion
        down the crapper. And what have we got to show for that?

        1. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

          I’ll take a loss of 50 billion as opposed to the 7 trillion Obama has amassed in additional debt in the last 5 years.

          1. sethw76 October 28, 2013

            Right, because there was no recession that would cause revenue to go down or anything.

  2. I Zheet M'Drawz October 25, 2013

    And today the same bunch of assholes criticizing multi million dollar expenditure for a product to enhance Americans lives yet they voted to give PAKISTAN 1.6 BILLION (with a B.
    I think I know where our money is being wasted.

    1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      It isn’t enhancing my life, in fact I’m losing my plan because of the ACA and I can’t afford the exchange option. What say you?

      1. Lynda Groom October 25, 2013

        Have you shopped via the exchange? Does the state you live in take part in the running of their own exchanges, or is it one of those who dumped the process upon the Federal Government? I spoken to several people who have not had the same experience you describe. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandson are now covered in California for the first time in a decade. Yes the rates is high considering they are starting from zero. All plans starting from zero could be characterized as expensive. In reality their coverage is just a tad over half of the private insurance market that refused to cover them just a year or so ago.

        1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

          I have shopped. Colorado exchange. I’m still unable to get an account – so only getting estimates – but that’s the cheapest I can get. Dumped on the federal govt? That’s ridiculous. An exchange is a fairly simple thing to build – yet they couldn’t handle it. This is foretelling just how incompetent government is in general. They had 3 years and boundless budgets, and ample opportunity to say “We’re not ready”, yet here we are….millions losing coverage, a trickle getting covered, and the ones getting covered are getting on Medicaid – not the healthy high-rate payers they need to float the ponzi scheme. I had my family covered just fine, now I won’t. I paid $525 per mo, I can’t afford the $1078 per month. Obama lied, repeatedly. I couldn’t keep the plan I have – and this is totally unaffordable for me – and many others.

          Pretty pathetic that Democrats hatched this train-wreck behind closed doors, built it in secret, and hid key details until the 12th hour – yet you try to blame the troubles on the Republicans? The desperate and false narratives you folks cook up are laughable….but I’m not laughing…I’m livid. I’ve lost weeks of time dicking around on Obama’s failed train-wreck – and I’m done trying to figure out if I’ll cut my retirement deposits or my child’s college fund in order to pay for this lifetime ransom demand. The penalty is looking better and better.

          1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

            The idea from the get go was that the states would run the exchanges. They, the administration, may indeed have been naive, but they did not expect the Federal Government to be handling three dozen states exchange programs. The states that are running their own are, by-in-large, doing better than the Federal Exchange web site. Certainly an exchange is not a simple thing to build as the results have clearly shown. Even the state ones that are running better are having some problems.

            Right now in California unemployment department is trying to correct all of the problems since they switched to a new computer software program just weeks ago. That is only one department within the nations largest state, and the problems are causing pain and suffering to thousands. It sure would be nice if we could just say ‘an exchange is fairly simple thing to build,’ however in reality it is not.

            BTW, please don’t forget that this pathetic hatched train-wreck, to use your words, took a full 14 months to be passed. Along with hundreds of hours of debate and numerous amendments. I’m sorry to see that you are having so much trouble getting coverage. We are still in the first part of six month process. Of course it is not a good for the country that the roll out has been so troubled.

            The government did have boundless budgets. Some of the IT folks involved have reminded us that most of the work on the Federal exchanges took place since the Supreme Court ruled the Constitutionality of the law, which is not 3 years plus.

            I wish you luck in obtaining coverage. Please don’t give up.

          2. sigrid28 October 26, 2013

            Uh-oh. I hear the Ted Cruz mantra–“train-wreck.” You may have been misled by Fox News. Can you take just one piece of advice from a liberal comment thread, in order to secure your family’s health insurance? Try calling the 800 number on the Colorado heath care marketplace website, because that is how you can find out very quickly what your policy will truly cost your family right away.

