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POLL: Solid Majorities In Favor Of Compromise, Want Obamacare Implemented

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POLL: Solid Majorities In Favor Of Compromise, Want Obamacare Implemented


New polling shows that the public is increasingly unhappy with both the president and Congress, but is clearly in support of two things: compromise and implementing Obamacare.

President Obama’s approval rating is at a two-year low that nearly matches the trough he hit after the last time Republicans staged a standoff over the debt limit, according to a new New York Times/CBS poll. Only 43 percent of Americans approve of the way President Obama is doing his job, but that’s more than double than the percentage that backs House Republicans, at 21 percent.

A startling 7 out of 10 Americans polled said the House GOP is not trying to work with the president. A small majority say the president is seeking compromise with Republicans in Congress.

Though a slight majority of Americans still disapprove of the Affordable Care Act, 56 percent say that Congress should uphold the law. The president also leads the Republicans by 5 percent when it comes to the question, “Who do you trust more to make the right decisions on health care?”

By an 11 percent margin, those polled would blame Republicans for a government shutdown, with a whopping 80 percent saying threatening a shutdown is “not an acceptable way to negotiate.”

Polling also explains why Republican leaders in Congress are eager to keep the government open and move the debate to the much more dangerous subject of the debt ceiling. Only 17 percent want the debt limit raised without conditions, while 55 percent support the position that it should be raised with spending cuts.

A Bloomberg News poll shows that 61 percent say “it’s right to require spending cuts when the debt ceiling is raised even if it risks default.”

This looks to be bad news for the president, who has vowed not to negotiate over the debt limit because such a precedent threatens America’s full faith and credit in perpetuity.

However, Republicans may not only be demanding spending cuts in exchange for suspending the debt limit. A leaked document suggests they want more than a dozen things, including a one-year Obamacare delay, the Keystone Pipeline, tort reform and maybe even a partial-birth abortion ban. New York magazine sums up this wish list succinctly as the “Romney Plan.”

America’s growing urge toward compromise can also be witnessed in a new Gallup poll showing that Tea Party support has fallen to a record low of only 22 percent, just a hair above Republicans in Congress. Notably, another recent poll showed only Tea Partiers support a government shutdown in order to defund Obamacare.

Photo: RepublicanConference via Flickr.com


  1. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

    What a mess! I had to laugh when i heard that Dick Armey, former head of Freedomworks, who bankrolled and helped create the Frankenstein monster known as the current Teaparty, has now come out chastising Ted Cruz.
    Well, choke on it, Republican party. Ye reap what ye sow!
    Boehner was just on TV stating that the american people don’t want Obamacare. The election of 2012 said otherwise. That’s how we govern. In a democracy, the losing side does not get to put their agenda in place by shutting down the government. I hope the President has a strategy in his back pocket to deal with this debt ceiling threat.

    1. medford_resident September 26, 2013

      I’m actually hoping you all get exactly what you deserve with obamacare.
      ruining our healthcare so that we can cover 3% more of our population is leftist idiocy.

      1. gmccpa September 26, 2013

        Problem is…you would be unable to define “ruining” and “our”. Or source your 3% figure. But its an improvement for me..and many like me…and from ‘our’ point of view, that’s a good thing. I am so sorry you are inconvenienced by others having access to health insurance. That is, if there is an inconvenience, because more than likely, your healthcare is unaffected by the ACA.

        1. medford_resident September 26, 2013

          oh trust me, I’m sure there are many like you who think only of themselves and what they can be given at others expense. As far as sourcing the 3%, its easily done. try to stay with me and not get caught up in it all being about you. Before obamacare we had 40million uninsured. the CBO says we won’t have fewer than 30 million uninsured. That means we ruined healthcare for the 274 million who had it to cover an extra 10 million. 10 million is 3% of 314 million total population.
          And as a business owner who gives healthcare as part of the compensation package, have friends in the insurance business and family who are doctors, I see first hand what this obomination is doing to the system.
          But hey, you got yours! the hell with everyone else, right?

          1. Lynda Groom September 26, 2013

            A full 55% of American workers have health care provided via their place of employment. Also 30% are covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

          2. idamag September 26, 2013

            And, if the business goes belly-up, the insurance goes bye-bye.

          3. Lynda Groom September 26, 2013

            That is a very good argument for single payer. Most of our industrial competitor nations have some form single payer. It frees enterprise from having to handle the burden of providing health care for employees. Of course that does nothing to keep poorly run companies from failing.

          4. mrmuslin September 27, 2013

            It’s funny because that is EXACTLY what Mitt Romney said, before he ran for President and became a TP puppet that is…..

          5. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

            You completely contradicted yourself with your last sentence. That line seems to be the Republican mantra who could care less that our patchwork healthcare system leaves millions of people out. As long as you have yours.

          6. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            Yes, facts and figures ARE the republican mantra. Anything intelligent to add?

          7. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

            LOL! A Republican wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them in the a$$. All you need to do is check fact check sites; Repubs win in the falsehood category. Most of them think it is some kind of subversive plot and don’t bother with them.. Who needs facts when people believe lies? It’s so much easier to be delusional.

          8. idamag September 26, 2013

            I found that amusing also.

          9. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            dear clueless, here amongst the intelligent, destroying our healthcare system in an attempt to give 3% of us coverage only makes sense amongst the idiot class.

          10. mrmuslin September 27, 2013

            Wasn’t it Paul Ryan who, when confronted with their multiple lies and half truths during the presidential campaign said so famously “We refuse to run our campaign based on what facts checkers say”??? Repubs and their “unskewed”polls wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them in the face.

          11. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG September 27, 2013

            I have said this to you before – the Republicans would not know a fact or accurate figure if it bit them in the butt.

          12. gmccpa September 26, 2013

            No, sorry, – I got mine – was YOUR complaint. I will pay for my ACA health insurance..without ANY tax credit. While you, and your employees get a tax deduction (subsidy) for your health insurance. And ‘friends in the insurance industry’ probably translates to ‘brokers’. So the brokers are not happy, as they will make less commission. That should tell you something. As for doctors, the AMA was fully behind this, and if you think doctors will be quitting en masse over the ACA, you have a very limited understanding about what doctors earn.

          13. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            please son, I know exactly what doctors make and couldn’t live off of it. You bottom feeders imagine doctors are rich when most of them struggle most of their lives. Get back to me when you start paying on your ACA healthcare.
            Oh, and not only do we not get subsidized for our employees healthcare, we’ll incur a 40% tax because its considered a cadillac plan. I really can’t wait for you, the clueless class to get exactly what you deserve out of this.

