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Paul Ryan Takes A Shot At Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Comment

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Paul Ryan Takes A Shot At Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Comment


Paul Ryan (R-WI) used his first major speech after the election to separate himself from Mitt Romney.

Speaking at the Jack Kemp Foundation’s Leadership Award Dinner, the former GOP nominee for vice president and current chairman of the House Budget Committee told the attendees, “Both parties tend to divide Americans into ‘our voters’ and ‘their voters.”

In his infamous “47 percent” tape recorded at a private fundraiser during the campaign, Mitt Romney claimed that 47 percent of Americans could never be convinced to vote for him because they were dependent on the government. Ironically, Romney’s share of the popular vote has turned out to be just about exactly 47 percent.

“Republicans must steer far clear of that trap,” Ryan said. “We must speak to the aspirations and anxieties of every American. I believe we can turn on the engines of upward mobility so that no one is left out from the promise of America.”

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) also spoke at the event, leading many to call the dinner the first event of the 2016 GOP primary. Both speakers joked about sharing another dinner in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina.

Politico reports that Ryan used the word “poverty” 15 times in his speech, which suggests that he’s focusing on the messaging he wanted to use in a series of speeches to be given in urban areas this past fall. The Romney campaign reportedly nixed Ryan’s idea.

During the final weeks of the campaign Ryan seemed to disappear, as swing voters seemed turned off by his budget, which would be ” the biggest transfer of wealth, from poor and middle class to rich, in modern U.S. history.”

Ryan said he was proud of the campaign he just ran and called the the former governor of Massachusetts a “a good man.”

As they try to figure out why Mitt Romney lost, Republicans have focused on CNN’s poll question, “What is the most important candidate quality to your vote?” Among the people who said “Cares about people,” Mitt Romney lost 81-18 percent.

Clearly, Ryan’s approach to improving that result is to insist that he cares about all Americans.

However, as a member of the Republican negotiation team on the so-called “fiscal cliff,” he’s continued to endorse cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that the public largely rejects. He’s also steadfast in his defense of keeping tax rates low for the rich. The congressman never mentioned immigration reform, a policy many Republicans are now endorsing to reverse their losses with Latinos.

The difference between Ryan now and Romney’s campaign, for now, is entirely in tone.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Steve Helber


  1. highpckts December 5, 2012

    Here we go again! I know what his views are and I still won’t vote for him in any office!!

    1. Stanley Niziolek December 5, 2012

      @highpckts; You got that right. The 2012 elections are just over and Paul Ryan is already talking about 2016. Good grief.

    2. evon23 December 5, 2012

      I absolutely agree. Ryan is a chameleon who is willing to change colors to try to make himself blend with the horizon. WE are not to be fooled.

      1. one_veteran December 5, 2012

        Ryan needs to SHUT UP and go wash some more clean pots and pans! How in the hell did he get re elected to congress?? Romney / Ryan couldn’t even carry their own towns or states.

        1. u_go_guys December 5, 2012

          Only his district likes him. That will not win him the presidency. He just does not get it.

          1. John Sehler December 5, 2012

            If his lips are moving he’s lying.

          2. zola98 December 5, 2012

            Wow, I was about to comment on his serious pathology ie lying, lying, lying. Guess his mother never washed his mouth out with soap for lying, I mean he just didn’t turn into such a liar overnight. The R’thug media ie FCUK News called him out on his many lies. He doesn’t have a hope in hell. His 30% takers remark will follow him all the days of his life.

          3. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

            He has the critical thinking skills of a freakin three yr old. He is so comical that I can’t believe he was ever elected for anything…obviously the people who know him best (the ppl of Wisconsin) know him well enough to agree with me.

        2. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

          Same as many GOP Congressman, by Gerrymandering the districts. Not only did he barely win his own seat back….he lost his STATE….he won’t get very far that way. He can’t win on a National Level even Wisconsin doesn’t like him.

        3. joan December 5, 2012

          I think sending him back to Congress was his consolation prize from the people of Wisconsin.

        4. Doctor T December 5, 2012

          Think he won due to gerrymandering.

      2. Liz Feeser-Regan December 5, 2012

        Didn’t work so well for Mr. Flip Flop Romney, and it won’t work for Ryan.

        1. JJ December 6, 2012

          Agree.. Agree,,!! My sentiments exactly..Just shows how much of a untrustworthy person..couldn’t wait until the Election trail was “cold” to start to stake his claim! Hah. we will see who even remembers him as a potential anything in 2016.

      3. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

        What was it Bush said……”Fool me once shame on …me….fool me …uh uh…fool me…uuhh…well there’s a saying in TEXAS.” LOL HAHAHAHAH Paul Ryan for President …Hah… GET ready for an A$$ kicking by HILLARY.