            Before you decide that the penalty is the way to go, try living without customary health insurance as we have for five years. Our state has a program for those between 19 and 64 who cannot afford coverage, and excellent programs for children. You go to a community health center and pay on a sliding scale. The health center can refer you for specialist care, otherwise better budget $140 to $185 dollars. This state program does not cover ER charges, so I was charged over $5,000 for a 2-hour visit when I had a TIA, and I’m paying it back bit by bit. Our medications five years ago came to $300 a month without health insurance, but we’ve they went down considerably when the most expensive ones became generic. If you decide to pay the penalty and forego health insurance, go to needymeds.com to find out how to get your medications for the least cost possible. You can also find out what any procedures your family might need cost. Finally, compare the small print of the least expensive plan available under the ACA with the small print of what you had instead. Which has the highest deductible, highest copay, etc. You might find that the higher expense makes sense, or not. Finally, if the ACA amount is too high, try to buy a comparable plan on your own. You can still do that, you know.

          3. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

            Ted Cruz mantra? No, Democrat Max Baucus coined that term – in a moment of honest clarity:


            You call a bait and switch a virtuous move?

            Try living without coverage like you have? That’s your answer? You take away from me and my family so that I’m uncovered? What kind of sick, twisted value system do you pimp?

            I called the exchange – and I got the estimate.(after weeks of burning time and patience). It is double what I pay now, and I can’t afford it. The plan I has was from the free market. I pay full retail, no employer sponsorship. How would you feel if I pushed a law that grabbed a policy you bought on the open market – ripped it from your hands, and then forced you into a government store (that doesn’t work) to get coverage at 2X the price and 4X the deductible?

            Wrecking me and my family to help yours is a sick and cowardly mission. I cared for my family – and helped others, now I can do neither. You “win”.

            Robbing Peter to pay Paul garners Paul’s support. Wrecking and deceiving Peter to pay Paul is economic suicide – and enrages Peter. I’m livid – and I’ll do everything I can to stop Obamacare. Your malignant justifications for the lies and deception show just how rotten your principles are. You’re sick, and it shows, and that’s exactly why this is all a train-wreck.

          4. sigrid28 October 26, 2013

            I did not say you should live without health coverage. YOU are the one who said you were thinking of doing that, because your former health insurance company cancelled your plan and you do not want to pay the cost of the ACA plan offered on the Colorado exchange.

    2. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

      well, at least Pakistan is functioning!!

  3. sigrid28 October 25, 2013

    When does the House hold hearings about the $24 billion it cost to shut down the government on a whim–the Tea Party’s?

    1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      $24 billion not spent isn’t wasted. The IRS is giving away $132 billion via the EIC debacle. Is that a concern to you? The shutdown is temporary, obamacare is a lifetime mandated ransom payment. And now…democrats are begging for delay. Oh the irony.

      1. sigrid28 October 26, 2013

        I get it. You argue that the $24 billion lost in the government shutdown is not wasted, because the shutdown is a one-time thing. Ted Cruz is vowing to do it AGAIN, maybe as soon as December. Is that when it finally becomes wasteful? By then, the billions wasted will be double what they are now, more than House Republicans wanted to cut from the food assistance program. Of course, standing for Tea Party principles is far more important than feeding the poor. I get it.

        Let’s now look at the “lifetime mandated ransom payment” that is the point of these shutdowns. You assume that all Americans will owe a small tax if they do not enroll in a health care plan. But in your view (which discounts the fact that 30 million Americans need health care insurance), no Americans are in need of health insurance, so–following this Tea Party talking point–the ransom you propose would never come about. And how much ransom are we talking about? I heard it would come to less than $100 a year. If I am ever kidnapped, I hope it is by you!

        1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

          The only one to blame for the shutdown is Obama. He refused to consider delay, yet now there are democrats begging for it, as well as waivers. That’s the height of irony and clearly places the blame where it belongs….with your naked emperor.

          See this?