          14. gmccpa September 26, 2013

            Are you really a business owner? Your cadillac tax will be only on the excess over the standard premium. And cry me a river…for the past many years you have been getting a full deduction on your cadillac plan..which only means your subsidy was more. So, now, you poor thing, you are crying because now your SUBSIDY will be reduced. At the same time claiming that I am the one saying ‘I got mine’.

            And internet big shot…”couldn’t live off’ what doctors earn. You must be kidding. Doctors are still – by far – the highest paid profession. And maybe they should be…but they will not be running for the exits any time soon.

          15. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            son, what you imagine your betters do or will do has no bearing on this discussion.

          16. gmccpa September 26, 2013

            Hey, I get it. You’re not happy. You’ve been gaming the tax system…and getting a great tax benefit on your cadillac health insurance. So now the big hissy fit that everything will be ruined because you partially lose out on a great tax benefit that you’ve had for years…and worse…people that you could give a rat’s ass about, now have access to health insurance. And you think its at your expense. Meantime, you’ve had a great run. Stop being a baby…and stop acting like a friggin bigshot and calling people son.

            We all know the story. You could just as well be a basement dweller in your mom’s house…so playing the up the bigshot angle just makes you look like a total schmuck. Which you probably are regardless.

          17. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            I don’t know why I’m still shocked at how society’s bottom sees the world but I am

          18. gmccpa September 26, 2013

            My friend…you are the bottom. Doesn’t get any lower. To a holes like you…10 million people don’t mean a thing. Just a little nuisance that might disrupt your tax break.

            And this ‘society bottom’ and the meme that liberals don’t earn a living, don’t pay taxes, and are all takers…is directly from the RW talk media. You don’t have an original thought in your head. You’re a walking cliche. Right down to your fake subtle bragging about your business, your income, and your cadillac health insurance. You managed to get it all in on one little blog. Good job.

          19. jointerjohn September 27, 2013

            Good job drawing out that jerk medford. Getting those self-involved whiners to reveal their true motivations is great fun, I’ve outwitted a few myself. Sometimes its kind of like fishing in a rain barrel, but still fun. He probably doesn’t even realize that by using terms like “your betters”, “son”, “societies bottom” he lets the whole world know he is an smug, self-satisfied, arrogant elitist. Personally I consider people like Trump and the Kochs to be societies bottom, but then I don’t measure personal value with the accumulation of wealth like old Medford does.

          20. mah101 September 27, 2013

            Based on your comments, you should be intimately and personally familiar with how society’s bottom sees the world.

          21. lechtenberg September 27, 2013

            Stop talking like an ass.

          22. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

            Medford talks like an elitist prick. He sounds like the GOP platform in 2012.

          23. mah101 September 27, 2013

            I’ve said this to you in other comment threads. You, sir, are NOT my better. Your comments reveal you to be NO ONE’s better.

          24. 324516 September 27, 2013

            what betters or should that be whos better none of bthe above here aclue that dollar bill that wont save your sorry ass form death and guess what he dont take on america express

          25. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG September 27, 2013

            Medford sings the same old song every day on this subject and all he gives is Faux News, Rush Linbaugh and Glen Beck talking points or he is a business owner in the Health Care Industry.

          26. Carol September 30, 2013

            You are so ridiculous! I am a Canadian married to a doctor. Trust me, they might struggle for a year or two but hang on to your hat because they make A LOT of money. And if they’re not satisfied with a half million to a million a year, they go to the States, where it’s a well known fact , they will make more. The cowboy capitalism you exhibit is very egocentric. When will you people grow some compassion?

          27. jabber1 September 27, 2013

            Your post doesn’t make sense. But the real answer is not for profit, universal health care. Insurance companies have no business being the gatekeepers of healthcare. They do not provide the service and instead skim up to 40% of the money off the top while denying services premium payers think they have purchased. it is a gigantic scam loved by extortionists and extractors in other words laissez faire capitalists. It is an abomination and needs to be eliminated for the well being of the citizens of this country. Get insurance moguls out of my access to health care,

          28. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG September 27, 2013

            Yeah you saw first hand your friends in the insurance business making good money off the high premiums and your family members who are doctors earn a VERY nice living because of the high medical costs by doctors and hospitals. Did you also see first hand hospitals who turn patients away because they do not have insurance. What is the Republican Plan for healthcare? Is it to bad I got mine and you don’t have yours so get sick and die? Or is it go to an emergency room, yeah if you have cancer and have to have treatment go to the emergency room. Who do you think winds up paying for all the uninsured people who go to the Emergency Rooms for sore throats, flue, colds, trauma injury, etc, and have no insurance – the rest of us. Our Health Insurance Premiums go up and Hospital costs go up.
            And by the way I said it yesterday when you stated as a business owner you experience the cost of Insurance Premiums you pay on your employees. First aren’t you going to be getting a tax credit under Obamacare and second if your premiums are high – like the song says “you better shop around son”

          29. mah101 September 27, 2013

            I don’t think of what others can give ME… I think of what WE can do for OTHERS in need. I HOPE my taxes go to help those in our society who need it.

            You have no clue or facts and your arrogance blinds you to your ignorance.

        2. midway54 September 26, 2013

          Just another dupe (or perhaps a genuine plutocrat or well-paid propagandist) spreading the bilge of the Gilded Age II Plutocracy.

        3. idamag September 26, 2013

          medford wants healthcare to be a status symbol. If you can afford it you get better, if not, well that is too bad. Lindsey Lohan’s cosmetic surgery would take precedence over the child dying with cancer.

      2. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

        I am a retired RN, and saw the effects of insurance in patient care between the haves and have-nots. As retirees, my husband and i paid >$10,000 per year out of pocket for our health care, which is far greater than 7.5% of our income. We did without other stuff to keep it. Despite all this, my insurance denied me a surgery this spring that the neuro surgeon approved, saying i didn’t “need it.” So much for the “government” getting between you and your doctor. My husband and i are starting Medicare at the end of this year. It’s going to be like we are getting a raise!
        Our local hospital spends several million dollars per year for charity care. Patients have to jump through hoops to qualify for it. Many go with out health care until they have debilitating chronic conditions. I volunteer at a free medical clinic , subsidized by the hospital and robust fundraising, to give minimal assistance to mostly the working poor, who do not qualify for Medicaid. I think the hospitals will be glad to get some reimbursement for all the freebies. Everyone should have some skin in this game to provide the basics of health care in the richest country in the world. No more freeloading. The Republicans should love this!

        1. idamag September 26, 2013

          I have a friend who got so she could not walk. She had been x-rayed and put on a list. The orthopedic surgeon said Medicare patients went to the bottom of the list. He did not discuss the xrays with her husband. Four months later, her husband decided she could not live like that and got another orthopedic surgeon to xray her. He operated immediately. She had a hip prosthesis that had broken apart and destroyed the hit socket and part of the pelvic bones. The surgeon had to install a new prostheses, a new metal hip socket and do bone grafts. Before you diss her husband, they are in their upper 80’s. We desperately need healthcare reform.