  2. Jack December 5, 2012

    If Pau Ryan and his Congress croonies don’t work with the president and solve the fiscal cliff problem solved this month then he and all his other cronnies can pretty well figure they not going to get reelected period. They just took a butt kicking in the presidental election, the people have spoken!! Its time to do your Job Mr Ryan and thats work for the people, like they stated in the election in November or pack your crap and get out !!!!

    1. RonaldS December 5, 2012

      You are correct!

    2. Fern Woodfork December 5, 2012

      I Hope The Lying King Don’t Think He Has A Chance Of Becoming President With His Fake Washing Dishes ASS!!!! Paul Ryan Will Also Waste His Time And Other People Money Cause We Will Shut His Immoral Ass Down Too Like We Did Already!!!! Matter Of Fact The GOP Tea Party American Taliban Members Will All Have A Hard Time From Now On Getting Into The President Seat For Years To Come Cause Of Their Mind Set Is Just Backward And It Does Not Reflect The Vast Majority Of We The People!!!

      1. CPANewYork December 5, 2012

        I think that Paul Ryan will feel fortunate if he’s re-elected. His own party is “marginalizing” him.

        1. avalon December 5, 2012

          I agree, maybe he will go back to running 3 hr marathons.

          1. Sand_Cat December 5, 2012

            Don’t care how long he takes, so long as the last mile or two extends beyond the shore of a major ocean.

          2. july860 December 5, 2012

            good one

          3. Melvin Chatman December 6, 2012

            Yall some “COLD” folks on here today – I’m Speechless!!!

      2. LadyEll December 5, 2012

        Do they ever see the recorded tapes of themselves speaking nonsense and the GOP has no common sense at all. Those days are gone for good. It is great to know that 53% of American Voters are not racist, bigots, prejudice or educated ignoramus who followed a cult worshiper-Willard Romney-

      3. july860 December 5, 2012

        Fern we need you to keep us fired up for 2014!

        1. Fern Woodfork December 5, 2012

          You Better Believe I Will!!! 🙂 We Will NEVER Have Another 2010 Again In Life If I Can Help It!!!

          1. 324516 September 28, 2013

            fern now dont bite my head off because let say that a rep. does manage to take the house as in the white in2014 doubtful i know what female do we have in the wing to take it back i mean we the libs the left the DEMS. have aways led this nation in important issue .fair houseing, racial justice, women rigths older amer rights we are the leader so which democrat women is able to lead this nation i know qur lady hilary is still thier but who else we have to think about that as the rep. plan in advance so do we your thoughts mine ilike the state sen from texas she stood tall

    3. Fubom December 5, 2012

      While I agree with what you are saying, the fact is that due to district gerrymandering by the republicans, they will have a lock on the house for a long time to come. The republicans lost Ryan’s home district in the presidential race, but he still managed to retain his seat, virtually without campaigning for it while running for VP. Unless the people that vote republican, regardless of how inept or corrupt the candidate, learn to use their brains and vote for their own best interest, we will be stuck with these tea party morons for decades to come.

      1. RudyBlue December 5, 2012

        Can’t the gerrymandering be changed to more properly distribute the votes in a reasonable physical district? Seems like I’ve seen a few petitions about just exactly this issue. I know voters in California voted on November 6 to leave the creation of districts to a non-political board and keep it out of the hands of the Sacramento politicians themselves.

        1. JSquercia December 5, 2012

          That same idea should apply to the Secretary of State the official in charge of voting .Look at the Ahole in Ohio . He went so far at one point as to allow extra time for Early voting in Republican Counties while denying extra time to Democratic Counties . He fought the bad fight all the way to the Supreme Court . Of course he was following in the footsteps Blackwell and Katherine Harris .

          1. jarheadgene December 6, 2012

            He also committed some political suicide with their own State Supreme Court Justices by being a dick to them. GOP doesn’t know how to play fair. They have walked around with an attitude that they are always right and they always get to make the rules since NIXON. I believe because he got away with being a part of the murder of JFK. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but Oswald did NOT act alone. NO ONE is that good a shot with that much of a P.O.S. of a rifle.

          2. Michael Kollmorgen December 6, 2012

            I remember when JFK was shot. I was in Junior High Science Class when it was announced.

            No, I never thought Oswald acted alone.

          3. louise Gilstrap March 15, 2013

            My home was in the Dallas area, and neither did I or anyone im my community. still don’t.nor do I think Jack Ruby dies from cancer.OH!! where was wiickleaks then?

      2. northroader1775 December 5, 2012

        I bet they all take the allen west road out of congress. You know the one where they just keep proving they are insane over and over and over and over until even trolls can’t stand it anymore.

    4. Don December 29, 2012

      Get Ry on it Paul or you will be a dead dog come next election in Wisconsin

    5. louise Gilstrap March 15, 2013

      very true. both need to get together more ofter to do the people business,not some high powered lobby.

  3. frida December 5, 2012

    I like the first sentence: “Paul Ryan used his first major speech after the election to separate himself from Mitt Romney”.
    This is why people don’t trust politicians. Wasn’t Paul Ryan who was using the phrase; “Mitt Romney and I”wherever he went during the campaign?