          Rep. Jared Polis to seek Obamacare waivers for mountain towns

          More Democrats Seek Delay in Health-Law Penalty

          Your view discounts the 16 million estimated to lose their coverage due to Obamacare. (I’m one of them)

          More Americans In 3 States Have Had Their Insurance Canceled Under ObamaCare Than Have Filed An Exchange Account In All 50

          Robbing Peter to pay Paul garners Paul’s vote and support. Wrecking and deceiving Peter to pay Paul is economic suicide.

          You also make a strawman argument. Nobody is saying not to work towards ways to extend coverage where it currently isn’t available. There are ways to move in that direction without wrecking the country and millions of productive, tax paying people in the process.

          Government caused this problem, and disarming them in key ways will help dramatically over time.

          1. charleo1 October 26, 2013

            The shutdown, and extortion tactics didn’t work. And so now,
            it’s Obama’s fault. You know the T-Party had this planned
            for months. A letter passed around earlier this year, and signed
            by 80 members in the House, pledging their support, to either defund the healthcare law, or shut the government down. At least one would think, they’d have the guts to stand up, and admit it.

          2. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

            So democrats asking for a delay now are fine, but republicans who asked for it in the shutdown non-negotiations are not?

          3. charleo1 October 27, 2013

            Yes. It’s fine for either Party to ask, or request a delay in the
            roll out of the healthcare law. I see that as reasonable, given the huge amount of website problems. But, that’s not what Republicans did. First they sent a bill over to keep the government open, but defunded the healthcare law. That’s different than funding the government, and funding healthcare, then making the case to delay it’s roll out. They did this even though the healthcare law’s funding is not counted as discretionary, but mandatory by law. And even though they knew damn well it was a non starter. But, a larger issue is when does rewarding a group, or party, for threatening to do something they know to be very disruptive, or harmful to the Country at large, become bad precedent? And I think the President decided it becomes bad, the minute you reward that kind behavior with concessions made under duress. Look, we must not, and can not have members of Congress using their offices to govern by coercion. If the
            healthcare law is a bust, they will soon have the voter’s
            permission to repeal it. That’s how it works. That’s how it’s
            always worked in the past. No one threatened to blow up
            the Nation’s economy to repeal The Volstead Act. Or grant
            women the Right to vote. Or any number of laws passed,
            then abandoned. The fact is, we cannot afford to lurch from
            one crisis to the next. Businesses couldn’t work under those
            circumstances. And, nether would the World long abide
            the situation where each of our political loggerheads, threatened their economies, three or four times a year.

          4. Lynda Groom October 27, 2013

            Do you understand that the insurance companies have to first cancel the existing policies that don’t meet the 10 mandated requirement before offering replacement policies? Many of those wlll come at a lower price as well. You’ve had a couple of years to understand that your plan would not be in effect come Jan 1st. Did you contact your insurance company and check on the replacement plan? If not…why not? It is your responsibility to take care of your own situation. Its called personal responsibility.

    2. plc97477 October 27, 2013

      Maybe when the Dems take over the house in 2014.

      1. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

        Good luck..not going to happen…You will more than likely lost the senate as well.

  4. amphiox October 25, 2013

    This must be the kind of math that Republicans do to make themselves feel better….

    1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      How about this math: I had a plan, until the ACA cancelled it. $525 per mo, good coverage. The ACA estimate….$1078 per mo. Ouch. Why did Obama lie to us all?

      1. 4sanity4all October 26, 2013

        That is NOT the number you will be paying. Get the facts before you spread lies.

        1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

          You’re the liar. I don’t get a subsidy because I make too much.

          You just can’t face reality, so you dismiss it.

      2. Pat Roberts October 26, 2013

        Quit the lies, troll!

        1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

          What lies, liar.

      3. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

        He couldn’t help it…His lips were moving!!

  5. fusillijerry October 25, 2013

    Soon, all of the echo chamber false information purveyors will apologize for getting it wrong. Heheheheh.

    1. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      Obama made the empty promises to sell false virtue. “if you like your plan…..”
      Remember that?

      1. fusillijerry October 26, 2013

        “false virtue”? What a load of carp you swallow.

        1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

          Yes, false virtue. Bait & Switch. Call it what you want. He lied, now we’re asked to pay WAY more for premiumus (more than I can afford) and I’m being pushed off the plan I can afford.

