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'Our' Blacks Vs. 'Their' Blacks

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'Our' Blacks Vs. 'Their' Blacks


“Our” blacks? Really?

Social conservative pundits tend to be astonishingly obtuse when discussing race, (See Exhibit A, above) so it is good they rarely do so. Last week was an unfortunate exception, as one of “their” blacks struggled to frame a coherent response to allegations that he harassed female colleagues in the 1990s when he headed the National Restaurant Association. Though accusations of sexual impropriety have beset a bipartisan Who’s Who of black and white politicians, the right wing came out in force to argue that people are only questioning Cain because he is a black conservative.

This would be the same Cain who not so long ago said racism was no longer a significant obstacle for African-Americans. This would be the same right wing that is conspicuous by its silence, its hostility or its complicity when the injustice system imposes mass incarceration on young black men, when the number of hate groups in this country spikes to more than a thousand, when the black unemployment rate stands at twice the national average, when the president is called “uppity” and “boy.”

Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. Rob Loy November 7, 2011

    I am a white retired Army Officer that just loves what Leonard writes. I read his
    stuff in th Pensacola New Journal, and here. L Pitts is never the “pits” He is right on track in every issue he discusses..You go Leonard (Rob)

  2. AwGeesGirl November 7, 2011

    Ann Coulter, literally, makes me ill.

  3. revonline November 7, 2011

    Just so you will know – the democrats conducted a filibuster for 69 days against the civil rights act of 1964. When it was all over and the vote took place – over 80% of the republican voted in favor vs. just over 60% of the democrats. However, when I read articles like yours – the republicans are racist and not the democrats??? Can you see how bias you are in reporting?

  4. dbanks65 November 7, 2011

    There is no difference in the parties. They all are against black people. And what does that mean? “OUR BLACKS vs THEIR BLACKS”.

  5. MuhammadAlvi November 7, 2011

    Ann Coulter needs to know that ‘blacks’ are no more slaves in this country. There is no such thing as her blacks and not her blacks. Ann Coulter makes me sick with her comments. It is sad that some people, in their minds, still look at blacks as their slaves. What a shame!

  6. Siranoush November 7, 2011

    I sincerly believe that if the Conservatives had their way, there would be, no Social Security, no Medicare, no programs at all that would aid the poor, the sick, the disabled–or–anyone except their fellow, selfish,self-centered, conservative friends. It’s not me just saying this. It is their past record which proves it.
    Thank you.

  7. JohnKohls November 7, 2011

    This particular diversion misses the GOP plan implemented in the late ’60s after Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats got behind the civil rights movements. The GOP then swerved hard-right into the “Southern Strategy” to pick up white southern racists disaffected by the change in the Democratic party. Google it sometime.

  8. MuhammadAlvi November 7, 2011

    I don’t understand what Revonline is trying to say. We all see that white people, irrespective of political party affiations, are prejudiced against black people (and other minorities). That is why there are hundreds of laws on books against discremination. If there was no prejudice and no discrimination, there woild be no such laws. It is also a fact that republican philosophy goes against blacks.

  9. sailor4165 November 7, 2011

    Ann Coulter is a sensationalist, like a sick comedian, trouble is she hurts people, but that is her intent. She is not a happy person that profits and enjoys character assassination. She is journalism scum and only demonstrates how low Fox news will stoop to provide scandalous reporting. She is repulsive, but that is her intent.

  10. msmahley3747 November 7, 2011

    Is Ann Coulter and Hannity sisters?

  11. malvoe November 7, 2011

    another mentally inefficient republican. They get more crazy as time goes on.

  12. Jus2Put November 7, 2011

    revonline should know that in 1964, Democrats in congress came largely from the South. Back then they were just as socially reactionary as the same people are today, but they were called “Democrats” for historical reasons. When their true affinity for conservative (reactionary) principles became realized, they switched en masse to the Republican party, where they reside to this day. Thus the anomaly of “Democrats” blocking the Civil Rights Act.

  13. jane h November 7, 2011

    she just spews so much vitriol that its sickening to hear her. her life must be horrible if that is all she knows……..

  14. Jimboleus November 7, 2011

    She’s blonde(well that maybe from a bottle) and Republican.Nothing else need be said..
    But seriously what the above poster Revonline has missed in his opinion about bias is that the Soutern tier of States,were all Democrat leaning UNTIL,,the civil rights bill was enacted..Thus the creation of the Dixie-Crates and the huge swing over to the Republican party.Mr Pitts points this out..””Social conservatives, then based largely in the Democratic Party of the early to mid-20th century, opposed the Voting Rights Act. They opposed the Civil Rights Act. They opposed school integration. They opposed the Montgomery Bus Boycott. They opposed a law to crack down on lynching.””
    Being a southerner,a WHITE SOUTHERNER ,I see 1st hand how the Republican party has taken ownership of racial devisiveness in the New South. Examples included but not limited to are voter suppression and congressional district gerrrymandering.