  4. ignore the facts December 5, 2012

    If there’s anyone out there who is completely irrevelant, it is Paul Ryan. His ideas are not ideas, they are forced payment by the middle class to give him and his cronies more and more and more. Higher rates on the rich have NEVER been a stumbling block for job creation. They do in fact, sitimulate it by people spending more, buying more, and therefore creating the need for MORE business to serve them. He is so wrong, I find it so hard to believe anyone is listening to him at all. The repugs didn’t learn a thing during this last campaign and still think they can sneer and smirk at the rest of us. Ryan couldn’t even carry his own state, for God’s sake. We are not that dumb. We see through his plan. Get out of the way, Ryan. We intend to have progress, not backward ideas. And, by the way, this country is BIG, and it takes BIG government to handle it. So get over the idea of ‘small government” becaue that was done with a long time ago.

    1. Grunge45 December 5, 2012

      Paul Ryan has consistently asked for severely reducing programs for the people, while trying to lower tax rates for the wealthy. He ran with Romney, because he agrees with him.

  5. docb December 5, 2012

    Ryan lyin thinks we don’t remember that he said the same thing that romeny did but used 30% instead of 47%…that he got the group to vote against Simpson Bowles, and is a rabid anti- womens rights whacko!

    Won’t work eddie muenster! Did not last month and won’t again NOW! Get out of our face..you were a bluff and a scam artist and showed yourself to be a liar to boot!

  6. RonaldS December 5, 2012

    Ryan is another phoney. Rubio already won’t comment on the age of the Earth. They are bot not electable.

    1. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

      Rubio can only pull the Cuban vote….and not ALL of that. Sorry Rubio this American Native/Mexican-American says…..NOPE!

  7. 2hheels2 December 5, 2012

    Ryan can change his words, but his actions and votes over the years show his disdain for anyone that is not the top percentage. He would have to go against the policies of the party to spread his new concern for the poor. This won’t work with this tea party Republican party. This is not the republican party I grew up in. Most of us that have gone independent don’t even recognize this party.

    1. u_go_guys December 5, 2012

      “spread his new concern for the poor”; Ayan Rand is spinning in her grave.

  8. Grunge45 December 5, 2012

    When Ryan talks about poverty, he is describing how to put those there now into deeper holes, and how to shift middle class people into it. Ant the rich will get richer.

  9. Dominick Vila December 5, 2012

    Considering his role in the Republican debacle in 2012, I doubt anyone, even the most obtuse Tea Party advocate will consider this guy for anything other than a Waste Management vacancy. His extreme far right proposals were an integral part of the GOP defeat. Make no mistake, Romney was only part of it, what influenced 53% of Americans to vote for President Obama was a rejection of right wing extremism, and nobody personifies that “attribute” better than Paul Ryan.

    1. u_go_guys December 5, 2012

      The Tea Party is on the way out anyway taking Paul Ryan with them.

      1. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

        From your lips to GOD’s ears…..may it be so !!!

    2. jointerjohn December 5, 2012

      Observe where the GOP has painted itself into the corner. The last time they had a Presidential candidate far enough to the right to be acceptable to these guys today was Herbert Hoover! Bob Dole would not even be eligible for a Senate Committee in today’s GOP due to being “too far left” for them! They would tar and feather Dwight Eisenhower! When they finally come down off the ceiling over the 2012 election results they will realize they have been driving on the shoulder, not even in the right lane. Guys like Paul Ryan will get dropped like a bad habit.

      1. William December 5, 2012

        My Dad was a Rep all his life and since Eisenhower I can’t see him voting for another Rep. No one they have now for sure, he hated lying .

        1. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

          My mom is devout Mormon (lives in SLC) and has been staunch Repub her ENTIRE life, well, until now – even rational Mormons voted Obama, and I am proud to say my mother was one of them.

  10. Shakiru Alowonle December 5, 2012

    you very right,congress need to do the job they were voted in to do,period.

  11. Eleanore Whitaker December 5, 2012

    Makes sense when you consider the Ryan ego and that of his bully Republican bois. This young twerp hasn’t the experience or the knowledge to manage world affairs…start with that. Just imagine him using his bully pulpit on world leaders…they’ll laugh in this young snot nose’s face.

    Senior citizens are not going to vote for a Republican attack dog who believes his stranglehold over our tax dollars is his right and privilege to dole out to Big Oil, Big Pharma and the rest of the Corporate welfare recipients.

    A vote for this twerp is a vote to work to live and live to work until you drop at your job.

    1. Sand_Cat December 5, 2012

      Unfortunately, lots and lots of senior citizens did vote for the twerp; I believe he and the MittWit won the over-65 crowd. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

  12. Jack Wormer December 5, 2012

    “Clearly, Ryan’s approach to improving that result is to insist that he cares about all Americans”…

    With his cold, cobra-like gaze and that thin, cruel sneer when talking about the “entitlement-guided” of the last campaign, methinks the Congressman from Wisconsin has quite a lot of self-improvement to MAKE in order to cinvince any of them 47%-ers…..