          1. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

            Most people need a patient advocate, such as a nurse in the family. You have to be on the ball to ask questions and demand answers. And there are good doctors and not so good. I’ve met plenty who were jerks and uncaring. Most are good, though. I don’t think much of those who put Medicare patients at the bottom. It tells me where their priorities lie, which is in their pocketbook..

          2. Larry Jones September 28, 2013

            I was watching a movie about health care in England. When a doctor over there was asked about his salary under socialized medicine, he said he lives very well. When told his salary did not match his American counterparts salary, the English Doctor said something I will never forget. He said, “If you want to make millions you become a doctor in America, if you want to treat patients you become a doctor in England.” Sounds about right to me.

        2. TZToronto September 26, 2013

          I’ve been wondering for several years how the Republicans got away with that death panel nonsense. The idea that a government bureaucrat, whose livelihood doesn’t depend on how many procedures he or she denies, would be worse than an insurance company clerk who’s looking for a promotion based on how much money he saved the company through denials. The death panels exist now, and they reside in the insurance companies.

          1. itsfun September 27, 2013

            This is one article on “death panels”

            Independent Payment Advisory Board: The Death Panel

            June 26, 2013

            Signs of ObamaCare’s failings mount daily, including soaring
            insurance costs, looming provider shortages and inadequate insurance
            exchanges. Yet the law’s most disturbing feature may be the Independent
            Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). The IPAB, sometimes called a “death
            panel,” threatens both the Medicare program and the Constitution’s
            separation of powers, say David Rivkin, who served in the Justice
            Department under Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and Elizabeth Foley, a
            professor of constitutional law at Florida International University.

            The board, which will control more than half of a trillion dollars
            of federal spending annually, is directed to “develop detailed and
            specific proposals related to the Medicare program,” including proposals
            cutting Medicare spending below a statutorily prescribed level. In
            addition, the board is encouraged to make rules “related to” Medicare.

            The ObamaCare law also stipulates that there “shall be no
            administrative or judicial review” of the board’s decisions. Its members
            will be nearly untouchable, too. They will be presidentially nominated
            and Senate-confirmed, but after that they can only be fired for “neglect
            of duty or malfeasance in office.”

            Once the board acts, its decisions can be overruled only by
            Congress, but only through unprecedented and constitutionally dubious
            legislative procedures like: restricted debate, short deadlines for
            actions by congressional committees and other steps of the process, and
            super-majoritarian voting requirements.

            The law allows Congress to kill the board only by a three-fifths
            supermajority, and only by a vote that takes place in 2017 between
            January 1 and August 15. If the board fails to implement cuts, all of
            its powers are to be exercised by the Health and Human Services

            The IPAB’s godlike powers are not accidental. Its goal, conspicuously
            proclaimed by the Obama administration, is to control Medicare spending
            in ways that are insulated from the political process.

            This wholesale transfer of power is at odds with the Constitution’s
            separation-of-powers architecture that protects individual liberty by
            preventing an undue aggregation of government power in a single entity.

            The system by which the panel operates completely removes any type of accountability.

            An immediate legal challenge by Congress might be possible, but also
            faces standing difficulties. Unless and until courts rule on IPAB’s
            constitutionality, Congress should act quickly to repeal this particular
            portion of ObamaCare or defund its operations.

            Source: David Rivkin and Elizabeth Foley, “An ObamaCare Board Answerable to No One,” Wall Street Journal, June 19, 2013.

          2. Friendlyword September 27, 2013

            SARAH…Please give it up! How could Death Panels survive the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court Of The United States?

          3. itsfun September 27, 2013

            Don’t know Sarah: That was an example of another side of the debate. Believe it or not, some people actually have the balls to show the other side and hopefully the closed minded people will at least spend the time to read and respect the opinion of others even if they don’t agree.

          4. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

            That would be great, IF your sources, especially people like Rivkin, were not avowed conservatives, and their platform was not the most conservative of the large independent dailies in the country.

          5. itsfun September 27, 2013

            Still not Sarah. You ask how could the panels survive the House, Senate and Supreme Court. Easy, first did anyone in the House or Senate even bother to read the bill? Not reading, then passing a law is nothing less than malfeasance of office and those house and senate members should be recalled for malfeasance. The Supreme court actually rewrote on their own some of the things in the law then called it a tax making it legal. Their job is not to write any law, just to interpret laws. There is still another case in front of them about this law. The Constitution says all laws that create revenue must be started in the House. This law came from the Senate. It will be interesting to see the the Court decides on this issue.

          6. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

            While it MAY have been passed by Democrats (mostly), a few Republicans backed them up. And, regardless of who is responsible for passing it in 2009, a CONSERVATIVE SCOTUS declared it Constitutional, and Obama won the presidency for his second term in November of last year,on this very issue. If the Republicans don’t like the way the CONSTITUTION works, then why are they so fond of items in it like the Second Amendment? Why don’t they just secede and set up their own country, known as the independent country of Regression. And allow all their rich rulers to set themselves up in Elysium.

          7. itsfun September 29, 2013

            What do you mean Democrats mostly. Not one Republican voted for it. The issue now is the constitution says all revenue creating laws must originate in the house of Reps. The obamacaretax originated in the Senate. If you think Representatives and Senators should pass bills they haven’t bothered to read, why then should we even have a house a senate.

          8. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

            The Roll Call vote is available in the Congressional Record. I suggest you look it up (if you are referring to the original passage of the ACA). As you so clearly point out, revenue and tax bills originate in the HOUSE, as did the ACA.

            If you are referring to the current budget bill being passed between the House and Senate, it, too, originated in the House, was sent to the Senate for approval, was changed and sent back to House for approval. The House will, apparently, add its own amendments, which will not be acceptable to the Senate. Do you think this is the first time in history bills have been passed this way between the House and Senate? It is called “reconciliation”.
            The ACA was made law in 2009, by clearing all hurdles in both the House and Senate and being signed by President Obama. Last year it was declared Constitutional in all parts by a conservative SCOTUS, and an election held in November of last year, on this issue,among others, put Obama back in the White House, validating his claim that the ACA was law and that the majority of Americans supported it. You know, I can’t make it any clearer or simpler than that. What part didn’t you get.?

          9. itsfun September 29, 2013

            It was never created as a tax, which is what the supreme court says it is and that is what makes it legal. The house did not make it a tax. That is why there is a case that may make it to the supreme court. I don’t have any idea what will happen with it, all I said was it could be very interesting. As far as a majority of Americans supporting it, that depends on what poll you believe. I have seen both support and non support for it.