  15. bayoutnm November 7, 2011

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. Whites are not comfortable with blacks who can think for themselves, just the ones in their Amen corner. On the other hand blacks are not comfortable with blacks who think and act for themselves either, therefore, we make it easy for people like Ann Coulter. We criticize one another, envy those who actual benefit from the their education and hardwork. We also think that we are different from each other, but in America you are just another …while you trying to seperate yourself from your black brothers and sisters. So don’t lose your job or business, and you will find out. If they see President Obama as “uppidity” and a “boy”, what do you think they see you as? Racism in this country today is just as prevalent as it was when everything was segregated. The only difference is that it’s not legal. The laws have forced them to changed their outward behavior, but in their hearts they are still the same. Just look at all the institutions that have declined since so called equality became the catch phrase, especially education and government (when blacks began to get the jobs in government that once could only be held by whites, it became Big Government). Let’s wake up people racism in America is alive and doing very well. The only reason we are accepted is that the money we spend says, In God We Trust, so does that spent by whites. The clock turned black on Ronald Regan’s watch. He made southern white democratice feel it was ok to be racist again. All while putting them and their children on the fast track back to the trailer parks with his overall of the tax code that took away the tax deduction for interest you paid on your car, credit cards and other areas that hit at the heart of the American way of life.

  16. Bernard Forand November 7, 2011

    This is not the first time republicans have sabotaged their own Black candidates. This one, no doubt was to eliminate the prospect of having two African American running for President. Something their perverted biases can not fathom. LOL John Birch and Jim Crow must be turning in their K.K.K. graves. Excellent article

  17. gera November 7, 2011

    When it comes to issues like Medicare and/or civil rights, forget about party labels. They are a smoke screen. Its any conservatives vs. any liberals. The conservatives have opposed ANYTHING that helps the poor or the racial minorities or the unemployed. The only “principle” they have supported is the one that puts other people’s money into their bank accounts. What hyppocrites! We don’t need ANY of them–democrats or REPUBLICANS.

  18. doc4cd1 November 7, 2011

    I have been saying for years that it is time to stop calling Ann and others like her Conservatives. They are Radical Reactionaries that stand for an unraveling of the Social Fabric that has held this nation togeather and brought prosperity for most until these Reactionaries began their dismantling process in the 1980’s with Supply Side VooDoo Economics.

    Many Middle Class people fell for their rhetorical BULLS__T and began to vote against their own economic self-interest. We heard about Welfare moms in pink Cadillacs, we heard that social assistance programs that were being “abused” by those that did not want to work…..so vote for the Republicans that stood for “family values”, against “abortion”, against “Gay Marriage” and so forth. All the time in the background, these Reactionaries were giving tax breaks to the rich and to businesses (helping fund the out-sourcing of many of the jobs these middle class people lost), they started wars for unfathomable reasons and GAVE tons of Middle Class money to the War Department (let’s stop calling it the Defense Department…I mean….really) helping Haliburton, Black Forest and many others get rich, right down to the blatant statements of racists like McConnell and Coulter and others that they will do anything (translates to let the economy die and along with it the remains of the middle class) so long as Obama is a one term president.

    Back to the top, so let us rejoice that Ann, like many of her Reactionary friends have come to the point of near insanity. Ann et al actually believe that the American public has not awakened to the poisonous nature of the perspective. Hence, their proclamations continue to get further and further from reality. This will allow even those who are still walking around in the fog the Reactionaries have produced, to wake and begin to smell the BULLS__T for what it is and it ain’t roses.

    Please Ann Coulter….KEEP TALKING

  19. Shaun Costello November 7, 2011

    ANN COULTER IS AN ALIEN, claims former lover Lou Dobbs. In a shocking revelation today, Dobbs recounts his torrid affair with Right Wing Siren Ann Coulter, and his horrific, and bewildering sexual encounters with the Republican Right’s hottest hottie. “The moment I realized Ann was not human, that she was an alien being, not of this word, was the moment I knew I was the sexual slave of an extraterrestrial”, claimed Dobbs.

  20. WesCarter November 7, 2011

    The “Three Stooges” of politics!!! Are these three brothers?

  21. TBOB November 7, 2011

    Do you think it gives Clarence Thomas a warm, fuzzy feeling to know he is one of Ann Coulter’s blacks?

    That is how Coulter put it on Fox “News” while defending Herman Cain against sexual harassment charges that threatened to engulf his campaign last week. “Liberals,” she said, detest black conservatives, but the truth is, “our blacks are so much better than their blacks.”