          Here’s the lies: Swallow this:


          1. indybend October 26, 2013

            He said several times that that the GOVERNMENT would not force you to change your plan, which is true. Your employer and your insurance company can change your plan and your doctors,etc. but they could do that even before the Affordable Care Act became law.

          2. Lynda Groom October 27, 2013

            Your employer and your insurance company have not been forced to harm their customers. That decision belongs with the insurance carriers alone. As you’ve correctly stated they’ve always had that right. I suppose those ObamaCare haters would prefer the government telling their providers that they can no longer run their business the way they wish. Yeah like they would be in favor of that.

          3. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

            False. You are 100% wrong.

            I’m on a plan I bought on the open market, not an employer plan, and the law dictates that the insurance company has to drop the plan I have because it doesnt meet requirements. They don’t have a choice.

            Amazing how much you’re willing to contort in order to avoid the reality that Obama flat-out LIED.

            He didn’t say “if you like your plan – and it meets ACA requirements – you can keep it – assuming your insurance company or employer chooses to do so.”

            How do you live with yourself defending such dishonesty and deception? Seriously, you are sick.

          4. Lynda Groom October 27, 2013

            Even today on Fox News Juan Williams pointed out that almost all of those plans being cancelled are because they don’t meet the minimum standard of the law. The companies are making available plans that do meet the requirements and those are being offered as replacement to the plans being dropped. You seem to be giving the insurance companies a pass even though they’ve been well aware of their plans being out of compliance for several years. Perhaps you should direct your anger where it belongs.

          5. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

            Even so, millions of people will be required to buy policies that they can not afford or even want

          6. Paul Bass October 28, 2013

            No they won’t, they can pay the very small penalty (~$95 /year), if they do not want health care insurance.
            Of course this is silly, because what if tomorrow you have a car accident, then EVERYBODY else is paying for your emergency room visit….
            So how is it “fair” that we pay for this emergency room visit…

          7. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

            because they love the annointed one and can’t bring themselves to believe he sold them a bill of goods!!

          8. elw October 28, 2013

            That is right health insurers will no longer be able to offer plans that do not provide the minimal coverage outlined in the law. Plans are legal contracts and changing them is not as simple as just adding in the new benefits, the contract needs to be rewritten. That is why health insurance policies are renewed annually. If you are happy with the insurer you are with you can stay with them, I am sure they will be happy to sell you a new policy.

          9. ozzy mo October 28, 2013

            Right, they will just increase their rates and force everyone to get on the Government dole…Don’t you read other sources or watch the news on occasion? If so, you would know that policies are being cancelled by the thousands and will not be reinstated unless you want to pay an outrageous price. So most of the nation will not be able to afford them without subsidies. But that doesn’t bother bleeding heart sheep like you, does it? After all…if you don’t have a job, It’s not your money, right?

          10. elw October 28, 2013

            First of all Insurers have been increasing their rate steadily for decades. They have also been steadily declining to cover more and more individuals, which is why we now have the ACA. Yes policies are being cancelled because they no longer meet legal requirements and they will be replaced by new ones that do. I assure you that the 85% of the people in the Country who get their health coverage through their employer will see the same increases they always have. Using vague predictions like “outrageous prices” and “most of the nations will not be able to afford them” does not make it so and the only use for them is to scare people. And to tell you the truth there are much worse things in the world than being a bleeding heart, one of which is being a cold-hearted robot that thinks everyone they make up is true and should be believed.

          11. elw October 28, 2013

            If we did not have rules and law our society would be in total chaotic mess. That is why everyone is limited by what the laws say they can do or have to do. That includes Providers and businesses. I would bet you would have no problem with the government passing laws that interfere with Provides prescribing birth control, the morning after pill or abortions; all of which are legal.

          12. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

            False! Watch the video. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan, no matter what, PERIOD.”.

            The insurance company CAN’T keep the plan BECAUSE of the law! Are you not occupying reality? What is wrong with your brain?