    “Fool me once….” and that sort of stuff…..

  13. Liz Feeser-Regan December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan was NOT a big help to Romney, he had his own problem with foot in mouth plus he is a Tea Party supporter, no thanks Paul couldn’t even get your own state behind you, why do you think you could get all of America behind you?

  14. ChristoD December 5, 2012

    The problem with the Republican ‘brand’ is that, in its present extreme right form, it is built to fail. There is practically nothing that is positive in their messaging. There support comes from hard right evangelicals and lemming pro-life and anti-womens rights Catholics and other religious groups, extreme gun toters, hard core ‘conservatives’ who will vote straight line Republican just becuase they are anti-Democrat/liberals and other folks that can’t think for themselves and have bought into the talking heads on FOX and the radio that spew nothing but hate, vitriol, lies and absurd hyperbole. There is ZERO positive messaging coming from them. ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. To hear them, the only positive message that they try and deliver is that they are NOT those liberal, tax and spend (NOT TRUE….BOTH SIDES CONTRIBUTE ABOUT EVENLY) Democrats which is laughable. To further hear them one would think that the US is in its’ last throes as the leader of the FREE world, that we ar becoming a socialist nation which is insulting and laughable and that we are becoming weak militarily..(tell that to anyone who would dare take us on). Except those foolish enough, such as religious fanatics who believe God is on their side and that alone is why they will win, to take us on all we need look at is Iraq I and regrretfully II. Even though II was grossly mismanaged, it was a lopsided military win to the extreme. Our descendcy could not be further from the truth. Case in point….in 4 – 6 years we will be energy independent and will again be the envy of the world. Thank you FRACKING !

    Rep. Ryan is the classic example of those on the right that don’t get it. Rather than preach a balance in solving our fiscal problems including reasonable increases in taxes to cover the expected shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare (he/they want to privatize them so that they can make $$’s off of them) they sign no more increases in taxes pledges. This after they CREATED the National Debt problem under Reagan, Bush I and II and then sign those absurd pledges all in the name of right wing ideological purity.

    Forget it folks, fortunately MOST Americans are smart enough not to be duped by these airheads. What makes it taste so sweet is that the folks that they are trying to screw are the ones that lead the charge to kick their asses in 2012…..women, blacks, hispanics and the younger set with solid enough backing from died-in-the-wool Democrats.

    Screw Paul Ryan. Unti,l or rather UNLESS, he can prove his hocus pocus budgets will work, tell him to shove his ‘revenue neutral’ crap where the sun don’t shine.

  15. CPANewYork December 5, 2012

    Maybe the Republican leadership realizes that it’s policies are anathema to the middle class, but they’re caught in their own history. I believe that even if Paul Ryan tries to soften his approach, he cannot disavow his proposed budget without appearing to be a complete hypocrite.

    I hope that he is defeated for re-election.

    1. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

      A hypocrite in the GOP….hmmm…IMAGINE that!

  16. Progressive Patriot December 5, 2012

    Beware of this guy.

    He will say anything to get elected.

    He is still an Ayn Rand, I don’t know what, at heart. He buys that stuff about the, “Makers and the Takers,” hook line and sinker.

    Let’s remember that he’s got the corporate/elite bubble machine behind him, and they will put a mighty spin on his sad record for the next four years if they think he can win. Sad to say, but it seems that much of the electorate has a very short memory.

    We can’t let up on this guy. His policies are hurtful to all but the 1%; of which he aspires to be.
    That quote about turning…” on the engines of upward mobility…” is just crap/spin for transfering more wealth to the 1%. That’s what he thinks is best for America. IT’S ON THE RECORD!

    1. jarheadgene December 5, 2012

      The Republican Bubble…..gets deflated time and time again by You Tube…Fact Check…Facebook. THANK GOD for the INTERNET and great phone cameras or we may have been waking up to Pres. Romney….Yuck !

      1. Progressive Patriot December 6, 2012

        So glad your on duty, Jarhead… I REALLY do not want to have any of those arrogant, silver spoon sucking sons of biscuits heading my government. 🙂

    2. Hillbilly December 5, 2012

      He is one of the 1% with his millions he inherited from his dad’s estate and he married into a rich family so he has a few millons

      1. Progressive Patriot December 6, 2012

        Of course, you’re right, Hillbilly. I still see him as sucking up to the likes of the Koch’s, Adelson…

  17. Fred Mebane December 5, 2012

    Rats leaving the ship..

  18. LadyEll December 5, 2012

    Sorry Paul Ryan- you also said that about the 30 % of Americans want free stuff from the Government. Remember you also was on tape-the end to the GOP

  19. u_go_guys December 5, 2012

    Remember this line from the Washington Post, The Plum Line, article “Paul Ryan and conservatives have not gotten the message of this election”: “REPACKAGE the same ideas”.
    That is, “UNDISGUISED language of conservative ideology is unpopular”, so keep the ideaology, just spin (DISGUISE) it better (continue the 2012 deception and lies in order to win in 2016).