          10. TZToronto September 27, 2013

            I’d still trust the government more than some clerk who’s been told by his supervisor to deny claims so he can get his bonus. And don’t tell me insurance companies haven’t done exactly what you’re claiming the government will do–to millions and millions of people.

          11. idamag September 27, 2013

            I know a person who works for an insurance company and they do that.

          12. TZToronto September 28, 2013

            Oh, and another thing. What you posted doesn’t say anything about death panels. What it says is that a panel is set up to set policy. It doesn’t say that individual cases will be evaluated to see if claims will be covered. And it doesn’t say that appeals in individual cases will not be allowed. What it says is that the policy itself can’t be challenged. So in effect, what happens is that the policy is set, and treatments are covered according to that policy. That’s better than arbitrary decisions.

          13. itsfun September 28, 2013

            I never said the insurance companies are perfect or even good.
            The insurance companies problems could have been fixed by regulations or a law without a huge government program that probably won’t work and is not at all ready. The government has had 3 years to get this tax working and is still having computer program (software) problems. The country has gone through millions of dollars because of this new tax. All of this for a small percentage of the people. This small percentage of people could have addressed by just making the folks with existing conditions and the uninsured eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare. All of these problems could have addressed without dividing the country and probably causing private insurance companies to eventually go out of business. Many think this is the goal of the government, so they can have they single payer system and be more and more in charge of your life.

          14. TZToronto September 28, 2013

            Private health insurers forced out of business?? We can only hope!

          15. itsfun September 28, 2013

            Then we will have a completely government controlled medical system. Yep government expands freedom contracts.

          16. Friendlyword September 29, 2013

            The Insurance companies are controlled by the KOCH BROTHERS! Obama Care is controlled by my Government.
            Who do you think I’m going to trust with my heath. The only thing insurance companies are going to fix is a way to get more money from you and less medical coverage for you. because they are companies

          17. itsfun September 29, 2013

            Didn’t know the evil Koch brothers are running every insurance company in the US. It is just amazing how the US ever survived with all the evil people and companies we have. Just look at the extremely high standard of living the the Socialist and Communist controlled countries have compared to ours. Of course many more of Obama’s policies and executive orders and we will be on a par with them. Isn’t that what the liberals want?

          18. Friendlyword September 30, 2013

            The Koch Brothers spent money on an ad insinuating that Obama or Obama Care wants to rape young white girls. You tell me why would private citizens with no interest in insurance companies make such a low class, despicable ad like that? Because it was just Business! They want young white girls, and the rest of us, to buy insurance from private insurance companies or no insurance at all. We The People, and our President don’t want to see anybody without health coverage. Some of us just feel human honor and decency demand it.

          19. itsfun September 30, 2013

            Those kinds of ads are terrible and should not happen. Sadly both right and left have such terrible ads. I have said in many posts that I believe that all people should have health coverage. I would make people with existing conditions and those that can’t get insurance eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. I don’t care what you call the program, just make it happen. All working people are already paying for Medicare anyway. I just don’t like the obamacaretax and what it is doing to my country. We have people on both sides calling names arguing with each other over this. This tax is dividing my country. Maybe the reason is the way it was passed behind closed doors and bribing politicians and with only one side of the aisle supporting it. Seems to me it was passed only to show how much power one side held over the over. Now, we are seeing that some of what the President promised We the people many times is not going to happen. I am including a article by Sarah Hurtubise about the failed promise and how it is affecting people in 10 states.

            President Barack Obama famously promised, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” He later got even more specific.

            “If you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already
            have health insurance through your job, or Medicare, or Medicaid, or the
            VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change
            the coverage or the doctor you have,” Obama said.

            But as Obamacare’s rollout approaches, we have learned this is not true. Here are the ten states where consumers may like their health care plans, but they won’t be able to keep them.

            1) California: 58,000
            will lose their plans under Obamacare. The first bomb dropped in
            California with a mass exodus from the most populated state’s Obamacare
            exchange. Aetna, the country’s largest insurer, left first in July and
            was closely followed by UnitedHealth. Anthem Blue Cross pulled out of California’s Obamacare exchange for small businesses as well.

            Fifty-four percent of Californians expect to lose their coverage, according to an August poll.

            2) Missouri: Patients of the state’s largest hospital system — which spans 13 hospitals including the St. Louis Children’s Hospital — will not be covered
            by the largest insurer on Obamacare exchanges, Anthem BlueCross
            BlueShield. Anthem covers 79,000 patients in Missouri who may seek
            subsidies on Obamacare exchanges, but won’t be able to see any doctors
            in the BJC HealthCare system.

            3) Connecticut: Aetna, the third largest insurer in the nation, won’t offer insurance on the Obamacare exchange in its own home
            state, where it was founded in 1850. The reason? “We believe the
            modification to the rates filed by Aetna will not allow us to collect
            enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans and meet the service
            expectations of our customers,” said Aetna spokesman Susan Millerick.

            4) Maryland: 13,000 individuals covered by Aetna and its recently-purchased Coventry Health
            Care won’t be able to keep their insurance plans if they want Obamacare
            subsidies on the exchanges. Aetna and Coventry canceled plans to offer
            insurance in the exchange when state officials wouldn’t allow them to
            charge premiums high enough to cover costs.

            5) South Carolina: 28,000 people
            were insured by Medical Mutual of Ohio, SC’s second-largest insurance
            company, until it decided to leave the state entirely in July due to
            Obamacare’s “vast and quite complex” new regulations. Company spokesman
            Ed Byers said Medical Mutual’s patients would be switched over to United
            Healthcare plans instead.

            6) New York: Aetna pulled out
            of New York’s exchange in late August in an effort to keep their plans
            “financially viable,” said Aetna spokeswoman Cynthia Michener.

            7) New Jersey: 1.1 million Aetna customers are at risk in New Jersey,
            where the leading insurer also won’t be a part of the exchange. Just
            2,600 patients purchase individual plans with the company, but any
            looking to take advantage of subsidies on the exchange for unaffordable
            employer-based insurance won’t be able to do with Aetna.

            8) Iowa: Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Iowa’s largest health insurer, decided not to offer plans in the Obamacare exchange. It sells 86 percent of Iowa’s individual health insurance plans.

            9) Wisconsin: Two of the three largest insurers in the state won’t offer plans
            on the exchange. United Healthcare and Humana patients will have to get
            a new health insurer to buy insurance on Obamacare exchanges.

            10) Georgia: Just five insurers are participating in Georgia’s Obamacare exchange. Medical Mutual of Ohio left Georgia and Indiana as well as South Carolina, due to Obamacare regulations. Aetna, along with Coventry, also decided against participating in the George health exchange.

            Written by Sarah Hurtubise.