          13. indybend October 27, 2013

            Nothing is wrong with my brain at all. In his June 23, 2009 press conference, this is what the president said, in response to a question (this transcript is available on whitehouse.gov):

            Q I’m sorry, but what about keeping your promise to the American people that they won’t have to change plans even if employers —
            THE PRESIDENT: Well, no, no, I mean — when I say if you have your plan and you like it and your doctor has a plan, or you have a doctor and you like your doctor that you don’t have to change plans, what I’m saying is the government is not going to make you change plans under health reform.
            Now, are there going to be employers right now — assuming we don’t do anything — let’s say that we take the advice of some folks who are out there and say, oh, this is not the time to do health care, we can’t afford it, it’s too complicated, let’s take our time, et cetera. So let’s assume that nothing happened. I can guarantee you that there’s a possibility for a whole lot of Americans out there that they’re not going to end up having the same health care they have, because what’s going to happen is, as costs keep on going up, employers are going to start making decisions: We’ve got to raise premiums on our employees; in some cases, we can’t provide health insurance at all.

          14. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

            Ipso…what he is saying is that Obama knew that the new law would force insurance companies to cancel these policies, thus forcing the American people to enter the exchanges when they did not want to. Get it now???

          15. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

            Let me guess…You get a huge subsidy, right?

          16. elw October 28, 2013

            If we did not have rules and law our society would be in total chaotic mess. That is why everyone is limited by what the laws say they can do or have to do. That includes Providers and businesses. I would bet you would have no problem with the government passing laws that interfere with Provides prescribing birth control, the morning after pill or abortions; all of which are legal.

    2. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

      You sound like Baghdad Bob, hours after the invasion.

      1. fusillijerry October 26, 2013

        Of course you do, Republican.

        1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

          Are you saying you are not ignoring the failure? Are you not saying everything is okay, when clearly it isn’t?

      2. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

        You don’t know what he will paying unless you were sitting beside him as he punched in his numbers…stop calling people a liar if u can’t prove otherwise…

    3. plc97477 October 27, 2013

      Don’t hold your breath.

  6. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

    Ironic that some democrats are now asking for delay, or even waivers, like Jared polis in Colorado. Obama could have negotiated and averted the whole shutdown, but no, he’s more worried about his namesake than people. Millions are losing their plans, a trickle of Medicaid enrollees are coming aboard. Pitiful. Are those democrats also racist terrorist confederate KKK hostage takers?

    1. fusillijerry October 26, 2013

      Dang, idjit. You babble so much, with so much effort, and make no sense at all.

      Please stay vocal throughout 2014. heheheheh.

      1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

        Nothing says winner like a retreat to an ad hominem. Let me know when you get the sense to understand reason and facts.

        1. 4sanity4all October 26, 2013

          I do understand reason and facts, but you have written no facts, and I find that unreasonable. Are you a paid troll, because you lack facts and have no understanding of the ACA. If you took the time to read the information about available plans, you would not make so many unsupported falsehoods. The sites will all be fixed in 5 weeks, tops. Get the facts before you embarrass yourself further.

          1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

            Are you delusional? I spent weeks getting the quote showing my premium will double. I’m losing my current plan to the ACA, and I know exactly why. I now pay $525 per mo. Under the ACA I’ll pay $1078 per mo. How hard is that for you to comprehend?

            The site is just a symptom of the much larger failure. Your donkey project is DOA and you can’t even grasp the reality.

          2. Paul Bass October 28, 2013

            Why not look up a “bronze” plan, most likely would be cheaper and more comparable to your previous “no frills” insurance plan.