    Yes, “I believe he is probably quite content being one of her blacks. Evidently they own some blacks because she said it. My question is what did I miss, because she said their blacks and our blacks. I must have missed that boat because nobody owns me but God. I think she is talking about the republicans and conservatives. I am not one of them. “Man,” and to see what these owners think of the Conservative and Republican blacks. They still don’t consider them to be equal to them, “they own them”. Wow, no wonder they say Democrates are brainwashed. It is really because we know better.

  22. NICKO November 7, 2011

    Makes you wonder who belongs to whom? I really enjoyed Mr. Pitts article and it does make one think what is wrong with this country and it’s politics.
    Thanks Mr. Pitts

  23. LindaTift November 7, 2011

    Ms. Coulter has never had any class. The Republican’s for years have been looking for a validator for their bad behavior toward the black population and they found him in Herman Cain. What they did’nt count on was a man that also uses the power he has accumulated to sexually harrash women. Herman, Ms. Coulter is single and always looking for attention.

  24. Bob_Oregon November 7, 2011

    All of the comments about Democrats vs Republicans is stereotyping. In 1964, it was segregationist Democrats from the south opposing civil rights. There also were progressive Republican around then supporting civil rights. Today, I don’t hear any progressive, or even “moderate” Republicans, speaking out against the Party line. I was raised with the utopian idea of “free the oppressed” and the world’s ills would be healed. It was in the mid-60’s I realized that there are also many thieves, con artists, embezzlers and opportunists among the oppressed who will exploit their neighbors and others. Our current political/economic system encourages these kind of people at the expense of the public good. This is what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is all about. Private and institutional corruption is the “elephant in the room” few want to talk about, especially those in power. American Capitalism today is not about “competition,” it is about monopoly by a few; and the “playing field” is nowhere near level. This has to change.

  25. bitommhy63 November 7, 2011

    250 years of educational, technological, medicinal, biological and physical stuctural advancement; greater than any other country in the world,and yet,we can ‘t overcome our adversity and fear to others who don’t look, think, or talk like us. What will it take to honor the real meaning of a constitution that was written specifically to address our need to live and work together like brothers and sisters. We enact laws to protect each other from the corruption and crime propagated by those who don’t believe in equal rights, but we keep creating more and more Ann Coulters and Rush Limbaughs to prey upon the least of society so that their prejudice and deceived base has a home for their hatred and anger. It can’t continue;there needs to be a reinventing of acceptance of all of our neighbors so that these demogogues can’t find a market for their self – serving fervor.

  26. Julian Tebye November 7, 2011

    Ann Coulter sometimes has a brilliant writing style. Too bad she doen’t use logic. Don’t forget that she wrote that Jews would be happier and better off if they became Christians. She also wrote that all Muslim leaders should be killed, and all Muslims should be converted to Christianity.
    But I think her statement that REALLY sums up her brilliance and wisdom is when wrote that Georgwe W. Bush is our greatest president! Yes! She actually wrote that! And she added that he is “greater than Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington”!
    But–let us stick to facts: The Emancipation Proclamation was written by a Republican! Republicans were not always as blind as they seem to be today. There are actually a few who THINK–not just spit out nonsense against Democrats and Liberals. (Not all Democrats are Liberals, and vice-versa.) Give me a few weeks and (maybe) I can come up with the name of a Republican who can think for him/herself.

  27. Sandi November 7, 2011

    I moved South in 1960 from NY. There were NO Republicans in the South because that was the party of Abraham Lincoln! If you registered Republican the Klan burned a cross on your lawn! Black people in the south did not vote, or voted at their peril. When Kennedy was shot in November 1963, I heard many southerners rejoice that the damn Yankee was dead and Lyndon would set things right.
    When Johnson upheld Kennedy’s Civil Rights policies and brought the Great Society, the southern white men who had been Dixiecrats became Republicans to a man! Strom Thurmond, Jesse Helms, John Connoly, etc. and finally Trent Lott. Georgia went Republican in the 1964 election – for the first time in 100 years. The party of Lincoln, became the party opposed to the Democrats Civil Rights activism. The history of the Republican party now in the South is that it is RACIST. In 1980 Reagan brought the southern Baptists and the Catholics to the Republican party by marrying the Republican Party to the anti-abortion movement. The Republican Party after Gerald Ford is an entirely different animal to what it was before. It is no longer the party of Lincoln or Nelson Rockefeller or Dwight David Eisenhower. It sold its soul and its values to gain the South. All you have to do is look at the electoral college map and see which states are bleeding red.

  28. rojoknight November 7, 2011

    Low and behold had this message in my mail box. The National Memo. Truth always hurts liberalism. One thing for sure sounds like a bunch of libs on here that have educated themselfs stupid.