          20. Friendlyword September 30, 2013

            “6) New York: Aetna pulled out
            of New York’s exchange in late August in an
            effort to keep their plans
            “financially viable,” said Aetna spokeswoman
            Cynthia Michener”
            My individual coverage from Aetna doubled last year. It will double next year. How did insurance companies think they could survive this outrageous business practice?

          21. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

            What – did you say “regulations”? You just go to the bathroom right now and wash your mouth out with soap! How is the ACA going to force private insurance companies out of business? Did Congress pass a single-payer option while no one was watching? When Medicare Part D subsidies and reform were passed in 2003(?), big Pharma made enough money to keep them solvent longer than Social Security, and private insurers won a huge landfall. With the ACA, private insurance will receive even more, even though they will NOW have to spend 85% of premiums on actual medical care for their customers.

          22. demz taters September 28, 2013

            I also trust the government not to employ algorithms as the insurances companies have to identify people diagnosed with serious illnesses so that they can find excuses to drop their coverage.

          23. TZToronto September 28, 2013

            Algorithms are fine–as long as they aren’t used to decide who gets coverage and who doesn’t, who’s going to live and who’s going to die. One thing that often gets overlooked in the application of algorithms in making predictions is the error term. An algorithm can’t predict everything. In fact, it’s designed to predict a particular outcome and may not take into account conflicting outcomes. And I’ve always thought that insurance is a gamble. You buy it hoping that you never need it; the insurance company sells it to you hoping that they’ll never have to pay. Where the relationship between insured and insurer falls apart is when the insurer realizes they’ve lost and they decide not to pay up. Thanks to ACA, insurers won’t be able to leave the game just because they were badly beaten on their bet. Would you want to gamble at a casino if your odds of winning were zero? Well, that’s what the insurance companies want.

        3. Lynda Groom September 26, 2013

          The GOP has always claimed to be for personal responsibility. Apparently not when the first black President embraced their idea.

      3. howa4x September 27, 2013

        Your comment shows me how little you know about health care. BTW 32 million is 10% of the population not 3%. Do you even realize that what you call Obamacare was actually a republican plan thought up by the Heritage foundation as an answer to Hillary care, and presented on the Senate floor by Orrin Hatch and Bob Dole. The same plan was implemented in Mass by then Governor Romney and was actually called Romneycare. Romney actually made a video urging the newly elected Obama to adopt this as a national program to help deal with the 32 million uninsured. The Affordable Care Act, which is the real name is still a republican plan in the following ways. 1. it relies on personal responsibility for health by mandating everyone to purchase coverage.2. It leaves the insurance companies with some restrictions in charge of your health decisions and 3. it did noting to change the fee for service system that health care operates under, and the profit motive still in place. Health care remains in the private sector with the insurance companies, the Doctors and Big Pharma all still making a profit. The protections we all will receive are: insurance companies cannot drop you which was a common practice. They dropped less than marginally health people from the rolls to keep their 20% profit and that same ROI to investors.. They cannot drop people or deny coverage to people with pre existing conditions, and they have to remove the lifetime medical cap.
        So tell me and everyone how this is a leftist program. Stop relying on dogma, stop only watching FOX, and stop listening to only Limbaugh and the other right wing commentators and use your brain to decipher fact from fiction, and move out of fantasyland and into the real world.

        1. medford_resident September 27, 2013

          Dipshit, I’m talking about the 3% more that obamacare will cover. Your 10% number are those still uninsured under obamacare.
          I was uninterested in the rest of your clap trap.
          It’s called obamacare for a reason

          1. howa4x September 27, 2013

            You like the rest of your ignorant right wing crowd need to use derogatory slurs instead of reason. The name of it is the affordable healthcare act. You on the right wing use the term Obamacare to give a racial tag to the law. Obama is the one you painted as a Muslim and a socialist so if you use his name with the law. You want it tainted so people will be repelled from it. In your response to me you didn’t repudiate anything about the role of the GOP is the original fashioning of this legislation. You can’t understand facts, because you are brainwashed by the GOP jabberwocky and the right wing spin machine. You are worthless to communicate with. Why don’t you go back to your tea party meeting where they will accept lies over logic.

          2. itsfun September 27, 2013

            We should call it what it is obamacaretax. We all have our taxes increased for 3%. What a deal. Why didn’t the gov just make those with existing conditions eligible for medicare or medicaid? This could be for the uninsured too. No new IT software to write and have screw up. What are the figures on the cost of writing the new software? Must be in the millions. Hiring people for the IRS to be able to screw with more people. Politicians didn’t pass this to care for people, it was passed to give the government more and more control of everyone’s life. People talk about getting us like the the European countries in health care. People talk about how the other countries are so far ahead of the US. Just take a look at how well the controlling governments are doing in this world. That is what some of our people and so called leaders want for us. They want us to lower our standards of living to make other countries happy. The evil US just takes and takes. I wonder how much of Europe would be speaking German today if it wasn’t for the US.

          3. demz taters September 28, 2013

            Most of us on the left completely supported Medicaid expansion rather than a plan originally conceived by the Heritage Foundation. However thanks to the influence of right wing media dumbing down our discourse for the past three decades, a single-payer solution wasn’t even on the table and the Republican plan was suddenly the “liberal” solution.

          4. itsfun September 28, 2013

            The obamacaretax was passed without a single Republican vote. If the left wanted Medicaid expansion, they could have done that. Is the left so afraid of the obamacaretax failing, they have started calling it a Republican plan. Come on, there are two or three times the left wing media. ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN just to name a few. If the obamacaretax is successful, will it then be a liberal plan? This isn’t about health care, it is about controlling your life, my life and the life of every citizen. Just look at how many have already been exempted from the tax. Follow the money trail, you will then see who and why they were exempted. Look at Congress, they are getting a special 11,000 subsidy for the tax. Put the blame or the credit where it belongs. Again, the obamacaretax passed without a single Republican vote.

          5. Larry Jones September 28, 2013

            “Facts,” I don’ need no stinkin’ facts!” I am a republican.

      4. artfrimport September 27, 2013

        Medford resident does not get it! I have a daughter who has had epileptic episodes and takes medication. She could not get coverage on her own. She now happens to be married to someone in the military, so she is covered. Also, the major cause of personal bankruptcy in the US is result of medical disasters. Furthermore, that 3% are people who go to the hospital emergency rooms at and cost the taxpayer: you Medford Resident and me Art-from-Port and are not getting adequate care. The Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction. And the cost of insurance is going down! Don’t believe the Republican lies.

