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One Simple Thing Trump Could Do To Call Off Hordes Of Online Antisemites

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One Simple Thing Trump Could Do To Call Off Hordes Of Online Antisemites

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech at Alumisourse, a metals recycling facility, in Monessen, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 28, 2016. REUTERS/Louis Ruediger

Even before Donald Trump defended a antisemitic meme his staff tweeted, and then deleted, that had been found on a white nationalist message board, even before he called anyone who criticized the meme, including the Anti-Defamation League and 27 other Jewish groups, “sick people,” the likely GOP nominee for president had done more to embolden antisemites that any figure in modern American history.

Talking Points Memo‘s Josh Marshall notes that “Trump is re-normalizing the old anti-semitism that had seemed entirely written out of acceptable public life in America.”

And if you’re one of the many journalists who have been targeted by the hordes of “alt-right” — the cute name the press has allowed neo-Nazis and white nationalists to give themselves — you’ve seen exactly what the re-normalization Marshall describes looks like, with generous servings of “hook-nosed cartoons, jokes about ovens and all the rest.”

Mel Brooks these anti-semites aren’t.

This Holocaust “humor” is a bastard breed of the grossout culture of the internet, where those who can’t outwit you can always outshock you. And while most of the perpetrators are likely oblivious “childless single men who masturbate to anime,” no one should be shocked that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke — who LOVED the Trump campaign’s antisemitic meme — is also on the #TrumpTrain, which is, by the way, an increasingly horrifying metaphor for a campaign that attracts neo-Nazis like a barber shop offering free buzz cuts.

“Is it 1933 Berlin? No,” The American Prospect‘s Robert Kuttner writes. “Is it alarming as hell? Yes.”

This is true whether or not Trump likes it.

And what we’ve seen from his behavior, he at the very least doesn’t seem to mind it. Just as he doesn’t mind the boost he’s gotten from the strategic racism that has defined his campaign.


The right’s fetishizing of Israel — for military aims and with an apocalyptic lust that often involves fantasies of mass conversions of Jews or a rapture that sends all non-Christians to Hell — has made expressing an affinity with at least the Jewish homeland mandatory for mainstream Republicans. Notably, this pose has done nothing to sway American Jews from voting Democratic by a huge majorities.

The antisemitism of Trump’s muse Ann Coulter is increasingly obvious and the defenses of Trump campaign are weak to the point of being insulting.

“Our community has this sort of focus that we want something done a certain way; we want it done right away,” Trump advisor Jason Greenblatt told the Jewish Press. “We’re not the only people in the country.”

Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner wrote a not-so-stirring defense of Trump that invoked his grandfather’s history in the Holocaust, offending much of his own family.

But the weakest defense has come from Trump himself. Of course, he loves the Jews! He lives in New York City and was happy to serve Jewish customersHe even once said, “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” Such respect!


When Trump was asked to denounce the hordes of antisemites attacking reporter Julia Ioffe, who had audacity to write a profile of Melania Trump that the oven-loving Trumpists didn’t like, the candidate said, “I don’t have a message to the fans.”

Ioffe told The Guardian, “The irony of this is that today, when I was getting all of this horrible antisemitic shit that I’ve only ever seen in Russia, I was reminded that 26 years ago today my family came to the U.S. from Russia. We left Russia because we were fleeing antisemitism.”

He did release a statement to the New York Times in May that said, “Antisemitism has no place our society, which needs to be united, not divided.”

The Birther-in-Chief complaining about America being divided is like Steve Jobs complaining about people staring at their phones. And notably Trump didn’t share the message the one place that matters most — on his Twitter account.

These online racist clown hordes call Trump their “glorious leader,” and with one tweet, he could let them know that their support is not appreciated. And he should do so immediately.

Let’s take a moment to get this final point straight, Donnie: You’re losing.

Not only are you losing in a manner that will make your name synonymous with the most misguided political failures of all time, but you’re losing in a way that will make life more difficult for your Jewish grandkids. Not that you care. This could change, not while you’re some sort of symbolic martyr for antisemites.

So: Take one example of a Jewish person being harassed for criticizing you — like this Fox News’ post from Julie Roginsky — link it in a tweet, and say, “The people who are harassing Jewish people in my name are not my fans. I don’t want their support.”

And don’t stop there, go for the throat and use the word that you reserve for those despise most. “In fact, they are losers.”