  20. Riconui December 5, 2012

    There really needs to be a law against anyone campaigning this soon after an election. Especially if it’s someone whose party LOST.

  21. William December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan is where he is today because SS put him through school, now he wants to get screw it up for everyone else. Just another case of I got mine to HELL with the rest of you!! He can say anything he wants now, they are good at telling people what they think they want to hear, but you only need to go look at what he did in his budget plan to know what he really thinks. As far as I’m concerned he was the reason the Rep Party did as poorly as it did, and now he wants to through Romney under the bus, does that tell you anything about the type of person he is and the Rep Party is full of people just like him or worse.

    1. Sand_Cat December 5, 2012

      Maybe the “SS” (Social Security?) put him through school, but he’s now ready for the real SS (sorry I don’t recall the German word).

  22. DurdyDawg December 5, 2012

    If anybody chooses to vote for this idiot in 2016 then their simply going to slit their own throat (unless of course their part of the 5%).. No one who attempted to represent this country in the 2012 presidential election and lost will have any better chance in 2016 unless they totally change their policies which with pubs is an impossible feat to attempt with a straight face.. May I offer an alternative if it comes to a Ryan package?

  23. Justin Napolitano December 5, 2012

    Ryan is and always will be of the rich, by the rich and for the rich till the end of his privileged life.
    If I were in the same room as he, I would back out holding on to my wallet as I left.

  24. Witnes This! December 5, 2012


  25. adriancrutch December 5, 2012

    Just harping on poverty is not gonna get the job done for him! The save me Jesus followers are naive enough to bite on that,but the nation as a whole is just not that stupid! And democrats are educating them on their messiah syndrome’s. We can keep beating back Big Money!

  26. ococoob December 5, 2012

    Is he nuts here?

  27. Richard Cofrancesco December 5, 2012

    This guy is on the budget committee that can’t get anything done and he’s throwing his hat in the ring now,one word “NUT”S”

  28. Nancy Snead December 5, 2012

    if ryan decides to run for president in 2016 he must b an idiot he hasnt changed and he will never change whoever the democrats decide will b voted for and they too will beat him we went thru 8 yrs of bush he almost destroyed our country and he didnt care about the american people he wanted to destroy us just like ole romney and ryan they destroyed or tried to anyway by lying and changing there lies ryan did it and he will keep doing it that is what he is all about they just dont seem to realize that the electi0n is over the republicans lost people just dont want liers or cheats to b in charge

  29. agnessue December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan only cares about the mega-rich and the ultra-conservative far right wing.

  30. ms b December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan is a SICK ASS man when you go into a soup kitchen and do a photo opt just to make people think he and his family were feeding the homeless. The next time you try this at lease have come people there that you are feeding or at lease have some duty dishes to wash. How can a man take his kid into a kitchen and have them lie with him WHAT KIND OF MAN IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  31. raspberries December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan lacks credibility and would have a hard time selling a used car.

  32. Doctor T December 5, 2012

    Paint it any way you want. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    1. turtlewoman1039 December 5, 2012

      I’ve taken to saying that you can’t make a silk purse out of a republican.

  33. Realtalk777 December 5, 2012

    Boehner just pats this kid on his head and says sit down you’re our leader, lol

  34. stcroixcarp December 5, 2012

    Romney may be a good man, but Paul Ryan is not.

  35. a80a December 5, 2012

    paul ryan is one of the deciding factors in the republician loss,if he thinks he is presidental material , he is so full of himself and only he thinks so.

  36. ayayaboy December 5, 2012

    Can Americans trust the liar Ryan? No!!!!

  37. Minell December 5, 2012

    He Paul said, 37% of the country want free stuff. Look at the tapes. Ryan is no religious right, he doesn’t believe in God, dont be fooled he is an atheist.

    1. english_teacher December 8, 2012

      Actually, I think an atheist has much more moral fiber than this pseudo-religious follower of Ayn Rand.

  38. 1silverstar7 December 5, 2012

    right on jack

  39. Robin O'Brien December 5, 2012

    Never liked ‘Eddie Munster’……Still don’t like Eddie Munster!
    Spoiled rotten and clueless….Make him go away!

  40. Baron Cormac December 5, 2012

    This can’t be the opening salvo of the 2016 campaign. Where is Bachmann? Where is Palin? Where is Cain? Where are the rest of the C and D listers to join these two C+ listers? Never mind that – Where are the REAL REPUBLICANS? Remember them? They were the ones who could craft legislation that served the American people, not Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers or others of that ilk.

  41. Pritty.Brains December 5, 2012

    I hate this man. I mean, seriously, I hate this man.