      5. 324516 September 27, 2013

        IF YOURDAUGHTER WAs was gravely sick and you were in a job that paid you enough to make by by that i mean car, house ,food, clothes ,nothing to out there no lavish vactations no five star dinner for your wife and you hell the only nanny you know comes to your house inreruns. some health care but not enough and before obamacare came along the insurance company tells you that your child has reached the limit that they are going to pay for her care your child can die if she or he doesn,t receive that care and to receive that care you have to tell your other children that they cant see a movie. before obamacare it was happening after it doesn,t they can,t stop paying oh yeah even they the insurance companies did,nt pay your daugther medical bill they still took their preimuns out of your check before you got it so maybe being on the left is the right thing to do i mean your kids my kids my wife my mom can have health care

      6. irishtap September 28, 2013

        You clearly don’t know what the hell your talking about you “FOXing moron”

      7. davidfishman2001 September 29, 2013

        What leftist idiocy, the ACA was original idea of the Heritage Foundation and the republican party.

      8. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

        3%? You’re not only stupid, you can’t count, either. We already spend more on healthcare, with poorer outcomes, than any other industrialized outcomes. 17% of our GDP is spent on healthcare, (at least 7% points HIGHER than any other industrialized nation, INCLUDING those who have socialized medicine) while our life expectancy is among the lowest of all industrialized countries. NONE of the “socialist” countries let thousands die every year from treatable conditions, nor allow hundreds of thousands of their citizens to suffer under bankruptcy because they can’t afford insurance.
        Without the ACA, over 50 million are currently without insurance. The ACA will cover all but perhaps 10 million of those. I think it was fifth grade where I learned percentages and I just cannot reconcile that with your 3%. Must be from Texas – a perfect example of a failed school system.

    2. Friendlyword September 30, 2013

      His strategy is simple. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST!

  2. elw September 26, 2013

    AW. gee according to the GOP most Americans support their views, I wonder where they live? At least in this universe it seems to be bye-bye for the Tea Party. I can hardly wait.

    1. idamag September 26, 2013

      The demise of the tea potty will be the best thing that can happen in our government.

      1. Bill Thompson September 27, 2013

        Unfortunately due to gerrymandering the tea party is here for at least the next six years. Representative democracy as we know it has been lost due to the games of drawing safe districts. Until these districts are drawn by a computer in a nonbiased way democracy as we know it is lost and we’ll looking at a divided government for the foreseeable future.

        1. elw September 27, 2013

          Yes but with a little perspective 6 years is not a long time when you remember along with them at the end of those 6 years Reagans “trickle down economics” will go into oblivion with the tea party; and those who have caused the biggest problems in our divided government will get less and less in number as those years pass. Just think of the joy you will have as they disappear from view.

        2. demz taters September 28, 2013

          Whatever else you can say about Republicans, it was smart politics to focus primarily on state races for the 2010 election – they knew the importance of dominating the redistricting process and now we’re all paying for it. Hopefully Democrats were paying attention and are ready for 2020.

          1. Bill Thompson September 29, 2013

            There needs to be a massive push on voter registration and in states that now required voter ID a push to comply. Although the democratic party is trying to fight this in court we should be working to get people the necessary ID. Time is being wasted if the court battles are lost. The ID problem will take years to comply with we need to be proactive.

    2. mrmuslin September 27, 2013

      They live in that same fantasyland where the have their “unskewed” polls. Lol

  3. jnsgraphic September 26, 2013

    The Presidents approval rating will be at an all time high once we vote the GOP out of Congress in 2014; with the obstruction gone, the President will be able to move forward with his agenda the ‘majority’ voted for. Republicans don’t like Obamacare because they can’t stand anything the President proposes that may be a success and prove them wrong. If they thought it was going to fail they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop it, and continue to support the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interests to provide affordable health care.

    We have to somehow get through to those people who actually work for a living, but continue to vote Republican despite the fact that the policies being pursued by their party, are as damaging and detrimental to them as much as it is to Democratic working class people.

    A government shutdown might be what it takes to get through to Republican voters, on middle-class Republicans starts to feel it in their pocket or lack of programs they’ll WAKE UP… the rest of them are too ignorant to see the big picture and don’t realize all they want is their vote. The only way to protect and preserve the middle-class is to vote out every Republican in Congress in 2014!

    1. medford_resident September 26, 2013

      you’re in for a rude awakening. Those of us who actually pay for the world we live in are voting republican. not just republican, Tea Party. Your free ride is over. its ok to be a lemming, just don’t expect your betters to continue paying for that poor choice.

      1. jnsgraphic September 26, 2013

        Believe it or not some of us liberal working class democrats also pay for the world we live in, no free ride here; and we know more about what’s good for you than you do… you help support the rich, we help support the poor.

        1. medford_resident September 26, 2013

          the rich pay for everything, the poor pay for nothing. hand feeding the poor does as much for them as hand feeding wildlife. Liberals imagine they’re helping just as the people hand feeding wildlife think they’re helping.

          1. jnsgraphic September 26, 2013

            Those of Humility know their place; those of Arrogance think otherwise. Pride comes before the fall.

          2. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            I can sting nonsensical words together too. what that nonsense has to do with the destruction of our healthcare system and economy god only knows

          3. jnsgraphic September 26, 2013

            Its offensive attitudes like yours and the pompous arrogant assholes at the top that you are far superior to those of us that also work for a living and you still want us to kiss your asses.

          4. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            As I said, you’d feel differently if you actually had to foot the bill

          5. 4sanity4all September 26, 2013

            We do foot the bill. We do pay taxes. You, sir, are a moron.

          6. medford_resident September 26, 2013

            Oh please,
            The pittance you pay doesn’t begin to cover what you receive

          7. mrmuslin September 27, 2013

            Please, do tell. How on earth would you know this??? You are a hateful a@#hole who thrives on spreading your venom. And then you will crawl back under the rock you came from. Bottom feeder indeed.

          8. idamag September 27, 2013

            Cause and effect is Karma. Your hatred will come back to get you someday.

          9. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013


            Do you have any solid numbers to support your contention?

            Given the rich pay an effective 12.5% tax rate and the $21 trillion lying untaxed in offshore accounts, I think that your argument is silly.

          10. jnsgraphic September 26, 2013

            You sir/madam are the epitome of arrogance and a pompous ass.

          11. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

            If you’re rich, then you’re not paying your fair share of taxes.

          12. idamag September 27, 2013

            The man who picks up my trash is way up there in my eyes. I appreciate and have esteem for him. He contributes to society. I wonder what medford contributes to society as a whole.

          13. roguerunners September 27, 2013

            Ronny boy! Your Mommy just called from upstairs. The ladies will be there soon for their tea party and she needs you to entertain them. Now be a good little boy and run along.

          14. 4sanity4all September 26, 2013

            With your all or nothing statements, you reveal yourself to be an ignorant dolt. You have no facts, but lots of hot air opinions, and when you are unable to make a good point, you insult people. Go away.

