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Poll: Gingrey Leads Crowded GOP Field In Georgia Senate Race

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Poll: Gingrey Leads Crowded GOP Field In Georgia Senate Race


Gaffe-prone U.S. representative Phil Gingrey (R-GA) holds a narrow lead in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Georgia, according to a new survey from The Polling Company.

The poll, which was commissioned by right-wing group Citizens United and released Tuesday, finds Gingrey leading the seven-candidate Republican field at 19 percent. Former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel is in second at 14 percent, followed closely by Rep. Paul Broun at 13 percent, Rep. Jack Kingston at 11 percent, and Brunswick businessman David Perdue at 8 percent.

Citizens United supports Rep. Broun for the nomination.

The Polling Company Survey tracks closely with other polls of the race; according to The Huffington Post’s polling average, Gingrey leads the field by just over 5 percent.

If no candidate wins over 50 percent of the race in the May 20 primary — a highly likely scenario — the top two finishers will compete in a runoff election on July 22.

The prospect of a Gingrey vs. Broun runoff should make Republicans incredibly nervous. Each of the top four Republican candidates has had brushes with controversy, but Gingrey and Broun stand out for their particularly acute cases of foot-in-mouth syndrome. Among other incidents, Gingrey has claimed that Todd Akin was “partly right” about “legitimate rape,” and insisted that children be taught “traditional” gender roles in elementary school. Broun, meanwhile, has declared that “the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution,” and that evolution and the big bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of Hell.

In a runoff election, with both Gingrey and Broun striving to outflank the other to the right and present himself as the true Tea Party candidate in the race, the Republican Party could very conceivably wind up with an unelectable nominee in the mold of Akin, Sharron Angle, or Christine O’Donnell (among other recent examples).

And Republicans will need a strong candidate to win the seat currently held by retiring senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA). Likely Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn currently holds narrow leads over each of her Republican rivals, and her robust fundraising suggests that she will be a formidable candidate in the general election.

Photo: Republican Conference via Flickr

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Budjob February 5, 2014

    Anyone of the two would be an abomination.But,the people of Georgia would vote for any abomination. The entire state is fucked up!!!

    1. Sandra Dennis February 6, 2014


      ☯☯☯ ☯☯�☯ ☯☯�☯☯ ☯☯☯a highly likely scenario — the top two finishers will compete in a runoff election on July 22.

      1. kmkirb February 6, 2014

        SPAM, plagiarism, & FLAGGED!

        1. daniel bostdorf February 6, 2014

          please report this person to disqus spam: and copy and paste this web link below from google search



          1. kmkirb February 7, 2014

            Done & done Daniel. Thank you for the reminder!!

            I’m sick to death of these disgusting a$$hats who believe they can troll all the boards with their scams, & that’s what they are, trolls. They are not legit businesses nor marketers.

            They have no idea, nor morals & ethics, how to properly market, much of which I know all too much about as I’ve been in the business for decades, & this is not not NOT the way to do business in any way, shape, or form, & I will not tolerate it!

            Everyone on every board should do as you suggested. Disqus should start paying more attention & do the correct moderating that they should be doing, instead of every now & again moderating my comments (& others) after being a member & posting for two friggin years.

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh February 6, 2014

    Sounds like the plot for “Dumb and Dumber 3 – the Election”.

  3. Dominick Vila February 6, 2014

    What is happening in Georgia is likely to happen throughout the South and the Bible Belt. Republicans, who bizarre statements and policy proposals we abhor, will be re-elected by solid majorities. What most of us find hard to believe is perfectly acceptable to most people in some parts of the country. What this means is that our chances of getting control of the House are nil. In fact, don’t be surprised if the GOP increases the number of seats they currently hold. Hopefully, we will only lose a couple of seats in the Senate and keep control of that chamber; otherwise, we better get ready for the end of President Obama’s second term agenda, and a distinct probability of a super majority of Alito and Scalia-like ultra conservatives in the Supreme Court.

    1. edwardw69 February 6, 2014

      So what if they keep the House and take the Senate. They will not get enough Senate seats to override a presidential veto. The current gridlock will just continue until 2016.