    1. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

      I hear ya!…Never held a job, married up (why she wanted him I will NEVER understand), and then hitched his wagon to the most ridiculous candidate for POTUS ever….the Stench is still not off of him, and never will be….

  42. craig December 5, 2012

    in 2016 paul ryan will be considered too far to the right and too white to have a shot in the general, if he gets the nomination. women and minority candidates have the advantage, as long as they are pragmatic, as the demographics continue to change.

  43. bjay59 December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio and ALL other republican candidates, you blew it and there is no coming back for your asses. You disrespected Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Women, Gays, Jews, Y0ung Voters and nearly ALL people of all races on public assistance and because of that you’ve allowed the Democrats led by Barack Obama to establish a coalition of voters that you will never, ever lay claim to. These voters will never believe that you have their best interests in mind no matter what lies you tell them. You know why?. These people know that your biggest support comes from the 2 percent and that your allegience will ALWAYS be to them because your lips are attached to their asses.

  44. supercarp December 5, 2012

    What offends me about Paul Ryan is his insistance that women aren’t as good as men.

  45. nobsartist December 5, 2012

    “Major” speech? From a loser? What do you call those that listen to a loser?

  46. Jeremy December 5, 2012

    Paul Ryan go to hell you dirty lying hypocrite!

  47. Roy December 5, 2012

    I agree that if the GOP can’t compromise on a fiscal cliff budget with the Democrates, people need to remember who they are and vote them out of office. If the GOP have this gun pointed at their heads something will get done to we will avoid serious backlashes resulting from this inaction.

  48. Ronald Ostrowski December 5, 2012

    I can almost guarantee he will NEVER be president. Gives off the smart alec vibe. Like Wally’s friend on Leave It To Beaver.

    1. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

      …not to mention the fact that he’s a dead-ringer for Disney’s “Dopey”…..

  49. Ronald Ostrowski December 5, 2012

    See prior message.

  50. Lynda December 6, 2012

    That was actually very entertaining watching him spin. The remarks he made during the campaign about takers and makers were just as bad, if not worse, than Romney’s pitch to the wealthy for funding. They can run, but they can’t hide from their policy and positions. Pathetic.

  51. Nick Vanocur December 6, 2012

    If Paul Ryan started explaining his budget Math now, by 2016 . . . we still wouldn’t get it.

  52. Michael Kollmorgen December 6, 2012

    I think we the people had better keep at these guys like baying dogs at someones heels. Keep them in the public eye. Keep debunking them as many times as necessary.

    If we don’t keep a close eye on these jerks, they might pop up like Romney did and almost win the Presidency. These local elections should be closely watched too and use the same tactic on them as well.

    We should use the very same tactic on them, these Republicans, like they used on Obama these past 4 years.

    Who knows, we might get lucky and root out all these republican idiots. Maybe then, the Republican Party will return to Center Stage being moderate.

    Remember, keep your back to the wall, your eyes open and your powder dry.

  53. Newborn December 6, 2012

    Let’s him go to 2016 crash. American people is able to distinguish blunt lies to reject. Again.

  54. Eve Jade George December 6, 2012

    Amen to all the comments here about this liar of a man. Is this fool that stupid that he thinks just because he now speaks from the other side of his mouth, we have forgotten all the lies and bullshit he and Marco Rubio were spewing just a few weeks ago? Suddenly, there is an epiphany and they have seen the light? Ryan and rubio go back and read your comments or better yet watch the videos of your comments just a few weeks back in Tampa Florida. Bastards..You pathological liars.

  55. Foot December 6, 2012

    obviuously he’s forgotten being in that trap an endosing seperationism policies. we’ve not forgot.

  56. AMADAL December 6, 2012

    I would enjoy voting against him again. He would makeeven more good fodder for late nite jokes.

  57. Richie T December 6, 2012

    It’s pretty basic why he lost., the citizens of the Country, said NO

  58. Darrell Clayton December 6, 2012

    I don’t know anything good about the guy,so I won’t say anything

  59. nobsartist December 6, 2012

    First, you must realize that this idiot has never even had a real job. He has never had to develop the skills required to work with others and has never had to work. How does a person like this put together an opinion about “takers and makers”? He has never made anything and has only taken.

    As a matter of fact, I read all of Ayn Rands novels decades ago and my take on them is people like ryan were responsible for ruining the world that she wrote about.

    blind, ignorant, pompous assholes.

    That is todays republiCON party, backed by the John Birch Society.

  60. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

    I hope the GOP nominates this silly, silly man for 2016 election….those of us that understand how deeply flawed the GOP’s “tactics” are in their on-going quest to destroy this country, and all that it stands for, will not have to bring any ammunition to the party if they’ve already got guns to their heads.