          15. tax payer September 26, 2013

            I am not rich, but I pay for everything and I see others getting the same thing for free. Food, Housing, Medicaid, Transportation ( Taxi Rides ), and I could go on and on, but I think you get the Point.

          16. demz taters September 28, 2013

            I doubt you SEE anything – you hear a lot of propaganda about how other people are living the high life at your expense. I doubt you have the slightest clue what life is like for people who rely on government assistance – if you did you’d know that the quality of what they get is nowhere near the SAME as what someone gets with a decent-paying job.

          17. tax payer September 28, 2013

            Is there a Section in the Constitution that forces the tax payers to support those that feel we need to provide for them? The Constitution is not the ( Bible ) that insists you share with the poor otherwise they will die of hunger or something like that? I was in their position, but never asked for Government assistance. Why not rely on earning a paycheck and saying ( I am not going to depend on these poor tax payers ) that have to work, so I can eat. That is never going to happen as long as you pay taxes. So, keep on working and make sure no one dies of hunger because not a thank you will you ever get from them.

          18. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

            Actually, the rich pay a relatively low tax rate on their adjusted gross income. It’s about 12.5%. Add to that the fact that about $21 trillion is sitting untaxed in offshore accounts and you have solid support for the argument that the rich are the biggest group of tax evaders in America.

      2. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

        That’s the second time you said “your betters.” Whatever do you mean, in this land where all are created equal? Now who’s talking about class warfare?

        1. medford_resident September 26, 2013

          It’s not about class warfare. It’s about how utterly stupid you are and how damaging that is to the country.

          1. latebloomingrandma September 26, 2013

            I don’t believe that you are an international business man. You really don’t have any answers to the things that are posted, thereby resorting to your ad hominem attacks, a clue that you really got nuthin’ to say and nuthin’ for any of us to read.

      3. 4sanity4all September 26, 2013

        You sound like an uneducated fool. I worked all my life, I pay for everything I get, and I am glad that the ACA will enable me to get healthcare for the premiums I pay. As it is now, the extortion racket that is healthcare in this country is ruining the health of an entire generation, because we cannot afford to pay out of pocket all that is required under our lousy insurance coverage. You are so smug and satisfied with yourself, because your job pays for your insurance. Well, you are lucky, but your luck is not due to you being exceptional. You should actually listen to people’s stories before you denigrate everyone you feel superior to, most of us worked really hard all our lives, we worked hard for our education, but the system is gamed against us. I hope that you experience a really humbling come-to-Jesus moment someday, and it makes you climb down off that pedestal you imagine you are on.

      4. Paul Bass September 27, 2013

        Ah, so now we know, you are our betters!

        Yes, massa, you’re right, us peons just shouldn’t say anything, because you, the all powerful, know what is best (for the 1%!). Yes, because you are wealthy, you are a better person then us poor folks. Don’t you even realize what an elitist jerk you sound like?

        Didn’t Christ say something like it is easier for a camel to go through “the eye of the needle” (an actual passageway in Christ’s time) then rich men to enter the Kingdom of heaven?
        Good Luck…..

      5. mrmuslin September 27, 2013

        Really?? Then why is it that the states with the highest number of people who don’t pay income taxes are repub states? 8 out of the top 10 to be precise. And 9 out of the top 10 “taker” states that take more federal money than they give back are Repub states, while 10 out of the top 10 maker states that subsidize the takers are blue states. And why is it that 70% of the food stamp counties voted for Mitt Romney??

      6. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

        I think that the next two elections will see the demise of the Republican Party. It seems to be increasingly irrelevant.

  4. Lynda Groom September 26, 2013

    Well now that the people have spoken yet again, the GOP will certainly move ahead full speed with more obstruction. After all they just love telling us daily how they are listening to the American people. Yeah right.

  5. idamag September 26, 2013

    The best way for the T potty to get rid of Obamacare is to to let it get implemented and when the people decide they don’t want it, it will get repealed. However, the people might like it and that is what the tpers are afraid of.

    1. docb September 26, 2013

      The tea baggers are hitting bottom..Not my favorite rag but tpm has moved the article!


    2. Dominick Vila September 27, 2013

      The reason for the latest attempts to stop the implementation of Obamacare is because the GOP-TP knows the program will become extremely popular at all levels of our society – including the business community – as soon as its benefits become apparent to everyone. Their crusade will come to a screeching halt the moment that happens, and the hospital industry will have to resign itself to the fact that the government subsidies they have been getting to keep Reagan’s socialist ER freebies running have come to an end and is being replaced by an expansion of the insurance industry. I would have preferred a single payer system and getting rid of the middle man, but ACA is better than what is in place today, and it is likely to be a small step towards a more inclusive and cost-effective medical system.

  6. charleo1 September 26, 2013

    Rachel Maddow was doing an excellent job of recounting a little current history
    of what happens every time we have a Democratic President, and at least one
    chamber of Congress controlled by Republicans. We tend to lurch from one manu-
    factured crisis to the next. First, they absolutely refuse to agree on a budget.
    That’s one. So government is funded piecemeal, with one continuing resolution, after the next. Where they use these necessary funding CR’s as opportunities to force, or attempt to force into law, any number of items they happen to have on their wish list.
    But, don’t have the votes to actually pass them in a regular procedural way. If
    today, we turned over the government to the organized crime families, they wouldn’t
    be any better at extortion, prostitution, loan sharking, influence peddling, and lying
    to the public about their real occupations, than the real gangsters themselves. And, truth be told, Gangsters probably make more of an honest living, than the Republicans running the House. So, if like President Obama, you have to at least try to work with this mess, just by association, you’re going to look, if not bad, in a bad situation, from time to time. There’s just no getting around it. Well, outside of voting to send these
    walking time bombs, back home where they belong.

  7. tax payer September 26, 2013

    My doctor is so obese and it makes me think he shouldn’t be my doctor, so I’ll get rid of him by December. I feel doctors should look like they are Healthy otherwise patients will look elsewhere for another doctor. Some doctors will see you for one minute, while you wait for him in the examination room for over one hour, so this tells me they have too many patients and should cut it down to fewer.

  8. Dominick Vila September 27, 2013

    The reason the REDS prefer Reagan’s ER freebies – paid for by taxpayers – is because they are terrified by the prospect of having to pay healthcare insurance premiums, regardless of how low they may be. For them, there is nothing better than a government handout. Their claims that hard working Democrats survive on government stipends is just a way to deflect attention from themselves.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker September 27, 2013

    The Tea Party needs our Justice Department to investigate how much money is flowing from the Koch billions into their so-called anarchist ideology. It’s time the Justice Department reverted back to the good old days of stripping billionaire thugs who violate anti-trust and voting rights laws of their fun and games.