            Quoting $1078 per month doesn’t account for all the extra coverage you are getting vis-a-vis the “new”policy under ACA. Also as you mention, this is the estimate, this is not the actual quoted policy from an actual insurance carrier,

  7. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

    CBS News: Obamacare’s Entire Financial Model is In Danger of Collapsing

  8. Ipsophakto October 25, 2013

    Seems nobody here is asking about the no-bid contract to the failed Canadian contractor who built this train-wreck. That contractor was also sacked from a job building Ontario’s exchange. Do you suppose Kathleen thought long and hard on that wrinkle? She said “she doesn’t work the people who think she should resign”, but she’s forgetting for works for all of us. She’s in hiding, Obama’s doing ridiculous Sham-Wow commercials with 1-800 numbers (which also crashed). They fired the young woman who spoke to Hannity on the phone, but they won’t fire Kathleen? They fired the guy on staff who was tweeting bitter truth about the administration – but they won’t fire Kathleen, or Holder, or Lois Lerner.

    Whatever was spent on the train-wreck – it was 100% too much for what we got. But really the failure of the website is just symbolic of the failure of principles, the failure of Obama’s integrity. He lied to the whole country, repeatedly. Kathleen lied to everyone – saying it would all work great by launch.

    Obama is a dealer of 3-card Full Monty – He’s a stark raving naked emperor who used empty promises and lies to sell false virtue. He’s wrecking millions of lives to allegedly save thousands. Robbing Peter to pay Paul garners Paul’s vote. Wrecking and deceiving Peter to pay Paul is economic suicide for both.

    1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

      Ms Sebelius is indeed the director of the Department of Health and Human Services, the agency directly responsibile for the health care law. It is also fair to point out that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services were in charge of the Web site’s design and managing the details of the software development.

      Her responsibilities kept her immersed in developing policy related to the health care law, traveling the country promoting it, rather than the day-to-day technical aspects of Web site development. Indeed she is the overall head, but her scalp will do nothing to improve the outcome of the roll out.

      1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

        Her brain, time, and the money we spent for her and all those contractors did nothing to make the rollout anything but a train-wreck.

        This was an easy mission. I know, I’m an IT expert who has managed web teams on large-scale projects. Forms and database coordination, along with normal web architecture and infrastructure, cloud services, are totally academic at this point. It is also unbelievable that “demand” is the problem. 10 years ago, maybe. You have to bend over backwards to use 10 year old technology now. Bandwidth is fully scalable, so are VMware servers and database clusters – which automatically replicate as needed to meet demand. This was NOT a demand problem, this was an issue of total incompetence – or fully intentional sandbagging. This is EASY stuff, particularly with 3 years and a MASSIVE budget to get it done. Something stinks about this whole thing. Someone isn’t telling the truth.

        I could have built the federal exchange and all the state exchanges for $10 million – and had lavish parties to boot. Other contractors have said they’d be embarassed if they billed more than $1million or $2 million for that job.

        1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

          Why not volunteer to help out since you are a self-proclaimed expert? If everything is a easy as you say you will have the problem taken care of in no time at all.

          1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

            I have a life, a family, a business I’m trying to start. I didn’t ask for this mess, you did, Obama did. I’m losing the insurance I have and can afford – because of obamacare…..and you have the gall to say I should volunteer? They already burned the time and money and put us all in an insurance death-spiral. They controlled the no-bid process. They locked out republicans from the closed door meetings that ponched this loaf – and then rammed it through without a single republican vote. Nobody knew what was in it….until now. Too late. Even social security had some republican votes behind it. Wise experts stayed far away from the mess.

            I’m giving my professional opinion to show this mess isn’t a mess because of demand, it is a mess because the whole thing is founded on lies, and contorted to maintain those lies. There is nothing “affordable” about it.

            You can celebrate all day about the Medicaid enrollees (or rather, applicants, at this point). Good for them, but they won’t be celebrating when the whole thing implodes.

          2. Lynda Groom October 27, 2013

            Don’t be an ass. Your problem is with your insurance coverage and provider. Do something about it and stop whining.

    2. fusillijerry October 26, 2013

      More BS. How fast do you think the Senate will approve a new HHS secretary?

      1. Lynda Groom October 26, 2013

        They would not and so she will not be asked to resign.

      2. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

        how proud are you of the one we have?

        Irony: they are bringing in a Bain capital consultant o take over the job.

        No matter, this donkey project is DOA.

