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Protesters Bring Their Best Placard Game To Women’s March

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Protesters Bring Their Best Placard Game To Women’s March

Women's March protest signs
 Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Photo Credit: Elly Clarke / Flickr

While Donald Trump offered a gnarled olive branch to the intelligence community at Langley, millions of women (and men) descended on cities across the globe Saturday to protest his presidency, if not his very existence.

The demonstrations posed a stark contrast to Friday’s anemic inauguration, which failed to produce the teaming crowds of Obama’s ceremony in 2009. Mothers brought their sons, fathers brought their daughters, and countless attendees brought their most refined placard game. Here are just a few of the more inspired and inspiring offerings from New York, Los Angeles and beyond:

Jacob Sugarman is a managing editor at AlterNet.



  1. Dominick Vila January 22, 2017

    Protests and clever signs mean nothing when those holding them did not bother to vote. Hillary lost the election, in part, because of Russian interference, Comey’s disgraceful interference, Bill’s idiotic meeting with the AG in Arizona, a very effective Republican demonization campaign, pathetic Democratic political strategy and tactics, ignoring the concerns of blue collar workers until it was too late; focusing on debauchery, vulgarity, and hate at a time when a large segment of our population was influenced by pocket book issues, and most importantly because millions of Democrats, did not go to the polls because they were either convinced that Hillary was going to win easily or, as was the case with the millennials that now hold protest signs, decided not to vote because of misguided ideology and ignoring the consequences of their decision. Trump is not president because of illegalities, he is President because many among us were too lazy, complacent, or ignorant to get off their butts and vote.

    1. Mama Bear January 22, 2017

      great history lesson. now what?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

        Start small. work within the community to learn and explore some the the root causes of what ails America, and by all means socialize with a variety of people. You’re already doing that, but we need to show by example so others will get the hint. I’m getting a little frustrated with some people I associate with to address issues of bias and discrimination. Some tend to concentrate on grants, process, and formality, while diminishing the importance of being spontaneous, informal, and just getting to know new people and boldly asking to engage youth in the right way about the social issues facing us.

        1. Mama Bear January 24, 2017

          all good points, Aaron. Thanks.

  2. FrancesPoo January 22, 2017

    Donald John Trump 2017 BABY. BILLARY And her lying dog crap eating husband lost. #makeamericagreatagain. Donald John Trump 2017 BABY.

    GOD BLESS Charlotte PD, George Zimmerman, Officer Wilson, Baltimore PD, all PD and NYPD. True American HEROS. Justice was SERVED BABY.

    1. Mama Bear January 22, 2017

      enjoy yourself poopy….this will be the last anyone on this site reads your idiocy. Ten minutes and we all put you on “block” bye bye

      1. Godzilla January 22, 2017

        It works both ways. Which means you can also be “shut up” !

        1. I Am Helpy January 22, 2017

          Oh no racists are going to block people who don’t care what they think! What will we do

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

            I’m so sad to hear of that also. Oh dear!!

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

          Hang it up, junior high football player, and you can also be “shut up”.

    2. I Am Helpy January 22, 2017

      You had to commit treason because there are black people. Got it.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

      You’re quite a sick, demented, bloated little fella. Racism for breakfast, lunch, and dinner must agree with your twisted personality and your false religion—whatever it may be. Your post above cements your place in a Racist Hall Of Fame, and signifies that Satan is the one you bow the knee to. The spirit of the KKK is strong in you, Mr. Poo.

  3. itsfun January 22, 2017

    I hope no one is using Madonna as a hero or leader. Little kids should not be exposed to the filthy language she was using. Her example for woman’s rights could completely kill the movement.

    1. I Am Helpy January 22, 2017

      “Bad language is so TERRIBLE! Now, we have to strip healthcare from the poor to make the ultra-rich even richer”.
      – you, an actual moron.

    2. Marilyn January 22, 2017

      And our Groper-in-Chief would never use bad language.

      1. itsfun January 22, 2017

        Do you approve of her using the f-bomb in front of the small children that were there? President Trump is in no way the cleanest talker, but he doesn’t use that type of language in front of children. Madonna didn’t use bad language she used filthy despicable language.

        1. Marilyn January 22, 2017

          I don’t like the f-bomb used by anybody anywhere, but Trump used the same words in his rallies. There were videos on-line of him doing that. I don’t know if children were present or not. What is worse than the f-bomb though is his intruding on teenage beauty contestants as they were undressed and his attack on the teenager whose lawsuit against him was settled quietly last fall. Words are seldom as damaging as the acts of a sexual predator.

          1. itsfun January 22, 2017

            The video replays I saw had small children listening to Madonna. I personally have not seen President Trump using the f-bomb. We don’t know what happened with the lawsuit against him. It was settled, but was it going to be a case of he said she said in a court.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

            Give it up, itsfun(NOT), and try a new line of thinking. Rehashing the same drudgery isn’t helpful to anyone—least of all, you.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

        The Groper-in-Chief that he is, and he will have to get acclimated to that title.

  4. itsfun January 22, 2017

    Didn’t President Trump have a woman campaign manager??? Wasn’t she the first woman campaign manager to win a Presidential campaign. Doesn’t the President have one of his daughters running important parts of his companies?

    1. I Am Helpy January 22, 2017

      “How can he be sexist if some of his hired sycophants are women??!? Checkmate!”
      – you, an actual moron.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

    The placards are quite creative and describe accurately what has taken over Trump. Now is the time to channel the energy displayed by the participants into action.
    On parallel fronts, Trump is still peeved over reports his inauguration crowd was less than the Women’s March in Wash. DC. Imagine, the child Emperor and Spicer have spent hours sulking over the disparity in estimates of crowd size for the Women’s March and the attendance at Donald’s pathetic Inauguration—most of the participants were there out of courtesy and as a perfunctory gesture.

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 23, 2017

    The placard with the woman in the wheel chair referring to her interment as a Japanese-American citizen is poignant and powerful. That photo should get a Pulitzer Prize for Photography, with at least half of the prize money going to her and her family.


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