    2. Jimmy Agler February 6, 2014

      I agree with you about the House and possibly the Senate. The make up of the Court is a little safer because of the very reason you stated. Regional differences make the “southern strategy” very attractive for House races and some states for Senate ones. But the candidates that the southern TP will back is untenable to the rest of the country. Whether either side likes it or not, right now presidential elections come down to the 9-13 swing states and those tend to be very middle of the road. Here in Ohio the split is very close but not close enough for someone like Cruz or Paul. The reason the GOP will lose in 2016 is the same reason they lost in 2012. they are faced with a situation where you either nominate an extremist to keep the base involved but lose moderates, or nominate a moderate and have the base stay home on election day.

    3. joe schmo February 6, 2014

      Like it or not. People are choosing to get away from the mainstream government politico machine. It’s WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, who are beginning to speak. So what are you afraid of?

      Big article in one of the Conservative blogs I frequent about a school in Fort Collins, Colorado where the students actually stood up for Nationalism proclaiming ‘Merica Monday.’ The school, the unions, the administration tried to squelch their efforts to no avail because parents stepped in. Why not let the kids have their day, the illegals are allowed to celebrate ‘Cincho de Mayo.’ An online homosexual that I know put the whole incident down. How unAmerican is that.

      What’s the matter with you people. You act as though America is a bad word. Maybe you feel like you no longer fit in ….or better yet want to make America into the USSR or Europe. Why, when we were doing better than they were. Like the old saying goes…Love it or Leave it. Well, I think it is time that most of you find a nice cozy spot down south where you don’t have to make much money or better yet, travel to Cuba and set up residence. Maybe even the Middle East. You will have no rights there because that is what you are doing to us. Russia is out because it is becoming more and more like we used to be. Better yet maybe all Conservatives should go and leave you all holding the bag. LOL

  4. howa4x February 6, 2014

    Why does the tea party have to be the stupidest people in the country

    1. joe schmo February 6, 2014

      …and how unAmerican do you all want to get! By stupid you mean go against what you represent. That is not stupid. This only means you have the forethought to not follow the groupies and do what the Imperialist Leader says.

      1. howa4x February 6, 2014

        Imperialist leader is just like what you stupid tea party people mean. You don’t know the dictionary meaning of imperialist, or what communism means. You don’t know the difference between the socialism that Sweden has and what you accuse Obama’ s ACA that relies on insurance companies to insure people and still make a 20% profit. You throw around terms that you don’t know the meaning of and expect smart people to know what you mean. You think you are true Americans but don’t know the 1st thing about the constitution that you all carry around like Chairman Mao’s little red book. You are the most easily led people in this country and are constantly duped to vote against the interests of your children and grand children. You all deny science, evolution, and climate change which 99% of science agrees on. Then after all that you expect a thinking person like me to think you are actually smart

        1. joe schmo February 7, 2014

          No one who thinks independently from mainstream is dumb or stupid. Quite the contrary. Just means they have a different opinion and, like I said before, the forethought to think for themselves.

          If ‘Dude’ isn’t an imperialist, I don’t know who would be. According to Wikipedia:

          ‘Imperialism, as defined by the Dictionary of Human Geography, is “an unequal human and territorial relationship, usually in the form of an empire, based on ideas of superiority and practices of dominance, and involving the extension of authority and control of one state (Democrats) or people over another (Republicans). Obama is an imperialist. He maintains his own agenda and you continue to FOLLOW HIS LEAD like sheep to the slaughter.

          I beg your pardon I know nothing about Communism! I truly have to laugh about that one. My family immigrated and escaped from Communism in Europe. I know all too well what Communism is all about. In fact I grew up with remaining family in Europe under Communist rule. Because my family here in America worked hard and made more money than my Communist relatives, we often sent over items (that is if they weren’t stolen) to Europe so that family could have things they normally could not obtain. I went over to Europe as a child when it was still under Communist rule. Scary……

          Since my family members are familiar with the Leftist regime, they stated that what we are experiencing now is pure socialistic propaganda. You can deny it all you want but I tend to believe people who have been there done that. What is truly funny is the fact that….while Russia is moving away from Communism and they are heading in a more Capitalistic direction, we stupid Americans are heading right straight into what they were. Wow! what a flip. News flash, it failed in Russia and someday it will go down here. How and when is questionable.