    Everyone knows why suddenly the Tea Party is so hot to get rid of any healthcare reform. It isn’t that healthcare costs more in the US than anywhere else on the planet…It’s that HMOs have for years been padding the cost to rake in huge profits. Don’t believe it? Take a look at what that guy in NY did for 20 years…ripped off nearly $2 million he pocketed. Or, that HMO CEO of Healthcare South…another rip off artist who pocketed millions from premiums.

    The Tea Party wants the HMOs to continue to pad our premiums, copays and deductibles so they can live as high on the hog as they please while they stiff us with mediocre healthcare at Gold Plated prices.

    1. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

      What “…good old days of stripping billionaire thugs who violate anti-trust and voting rights laws of their fun and games”? When did that happen? The rich have been screwing the middle class and the poor since this nation was founded and I believe the practice extends back to Biblical times.

  10. 2hheels2 September 27, 2013

    The sanity has been taken from Washington. The tea party Taliban have gone off the rails. The Republican leader thing they don’t have to listen to the people. It is a time to send a message with our votes Phone calls anything that will wake these terrorist up. They are going blackmail us again. Enough is enough.

  11. Robert Haugh September 27, 2013

    While the Tea-Party nuts may think that in the end the voters will hold both parties equally responsible for this complete lack of sensible governance, They are wrong. Some people,out of a sense of complete frustration with the lack of progress in this country,are looking to blame not only the obvious obstructionists, but are wondering why the President can’t do more to stop this economic implosion. The answer is fairly simple in my mind. The President Cannot give in to the extortionists demands The country is being extorted by a cabal who’s actual goal goes far beyond getting their way on some tax issues, or health plans, or even debt ceilings. this cabal has much more sinister things in mind than that. They want to change forever the way this country has always functioned,and functioned quite well till now. If any thinking person, can look at the most recent political developments and not recognize that what this cabal ultimately wants is to be in control of a country consisting of two classes,the very rich, and the very poor.The only sure way to reverse this is for voters to turn out in numbers never before seen, and get those people out of positions of power. Those voters have to include the working poor of the Republican party as well, who must come to realize that the plans being made by this cabal do not include them. All they are to these people are votes. Denying them those votes, will give us back our government.

    1. darkagesbegin September 27, 2013

      ain’t that the truth. and the sad thing is all those people like medford who are pushing for, or at least supporting, this type of thing will wake up in that brand new world and ask: “What do you mean I am not one of the elite? I voted Republican…” And the 1% will say, “Thanks, sucker…”

      1. demz taters September 28, 2013

        Getting the self-made affluent to identify with the hereditary rich instead of with the working class they were once a part of is one of the great propaganda achievements of the Republican party. They really do believe that they’re part of that club and not just seen as useful tools by its members.

  12. howa4x September 27, 2013

    The Republicans threw Obamacare into this negotiation instead of coming to the table with an alternate plan or a fix to this one. The entire reason that the republicans brought this to a head is that Oct 1st is when the program starts, and they are afraid people will like it as much as do they do in the states of Washington, NY, Calif. conn and Mass. where the act has already reduced insurance rates by substantial sums. If it goes nationwide and is successful, republicans will look like dangerous, uncaring and callous fools. The best deal that the republicans can make is to leave it up to the states to decide if they want to delay it for a year. This way the people in blue states can pay a much lower rate for insurance than people in the red ones. This would be just like what they did with the Medicaid expansion. Some states grabbed the federal deal which is 100% reimbursement for the 1st 3 year and 95% the next 5. Other red states like Mississippi with the highest poverty rate, and worst health outcomes in the country didn’t. This shows what ideological purity does for the residents.

  13. itsfun September 27, 2013

    These types of articles are what make a person wonder who is telling the truth or how they are spinning the truth. I have read articles from right wing publications that say polls show a majority of people do not want the obamacaretax implemented and I have read articles on the left wing publications at say the opposite. Who is one to believe? I think just read both sides and the truth is probable somewhere in the middle.

    1. Carooooz September 28, 2013

      Ignore the polls. We had a second presidential election that largely hinged on this issue. Who won?

      Moving along.

  14. itsfun September 27, 2013

    If you read articles on left wing sites, you read about the majority of people wanting the obamacaretax. If you read articles on right wing sites you read about the majority of people not wanting the obamacaretax. We probably need to read both sides and figure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

  15. kimbroughs September 28, 2013

    Why are so many people so heartless and uncaring to not realize that there are many people in this country who actually need Obamacare. There are many people whose lives have changed and become more tolerable and more livable because of Obamacare. Most of the people against Obamacare are people who are fortunate enough to have good paying jobs and good healthcare where they dont need that added assistance that obamacare provides. these people need to consider and understand that they are not the only people living in this world. Obamacare is for ALL people and not just the poor and needy people.

    If your salary is so high or so good that you pay a little extra, be thankful that you are blessed with that good paying job. You would be surprised at the people with low paying jobs who envy those high paying jobs and would not complain paying that 7% for healthcare when they still have a large 93% left. People paying little to nothing for healthcare are still left with less than those who are actually paying high cost. We need to get our priorities in order, get down on our knees and thank the Lord for providing and blessing us with a good paying job. We need to thank God that our salary is so high that we dont qualify for public assistance.

    I volunteer at a local food bank and I see professional moms coming in for food because they could not afford to feed their children on the salary that her and her husband makes. It is so sad when an educated school teacher tell the story where their one car broke down and they needed a transmission or a new motor to fix it, and end up using their life savings to correct that problem. Situations like this are common and people who dont have to live from paycheck to paycheck never experience or see this. Or people who can depend on family or family name to make ends meet dont see these hardships. But these are the people who complain about government assistance.

  16. Larry Jones September 28, 2013

    When I read the right wing comments on this and other sites I always get amused. They all repeat the same mantra and spout factoids like they know everything. I will admit the Republicans have a lot of knowledge about factoids.
    N. B. A factoid is a lie if told enough times is thought to be a fact.

    1. CPAinNewYork September 28, 2013

      So, then the “toid” part of what the Republicans say is analogous to “turds”?

      If I recall, then Romney during the presidential debates spouted factoids when he described the then unemployment level?

      1. Larry Jones September 28, 2013

        One is a person the other is word. Factoids are words. Facturds are the people who say Factoids.

  17. tax payer September 28, 2013

    Why is the Democrat Party asking me ( A Republican ) for three dollars? I don’t even give that to my Republicans and the Democrats think I am going to give them three dollars. Boy, are they Dreamers.They remind me of the Illegals. Dreamers.

  18. RobertCHastings September 29, 2013

    What is their mantra? “Never let the facts influence my opinion!”


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