  29. rustacus21 November 7, 2011

    I feel very comfortably when I say that our Progressive & Liberal Whites AND Blacks are superior to those of any American political party!!! Of course I jest, but the inferences of this silly haranguings, are what’s wrong w/Conservatives in the 1st place. Coulter & the entire Conservative “tribe” only know of 1 kind of acceptable Black – those who denounce their “Blackness”. Among Progressives & Liberals, we embrace – Barack Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, Al Sharpton, Alexis Herman, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Ben Carson, Howard Dean, Jimmy Carter, Dee Dee Meyers, John, Robert & Ted Kennedy(s), as well as Martin Luther King AND Malcolm X, who all occupy our heritage “tent”. Conversely, the diversity of Conservatives, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter Rush Limbaugh, George Wallace, Herman Cain, Ronald Reagan, George(s) Bush(s), Barbara Bush, Ayn Rand, Alan Keyes and a reluctant honorable mention to Colin Powell, as a Conservative for years, until betrayal & humiliation, by way of discrepant intelligence & the war he would later denounce, reveals inconsistencies, as well as a serious conflicts as to Liberty, opportunity, equality, under the Constitution, afforded “some” Americans, more so than “other” Americans, as well as allowing the extension of fundamental decency, & human rights to “ALL” (in Indonesian, Vietnamese, African, Central & South Americans, during the years of Conservative executives’) human beings. So you see, no person of reasoned, coherent intelligence, would configure their mind to even make such a statement, w/out meaning to create conflict! Leave it to Coulter to dive into the vipers pit & emerge… vacant…

  30. coraktp November 7, 2011

    One hundred and fifty years after the end of slavery in the US and black people are still possessions! Overseas, I hear people say that “our” blacks in the US are so much nicer than “their” blacks in the UK, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, etc. While American whites think the blacks “owned” by whites in foreign countries, like the UK and Australia are so much better than “their own” domestic black people. So, I guess it’s an improvement that the Republican Right pridefully thinks “it’s blacks” are better than those “belonging to” the liberals. Why Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas are just the best little pick-a-ninnies ever don’t y’all know. Better even than that ole’ Uncle Tom in Uncle Tom’s Cabin says Anne Coulter.

  31. toosmarttovoteGOP November 8, 2011

    “our blacks are so much better than their blacks.” Awww… talk about your warm fuzzy…

  32. CharlesEdwardMartin November 8, 2011

    There are very few Black republicans. Blacks all follow the democratic party. now the Hispanics are all going democratic as well. No problem.

  33. K.t.Doggett November 8, 2011

    Yeah. Clarence and Herman. They gooood boys, huh? Almost good like Amos n’ Andy.

  34. senator November 8, 2011

    Ann Coulter is a DIS. (dick in sand)
    I’d rather do a DIS than make love to her

  35. duchess647 November 9, 2011

    To those who don’t understand the term, “Our Blacks”, is the house ^%$$#@ and “Their Blacks” is the field $#%%@$.It goes back to the days of slavery,The blacks who worked in the house loved their master, those who worked in the fields hated their master. When the master got sick, the good ole house $%##@! prayed for the master and cried” What’s the matter massa ” we” sick?” The field @!##@$ prayed that the massa died. Cain is a bought and paid for house @#$$@#. Who do you send to slay the evil giant( as some would like to think of our president) another of his own kind. Wake up people , don’t let “The Man” divide and conquer. Vote people not parties. There are good people on both sides of the equation. And as far as “Our” blacks, I belong to my God and my family. You can hire me but you can’t “Own ” me. I am not on the auction block for sale.

  36. pamela54 November 9, 2011

    This is disgusting, the person using this term is a racist! This is to say that “Our Blacks” still implies a type of “ownership”. To suggest that because you are a certain way in your political views makes you somehow a better person because of your color is rediculous. Wake up out there and smell the dirty underwear being flown in your face on the back of bullcrap desguised as an appreciation of “OUR BLACKS”!

  37. dadsspook58 November 13, 2011

    Sounds like Ann Coulter’s living in the wrong era. She be better off being a slave owner in the South pre-civil war. Herman Cain, what can one say, Uncle Tom loves the attention he’s getting from the white, ultra-conservative white republicans who are probably descended from southern plantation owners.

  38. cminhtown November 21, 2011

    Anne Coulter is correct. Black Republicans tend to be hard working,tough and resourceful….unlike their lazy,wining,public titty sucking counterparts. Every last person who responded to this article knows exactly what was meant by Ms.Coulter’s comments but just could’nt resist the temptation to play the race card. Because it is the only one you libtards have to play. I am a white boy who usually votes Republiturd but was convinced Mr.Obama would actually do as he said. Which he hasnt.I was looking for more gay rights,maybe even gay marriage,an end to this admittedly racist and very unconstitutional drug war we have been waging against our own people,more transparency in the political processes.But instead he has wound up being more like ex-pres Bush than anyone could have imagined…..You see black or white just doesnt matter much does it?


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