          If by chance you have lived under Communism then you must love it! It is totally unAmerican. The complete opposite of what we as a country stand for. America was based on Nationalistic/Capitalistic God-fearing values. Oh and by the way, this country is not Europe, I have family in Europe. Europe always wanted to be like the US. Why do we want to be like Europe when Europe failed to have the success America had in the 20th century. They always admired us.

          Liberalism is a socialist regime. So is Fascism and Communism. Capitalism is not. Look it up?

          You can hold tight to your deceitful leader all you want. Yes we will hold tight to the Constitution. Why shouldn’t we, we believe in what it states. What a shame, apparently, you no longer do. Capitalistic vues invoked innovation and the freedom you have to think the way you do. Problem is you no longer allow us to think the way we want to. What Obama propagates is extreme leftist views. He is using you against us to fulfill his evil agenda. Have you ever seen one president in the not too distant past who worked so vehemently against the other side? I sure haven’t. There was always a meet in the middle path and diplomacy. Internationally, he was heralded a hero in the beginning. Now……not He’s had so many scandals and the fact of the matter is, he has gotten away with all of them. Any president in the past would have been impeached.

          We deny science, evolution and climate change? Ahh, you must have listened to the Nye/Hamm debate. If you don’t believe that some being created the world and universe the way it is today, you are the misguided one. Everything is too perfect to have set itself in motion. Must be another atheist. I feel sorry for you. When NASA proved it, Obama threatened to take away funding. Poor NASA they are one of the best things in this country. You know the future is in space and I don’t believe in science…..

          No I don’t believe in global warming sorry.Your good buddy Al Gore made millions for himself off your beliefs and money to propagate that one. But I won’t go into the explanation about how the Liberals are the wealthiest in the world and how they made their money by simply pulling the wool over your eyes just sitting in front of their computer screens. They never hired people, invented anything or created jobs. Honestly, we are the closest to the sun in our orbit that we have ever been and ‘sun flares’ may be the blame for some of these strange weather patterns. If anything it’s cyclic. I can provide articles and research for all of this.

          Blinded by the light…..of Obama. You can balk and scream and call me names, but I know that all you want for this country is to have things go your way. You forget there is another. Don’t you think that is a little greedy. The two together kept the balance. You may like this now but just wait until the rug is slipped out from under you and the blindfold is taken away and you wake up in a very controlled society where you can’t even say peep.

          1. howa4x February 7, 2014

            I guess the name you picked out fits you perfectly. Obama inherited both the Afgan and Iraq wars, ones started by republican GWB and the Neo-cons and funded on the Chinese credit card. He didn’t want to intervene in Syria. Obama didn’t order the Navy to protect the oil lanes in the Persian gulf, that was GWB also. GWB was the imperialist president by your definition starting 2 simultaneous wars to increase our foot print overseas. It was GWB’s administration that passed the patriot act and began spying on American citizens with out a warrant, and created both the NSA as we know it today and the Dept. of Homeland security. GWB signed more executive orders than Obama appointments like every other president has done since our founding fathers. they envisioned gridlock and that is why it’s in our constitution.
            I’m truly sorry you and your parents had to live under a draconian government, but show me one example of how Obama implemented a socialist agenda. Stop throwing around phrases and show me hard facts. If you say health care reform I will laugh in your face. You may have grown up under communism but I was on the bd of a teaching hospital plus was on my state’s health planning board for 4 yrs so I think I know a little more than you do just watching FOX. Buying insurance is not socialism, that my friend is capitalism. It is based on the profit motive and you can look up how much money the insurers made. The individual mandate was thought up by the heritage foundation a republican think tank. It is based on the premise that if the insurance companies only insure sick people they won’t make any money so the mandate was a trade off for them not denying people for pre existing conditions or dropping them for the same reason. Also the removal of the 1 million lifetime cap on coverage. The only health care that the government actually controls is Medicare, Medicaid as payers, and the VA as direct service.
            I love to meet climate deniers who refuse to see the changes no matter how much evidence is presented. I love how you on the right make this all about Al Gore and not what is happening. Well every scientist is concerned about sea level rise and Super storm Sandy’s zone of destruction can give you a glimpse of what is coming. Look at the drought in California, and the Mid west, the wildfires, the intense tornados that all seem to be category 4-5. There a countries going under water and only evangelicals waiting for the rapture or dolts like you don’t see it. The warming of the oceans means that the chain of warm water going up to the polar area and back down is now starting to disappear. that means that the Jet stream is dipping further into the country bringing artic air down. This is why there are snow storms in Atlanta. The trouble is that its real science and far above the heads of most tea party members and you.
            As for all the so called scandals. they only happen on FOX news. Issa’s investigations have all fizzled. It was proved that the IRS investigated just as many progressive groups as tea party and it was confined to one office. Fast and furious? what happened to that investigation? Benghazi was a tragedy, and people die all the time in outposts. the people responsible for it were fired on the spot
            If you want to impeach Obama for that why didn’t GWB get impeached for the intelligence failure that led to 9-11 and the killing of over 3000 Americans?
            You people on the right wing live in fantasy land. You don’t want to deal with real problems only made up ones.. We have 6000 bridges in danger of collapse and all your republicans in the house can think about is repealing the ACA 44 times
            Good luck and good bye. I’m not responding to your ridicules posts anymore