    3. yodacohen October 26, 2013

      In love with Frank Luntz, are you? You’re using words he put in your mouth. “Train wreck”. He made it up. Hate Obamacare? Why don’t you not accept your Social Security check? Either that or fund half a million dollars for surgical care for a child with cancer who has no insurance.

      Your money is more important than the life of an uninsured child suffering in America.

      Go to a funeral home and check out a casket. Look to see if there’s space for all your money to go with you when you die. See if it’ll be spendable in hell.

      Honestly. Do you know how ridiculous you sound?

      You’re the driver who won’t yield when a lane is closed and the road narrows. You just pull ahead of everyone else and cut line. It’s your God given right. Screw everybody else.

      1. Ipsophakto October 26, 2013

        Democrat Senator Max Baucus coined the “train wreck” meme in an honest moment of clarity. Have you seen him say it?

        Max Baucus: “Obamacare Train Wreck”

        Surgical care for a child with cancer & no insurance? Tell that to the kids over at St. Jude – who get literally free care. Do you donate? Now St. Jude has to jump through unnecessary hoops to avoid being fined by Obamacare. Obamacare it taking money out of kitty that could be going to those kids getting FREE cancer treatment.

        My money is first and best used to care for my family, and any surplus I have is then best used to secure their future – or given to charity or other family & friends when in need. Interesting how synthetically “generous” you are with my money. Do you generally outsource your virtue to others?

        You defend an abject lie from Obama – and have the gall to tell me you know best what I should do to assuage your concerns about my money? Remember this?”

        “If you like your plan- you can keep your plan, no matter what. Period.” I’m losing my plan. Obama lied.

        Robbing Peter to pay Paul garners Paul’s vote. Wrecking and deceiving Peter to pay Paul is economic suicide for both. I can’t afford the $500 per mo increase in my premium, but could afford the premium I was paying before Obamacare cancelled my plan.

        Honestly – do you know how ridiculous you sound, with your synthetic concern by proxy, your economic illiteracy, and failure to grip the reality that Obamacare is wrecking people?

        Millions of people just like me are being pushed off their plans and sent to a broken exchange where they can’t buy insurance. The few that have been able to are finding huge spikes in their premiums, copays, and deductibles. A majority of those who have been able to sign up are jumping on Medicaid – which is catalyzing the death-spiral for this whole debacle.

        As for military – your liar-in-chief and the Democrats had a majority. If you’re concerned about military spending – he’s had years to address that. 1/2 the sequester cuts are applied to defense spending – so complain to Obama, not republicans. When will you quit ignoring the blame-puddle you’re standing in and own responsibility?

        The rockets blowing up on the launch pad were not wiping out millions of American’s financial future – and there was broad consensus supporting space exploration. There is NOT broad consensus to hop on a train-wreck and roast in your false virtue.

    4. 4sanity4all October 26, 2013

      It was not a no bid contract. Did you listen to the hearing on TV? The company that won the bid said that they won the bid. Just because Fox news says otherwise doesn’t make your falsehoods true.

      1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

        They we’re the only bidder. In that sense, it was a no bid contract. The contractor was fired for screwing up the Ontario exchange. See, socialism failing in Canada is here to fail as well.

    5. foundingprinciples October 27, 2013

      Well, it seems that Hitler found out about the ObamaCare Exchange Problems:


      1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

        Great movie, and great estimation of Valerie J. Losing her cool.

    6. Al Hubbard October 27, 2013

      Bush was bugging Merkel’s phone back in 2002-2008.. But hey none of this is his fault right?

      1. Ipsophakto October 27, 2013

        Did he get caught and lie about it? Obama buit that.

    7. ozzy mo October 28, 2013

      It is also being reported the company is owned by Michele Obama’s college friend!! see any issues here!!

  9. elw October 26, 2013

    I am not surprised that the House Republicans again misinterpreted data so it can be used to flame the fires of hate for anything Democratic. it is what they do. It is annoying. It is foolish simply because you would think they would learn from past mistakes. Now it actually would have been nice if they had taken the higher road and had decided to find out what went wrong with the site so we all could have learn from the mistakes. Doing that might have actually healed some the self inflicted damage they earned from the shut down. But no, instead they make up stories and are focusing on unrelated subjects like HIPPA and on who was to blame (with a pre-determined guilty target in mind) turning their investigation into a witch hunt for something that just might hurt the President and Obamacare and clearly wastes money and everyone’s time. Pathetic.