  61. Thomas December 6, 2012

    In the debate Ryan asked the VP to explain how 700 billion dollars from Medicare and Medicaid
    to Obama Care . The VP sat laughing like some kindergarden child and never gave more than they didn’t do it when it is just a simple matter of money going out of one budgit into another ! by the way. The president has taken the GOP stand of the importance of keeping our U.S. borders safew, and has invited Mitt Romney to the White House because he said that Romney had lots of good
    solutions ! By the way it was Mitt Romney who headed the U:S Olempics in L.A Calf. which made a forty million dollar profit ! What do you think now ms.Woodford ? And how did it work for you that after 4 years of playing golf the President had not even put a preposal to help the U.S. immergration problem ? 846,000, new jobs in just one month when the 2 months befor that he showed just over 100,000, new jobs ? Who did you say was lying ?
    T. Michael Thompson

    1. Elisabeth Gordon December 6, 2012

      You are so wrong on so many points, that I am not sure where to begin. Mitt Romney headed up the Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, and “saved” the games with 800 million from the Federal Government…ok, so that’s one correction. Obama invited Romney to the White House to placate him, nothing more. Joe Biden laughed at the Medicare statement because it is laughable and ANYONE in the know realizes that. I won’t bother correcting your grammar and spelling errors…I’d be here all day. Your guys lost ~ game over ~ now take your ball and go home….

  62. Lynda Jones-Owings December 6, 2012

    Paul Ryan you were riding the same train and agreeing to everything he said. If you felt that way; why did you continue to ride the train? You along with Rom-ney can take a hike straight to hell and I hope that Americans will see you for who you really are.

  63. Rodney December 6, 2012

    dont worry about west if he does run for something I CAN TELL YOUAS A BLACK MAN he wont get one precent of our vote because althougth the republican wont beleive it we black american are smart just because your black dont meqan sh. where do you stand on the issue facing america that what we need to know .

  64. S-3 December 6, 2012

    “Are you f-ing kidding me” is all I can to this… I want him elected – to be shot to death, as far as I’m concerned.

  65. dianrib December 6, 2012

    BS T Bagger GOP as it exists is dying They are anti worker-anti womens rights.. they block stall and tried to crush a new Pres who took on worst crash since 1929 They lost my vote under GW Bush’s toxic fat cat -anti middle class deregulation, greedy policies, wars based on lies, fear tactics..huge corp cuts..ALL unfunded. Bush admin lied about Iraq Killing maiming – wasting trillions , making more enemies than ever Bush said he gave up looking for Bin laden in 2002 Obama did NOT Laden id dead WE are safer for it . US auto jobs were saved. WE are recovering 2013 will be much better now that Mitt / Ryan lost GOP dismissed 47 % of us as victims aka losers.. bums Voters rejected their 1950’s ideas and policies.

  66. FRED December 6, 2012

    Ryan you’re not an improvement over Romney, so just go home & be quiet!

  67. ALFRED J MIDDLETON December 6, 2012

    You are right Fubom, and we have to blame for the most part the Media for not doing it’s job of honest and fair reporting regarding the goings on among our elected Officials at
    each level. And it is because of the Big Money spent on TV Media, Lobbyist and by the special interest groups that we have the current political state . So in order to stem this tide of bad governance in our country, we must began to encourage more usage of the Internet for communicating our concerns and ideas regarding fixing our dilemma. And getting it done by personally challenging our Leaders within each Community to rise up from complacency, and become civically engaged, and seek elected, or appointed office, to serve unselfishly with honor and integrity.

  68. Barbara Walter December 6, 2012

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  69. Daniel Jones December 6, 2012

    Paul Ryan does care about American poverty–if it is not maintained and accentuated, he won’t have as easy a gimmick to get elected!

  70. Robert December 6, 2012

    These people do not speak for all people. Only for the rich and to drive their own personal agendas. The masses have spoken get it done, or face another crashing lose. You have awaken the sleeping gaint and their VOTING big time……………………..> these people wash dishes for real. lol

  71. Robert December 6, 2012

    The people do not like what they see in washington. the Gop has some amage building to do. If Willard and the invisible man the you had, you’re in trouble. Give us what we ask for thats a good start.

  72. Inthenameofliberty December 6, 2012

    It never ceases to amaze me how the masses will skewer people with their rantings and ravings. Correct grammar would make reading your comments a lot more straightforward.

  73. Simhamuka December 7, 2012

    Paul Ryan doesn’t have a chance of getting elected.

  74. HOTDOG December 7, 2012

    whatever percentage of people, or the country, politicians were unable to obtain, is the percentage all politicians try to sway, or capture…their “feelings”, seem to be that if they can say (lie about ) what an additional 3 – 5 % of the people want to hear, (to add to their 47+% they have already convinced), then they have an opportunity for the “golden parachute” of little or no term limitations, and financial freedom that they all have already established, once elected to office… We have to be more intelligent about who we listen to, and be more diligent about what is actually being said, before we fall for similar problems we are all trying to eliminate…Our elected officials have to once again understand that they are working for us, and therefore, we have to be strong in our assessment of who, AND what is being offered, and we must enforce whatever the plan may be for the betterment of all Americans, not select groups…

  75. Barbara December 7, 2012

    I would never consider voting for Mr. Ryan….he, like his running mate Mitt Romney are cut from the same cloth…call medicare and social security entitlements which both know is not truthful. Mr. Ryan is more open about the agenda he and Romney shared. Mr. Ryan comes across as some one who is interested in himself. I would never trust this man to have America’s interest first

  76. ayayaboy December 8, 2012

    Forget about this liar.