          2. joe schmo February 7, 2014

            ….and I am Anti-War. I was not for any of the wars GWB initiated. Nor was I for the Vietnam war. However, like I have stated many times, I am not anti-military. Well, the Chinese Credit card continues with Obama who has done squat to change anything in that direction. Honestly, the outsourcing continues even the ObamaCare website, seriously? Don’t you think one good GD company in this country would have loved to reap from the benefits of that one. Business as usual.

            Big difference between Bush and Obama. Where Bush reached across the aisle, Obama does not he does what he wants when he wants and because he is a Constitutional lawyer he constantly misconstrues that sacred document.

            Health Care-Well, socialized medicine does not work all that great in socialized countries. Maybe you know a thing or two in this country but you don’t know what it is like in other countries. I have family members who are Drs. in Europe. They opened their own private clinic because they were not all that happy with the ‘System.’ Because I have a health condition, I see many Drs. and some of the good ones are striking out on their own and, if you can afford it, pay for their services. Health care reform is not capitalistic because it is NOT competitive. I have seen this time and time again. People who had a lower insurance premium and then Obamacare was enacted. Low and behold, under Obamacare their insurance premiums doubled, no, tripled.

            Ahhh, I live in California, my spouse is a native. Hate to break it to you but there was a very similar drought in ’77.’ California always transitions between droughts and torrential rain fall.

            Another problem in California is development. I am against growth. As the population, mainly from south of the border, increases so does the need for water. More people less water. It is my belief that we should find a system in desalinating the ocean water so there is enough water to go around. Not unlike what the Arabs are doing. Why is there no research going into something like that. Who knows. I think people would rather complain.

            Wildfires…..don’t even go there. The indians used to burn the land so that in the spring new growth would allow for grasses to grow thereby, bringing in game. We lived on a ranch for many years. Ranchers are conservators of the land. Think about it. They do not want to ruin what brings in their income. During this time they allowed for control burns which would literally burn off the poison oak and allow for new grass growth so that cattle could have more food when spring rains came around. In our area it was 3 acres per cow. But….the environmental wackos came in and said no more fires and no more clearing out the brush in creeks. As a result, the BLM leases and regularly burned off acreage has been let go. Tons of brush and bushes accumulate. What you have then is a cinderblock ready to explode. When it rains we have massive flooding because the creeks are no longer cleared out. That is the result of ridiculous Liberal environment restrictions. Buddy if we did not have the money in this country. Everyone would be scrambling for food and water. Believe me environmental issues would be bull. Just look at the poorer countries. Look at how Mexico and South American pollute their rivers, cut down their trees, eat every thing they can get their hands on. If you really want to help someone in need. Help out with money and contribute to poorer countries so that they match our efforts.

            You are the ones living in LaLaLand and following a false prophet. Since when are you an expert on science. So glad we have FOX news. Without them we wouldn’t even have a voice. It would be like it used to be. We would constantly have to listen to your side and all the yellow journalism flowing around. ‘Their has been no corruption in this White House.’ Yah right! You all keep jumping around like jumping beans putting out political fires and diverting to another political infringement. All in an attempt to confuse and mislead. No the jokes on you. You will never wake up until you are FORCED to do what you don’t want to do. Then what? We already know what that is all about.

  5. silas1898 February 6, 2014

    Pass the popcorn!


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