It would be the first decent thing you’ve done in years.


Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech at Alumisourse, a metals recycling facility, in Monessen, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 28, 2016. REUTERS/Louis Ruediger



  1. Dominick Vila July 11, 2016

    After months of insults, threats, and denigration of ethnic minorities, and other cultures, what Donald Trump is doing is abundantly clear: he is telling every white supremacist and hate group exactly what they want to hear. Whether or not he believes what he is saying is immaterial. His rhetoric is designed to energize a base that most rational people would run away from, and that he cultivates knowing that the radicals that find his discourse appealing, is the only segment of our population that allow him to remain a viable candidate. Not surprisingly, he had the gull to suggest that if elected, he will make America peaceful AGAIN!!! Again? Has he forgotten what took place in the USA in the 1960s?? In the pre-Civil Rights days? Since the earliest beginnings of our history? People like him are the reason for the hatred and prejudices that are tearing us apart. He is definitely not the solution, he is the problem.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

      Exactly! Since he plays no part in the solution, he clearly is part of the problem along with the other dark forces who are attracted to him.

    2. Bill Thompson July 11, 2016

      What is really frightening is he stands at least a 50-50 chance of winning the presidency. The latest TPP debate is just another tool he will use against a clueless and ill informed DNC. Hillary and Debbie’s democratic platforms surrogates need to understand the consequences of supporting president Obamas disastrous TPP legislation. The American public is pissed and tired of taking it on the chin. This election is more about blowing up the establishment then it is about anything else. The old ways of doing business have to be denounced and people need to understand government will work for them.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

    Another fine expose of a tepid and pusillanimous little man who has no inner fortitude to speak out against bigotry. That so many deficient humans would idolize and support his avarice to add Presidential Aspirations to his long list of admired attestations of his self-proclaimed greatness is a clear sign of approaching perhaps a final and irreversible state of spiritual decay.

    In a strange way, such an extinction doesn’t trouble Trump nor them in the least. “Out of sight, out of mind” would be a fatal option.

    1. FireBaron July 11, 2016

      The bigger problem is THE DONALD believes he doesn’t have to know what is wrong or what is right. As long as he believes that people believe he is as rich as he claims to be, and can do all these wonderful things as President that, if it were possible, presidents before him would have done, he will say and do as he wants.
      When his House of Cards comes crashing down in November, he will then point his finger at all of the prominent Republicans (and their multi-billionaire backers – i.e. the real multi-billionaires) who refused to support him, and threaten to take them down hard. The problem is he cannot sue someone for not supporting him politically, and if he has lost the election and tries it, he will be a bigger fool than he already is. Like his threat to get someone to run against Jeff Flake, or any of the others who have said no.
      What will be even better is Mitch McConnell with egg on his face, after hitching his cart to THE DONALD, and refusing to chastise him, as Paul Ryan has done!

    2. plc97477 July 11, 2016

      I am not sure even Voldemort wouldn’t have been appalled.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016


        On second thought, Voldemort would probably bypass on inviting Trump into the club—a Sadist and a Narcissist wouldn’t mix well together.

  3. Angela45875 July 11, 2016

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  4. I of John July 11, 2016

    Dear National Memo, Take a look at some of these faux message dirtbags with their “I make such n such money” while sitting in my behind. Plus check out this hinky link I pasted here! Many folk, myself included, have flagged these in the past, yet the still occcur.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

      Hear, hear! One would think that nowadays someone would be able to filter that junk out.

  5. Leftout July 11, 2016

    The article did not mention anything anti Semitic that Trump has done except eating pork tacos on May 5 . You guys forgot about the Six Pointed Red star , even , found on Disneys movie “Frozen”
    You guys would find a Lion Racist, if the Lion attacked a Zebra.

    1. jmprint July 11, 2016

      This statement is all about love and no division: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are little short guys that wear yarmulkes every day.” Such respect! Yeah you continue to defend a racist, but then you yourself think you are supreme. Hear no evil, see no evil. Now who do you want to wake up?

      1. Leftout July 11, 2016

        I missed the Love from Hate, fine line there some say. How is Trump a Racist. He hires hard working Blacks, illegals , Mexicans, financially astute Hebes , hard drinking Pollocks, and Irish, may be Moslems God forbid, and Catholics and certainly good looking women.