  77. BornDaily December 13, 2012

    wants to
    scramble left
    but the last thing
    Republicans need in 2016
    is another guy who can be nailed
    as a flip-flopper. They will probably
    go with Santorum who can really energize
    the base and put on a show of resistance before the
    Hillary juggernaut leaves him as the stain on the highway
    after the road kill is eaten by vultures and dragged off by rats.

  78. Eleanor December 26, 2012

    Michael, most people, even us of “really rural areas thought the same thing, otherwise, why was Jack Ruby so determined to kill him, that he did it so blatently? I remember both vividly as I was a mother of three and working full time. I have seen the reaction of people only one other time and that was when the Space shuttle Challenger disintegrated 73 seconds after being launched. There was such a disbelief/shock and, I cannot describe the lull of noise, actions on the hospital ward where I worked. This was with patients, doctors, nurses, nurse aides, everyone I came into contact with. Sorry for the ramble, but this evoked really past memories of history, and being 73 have a LOT of them.

  79. Rhonda December 26, 2012

    The people voted for Obama because they liked his message of providing for people who needed help, rebuildingthe middle class and requiring the wealthy to pay their share. Romney called these people lazy. Ryan wanted to cut off their benefits and let them starve and be homeless. America wants to see results from the taxes its people pay. The GOP has made itself irrelevant. Ultimately they will become irrelevant on the state and local level as well as soon as the people catch on. And if we go over the fiscal cliff and the taxes go up, the GOP is,very simply, dead. Good riddance.

  80. Minell December 29, 2012

    Ryan said 35% didn’t he? He has a commit as well floating out there and he makes his staff read a book written by an Atheist, before they can work for him and calls himself a christian. A person has a right to believe and do whatever, just stop lying to the people because the finally outcome will always come out. You can not act like a sheep and be a wolf.

  81. kenny December 29, 2012

    ryan n his repbulican cronnies NEVER will get it,,They only care about the party n themselfs!!! Ryan did nothing to help keep open a GM plant in his home town,, Then tryed to Blame MR OBAMA for its closeing. Hes NOT for the people Hes a Repulican!! I will never ever VOTE for a repulican again!!!

  82. ignore the facts January 7, 2013

    Unlike Pres. Clinton, who DID actually run the country fiscally responsibly, Ryan can’t explain his “numbers.” Why? Because they don’t add up. You lost Ryan. Grow up.

  83. Michael Schiller January 8, 2013

    PLEASE make it stop! The Republicans and conservatives are liars. About the economy and the debt. Change starts at the top. If Congress was serious they would all take a twenty % pay cut and pay their fair share of their, until now free ( entitlement), benefit package worth billions. Instead of creating commities to track abortions and gay marriages, they would mind their own business. Congress would stop insider trading on Wall Steet ( you know how Boehner, Ryan, McConell and many Democrats became millionaires). They do not care about Americans, they only care about their own bottom line.

  84. bjay59 January 10, 2013

    Paul Ryan can rest assured that ” We the people” will not fall for the same old Republican feces that he and his party displayed during the presidential election of 2012. We recognize that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf and that by saying that he will represent all Americans is a farce. His political ideology is the same as always and that is to provide as many benefits to the 2% as he can on the backs of the 98% but President Obama has awaken a “sleeping giant” in an electorate majority that will keep Ryan and his party out of the White House for years to come and maybe even beyond that. The demographics have changed, they cannot win a national election by appealing to the 2% and the disenfranchised voters in the Southern “red”states who have more guns than books in their homes and as long as they keep this political ideology as their mainspeak they will never get the vote of ” We the People”. The majority has spoken !!.

  85. mac macey January 21, 2013

    Maybe Ryan is expecting people to self deport? Oh right, the Dream act! Asta la vista baby.

  86. John Karpfinger February 9, 2013

    Ryan you still don’t get it . You keep on hammering on cuts to social security and medicare we the people paid into that trust fund with our hard earned money. Why does congress not pay into the fund as well!! if you raised the limit ie. maximum of wage earners and kept your mits off the trust fund it would be solvent. Think about it Paul , you have been hawking about privatizing social security for years had that happened all seniors and disabled would be broke, as broke as the USA is after the last two wars. republicans keep on hounding the democrats as being tax and spend, tax and spend; where as the republican party has been spend,spend, spend,spend. to oblivion Your debt for the ill spent wars and the unfunded medicare D plan will have to be paid by your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

  87. judgeglenda February 9, 2013

    paul ryan does not need to be on any committe to cut costs for the gop


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