    1. ozzy mo October 27, 2013

      U are right…this administration is pathetic and the most unethical and corrupt in the last 150 years!!

      1. elw October 28, 2013

        And of course you have proof of that accusation?

      2. Paul Bass October 28, 2013

        More corrupt than Warren Harding? I guess you were asleep during history class…

  10. I Zheet M'Drawz October 27, 2013

    Congress Deadlocked Over How To Not Provide Health Care

    WASHINGTON—After months of committee meetings and hundreds of hours of heated debate, the United States Congress remained deadlocked this week over the best possible way to deny Americans health care.

    “Both parties understand that the current system is broken,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Monday. “But what we can’t seem to agree upon is how to best keep it broken, while still ensuring that no elected official takes any political risk whatsoever. It’s a very complicated issue.”

    “Ultimately, though, it’s our responsibility as lawmakers to put these differences aside and focus on refusing Americans the health care they deserve,” Pelosi added.

    The legislative stalemate largely stems from competing ideologies deeply rooted along party lines. Democrats want to create a government-run system for not providing health care, while Republicans say coverage is best denied by allowing private insurers to make it unaffordable for as many citizens as possible.

    “We have over 40 million people without insurance in this country today, and that is unacceptable,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said. “If we would just quit squabbling so much, we could get that number up to 50 or even 100 million. Why, there’s no reason we can’t work together to deny health care to everyone but the richest 1 percent of the population.”

    “That’s what America is all about,” he added.

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said on Meet The Press that Republicans would never agree to a plan that doesn’t allow citizens the choice to be denied medical care in the private sector.

    “Americans don’t need some government official telling them they don’t have the proper coverage to receive treatment,” Boehner said. “What they need is massive insurance companies to become even more rich and powerful by withholding from average citizens the care they so desperately require. We’re talking about people’s health and the obscene profits associated with that, after all.”

    Though there remain irreconcilable points, both parties have reached some common ground in recent weeks. Senate leaders Harry Reid (D-NV) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) point to Congress’ failure to pass legislation before a July 31 deadline as proof of just how serious lawmakers are about stringing along the American people and never actually reforming the health care industry in any meaningful way.

    “People should know that every day we are working without their best interests in mind,” Reid said. “But the goal here is not to push through some watered-down bill that only denies health care to a few Americans here and a few Americans there. The goal is to recognize that all Americans have a God-given right to proper medical attention and then make sure there’s no chance in hell that ever happens.”

    “No matter what we come up with,” Reid continued, “rest assured that millions of citizens will remain dangerously uninsured, and the inflated health care industry will continue to bankrupt the country for decades.”

    Other lawmakers stressed that, while there has been some progress, the window of cooperation was closing.

    “When you get into the nuts and bolts of how best not to provide people with care essential to their survival, there are many things to take into consideration,” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said. “I believe we can create a plan for Americans that allows them to not be able to go to the hospital, not get the treatment they need, and ultimately wither away and die. But we’ve got to act fast.”

    For his part, President Barack Obama claimed to be optimistic, even saying he believes that a health care denial bill will pass in both houses of Congress by the end of the year.

    “We have an opportunity to do something truly historic in 2013,” Obama said to a mostly silent crowd during a town hall meeting in Virginia yesterday. “I promise I will only sign a clear and comprehensive health care bill that fully denies coverage to you, your sick mother, her husband, middle-class Americans, single-parent households, the unemployed, and most importantly, anyone in need of emergency medical attention.”

    “This administration is committed to not providing health care,” Obama added. “Not just for this generation of Americans, but for many generations to come.”

  11. mandinka October 27, 2013

    Big Deal! So the website has a few bugs in it. Is that the best that the repubs can do?

  12. piadiowd18 December 24, 2013

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