        1. jmprint July 11, 2016

          Yes he uses all ethnicity to do his cheap labor, just like all racist do. Just because you walk a round with a tin cap, and can’t see beyond the royalties of a rich man, can’t feel the racism, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

          1. Leftout July 11, 2016

            Nay, no . He uses people who want to work. My grandparents , some w trade skills others w labor skills took jobs and gladly, fresh off the banana boats . I even answered an adv to pick fruit during the season, in college , the money was great. The work hard , but not for a young person.i went on to higher levels by education, but loved all jobs, ( waxing floors , cleaning bakery trays , assisting on construction jobs , all trades ) learned skills at each and met great people , Blacks, WASPS, WAPS, HUNKIES, MICKS , KIKES, CHINKS , Pollocks , Krauts and we all joked w each other….. A wonderful time. We worked at our level of need and want.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

      Leftout, your name aptly describes your being left out in the dark, not knowing right from wrong, up from down.

      Only you and a few others with specially made CONSERVATIVE micro-chip implants will forever desperately try to find a silver-lining around the imperious Lord Fauntleroy.

      And no—-only someone seduced by Trump’s false allure would imagine that anyone would find a lion racist, no matter what it ate. I realize you’re trying to use a metaphor, but it’s inappropriate and only serves as an artifice to distract.

      And Disney, whatever his problems were, didn’t strut across the land boasting about his accomplishments nor, among other things, about his genitals. Let the image of Trump’s ill-mannered behavior and coarse language sink into your neurons and you’ll finally see what the rest of us see.

      Fare thee well, and keep trying.

      1. Leftout July 11, 2016

        Do not have to try anything. You do not Realize that we ( not conservatives also) voted for thistles on to shake the trees in Coreiupt congress. Anyone involved in Government can not do this because they are entrenched in the system. He follows us and he is the messenger of our concerns. He is a bit off color in his presentations as we are also. He follows us and not the reverse. There are millions who have the same basic thoughts and know the the problems that need fixing. There’s are about 7 points that have to be enforced , no congressional laws are needed just enforcement and a Few Minor changes in the cronyism / corruption of NAFTA type agreements

    3. moishe pippick July 11, 2016

      Who created the image Trump tweeted? Nazis. You give them the benefit of the doubt?

      1. Leftout July 11, 2016

        Not familiar , what image , respectful query.

      2. Leftout July 11, 2016

        You are assuming the Six pointed red star is the Jewish Star. In this case. It is not . And represents the law officers badge from familiar early western movies, the Red Star, recently … I assume you know…. is also the logo on Walt Disneys new movie cartoon “Frozen” .

        1. moishe pippick July 12, 2016

          Wait. It’s established that the image was originally created by white-supremacist neo-nazis. That is a fact. That is not open to interpretation. Are you saying that NAZIS meant a six pointed star to mean a SHERIFFS STAR? Seriously?

          1. Leftout July 12, 2016

            Seriously ?! you are full of kreplach . The BibLe is not even established ….The Six point US Marshals badge has been around since the 1800’s . I do not recall any nazi activity back then. You live a very narrow life style . Open up Moishe you’ve probably not even , ever carpet munched . There are other worlds out there not only you guys .

          2. moishe pippick July 12, 2016

            Feh – tricked by a troll!

          3. Leftout July 12, 2016

            Is you be a troll?

  6. truthseeker July 11, 2016

    To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim
    is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Obadiah Yosef.

    Netanyahu says this loser was the greatest mind of this


  7. Otto T. Goat July 11, 2016

    Obama should call off his cop killers.

    1. PrecipitousDrop July 11, 2016

      You make me SO happy!
      President Obama lives rent-free in your head, all day. Every day!
      Barack Hussein Obama will continue to live, completely rent-free, in your head long after this election is ended.
      Your country is forever changed, Otto. By Barack Hussein Obama. He did that. The leader of your country is Barack Obama!
      Happy! Happy! Happy!

        1. PrecipitousDrop July 11, 2016

          THANKS Fanboy!

        2. JPHALL July 11, 2016

          Wow Otto! You are such an Obama fanboy!

  8. PrecipitousDrop July 11, 2016

    Even if the Trump campaign did have a spasm, a brief episode of good sense, and tried to dissuade the White Power crowd, the Republican party would NEVER allow it. They love racists and bigots. Plus, they can’t afford to lose the majority of their voter base. All they have left are White Supremacists and Evangelicals, and the evangels are losing members.


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